Robert Thurman Encourages Killing for Recreation

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By: Shashi Kei

There is one prominent characteristic of genuine spirituality, which is ‘consistency’ and this is especially true in Tibetan Buddhism with its focus on lineage. All authentic masters of Tibetan Buddhism and indeed all religions and spiritual paths will tell you that at the very minimum, a person must be kind, compassionate, honest and practice right livelihood which is not to make a living based on deception and dishonesty. And it is precisely this that makes Professor Robert (Bob) Thurman and his Menla Dewa Spa business very disturbing.

Bob Thurman is regarded as somewhat of an expert in the knowledge and practice of Tibetan Buddhism and regards the Dalai Lama as his teacher. The Dalai Lama on his part is supposed to be the embodiment and personification of compassion. Bob Thurman has written quite a few books on Buddhism, all of which ultimately advocate kindness and the generation of an inner wisdom that regards all phenomena and life in a fair and non-dualistic way.

Menla Dewa Spa is Bob Thurman’s business built on an image of wellness and healing based on Tibetan Buddhist principles. Menla itself refers to the Medicine Buddha and Bob Thurman presents Menla Dewa Spa as “Tibet in the Catskills” which is how Thurman takes advantage of the Hollywood image of Tibet as Shangrila, or heaven. According to Bob, at Menla you heal your mind and body, you become one with your environment, you sharpen your awareness and you study under ‘world class teachers’ (namely Thurman himself as his picture accompanies the caption on Menla’s promotional materials).

Great taglines and buzzwords, but are any of these real? The problem with fake spirituality is eventually you slip and expose yourself and this is precisely Bob Thurman’s problem – he cannot keep up with his own rhetoric.

The tweet sent out by Menla Dewa Spa.
Click to enlarge.

While Bob Thurman preaches great kindness and tolerance in his classes, his Menla spa has been inviting Menla participants to extend their search for healing into activities such as killing other sentient beings for pleasure. Menla promotes fly fishing in the Catskills which involves luring fishes, a form of sentient being according to Tibetan Buddhist teachings, to a painful death by teasing their hunger. How can a ‘wellness and spiritual healing’ retreat center based on Buddhism promote the killing of animals for pleasure unless its Buddhist values are fake and its spirituality is just a scam to draw people into spending money on Thurman’s business.

Killing cannot lead to wellness and healing, and Thurman should already know this. In fact, any beginner to Tibetan Buddhism would already know this, what more the ‘Je Tsongkhapa Professor’ of Buddhism. So, the question is why Bob Thurman condones this. Is his belief in Buddhist principles fake? Is Menla’s foundation of spirituality fake? The killing that Menla promotes is like placing cigarette vending machines within cancer treatment centers. It is absurdly contradictory and utterly shameful.

Thurman cannot say he didn’t know that Menla was promoting killing because Thurman personally operates Menla’s Twitter and social media accounts jointly with his henchman, Justin Stone-Diaz, who is rumored to be Thurman’s propagandist and manager of Thurman’s Twitter army. Together, they spread the Dalai Lama’s political agenda and along the way, promote Bob Thurman’s image and business. Bob Thurman needs to explain in what Buddhist tradition does the study and practice of Buddhism involve killing wildlife for sport and recreation?

By encouraging Menla participants to inflict suffering on other sentient beings, Bob Thurman is knowingly allowing them to accumulate even more bad karma, all for the sake of business and the bottom line – money. 

What is even more harmful is the way Thurman creates opportunities for people seeking healing and wellness to become even more unwell by creating more bad karma. If Thurman is a true Buddhist, he will know that there is bad karma that arises from harming and killing other sentient beings. This is a fact even if Menla participants are not aware of it because the law of karma, like the law of gravity applies regardless of whether one agrees with it or not. Instead of showing innocent participants the methods to clear their bad karmic energy through proven purification techniques, Thurman encourages them to create even more bad energy. This makes Thurman and Menla not only hypocritical but also highly damaging.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the illnesses of the body and mind are often related to karma. Even if Menla participants do not subscribe to Buddhism, Thurman as a Buddhist expert and a supposed firm believer must surely know better and should assume the responsibility of subtly leading participants to meritorious activities instead of harmful ones. Why Thurman does not do that and instead allows Menla to promote fishing and killing, can only be due to a few reasons. Either

