Switzerland is on China’s Side

By: Ashok Rao

It is high time that the Tibetan leadership stop advertising how bad they think China is. They drone on about how China steps on human rights, how unfair they are, and how China does not give its citizens the religious freedom they deserve.

Whether any of this is true or false is no longer the point. What should be their main concern is how the six million people in Tibet can continue their unique cultural identity, and also somehow connect with and repatriate themselves with the Tibetans around the world, creating a unified culture and people. This is the only logical way that all things ‘Tibetan’ will continue to exist amidst the turbulent seas of the modern world.

More than ever, such efforts are important for the Tibetan leaders, given that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is now in his 80s. Rather than antagonise China, they should be doing their utmost to negotiate and make friends, before they no longer have the worldwide prestige of the Dalai Lama to rely upon. It is clearly obvious in the world of politics that the Tibetan leadership’s legitimacy derives strictly from the very same prestige and fame, and if they had any sense of forethought and care for their people, they would be making full use of it while they have the time.

The 400-year-old institution of the Dalai Lama, god king of Tibet, has always been based on reincarnated succession. So with the current 14th Dalai Lama in his 80s, it is imperative for the Tibetan leadership to make friends with China, lest the worst occurs before the god king returns in his next holy form.

However, one does not become friends with someone by hitting them on the head, or spitting on them at the turn of every corner. If the Tibetan leadership keeps running around, telling people, “Hey, Tibetans are not being treated well in Tibet,” while at the same time screaming for autonomy, does that make sense? Why would you want to be autonomous in a place where you are not treated well? To advocate autonomy yet on the same breath protest being mistreated in Tibet, does not make an ounce of sense.

So, for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his ‘ministers’ to ask for autonomy, which necessarily involves being a part of China, but at the same time gang bashing China at every turn, at every meeting, at every political gathering with every leader of the free world, and in the media, it does not make logical sense.

However, if you are seeking complete independence, it is a different kettle of fish, a completely different story. The reason you would seek independence is because your people are not being treated correctly and you do not foresee them being treated correctly in the future. But then, why does His Holiness advocate meaningful autonomy?

This article therefore, part of a trend, portrays that a county famed for their neutrality when it comes to international politics, war, banks and political views, are now shifting towards the One China policy and enforcing it. A nation such as Switzerland which is considered wealthy, sovereign and developed is now in alignment with China’s new world order.

A simple question to ask would be: what benefit does Switzerland or any other country receive to side with the Tibetans besides a moral feel-good factor, kind of like an instant adrenaline rush? Besides that, there is absolutely no political, financial and economic benefit to side with the Tibetan diaspora. But it would make perfect sense to side with China, from whom they would receive such benefit. So, this is more bad news for the Tibetan government in exile, headquartered in Dharamsala (affectionately called Dhasa).

Switzerland is now enforcing all Tibetans residing in their country to identify themselves as Chinese or originating from China. Previously they were allowed to be identify themselves as citizens of ‘Tibet’ or ‘Stateless’. This is a huge blow to Tibetans who are always declaring that they are the people from a sovereign Tibetan nation. Switzerland’s ‘simple’ act of enforcing Tibetans to identify with originating from China says it all. Clearly the Swiss government does not or will not recognize that Tibet is sovereign but always has been and continues to be a part of China. This should rankle many Tibetan supporters and freedom fighting ‘rangzen’ advocates.

It is a huge blow to the ‘Tibetan government in exile’ or more commonly known as the CTA. This should bring them backwards considerable after years of advocating their stance against China. We can see more and more nations siding with China and not with Tibet’s claim of sovereignty. Switzerland, which houses the largest settlement of Tibetan refugees in Europe is inadvertently setting a trend for the rest of the countries that house Tibetans as well as for the rest of the world. It is very important Tibetan leaders stop antagonizing China, not from a lack of free speech but for practical reasons. Tibetan leaders must stop irritating China and become friends. It is their only hope. They should be humble and reach out before it is too late.

The Tibetan Autonomous Region’s future, the Dalai Lama visiting his homeland again, and the preservation of the Tibetan culture and religion will be factored in by the behavior of the waning reputation of the Tibetan government in exile. If governments can be compared to the cycle of the moon, it is clear, given the current state of affairs, that the Tibetan government in exile is a moon which will never wax again.

Click on image to read the full report. Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/switzerland-revised-tibet-policy-to-boost-tieschinese-media/1/886711.html


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  1. The Dalai Lama should never say Dorje Shugden is wrong. This is his personal opinion and he should give religious freedom. The Dalai Lama does not agree with the tenants of Christianity, Islam, Jews, Hinduism, Satanists and Voodooists either. But he is smart enough to keep silent and not say so about them or risk huge international problems. So the same, he should not criticize any religious faith whether he likes it or not. This is the 21st century and no leader should demonize or degrade other religions. They should keep silent and be democratic and let people follow what they want. Do you hear the pope these days criticizing other religions? No, of course not because it would be very politically wrong of him to do so. All the conflicts that come from the middle east with Arabs, Jews, Christians all arise because they criticize eachother’s religion. If they all kept quiet about who is right and who is wrong on the path to God, there would be no conflict. The Dalai Lama should remain silent. He is wrong to criticize any religion or faith or path. Nobody can prove which religion actually brings you to heaven or hell.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Ashok Rao that it’s imperative the Tibetan leadership stop criticising how bad they think China is. Their complaints and protests on the many issues such as human rights, lack of religious freedom (at least Dorje Shugden practitioners can do their practice in China!), the destructions of Tibetan culture and so on must stop if they really want change in Tibet. As the political status and system of Tibet is stipulated by the Chinese Constitution and laws, it is better to get on China’s good side, and then find ways to mutually solve the problems.

