Switzerland rejects the Tibetans again

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By: Kay Beswick

The Tibetans have experienced yet another blow to the exiled community as the Swiss leadership has rejected the asylum applications of 300 Tibetans and decided that they need to leave the country. This famously neutral European nation’s turnaround on Tibet has taken many observers by surprise. Even the original article on Phayul.com that announced this news (see below) states that Switzerland has “a healthy record in providing asylum to Tibetan refugees”. So what changed the Swiss leadership’s mind? These are the salient points important for everyone to remember:

  1. Switzerland first announced in February 2017 that they view Tibetans as Chinese citizens. This followed an incident whereby a Tibetan woman, Yangdon Chorasherpa, was deported from Switzerland back to Nepal after she was found to be living in the country seeking asylum with Nepali documentation. First of all, it is illogical how a person can be a refugee and a citizen at the same time. Yangdon is clearly Tibetan and not Nepali, and it is obvious that she gained her Nepali documentation illegally. In doing so, Yangdon broke not just one but two sets of laws. She broke Nepali law for carrying fake documents, and Swiss law for entering the country and seeking asylum under false pretenses, using illegally-obtained documents. So while it is a sad affair that she is currently in prison, it is hardly Switzerland’s fault for her predicament. It is therefore not logical for the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA; Tibetan leadership) and their supporters blame this deportation on Switzerland being pro-China. Blaming the Swiss in this way is overly simplistic. Who actually bears the responsibility for this episode, the Swiss who were only enforcing their pre-existing laws against illegal migrants? Or the Tibetan leadership who failed in their duties to provide legitimate travel papers for their community and drove them to such desperate measures?
  2. It is time for the Tibetans to stop judging the whole world through the lens of what is pro- or anti-China. The Swiss rejection of asylum seekers has been decried by the Tibetans as a pro-China policy. But why does it have to be a pro-China policy? Why can it not be pro-Swiss, and viewed as the Swiss government taking steps to protect their Swiss citizens’ interests, and prevent them from further exploitation by the Tibetan leadership? The fact is that the Swiss, and indeed the world, do not owe anything to the Tibetans. Switzerland has every right to their own laws and policies, and they also have every right to determine who they wish to allow in to Switzerland and who they reject.
  3. The Tibetan leadership always insists that external parties have no right to comment on their policies because they are not Tibetan. Similarly, the Tibetans therefore should have no right to comment on Swiss policies. Whatever policy the Swiss decides upon for their country is none of the Tibetan leadership’s business; the Swiss leadership are not accountable to anyone except for their Swiss citizens and do not have to answer to anyone. Again, the Swiss leadership and the rest of the world owes nothing to the Tibetan leadership, who have received billions in financial help and support for 60 years and now, without basis, feel entitled to it. What right do the Tibetan leadership have to demand anything from anyone, when they have contributed very little to their adopted countries? What has the Tibetan leadership done for or contributed to the world to deserve the amount of help they have received?
  4. From the side of the Tibetan leadership, it appears not much has been done to stave off this change of Swiss policy. While Lobsang Sangye focuses his efforts raising funds in North America, his people continue to be rejected all over the world. If he has to travel, why is he not spending more time in Switzerland to try and change the leadership’s attitude and policies towards Tibetan refugees? Are dollars for his wallet more important than the welfare of his people?

The message from the CTA is clear – if you are in trouble, the CTA can and will do nothing to help, and they will leave their people to suffer. And not only are they are unable to provide travel documentation for them, they will even sabotage their people who try to get legitimate papers. And so now this has taken place with Switzerland, what is the next step? The CTA’s plans for Tibetans who are going to be deported or denied entry into Switzerland have not been made clear. Yet again they are silent when their people need them the most, and when their international standing has taken a nosedive.