  1. Thurman is not truly knowledgeable about even basic Buddhist principles; or
  2. Thurman is aware but does not truly practice Buddhism or does not believe in Buddhism; or
  3. Thurman is aware and he personally believes in Buddhism but does not care about the wellness of Menla’s clientele; or
  4. Menla is doing so poorly as a business that it has to cross-sell wildlife adventures to prop up its flagging business.

Whatever the reason may be, as a result, many are led astray by Menla.

Did the Dalai Lama tell Bob Thurman that he is exempt from the karma of killing? Why else would Thurman, a so-called Tibetan Buddhist “expert”, encouraging the sport of fly fishing?

Or perhaps, Thurman feels immune from karma through his association with the Dalai Lama. It is well known that the ‘success’ of Bob Thurman as a Buddhist teacher is only due to his reputation as the “Dalai Lama’s man in America”. It is a confluence of agendas – the Dalai Lama needs a Westerner to sell the Tibetan leadership’s agenda for Tibet to the Western people, and Thurman needs a justification to be regarded as a Tibetan Buddhist expert.

Now however, we can see clearly that his only qualification is his sycophantic involvement with the Dalai Lama. No emanation of the Buddha of Compassion whom the Dalai Lama is supposed to be, will encourage the torture and killing of other beings for recreation. Indeed, no authentic student and practitioner of Buddhism would engage in such harmful acts. But here we have it – a ‘Buddhist teacher’ promoting killing for the sake of business and riding on the Dalai Lama’s continued endorsement because he is a useful spokesperson for the Dalai Lama’s agenda. A few factors are at play here but none of them are based on the principles of kindness, tolerance, oneness with the environment, gentle understanding of the important principle of live-and-let-live, concern for others and not least of all, awareness of the suffering of others regardless of the form they take.

Would you want to experience this? If not, why would you want to inflict this experience on others?

Robert Thurman allowing Menla to promote fly fishing and killing for recreation exposes who he truly is – a greedy businessman who is using Buddhism and his association with the Dalai Lama to make money and a name for himself. Buddhism is just a trade to Thurman, just like the plight of the Tibetan refugees whom Thurman leverages on for monetary gain. As Tibet burned and over 150 Tibetan people self-immolated, Thurman did not appeal for the Tibetan people not to waste their lives as Buddhism advocates. Neither did Thurman do anything to help the families of those who lost loved ones, nor did he visit these victims of self-immolation in hospital or offer to pay their medical bills. Instead he again took advantage of these personal traumas to promote his Menla lectures on suicide and end of life. What kind spiritual person would see business opportunities in the tragedies of others? Apparently, the Dalai Lama’s man in America.

Not content with promoting fly-fishing and killing at what’s supposed to be a spiritual retreat, Thurman is now trying to drive people to leave good reviews for his business. In truth, there is no correlation between good reviews for Menla and showing love and support for Tibetan culture. Menla is a for-profit, commercial entity that makes use of Tibetan spirituality and healing practices to boost Thurman’s bank balance. Promoting this commercial entity will not aid the Tibetan struggle in any way; why does Thurman ask for people to show their love for Tibet through Menla, when they can do it directly through so many other actual non-governmental organizations? Thus Thurman yet again demonstrates that he is willing to exploit his relationship with the Tibetan struggle in order to make a quick buck for himself. This is a clear reflection of his greed and his presumption that the paying public will be swindled and fooled into believing falsely-derived positive reviews. Once again, Thurman is caught behaving at odds with his standing as a so-called spiritual leader.