    Money speaks louder than ideals. When countries around the world are trying to befriend China, why don’t the Tibetans make the same effort to do so as the Tibetans (in China) are under Chinese rules and if those outside China do want to return to Tibet, realise that this is the leadership that they have to work with? The injustice of the past can never be right again because no one dares to go against China, so why not make the best out of the current situation, since His Holiness the Dalai Lama too has pointed that autonomy is the way to go?

    As for Switzerland, investments by Chinese companies in Switzerland last year was $4.8 billion and the mega-deal of the $43 billion takeover of Syngenta by ChemChina still awaits final regulatory approval. Last year, China’s HNA Aviation Group bought Swiss air transport support companies Gategroup and ST Technics. There are also other deals in recent years such as the takeover of iconic aluminium bottle maker Sigg by Haers Vacuum Containers, Swissport and so on.

    When Switzerland revised its immigration policy and asked those Tibetans to change their nationality to Chinese in July 2016, this is a clear sign of how things will be for Tibetans. Unless their relationship with China improves, it will just be more and more bad news.

  3. To add to what Pemachen commented above, having been in the financial industry for more than two decades, I can tell you that money makes the Swiss go round, wealth or money management specifically.

    In the Swiss financial sector, there has been a steady push toward attracting and managing more and more Chinese wealth. After all, China is now the world’s largest economy by some measures. China now also ranks second to the USA for the number of billionaires with 251 in 2016, increasing by 38 while the USA dropped by 4 in 2016 to 536.

    A search of headlines in the 12 monthsregarding the Swiss financial sector and China yields the importance China is for the Swiss.

    “Mission accomplished, RMB hub established — Swiss Bankers”
    “China-Swiss Talks Deepen Financial Ties, Lobby Head Says”
    “Credit Suisse Expands China Presence as Foreign Banks Retrench”
    “Tech Millionaires Keep China’s Wealth Machine Humming for Banks”
    “Credit Suisse hires banker in China onshore private banking push”
    “Switzerland Joins Chinese Alternative to World Bank | Economy Watch”
    “Financial dialogue between Switzerland and China in Geneva”
    “NEO – Switzerland Paving Way to Europe for China | Veterans Today”

  4. China has a long history with wisdom and should know of the benifit of wisdom, becaus wisdom is wisdom of non-duality and reality is non-duality. So wisdom is about reality, so it is about freedom and wellbeing for everyone. And to stay with reality or to adapt to reality step by step is to go a wise way or evolution and makes sure that a nation can survive instead of destroying themself because of ignoring that reality is non-duality by itself.

    China has appreciation for wisdom because it benifits china and it’s future. Here China and Tibet have the same appreciation regarding wisdom as well as cultivating wisdom within the family for the benifit of the family and the nation.

    Communism/Socialism is duality/illusion/harmful but not the non-dual awareness/identity of chinese people/human beings that by nature is not harmful at all but wisdom and compassion/intelligence, so duality is in contradiction with reality and is in contradiction not only with tibetan culture but also with chinese culture and identity itself. So it makes no sense for china to destroy themself with the drug duality/illusion/communism/socialism that only harms and destroys china.

    HHDL and CTA and tibetan people are only interested to keep up cultivating wisdom and compassion for the benifit of tibet, china and all nations (mankind) because illusion/duality is the worst drug that harms and destroys families and nations. Wisdom and compassion does not harm at all it just liberates for freedom and wellbeing.

    Tibet only wants to prevent nations from harming and destroying themself by cultivating wisdom and compassion. This is not in contradiction with china or any other nation!

    Because we have conciousness and conciousness is free of lastingness and non-existence, we have to accept that our conciousness is non-duality/wisdom and compassion/non-violence/intelligence and that we only can cause and effect freedom and wellbeing by cultivating our wisdom and compassion/non-violence.

    Reality is non-duality/non-violence or life, regeneration and healing so it is healing activity or free of eternalism and nihilism (duality) that is the basis for dualism/extremism, criminality, terror and war.

    To avoid many problems like extremism, criminality, terror and war, we need to cultivate wisdom and compassion. We need wise and compassionate education systems! So we need tibetan culture!

    So why going against tibet or tibetan people who cultivate wisdom and compassion because of they want freedom and wellbeing for themself and others? So why violence/war against tibet/tibetan people?

    By impermanence we are all forced to realise that reality is non-duality as well as to cultivate our wisdom and compassion to cause and effect freedom and wellbeing for ourself and others. For all of us there is no other option than cultivating our wisdom and compassion, because by reality/non-duality we are all forced to effect freedom and wellbeing because reality/non-duality is regeneration and healing/freedom and wellbeing.

