The End of Tenzin Peljor and the FPMT’s Unholy Love Affair

Tenzin Peljor, also known as Tenpel, was recently expelled from an event celebrating the Dalai Lama’s birthday. It was being held at Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa (ILTK) where Tenpel was hiding out to escape lawsuits in Germany. ILTK is a branch of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) which, in spite of its founder’s reliance on Dorje Shugden, has in the last two decades been vitriolic and vehement in its attack and suppression of Dorje Shugden practitioners. Tenpel, who was paid by the Tibetan leadership to do similar things, was hiding out with them until recently.

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By: Shashi Kei

Anyone who is familiar with the sufferings of Dorje Shugden Buddhists due to the Tibetan leadership’s unlawful and immoral religious ban, will be aware of the name Tenzin Peljor, otherwise more commonly known as Tenpel. Tenpel is known by a few other names such as Michael Jäckel and Mick Jackman, and this is not taking into consideration his many fake and anonymous social media names such as Newqinni (Newqn) which he uses to make bogus and disparaging comments on various online sites, set up to specifically attack Dorje Shugden practitioners. Tenpel also uses these fake accounts to create dialogue in the comment section of his own blog posts, to give the impression that there is interest in what he has to say and to steer public discussion in a particular way.


Snake in the grass

While genuine and sincere Buddhist monks occupy themselves with studies, debates, meditation, contemplation and practices, serving their teachers and monasteries, teaching, writing, working the fields and in kitchens, up-keeping their teachers’ households, and finding means and sponsorship to pay the monastery expenses, Tenpel has gained notoriety for operating a blog that targets Buddhist teachers and centers with harsh and disparaging remarks aimed at discrediting them and undermining their works. Tenpel himself has no Dharma center nor does he teach or publish books or undertake anything that uplifts the Dharma.

That a Buddhist monk should focus on such a destructive vocation speaks volumes of Tenpel’s character and calls into question the authenticity of his monkhood. Tenpel dedicates himself to being a character assassin, engaging in agitprop which he learned when he was in the now defunct East German Communist army. Over time Tenpel honed his skills in disinformation campaigns and offensive propaganda. While this is not considered right livelihood or proper conduct for a monk, after a while it became clear even to Tenpel that this would be his only way of getting recognition, some semblance of respect, and how he would stand out. Given the high calibre of scholarship that the Gelugpa is known for, Tenpel must have been painfully aware that he doesn’t stand a chance to shine even remotely. After all, with the opinion of many people Tenpel’s sole motivation in blogging, being a paid informant of the CTA, being pro-Dalai Lama, and creating many blogs was in order to be recognized as some sort of Buddhist teacher-scholar and basically to bring attention to someone whose life has amounted to nothing. Sadly, Tenpel has not accomplished much in his life and has hopscotched from one lama and tradition to another finding fault in them where there were none. This shows his unstable character and his demoralizing hard-work towards fame and recognition. True that Tenpel’s aspirations are not very monkly at all, hence he has lost much support at least in the internet domain. Still, his unsavory trade is useful to the politically-motivated segments within Tibetan Buddhism who seek ways to advance their personal agendas.

Tenpel was hired to engage in a campaign of fear and intimidation against Dorje Shugden practitioners. At one point, he was caught photographing Dorje Shugden protestors. These photographs later ended up on the CTA’s hit list of protestors so that Tibetans knew who to violently target as revenge for these individuals protesting against the ban. This was a clear violation of the protestors’ rights to privacy, and to freedom of thought, expression, assembly and religious practice.

And so when the Dalai Lama’s Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) launched its persecution of Dorje Shugden Buddhists, Tenpel readily availed himself to Lobsang Sangay and Dhardon Sharling, the then-Secretary of the CTA’s Department of Information and International Relations which is charged with delivering their propaganda. Acting as a CTA operative, Tenpel was engaged to destroy the reputation of Dorje Shugden lamas and practitioners. This move was vital to the CTA since there was never any basis for the ancient practice of Dorje Shugden to be banned. Hence the CTA needed Tenpel to create a propaganda campaign similar to that which allowed the US to invade Iraq, depose Saddam Hussein and take over the country. The plot Tenpel executed to demonize Dorje Shugden by accusing Shugden Buddhists to be anti-Buddhist Chinese agents, is akin to the US campaign that misled the world into believing that Iraq was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction (WMD). This in turn legitimized American aggression against another sovereign nation. By the time the truth became known, Saddam Hussein was already dead and Iraq lay in ruins, under the control of its annexer, the United States of America.