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    As long as you are friends with the Dalai Lama, your actions are excusable, no matter how horrendous they may be. Even something as heinous as sexual abuse of over 60 women can be overlooked when the perpetrator is friends with the Dalai Lama namely Sogyal Rinpoche. Why rush to join the chorus of Hollywood voices condemning Harvey Weinstein’s criminality, but remain silent against Sogyal’s exploitation and abuse of women? Richard Gere was vocal in condemning against all the abuses and attacks against women by Harvey Weinstein. But silent on Sogyal Rinpoche. BBC has a full length documentary on Sogyal’s abuses as you can view here: Yet Richard Gere can take photos with the disgusting and abusive Sogyal. Is it because one group of women are worth protecting and the other are not? If it is not for that reason, then it can only be because Sogyal is the Dalai Lama’s friend. The Dalai Lama’s condemnation against Sogyal is very light and it’s disappointing. I guess since Dalai Lama supported Sogyal so much, he can’t be seen as wrong in doing so. Politics is sad.

    Richard Gere and Sogyal


    Tenma deity takes trance of her oracle in Nechung Monastery in Dharamsala, North India. The deity is highly displeased and angry at Sikyong Lobsang Sangye and Penpa Tsering. She is scolding them by waving her arms at them and throwing rice at them. You can see Penpa Tsering shielding himself. These two has always been corrupt and extremely self-serving. Naturally the oracles of the Dalai Lama take trance and are very angry.

  3. Everyone in the Tibetan Buddhist scene knows that although Bob Thurman is as old as the hills, all he’s interested in is to MAKE MONEY. He loves money. A real saintly Buddhist he is.He does not practice what he preaches-Buddhism. He has a vile temper. Nasty arrogant way of speaking. He is full of himself and talks down to people and shouts at everyone for no reasons at all. He uses his ‘connection’ to the Dalai Lama in order to sell books, promote his HORRIBLE podcast talks and his disaster Menlha spa. Who in blazes wants to go to Menlha and go fishing??? He promotes fishing. Real good move Bob! So many bad reviews on his spa.

    None of the genuine translators of Tibetan Buddhism in the west will collaborate with him much as they know he is greedy and driven by money. He is outright nasty always trying to hack into people’s accounts too. He was caught advertising on twitter for hackers. Can you believe his stupidity. He was caught doing that. Nasty piece of work, as old as the hills and looks like melting clay yet still just greedy. Greedy, vile tempered and just plain bad representative of Buddhism.😒

    illegal bob

  4. SUMAA has been consistent in their efforts to evict Tibetans from Arunachal Pradesh as the Tibetans are known to exploit benefits given to locals. The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), especially their so-called ‘president’ Lobsang Sangay, made the situation worse by rubbing salt in the wound, making a statement that Chief Minister Pema Khandu is an ardent follower of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a lifelong friend of the Tibetan people. This was right after Khandu announced the adoption of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy in Arunachal Pradesh.

    Tibetan refugees create a lot of problems for the locals no matter where they are, especially in Arunachal Pradesh. They take the locals’ land and resources without giving anything in return, making the locals furious to the extent that they are now demanding a written undertaking from the Tibetan refugees not to claim Indian citizenship and STC/PRC in Arunachal Pradesh. It is time to impeach Sangay for a better leader to guide and take care of the Tibetans in India before the wrath of locals evict Tibetans from the state or even the country for good.