    What happend in the past, it happend, but now china should become aware of that the compassionate interest of HHDL and CTA/tibetan people is the same interest that china has, to cultivate wisdom and compassion in order to cause and effect freedom and wellbeing for tibet and china and mankind. Communism/socialism is not china but intelligence/wisdom and compassion is china!

    Mankind only can avoid many problems by cultivating wisdom and compassion, so to go against tibet and tibetan culture, that is cultivating wisdom and compassion in order to avoid and overcome many problems, is not in contradiction with china and not against china at all.

    So please just let tibetan region within china be a wise and compassionate tibetan region within china for the benifit of china and mankind.

    Just let tibetan people cultivate their wisdom and compassion for their benifit and the benifit of china and mankind. Just let tibetan people do this, there is no problem for china or any other nation but it is very benificial for china and support for china in short and long term.

    Basicly for any nation it is not wise to keep investing in their dualistic betray systems that are in contradiction with reality and cause and effect many problems.

    Here the dualstic cultures that are based on ignorance and illusion of duality are in conflict with a non-duality culture that is based on reality, but look how long a culture of non-duality can survive while all other cultures that where based on illusions/duality failed.

    To go against tibet and tibetan culture of non-duality that is based on reality, is to go against mankind and will not help mankind. But because evolution is that only those survive who adapt themself to reality, reality rather looks like that all nations that have cultivated a lifestyle that is in contradiction with reality sooner or later will fail but the cultures of wisdom and compassion only can survive. About 18.000 bön/dharma or cultivating wisdom and compassion, well dharma/wisdom and compassion must work because it must have something to do with reality.

    I would say that only dharma/wisdom and compassion societies will make it because impermanence/reality is regeneration and healing and illusions(eternalism and nihilism/god and devil/good and bad etc. dualism)/violence are/is impermanent and only can/will fail.

    Dharma/reality will be victorious, as allways!

    Trust on the non-dual cycle of elements and nature, it’s perfect by nature, it’s regeneration and healing by nature, it is healing cause and effect by nature, it’s freedom and wellbeing by nature. It’s dharma, it works! So nations/economy that are/is based on reality/non-duality, are/is wise and compassionate, will work much better! Dharma/wisdom and compassion means less problems and much more fun!

  5. China is sure very powerful on global influences. I felt that overall China’s economy has pickup so much, it has almost became the number 1 nation. There are lots of high rise bulding, very good infrastructure, vast coverage of the bullet trains in whole of china etc. This is what Tibet unable to do if stay the same their old way. China has also open up the religious practice and has gave lots of freedom fo his people, as long as it did not contradict and harm the national interest. On the other hand, there were lots of freedom and financial aid given to CTA in Dharamsala, sadly we did not see much development nor progress for their people over the years. Much of the financial resources was use for personal purpose other than for their people’s interest. A lot of time was placed in targeting and discriminating Dorje Shugden practitioners. This has increased the splitting of their people and economy. USA has been supporting CTA, as a tool to go against China in humanity ground. With the new president Donald Trump in placed, he might cut all this bullshit away and placed AMERICA FIRST! It just matter of time for CTA to fall flat on their face.

  6. Because HHDL and CTA understand conciousness they understand that also all chinese people are buddhas/wise and compassionate human beings. HHDL and CTA as well as all other dharma practitioners also look at all chinese people as wise and compassionate beings (buddhas).

    Only thing is that HHDL and CTA want to cultivate wisdom and compassion for freedom and wellbeing, that’s all. So just let them do that.

    International law advises to aknowlegde once inherent dignity and cultivate dignity to avoid creating causes of suffering and suffering and to overcome causes of suffering and suffering with dignity because it works. Well Tibet and Bhutan are the only one who are really doing this and the rest of mankind is just betraying themself with creating illusions and impermanent luck and pain because of they don’t want to cultivate dignity but illusions.

    Is this globalisation that is going on to cultivate illusions world wide, in order to harm nature, animals and mankind? It looks like that because of all the harmful influences to nature, animals and human beings. Well that does not make any sense at all because impermanence/reality is regeneration and healing for freedom and wellbeing. So worldwide we need to cultivate our wisdom and compassion that we have by nature that is our inherent dignity for freedom and wellbeing of ourself and mankind.

    Problem also for china is the drug dualism/socialism/capitalism but not wisdom and compassion that is their true identity. There have been drug wars in the past, today it is the drug illusion that is just fake like fake news. So we also need to protect china from illusions. OM AH RAPA TSANA DHI, for the freedom and wellbeing also of china. So HHDL and CTA is not the problem of china or any other nation, illusion/communism/socialism/capitalism is the only enemy that also harms china from within.

    And this is also the wish of HHDL and CTA, tibetan people and all who practice dharma around the world, to help all beings with wisdom and compassion to live in freedom and wellbeing, to be happy. Dharma is only support for any nation and each being.

    Because reality is that also chinese people are wisdom and compassion, and we all stay with that reality. So communism/socialism/capitalism is only the problem of those who betray themself with it (dualism) and not the problem of others who don’t.

