Tibetan sex predators shielded by Dalai Lama’s disinterest

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By: Magda v.d. Berg

It should have been a restorative and healing experience for victims of sexual abuse going to meet the international man of compassion, His Holiness the Dalai Lama. They had hoped that the meeting would be a fruitful one, and they would be able to elicit some kind of promise from him to do something about their pain. Instead, according to reports from BBC, ABC and Radio Free Asia, the victims left with “mixed responses”, with some even expressing disappointment.

“Meeting the Dalai Lama was a disappointment”. Just a few years ago, such a phrase or thought would have been unthinkable. Yet, the fact these types of feelings are being reported with increasing frequency should come as no surprise to anyone. It is the result of decades of refusal from the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA; Tibetan leadership in Dharamsala) to take responsibility for their people and their actions like any responsible leader or government.

The Dalai Lama with Rigdzin Namkha Rinpoche, one of the lamas accused of exploiting his relationship with the Dalai Lama to sexually abuse his students

Is it possible that the reports might be inaccurate and can therefore be discredited? Not really, since the BBC is held as the gold standard of journalism, and relied upon all around the world as a source of objective information. In war-torn areas, or regions of great strife and conflict, people turn to the BBC for their news. So the fact this meeting and its unfavorable outcome captured the attention of the BBC and ABC indicates the severity of the matter and something that the Tibetan leadership should take very seriously but clearly failed to.

So while the BBC has traditionally joined other media outlets in providing unquestioning supporting for the Tibetan government, it now seems that the tide is turning as the Dalai Lama makes gaffe after public relations gaffe. But is anyone really surprised when the CTA’s reaction towards these sex crimes has been underwhelmingly lackluster, even to the point of being protectionist towards the sex predators? Let us examine the facts:

  1. Why do victims of sexual abuse have to beg THE man of compassion to listen and help them? The fact the BBC said the Dalai Lama was “receptive”, putting the phrase in speech marks, implies that he was not actually that receptive to the audience. In the same way you might describe a person as “interesting” to avoid saying what you really feel about them. One of those present even said that the Dalai Lama did not want to hear about their cases and that essentially, he had to be convinced. It is disturbing that the Dalai Lama and his people would have to be convinced to meet with victims of sexual abuse. The reality is that they made it complicated because they did not actually want to hold the audience and be confronted with facts , but were forced to due to public pressure and the need to appear as though they are doing something.
  2. Why do victims only get 20 minutes? The Dalai Lama will fly around the world to attend events hosted by these sex offenders. He will stay with them, eat their food, give teachings in their Dharma centers and endorse their organizations, and he will spend hours with sponsors. He spends hours commenting on the religious practice of others and the domestic policies of other countries. But he only granted 20 minutes to these victims who have suffered so much at the hands of people that he endorsed. On top of that, he will not do anything concrete to sanction the offenders. These victims have had their lives turned upside down by the very people he said would be safe and okay to associate with.

The Dalai Lama accepting an offering from the alleged sex offender Rigdzin Namkha Rinpoche. Would the Dalai Lama accept an offering from any Dorje Shugden practitioner? What is acceptable about sexual abuse, and not acceptable about Dorje Shugden practice?

  1. Why does the Dalai Lama teach people to be responsible, when he himself rejects responsibility for the actions of those whom he allowed to use his name and reputation as an endorsement of their behavior? The Dalai Lama cannot claim ignorance in this matter. It is clear that the abusers used his name and their association with him in order to build trust and lure people within striking range of their criminal misdeeds. Many allowed themselves to be in harm’s way because they trusted the Dalai Lama’s commendation of these predators. The abuses were not once off and spanned many years during which time it has come to light that the Dalai Lama’s office was informed of such abuses. It is clear that these abusers are guilty of the crimes that they have been accused of. Yet, the Dalai Lama has until now refused to take any responsibility although it would have been less likely that the abuse was perpetuated had the abusers not received an endorsement from the Dalai Lama.
  2. Why does the Dalai Lama speak so strongly on so many other issues but he will not speak up against sexual abuse? The fact sexual abuse is universally reviled means that there will not be any damage to the Dalai Lama’s reputation if he speaks up against it and against their perpetrators; he would actually be lauded and praised for his open-minded attitude and willingness to side with the victims and prevent further victims from being harmed. The Dalai Lama will even speak up against issues that do not concern him, for example the caste system in India or the mistakes that he perceives were made by Nehru. The Tibetan leadership will publish books, videos, pamphlets, hit lists and posters against Dorje Shugden. Yet, the Dalai Lama and CTA will not do anything about a topic that directly concerns them i.e. how the Dalai Lama has endorsed the perpetrators of these sex crimes. So the fact that the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan leadership will not say or do anything against these lamas and their actions is highly suspicious.
  3. Why does the Dalai Lama endorse criminals? Sogyal Rinpoche and those of his ilk are not the first offenders whom the Dalai Lama has endorsed. The Dalai Lama met with Japanese cult leader Shoko Asahara before he injured thousands in the Tokyo subway. The Dalai Lama has also accepted US$1mil to grace an event hosted by American cult leader Keith Raniere who was recently indicted on various crimes, including sex trafficking. And when the Dalai Lama was younger and living in Lhasa, he was tutored by the Nazi Heinrich Harrer. Again, this tendency of the Dalai Lama to affirm harmful people seems to be habitual. What is even more disturbing is how the Dalai Lama regards many of these people as his personal friends.

The Dalai Lama with Heinrich Harrer, who was a member of the Nazi Party. The Dalai Lama seems to have made it a habit to associate with unsavory characters.

