The CTA Digs Itself Into A Hole, Again

Sikyong Lobsang Sangay launches new anti-Shugden book

On 14 November 2016, the Central Tibetan Administration’s (CTA) Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) released its latest installment of anti-Dorje Shugden material, a video titled, ‘Shugden Protesters: Allegation versus Facts’.

The content of this 13-minute video attests to the singularity of its purpose i.e. to bolster the CTA’s justification for its now 20-year campaign to destroy the ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice of Dorje Shugden. Revered for over three centuries as an enlightened Dharma Protector, the CTA suddenly banned the practice in 1996 without any sound explanations or reasons.

What ensued was a miscellany of off-hand commentaries by the CTA spanning two decades and covering a multitude of mediums, each attempting to persuade the audience to think unfavorably of this Buddhist deity and his believers. Interestingly, the CTA never did produce any scholarly works to validate its attack on this old Buddhist practice that can stand up to cross-examination and debate, an established trait of the Gelugpa school, as a process to uncover the truth.

Whilst the CTA’s narrative of Dorje Shugden never made much effort to be inclined towards historic truth and logic, the unsuspecting public nevertheless easily accepted it. The CTA’s affiliation with the Dalai Lama, and being the supposed instrument of a holy man’s governance gives it vicarious credibility.

But as Buddhism teaches, nothing exists alone and in complete independence and this is precisely what makes the CTA’s chronicle of Dorje Shugden dangerous. Dorje Shugden is ultimately a religious subject that has been force-fitted into a political frame and that could not happen without considerable distortion. To accept the CTA’s version of the story is to accept a warped account of foundational Buddhist beliefs that challenges every teaching built on them.

Therefore, this post and the accompanying videos below, compiled from various online sources, aim to set straight the facts about Dorje Shugden and his practitioners who have been maligned through decades of CTA effort.


The Need for Honest Government

If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists – to protect them and to promote their common welfare – all else is lost. ~ President Barrack Obama in ‘An Honest Government, A Hopeful Future’, 2006

It has been 57 years since the Dalai Lama made a dramatic escape from Tibet in 1959. Over a hundred thousand Tibetans followed suit and today, they form a community who are the most famous refugees in the world. The Tibetan fight to regain their homeland has become cause célebrè for the western world’s political elite and celebrity philanthropists. And yet for all the financial and political support the Tibetan refugees have received for over half a century, there is little progress for the Tibetans to speak of.

In examining all factors contributing to the prolonged stagnation of the Tibetan Cause, an important element to consider is the leadership, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA). The November 14 video provides valuable insights into the psyche of the CTA.

To begin with, a true Democracy, which the CTA professes to be, recognizes that the minority has as much right as the majority. Democracy is not about the power of the government to rule as it likes but about preserving the authority vested by a democratic Constitution for all citizens to express their freedom, including the freedom to be different, without fear of persecution. In other words, Democracy is about diversity and embracing diversity, the root of a genuine democratic system.

The CTA leader Sikyong Lobsang Sangay clearly understands this. During the 56th annual Democracy Day (that is how long the CTA has declared itself to be a Democracy) on 2 September 2016, he said,

Democracy confers you with the right to speech and freedom of expression and in a democracy, diversity of opinion should be respected.

However, it is disturbing that the November 14 CTA video shows none of the respect for diversity that the Sikyong mentions. Not even a pale shade of any tolerance for diversity.


An Attack on Freedom

Under Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, the CTA’s Department of Information and International Relations became the vehicle for the most vindictive, un-tolerating attacks on the practitioners of Dorje Shugden, a religious tradition that the Tibetan Constitution is supposed to protect and uphold. This is the same Constitution by which the CTA declares itself to be a democratic nation unlike its oppressor, China. It is also the Constitution that the CTA trampled on en route to assaulting its own citizens because of their religion.

It’s clear that the video is meant to be an instrument for the protraction of an unlawful, illegal and unholy religious ban. Unlawful because it flies in the face of the CTA’s highest law, namely Articles 9 and 10; illegal because it is a willful assault with the intention to inflict injury on persons of a certain religion, and unholy because it conflicts every aspect of truth, honesty, and kindness enshrined in just about every religion known to man.