As part of his tactic, Tenpel recruited ex-members of the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) who were disgruntled for one reason or another with their previous teachers and Dharma centers. A host of social media sites were formed, under the cloak of anonymity to spread false information about Dorje Shugden. Tenpel was partially successful in his endeavors, aided by the CTA that paved the way for him to form a casual connection with the Dalai Lama’s Office, sufficient as an incentive for Tenpel to recruit a crew and teams of social media trolls to ignore laws governing religious freedom, and defame and demonize members of another faith.

Tenpel is particularly interested in leveraging those with deep-seated resentment due to unresolved personal issues and harnessing that resentment against Dorje Shugden. But clearly, Tenpel does not feel that he owes these minions even the most basic ounce of allegiance and has been known to expose them voluntarily in order to save himself. One clear example was when he very quickly gave up one of his recruits, a Lobsang Nyima, when the forensic trail got too close to him.


An unholy alliance

Lama Olé Nydahl with His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje. Lama Olé launched defamations suit against Tenzin Peljor, who fled to Italy instead of remaining in Germany to defend the statements he had made about Lama Olé. Hardly the actions of an innocent man.

Tenpel has not limited his slandering of Buddhist lamas to Dorje Shugden practitioners. In 2018, Tenpel pushed his luck too far when he defamed a Kagyu lama, Lama Olé Nydahl. Tenpel was slapped with defamation suits but instead of staying to defend himself (as one would if they believed their criticisms of another person had basis), he fled to Italy instead. Tenpel was offered sanctuary by the Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa (ILTK), which is a branch of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) headed by Lama Zopa.

The FPMT is one of the main protagonists of the Dalai Lama and CTA’s persecutions of Dorje Shugden Buddhists. It is also the base of Dagri Rinpoche, an FPMT figurehead who has recently been arrested and charged for a sex offense, and is currently being prosecuted by the Indian government. He is also the subject of multiple accusations for having sexually molested ordained nuns against their will. Dagri Rinpoche is also attached to the Dalai Lama’s Office and is a useful link between the FPMT and the Dalai Lama.

Like Tenpel, FPMT carries out the CTA’s attacks on Dorje Shugden followers. Therefore it is not surprising that FPMT would harbor Tenpel when he is avoiding the reach of the law and justice. Quite ironically, Lama Yeshe, one of the most steadfast Dorje Shugden monks in modern history, founded FPMT. However, after Lama Yeshe’s passing, FPMT quickly abandoned its own spiritual roots to become the main apologist for the Dalai Lama’s religious politics. In Tibetan Buddhist circles, it is well-known that willingness to become an instrument of the Dalai Lama’s political objectives is the fastest way to achieve acclaim for those who regard Buddhism as a trade.

However, hiding out in the ILTK did not help Tenpel in the end. Lama Olé Nydahl’s lawyers managed to secure court injunctions compelling Tenpel to respond to the legal suits at which point, Tenpel swiftly instructed his lawyers to negotiate a settlement. Surely, this is not indicative of someone who believes in what he writes and the allegations he makes in his blog posts against innocent victims of his character assassinations. Tenpel’s cowardice in running away to Italy and then quickly seeking a settlement with Lama Olé raises questions about the legitimacy of the many claims he makes on his blog.

It was recently discovered that FPMT has been involved in the cover-up of Dagri’s sexual offenses for a decade. Now, FPMT’s treatment of Tenpel has pushed observers to comment that FPMT is like a cult, expelling members who dare question what is happening within the organization. Click to enlarge.

Then there is FPMT that has demonstrated its lack of hesitation in shielding and protecting the corrupt and the immoral. Instead of making sure that a confirmed sex offender like Dagri Rinpoche is exposed so that innocent people are not harmed, FPMT defends his sexual abuses and justifies them as the actions of a high being. In fact, FPMT have known about his abuse for as long as a decade but rather than ban him from their organization, they have instead promoted him all over the world, encouraging FPMT branches to invite him to their centers, thereby exposing him to more potential victims. In addition, FPMT has shamelessly gagged any discussions about Dagri and calls for him to be investigated.