  1. Why does the Dalai Lama act as the spiritual leader of all Tibet only when it is convenient? In reality, the Dalai Lama is not the spiritual leader of any of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism, even the Gelug school to which he belongs which is led by the Gaden Tripa. However, the Tibetan leadership have used people’s ignorance of this fact to promote the Dalai Lama as the spiritual leader of all Tibet. And when he is interested in something, the Dalai Lama will take advantage of this ignorance to get involved. For example, he used this ‘position’ when he interfered in the recognition of the Karmapas, although the Dalai Lamas have never been involved in the process. His endorsement of one candidate over another led to a division in the Karma Kagyu school. The Dalai Lama fell back on this ‘position’ once again when he banned the practice of Dorje Shugden, although he had no spiritual right to overrule the practice of thousands of people who been received it from their personal teachers. However, when the issue becomes too difficult or inconvenient, the Dalai Lama and Tibetan leadership will refuse to take responsibility and pretend that there is nothing they can do. In the case of the Karma Kagyu division, when confronted with the results of his actions, the Dalai Lama said he would not do anything about it. Similarly, in the case of the Dorje Shugden ban, the Dalai Lama will not lift the ban even though it has divided the Tibetan community. Now, the Western world is seeing that the Dalai Lama will not take responsibility for the actions of people he has endorsed even when it concerns sexual abuse.
  2. Why does the Tibetan leadership attack those who hurt no one with their choices, but endorse people who actively go out of their way to manipulate, exploit and abuse the vulnerable? The CTA will publicize hit lists of Dorje Shugden practitioners who protest against the ban, but they will not do anything against these sex offenders although they clearly have the means and platform to do so. If they took just a portion of their budget allocated to attack Dorje Shugden practitioners, and redirected it towards educating these lamas on the evils of sex abuse, it would have saved so many people the heartache and devastation of becoming victims of these sex crimes. Is it not better to have a list of known sex offenders to warn would-be victims than a list of Tibetans who are criminalized just because they protest the Dalai Lama and the CTA’s autocratic ways?

Self-styled Tibetan Buddhism “expert” Robert Thurman (right) with Sogyal Rinpoche. While Robert Thurman’s daughter, Uma, has accused others of assaulting her, here her father is seen with the sex abuser Sogyal Rinpoche. Where is Thurman’s compassion and empathy for the experiences his daughter and others like her have suffered?

  1. Why does the Tibetan leadership have a warped view of what constitutes a crime? On the one hand, they say that Dorje Shugden practitioners are “criminals in history”. This is because they dare to defy the Dalai Lama’s ban of the practice and hence, only because they refuse to listen to the Dalai Lama, they become criminals. On the other hand, when people commit actual crimes by sexually abusing their students, those people are not accused of being criminals. No resolutions are passed in the Tibetan parliament condemning their crimes. No books are published warning people against them. For the Tibetan leadership’s information, in the real world, in the democratic world, in the world outside the Tibetan community, a crime is anything that actually hurts other people. This includes murder, theft, embezzlement and money laundering (incidentally, all things that Dalai Lama associates have been accused of). It does not include “not listening to the Dalai Lama”. So what crime do Dorje Shugden practitioners commit when they keep their personal practice and refuse to abide by the Dalai Lama’s diktats to give up the practice? Does the Tibetan leadership actually understand what a crime is?
  2. Why does the Tibetan leadership want to damage the reputation of Tibet? Whatever the CTA wants to insist about how much they have done towards the Tibetan cause, the reality is that no one has done as much as His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The reality is that the entire welfare of the Tibetan cause rests on the Dalai Lama’s name and reputation. With each successive gaffe by the Dalai Lama, the damage to the Dalai Lama’s reputation only makes it harder for the CTA to raise funds and raise awareness. So perhaps the CTA does not really care about Tibet after all? It is clear they will do nothing to protect the future of the Tibetan cause by protecting the reputation of the man upon whom all of it rests. In the same vein, the CTA portray themselves to be defenders of the Buddha’s teachings but in fact their complicity in these crimes harm the Buddhadharma.
  3. Do the Tibetan leadership truly love the Dalai Lama? Thanks to the CTA’s ineptitude, refusal to deal with the sexual abuse and hiding behind the Dalai Lama’s name, they have left their leader exposed, opening him up to the world for questioning. Now that people know the Dalai Lama endorses sex abusers, it puts him at risk of being accused of every tragedy being used to his advantage. It leads people to wonder if the Dalai Lama’s silence over self-immolations is his complicit approval for the suicides and deaths of his people. It leads people to wonder if his silence over the schisms in the Karma Kagyu is his approval for the division of the school.

Tulku Lobsang, who is accused of sexual abuse, seen here with the Dalai Lama. Tulku Lobsang’s name was included in the complaint that four people presented to the Dalai Lama in the Netherlands, alleging that a group of Tibetan lamas had been sexually abusing their students. Tulku Lobsang would not be included if the accusers did not have proof of his crimes.


What can the Dalai Lama do?

It is interesting that the Dalai Lama will meet the victims. It is good that he has ‘denounced’ the abusers. But the question on everyone’s lips is, what will the Dalai Lama himself do about all of this? Because a simple denouncement in such a serious matter does not rectify the situation.

If the Dalai Lama does nothing, then while it might sound good when he asks victims to report their abusers to the authorities, it is actually nothing more than his refusal to get involved. He brushes the responsibility back on traumatized victims to do something; the responsibility is on them to get justice and he himself will do nothing more. No wonder the victims left the audience with mixed reactions, when the Dalai Lama is staunchly refusing to do anything more about these crimes. It is very similar to the Pope in the Catholic Church and his treatment of the abusers, whereby he is forced by public pressure to do something, and not because he personally appears to find something wrong with or disturbing about their actions.

The Dalai Lama is not exactly a shy and retiring wallflower. He has in the past strongly condemned Dorje Shugden practitioners and initiated many campaigns against them. Therefore, relating to the sex offenders he can, as he has done to Dorje Shugden practitioners:

  1. Repeatedly and strongly denounce Sogyal Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham, Gangten Tulku, Lama Norlha, Lama Yeshe Nyingpo, Lama Choedak Rinpoche, Tenzin Dhonden, Rigdzin Namkha Rinpoche, Tulku Lobsang and Lama Ogyen Kunzang Dorje in his teachings and gatherings.
  2. Segregate these sex abusers from the Tibetan monasteries, schools, hospitals, restaurants and shops.
  3. Call for their books to be removed from bookstores.
  4. Force their location to be reported at all times, so potential victims can be aware and protect themselves. In the West for example, sex offenders are required to report to their local authorities and have to wear an ankle monitor.
  5. Have a section on his website condemning these sex offenders. He has this section against Dorje Shugden practitioners on both his official website and the CTA’s website.
  6. Call for people to stop going to them to receive teachings. Given their crimes, why should people go to them to receive teachings on compassion, renunciation and cutting attachments?
  7. Call for the monasteries to expel them. Why should the other practitioners who have not broken their vows be exposed to or be associated with such behavior?
  8. Warn Tibetans, in the Tibetan language, against associating with them.
  9. Demand that they offer restitution to their victims. After all, these abusers broke the faith and trust of their victims who were genuine and sincere in their practice. What could be more destructive to Buddhism than destroying people’s faith in it?
  10. Use the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile to enact laws amongst the exiles that provide stringent measures to punish this behavior or prevent future abuses.