So that there is no mistake of its intentions, the following words were carefully selected and used in the video, in association with Dorje Shugden – “cult”, “controversial”, “divisive”, “monetary gains”, “malevolent”, “disharmony”, “fringe group”, “extremist”, “fundamentalist”, “harmful”, and “attack”.

How can a democratic government attack its own people? And what’s more, the elected Prime Minister of the CTA himself spearheads the attack in the November 14 video as he has done on countless occasions before. If a leader of a liberal nation should decide to intervene in religious matters, then surely it must be to repair a rift that threatens the unity of an already fractured and disenfranchised community, not to add to their woes.

Religion is an extremely sensitive topic and bears heightened significance when it comes to the Tibetan people whose lives are inseparable from religious habitude. And to rob a class of Tibetan people of their faith, for which they gave up their homeland, is simply unscrupulous. It is more the character of a tyrannical leader of an oppressive regime, than that of a leader of a free and liberal nation that the CTA tells the world it is.

The Sikyong’s actions confuse attributes ascribed to the Tibetan people as peaceful Buddhists and disturbs the coherence of the Dalai Lama’s message of peace and tolerance, which he preaches worldwide. In that way, he undermines the Dalai Lama himself.

The 14th Dalai Lama, a strong advocate of Human Rights who constantly preaches about Compassion and Harmony, is misrepresented by the CTA’s persecution of Shugden practitioners.

The people the Sikyong targets with religious persecution are the children, grandchildren and the citizens of Tibet themselves, who for the love of the Dalai Lama and for the sake of their religion, readily left their homes, families and country to walk with the Dalai Lama into statelessness, banishment and an uncertain future. Today, the CTA accuses them of colluding with the Tibetan people’s nemesis and brands them as traitors. But they are the same people who went into voluntary exile with the Tibetan spiritual leader.

Up until the CTA’s unilateral and baseless decision to ban Dorje Shugden in 1996, Dorje Shugden practitioners were patriots and loyal spiritual subjects of the Tibetan people’s God-King, a people who like the rest of the exile community trusted the CTA to take proper measures to reinstate their dignity and identity. They didn’t change. How can these simple Tibetan people, together with 4 million Shugden believers around the world with different backgrounds, nationalities and experience, most of whom began the worship of Dorje Shugden before the Sino-Tibetan conflict, suddenly pull off a coordinated and well calibrated change overnight? Logically, the CTA changed and rendered their own Tibetan people to be nothing more than acceptable political attrition.

But the CTA did not imagine that the fire they started would become a global inferno that today threatens to engulf the CTA’s integrity and credibility in its flames. As more and more people around the world become aware of the CTA’s Machiavellian plots, the CTA’s narrative has had to evolve and so the reasons for the ban have had to keep changing. It is also the reason why the CTA’s propaganda machinery has had to work overtime.

Sikyong Lobsang Sangay could have decided to heal the conflict or settle the controversy once and for all by producing concrete evidence to support the Administration’s very damaging religious ban if indeed it had valid reasons to believe that such a move was necessary. Failing which he could have ordered the retraction of past official Resolutions that unfairly and wrongly punished a group of Tibetans for their benign spiritual practice. Lobsang Sangay could have initiated dialogue between Shugden and non-Shugden groups – divisions the ban created, and take the view that unity of the Tibetan nation was far more important than differences in religious beliefs. He could have proclaimed that the human rights enshrined in the Tibetan Constitution and the Indian Constitution (that the Tibetans, as guests of the country, are obliged to observe) are to be upheld.

But instead, the Sikyong decided to commission this very harmful video and persist in the Shugden religious persecutions. This confuses supporters of the Tibetan plight and obscures the core objectives of the Tibetan struggle.


The Long Arm of Oppression

The International Shugden Community whose members comprise of Shugden practitioners from all over the world who have suffered discrimination.

But it is not only the Tibetans that the CTA’s November 14 video sought to scandalize. Even a religious group operating legally in another country, outside the CTA’s dominion, has not been spared.

It is unheard of for the leader of a country to comment unfavorably on a religious group of another country, especially seeing that [in this case] the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) operates as a legitimate and highly successful organization under the laws of countries where they are represented. To do so would be to interfere with the religious freedom of citizens of another country and to display incompetence in addressing matters relating to international relations.