For too long the CTA’s silence has led to the Tibetan people’s suffering. Their silence over self-immolations have led to more Tibetans senselessly killing themselves; their silence over the Dorje Shugden issue has encouraged Tibetans to violently discriminate against Shugden practitioners for over 20 years. Similarly, their silence over the Karmapa issue has seen the perpetuation of a disturbing split in the Karma Kagyu tradition, while they have remained silent over the Jonangpas’ push for equal representation in the parliament.

Yet, the Tibetan Prime Minister Lobsang Sangye will be very vocal and visible when funds are involved. That is something the Tibetan public and their supporters need to be wary of. The CTA are vocal when it impacts their financial bottom-line, but nowhere to be seen when it concerns their people’s physical wellbeing and the world’s relationship with them. So are the Tibetan leadership acting in their people’s best interests or their own? It is becoming increasingly clear what it is that the CTA values and sad to say, it will always be money and never will be the welfare, wellbeing and future of their people.


Leave the country, Swiss officials tell hundreds of Tibetans ineligible for asylum

Click to read the full report. (Source: http://www.phayul.com/news/article.aspx?id=39475)


Tibetan woman deported by Switzerland jailed in Nepal

Click to read the full report. (Source: http://www.phayul.com/news/article.aspx?id=38707)


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  1. I hope forward thinking, Tibetans please start to wake up. the CTA has lead you into a dead end, they are not benefitting anybody apart from themselves.

    Hoping for compassion from the world community, is kind of hard these days, especially when we do not do much to offer the world. If one checks out the history of Tibetans in exile, one can draw the conclusion that since the Dorje Shugden ban, it has been nothing but down hill for the CTA and tibetans in general.

    Switzerland is a ‘neutral’ country it managed to stay out of World War 2 also, can you imagine that, yet the Swiss courage of neutrality failed them and even under no threat of war, the Swiss capitulated.

    CTA and Tibetans in exile has tried many things, most of the them negative, but one thing they have not is to make peace with Dorje Shugden people and restore harmony. In spirituality, nothing is as damaging as broken harmony. That is one thing they have not tried before, to restore the harmony amongst Gelugs, and restore Dorje Shugden practice to the Sakyas etc. Restore harmony between the Gelug lamas with his Holiness the Dalai Lama. Such negative occurrences cannot happen without karma involved, if Tibetans do not make the right moves I fear it will be the end of CTA as we know it.

  2. This is such a sad state of affairs and a great shame on the part of CTA who does not care for the well being of its fellow Tibetans. Instead of creating harmony and a close knitted Tibetan community, all CTA can do is dispersing Tibetans like ants all over the world, create a great divide and disunity among them.

    CTA should gather and reunite every Tibetan now to create harmony. Discard the religious card game that divide the people. Lift the ban on Dorje Shugden practice and the uphill challenge of uniting the people can be won for a greater focus to the settlement of Tibetans returning to the homeland so that Tibetans do not need to be forever refugees and stateless. They can return to their homeland and enjoy the full status of a citizen.

    My heart goes to Ms Yangdon Chorasherpa who is now critically ill in jail. OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA…..may you be well and free.

  3. Yet another proof of the inefficiency of the CTA who instead of making sure that the Tibetan people are safe, provides the causes for them to go to jail.

    The many years of kindness towards the Tibetans seem now as being exhausted but obviously, the Tibetan Government in Exile does not seem to want progress. They should make everything to get back ‘home’ even if this means that it is in Tibet, China. What else is there to do? Running the world and expecting others to take care of them?

    The end of the line has been reached and there has to be a decision either in Tibet, China or becoming a citizen of India for example.

  4. Tibetans have lost their safe haven Switzerland ! It’s sad for the 300 Tibetans who will be deported. The fact that the Swiss government is considering to bear the deportation travel expenses plus monetary assistance of 5000 Swiss Francs for every victim is a show of kind firmness; this makes it hard for others to argue that they are unkind over this decision. This move is definitely in line with their decision in July 2016 to recognise Tibetans as Chinese nationals and not as “stateless” nationals. Hence, Tibetans are technically Chinese. If they wish to enter Switzerland they will have to abide by the following immigration rules

    If the Tibetans have not received a valid visa they are not allowed to stay in Switzerland. There’s is no more avenue to use a refugee/stateless status to apply for stay in Switzerland. If anyone breaks this immigration rule they will be punished. The Tibetan lady Yangdon who is still in jail for violating immigration rules in Switzerland should serve as a good example. Hopefully the CTA will be able to plead for her release. Her life is at risk if she continues to live in the jail with her severe illness.