    We can’ espace reality/non-duality. Regenerating and healing cycle of elements/dharma will be victorious! HHDL and CTA as well as all others who study and pratice dharma only can be victorious with dharma, capitalism/socialism only can fail because reality is a non-dual continuum, illusions/duality are/is in contradiction with reality/non-duality and of course impermanent.

    There is luck and pain, that is impermanent. So luck and pain must have causes that are impermanent as well. This means that we can avoid creating and overcome cuases of luck and pain. So then there also must be a way to avoid creating causes of luck and pain. Yes, there is dharma/wisdom and compassion/reality, and it works very well!

    It’s just a matter of time but sooner or later dharma/wisdom and compassion only can be victorious. So liberation will happen anyway because reality/dharma happens anyway.

    Enlightnend buddhas appear again and again anyway, refresh the dharma transmissions, teach dharma for the benifit of all beings in order to enable them to cultivate their wisdom and compassion for their freedom and wellbeing and of mankind.

    May all dharma teachings, the wisdom of non-duality and mother of compassion, the healing activity of mind, speech and body spread within mankind in present and future and may it cause and effect freedom and wellbeing for mankind and all beings in the present and future.

    May all beings be free of luck and pain and all causes of luck and pain (illusion of duality/lastingness and non-existence, subject and object, god and devil, good and evil, friend and enemy etc.).

    Precious sublime liberating non-dual awareness, victorious wisdom and compassion, non-dual perception and exprience of reality, may it arise in all beings in whom it has not arisen yet and may it never decline in beings in whom it already has arised.

    May you become aware, understand and live in freedom and wellbeing for eternity.

    Namo Buddha, Namo Dharma, Namo Sangha.

    Namo TIbet, Namo Bhutan.

  7. It is clear to everybody – except the Tibetan Leadership! The facts are on the hand since so long, there is no way out of this situation other than befriend China and make the best of the situation.

    Nobody wants to loose his country but this has happened all over the history and it has happened to Tibet. Make the best for your people and find ways to get along with the Chinese government as there is no other solution. There has to be a get along and make it a win win situation for both.

    I wish all the best for the Tibetans.

    May the Dorje Shugden ban come down as soon as possible!

  8. @Pema

    ” … there is no way out of this situation other than befriend China and make the best of the situation.” …

    Only way out of suffering and causes of suffering, because reality is non-duality/non-violence is the way of non-violence/wisdom and compassion/non-duality, that is the way HHDL and CTA are on by the way.

    Thing is that HHDL and CTA are not the enemy of China/Chinese people (ignorance/duality within Chinese Gov. is the only enemy of Chinese Gov.), HHDL/CTA never stoped to love China/all Chinese people.

    Unfortuneately Chinese Gov./some Chinese people do not realize this and still is/are hostile towards HHDL/CTA who are only support for china because of they practice wisdom and compassion. Because Chinese Gov. practices violence and actions cause and effect conciousness, the problem is caused and effected within the Chinese Gov. that is not the problem of HHDL and CTA. Means HHDL and CTA already have conquered Chinese Gov. long time ago, so they can lay back and relax.

    In India Ghandi caused and effected freedom for India by applying non-violence, Chinese Gov. fears non-violence within tibetan region because then it will not be a part of violent cummunist/socialist china. That’s why they fear HHDL and CTA coming back to Tibet, because if so then Tibet would not subdue themself to violonce by non-violence and be victorious. Chinese Gov. has fear, but violence is impermanent, the causes of violence are impermenent, so Chinese Gov has a problem now because of their violence in the past and present, they are going to fail, they are conquered already. Just wait and see for yourself!

    So HHDL and CTA already make the best of the situation. Unfortuneately Chinese Gov. does not, because they don’t practice wisdom and compassion but violence against HHDL/CTA who practice wisdom and compassion. To do so is in contradiction with reality and once identity that is called personal disorder/narcissism. Communism/Socialism/Capitalism/Eternalism and Nihilism/Dualism is narcissism/personal dissorder.

    Reality is free of lastingness and non-existence, non-duality, non-violence, protection, regeneration and healing, so it is healing activity. Our conciousness is wisdom and compassion or non-violence, protection, regeneration and healing, so it is healing activity. That’s why our identity is non-violence/healing activity (6 Paramitas/Dharma study and practice due to our conciousness is free of lastingness and non-existence (wisdom and compassion – shitro) because of spacecontinuum).

    To ignore this and to create the illsion of lastingness and non-existence/duality/subject and object duality and to practice violence of mind, speech and body, like being hostile against wisdom and compassion and people who teach, study and practice wisdom and compassion, is what is called personal dissorder/narcissism.