Showing true colors

Instead of making sure that justice is done for those who have been harmed by Tenpel’s malicious lies, FPMT offers him shelter. While this may be shocking, it should not be – if FPMT can promote a recognized sex offender like Dagri, is their protection of Tenpel all that surprising? Similarly, it is not shocking given how FPMT has had no qualms dishonoring their own spiritual father, Lama Yeshe, by disowning his practice of Dorje Shugden. However, with such an unholy alliance, it was only a matter of time before such depraved collusion unraveled and it happened when Tenpel was forced to take a stance on the Dagri issue.

Not even his employer Lobsang Sangay’s presence at ILTK’s celebrations for the Dalai Lama’s birthday was enough to save Tenpel from being publicly expelled from the event.

Tenpel has portrayed himself as a self-appointed Buddhist police. As such it would be incongruous with the image he has created of himself if he had remained silent on Dagri’s sexual abuses, especially when there are such vibrant discussions on the social media. On the other hand, to take a stance against Dagri is tantamount to biting the hand that has been feeding him, which is FPMT. Remaining true to his disloyal nature and choosing to protect the image he has shaped over the years over his supposed “spiritual home”, Tenpel hosted a petition calling for Dagri to be investigated on his infamous blog. Over and over again, he has contacted and rallied various Buddhist teachers and personalities to sign and support the petition against FPMT, which he then gleefully announces.

A senior FPMT member Fabrizio Pallotti has been one of Dagri Rinpoche’s most staunch defenders, claiming that news of Dagri Rinpoche’s sexual abuse has been fabricated (although Dagri Rinpoche has already been arrested and charged by Indian police). It has been claimed that it was Pallotti who masterminded the humiliation and expulsion of Tenpel.

The Dagri episode proved to be the point of polarity between Tenpel’s egocentricity and FPMT’s self-interest, and so FPMT decided to punish him. During recent celebrations of the Dalai Lama’s 84th birthday held at the ILTK, Tenpel was already seated when he was unceremoniously ejected from the assembly, causing him great embarrassment especially given the fact that among the VIPs was Lobsang Sangay whom Tenpel had gone to great lengths to impress. In the words of an FPMT old guard, the episode was intended to be a public humiliation of Tenpel and to send a message that he was no longer welcome at the ILTK. A letter from the manager of Takden Shedrub Dargye Ling, the residence for monks attending courses at ILTK, has surfaced confirming that he has not met the requirements of ILTK’s Masters program he was enrolled into. The same letter also reveals that Tenpel used his supposed studies as a front for his subterfuge work and justification to claim free board and lodging from the ILTK. The fact his expulsion came at the hands of FPMT’s senior members makes it difficult for Tenpel to ever be welcomed back in FPMT again. Unless FPMT finds his skills in vice activities to be useful again, then he will be invited back which could be soon! Basically he’s been humiliated and it shows FPMT’s true feelings towards Tenpel. 

Letter addressed to Tenzin Peljor, asking him to leave the facility as he has failed to meet the requirements of the ILTK Masters program and has been taking advantage of their institution for more than a year and a half. It also mentions that his blog and online activities have created disharmony in the community.

It has been said that Tenpel’s humiliation was masterminded by the disrobed former monk Fabrizio Pallotti. Pallotti plotted and planned with another senior FPMT member, Massimo Corona who now claims to be regretful of his actions and places responsibility for the incident squarely on Pallotti’s shoulders. So much for loyalty. Regardless of Corona’s excuses and apologies, the fact remains that he still participated in the very public expulsion of Tenpel. Interestingly, Pallotti has been one of Dagri Rinpoche’s more vocal defenders online; despite Dagri Rinpoche already in appearing in court, Pallotti continues to claim that he is innocent and all of the charges against him are made up. That is to say, Pallotti is complicit in and involved with the cover-up of Dagri’s abuse of FPMT members, and therein lies the source of his conflict with Tenpel and his petition.