    Bottom line – Tibetans and their government cannot “fight” with China anymore, at least not using the same tactics they have been using the last 60 years. It’s not working. It’s in fact detrimental to the welfare of Tibetans to continue the same battle. The government CTA must come up with better methods to help its own people !!

    The Tibetan government should make this clear to its people. If they can help to change the Swiss’s decision on this matter would be a great help to its people. if they fail to do so then they have to educate their people not to break the immigration laws. Otherwise they will risk being punished.

  5. Tibetans must feel so insecure. To not have any proper documentations since their exile must be unsettling, and their so called government have not done much to even provide their people that security. They must’ve known that this would happen in time, and instead of doing something for their people, the CTA has let this happen, and the result, their own people to suffer. They could’ve done so many things to provide much more security for its people like work hard and strike a deal with their host countries to give some sort of citizenship or any secured documentations for their people so they don’t need to turn to illegal activities such as Yangdon did. But instead of having long term interests in the welfare of its people who needs them most, they just kicked back, relaxed and enjoyed the years of financial aid they have received without much result. I feel worried for Tibetans, who only have temporary places for residence. What is next for them? Who do they have to rely on to ensure their welfare?

  6. So many blunders by the CTA, so many Tibetans are suffering. Tibetans in exile are committing serious wrong doings to themselves by forging illegal documents, suicide by self immolation.

    Yet what course of action do they have except, the above out of sheer frustration and desperation.

    What is most impactful in this article by Kay Beswick is the fact that CTA instead of looking into and solving the problems their people are suffering from, they actually blame the world for being pro Chinese.

    Has it occurred to CTA that the world who have contributed to their existence the last 60 years are seeing the truth behind CTA’s victim story over China.

    As China stands on the world stage fast becoming more and more respected, what has CTA done to appease and make peace with China.

    The question that arises in my mind is, making peace with China will not serve the leaders of CTA. Because in any amicable arrangement with China, CTA will lose all their validity of asking for funds to line their pockets.

    As like Dorje Shugden practitioners, it is time for the Tibetans to put the truth in the open and see if CTA will try to help them out. After all they are voted into authority by democratic method.

    Tibetans should do something for themselves legally, that is to vote for new leaders who truly cares.

  7. I think the Tibetan should thanks to the China Government. Due to the China government, the countries that projected wanted to be the “enemy” will always support the Tibetan in exile. Thus, amongst the refugees in the world, Tibetans have known to get the best support on compare to other refugees like Rohingya.

    It is very obvious when certain countries no longer support the Tibetan in exile, the Tibetan would stood by and scold the countries as if the country owe the Tibetan refugees and the country do not have rights to do so. It is not fair for the countries. The countries have own citizen to be taken care of.

    For Tibetan own leadership, as what said in this article, what have Mr. Lobsang done when their refugees being jailed in Swiss? Did he even do anything to show concern?

    The CTA have long using their people to attract donations. How long this situation could fool the international ?

  8. It is very simple because the CTA and the current pretentious Sikyong is never about the Tibetan people. Tibetan people are just being USED for their campaign to solicit funds for their own personal pockets and to control the people. It is their way of maintaining their wealth and ensuring that no one takes away their power. However, time is changing and people are speaking up.

    Tibetans are getting tired with all the lies being told to them and being made to feel guilty if we wanted to get citizenship. Why is that? We already have nowhere to go, why must can’t we adopt another country? It is as if we have no freedom whether we are living in exile under the CTA or whether we living in Tibet under PRC. What is the difference? At least with PRC we still get to practise Dorje Shugden and no one is going to ostracize them because of their religion. At least that much they have and are able to practise freely.

