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By: Ashok Rao

R K Sinha, Member of Parliament representing Bihar

After having received the kindness of India for over six decades, there is still no sign of reciprocity from the Tibetans. This fact is now being highlighted by the Indians themselves from the highest level, from members of the Indian Parliament, and the article below is strong evidence of this. It was authored by RK Sinha, journalist and member for the Indian parliament representing Bihar, a state in northern India with a sizable Tibetan population. Mr Sinha’s article reflects the growing frustration of the Indians who are now speaking up and asking tough but fair questions – why aren’t the Tibetans or the Dalai Lama speaking up over matters relating to India? Originally published on the website of the English-language Indian newspaper, The Statesman, it was also reposted on the Tibetan news site Tibet Sun. The questions Sinha raised therefore are not just limited to Tibetophiles, but are ones that are being raised on a national level in India, amongst Indians themselves.

Under specific scrutiny is the current border dispute between China and India. On this topic, Sinha asks the obvious question: why is the Dalai Lama not saying anything about the situation, given that the Tibetans lost their country to the very nation that now stands armed at India’s very doorstep? This doorstep is the area of Doklam lying between China and India, an area contested by both countries. Tensions have been rising in the area as both countries have sent their armed forces to patrol their borders.

Having been welcomed into India with open arms, the Tibetans have been markedly absent in aiding their host country. Compounding the issue is the fact that the Tibetan leadership are particularly at fault for the current situation between India and China, as another point of contention between the two countries. First the Tibetans sought refuge in India and did not remain in Tibet, and secondly they have since campaigned for a free Tibet, much to the ire of the Chinese who claim Tibet is an integral part of China.

Thus China has views the Tibetans in exile as dissidents, and this has caused tension between the two world superpowers of India and China. Given this history it is fair that the Indians would be asking a genuine question – why aren’t the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans speaking up about the issue, or helping in any way, given all the help and aid afforded to them by India over the years? Why are the Tibetan leadership staying silent, when the Indian government have stuck their neck out for the Tibetans time and time again, thus risking their own people.

The Tibetans should really take note of such sentiment from the Indians and be wary. Their silence surrounding Indian issues is not going unnoticed, quite the opposite in fact. Since more Indians are becoming aware of this, the Tibetans should be doing their all to keep India on their good side, otherwise their generous hosts may just turn around and become unfriendly. If the Tibetans continue to be so arrogant in their relationship with China, they may find themselves with fewer supporters for their cause, fewer supporters in parliament, and a less glowing public opinion of Tibetans. Once that happens the Tibetans will really be in a quandary, their refugee status could be revoked or heavy sanctions could be imposed on them. At the moment, all that is asked of them is simple support for India, the country that took them in when they had nothing.


Why is the Dalai Lama silent?

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The original article from The Statesman

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  1. This member of the Upper House of the Parliament representing the BJP is asking Tibetans in India if they are willing to show the kind of patriotism expected of them.

    The questions posed to His Holiness Dalai Lama also play to cards dealt by Sikyong Sangay who has pitched himself, the CTA and the Tibetans in India, as pro-India and against China.

    As a result, this member of the Upper House is asking His Holiness to show his cards, especially when there currently is a border conflict involving not only India and China, but also Sikyong Sangay who has carelessly marched to the disputed area and planted a Tibetan flag there.

    What Sikyong Sangay and the CTA has done is to drag His Holiness Dalai Lama into the gutter of politics. He has also inadvertently trodden on His Holiness Dalai Lama’s Middle Way policy by clearly being pro-India and anti-China.

    As a result, the institution of the Dalai Lama is fast being downgraded from one of universal spirituality, to one of politics and taking sides.

    Sikyong Sangay, you have failed His Holiness once again. His Holiness had relinquished his secular authority; clearly pronounced his wishes of a Middle Way solution; and relied on you to lead, but all you have achieved is to divide Tibetans, divide families, divide monasteries, and now fanning animosity between two great Asian civilizations. Resign!

  2. @Solomon Lang, from what you wrote of the conduct of Lobsang Sangay, in normal circumstances would be treason or in a milder form insubordination.

    Either way, it is total disrespect for the Office of the Dalai Lama. As such Dharamsala is a place where schism, division and disharmony are created by the CTA internally among the Tibetans and externally in the world.

    Internally chaos had been created among the major traditions, for the Gelug: banning of Dorje Shugden worship, Kagyu with 2 Karmapas etc etc.

    Externally is obvious with this article.

    Totally unacceptable for a Leadership of a Buddhist community.

  3. I am not sure why the usually vocal about human rights Dalai Lama is silent when China and India are facing off. The Dalai Lama was vocal about the silence from Aung San Suu Kyii about the Rohingya issue.

    Are the Dalai Lama and CTA trying to keep a backdoor open for them to return to China? Or more of CTA’s wanting assistance but when help is requested of them they are silent.

  4. On one hand India accepts Chinese suzerainty over Tibet and on other you question Dalai Lama and Tibetan refugees. Sounds Indian duplicity. Who is this RK Sinha but a man shorn of reality of collective wisdom of Parliament. He should question his tribe in Parliament about Indian acceptance of Chinese Dominion over Tibet.

  5. Dalai Lama and the Tibetans are being asked to pay the price of hospitality India rendered for so long. Dalai Lama and most senior Tibtens know the truth and the truth is the British imperialism had unilaterally fixed the border and carved out a large part of Tibet into British India.

    Now the dilemma for Dalai Lama and the Tibetans is “Dharma Sankat” ie a bitter choice whether to take the side of India and surrender Tibetan territory to India or take the side of China which ousted him from power.

    The Indians don’t seem to understand the dilemma of the Tibetans and the Dalai Lama.

  6. With the question of Dalai Lama being silent on the “face off” in the air, it shows the stark reality that CTA absolutely failed. The border dispute between India and China to me would fall into that of politics. As such it should be CTA who voice out in support and not Dalai Lama who is the Spiritual Leader. The Dalai Lama had handed the political office to CTA years ago and why does the world leaders still look to him as the Tibetan political head? What has CTA or Sikyong Lobsang Sangay done to be seen as the rightful political leader? Nothing that I know of other than to create segregation within their own community in hopes of retaining their seats for selfish gains. The Dalai Lama has been forced time and again into the position of political leader due to CTA’s failure to assume that stature.

    On a different footing, would the Dalai Lama or CTA dare voice out loudly against China given that the world sentiments are pro-China at the moment? China is being courted for ludicrous trade agreements and also political support. With Dalai Lama’s middle way approach and hopes to return to Tibet under autonomy rule, I don’t think the Dalai Lama or CTA would dare voice against China given the weaken supports from other world leaders and fear of losing what meagre support they have, especially in terms of sponsorship monies. What will the ministers live on if sponsorships dried up? They had lived luxurious easy lives on sponsorships for such a very long time already that it has become their “profession”. CTA and Sikyong had always lived under the shadow of the Dalai Lama and given so much laxity that like any spoilt children, tried to show their nettle with all the wrong decisions or actions causing problems to arise.

    India would do well to learn that there will not be any help in any form that can be expected from the “refugees”. I guess this is the practice of “giving without expectation”.

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