The 41st Sakya Trizin with Sogyal Rinpoche. Why do lamas continue to associate with sex offenders like Sogyal and continue to be friends, because this behavior endorses their actions to the public and their students?

Thus the question these victims of sexual abuse should really be asking is why the Dalai Lama does not do any of the above for Sogyal Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham, Gangten Tulku, Lama Norlha, Lama Yeshe Nyingpo, Lama Choedak Rinpoche, Tenzin Dhonden, Rigdzin Namkha Rinpoche, Lama Ogyen Kunzang Dorje and Tulku Lobsang who have harmed them? And the question everyone should be asking is why he feels so comfortable denouncing Dorje Shugden lamas, but he will not repeatedly denounce these abusive lamas who are dangerous? Being so harmful to Buddhism, and so damaging to people’s faith, they warrant much stronger denouncements from the Dalai Lama so he can warn the vulnerable. The Dalai Lama’s public denouncement of these offensive and abusive lamas is nowhere near loud enough, strong enough or thorough enough. He can, and should, be stronger and more vocal in denouncing and segregating them from Tibetan communities worldwide, so they have nowhere to hide and have to face up to their crimes. After all, he does this to Shugden people and surely these abusive lamas are much more dangerous and destructive to Buddhism than Dorje Shugden practitioners?

Or perhaps the Dalai Lama is just a closet sexist. In the last few months, he has made comments about how he should be reborn as an attractive woman, otherwise it is useless (i.e. it is useless to be female unless you are attractive). It is precisely this chauvinistic approach that allows for others to follow suit. Combined with his silence, this approach enables his abusers and protects them because everyone assumes they are the Dalai Lama’s friends, and therefore beyond reproach. Therefore unless the Dalai Lama does something stronger, people will not dare to sanction those he has endorsed, in the same way it took decades for Hollywood to act against the powerful Harvey Weinstein despite widespread knowledge of his crimes. It was the industry’s silence that allowed Weinstein to continue abusing young actresses.

Another photo of Robert Thurman and Sogyal Rinpoche getting quite chummy. It appears they have a close relationship. Why does Robert Thurman and others like him endorse the criminal actions of people like Sogyal by associating with them?


Is the Dalai Lama’s charm wearing off?

So now the world knows that the Dalai Lama is not interested in protecting sex abusers, how does the CTA want to explain it away this time? When they failed to regain Tibet, they blamed people’s worship of Dorje Shugden, saying that it upset Palden Lhamo and harmed the life of the Dalai Lama. Which god will they blame this time, for this sexual abuse scourge that has taken over the Tibetan community?

As a spiritual leader in his community, the Dalai Lama is failing people who look to him for spiritual guidance. How will the victims feel now they have approached Tibetan Buddhism’s supposed highest authority, and not received the support they had been seeking? How many will be disheartened and potentially give up their practice, or give up their faith in the lamas? In refusing to sanction these abusers, the Dalai Lama is damaging Tibetan Buddhism by allowing them to continue operating despite the fact they have been found to be guilty.

And as a secular leader in his community, the Dalai Lama is failing his people because he refuses to sanction someone for committing a secular crime. Even political leaders will rebuke and refuse to associate with people who have committed crime. How many more people will be at risk of abuse, because these abusers are allowed to get away scot-free?

Whether secular or spiritual, the bottom line is that when given a choice of behaving as politician or spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama consistently opts to be political, encouraged by a Tibetan leadership that acts only when it benefits them. So can the Tibetan leadership really be that inept? Perhaps the Dalai Lama is not at fault for any of this. Perhaps it is the Tibetan leadership’s repeated failure in their duty of care, to check out and thoroughly vet these people before they push the Dalai Lama to associate with them. Is it that the Tibetan leadership are so blinded by the riches and bank accounts of these people, that they become blind to their faults and actions too?

Either way, someone has to be held responsible, whether it is the Tibetan leadership or the Dalai Lama himself. Hundreds of victims of sexual abuse are counting on it.


[BBC] Dalai Lama meets alleged abuse victims

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45521075. Click to enlarge.


[ABC] Dalai Lama meets alleged victims
of abuse by Buddhist gurus

Source: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/dalai-lama-meets-alleged-victims-abuse-buddhist-gurus-57820565. Click to enlarge.


[RFA] Dalai Lama Meets in the Netherlands
With Sex Abuse Victims

Source: https://www.rfa.org/english/news/tibet/meets-09142018173444.html. Click to enlarge.


[Hindustan Times] ‘Nothing new’: Dalai Lama says he knew about sex abuse by Buddhist teachers

Incredibly, the Dalai Lama admits that he knew about the abuses all along – for the past 25 years in fact – but did nothing. This must be a troubling revelation for the victims of sexual abuse, who relied on the Dalai Lama’s word and reputation as a measure of who they can and should not trust.

And exactly who it is did the Dalai Lama hear about 25 years ago was abusing their students, and did he anything about it? If he did not act against it, then that is a quarter of a century of the Dalai Lama allowing these perpetrators to continue their crimes unchecked and without consequence. This, combined with the Hindustan Times interview, only reaffirms the conclusion of the victims’ meeting with him – the Dalai Lama will not help them, and is not interested in helping them.

Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/dalai-lama-i-knew-of-sex-abuse-by-buddhist-teachers-since-1990s/story-238DdgDwzQYU5rDfTSgl8M.html. Click to enlarge.


[Inquirer News] Dalai Lama knew sex abuse by
Buddhist teachers; it’s ‘nothing new’

Another article confirms that the Dalai Lama knew about these abuses all along and chose to do nothing about it. Where is his compassion for these victims of abuse? Who should these victims go to for help, if not the Dalai Lama who often acts as the head of all Tibetan Buddhists?

