Tibetan leadership organizes violence

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  1. OMG..

    At the Drepung Loseling clinic in Karnataka, South India, Dorje Shugden practitioners are not allowed to receive / access medical treatment. Aside from being un-Buddhist through its lack of compassion, this sign is a clear contradiction of the Hippocratic Oath all doctors take to provide medical treatment freely and ethically.

    What is going on with them? SAD.. to read this article.

  2. What stuns me the most is the evidently illogical are the claims made by the Tibetan authorities and HH THe Dalai Lama.

    I have consistently seen and read the tangible evidence and supporting material provided by Dorje Shugden practitioners to show the world the unjust treatment as well as infringement on human rights to have freedom of religion they suffer as a result of the ban.

    Unfortunately, the anti-Shugden movement has never shown any data or proof of their claims. In fact, like in the video above, the statements made clearly contradict the actions and events that are captured in video or documentation. It is right being caught red handed and still insist of being innocent. Additionally, if we observe, the responses given by the Dalai Lama as his anti-Shugen supporters are vague and unsubstantial.

    It simply does not make sense at all. His Holiness should not only be a man of high spiritual attainment but of sharp secular sense since he has been quite exposed with his contact with other world leaders and influencers like Barack Obama, Richard Gere etc. Why would he jeopardize his years of credibility to impose such a ban that makes him look like a hypocrite? Furthermore, the ban has created more awareness about the ban especially outside the Sangha community. One could actually claim that the ban has fueled the growth of the practice all over the world.

    Therefore, the only question we should perhaps raise is “Why is HH making special effort to give Dorje Shugden extra limelight?”

  3. Thanks for collecting all this evidence together. How can the Dalai Lama preach tolerance and non-violence and this be happening? It’s also clear that there is an illegal ban on Shugden practice.

  4. It’s really sad to see such a separation in the communities, even sad and shocking to know HH Dalai Lama was behind these protests. HH Dalai Lama, the supposed embodiment of the Boddhisattva of Compassion, contradicting with his action against Dorje Shugden practitioner. We plead to HH Dalai Lama to lift the ban asap and stop making false accusation against such a High Enlightened Being who is truly a real Dharma Protector, preserve and spread the Dharma teachings of Lord Buddha.

  5. why are shugden followers never get this? His Holiness said many times its upto individual whether to practice this spirit or not. only he is asking not to attend his teaching if you continue to practice this spirit. my father is former serpom monk who later joined resistance movement. he even know what is right from him. he stop doing prayers of the spirit. he is uneducated and he listen what his khenpo says. as a Tibetan my only frustration is that some of the shuggies went little further to meet the Chinese authorities that really put the dent on our mind. I don’t know whether this organization is religious or political. we are struggling under Chinese rule and over 125 have self immolated and these few sipirt worshiper with craze of money holed up with Chinese officials. that’s what many of the innocent westerner fall trap. so sad to see but their karma will judge them.

  6. Dalia Lama is sick. He is among other things, a Sociopath, Understand the symptoms and apply the remedy~ Getting his attention is key to his understanding his own maladies. His disorder began with his removal from his Muslim home town of Tagster to the Nazi friends at a young age to the present, His press clips show it all.

    Antisocial Personality Disorder is also known as psychopathy or
    sociopathy. Individuals with this disorder have little regard for the
    feeling and welfare of others. As a clinical diagnosis it is usually
    limited to those over age 18. It can be diagnosed in younger people
    if the they commit isolated antisocial acts and do not show signs of
    another mental disorder.

    Antisocial Personality Disorder is chronic, beginning in adolescence
    and continuing throughout adulthood. There are ten general

    not learning from experience
    no sense of responsibility
    inability to form meaningful relationships
    inability to control impulses
    lack of moral sense
    chronically antisocial behavior
    no change in behavior after punishment
    emotional immaturity
    lack of guilt
    chronic liars

  7. The Dalai Lama and the CTA when they 1st started the ban in 1996 gave the following main 3 reasons for the ban of Dorjee Shugden:

    1. The practice is harming the Tibetan Cause.
    2. The practcie is causing harm to the Dalai Lama`s well being.
    3. The Practice cause a rift withing the Tiebtan Exile Community.

    Now let us analyse each of the above reasons to see if these are valid or not:

    1st Reason:
    If the Tibetan cause is the Tibetan Cause is thr Tibetan Independence then It is the Dalai Lama and CTA who have abondened the Cause and thus harmed it.

    2nd Reason:
    If the Dorjee Shugden worship causes harm to the Dalai Lama`s well being then how come the Dalai Lama is enjoiyng the best of health and touring arround the World ?

    3rd Reason:
    What we need to know is that prior to the ban there was no rift in the tibetan community between Dorjee Shugden worshipper and non Dorjee Shugden but since the ban see how torn our community is.

    So any sensible Person looking at above has to agree that the ban has to be uplifted simple because the reasons for the ban are not valid.

  8. HHDL only presented the ban because it is the Shugden themselves who are causing problems and instigation.
    I’ve scoured all these propaganda websites and come to the realization that most of the “misdeeds” by those loyal to HHDL are nothing but either fraud or hype.