    Buddha teached non-duality/wisdom and compassion for mankind in order to come out of narcissism/personal dissorder that mankind as well as animals are suffering from so much (because of ignorance) in order to avoid/prevent causing and effecting many problems like illusions/duality/narcissism, conflict, criminality, extremism/terror and war. Ghandi walked this way of non-duality/non-violence and it was very successfull because reality is non-duality. Violence has no chance at all because it is in contradiction with realilty/non-duality that is healing activity, protection, regeneration and healing. It#s just the way it is and we can’t escape reality. So all states/repoublics sooner or later will have to learn their lesson. Look into archeology, with dualism they all failed but dharma is still here, never failed since 18.000 years. Guess why. Guess why Ghandi was successful. Because of Sangha (cultivating wisdom and compassion), dharma (teaching of non-duality/reality) and buddhas (beings who realized reality/non-duality and turned the wheel of dharma). So now, guess why HHDL and CTA only can be successful, i give you one try.


    This is what Tibet and Bhutan, all dharma lineages/schools/centres around the world are standing for by the way and people with personal dissorder (public hand and economy around the world) have a problem with and even fight against as well as want that all people are like hamsters that have to run in a treadmill of a dualstic betray system in order to keep it up by this duality/violence. The harmful influences for nature, animals and human beings are obvious, it’s against humanity/mankind it’s narcissism because of ignoring non-duality/dignity. Human beings grew up in dualistic betray systems and think that this is normal/reality, but it simply can’t be normal/reality at all because of it is in contradiction with reality/non-duality.

    So why should we wise and compassionate human beings (buddhas) practice or continue to practice personal dissordern/narcissism? Just because of people of public hand and economy have impermanent personal dissorder and want us to do so as well? Really? Why? We don’t need to subdue ourself to narcissism by the way because hey there is reality/non-duality. We are not hamsters, we are buddhas!

    Now guess why there is no education regarding non-duality within the education systems around the world. Right, because the dualstic betray systems want people to be like hamsters that are running in the treadmill of a dualistic betray system to keep it up. This is escaping from reality/non-duality into illusons/duality (eternalism and nihilism) and effecting many problems by the way.

    Remeber, there was no education about non-duality/dignity before nazi germany in europe, nor during nazi/socialism regime in germany, until today in germany this is the way it is in europe as well as violence against wisdom and compassion within europe, guess why. There was and is no education about non-duality in all states/republics beside Tibet/Bhutan/India and some other asian nations. Look into the national law of all states/republics, it’s dualism/eternalism and nihilism, dualistic betray system treadmills for the people who are forced to be the hamstesr that are running in them to keep this up. Violence to keep the violence up and to fight against wisdom and compassion, that is narcissism/personal dissorder and law of any state/republic/economy with the harmful cause and effect of harming environment/nature, animals and human beings. This is hostile against mankind itself because of ignoring non-duality/reality, because of escaping from reality that dharma teachings are talking about by the way.

    Guess why, i give you one try …

    Right, states/republics are based on duality/personal dissorder/narcissism. Just read the national law and become aware of the eternalism and nihilism that is in contradiction with reality/conciousness that is free of lastingness and non-existence! How to come out of it? By Dharma study and practice and that’s what they fight against dharma to keep up the narcissism/violence with narcisissm/violence and to continue to be hostile against mankind.



    Don’t try to be a hamster you are a buddha/wise and compassionate human being!

    Maby now you understand why HHDL and CTA as well as all other students of dharma are not a hamster that run in a treadmill of these dualstic betray system and only want Tibet to be Tibet for the freedom and wellbeing of mankind! We all want mankind to be free, to live in freedom and wellbeing. That is my wish and of many others out there. So let’s do it.

    Here we talk about the present and future of mankind and the danger of many problems like ww3 because of the narcissism of public hand and economy world wide. Here we talk about reality that effects all of us, here we talk about freedom and wellbeing of mankind, here we talk about dignity and about our choice in the present for dignity and for freedom and wellbeing for ourself and mankind in the present and future. Here we talk about all other human beings like Shakyamuni, Ghandi and many other beings who teached, studied and practiced dharma for our freedom and wellbeing and now because they gave us anything we need to know and understand, we can use this to continue their enlightnend activity for the freedom and wellbeing of mankind. This is why i am here and many of you out there are here as well.

    Please wake up, please get up and study and practice dharma/non-duality/wisdom and compassion for your freedom and wellbeing. Public hand and economy will not do it for you but stay in their treadmill like hamsters untill they are exhausted/crash.

    Does mankind need to accumulate karma to cause and effect illusions/duality, conflict, crime, terror and war/ww3? No, we can accumulate merrit, freedom and wellbeing by dharma study and practice, what about that? Hey there is reality/non-duality/non-violence, what about that?

    So please dont take refuge into the treadmill of dualistic betray systems that sooner or later will fail/crash anyway. So what about taking refuge into the light within yourself (as buddhas teach) that is free of narcissism/duality/lastingness and non-existence, what about devotion to the light within yourself by dharma study and practice? Please don’t make a hamster out of yourself that is running in a treadmill of a dualistic betray system just to cause and effect problems for yourself and others, that makes no sense at all. Only vote the light within yourself!

    Hamsters that are running very fast in a treadmill and go out it, they fly around, that looks funny but for the hamster itself it isn’t funny at all. So when this is happening to you, because you are stepping out of the treadmill of duality and start to fly around like a hamster, you are on the right way … so don’t be scared just go on with dharma …

    Let all states/republics fail and crash themself, just accept it, they have decidet to do so and they are going to do so anyway. Don’t expect it will become better, no, how with all the violence within non-violance/reality? If they don’t stop themself, they are lost in space. It’s sad, but that’s samsara, so what do you expect.