Tenpel’s treatment by the old guards of FPMT is a slap to his face. It is confirmation that the Tibetan Buddhist establishment does not hold him in high regard nor does he have very much power or standing anywhere. It is also an attestation to the fact that Tenpel does not even remotely come close to being in the shadows of the CTA or the Dalai Lama’s inner circles despite having carried out the most vicious attacks on Shugden lamas at the behest of the Tibetan leaders. To them, he was simply a paid mercenary who is now isolated and abandoned; even the presence of his employer, Lobsang Sangay, was not enough to prevent his humiliating expulsion.

Sean Jones refers to the current FPMT leadership as “Buddhist Taliban”, saying they suppress anyone who dares to think, act, do or say differently from the organization’s leaders. Many years ago, the same label was directed at Dorje Shugden practitioners in an unfounded attempt to paint them as violent and archaic. How ironic that FPMT, whose members were very vocal in supporting the suppression of Shugden practitioners, is now being accused of similar behavior. Click to enlarge.

Ironically, this is the same situation he has forced many innocent Dorje Shugden followers into when he falsely charged them to be anti-Dharma, anti-Dalai Lama, anti-Tibetan cause and, on top of that, paid Chinese agents. As for FPMT, they have shown their true colors. That they would rather expel someone calling for an investigation into Dagri, rather than initiate it to protect Dagri’s victims, clearly indicates the distinct lack of spirituality, compassion or wisdom at the highest levels. Nor is the FPMT known for its gratitude; they have been known to cold shoulder generous sponsors such as Sean Jones Esq who not only aided the organization financially when it needed help but was also an effective member of the Directorship who pushed for the FPMT to be run professionally and ethically. Their actions have prompted members of the public to comment that FPMT is an intolerant cult, with an ex-FPMT director even referring to it as being the Buddhist Taliban, the exact label forced upon Dorje Shugden worshipers by the sycophants of the Tibetan leadership.

And so after decades of collaborating to harangue, harass, berate, discriminate and persecute other people on the basis of their faith, it seems karma is finally catching up, seeing an end to the unholy love affair that is Tenpel and FPMT.



It was announced on Facebook by Sean Jones, a senior member of FPMT, that Tenzin Peljor had been expelled from the pujas celebrating His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday.

Sean Jones, a senior student at FPMT, writes that a monk was expelled from the Masters program at Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa in Italy. Click to enlarge.

Senior FPMT member Sean Jones calls the current FPMT leadership “the Buddhist Taliban”. In this screenshot, more details are also given about the public humiliation of Tenzin Peljor, including who was involved in enforcing the expulsion. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Tenzin Peljor, also known as Tenpel was kicked out of FPMT’s Italy branch recently during the celebration of Dalai Lama’s birthday. That is too funny! Tenpel makes so much trouble making anonymous blogs about people and criticizes them. He always act like the Dharma police and says the most vulgar things of other people, groups, sangha, teachers and centres. Now his karma came back. Now he is humiliated and he deserves it. Let’s hope he gets more lessons so he will shut up once and for all.😜


    • Well… Looks like someone has been a very very bad monk? Is he a real monk in the first place? Anyway it is hilarious to read… I guess FPMT figured to better kick this mole out before it becomes cancerous.

      To be honest, they both really deserve each other ha ha.

  2. It’s about time this ‘monk’ gets his just desserts. His words embarrassed and hurt many Shugden lamas. He encouraged people to expel monks from their monasteries and pujas. NOW HE KNOWS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE HUMILIATED AND EMBARRASSED, and have no place to go. Nobody needs to apologize to this poor excuse of a human being who has no compassion for anybody else. ✊✊✊✊

  3. He deserves this karma for what he did to the Buddhist world especially to Shugden lamas. Being kicked out of FPMT is such a shame as if I am not mistaken FPMT is not famous for doing things like this except for Shugden people. Now he is kicked out of anti-Shugden party FMPT, I wonder what he is going to do now?

  4. It is about time Tenpel is kicked out of FPMT. He was hiding in the FPMT centre in Italy because he had a defamation lawsuit against him from a huge Buddhist organization in Germany. Tenpel is a coward and a liar. 👎👎😆

  5. It is about time this East German Stasi is being kicked out from ILTK in Italy for using FPMT: free food, boarding, education and etc. This user doesn’t deserve the kind donations although FPMT is not innocent for covering Dagri for his sexual abuse.