    Self-styled student group in Indian border state calls for Tibetan refugees to be moved to ‘demarcated camps’
    [Wednesday, July 11, 2018 18:45]
    By Tenzin Dharpo
    DHARAMSHALA, July 11: Self-styled group “The Students’ United Movement of All Arunachal” (SUMAA) has reportedly submitted a memorandum to the West Kameng deputy commissioner on Monday, demanding an immediate rollback of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy, 2014 within three days against threat of retaliatory action. 
    The students group has also called for Tibetan refugees to be moved to demarcated camps and revoke trading licences obtained by Tibetan refugees. A written undertaking from the Central Tibetan Administration not to claim Indian citizenship and STC/PRC in Arunachal Pradesh for Tibetans, has also been demanded.
    Last year, the same group initiated the “Anti Tibetan Refugee Movement” calling for ousting of Tibetan refugees from the state. Spokesperson of the group has alleged that with the implementation of the TRP 2014, benefits such as MGNREGA, PDS, Indira Awas Yojana, and National Rural Health Mission provided by the Centre for “our people will be snatched away” by the Tibetan refugees.
    The group in October 2017 also released a list of all the shops owned by Tibetans with their names in the Capital Complex area threatening that the Tibetans will be targeted individually and “forcefully evicted”.
    The Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy assures welfare to Tibetan refugees in India on matters concerning land lease, extending central and state government benefits, relevant papers/trade license/permit for economic activity and legal permit to pursue any professional career such as nursing, teaching, Chartered Accountancy, medicine, engineering etc, depending upon the qualification.
    Till date, Karnataka government has been the only state to begin implementation of the policy. In Dec 2016, the Tibetan refugee settlement of Mundgod became the first settlement to be handed over the land lease agreement by Karnataka State. 
    Arunachal Pradesh has the fourth largest number of Tibetans in India, with four settlements in Tezu, Miao, Tuting, and Tenzingang. However, the number of Tibetan refugees has dwindled to just 7500 with Canada accepting 1000 Tibetan refugees in 2016 and many youths venturing to bigger Indian cities for livelihood. In India, the total number of Tibetan refugees is close to 90,000, according to a 2009 CTA census.

    Phayul Self-styled student group in Indian border state calls for Tibetan refugees to be moved to demarcated camps

  5. Hollywood is one of the most influential groups of people who have promoted the mysticism of Buddhist Tantra to the world. Together with the media, they have packaged Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan lamas into a fantasy Utopia, filled with God-like beings who are able to lead people along the quick path to enlightenment.

    This propaganda has been widely exploited by the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) to garner support, especially financial aid, for the so-called Tibetan Cause and the Tibetan struggle against Chinese rule. Little does the West, including Richard Gere and the so-called Buddhist Professor Robert Thurman, know that efforts from China to improve the infrastructure and standard of living for the Tibetans in China have created opportunities for Tibetans to grow and be successful. This is something that is rarely seen in exile under the governance of the CTA.

    This false image that has been promoted for the past 60 years or so is now slowly fading away as more and more victims come forward, exposing the sexual abuse they have suffered under the hands of Tibetan lamas like Sogyal Rinpoche. The root of the problem is clear, people are greedy and lazy while wanting quick success and attention. Since they get these from the Tibetan lamas like Sogyal, they are willing to accept the exploitation. This is further driven by fear that they would no longer be seen as the privileged ones in the inner circle if they do not clutch at their lamas and be seen showing tremendous devotion to their gurus. With only a superficial knowledge of Buddhism, this cult-like group of Hollywood stars and American politicians like Richard Gere continue to generate respect and love for their skewed version of the “Dharma”, while real Buddhist masters are relegated to the side lines.