    I think not only Chinese Gov. can and has to learn, we are all impermanent, we all have to learn.

    May all Dharmapalas protect all teachers and students of dharma with their wisdom of non-duality and compassion. May Vajrakilaya destroy all obstacles and harmful powers that are hostile against wisdom and compassion.

  9. Switzerland ranks highly for protection of human rights. This is one of the reasons why they have the largest Tibetan-in exile group in Europe, welcoming the Tibetans. For the Swiss to make this recent move to put in a new policy to register all Tibetans as Chinese, they must have considered all possible angles before concluding that this is a realistic and practical move for the future. This is a reasonable conclusion given all the factors we have today.
    Tibetans who are upset with this move should contemplate deeper. There is no need for complicated philosophies or explanations. Life goes on daily and everyone got to adapt to it and learn to move on peacefully. The BuddhaDharma remains the same that we have to put the teachings into practice.

  10. Thank you Ashok Rao for this interesting piece that states all the obvious. China is now the powerful darling of most countries in terms of trade agreements and ludicrous investments. Tibet is in China and has been for the past 50 years. So really, CTA should be facing the reality and start making proper overtures to China while they still hold some advantages.

    Ashok wrote “His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his ‘ministers’ to ask for autonomy, which necessarily involves being a part of China, but at the same time gang bashing China at every turn, at every meeting, at every political gathering with every leader of the free world, and in the media, it doesn’t make logical sense.” is interesting and so true. Why ask for autonomy from the enemy and not independence?

    Personally I think they can’t ask for independence as Tibet in China is now enjoying more freedom than what CTA lets on. They enjoy religious freedom (China has even taken on protecting Dorje Shugden practitioners and will not tolerate harm on them), possibility of owning properties (which previously would be almost impossible under the feudal system of CTA), preservation of Tibetan cultures and heritage buildings (millions had been pumped into restoration works), improved living conditions and economic opportunities. Recently China had even approved an infrastructure and transportation project worth billions in order for Tibetans to have better access to the rest of China and onwards to world trade.

    In view of all the positive changes, the cries of abuses by China are really not as effective should CTA push for independence. CTA themselves are perpetrators of abuse and harm toward Dorje Shugden practitioners when they ban this protector’s practice. With lies and deceptions, CTA had ruled their people in exile in dictatorial style. They employ everything they can to snuff out this authentic protector practice and violations of human rights as well as religious freedom had gone on with impunity. It would make more sense to turn their energy towards a positive negotiation with China for the return of their people to their homes.

    CTA need to learn to put their people first or the people need to stand up for their rights to a benevolent government that holds their interests as their principle consideration. All those voters who have rights to vote but had settled in foreign countries should reconsider…wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go in and out of Tibet China as the ancestral homeland without obstacles if negotiations went well?

  11. The Tibetan sovereignty card is out-dated because for decades, the leadership of Tibetans in exile had proven to the world how weak they are in being a government and administer for growth and development. The West who used to held high hopes on these leaders should realise by now that it had been all talk and no action. All the money poured into the pockets of the CTA (short for leaderships of Tibetans in exile) had ended up just where they are, the pockets of the CTA. None had gotten channeled to the people who deserved them. In fact, monies were used to fund hatred and fan disharmony. Hence it is no surprise that Switzerland, a country famous for being nonpartisan and shrewd take such measure, because it is impossible to reconcile the war cry by CTA and the actions they do. On the other hand, China, for the last many decades had been focused and single-minded in socio-economy development and growth to benefit her people, which include the Tibetans who reside in China. Tibetans in China enjoy human rights and religious freedom as well as receive opportunity to be part of the economy growth bandwagon. Why would any level-headed leaders be condoning act to fight against stability and harmony. Unless they have bias agenda. Kudos to Switzerland for taking this step to show CTA that it is high time to think about the future and do what is right for the people.

  12. The Tibetan leaderships (CTA) is fighting a lost cause, one of the reasons is that they are not garnering full support from their Tibetan people. In fact, CTA have split the Tibetan community because of the ban on Dorje Shugden practice that had nothing to do with the loss of Tibet nor the effort to have autonomy. The younger and able bodied Tibetans are settling down into other countries, in search of much needed job opportunities. And after settling down they brought their families over thus reducing the population of Tibetans in India. This also results in an ageing Tibetan population in India that the CTA does not provide much for these people. Instead of wisely working with China for the betterment of their people, the CTA embarked on the witch hunt to destroy Dorje Shugden and his roots. A witch hunt that is not logical and that which brings no benefit to Tibetans.

  13. Switzerland is setting an example to all of us around the world that at the end of the day, we will still need to depend, liaise or have connections with China because China is so huge, advance and also progressing in the economic sector. If the Tibetans want peace, freedom and also the country to grow then they have to stop making fuss and start creating good relationships with China. China is the one who can help them as they have the capability and the capacity. Tibetans have to stop blaming others and even blaming Dorje Shugden for their condition and for what happen to them. They have to start thinking out of the box and a bigger picture whereby it benefits the people of Tibet. Complaining and not doing anything to resolve the matter is not going to help either.

