Tibetans rejected by Pakistan

Pakistan has expressed their outright support for China on all matters, including Tibet, and there is very little chance of them changing their minds.

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By: Kay Beswick

There is more disappointing news for the Sikyong Lobsang Sangye as he embarks on yet another tour of America to curry favor with the West and raise funds supposedly for the Tibetan community, but in actuality for his own financial gain. In recent times, there has been a growing body of criticism about the Sikyong’s frequent travels, and how little time he spends in Dharamsala dealing with the issues of his people.

A comment left by a former Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) employee explaining that Sikyong Lobsang Sangye’s reasons for traveling are not benign and altruistic, but self-serving and nefarious. Click to enlarge.

One also cannot help but wonder if this trip is some form of damage control as the Tibetan leadership’s reputation is increasingly left in tatters. As the Sikyong departs for the United States, he leaves behind an exiled community in India who are more isolated than ever as yet another country with a potential border claim to Tibet has rejected the Tibetans.

Pakistan, whose disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir borders with historical Tibet, recently announced that China has their full support on many critical issues, including the Tibetan one. President Mamnoon Hussain, the leader of the Pakistan nation, was full of praise for the Chinese leadership for their role in peacekeeping and stability efforts in countries like Afghanistan.

Thus it would seem that in the region, the number of allies that Tibet can count on is rapidly declining, as the people and governments who support them dwindle both in number and in financial contributions. There is in all likelihood no hope for the Tibetans on Pakistan reversing their decision since they are a staunchly Muslim state who are not going to be charmed by an association with the Dalai Lama or swayed by the romanticized concept of Shangri-la.

The salient points to consider are these:

  • People are clearer in their rejection of the Tibetans, than they are in support of. A nuclear power has openly declared that they will have nothing to do with the Tibetan issue, and they will support China in it. What other country of such power has so clearly voiced their support for Tibet? In the last 60 years, even Tibet’s biggest supporter, the US (another nuclear power), has not been as clear about their support for Tibet as compared to Pakistan’s outright rejection.
  • Within the region, Pakistan’s role in anti-terror activities is crucial. What country will risk Pakistan’s lack of cooperation on anti-terrorism, a topic that creates universal concern, by pressing for the Tibetan agenda which is minor in comparison? For the rest of the world, China is their economic darling, for their potential as a trading partner and cash cow. And for Pakistan, governments are far more invested in keeping peace and stability in Pakistan than in pushing for them to support the Tibetan cause.
  • For Pakistan, having China on their side helps strengthen their claims against a common objective i.e. India who themselves are fast realizing that they have very little to gain from Tibetan presence in their country. It has even reached a stage where Tibetan citizens hoping to becoming India are being told to give up their Tibetan refugee papers. To compound this, a recent article penned by an Indian Member of Parliament questioned why the Dalai Lama does nothing to help with the many domestic conflicts and upheavals that are troubling the country.
  • And for Pakistan, they are not making this decision based on religion or human rights, but purely based on politics and economics. For that reason, there is very little the Tibetans will be able to do to persuade Pakistan not to support an emboldened China on the Tibetan issue, because talk of Buddhism and the Dalai Lama as an international man of peace will not appeal to them. For Pakistan, it is purely about maximizing their economic and political gain in the region, to provide for their population, and there is nothing the Tibetans can offer to replace whatever benefits Pakistan might experience from a positive relationship with China.

As the Tibetan leadership’s pool of international supporters dwindles, internally they continue to perpetuate schism and divisions amongst their own people, for example by interfering in the recognition process of the Karmapas or by directing violence and vulgarities towards Dorje Shugden practitioners. Other leaderships who are logical and facing so much external opposition would ordinarily regroup, and discuss how to encourage harmony and unity amongst their people since there is strength in numbers. But it seems Lobsang Sangye has a bigger preoccupation with raising funds than with the welfare of his people, starting with the senseless loss of lives through self-immolations.

So is there any surprise that the Tibetan leadership is finding less support for themselves, when they do not even support their own people?

This article is not to comment on Indo-Pakistani politics but to highlight that yet another country, regardless of their political leanings, has rejected the Tibetans. As predicted, more and more nations are making plain their lack of support for the Tibetans. If things continue on its current downward spiral, it looks like Sikyong Lobsang Sangye will have to travel more often to placate and charm new sponsors, since fewer people and nations are willing to open their wallets and borders to the Tibetan exiled community. And upon analysis of the greater picture, maybe it is about time too, because 60 years of exploiting their sponsors as well as their host India is really 60 years too much.


Pakistan supports China’s stance on Tibet: President Mamnoon

Click to enlarge. Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1351540


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  1. Another country rejects the Tibetans! What comes around goes around! Wake up Tibetan Leadership and smell your future! All Tibetans in India should take up the Indian citizenship or citizenship of any other country before you all get rejected totally and end up nowhere. See clearly what kind of leadership you guess have and how much you are taken on for a ride to make your leader rich and fat! I hope more and more countries will support China in order for the Tibetans to grow up and be responsible for once for their own destiny. It should be clear by now that they Tibetan Leadership will not going to do anything for the Tibetans’ betterment but simply using them to get more money into their own pocket! ta..dah…!