    This Sexual Abuser Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To See
    Feb 28, 2018 | Posted by Christine A. Chandler
    Why is the mainstream media ignoring this Elephant in the Room?
    Is it because, once they peel the curtain back on this little sexually abusive, predator Lama,  Lama Sogyal Rinpoche, best friend of the Dalai Lama and his major benefactor, helping to spread Mindfulness throughout the West, the whole edifice of deception, corruption, cover-ups of  institutional sexual abuse, and Shangri-la pretenses will be exposed?
    Never mind that these Tibetan lamas have fooled a large part of the Western psychology profession, most  all of journalism, and certain parts of academia as well as CEO’s of major corporations.  Those who also want to jump on the billion-dollar Mindfulness bandwagon; the first cult technique these Tibetan lamas used to get us to think as a herd.
    Perhaps it is also because the  news media coverage, for the last twenty-five years, of  Saint Dalai Lama, keeper of slaves and life-time serfs less than sixty years ago, is one of the icons of the Hollywood jet-set, certain politicians like Nancy Pelosi,  Congressman Tim Ryan,  academics, like Uma’s dad- Robert Thurman,  and such Hollywood stars, as Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Sharon Stone, the list goes on and on,  who will now be seen, not just as  enablers of Weinstein, but also of the Tantric cult of Tibetan Lamaism and its Tantra that has infused Hollywood with its amorality and  sexual abuse for the last four decades, given it permission for their long history of accepting this behavior as ‘normal.’
    It was not so long ago, that Trungpa fooled our sixties generation, with the help of rock and roll stars, and Allen Ginsberg, modern poet extraordinaire of the Howl, and member of NAMBLA. Ginsberg also controlled the narrative of how these Tibetan Lamas were to be seen by the public, for the next forty-plus years.
    Marxists have been in collusion with the lamas, as well,  for a very long time.  As have certain institutions on the right, of the C-Street variety. The Dalai Lama boldly sends messages of being a friend to democracy to every President since his “escape” from China. But declares himself a Marxist in India.
    Australian CEOs in the article link above are now questioning the wisdom of having Lama  Sogyal of Rigpa, the Dalai Lama’s best friend all these years, who has been their icon for mindfulness meditation  at the workplace. They are not willing to cover-up for his sexual abuse and demeaning and degrading of women, his keeping a harem, just as Chogyam Trungpa did but it was ignored, and his Tantra was allowed to spread. Thanks to Hollywood giving him a featured role in Little Buddha with Keanu Reeves.
    Isn’t it time we peeled the whole onion back to see part of what’s at the core of this sexual abuse and confusion about right and wrong?
    Nancy Pelosi goes to the Dalai Lama for advice, and gets crazier every year; Tim Ryan, groomed to take her place, writes a book about Tantric Mindfulness for a Mindless nation  and called: Mindfulness Nation .
    Ryan hangs out with Lama Sogyal’s friend, Lama Tsoknyi who is Sogyal’s strongest supporter and pal.
    Tim Ryan and Lama Tsoknyi, speak together about Global Warming. Tsoknyi surely helped Ryan write his book and Tim Ryan helps Lama Tsoknyi pretend he is a ‘scientific lama’ who also can bless books to make them understandable and can infuse statues with living mojo inside his cult groups of western followers around the world, and now in Asia, fooling the Han and Chan Buddhists that he is teaching what the Buddha taught when it is Tantra and its institutionalized sexual abuse and Lamaist corruptions.
    The occult, crazy-making Tantra of Tibetan Lamas  has been infusing Hollywood, Journalism, Academia, Psychology, Third-wave Feminism, and the Entertainment Industry and Left-Wing Politics, for the last forty years.  Recently, we have been seeing its results implode as the sexual abuses of celebrities and journalists, politicians makes explosive media news.
    Chogyam Trungpa, the Tantric Lama darling of the sixties Drugs, Rock and Roll crowd was the first Tibetan Lama to illegally keep a harem of sexual consorts on American soil. His Regent gave his students AIDS, with unprotected sex, but was never criminally charged. Instead he was allowed to brainwash his students into believing this was ‘openness’ and freedom, on the way to the realization of a non-duality mind.  They  have reinvented his ‘lineage’ along the coast of Maine, to turn that State back into Massachusetts.
     “Democracy was a failed experiment” said Trungpa’s mouthpiece, Ginsberg, who believed a totalitarian dictatorship of Tribal warlords would be so much better.  
    Time to unpeel the whole onion and get to the core of what has been making the West crazy, immoral and stupid: the civilization jihad that comes with a smiling face and a Lamaist peaceful facade.

    This Sexual Abuser Hollywood Doesn't Want You To See

  6. This is so disgusting! I knew it, this so-called Professor Robert Thurman is nothing but a fake Buddhist expert. Why didn’t he consider fishes to be his mothers too in a previous life? What kind of Buddhist promotes fishing and what more he has his boy Justin actually asking someone to actually go do some compassionate fishing? My gosh, wonder what kind of Buddhism they are teaching there!

    The message was deleted from google but nothing ever gets lost.


    • Whether Mr/Ms Indy Hack works for a ‘anti-Dalai Lama’ Shugden cult or not makes what difference? The opinion expressed is free from any association with any religion or groups. Why is his affiliation to ‘Shugden’ mentioned at all? Do you all bash his religion? Do you all bash Shugden?