  9. Switzerland’s rejection of 300 Tibetans over their request for asylum should not surprise. In February of this year, Switzerland had already announced that it viewed Tibetans as Chinese citizens. This is a logical consequence of Switzerland adopting the political stance of recognizing Tibet as part of China.

    To criticize Switzerland for being pro -China is unfair . Switzerland is merely exercising its rightful power to protect its citizens from illegal immigrants.Instead , Tibetans experiencing this rejection should look into the real nature and source of their problem and plight. Their plight is the result of the Tibetan leadership not helping them to ensure that their documentation had been done following correct procedure; but their real plight is that they are stateless in the first place.India,their country of exile, has offered them citizenship, but the Tibetan leadership, for selfish reasons of their own, has refused to help their countrymen obtain Indian citizenship. Instead it has discouraged them by intimidating threats from becoming Indian citizens. What is to become of these poor stateless Tibetans in exile?

  10. It’s sad for Tibetan refugees to have difficulties to travel but even more sad if one not able to see the real reason behind this sad situation. To blame Switzerland that deported or will be deporting by any government, is either one is so ignorant about law and rules. Or one is double standard when talking about respecting a country’s internal affairs and rights to protect their country and citizens.

    It’s time for Tibetans to wake up, wake up to the fact that CTA is caring for their own ruling ite’s welfare and pocket, not the Tibetans’ wellbeings and lives. There will be more and more incidents breaking Tibetans’ heart if Tibetans are still place all their hopes on CTA, trust whatever CTA is propaganding without questioning and follow blindly. It’s still not too late to push Tibetan leaders to be more accountable and transparent in their policies…A leader’s power to rule is actually deriving from the PEOPLE.

  11. A “government” that have “ruled” their “country” for more than 50 years but still couldn’t get the nation back? CTA is really ridiculous and in fact they can still have a parliament now is a blessing from the sky.

    For me, it’s pointless when a “government” is creating so much separation among the community, and ignoring so many problems that they could solve it by giving firm and fair statements. What is the point to have a “government” that not working for its people but to only get money for political use?

    The Tibetan are sufferings, they are not getting a good home and deported by countries. What I see is the CTA instead spending a lot of money and energy to create books, videos, campaign to against Dorje Shugden practitioners for 20 years. Where is the welfare of the people? Isn’t a well being of a Tibetan is more important than they practise Dorje Shugden or not?

    I hope this rejection from Switzerland rings a wake up call to the money minded CTA, please take care of your people first!

  12. Sad to see the Tibetan has come to such situation but not to blame Swiss officials on their ruling but the Tibetan leaders that after 60 years in exile didn’t protect their people’s welfare. Come to this point the only consistency we see from CTA is never stop looking for funding using the people. Instead of fighting for the benefit of the Tibetan but CTA only fight for money for themselves.

    Tibetan really has to wake up and see the clear picture of their leaders. They must realise that they are being USED. Why the leaders can become citizen of other foreign country and not be Tibetan same as their people? CTA has collected billions from funding and what has they done to improve the Tibetan welfare? Why CTA keep discriminating differences in spirituality and create separation and violent towards their people instead of respecting the differences and encourage harmony in living together? What effort has CTA taken to the world leaders to make Tibetan refugees in other countries to live in peace? It’s been a long 60 years and how long more Tibetans have to wait and now we can see that other countries can no longer let CTA take advantage on them just like how they did it to their people.

    CTA only knows how to blame others that doesn’t help them and accuse them as pro-China but never find a way to make good relationship with other countries to protect their people. Do you think the world bothered with CTA claim them as pro-China?

    Deeply sympathise to the Tibetan but unfortunately the lie and false hope that CTA gave to the people have to be stopped. Switzerland will not be the only country that take such step. Time no longer on CTA anymore.