  14. Its true! Why do CTA and HHDL supporters always talk bad about China? Before one talk about how bad others are, they should check themselves first. What about the religious freedom of Dorje Shugden practitioners? What about the Tibetan families, relatives, friends that are separated because of this?

    Why can’t the CTA for once not be filled with their ego and think of others? What do you really want actually?
    Most of the countries in the world are making friends with China for greater purposes but the CTA is going the opposite direction? Isn’t it weird? Therefore I truly agree with this question “Why would you want to be autonomous in a place where you aren’t treated well?”

    I agree with what Switzerland did. Tibet is still ‘Tibet’ BUT it is under the ruling of China hence they must follow the rules. So CTA, again and again, people around the world are telling you to reconsider your approaching ways and be nice. Not be a bull and go head on. Definitely no benefits there.

  15. The fact that Tibet is within China can’t be denied. Whether Tibetan leadership or any other Tibetan agree it is the reality that must face. Keep bashing China to claim their freedom is definitely not working as we can see the result after so many years. China is growing stronger and we can see many other countries are befriending China for greater benefits. I totally agree with what has been shared by Ashok Rao.

    After so long of seeking for freedom what had Tibetan leader achieve or even convince the world what they have done to protect or to provide better welfare for their people? The fund that they have gotten from the west how have it been properly used to support their own people? How after so many year the Tibetan leaders still unable to be self-sustain?

    Switzerland moves to enforce all Tibetan resident in their country to identify as Chinese is just the mater of time and I believe other country will do the same in very soon of time. How long more to wait for Tibetan to gain what they dream for after so long of fight and it doesn’t seem to work by banging the hard way.

    Looking at how the Tibetan leaders separate and ostracised their own people using religious practice such as Dorje Shugden already good enough to tell the world how can they be success in managing their country and people. Instead of uniting their people they spend more time and money to create so much materials to ban the practice and uses religious practice as the reason for the fall of Tibet. How ridiculous it can be but this is the truth. Who will support Tibet now when they took away the religious freedom from their people and at the same time shouting for freedom for their country.

    I really hope the Tibetan leaders can really wake up and realise that time is no longer at their side and more and more countries leaders will join China. If the Tibetan leaders do not play smart now it will be too late.

  16. From the politic point of view, there are more cons than pro if a country go against China. Not to say every country must flatter China, but befriending with a strong country like China will definitely help the country growth. On the other hand, Tibetan Leadership not only against China, but they drag Dorje Shugden into the scenario, and imposed rules to stop people from practicing Dorje Shugden. That directly break their own people into groups, categories. I wanted to ask them, like that how are they going to unite all the Tibetan? And yet, they want to talk about independence? Actually from an outsiders point of view, people will funny is that, even other countries like Switzerland is befriending China, but why Tibet, all the while people around the world know that it is part of China, but they don’t appreciate to be part of China? With this kind of politic among themselves, can they even survive if they really independent? I hope, the Tibetan government in exile (CTA) realize this soon and stop all these nonsense.

  17. I’ve read 2 of the articles from web :



    The world is changing everyday, i still catch no point why CTA ( the leadership of Tibetans ) wanted banned this and that? CTA wanted to use religion to control the world?

    For me : religion and Politic should not mix together.

  18. This is wake-up call to Tibetan leadership (CTA) to stop advocate against China. China is currently a huge, rich and powerful country. There were many other countries seek support from China financially and economically. Tibet should be proud of being part of China. They should cultivate kindness and be friends with China in order to have peace, freedom and democracy for the sick of their people. Criticizing, condemning, bashing on supporting country will not bring any beneficial, in fact security and economic of the country will be affected tremendously.

  19. I can’t stop laughing when reading the part where it says Tibetan leadership is droning on How China steps on human rights, how unfair they are, and how China doesn’t give its citizens the religious freedom they deserve. I really feel like telling CTA: hey, look at the mirror, that’s who you are talking to.

    When CTA talk bad about China, it seems that they have forgotten what they have done to their own citizen, creating division, destroying harmony, breaking their family apart, send people out to hunt down Dorje Shugden Practitioners, hire people to attack Dorje Shugden practitioners online, does all these actions call being fair to their citizen? Is this call respecting human rights? Respecting the Religious freedom policy?

    Now is already 2017, CTA’s previous action has brought them to this mess today, I really wish they notice their action of bringing no benefit to anyone and change their current attitude and treat their citizen well, focus on their welfare and develop the land well, stop doing the unnecessary things that bring down their own people.

    China is very strong, they have just took over USA as the world leader in economy, many huge and strong countries are taking side with China, CTA should also put down their hatred towards China and get close, work close with China for the benefit of their citizen.

  20. More and more nations siding with China and have “partnership” with China. Why? I think It is just because this is in the fundamental interest of those countries and their peoples to have long-term strategic for their development and prosperity.