      Why are you basing people’s opinion about your spa on their religion or religious affiliations? Is your spa against their religion? If you are that is against the US constitution and thereby your spa should be reported for discrimination against someone’s religion.

      The way you respond shows how silly, unprofessional and biased your spa is. No wonder your Menlha spa is not doing well and there are so many bad reviews on you.

      Your Menlha spa is the one who started all the trouble by advertising fishing. You are the one who are trying to get more traffic to your dying spa by enticing people to fish in your area. What kind of Buddhist spa owned by a Buddhist professor Bob Thurman are you? How can you teach about love, compassion for all sentient beings when you want others to fish? Didn’t Buddha include fishes as sentient beings and therefore we should not harm them? Why are you all so twisted and desperate for profits? Don’t you regard anything about karma?




      • Your replies to the public are disgusting and religious discrimination based. You will be reported.

        Indy Hack 1

        Indy Hack

  7. I am so shocked! Why would anyone who is calling himself Buddhist make money from killing?

    This Robert Thurman seems to take advantage of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans for his selfgain motives. Isn’t he a professor? He should be educated enough to understand the law of karma and the evil behaviour he promotes and shares with the world, yet calling himself an expert and writing books on Buddhism.

    A very dangerous person!

  8. Sad Bob Thurman is in his 70′s already. From a life of excess contrary to what he preaches to others about Buddhist living life simplistically, he looks like he is in his 80′s actually.

    He cannot sell Buddhism to his kids. You don’t see them as Buddhist practitioners and rarely are they involved with Buddhist teachers. That speaks volumes.

    He has lost many friends, Buddhist associates and even teachers because of his self-righteous hell-bent need for acquiring money. I think he thinks he can take it with him when he goes. He is only going to land himself in the realm of the pretas.

    Bob is so old and worn, you think he would start practicing Buddhism sincerely instead of thinking of making more money. Prepare for his Buddhist after life, reincarnation and all that. He is only concerned about money. Yes, even now at this stage of his old life.

    I’ve known him in the past during his Geshe Wangyal in Washington, New Jersey days and he was arrogant and thought highly of himself. But nobody thought highly of him. He never stuck to one teacher but flitted here and there as to wherever the attention was. He has latched himself onto the Dalai Lama because of Dalai Lama’s fame. If Bob Thurman is associated with the Dalai Lama, he can make more money with his books, lectures, podcast and all of that. Forget about his Menlha spa which is a sham. It is doing badly and not churning the money he is lusting after.

    Sadly Bob is only interested in money and more money. He is very rude on social media to people. He does illegal things such as look for hackers openly online and expects to pay them to hack into people’s twitter accounts he does not like. Illegal but true. He will shout and tell people off and shut others up by saying he is the Buddhist professor and they don’t know as much as him. Arrogant as usual. The other Buddhist translators who are much better than him all stay far away from Thurman.

    In his grotesque and obvious seeking of money he is even using his Menlha spa to advertise fly fishing!! Can you imagine? What irony! Menlha means Medicine Buddha in Tibetan. Medicine Buddha spa to rejuvenate and detox?? What a joke. What kind of Medicine Buddha condones or markets fishing? Since when in Buddha’s teaching did he say love, save and protect all sentient beings except fishes? For Robert Thurman the ‘Buddhist’ Professor, sadly he has degenerated further.

    I know what I am writing is scathing, but it is not meant to be and it’s a wake up call for old Bob. Wake up Bob, how much time do you have left on this earth? You should intensify your Buddhist practice and become genuine already. Remember what Geshe Wangyal and Dromo Geshe Rinpoche taught you and us? Or did you forget the kindness and advice of these genuine old masters which you will never become?

    old thurman

  9. For God sakes, I hate Bob Thurman’s books!! They are just plain bad. He makes up stuff in his books. His podcasts are so contrived as he is full of himself. I listened in once and had to leave after ten minutes. Waste of time.
    His books are commercially motivated and Bob does not know his stuff. This is well known among the Buddhist circuit in the US.

    Try reading Glenn Mullin or Jeffrey Hopkins’ Buddhist books. Now those are genuine practicing Buddhist scholars. They really know their stuff and humble too. They are very learned. They brought Buddhism to the west accurately.