And once again, the Dalai Lama pushes the responsibility on to others, saying that “religious leaders should pay more attention”. But is the Dalai Lama himself not a religious leader? In fact, the Tibetan leadership positions him as the head of all Tibetan Buddhist religious leaders, although this is not necessarily the case.

So how come, as the supposed head, the Dalai Lama is not paying attention and doing something? How can he ask others to ‘pay more attention’ when he himself is not doing so? Why does the Dalai Lama devolve the responsibility onto other religious leaders? Does he not consider himself a religious leader? If that is the case, then perhaps the Dalai Lama should stop getting involved with religious issues in the Tibetan community and focus only on his own personal matters.

Source: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1032920/dalai-lama-knew-sex-abuse-by-buddhist-teachers-its-nothing-new. Click to enlarge.


[Quartz] “You have given me ammunition,” the
Dalai Lama tells Buddhist abuse victims

While this article attempts to paint the Dalai Lama in a more positive and proactive light, it also states the fact that the Dalai Lama knew about the abuses for 25 years and did nothing about it. It also attempts excuse the fact the Dalai Lama did nothing before by saying he has “ammunition” now.

The truth is that as the God-king of Tibet whose word is law, the Dalai Lama never needed “ammunition” to act. And even if that were the case, these allegations were reaffirmed in 2011 when Sogyal Rinpoche was exposed in a documentary as being a sexual abuser. Was that not enough so-called “ammunition” then?

Now, after a 20-minute meeting with some of the victims, the Dalai Lama has agreed to their demands but it remains to be seen whether or not he will actually fulfill them. After all, the meeting was a very short one considering the gravity of the topic they were discussing, and the Dalai Lama has given speeches longer than the meeting he had with the victims.

Source: https://qz.com/1392837/the-dalai-lama-to-buddhist-sex-abuse-victims-you-have-given-me-ammunition/. Click to enlarge.


Further Media Coverage

The various incidents of sex abuse have caught the attention of Western media who have written extensively about it. This has been going on as far back as 1989, when a teacher associated with one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist organizations in the world was caught intentionally transmitting AIDS to his partners. Since that time, the Tibetan leadership has remained silent whenever they have been faced with a sex scandal.

Yet, when someone refuses to give up Dorje Shugden practice, the CTA will tell all and sundry about the lama’s supposed ‘crime’ of refusing to abide by the Dorje Shugden ban. Their refusal to give up the practice is framed as an anti-Dalai Lama act of disloyalty, and therefore criminal. But what actual law does practicing Dorje Shugden break that makes it a crime? And how come the CTA is so vehement about condemning Shugden practitioners, but will say nothing when people abuse women and break actual laws?


The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)
and their stance towards sexual abuse

or watch on our server:


Video: “In the Name of Enlightenment -
Sex Scandal in Religion” – About Sogyal Rinpoche

or watch on our server:


The New York Times

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.nytimes.com/1989/02/21/us/buddhists-in-us-agonize-on-aids-issue.html


The Independent

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The Guardian

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The Guardian

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/belief/2011/jul/01/lama-sex-abuse-sogyal-rinpoche-buddhist


Sogyal Rinpoche

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has referred to Sogyal Rinpoche as “a good friend”.

These are perhaps the most well-known incidents of sexual abuse to hit the headlines and rock the Tibetan Buddhist community in recent times. Sogyal Rinpoche was the subject of a documentary in 2011 detailing his alleged crimes, and also the subject of a lawsuit that was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Despite all of this, the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan leadership continued to associate with him and make public appearances with him, thereby endorsing his activities and behavior.

In more recent times, the exposé against Sogyal Rinpoche by his own senior students has been so thorough and public, that he was forced to resign. A few months later, he announced that he was diagnosed with cancer. He has not been seen publicly since. While his victims continue to suffer the trauma of his abuse, and while he remains in hiding, the CTA has not issued any statements against his behaviour or disassociated themselves from him. How come they are silent over these atrocities, but are so vocal against Dorje Shugden which is not illegal anywhere in the world? How come they force people to disassociate from Shugden practitioners, and enforce segregatory policies against them, but have not disassociated themselves from someone who has been accused of abusing women for decades?


Lion’s Roar

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.lionsroar.com/letter-to-sogyal-rinpoche-from-current-and-ex-rigpa-members-details-abuse-allegations/


The Telegraph

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/sexual-assaults-violent-rages-inside-dark-world-buddhist-teacher/


Medium (Part 1)

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://medium.com/@tahlianewland/harvey-weinstein-and-sogyal-rinpoche-a-study-of-responses-part-1-management-f7413d904c0b

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://medium.com/@tahlianewland/harvey-weinstein-sogyal-rinpoche-a-comparison-part-2-culture-1fcc5bfc7599


Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

His Holiness the Dalai Lama with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Yet another leader of another large Tibetan Buddhist organization has been forced to step down after being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with his students. In his statement, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche took responsibility for everything, basically all but admitting to the actual acts. Still, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche has enjoyed the Dalai Lama’s and the Tibetan leadership’s endorsement for many years, again despite the fact that rumors about his impropriety have existed for years. The Tibetan leadership will endorse anything, no matter how illegal it may be, if it has the potential to be financially lucrative. But as long as someone practices Dorje Shugden, they are bad and evil, no matter how much benefit they bring to others, just because they refuse to abide by the Tibetan leadership’s ban on the practice.



Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://tricycle.org/trikedaily/sakyong-mipham-rinpoche-sexual-abuse/


Think Progress

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://thinkprogress.org/buddhist-leader-sexually-assaulted-students-report-finds-0d08e17cedd9/


Lion’s Roar

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.lionsroar.com/report-alleges-sexual-misconduct-by-leader-of-shambhala-community/



Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://tricycle.org/trikedaily/shambhala-leaders-resign/


The New York Times

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/11/nyregion/shambhala-sexual-misconduct.html



Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/new-allegations-surface-against-shambhala-leader-1.4743325



Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://tricycle.org/trikedaily/sakyong-mipham-rinpoche-sexual-assault/


Gangten Tulku

Hollywood actor Richard Gere with not one, but two lamas accused of sexual misconduct (Gangten Tulku and Sogyal Rinpoche).