  2. Well… there is indeed a growing trend in the world it seems. More and more countries are aligning themselves with China, since the country is proving to be emerging as a politico-economic superpower. Why wouldn’t Pakistan want to align more with China? It make perfect sense from both a political and economic stand point. I mean, what have the Tibetans ever done for Pakistan? Nothing. So why would Pakistan government even think about the Tibetans? They wouldn’t.

    But what it does mean is that the Tibetan leadership should wake up and smell the coffee. Countries are caring less and less about the Tibetan cause or the Tibetan situation and more about themselves. The state of the world is declining fast, and countries need to think about themselves rather than the Tibetans. I mean, if the Tibetan leadership were really worried, they would actually be doing something for the benefit of their people, rather than lining their own pockets with blood-stained money.

  3. The list is getting longer! This should be a wake up call for the Tibetans, especially the Tibetan leadership. They can continue to fight all they want for free Tibet but let’s be realistic, China is too powerful and influential, logically speaking, an “Independent Tibet” is not going to happen. I’m not saying that the cause is not good, any cause is good because at least you are fighting for something other than just yourself.

    For all these years, the Tibetans have been leaching off other countries to survive. Their leader, Sikyong Lobsang Sangye travels all over the world on business class to beg for more funds for himself. It’s about time now that the Tibetans do something about it…

  4. Another nuclear power of this world rejects to support CTA. The Chinese tsunami has conquered most of the world so far, as more and more nation pledge their support to China.

    CTA are losing ground, and show no initiative or effort to win support for their cause. 60 years of ineptness and lack of results, I think it is time to close the chapter to CTA. The only countries left that are supporting CTA, are those countries that are business rivals of China like Japan and the US.

    Perhaps soon, rivals like Japan and the US, can be low hanging fruits in terms of becoming strong supporters of China. Many have thought such a day could not happen, that the world is not ostracising CTA and supporting China, but that is already here. Just a few more key countries and CTA will have lost all its support.

  5. It seems that everyone accepts Tibet being part of China except the CTA and FreeTibet community. China is a powerful ally and nobody needs to create problems for themselves because the Tibetans do not accept the facts still after so many years.

    They do damage to their own people as by rejecting China and always talking bad about them it increases the suffering for the Tibetans in Tibet, China. Yet on the other hand, what do they do for their people except going around and asking for help and donations?

    The government should protect their people and look for the greater good. Well, I think they should really focus on that and stop their endless travels with no benefit and long term outcome for the Tibetan people!

  6. I don’t think the Chinese charm is at work this time. The stance by Pakistan is plain and simple, purely out of a strategic point of view. No Islamic country will find the proposition of befriending Tibetan in exile lead by a Buddhist King attractive. There is no need to spend the time and effort to do so. Even though there is effort from the side of Dharamsala to befriend people who fight for their religion in the Middle East.

    Secondly, the way CTA leads, makes no progress for the people and community is a good enough reason. There is no trade, no skill, no know-how from the part of CTA that can be used as a chip to woo potential “friendship”. All CTA knows is to extend their hands asking for donation. Why would Pakistan even bother?

    Well, this article pretty much summed up the sorry state CTA and Dharamsala is in.

  7. In the first instance, it does not have much bearing on the Tibetans whether or not Pakistan rejects them since their are an Islamic state. But at the rate every nation is rejecting support to the Tibetans one by one will be devastating for CTA. Is apparent CTA will die a natural death and Tibetan refugees will eventually settle into India as Indian citizens or like many who have done, returned to China. What will remain in this globe will be scattered and dwindling voice of freedom fighters for Tibetan cause.

  8. You must see this clear video of His Holiness the Dalai Lama asking the monasteries to expel monks that practice Dorje Shugden. Click here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTgYWidYw3U

  9. No doubt that Pakistan has not much effect on the CTA/Tibetan issue, to be publicly and officially rejected must be such a “lose face” for the CTA and Sikyong Lobsand Sangay. And Pakistan is not the first to reject either. So many other countries are making their stances known that they accept Tibet as part of China. Tibet is no longer a country and has became a province within China.

    Harsh? Not really when given the debacles that CTA keeps committing in their greed for self gratification from the large sums of sponsorship over the 60 years in exile. Should be in the billions in USD by now and yet what had they to show in return? Useless accusations and jibes at China, just like a splinter that annoys but nothing damaging. Instead what CTA damaged is their own people with the various illogical decisions, especially the ban on a 400 years old authentic protector practice of Dorje Shugden. The ban had caused so much unnecessary sufferings, abuses, discrimination, segregation and persecution of Shugden practitioners. CTA accuses China of violations in human rights and they themselves are culprits through and through. Hypocrites thats what CTA is.

    The losing end are their people who are stateless and still hanging on to hopes of CTA having the answer for them. As the comment from ex-CTA staff said, Don’t rely on CTA to be there when you face trouble. The people should really ask themselves if this is the government that they want and voted for? The reality is that the billions in sponsorships could have benefitted each and everyone one of the Tibetans in Exile in stable and better living standard but instead only benefitted the few that rule in CTA. Now is no longer about CTA waking up to reality as I think they had long woken up and knows to pocket the sponsorships for their comfortable future. It is the people who needs to wake up and take necessary action to have the Leadership that cares for them.

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