    I can’t wait that his defamatory sites to be taken down so he cannot pollute others mind much longer.

  6. Massimo Corona is simply a nasty egomaniac without an ounce of kindness or wisdom in him. Palotti is no better. If anyone wonders why the FPMT is going downhill, just look at the people who make up the spiritual establishment of the organisation.

    If Corona is the product of decades of studies and practice under the FPMT, then you’re better off seeking refuge in a macchiato.


    • D*amn, u are right man! If u wanna learn dharma or take refuge pls DO NOT GO TO FPMT. It’s definitely not the place. I heard rumours of FPMT being a cult but never knew they are worse than a cult. Too much.. , all these nasty people, sex offenders, cultist, stupid selfish characters.

  7. Tenpel carries out the CTA’s attacks on Dorje Shugden followers and now he’s in trouble. All these non-ethical work soon or later will get them back. Why? Dorje Shugden is an enlightened being which has no karma to be hurt but for people to hurt another being, sure your karma will catch up. I’m no saying Dorje Shugden go after him but is Tenpel negative action that makes him collected negative karma to be suffered. As a monk he should know better but if he still insists to do it then we can only say TOO BAD for this monk which doesn’t believe in karma. Since he doesn’t believe in karma then why become ordained?

  8. Hard to imagine and believe, FPMT has been rotted to this extent – it expel a monk who stand by a sexually abused victim, and cover up for a monk who fail to follow rules and ethics for a monk?

    This would the start of the fall of an organisation 😢😒😢

  9. It’s really a tight slap to Tenpel. After so long condemning Shugden practitioners now karma return. You see Dorje Shugden still being practice widely and no one being harm. Dalai Lama is still there and no harm to him. So what had been told before that practicing Shugden will affect Dalai lama health and affect Tibetan cause. The ban has been imposed until now, what is the result? Is Tibetan able to go back to Tibet? If not then why the ban? Tibetans should question CTA why after the ban they still unable to return back to Tibet? So no the problem is CTA or Shugden?

  10. Tenzin Peljor manages a few websites to spread lies and to create schisms within the Buddhist community. He spreads negative speeches about NKT and Dorje Shugden. Apparently, he is paid by the CTA to do dirty jobs like these.

    As a monk, he should spend his time studying and teaching Dharma but he doesn’t. He is busy maintaining websites that bring no benefit to anyone. I wonder how many monk’s vows can he remembers and how many can he keep.

    A person like him should be expelled for sure. FPMT has made the right choice to get rid of him. Perhaps FPMT has learned its lesson with Dagri Rinpoche. It is better FPMT does something first before people expose the bad things Tenzin Peljor has done and create another PR disaster for FPMT.

  11. Wow! This is so funny. KARMA DOES WORK. How embarrassing to be kicked out publically in a big event (celebration of the Dalai Lama’s birthday). It would make sense that Tenpel is the man behind the blog site. He has publically been in support of those that had been molested by Dagri Rinpoche and called for investigations into the cases. Serves him right for creating so negativities towards Dorje Shugden practitioners. Not as though he is loyal to anyone, having changed so many Gurus at his convenience.

    FPMT themselves too got the karma they deserves. Turning against their own lineage Guru, Lama Yeshe and his practice of Dorje Shugden. Lama Yeshe had relied on Dorje Shugden and was a devout practitioner. So just for publicity, FPMT turned against Dorje Shugden practice is like a slap on their lineage master. Good that they feel the betrayal. Now everyone knows that FPMT is not so saintly after all and there are rots there.

  12. Oh dear….karma strikes back really quickly for this nasty monk. He better repent before it is too late. He will no longer have any more cloaks to shield himself in his undertakings to defame, criticise and sabotage Dorje Shugden practitioners and Lamas. Not even his ally the CTA can help him for long.

  13. He deserves this. Being a monk, what he should do is to learn and spread dharma, but what he did were nothing related to that. Creating websites to spread rumours and to create schism among Buddhist communities are very contradict to Buddha Dharma.

    He is against Dorje Shugden, now he’s even against FPMT which is against Dorje Shugden. If he says his anti Shugden stance is because he follows The Dalai Lama’s instructions, then why go against FPMT which is obviously very pro Dalai

  14. I read that Tenzin Peljor is a ex-stasi from East Germany. He is good at spying and performing jobs that require secrecy. Perhaps using a monk as a cover up of his identity makes it easier for him to do his work for the CTA. Instead of studying and teaching Dharma, he is busy maintaining different websites to undermine and defame Dorje Shugden practitioners and lamas. He is pure evil.