    As for Switzerland for the benefit of both country’s people, Switzerland has to reaffirm and will continue to pursue the one China policy as one of the agreement between both country and this resulted Switzerland is now enforcing all Tibetans resident in their country to identify themselves as Chinese or originating from China”

    If this is the case that is more nations now siding with china, it doesn’t make sense that Tibet is against China. Tibet leadership should do whatever to bring benefit to its people instead of benefits the leaders. They should also think long term strategic to bring prosperity to Tibetan , it has been proving that by blaming dorje shugden and China doesn’t bring development to Tibet but has divided their own peoples and bring suffering to their peoples. Lift the ban of Dorje Shugden and unite Tibet for a better future.

  21. Everyday, there are tons and tons of hate been produced and spreaded throughout world without hesitation, it’s unbelievable. People are suffering because their leaders have make illogical and selfish calls on behalf of their countries.

    To serve and benefit his or her people is a leader’s primary job. If one could not get it done and even make things worst. People should stand up, gather and fight for their freedom.

  22. What Switzerland government enforcement toward Tibetan resident at their country has set good example to others in the world. It send the good message to Tibetan leadership have to stop bashing China , accusing China no have religion practice freedom. Look at over 20 years of put down Dorje Shugden ban. CTA has done more harm to their own Tibetan people and Shugden practitioners around the world. Which against human right and religion freedom. Switzerland sure is one of the country to protect human right at their country. Therefore all the actions to put down Shugden practitioners have to stop.

    China has becoming more powerful and influence in economic at international . Many people wanting become partnership doing business together with China and their powerful political support background. Perhap CTA should stop basing China and make friendship connection to bring peace for Tibetan around the world who resident at different countries.

  23. Another western country Switzerland on China side. I think let’s face the reality as what buddhsim always taught. Seriously, What benefit that CTA gain for being against China. The strategies of gaining support from the western countries, so that CTA can continue to receive funds and donation due to political matters, is not working anymore. People used to against China due to political issue but today the world is looking forward to work with China due to China’s powerful influence on the world economy. China is now the world’s largest economy by some measures. China now also ranks second to the USA for the number of billionaires with 251 in 2016, increasing by 38 while the USA dropped by 4 in 2016 to 536.

    CTA should stop going against China because it will not bring any benefit for anyone. The funds will be reduced or cut off because those western countries who supported CTA before will withdrawn themselves because they do not want to be China’s enemy. Everyone wants to be friend with China.

    There are lots of benefits to be China’s friend. CTA should really consider about the benefits for their people.

  24. Switzerland was kind enough to allow Tibetans to identify themselves as the citizens of Tibet / stateless over the past years. Now, Switzerland has changed their immigration policy for Tibetan refugees and asked those Tibetans to change nationality to Chinese. If Tibet is an independent country, their citizens may not need to go through all this and instead they will feel proud to record their nationality. However, they are not. This is time for the Tibetan leadership to think about the benefits of their people.
    In reality, governments in all countries have an important role in economic progress and overall developments of a country for their people. A huge number of China population of approximately 1.4 billion or 18% of the total world population, I personally believe that not only Switzerland but many other countries may not want to lose their opportunity to have any form in dealing with China. We must know, this is the reality world.

  25. It is so important that CTA heeds the message that Dorje Shugden.com has been talking about. And that is while the Dalai Lama is still around and has much influence, the CTA should start making overtures good ones to China.

    As once the Dalai Lama is gone, CTA has got nothing to negotiate with the Chinese anymore, at that time, the Chinese would have mastered all they need to know to deal with the Tibetan. The single most thing that could worry the Chinese is still the Dalai Lama, without the Dalai Lama, CTA is just paper tiger.

  26. It’s no doubt that the Tibetan leadership is losing its grounds, all these happened due to their lack of ability to make decisions. How can one rules a nation when all they ever consider about is how they can benefit themselves but not the people? Truth to be told, Tibet can never win under this kind of leadership.

    More and more countries are siding with China now, China’s economy is growing rapidly and it’s something we have to understand. Not one single country is willing to take the risks of agitating China because we are talking about losing millions to even billions of business deals with China. This point alone is enough to prove why Tibet will never win.

    As time goes by, we hear a lot more news of how other countries are making things difficult for Tibetans. For example, Sweden has stopped accepting India’s Tibetan travel document or what they call ‘IC’, Mongolia has refused visits by the Dalai Lama; The United States being one of the main sponsors of Tibet has recently befriended China under the leadership of President Trump, this would mean that America values China cause that’s their largest trading partner there. So do you think they will continue to support Tibet and upset China? I don’t think so…

  27. Take a look at this clear video of His Holiness the Dalai Lama telling the monasteries to expel monks that practice Dorje Shugden. Click here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTgYWidYw3U

  28. Nechung is ZUMA 👎 before I m think he is one of d best when I m watch dis video By Geshe Dorjee la but now I m think is not d truth n he is lie to Tibet people we r not back to Tibet yt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIDZLzXIgW8 Chithue Tenpa Yarphel la tq for talk about truth of Nechung . I m watch to this video many time la https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if2dFMKIr_8 n after I hear you talk I m not belief to Nechung

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