Governments today face competition in virtually all aspects of statesmanship from military to trade to their standing in the global arena. And when we see the proliferation of multinational and regional organizations – the EU, APEC, ASEAN, NAFTA just to name a few, it is not difficult to see that cross-border relationships and co-operation between governments and between the government of a country and the private sector of another, are crucial in a highly globalized world. It is a matter of survival. Diplomacy is a sign of a good government and the nations of the world are sparing no effort to create favorable environments to advance trade and build goodwill.

But all this seems to be lost on the Sikyong, an unfortunate fact that the Tibetan situation can ill afford. Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and the Minister equivalent of the CTA’s Department of Information and International Relations putting on a show to criticize and slander a religious group that happens to be a citizen of another country shows in no uncertain terms that the CTA has no interest in conforming to the platitudes of liberty, freedom and human rights espoused in their own literature and the Tibetan Constitution.

The CTA video slurs the NKT as a fringe and fundamentalist group. This is not only an insult to the NKT but to the country that approves of its establishment. This is the CTA’s reaction to people outside its jurisdictional reach who are merely exercising their constitutional right to participate in protests against the Dalai Lama, appealing for the cessation of a campaign that derides a deity they worship. It raises questions as to how much more the CTA might do to people who are within their striking range. Imagine that and one may then understand what Shugden-worshipping Tibetans have had to survive.

No government that is genuinely committed to the pursuit and preservation of democracy will decry the expression of freedom vested in the people by an egalitarian society. This is even more so if the said people are outside the government’s administration. That the CTA does puts it at risk of suspicion that it doesn’t have any intentions of being a true democracy.


Disobeying the Dalai Lama

or watch on our server:

Finally, the November 14 video shows that the CTA couches its behavior as a noble defense of the Dalai Lama’s reputation. But the footage shows the incongruity of the CTA’s actions with its own purported motivation. The Dalai Lama has, in the video, stated clearly that all people have the freedom to choose what to practice and that no prohibition had been intended and similarly no infringement of anyone’s rights meant. If the Dalai Lama intended for all Shugden believers to choose freely, then why does the CTA commission propaganda videos to attack people for having chosen to keep their religion? It doesn’t make sense and again provides an insight into what the CTA is.



If one is not careful, it is easy to be drawn into the CTA’s fiction and be mistaken that all this aggression towards Dorje Shugden practitioners worldwide is in retaliation to a centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist deity and all its followers being conscripted by China to oppose the CTA. That itself is a desperate use of superstition hoping that this will explain away why the CTA has failed miserably after half a century of promises to the Tibetan people.

In that time, the Tibetan people, Shugden and non-Shugden worshippers alike have had to endure a lot. Time is running out for the Tibetan people as world nations grapple with new and complicated problems and the Tibetan Cause begins to slip into obscurity. Left with little choice, many Tibetans have left the settlements to carve a life elsewhere and from the start. Some others chose to return to Tibet under Chinese rule, and whatever they found there, they have remained and began new lives. Fifty-seven years in exile with no sign of change is enough.


If you believe that everyone should have Religious Freedom, help us make a difference. Here’s how: Make A Difference Today


International Tibetan Shugden Community’s Response to the CTA’s press conference on Shugden (English)

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International Tibetan Shugden Community’s Response to the CTA’s press conference on Shugden (Tibetan)

or watch on our server:


Response to the Central Tibetan Administration’s Latest Video on Dorje Shugden

or watch on our server:


The CTA’s Role in the Shugden Conflict

or watch on our server:


Allegations of Chinese Links – Is There Any Truth?

or watch on our server:


A Body of Evidence

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or watch on our server:


An Appeal to the Dalai Lama

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  1. The CTA is the worst ‘government’ on this planet. Sikyong Lobsang is the worst Prime Minister that’s ever existed. He just wants money.

  2. Amazing that the CTA did not hesitate to produce a video that leaves no doubt as to their bad intentions towards a religious practice.

    The bottom line as this article pointed out is this – why would a fair government single out one religion to focus on and demonise? If there is any criminality in the Shugden practice, then surely it would not have been allowed to happen in India, Nepal, China, America, Europe, SE Asia and recently South Africa. All these countries have laws that may differ somewhat but all aim to prohibit harmful and unlawful activities. But the Shugden practice continues to grow in these countries.