    I guess FPMT has learned their little lesson of covering up for Dagri Rinpoche for his wrongdoings, they don’t want to have more PR disaster, so they made the decision to expel Tenzin Peljor. But will this help to salvage their already bad reputation? Perhaps not. People will start asking why is FPMT allowing people who have misconducts to teach holy Dharma? Won’t the teaching tainted and contaminated?

    Truth prevails, slowly, people will know the true nature of Dorje Shugden. As more of these lies are exposed, Dorje Shugden’s ban will have to be lifted!

  15. Tenzin Peljor sure got what he deserved. As did FPMT. They are just the same. Creating schism wherever they are. So karma comes full circle. I can’t help but applaud FPMT for dispelling him so publically. However, there are so many who ignorantly still support him. Wonder if they are the same too? Without any loyalty and can switch from Guru to Guru as they like. Wonder what blessings do they think they are getting from the lineage Masters?

  16. I somehow think FPMT has become quite political, in fact the whole anti-Dorje Shugden Gelug lineage is acting the same way. They are protecting sex molestor Dagri Rinpoche, they are allowing opportunist like Tenzin Peljor to create schism and to come and go so easily everywhere. Now that the FPMT chased him away, I don’t think it’s because of any dharmic reason, but rather some political disagreement. I might be wrong but this is the impression they gave me. They are not for Buddha Dharma anymore. They are polluted since the very first day they chose to give up Dorje Shugden practice which passed down from their founder and guru Lama Yeshe.

  17. Now, this is a celebration of karma! Two birds in one stone. So to speak. Tenzin Peljor and FPMT both made to lose face over the expulsion. Shared karma in wrong views against Dorje Shugden and practitioners. Shared disloyalty to Gurus and lineage Lamas. Shared aspiration in wanting to look good, etc. Well, now shared shame too! HAHAHA! We will see how this goes………….

  18. Things are not going well for the anti-Dorje Shugden people. The Dagri sexual molestation case, this case with the fall out between FPMT and Tenzin Peljor and the many cases before this. On top of that, the grapevine says that Sakya monks in Nepal are visiting Dorje Shugen related websites and learning the truth about CTA’s lies. More and more will follow suit and we know what that means! CTA can’t control their people and their words will always be doubted as people learn the truth from these websites. CTA will definitely not be trusted and soon they may cease in existence despite the belated “friendship” tours by Lobsang Sangay. A little too late since China has won the majority world leaders with their generosity and forward-thinking moves which are people and economy centric. Bye Bye CTA!

  19. Karma really hit hard on these people who misuse religion for their own benefits. Cases like sexual harassment, corruption, murdering, defaming on religious freedom are their tactics to gain fame and power. More surprisingly, monks and lamas are involved in such. In Buddhism, people who break their vows, will overtake with heavy karma or even be get rebirth in three lower realms. Failing of CTA and FPMT do teaches us the importance of promises and loyalty.

  20. Such a disgrace. A monk that is ill mannered and arrogant. Serves him right to be expelled. A hypocrite just like CTA. Has the ‘courage’ to divide people but no ‘courage’ to admit. Whatever it is let’s do our practice just how Buddha taught us and focus on that instead of causing so much unhappiness among other practitioners with you own selfish needs.

  21. As a Buddhist, it is both shameful and disgusting to hear of such happenings.

    It is easy to blame Tenzin Peljor, basically a nobody, but how can it pass anyone’s logical mind that he is supported by the Boss of CTA and such a large Buddhist organisation like FPMT.

    At the same time why should what Tenpel, CTA’s Lobsang Sangay and FPMT do as a partnership be surprising when they can defame a 350 year old practice of Dorje Shugden.

    Karma does work and for now, Tenzin Peljor (Tenpel) may be getting the brunt of it. What is next for CTA and FPMT if they continue to do their terrible work against Dorje Shugden and Dorje Shugden practitioners. Scary.