  13. This has been coming really, I feel. The failures of CTA doing what they preach. The growing unrest within the Tibetan camp, why nothing solid and concrete has been done in the past to help their cause. I see this as a lose confidence & “fed up” reaction from Switzerland authority, they don’t see CTA as really a worthy cause to help anymore (anyways they are not helping themselves) and their cause is heading nowhere. What Switzerland did is just merely following examples of the rest of the world, acknowledging CTA as a failure and chasing lost causes, while China made headway developing the now peaceful Tibet as one of the main economic generator for Chinese Government.

  14. This again proven that CTA will never help their people when they are in need, CTA is will only show face when there are donations, but when problem arise, when their people are suffering, CTA / Lobsang Sangye will never say a word or do anything about it, because it doesn’t help them in gaining more money or power.

    Switzerland taking these actions is because they want to protect their citizen’s safety and to make sure everyone in the country live according to their law, means they are taking action to make sure their people are safe and to protect them, it is not about Pro or not Pro China. This claim is very baseless and naïve.

    Moreover, even if Switzerland is really Pro-China, what can the CTA do? Most of the countries are now going near China as it will help their country and people in many ways, so why not CTA do so for the sake of their people’s benefit instead of creating more hate and suffering within the Tibetan community?

  15. Dear Tibetans, whenever something happens, where is your so called great CTA?

    Before this, nothing was said or done about Tibetans self immolating themselves. One hundred over lives gone and vanished for nothing. Yet, HHDL and CTA did nothing to stop or prevent it from happening again and again. This is not about anti or pro anyone, this is about the Tibetans who are already suffering everywhere.

    Now, Tibetans are rejected from seeking asylum in Switzerland. What is CTA doing to help salvage their relation with the Swiss government? And what about the helpless Tibetan woman who is ill and fate unknown? All the funds meant for helping Tibetans in exile, went where? Was anything done to help improve your life? Why do you think more Tibetans in exile are leaving India for other places?

    So many questions to ask CTA to answer and give explanations. Tibetans need to speak up and fight for your rights before more countries refuse your asylum.

  16. For me, that’s a good news – Switzerland rejects the Tibetans again.

    What CTA and What Lobsang Sangye want some-more? money? power?
    Lobsang Sangye want money for him to build up CTA? Or Lobsang Sangye want Money/Power to against Dorje Shugden practitioner?

    I always wish that Dorje Shugden ban release ASAP, i bet HHDL to release the ban of Dorje Shugden every single day.


  17. This incident should open up more the eyes of the Tibetans that they are stateless people and it would be better for them to apply to be Indian nationals. India has been a compassionate host to the Tibetans for nearly 60 years and Tibetans living in India should feel proud to be accepted as Indian nationals. With a legit nationality the Tibetans stand to gain so much than their current status, which is nothing. Tibetans should not listen and live in fear that the CTA may brand them as traitors. In fact, Tibetans should ask Lobsang Sangye and his cronies in the CTA what have the CTA done to benefit them, which is almost nothing compared to the billions of dollars the CTA received that was meant to improve the living conditions of the Tibetans.

    The CTA like to brand others who do not agree with their policies, with names like Chinese spy, China sympathisers, traitors; and the CTA always point their fingers at others but never at themselves even though it is clearly their fault. Let us see how long the CTA can put up with the charade now that Switzerland has legally acted within the laws of their country. And as always, the people suffer, as in the unjust treatment meted out to Tibetans living in India who wish to continue with their spiritual practice of Dorje Shugden

  18. It is obviously CTA only eyeing on material needs for the support of his own organization. The reason is because they are the LEADER of the Tibetan and by using the word “Tibetan in exile” is seek sympathy from other countries for fund. In other word, CTA would willingly to create beautiful stories to get attention and fund from their “savior” since they are extremely good in breaking promises. I won’t be surprised they will re-use old tactics of promoting HHDL’s name again.