    Lobsang Sangay humiliates the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people and robs the CTA of all credibility when he attempts as he does in the CTA video, to disparage the NKT which is a lawfully registered religious entity in the United Kingdom.

    Who is he to comment on what other do in another country when he cannot even manage 150,000 Tibetan refugees.

    Shameful and despicable CTA smear campaign this is.

  3. Why does the Tibetan leadership keep producing materials against Dorje Shugden? Why is a supposed government keep on using public funds for destroying the faith of another man? What kind of people are these?

  4. Shame you Lobsang Sangay and your gang!

    You continue to use our money to careless throw baseless and not logical accuse against Shugdenpa even after His Holiness Dalai Lama has clear say practice not wrong.

    And first thing your government Chief in USA, Penpa Tsering do after his recent appointment is outline plan to spend some more our money to throw the same careless and baseless accusations in America.

    I not like it. Please don’t waste our money. Tibetans must unite not fighting.

    I want to ask you where you get your money from and what are you spending it on?

  5. If HHDL, CTA, Gelug and other lineages/people don’t want to practice Dorje Shugden practice, of course they don’t need to.

    That’s fine and no problem at all because dharmapala aspects of wisdom and compassion are within ourself and all other beings, nature and elements anyway and there are also beings without and with form who perform dharmapala activitiy anway, because self arising wisdom and compassion of space- and conciousnesscontinunum is there anyway.

    To turn against wisdom and compassion is only harmful for oneself because it causes and effects karma within our conciousnesscontinuum that can’t harm wisdom and compassion/conciousnesscontinuum itself at all because beings who are free of lastingnness and non-existence itself can’t harm this basic freedom of lastingness and non-existence itself at all, like reflections in a mirror can’t harm or change anything about the mirror itself.

    So no matter what god and bad actions of mind, speech and body we did and do, we can’t manipulate, harm or destroy our inherent wisdom and compassion/dignity/conciousnesscontinuum. Also other beings can’t manipulate, harm or destroy our wisdom and compassion/conciousnesscontinuum itself at all, not matter what god and bad actions of mind, speech and body they did and do. We just can’t loose ourself/wisdom and compassion/conciousnesscontinuum but we can become aware of our wisdom and compassion that is and stays victorious/wisdom and compassion.

    Conciousness is rooted in spacecontinuum that is and stays unborn and unceasing, free of lastingness and non-existence, free of god and devil, free of good and bad, free of peace and war, free of attachment and aversion, free of luck and pain.

    Only problem mankind had and still has is ignoring ignorance and not dealing with it with wisdom and compassion. In order to prevent and overcome ignorance, conflict and harm, we need wisdom and compassion because reality is non-duality and violence that is rooted in duality will not work within non-duality. Violence never worked, there is no other option than wisdom and compassion/dignity for all of us.

    We only can stop and overcome conflicts and harm with our wisdom and compassion. Education regarding non-duality is very important for each human being and mankind in the present and future.

    All dharma lineages and schools are very important for mankind in the present and future. By dharma study and practice/activity, no matter where we are, we also support dharma study and practice/activity as well as freedom and wellbeing everywhere else, everything is interdependent. By harmful (good and bad/dualistic) actions of mind, speech and body we support harmful (good and bad/dualistic) activities of mind, speech and body as well as suffering everywhere else, everything is interdependent. So we really should not become hostile against wisdom and compassion but should support wisdom and compassion everywhere.

    To do this we need to understand our wisdom and compassion or non-dual awareness/conciousness. That’s why there are deities that basicly represent all aspects of wisdom and compassion that are basicly protective and healing aspects of wisdom and compassion.

    Because wisdom and compassion is non-duality, beyond words, beyond thoughs, beyond duality, all non-dual aspects of wisdom and compassion can be communicated by deites much better than with words but beings who don’t understand first need words that point towards non-duality in order to learn/understand non-duality and the non-dual meaning behind colors/symbols and attributes of statues, paintings and madalas.

    Statues, pictures and mandalas of deites can express and communicate much more than words can do. That’s why there is alot of spiritual artwork like statues, pictures and mandalas of deties that represent all aspects of wisdom and compassion.