  22. This is one of the many examples where CTA creates schism and split the Tibetan community. Peljor has no authority to judge and being the judge. Who give him the authority to be the police of Tibetan Buddhism. Only CTA will do such thing.

  23. The likes of Tenzin Peljor with his unscrupulous ways are a disgrace to the sangha community. This is the type of people that CTA have on their payroll or associate with. It speaks volumes of CTA. Tenzin’s schimatic speech and writing against Dorje Shugden have culminated in the spilt of not only among the lay community but also the monastic community. Whatever goes around is coming around to him. 

  24. Tenzin Peljor is not even qualified to be a monk looking at the damage that he is putting onto the people. This is definitely heavy karma. Sometimes I just don’t understand why these people likes to be the bad person. Does this makes them better? What do they get in the end?

  25. Tenzin Peljor always post criticisms about other people, other teachers and other faiths? Can you accept anyone to do that especially a monk to do that? We knew this kind of behavior created disunity and disharmony. Should a monk promote this which to add more suffering to others. Doesn’t that a monk should teach and show us the way to less our suffering? Therefore, a person like him deserved to be expelled. It is the same as CTA who use the Dorje Shugden practice to create disharmony and disunity among Tibetans and what has then gain from this? Tibetans in exile still suffering, stateless and can not go back to Tibet.

  26. It is really disgrace to have Tenzin Peljor in the sangha community. He even disgrace Tibetan Buddhism. It is his own doing to be expelled, karma always do its work. It will be the same that CTA continuously putting bad name and discriminating Dorje Shugden practitioners, one day they will face their karma. People now are not blind, especially Tibetans. They will not blindly follow what CTA says anymore, since they have been lying for the past 60 years.

  27. People who used & using Dharma as a tool to get benefits for oneself & caused harms, will need to pay back😔


  28. That is why buddha dharma has degenerate so fast at this modern time. People like Tenpa and Tenzin Peljor what they had done causing people lose fake and criticïze sincere buddhist lama who bring real dharma to others. Thanks for admin expose what they had done and people aware of it.

  29. Tenzin Peljor and CTA will continue to create tremendous bad karma for whatever they have done to Buddhism. They will attract people who are ignorance and have the same negative karma like them and they get together to disgrace the holy dharma. Very sad to see more and more people like Tenzin Peljor.

  30. Tenzin Peljor is sneaky and greedy. Even though he is wearing a monk’s robe, he does not carry himself like a monk. He breaks his monk’s vows on a daily basis by creating schism among the Buddhist community.

    He has been receiving money from the CTA to spy and report on Dorje Shugden followers. He was seen taking photos of the Dorje Shugden protesters in Europe. These photos would identify who were the protesters and CTA will put them on the name list. Tibetans are given this name list and encouraged to harm Dorje Shugden followers.

    I am not very sure why FPMT expelled Tenzin Peljor, but if he is such a trouble maker, he is definitely not suitable to become a Sangha and continue to receive teachings. If he cannot put the simplest Buddha’s teachings into practice, there is no point to continue to learn.

  31. It is such a shame that this so-called monk did so much damage and harmed Buddhism a lot because of the schism that he created and shared on social media.

    This is not what a monk does. Finally he got stopped!
    But it took the FPMT a long time to discover this.

    • Tenzin Peljor just finished his studies in The Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa in Italy, a branch of FPMT. It doesn’t seem to me that FPMT has learned any lesson from the past incidence. Perhaps they knew about what he did but just decided to turn a blind eye. If this is the case, it indirectly shows what kind of organization the FPMT is. They aggressively criticize Dorje Shugden practice while at the same time ignoring Tenzin Peljor’s misdeed just because he is non-Dorje Shugden practitioner.

  32. Are you even serious??? 😱

    I don’t care if you call yourself a Shudgen supporter, the FPMT, the Dalai Lama etc. – what you need to remember is that you are representing the historical Buddha Shakyamuni and the great Indian pandits in the world today, you are representing the Dharma.

    How can you act like this, how can you speak in this way of other people? How can you represent the Buddha if you can’t even do the basic practices of controlling your mind and your speech?

    How can two supposedly “Buddhist” organizations behave in such a way towards one another?

    I think this is exactly why Tibetan Buddhism is bound to decline in the West – because you fail to embody your own values.

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Contemplate This

.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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