As the head of 22 monasteries in Bhutan, Gangten Tulku is in a position of influence. He was even pictured with Hollywood actor Richard Gere, together with another sex offender, Sogyal Rinpoche. And while Gangten Tulku’s inappropriate activities are not as public as Sogyal Rinpoche’s, nevertheless within certain circles, his affairs have become very well-known. These are most notably recorded by Christine Chandler on her website extibetanbuddhist.com and in her book Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism. Ms. Chandler is a trained social worker and psychologist, who specializes in the areas of sexual abuse and dysfunctional systems.

In an email to one of our sources, Ms. Chandler writes:

All of the residents who were Tibetan Buddhists, studied with all the lamas in Crestone. So I did about four or five 10 day retreats with Gangten. I was never close to him, but we all practiced and studied with all the Lamas there. During one of his drupdens, a really long mantra chanting experience, — he was very good at creating altered states of mind through mantra- a Bhutanese dance troupe that had been performing, was complaining about him groping the young Bhutanese women.

This information is mirrored in her book, in which she writes:

I also attended several retreats with a tulku from Bhutan, a master at creating altered states of mind through mantra chanting in his retreats. This high Bhutanese lama was the same married tulku, who was later called out by Tsultrim Allione for groping female Bhutanese dancers.

Source: Chandler, C. (2017). “Crestone, Colorado”, Chapter 22 of ‘Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism’.

This paragraph in the book references some Bhutanese dancers being groped by a married tulku and although the married tulku’s name is not given, based on Ms. Chandler’s emailed reply, it can be safely concluded that the married tulku is Gangten Rinpoche. More importantly, this time the paragraph directly credits Lama Tsultrim Allione as the source of these claims about Gangten Rinpoche. Ms. Chandler writes that:

Allione had been raising women’s issues in the Tibetan sanghas quietly, before. But when she started complaining, openly, about a certain visiting tulku from Bhutan and his sexual gropings of young, Bhutanese women in a travelling dance group, after they came to her objecting, this Bhutanese high lama let her know that she had gone too far and she had better shape up, or be literally banished from the Tibetan Lamaist scene. She would no longer have the Tibetan lama ‘seal of approval,’ as a respected female Tibetan Buddhist teacher; helping the lamas spread Tantra in the West if she kept on complaining about their sexual abuses. This would destroy her niche in the Tibetan “Dzogchen” teacher circuit.

Source: Chandler, C. (2017). “The Dakinis and Their “Spiritualized Feminism”.”, Chapter 18 of ‘Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism’.

Again, this references the groping of female Bhutanese dancers and again, it draws a connection to Lama Allione. Ms. Chandler says that Lama Allione was eventually browbeaten and threatened into silence. Given what we know about how the Tibetan leadership condones the abuse through their silence, and refuses to give their support to the victims, this conclusion is no surprise. It is merely another instance of power play at work, whereby the abuses surrounding Gangten Tulku are hushed up and brushed under the rug, while Lama Allione is silenced and forced to stop speaking up. An email from a close student of Lama Allione confirms this conclusion, saying:

Yes, unfortunately Gangten Tulku is one of the worst offenders. He has a history of abuse of female students, and I recently discovered that it’s a bit of an open secret that he’s also abused young monks in his monasteries. He’s been largely ousted from American dharma circles due to his impropriety, but still has a presence in Europe and Bhutan.

It would be logical that a close student of Lama Allione would be privy to the allegations about Gangten Tulku’s improper behavior, given their proximity to her. Once again, the Tibetan leadership shows that any behavior exhibited by a non-Shugden lama is acceptable, and they will not do anything to protect the victims (or even those trying to expose the abuses) as long as the lama does not practice Dorje Shugden. However, once a lama does practice Dorje Shugden, they become justified and open targets for vulgarities and abuse, simply because of their religious choices.



Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://extibetanbuddhist.com/this-sexual-abuser-hollywood-doesnt-want-you-to-see/



Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.erikjampa.com/single-post/2017/11/11/Calling-Out-the-Guru-from-Afar-On-Dzongsar-Khyentses-Sex-Contract-and-Subsequent-Backlash-from-the-Buddhist-Community


Lama Norlha

Lama Norlha with the CTA-endorsed 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje

Here are even more allegations concerning yet another lama, regarding sexual impropriety and inappropriate relationships with students. Where is the Tibetan leadership’s voice in all of this? How come they are not funding and publishing statements, brochures, booklets and pamphlets that counsel and caution against this, but they will pay for videos, books, websites, etc. against Dorje Shugden?

If the CTA only speaks up against Dorje Shugden because they do not condone the practice, does it therefore mean that through their silence over these sexual allegations, the CTA condones this improper behavior?


Lion’s Roar

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.lionsroar.com/kagyu-thubten-choling-addresses-sangha-about-lama-norhla-rinpoches-sexual-misconduct-with-students/



Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://tricycle.org/trikedaily/kagyu-thubten-choling-monastery-working-sex-impropriety/


Lama Yeshe Nyingpo

In the comments section of this post, people are cautioned against attending this teacher’s events, saying that he has been expelled from his monastery and has been banned from teaching under the Karma Kagyu banner. How come the Tibetan leadership do not speak up against this?


Little Bangkok Sangha

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: http://www.littlebang.org/lama-yeshe-nyingpo/


Lama Choedak Rinpoche

Lama Choedak Rinpoche with the Dalai Lama

A married teacher admits to several affairs, then leaves for retreat instead of facing the consequences. A teacher is supposed to unite families, and not be the factor that breaks relationships and drives loved ones apart.

While the Tibetan leadership has no comments about the importance of remaining faithful to one’s spouse (i.e. a private choice), they have plenty to say about people who opt to retain their Dorje Shugden practice and refuse to give it up in accordance with the ban (i.e. another private choice). How come the CTA feels qualified to comment on and police one private choice, but do not apply the same level of interference when it comes to other choices which are actually harmful? The hypocrisy is staggering.



Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: http://www.buddhistchannel.tv/index.php?id=49,10104,0,0,1,0#.W2Zc-i2B19I


Tenzin Dhonden

Tenzin Dhonden (left) was the Dalai Lama’s personal emissary to the United States

This monk, the Dalai Lama’s former emissary to the United States, was found to be selling access to the Dalai Lama. In this way, he ended up associating the Dalai Lama with a cult organization, NXIVM. For a US$1 million “donation”, he orchestrated the Dalai Lama’s appearance at a NXIVM event, where the Dalai Lama gave a talk attended by the group’s leader Keith Raniere who has recently been arrested and indicted on several charges including sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

Tenzin Dhonden himself has also been accused of improper relationships and contact with women through his connection with NXIVM, although he is supposed to be a monk.

Someone who represents the Dalai Lama can sell access to His Holiness and have relations with women although he is a monk, and the Tibetan leadership will never say anything because it brings them money. But when a person protects their religious freedom and refuses to abide by the ban on Dorje Shugden, and refuses to give up the practice, the Tibetan leadership turns them into pariahs and paints them as deserving targets of violence and vulgarities.



Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://frankreport.com/2016/02/13/should-lama-tenzin-be-defrocked-is-dalai-lama-to-blamed-for-endorsing-keith-while-tenzin-was-sleeping-with-sara-bronfman/


The Guardian

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/27/dalai-lama-tenzin-dhonden-tibet-monk-corruption-accusations


The Guardian

Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the whole article. Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/29/tenzin-dhonden-dalai-lama-corruption-celebrity-investigation


Rigdzin Namkha Rinpoche

Rigdzin Namkha Rinpoche with Sogyal Rinpoche, both of whom have been accused of sexual abuses

Many allegations have been made about his sexual impropriety with Nepalese nuns. Because none of the women have been willing to come forward to confirm them or denounce him, they remain as allegations. However, as the saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire and people who have not been in compromising positions with people will never be accused of improper sexual conduct.

Complaints have been lodged about his conduct to the Office of the Dalai Lama, to no avail. Rigdzin Rinpoche also happens to be the only lama who came close to recognizing the American teacher Tara Wangchuk, who says she is the reincarnation of the Dorje Shugden lama Domo Geshe Rinpoche, a claim which has been widely discredited. It is said that Wangchuk grew close to him, wanting to use of his connection with the Dalai Lama in the hopes it would lead to a formal recognition. Even back then, members of her group complained about his “overt sexual presence” and “feelings of discomfort around him”. Ex-students have been active on social media complaining about his conduct, and implied that he has made use of his relationship with the Dalai Lama to continue unchecked.



Cropped for brevity. Click to enlarge and read the full post. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1459918927422287/permalink/1590324004381778/



Source: https://old.reddit.com/r/Buddhism/comments/3pcnxe/rigdzin_namkha_gyatso_rinpoche/. Click to enlarge.


Lama Ogyen Kunzang Dorje

In 2016, following a 20-year trial, a Belgian national by the name of Robert Spatz a.k.a. Lama Ogyen was found guilty of rape and other sexual abuse, child kidnapping with aggravating circumstances of torture and money laundering, amongst many charges. During the trial, it was revealed that some members of the organization had been forced to make large financial contributions to the community, which Robert Spatz personally benefited from. He was tried in absentia, and given a suspended jail sentence of 4 years and his organization Ogyen Kunzang Choling (OKC) was also found guilty on a number of charges and ordered to pay damages to some 30 plaintiffs in civil proceedings.

Spatz appealed the verdict and as a result, an entire website has set up by the victims seeking justice: https://www.okcinfo.news/en/ Interestingly, the Dalai Lama visited OKC in Brussels in 1990, at the height of the abuse. OKC continues to operate unfettered and the Dalai Lama has never once condemned Spatz, an act which would surely help the victims in their quest for justice.



Source: https://www.lavenir.net/cnt/dmf20180425_01161205/robert-spatz-un-imposteur-un-escroc-un-esclavagiste-des-temps-modernes-et-un-violeur. Click to enlarge.



Source: http://www.dhnet.be/actu/faits/le-conseil-de-robert-spatz-le-gourou-de-la-secte-okc-plaide-l-acquittement-5aea0a22cd70c60ea6c2a9d0. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Those Lamas has leave a negative impact on Tibetan Buddhism, and yet no action has been taken towards them by Tibetan leadership. CTA speak up against Dorje Shugden practice and keep condemning Shugden practitioners, but will say nothing when people abuse women. Can you trust this type of leadership who being silent towards sex allegations?Can they protect you as their peoples?

  2. It’s really very disappointed and disturbing that the Dalai Lama knew about the sex abuse earlier, but he kept quiet. On the other hand, he took the Dorje Shugden ban so seriously where all the monks were forced to swear in front of the altar, printed book to urge people not to practice Dorje Shugden, and try his very hard to convince the whole world that Dorje Shugden is evil. And, the biggest joker behind this is, none other than the CTA (Central Tibetan Administration). Who has really come out shamelessly and talk loud about it.
    Sometimes, most of the time, we really don’t know what is the Dalai Lama thinking, but it doesn’t matter, since he’s Chenrezig, he’s the enlightened one. Looks like he doesn’t need to hold any responsibility of what he has spoken. Suddenly say Dorje Shguden is evil, suddenly say the practice got problem. Suddenly say exile all the Dorje Shugden monks from the monastry, suddenly say he didn’t say all of that, and now suddenly say everybody can practice Dorje Shugden. These are only some that I remember. There are many more statement that he freely, willingly, simply say out, but in the end, is like, the people around him fight about it. He doesn’t and will not, and don’t even bother to come out to clarify what he had said. So, people to listen to him, worship him, will go out and fight about it. So, is whatever that come out from the Dalai Lama mouth can really listen and follow?🤔

  3. 😟


  4. That’s very simple whatever dharma and peace they promoted is not for the benefits of others but for their own. If not the religion sexual abuse issues should not even exist. H. H. Dalai Lama even embraced those sexual abuser. Hence is very obvious he’s not interested in looking into this issue at all.