    I think is a good point Switzerland refuse Tibetan refugees for the good caused. Tibetan is so much fortunate that they gain asylum from many countries due to hard work and respect to HHDL. CTA IGNORANCE of aiding them to better life caused much hatred and confusion of their living status. This is another big slap to CTA to take back their RESPONSIBILITIES.

  19. What I can say about CTA is that they hopeless and heartless. How come everytime when something happens they are not there to support their Tibetan people? Why they even say whatever they do is for the benefit of their people. It really make no sense at all. If the CTA really care for their people, then step up and do something. Save the Tibetans before more and more self immolate themselves or more people will be landed in jail in the foreign country because they do not have proper travel document. From this article, it is very obvious to others from all around the world to notice that the CTA if you have problem it is your fault and your problem not CTA’s problem. If you die or if you are landed in jail is also your problem not the CTA’s problem. The Tibetans really wake up and realize this point.

  20. China has changed dramatically over the past 50 years. China has become the most influence country in the world economic and nobody wants an economic fight with China these days. Compare with CTA, what was CTA has been done for the past 50 years for the peoples and Tibet. Most of the Tibetan in India and others country as a refugee still suffering after 50 years.

    Switzerland’s decision in this article is just another wake up call to the CTA, they can’t denied that more and more countries has accepted that Tibet is part of China. CTA don’t event as a country government and yet still anti-China and neglect the suffering of Tibetan. Why don’t find way to talk to China and fight more benefits for their peoples. It doesn’t make sense that for the Switzerlan’s issue, CTA still do not do anything for their people. Would you choose this kind of leadership to lead your peoples?

  21. Tibetan refugee should open up and no more depand on inefficiency and reductant of CTA. What CTA is just use their refugee as the tool to get sympethy and get fund for the political reason and for for their own people wellfair to fright for freedom of tibet. Rejection 300 application from Switzerland application in not cause by China but CTA always push the blame and responbility to China. Perhap tibetan refugee shold question CTA why they can’t help their people and stop be stateless stay in foreign country. Over 60 of cheating and brain wash by CTA , bring them more suffering for future generation.

  22. Switzerland has their own right whether to receive or don’t receive Tibetan refugees. Plus, I commented before in the previous post, to many countries, to many of us, Tibetan belongs to China all the while. So, go back to your country! Don’t hoping for any empty hope and depending on this useless so called “government” anymore! CTA will not care if any Tibetan burn yourself to fight for the empty independent cause, CTA will not care if you are imprison in other country because of fake passport, CTA will not care whether or not Tibetan will get Indian passport or go back China, CTA will only care whether there is money coming in to their pocket or not! Lobsang Sangay is useless! Switzerland is doing the right thing this time. Whether Switzerland want to befriend China or not, that doesn’t matter. But this really give a big slap on Tibetan and CTA face. The biggest slap is on Lobsang Sangay’s face. If you Tibetan still don’t wake up and still depending on this useless “government” that keep giving empty promises and hopes, then good luck Tibetan in exile. Tibetan in Tibet are already running, and you all in India are still crawling!

  23. At the first place, we got to think of why so many Tibetans applying to stay in Switzerland? Why they chose to leave their own leaderships which is CTA, travelled all the way to Switzerland, using all kinds of illegal ways they could to get their documents so that they can get out??

    Why a country such as Switzerland being so generous and kind of Tibetan refugees for the last 60 years still want to continue to take are of Tibetan refugees by releasing CTA has taken billions donations but do nothing for their own people? Well, and now India and China have openly accepting the Tibetans to apply their citizenship? That also mean you already have 2 homes to go. Life is better in Switzerland of course, but look, Switzerland has being doing this for the last 60 years out of courtesy, isn’t that enough?

    It is time for the Tibetans to stop judging the whole world through the lens of what is pro- or anti-China. It’s your own leaderships’ bad reputation that destroy your own people’s future. It’s CTA that plotted everything so that Tibetans stays in this difficult condition. So that you all continue to self-immolate. Why? So that millions of dollars will just dropped from the sky! Where is this money gone to? The CTA pockets! They are having good life, flying first class to beg for money. The world had helped but unfortunately, the fortune didn’t reach the welfare of the Tibetans who are still in very poor condition? Tibetans will remain poor and will continue to blame others as pro-China. Why? This is what CTA’s strategised, this is their business plan to generate their own income.