    That’s why in dharma there is no spirit worship at all because deities like Dorje Shugden represent aspects of self arising (rangshar) wisdom and compassion of space- and conciousnesscontinuum.

    Beings are conciousness, conciousness is wisdom and compassion, so there is no spirit worship in dharma at all but using wisdom and compassion for the benifit or freedom and wellbeing of ourself and all beings in the present and future.

    Impermanance is life, protection, regeneration and healing, it’s not violence/duality it’s non-duality, it’s free of lastingness and non-existence, it’s free of attachment and aversion, it’s wisdom and compassion, it’s awareness and becoming aware of non-duality, it’s becoming free and feel well. This is not going to happen with violence/dualistic betray systems.

    Spirit or mind are other words for karmic wind that causes and effects karmic perception and experience of reality and only can be dissolved by wisdom and compassion because our conciousness basicly is and stays free of lastingness and nonexistence or free of attachment and aversion or free of ignorance regarding non-duality itself.

    One aspect of karmic wind or spirit/mind/sem is ignorance regarding non-duality, another is emotion, another is karma/harmful action or god and bad action.

    Conciousness itself is self arising wisdom and compassion and healing/protecting activity or instead of ingorance regarding non-duality wisdom is arising, instead of emotions compassion is arising and instead of harmful (god and bad/dualistic) actions of mind, speech and body healing/protecting actions or healing activity of wisdom mind, wisdom speech and wisdom body is happening like protection and regeneration/healing or view of non-duality/being aware of non-duality, meditation or compassion that comes with wisdom and action or dharma activity that is happening because of ones self arising wisdom and compassion that is rooted in self arising spacecontinuum that is unborn and unceasing.

    One aspect of karmic wind is being hostile against non-duality/wisdom and compassion. As long there is karmic wind there is this conflict of karmic wind (mind/sem/spirit) with wisdom and compassion.

    Our aspiration can and should be like: “No matter what happens, may i never become hostile against wisdom and compassion.”

    Wrathful aspect of wisdom and compassion is like the immunesystem aspect of the psychophysical body that balances out the physiology of the body to keep the body healthy and working well. If there is illusion like a virus within the conciousness the wrathful aspect of wisdom and compassion destroys the illusion/virus in order to keep the awareness/perception and experience of reality healthy/non-dual/wise and compassionate.

    Wrathful dharma practice is very important for once mental health to destroy harmful powers within conciousness that are hostile against wisdom and compassion ot to prevent violence of mind, speech and body.

    May the wisdom of non-duality protect all transmissions, lineages, teachers, and students of dharma and may the wrath of vajrakilaya destroy all harmful powers – outer, inner and secret – that are hostile against wisdom and compassion.

    Love you all, do my best to send you all as much wisdom and compassion as possible.

  6. A whole generation of Tibetans have grown up in exile. They need to have stability and move on in their lives. If the CTA continues to go round n circles, it does a disservice to them and to the Dalai Lama.

    Pointing fingers and passing the buck will not solve the problem. The CTA knows it but human greed overtook them. It is time to do the right thing and stop the divide in the Karma Kagyus with the Karmapa issue and the Gelugs with the Dorje Shugden issue. Bottom-line, stop dividing the Tibetans and instead unite them.

    You can’t take all your wealth with you when you die. Ill-gotten gains only leads to the lower realms. Don’t they have enough after gorging themselves all these years on public funds?

  7. Dear Sascha,

    What you said is the truth the Buddhas taught and continue to teach.

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it very much.


  8. It is really disturbing how a so-called “democratic” government publishes such a harmful book and video against their own people. Well Sikyang, there is nothing democratic in going against one’s own people and it is really a shame.

    A government without country should focus on how to make their people feel safe and make sure that they are well cared for. But this is clearly not the case for millions of Dorje Shugden practitioners.

    As you understand the freedom of speech and liberty to express oneself, you should make this your priority and find a solution with China. Instead you spend precious money on separating the Tibetans.

    I hope that your doing will be uncovered by many people so that such a misuse of power and money stops and the benefit of the Tibetan people will be the priority.

    Thank you for highlighting how the CTA is mishandling and misusing the power and trust they have received by many people.