  5. Transcript: Dalai Lama is a Racist Nazi

    Dalai Lama is a piece of shit and a disgusting scumbag. It is, it is insane this cunt comes to Europe and tells us that we should not accept more refugees. Is he fucking retarded? It is amazing, like you don’t expect from people like, like those to be Nazis and to support all the right. It’s just insane a spiritual leader is a fucking Nazi dude. Europe needs more refugees, way more than we already have. Do you understand? And this degenerate says that we should send refugees back to where they came from and that we should help the countries of the refugees. His suggestions are, it’s obvious, like obviously we should help the countries of the, of the refugees, of their origin, but we should not send anyone back. We need more refugees in Europe and we should not deport anyone. We should give money to the refugees so they can stay in Europe and live here. What this Dalai Lama is suggesting is very inhumane, that’s all what I wanted to say. Hopefully in future we will get more migrants in Europe. Hopefully we can help more people. Let’s hope, let’s hope for the better.

  6. SPEECHLESS!!!! I really have no idea what HHDL is trying to proof.

  7. The issue of Indian resentment towards the Tibetan refugees living on Indian soil is nothing new. The Tibetans have built comfortable lives for themselves in India and enjoy many privileges including exemption from paying tax. All of this is done without Tibetans showing genuine concern for the less fortunate in their host country.

    The story below, which took place over 24 years ago, is a reflection of how fragile the Tibetan situation is in India. When a Tibetan murdered an Indian following a dispute, chaos ensued, and the Dalai Lama had to consider moving out of Dharamsala. Tensions between the Indian and Tibetan community have not normalised and remain high in the area even until today.

    Hate campaign shatters calm of Dalai Lama
    TIM MCGIRK in New Delhi | Wednesday 11 May 1994 00:02
    THE Dalai Lama, the spiritual and political leader of Tibet, has threatened to move the headquarters of his government-in-exile from Dharamsala, in the Himalayas of northern India, after two local politicians incited Indians to go on a rampage against Tibetan refugees.
    The calm of Dharamsala, the forested retreat where the Dalai Lama and 8,000 other Tibetan monks and refugees have been living since 1960, was shattered on 22 April when an Indian youth, who belonged to a caste of shepherds known as the gaddis, was stabbed to death by a Tibetan in a fight which developed over an India versus Pakistan cricket match on television.
    During the funeral Krishan Kapoor, a politician belonging to the rightwing Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), yanked the shroud off the corpse, reached into the cadaver’s open stomach, pulled out a length of intestine, and held it high. ‘This is what the Tibetans have done]’ he yelled.
    The mourners went berserk. Shouting ‘Death to the Dalai Lama]’ and ‘Long Live Deng Xiaoping]’ the mob stormed the compound of the Tibetan government-in-exile, smashed windows, set fires and destroyed furniture. They then looted Tibetan shops and beat up refugees.
    Not to be outdone by Mr Kapoor, the rival Congress politician, a shrill ex-princess named Chandresh Kumari, helped circulate a petition calling for the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans to get out of India. The Dalai Lama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, was abroad during these events, but in a statement he said: ‘To avoid a conflict becoming a major problem in the future, it is best that I move out of Dharamsala. I am very, very sad that an individual incident has, unfortunately, been allowed to be manipulated by local politicians and this makes it serious.’ He mentioned moving to Bangalore, in southern India, which would mean dismantling the government-in-exile’s offices, Tibetan medicine centres, libraries, monasteries and schools. In all, more than 100,000 Tibetan refugees are scattered around the country.
    In goading the gaddis against the Tibetans, both Mr Kapoor and Ms Kumari are aiming to pick up support from the poor but numerous shepherds’ community. Even before the stabbing, the gaddis’ resentment against the refugees was high. They blame them for driving up land prices and envy the prosperity of some Tibetan shopowners.
    One recent pamphlet warned: ‘If you Tibetans do not leave Dharamsala by 25 July, we will bomb you out.’

    Hate campaign shatters calm of Dalai Lama

  8. A Plot to Murder the Dalai Lama

    Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, South India, says there is a plot to murder the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

    Link to the original video: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/video/fight-for-separate-lingayat-religion-karnataka-deputy-cm-alleges-murderous-plot-against-dalai-lama-more-1353993-2018-10-02


  9. A plot to murder the Dalai Lama by a Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) terrorist named Kausar was recently uncovered. Kausar planned to cause the Dalai Lama’s demise and blow up Buddhist temples in the Indian State of Karnataka as revenge for the attacks on Rohingya Muslims by some Buddhists in Myanmar.

    Although Kausar’s plans are appalling and cannot be justified, it is a reminder that the Dalai Lama as a well-known Buddhist personality has a moral obligation to discourage religious persecution in any form. This even includes the discrimination experienced by Dorje Shugden practitioners.