  10. Robert Thurman maybe a professor in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and is clearly just that. His close association with HH Dalai Lama has not rubbed off much Buddhist values given what he is today:

    1) It’s a known fact that his Menla Dewa Spa is a huge scam. It is supposed to be all about Buddhism and spirituality BUT look at what it promotes – FLY FISHING. Fishing is killing and is SO un-Buddhist.

    2) He also heads an army of online trolls that flames Shugden practitioners with defamatory tweets and racist hate speech. Check out him retweeting his own troll!

    3) He has openly solicited on Twitter for hackers.

    4) He has personally attacked monks and other Buddhists for their believes on Twitter. (Religious freedom and acceptance are not part of what he believes in)

    Thurman is such an embarrassment to Buddhists!

    Bob hacker

    Bob RT Tibetan Zone

  11. Such a hypocrite. It’s clearly shows that academic status and publications in Buddhism, or establishing a healing or retreat centre of Menla, is actually merely a business to make money and gain fame. There’s no real passion involved in spreading the teachings of Lord Buddha or sharing the kindness or compassion values with others from Robert Thurman. All these showned Robert Thurman might be using HH Dalai Lama to gain his fame and become famous, what do you think?🤔🤔

    If not, you woulnd’t see someone who is real in spreading love and compassion encouraging fishing/killing as pass time activity. 😖😖

  12. Shocking seeing a Buddhist teacher encourage killing. Instead of practicing compassion Bob Thurman promote fishing next to his spa. Isn’t this going against his Guru His Holiness the Dalai Lama teaching on compassion? Why he go against His Holiness and also Buddha’s teaching? Encouraging killing still can teach Buddhism?

  13. I found out that robert use to be a monk.I am very sure that he learn the basic buddhist principles or vow of no killing.How come he can promote buddhism & killing at the same time.Such hypocrite.I have heard a lot about him always only thinking highly of himself & in actuality he has not much knowledge on buddhism.I think he only want to be famous & with hhdl as friend I am sure it is.If not why so many ppl say he is not good.I don’t care whether he is prof or not coz actions speak louder than words in this case the words are louder.Why he always harass DS ppl & find ways to destroy them where is the kindness & wisdom that he shd have at his age.For goodness sake he is 76 yrs old but still have none of them.What is the difference of a cyber bully & physical bully they are the same.Extremely unbelievable.

  14. Why would someone wanting to do a retreat at Menla destroy his peace of mind by killing animals?

    I really cannot understand why these people call themselves Buddhists. Just go and create your evil karma but don’t promote it all over the world on Twitter. Shame on Robert Thurman and his associates!

  15. I don’t know about Robert Thurman but by reading this, i don’t think he represented DL very well. From his profile, he looked a very well learned man riding on the fame of his teacher in HHDL. His actions doesn’t seem to match what his personality really is. One hand he is the ever compassionate (theoretically wise) but on the other hand he encourages harm onto others. Misleading figure really.

  16. Surprisingly, such a pro and educated as he praising himself could have such poor quality of wisdom. In Buddhism, killing is the first and most important action that should be stop. As an expert like Robert Thurman should have known of this basic knowledge long time before he converted. What really shameful, embarrassed was his promotion of his spa retreats centre indulging with sacrifices of wildlife. Obviously, such actions focus more on fame, money and material. With this motivation will make him a successor? As what words had said, what you throw will bounce back to you. Wait and see. 😏

  17. Bob Thurman should go back and study his Dharma properly. Which part of the Lamrim allows killing of any sentient beings? The answer is NO. If we kill then we have to bear the consequences for killing any sentient beings. Bob Thurman is not fit to teach as he is not showing to others a good example of what Tibetan Buddhism is about.

  18. Robert Thurman is well publicised with his “close” association with the Dalai Lama. Reading about him here, I am surprised that he was or had been a monk. So he disrobed? Bad impression for me to note.

    With all the publicity on the Dalai Lama, Thurman did well in leeching on HH to gain fortune and fame.