  9. Amidst a failing governance, a declining international presence and a completely disastrous economy, the Tibetan leadership in exile actually launched an Anti-Shugden campaign. This goes to show the small-mindedness of this parliament and how unfit they are to administrate a fair and unbiased government. Coupled with the criminal allegations towards the key members of the parliament, it is time to call for them to step down. A fair and honest leadership is needed for the Tibetan refugee who can negotiate their way back to Tibet, who can put the petty issue aside and go for the big picture.

  10. @Ringo Starr

    We all study dharma and try our best to cultivate/practice our wisdom and compassion for our benifit and the beifit of all beings, we are one family and no matter where we are on this planet we are connected anyway and we support another anyway also with our conciousness due to our dharma practice eventhough we might not really be aware of it yet.

    I am very grateful of all the beings who turend the wheel of dharma for us as well as all the beings who studied and practiced dharma until our present for the benifit of all beings.

    I am grateful that you all study and practice dharma and keep up the light within mankind! You are all so incredible precious, may your life and awareness that is wisdom and compassion stay forever firm with your, guide you liberate you and effect freedom and wellbeing for you for eternity.

    Just never ever give up!

    I do the best i can to study and practice dharma for your all as much as possible.

  11. Well we all know what happened way back then to old woman Carol. Carol McQuire fell in love with monk in Kadampa years ago and he kept his vows and did not reciprocate. She just was not attractive at all to him. Carol happened to be a nun that time which adds to the salacious story. Because she was jealous and angry for his attentions, she left NKT and blamed NKT for her ‘pains, traumas and wrongs done to her’. She turned against her kind guru and protector Dorje Shugden. Sounds like the Medusa story. Poor old Carol, still at it with attacking people and making hate friends online to fill her lonely boring and solitary old age.

    Whatever she does has nothing to do with dharma and Dalai Lama. It is strictly to feel important and relevant because she has

  12. The Shugden groups can dare defy the Dalai Lama because they don’t have a country. The Tibetans are scattered all over the world and they have their various power basis from their various countries. I’ve spoken to Ms. Dhardon Sharling about this. If all the Tibetans were back in Tibet, they would have no chance to defy the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama’s government would crush them into silence. How dare they defy the Dalai Lama. Democracy is not for the backwards and illiterate Tibetans. They need a strong, smart and able ruler like the Dalai Lama and his ministers to tell them what is good or bad for them. The Dorje Shugden practice should be banned completely from the Tibetans and Tibetan nation because it is a harmful practice. And no religious freedom should be allowed to let this Dorje Shugden religion arise. In history, many other harmful religions were suppressed for the good of mankind. Shugden should be suppressed and all people who practice him should be forced to give up the practice.

  13. Everyone should go and take a picture with the Dalai Lama and post it. It will boost ‘business’. It’s made me look really valid and more people trust what I am saying simply because I have my picture taken with the Dalai Lama. I’ve roped in Carole MccQuirre and gang to do the same things. You see because I am from East Germany and we don’t believe in any sort of religious freedom. Whatever the regime in the past told you to do, you do it without question. The Shugden groups should not be allowed to practice their religion because the Dalai lama says so. We shouldn’t question the Dalai Lama or defy him. After all he is not human but a god. So if Dalai Lama says don’t practice Dorje Shugden, just follow along without question because why should there be religious freedom. The populace are too stupid to see what religion is good and what is harmful.

  14. I agree with you Paljor. The Tibetans do not need democracy, but a strong firm hand to tell them what to do. They are not like we educated English people who can handle and know what to do with democracy. The fact that Tibetans have no real elected leaders and the leader is really the Dalai Lama for the last 60 years is good news. Tibetans cannot elect their own leaders. When the Dalai Lama dies, we wait for him to reincarnate back and take over again because he is the only leader that can handle Tibetans.

  15. Those who would like to know more, there is an active thread discussion related to this, in which the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) is involved in. The employment of a Stasi German and given the status ‘monk’ by the Central Tibetan Administration is creating havoc and schism in Tibetan Buddhism, all to deflect from the CTA’s failure after so many years in exile. Welcome to post and share more information if you have.

  16. Stasi Tenzin Peljor aka Michael Jäckel aka Mick Jackman

    Over 80 posts and still going

  17. Stasi Tenzin Peljor aka Michael Jäckel aka Mick Jackman

    And, the discussion is still active

  18. I called Tenzin Paljor a couple times to talk to him directly but he doesn’t picked up the phone. Also i want him to come with me to Lerab Ling but he refuses because of he is afraid.