    Before one even looks into the Details of these accounts, you have to question your logic. Why does it seem that most of these “protesters” are foreigners and not Tibetan? Because they want to a part of something they do not understand. The Chinese have increased the Leeway in Tibet, yes, with Shugden Temples. Why are large centers opening up in Foreign countries all over the world? Countries are not taxing the people to create these structures, nor are the overwhelming majority of people in support of them. The Chinese fund these temples to “mis-educate” the masses of “foreigners”, or better put, the only ones who have the potential to realize Tibetans situation and do something about it, to believe that HHDL is corrupt. Which in essence is a great plan. Kudos to you China,and Shugden conspirators, you have managed to create a swelling controversy based on latching on to naive foreigners. ONLY FOREIGNERS ARE COMPLAINING, TIBETANS ARE THE LOYAL ONES BECAUSE THEY UNDERSTAND, THEY LIVE IN DHARAMSALA AND LHASA! They know the Shugden are causing problems therefore that’s why they have no Tibetan support. All foreigners know is the Shugden. Anyways it would be great if most of them realized that the Chinese are using them as a Tool to reverse the tides so everyone forgets Tibet’s struggle just like most people in the states lose interest in important issues when something like Celebrity entertainment comes into play.

    Now for the juicy details:

    I’m quoting this directly off of [http://www.shugdensociety.info/historyEvents1999EN.html]

    “there will be no change in my stand. I will never revoke the ban. You are right. It will be like the Cultural Revolution. If they (those who do not accept the ban) do not listen to my words, the situation will grow worse for them. You sit and watch. It will grow only worse for them.”

    I’ve seen this quoted multiple times by Shugden proposing literal proof of HHDL misdeeds. First of all, anyone who’s worth their research would only take this with a grain of salt because there is no legitimate proof of this being said. not only that this website states “During this private audience with H.H. the Dalai Lama”. Really? does that give legitimate proof for what he actually said? If this conversation actually took place. How about this, I was in a secret meeting were I found out that The whole united states Senate is composed of aliens who said “they wanted to take over the universe”. You all should believe me because I was at that private meeting, seriously guys! Yeah because the HHDL would reference the government he is trying to dissolve in the Tibetan region to his own favor. And even if he did, get it on video next time, because Last week my mom and 3 of her friends saw Jesus walk down the street and take them on an adventure through heaven.

    But it dosent end there how about this:
    An article titled “what is wrong with Tibetan Society” by INDIA – Deccan Herald,
    Monday, September 11, 2000: had this to say about a clash between both parties. “the gathering was violently attacked by a mob of more than 2000 Tibetan Dalai Lama “supporters”. An eye-witness report from these incidents:”

    Oh great, I bet since there are eyewitnesses there will be some pretty concrete evidence! No, just fallicious material to sway the reader into beleiving more false propoganda.

    “about 40 monks, young and old, trying to combat about 3000 screaming protesters.”

    ok seems legitimate so far.

    “The fight was continuing. Sticks, stones and bricks were landing everywhere. The protesters fled screaming. But again they regrouped and advanced towards the monks. ”

    let me quote this quote, “the protesters fled screaming” 3000 protesters armed with sticks,rocks, you name it driven off by 40 defenseless “supermonks” apparently. But wait it gets better.

    “The in-fighting became bitter and tragic. Some of the protesters, while fleeing, fell into ditches and nearly suffocated to death”

    Wow I’m impressed, of a armed conflict the only real apparent injuries were people that nearly suffocated from ditches! No medical records of serious injury, or death. usually in large scale riots, especially 3000 vs 40 someone is bound to be on life support, but I guess my intuition was wrong and Shugden are actually cyborgs. But wait there is still more.

    Looking at the article there is a photo of someone who presumably looks like a monk, with blood dripping from his forehead. of all this they managed to take a photo of 1 monk?! This could be a photo of a monk who slipped in the rain! Better yet there were plenty of “eyewitnesses” although no one was charged or imprisoned for the actions and no official police record was filed.

    I later looked at the video of this post of the violence….

    1. I saw people throwing rocks at what looked like to be nothing.

    2. A women showing her discontent with Shugden lies

    3. People in a crowd walking around

    4.Monks inside a temple praying

    5.Police around protesters

    6. Someone with varying injuries

    1. Ok, I see the footage of people throwing rocks? where are the victims being hit?

    2. She has every right to curse these group, who seem more like political tools of the Chinese to cause harm to HHDL and his supporters (i.e Lobsang Gyatso)

    3. What, HHDL supporters can’t protest as well? If that is even them? Just because there are monk robes, it doesn’t make it convincing..

    4. Monks inside a temple doing what they do best. How about this, while in the temple, at least film the mob too.

    5. Ok we know the police are there yet no record was ever filed, great… Was this before or after the conflict? I’m curious to know.

    6. I’m glad to see this man wasn’t injured to badly in his “car accident”. Next time show me the real medical briefing too, or at least a credible governmental source.

    Well there you have it, If you’ve never seen over-hyped propaganda before here it is. Don’t be naive people and understand Trickery is not something that only happens on YouTube prank videos. And don’t tell me HHDL is the trickster, because you just proved then that it is plausible to accept any circumstance to truth, meaning you have to consider Shugden faults as well, and considering my evidence, good luck..


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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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