    Bengaluru: JMB terrorists targeted Buddhist temples in Karnataka?
    Tue, Oct 2 2018 01:46:48 PM
    Daijiworld Media Network – Bengaluru (MS)
    Bengaluru, Oct 2: Explosive information about the plans of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) terrorist Kausar alias Muneer Sheikh alias Mohammed Jahidul Islam (38) has been unearthed in which he had targeted to blow up the Buddhist temples of the state.
    Earlier in the National Investigation Agency (NIA) investigation, it came to light that Kausar had planned to plant a bomb at the programme of Buddhist leader Dalai Lama that was held in the month of August at Ramanagara. Dalai Lama had participated in the programme that was held on August 13 at the Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Education, which is situated at the Bengaluru – Mysuru road. Kausar was arrested by NIA on August 7, barely six days before the programme.
    With regard to this information, the top officials of the CID department have held a meeting on Monday, October 1 and it was decided to conduct a separate investigation of this issue, as per the information given by home minister.
    It was also decided to gather information to know whether Kausar had visited the sites of important Buddhist temples in the state like Bailukuppe Tibetan Camp at Kushalnagar in Kodagu, Kollegal and the camp at Mundagod of Uttara Kannada district.
    It is confirmed from the interrogation that Kausar had planned to conduct acts of sabotage and explosions, targeting the Buddhists living in India, as a revenge to the attacks on Rohingya Muslims by the Buddhists in Myanmar. In addition, the investigating officers have also said that Kausar, who had lived in and around Bengaluru from 2014, had hatched a plot to kill Dalai Lama.
    NIA officials had arrested an accomplice of Kausar in the case of Bodh Gaya bombings. It is also confirmed that the JMB terrorists had planned in Kerala to carry out acts of sabotage in the state of Karnataka. It is learnt that a special team will be sent to Kerala also to know Kausar’s link there.
    One accomplice of Kausar still absconding
    NIA has so far arrested seven accused in the Bodh Gaya explosion case. However, Arif Hussain, one more accused and accomplice of Kausar is absconding. Arif is one of the members of the gang that kept IED explosives in the Kalachakra ground of Bodh Gaya. During the investigation, a shocking piece of information has come to light that Arif had met Kausar after the blasts and also discussed with regards to the failure of the intended plan.
    Expert in manufacturing IED explosives
    Kausar, the JMB terrorist is an expert in manufacturing IED explosives. He had come to India with his accomplice Muzafir Rehman from Bangladesh and had planned to carry out terrorist acts on a large scale. Kausar had also trained his accomplices with regards to the manufacture of IED.
    No information of intended bombings in state, says CM
    “No plot was hatched to kill Buddhist leader Dalai Lama in the state of Karnataka. Police are about to file charge sheet against the accused who have been arrested for the bomb blasts that took place in Bodh Gaya. However, I do not know why the name of Dalai Lama is mentioned in this issue. There is no relation between terrorist Kausar, who was caught in Ramanagara, and the attempt on the life of Dalai Lama. However, the police are going to conduct investigation in this angle also. The central government has not sought any information in this regard from the state government,” clarified CM Kumaraswamy to the media.
    Speaking on the issue, Dr G Parameshwar, DCM, said, “The officers of NIA are not sharing any information with us with regard to the plot hatched by the terrorists. They gather information at the international level and arrest the terrorists.”
    Former CM Jagadish Shettar accused the state government and said, “A comprehensive inquiry has to be conducted relating to the issue of the plot to kill Dalai Lama by JMB terrorists. The arrest of suspected terrorists by the NIA shows the utter failure of the state CID.” 

    Bengaluru JMB terrorists targeted Buddhist temples in Karnataka

  10. The fact that rangzen activists aim for the goal of Tibetan independence is at odds with the Dalai Lama’s goal for Tibet’s autonomy. This is nothing new but it is an undeniable fact that the Dalai Lama is the most recognisable Tibetan face and representative for the Tibetan Cause. However, for years now there has been a deficit of trust between China and the Dalai Lama, which leaves the future of Tibetan refugees in limbo.

    Recently, the Dalai Lama tried to take conciliatory steps towards China by acknowledging that development in the Tibet Autonomous Region is beneficial and expressed his desire to return to China. He even said he wants to go on pilgrimage to Mount Wutai, China’s most famous Buddhist site. The fact that the Rangzen people are still protesting against China however shows their true colour. They are against the Dalai Lama and want to make sure that his efforts to help Tibetans are unsuccessful.

    Activists coalition rally against “Xi-the-Pooh” at Un headquarters in NY
    [Thursday, September 20, 2018 18:01]
    By Tenzin Dharpo
    DHARAMSHALA, Sep. 20: Activists from various countries that calls for freedom from China’s repression gathered in front of the United Nation’s headquarters in New York City on Tuesday on the opening day of the 73rd General Assembly to protest CCP honcho Chinese President Xi Jinping.
    Activists from Tibet, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia and Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as pro-democracy groups in unison called for the end to repressive policies implemented by China and freedom for their countries. The coalition labelled the Chinese president “Xi-the Pooh” in resemblance to cartoon character Winnie the Pooh who is incidentally banned in China, in addition to calling the Chinese leader “Xitler” likening him to infamous Nazi dictator Adolf Hilter.
    Members of the Students for a Free Tibet, Tibetan Youth Congress and Tibetan National Congress joined in the rally that saw activists throw ink at an effigy of Xi in apparent solidarity with Chinese woman Dong Yaoqiong who threw ink at a poster of Xi in Shanghai on July 4. The 29-year-old from Hunan province was arrested by Chinese police in July and has been detained in a mental institution, sources say. 
    SFT Executive Director Dorjee Tsetan led the protest where activists denounced China’s narrative that Xi as the face of new China inching towards leadership in the global arena and reiterate their resistance in the face of Xi-led CCP’s totalitarian rule.
    Tiananmen massacre survivor and pro-democracy activist Rose Tang wrote in her Facebook page, “Very honoured to be with my sisters and brothers from Tibet, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the US to de-face Xitler. Xitler and the Chinese Communist Party rely on lies and violence; our weapons are peace, love and compassion. We shall defeat Xitler!”
    Representatives from various occupied nations and activists such as Ilshat Hassan, President of Uyghur American Association, Enghebatu Togochog, Director of Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, Sarah Cook, Senior Researcher for East Asia, Freedom House, Teng Baio, Chinese Human Rights Lawyer and Activist, Omer Karnat, Director, Uyghur Human Rights Project, Ngawang Tharchin, President, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress NY/NJ, Anna Cheung, Activist, New York For Hong Kong and Marvin Kumetat, US Program Coordinator, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization were seen speaking at the protest rally in New York city.

    Activists coalition rally against “Xi-the-Pooh” at Un headquarters in NY

  11. Sex Predator in a Monk’s Robes?

    In USA, Shambhala’s head Sakyong Mipham with his huge ceremonial hat, blue and gold brocades on a high throne. So much pomp and ceremony and underneath it all was a monster… a sexual predator in religious robes exploiting women and people. Such a disgusting shame. Sakyong should be barred from any activities in the future and go for counselling. He needs it badly. His father was Chogyam Trungpa who did the same thing to women and included drugs and orgies in the 70′s. Dalai Lama supports Sakyong Mipham as sizeable donations were given to the Dalai Lama’s office. Shame. We all thought Dalai Lama was clairvoyant and can see the hearts of sentient beings? Sakyong Mipham wears monk robes, shaves his head but has a wife and kids. Why keep wearing monk robes? He is wearing monk robes to look authentic as he is not authentic. Easier to swindle and fool people. Ontop of wearing robes, shaved head masquerading as a monk, has a wife and kids, he further attacks other women sexually. What kind of spiritual leader is this? Disgusting.

  12. Stop spreading hatreds u 😈

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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