    In germany former stasi people are still active and are hostile against dharma and people who teach, study and practice dharma because of wisdom and compassion/non-violence/intelligence is a thread for their illusions/violence. When you talk to officials they don’t do anything at all about it, so i guess it is the way they want it.

    BRD is not democracy, it’s just a mask for the public out of the country like it was in the DDR. To me it looks like germany still is fanatically clinging to socialism and failing with it again and again. No hope for germany i guess, because they want to fail with socialism again and again.

  19. CTA and Tibetan in exiles have so much more problems affecting their people and they spend money and time making a video and literature that criticizes people they have been oppressing for 20 years.

    All the lies and deception in their video has no benefit at all, for the growth of Tibet or its people. Such a waste time and effort and resources. Hope the Western nations who religiously support CTA and the Dalai Lama will, take a look at this useless actions by the CTA.

  20. Please take a look at this clear video of His Holiness the Dalai Lama asking the monasteries to expel monks that practice Dorje Shugden. Click here to watch:

  21. Seriously, there are far more pressing problems for CTA to address, like progressing with the Tibetan cause and improving the living conditions of Tibetans. Yet CTA opts to waste resources meant for welfare of Tibetans to take actions against the interests of Tibetans.
    What self-respecting democratic government would rather spend public funds to produce a video to persecute religious faith?

    It is obvious that CTA’s ban on Dorje Shugden practice has done nothing but cause trouble and harm to unity of the Tibetan people, both in exile and in Tibet. In fact, such a ban has benefited no one except enriching unscrupulous CTA officials.

    Hope those who generously donate and religiously support the Tibetan cause or Dalai Lama would not continue to be hoodwinked by CTA and demand more accountability.

  22. It is amazing that the CTA should have , for the last 20 years, viciously targeted a group of Tibetans, high Lamas, monastics and lay people for allegedly being disloyal to the Dalai Lama just because they practise the supramundane Dorje Shugden , a practice which they hold as dearly as their lives as it had been given to them by their Root Gurus. If we understand Tibetan Buddhism, then we would know that keeping one ‘s commitment to one ‘s Root Guru is a basic tenet. Breaking samaya with our Guru will bring such dire negative karmic consequences as being cast into the worst hell for eons of lifetimes! This is clearly seen in Ashvagosha’s Fifty Verses of Guru Devotion.

    We respect the Dalai Lama greatly. In recent times, according to a Phayul Article , on Sept 16th 2016, the Dalai Lama had said, ” I hear that some people report that I have said no one should do the practice of Dholgyal. That is not what I say…if someone wants to do it, they can. There are monks today in monasteries adjacent to Ganden and Sera who specifically follow the practice….I haven’t said that no one can do it”. The Dalai Lama has said those words and we have not received any report that he had retracted those words.

    To add insult to injury, Shugden practitioners have been accused by CTA of being paid spies for China, working against the Free Tibet cause None of the accusations against Shugden practitioners have been logically proven and with concrete evidence! Yet CTA pushes these wild accusations through relentlessly to Tibetans who are not aware of the true situation!

    Tibetans in exile must not be distracted from their own plight in a so-called ‘Democratic’ country run by CTA, where they have not gotten anywhere near their dream of a Free Tibet, or even an autonomous Tibet, with 150 or more lives already needlessly lost(what a tragic waste of lives) in fighting for the cause . At home in India, they remain refugees, without being helped by CTA to be lifted from their poverty and low economic status. Now Indian nationals are clamoring for them to GO HOME! What a waste of the last 60 years during which the CTA had gotten millions of dollars in aid and sponsorship from mainly Western countries and donors! Not a single cent of this money has been spent to alleviate the lot of their fellow Tibetans in exile, who are in dire economic straits !


  23. Nechung is ZUMA 👎 before I m think he is one of d best when I m watch dis video By Geshe Dorjee la but now I m think is not d truth n he is lie to Tibet people we r not back to Tibet yt Chithue Tenpa Yarphel la tq for talk about truth of Nechung . I m watch to this video many time la n after I hear you talk I m not belief to Nechung

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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