    The least he can do is to abide by some commonly known Buddhist virtuous tenets such as “do not Kill”.

    How could such opposite action of killing sentient beings as a recreation to assist in mental healing be acceptable to any normal thinking person. That is the reason why Menla is not successful.

    By the way, as a buddhist isn’t promoting killing for financial gain a wrongful livelihood. Another non virtuous act.

  19. Hello Robert Thurman, I am not an “expert” in Buddhism yet I know that killing is wrong. What more to say killing for recreation or pleasure? You, who has been promoting Buddhism, telling the whole world that Dalai Lama is your teacher, open a business called Menla Dewa Spa to spread Buddhism, instead of promoting charity work, helping the wild life, helping the fishes, you promoted flyfishing for recreation. Where is your Dharma knowledge? Did Dalai Lama teach you that? Or did the CTA teach you that? That’s not a way to promote your Dharma center, Bob.

  20. Why he is different form other Buddhist? Robert who previous is a monk and he likes to talk about compassionate to the public. And yet in the other hand he promote fly fishing, he would disturb Buddhist practitioners’ mind about “compassionate”. Is not only the meaning of compassionate but also the basic vows about “not killing”. In his talk he mentioned compassionate is “Sensitivities to another suffering”, so obviously he already against what he said. He is not fit to teach compassionate.

  21. Using the name of Buddhism to gain fame, wealth & power, at the same time, putting down the name of Buddhism by introducing a wrong method a wrong method of recreation. That’s a lot of negative karma.


  22. I am not shocked with what Robert Thurman says and does anymore. I can see who and what he is from his hateful speeches and inappropriate actions. All for the sake of politics and money. The Dalai Lama surely would know of what Thurman is doing, and it is perplexing why the Dalai Lama is condoning such actions. Not only that, why does the Dalai Lama keeps mum about lamas accused of sexual exploits but is very outspoken against Dorje Shugden?

  23. Reading through this article immediatly raise up many question Robert Thurman qualification as Buddhism professor. Did he know in Buddhism, killing is first vows to be hold. Many buddhists practice compassion realising million and million of life to be free and not get kill. Here we see Robert Thurman is promoting fly fishsing at Menla Dawa Spa.How can Buddhism Professor make such mistake. This show how uncare and no messy to others sentient being. Such acting should stop killing activity just for fun.

  24. This is the case of Mr Robert Thurman a Professor of Buddhist study, was ordained by HH 14th Dalai Lama in 1965, the first American Buddhist monk of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition (in 1967, renounced his monk status) and a close friend of HH 14th Dalai Lama.

    Robert Thurman is the business co-owner of Menla Dewa Spa in USA, built on an image of wellness and healing based on Tibetan Buddhist principles.
    Here is the interesting part of his business, Menla Dewa Spa offered the activities such as Flyfishing, Horseback Riding and an alternative meal with organic chicken and fish.This clearly contradicted with what he is writing and practicing in Buddhism.

    Let me reiterate what Buddhism teach us to:-
    a) No Killing animals
    b) Do no harms / cause animal suffering

    Buddhists believe that every sentient beings have Buddha nature and they don’t deserve to be harmed or killed.

    My sincere request to Mr Robert Thurman, please practice Buddhism correctly and as a Buddhist author, please do not make your reader or friends confused on what you are doing. Seriuosly, is unethical.

  25. If one cannot help at least do not do harm. Under the goodie goodie image of a meditation center and encourage people to do harm in behind. This is very confusing and disturbed to see and to know.

    I would like to urge Menla Dewa Spa and Professor Robert Thurman please stop this cruel act.🙏🙏

  26. I really don’t understand why Robert Thurman would use his name for killing animals. I mean he has written books, is a professor and so on. He is friend with the Dalai Lama but he is promoting killing animals.

    I don’t get this. Of course the CTA, who should protect HH the Dalai Lama has no comment and is in no way concerned for the Dalai Lama’s reputation. I mean, how can the Dalai Lama be associated with someone who promoted and makes his living with killing animals?

    When is the CTA going to do its job?

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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