Activities and Events at Shugden centres around the world – August 2013

August 2013 is shaping up to be a very busy month for Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries and Dharma Centers around the world that have Dorje Shugden lamas as their spiritual guides or heads. Considering that these centers are quite well spread around the globe and are led by very highly accomplished Tibetan Buddhist masters of great renown, it would follow that there is a very healthy spread of Dharma together with the Protector practice.

Here are some of the exciting events and activities that will be held at various Dharma centres in the month of August 2013:

Trijang Buddhist Institute (TBI)

TBI will be conducting an Avalokiteshvara Retreat in Vermont, USA commencing August 3rd and ending with Tsok on August 9th 2013. The Retreat will be led by none other than H.H. Trijang Choktrul Rinpoche.

Interested people may register on this link:

NKT-IKBU Summer International Festival – Keajra Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Blackpool

Meanwhile Keajra Centre, which is a member of the New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union, Blackpool, North Shore, UK, will start an exciting two-week programme.

Week 1 will be a study on the essential practices of Kadam Lamrim with special emphasis on developing the compassionate mind of Bodhicitta – the spontaneous wish to achieve the ultimate goal of enlightenment for the sake of all living beings.

In Week 2, Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang the Programme Director will give empowerments and commentary to the Highest Yoga Tantra practices of Heruka Body Mandala and Vajrayogini.

For more information and bookings, click here:

Rabten Choeling – Centre For Higher Tibetan Studies

For a week from August 10th to August 17th, the breath-taking grounds of Mount Pelerin will host an important meditation course on the precious practice, The Wheel Of Sharp Weapons.

The Wheel of the Sharp Weapons is a text composed by the great Indian master Dharmarakshita, which specifically shows effective methods for training the mind by referring to the connection between our actions and our experiences according to the law of cause and effect.

The objective of training the mind is to develop Bodhicitta, the striving to attain full enlightenment for the benefit of all beings and the overcoming of self-cherishing and self-grasping, which is the root of all suffering.

Auspiciously, the commentary to the course will be given by the great master, Gonsar Rinpoche.

Interested people may register here:

Also in Rabten Choeling – the Ari Kuten (Oracle of Dorje Shugden) will travel from the USA and visit Rabten Choeling. The trip is planned for mid July 2013.

In Serpom Monastery

There has been quite a bit of activity in Serpom Monastery and in keeping with its mission of providing the highest monastic education in the Gelug tradition, which was Je Tsongkhapa’s mission, Serpom Monastery has built a new school, which is near completion. The new building is presently being painted.

In addition, the construction of a new debate courtyard is in progress, personally supervised by Geshe Thupten who oversaw the building of Serpom’s gompa. Debate is an integral component of a Gelugpa scholar’s training and building new facilities for debates is a good indication that Serpom Monastery is successfully reviving the lineage after some setbacks as a result of a ban on Dorje Shugden which split the Gelugpas. Sources say that the new courtyard will be completed in 12-14 months.

Meanwhile students in Serpom Monastery (Bylakuppe, India) studying for their Geshe degrees are making final preparations to sit their exams in August 2013. Upon passing, these students will earn the equivalent of a Doctorate in Buddhist studies. The changtso of H.H. Yongyal Rinpoche (the Abbot of Serpom Monastery) Achok Rinpoche will oversee the Geshe exam process. Incidentally, Yongyal Rinpoche is also the tutor to the present Trijang Choktrul Rinpoche who, since his 30th birthday in October 2012, has been very active in spreading the Dharma and giving initiations in Mongolia and Switzerland.

The new school in Serpom Monastery is near completion

Another perspective of the new school

Yarney Chenmo in Shar Ganden Monastery

Also in August 2013, Shar Ganden Monastery in Mungod, India will commence their summer retreat, Yarney Chenmo. The monastery has invited Geshe Tsultrim Tenzin to give a teaching on Vinaya and Abidharma Kosa. Geshe Tsultrim will travel from Switzerland to Shar Ganden and will be accompanied by Zawa Tulku Rinpoche.

Zawa Tulku Rinpoche with Geshe Tsultrim Tenzin

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