  24. No other reason that will make a citizen of a country choose to leave his or her homeland…except it’s necessary.. for Tibetan..it has to be CTA, the “LEADERS” who make so much efforts to get donations all around the world, fighting to fill their pockets.. horrible..and sad for their people.

  25. When Switzerland decided not to continue with the refugees support towards Tibetans in exile, it is a decision made by the governing body of Switzerland, according to the time and affair. As time has come to recognize that Tibetan in exile in actuality can have a nationality which they have access to. This a straight forward decision, and let’s hope CTA and Dharamsala can relate this to how the Tibetan Cause is becoming obsolete and irrelevant.

    One way for CTA and Dharamsala to extend their control could be to turn the table around, instead of fighting China and lose completely, they should try to negotiate their way back into maistream Tibet, so that the Tibetans can be reunited. Hopefully with this solution that give victory to China, CTA can smartly negotiate for positions in the governance of Tibet and therefore continue to benefit financially too.

  26. It is really sad the situation that CTA had created for their people. With so much monies received in donations/sponsorships, running into the billions, CTA could have done so much for their people’s welfare that they do not need to run around looking for citizenships to countries of their choices. They could have developed skills that countries favour for granting citizenships. So where had the billions in dollars gone to instead? CTA claim democracy and yet why aren’t the national accounts being audited especially when it involves the generosity of others for close to 60 years. Transparency should be the practice, should it?

    I do agree that Switzerland has their own rights to invite or reject who they want in their own country. Taking the stance of Tibetans being Chinese is not exclusive to the Swiss government but to many first world countries. With China’s wealth and influence, who in the world would not want to form alliance with them? What has CTA offer other than some feel good photo session with their trump card, the 14th Dalai Lama? For that feel good session, CTA will tax them for more handouts. Why are CTA blaming the Swiss government for practicing their rights? Oh yes! CTA has a tradition of that, don’t they? Look how CTA blames Dorje Shugden and his practitioners for their own failure to deliver their promise of return to Tibet. Look how CTA blames China for everything that fails due to their self serving policies and shortsighted decisions.

    Tibetans-in-exile would do better to wake up to the antics of their Government that left them in terrible predicaments, like Yangdon who’s desperation got her in deep trouble or the self-immolators who’s desperations are so apparent. How much longer will the Tibetans allow CTA to continue in their harmful ways? On the spiritual level, how much longer will the people allow CTA to degenerate Tibetan Buddhism, so precious and held sacred in its purity of practice. How much longer will the people allow their national treasure of attained Masters/Lamas to suffer the abuses, discriminations and threats by CTA’s ignorant policies? See how CTA abuses the Dalai Lama as a pawn in their quests for garner more donations/sponsorship and yet go against His Holiness’ wish for autonomy or middle way approach in negotiations with China. Instead of stopping tirade of accusations against China, CTA should start appealing to China for negotiations. CTA is still very much backing the Rangzen as proving with Ministerial staff attending the meeting in France ever so openly.

    Will all Tibetans wake up to CTA’s failures that jeopardised their return to Tibet or their attainments of citizenships under forced status of refugees?

  27. We love Tibet and we want her free. But the Tibetan government in exile is segregating our people due to religion. Here in Germany today September 13, 2017 Tibetans are protesting against the Dalai Lama. Quite a few videos here: https://www.facebook.com/tenzin.trinlay?hc_ref=ARRLpe1G-46M9gSiGXdCoIyHzB8JjFqDTGTXZEWgWTT3BReqrYp_7clmDoXxv4PzhC0&fref=nf


  28. See a clear video of His Holiness the Dalai Lama asking the monasteries to expel monks that practice Dorje Shugden. Click here to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTgYWidYw3U

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