The Broken Samayas of FPMT

Lama Yeshe, founder of Kopan Monastery and the FPMT organization

FPMT has broken a very strong samaya by giving up Lama Yeshe’s practice of Dorje Shugden. Dorje Shugden was the one that worked hand in hand with Lama Yeshe to obtain land for Kopan, find sponsors, build, and increase their centers around the world.

Furthermore, H.H. Zong Rinpoche and H.H. Trijang Dorje Chang were the root Lamas of Lama Yeshe. By giving up their Dorje Shugden practice, FPMT send a message to the world and themselves that Zong Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche were wrong. And certainly they were not wrong in any way. We cannot be selective in the pursuit of enlightenment. That breaks the lineal blessings right there.

Lama Osel Hita Torres, the unmistaken incarnation of Lama Yeshe

FPMT these days seldom talk about or mention Lama Osel, the unmistaken incarnation of Lama Yeshe. It must be a great embarrassment for them. But we must have no doubt that Lama Yeshe in the form of Lama Osel now is the correct incarnation. Dorje Shugden confirmed it in the beginning; Lama Zopa consulted Dorje Shugden through the Gaden Oracle himself. However, Lama Yeshe will not be able to manifest at this time until the samayas of FPMT are repaired.

But you might also be asking, “Doesn’t Lama Yeshe have attainments? If so, what happened?” It leads us to believe that Lama Yeshe cannot manifest his Dharma works due to the heavy broken samayas of his wayward students; works are delayed due to the karma of his students. If they wait too long, then the chance for him to manifest at all will pass completely for this lifetime.

Buddha appeared in this world, but samsara is still not empty. Certainly that is not Buddha’s fault. Nagarjuna appeared and lived 600 years, but not everyone has understood the truth of Emptiness and are hence released from dualism. If the lake is not still and free of movement, then the moon cannot be seen in it clearly. That is not the fault of the moon.

What FMPT don’t realize is that Lama Zopa is already advanced in age. They need to ask themselves what happens to their whole organization if he passes away? They don’t have any one to pass the torch to. Lama Osel should have been the one.

FPMT should repair their samaya with Lama Yeshe by doing their Dorje Shugden practices. Then their organization can continue even after the Dalai Lama has passed away.


What Happened After Lama Yeshe’s Passing?

Lama Zopa, current Spiritual Guide of FPMT and His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Many FPMT centers around the world go on witch-hunts accusing other centers of practicing Dorje Shugden for sake of gaining the Dalai Lama’s favor. It is very sad. It is selling out on Lama Yeshe and their lineage lamas.

Kopan Monastery should resume their practices as ordained by their root Lama, founding father and Master Lama Yeshe. To abandon their practices in order to get in the good books of the Dalai Lama will have only temporary benefits as their samaya with their root guru, Lama Yeshe, is severely broken.

In the first place, we must consider that many of the senior FPMT students met Lama Yeshe first and accepted him as their guru before they ever met the Dalai Lama. So they should hold what Lama Yeshe held close to his heart, which is Dorje Shugden and practices.

What happens if the Dalai Lama passes away and they have yet another lama teaching them in the future? Do they then adopt the practices another lama teaches because the Dalai Lama has passed? If not, then why would you abandon your practice from Lama Yeshe just because another more famous teacher (Dalai Lama) says you should? The practices laid down by the founding father of the Monasteries – in this case Kopan – should keep their practices and not trade it in for anything if they wish for their lineage to grow, and for their practices to be able to confer blessings.

Just because Lama Yeshe has passed away, FPMT should not just abandon their Shugden practices and adopt what the Dalai Lama says about giving up the practice. If we keep doing that, our Monastery will have lost its basis.

Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal

What happens if everyone does that? The minute your master passes, you abandon what he taught you to practice and adopt another Lama’s? Then when the new Lama passes, you again abandon what he taught, and adopt other new practices? That does not sound right. To switch practices each time your Lama passes and adopt a new and more famous Lama’s practices is not the right way to go. But that is what Kopan Monastery and the FPMT centers are doing today. Hence, after Lama Zopa, we can already see and anticipate that they will have many problems. It is such a waste that a great institution like this shows a poor example of guru and lineal devotion.

FPMT centers around the world are famous for their ‘witch-hunts’ against other centers that practice Dorje Shugden or are suspected of upholding the practice. They think of themselves as a kind of spiritual police for the Dalai Lama. But the real motivation behind them pointing fingers at others is abundantly clear and it is not for spiritual purposes. No witch hunt can be motivated by spiritual good intentions.

It has become clear that they want to look good for the Dalai Lama and his Tibetan Government in Exile, to get their support. With more support, they will also get more members and more money for their projects. This in itself is not a bad thing, but to point fingers at other centers and make other centers look bad does not justify the means as an end to the results. Their methods are wrong.

Yes, FPMT gave up the practice of Dorje Shugden, but they should remain quiet about it. They should just do their Dharma practice and be still without needing to make a big fanfare about it. Instead, you hear of their attacks on other centers quite often. They want to look so good, that they even have public signs posted up in their own centers they stating that people who practice Shugden are not welcome. How strange. How fanatical. And would that mean that if Lama Yeshe, Trijang Rinpoche, Zong Rinpoche showed up, they wouldn’t be allowed in?

FPMT has created the causes for many people within their own organization and other organizations to doubt, lose faith, question and have negative thoughts against their gurus for practicing Dorje Shugden. In that way, they have caused many to break their samayas with their gurus. That broken samaya comes back to them by way of Lama Osel, who is not able to manifest and ‘continue’ his Dharma works as so much hoped by FPMT.

Lama Yeshe was renowned for his teachings and spreading the Dharma to the West

By criticizing Dorje Shugden practitioners to get on the Dalai Lama’s good side, they abandon their own lineage lama, Lama Yeshe. But by abandoning their lineage lama, they slowly create the causes for their own centers/organization to go down, down and finally flat in the future. By following their lineage lama, they can make their organization succeed well into the future. In the future, whatever the Dalai Lama has said will be forgotten. All 13 of the previous Dalai Lamas’ words are unknown or forgotten to most Dharma practitioners today. Hardly anyone cares what the previous Dalai Lamas has said. There is no doubt that they were great teachers, but truth be told, all that has passed already.

By FPMT making the current Dalai Lama ‘happy’, they lose themselves. It is better to continue their Dorje Shugden practices quietly and stop criticizing other practitioners in order to please the Dalai Lama, because when this current Dalai Lama passes away, then they will have nothing left: there will be no Dalai Lama to win favor with, no blessings of the lineage lama, no reincarnation of Lama Osel doing Dharma work and perhaps by this time, no Lama Zopa, as he will have passed away. FPMT should think carefully.

Lama Yeshe has mentioned many times during his talks that FPMT grew and was successful due to the blessings of his Dharma protector Dorje Shugden. It was also Dorje Shugden who officially recognized Lama Zopa’s current incarnation (see book The Lawudo Lama by Jamyang Wangmo. Vajra Publications pges 171-180).

So outwardly, FPMT may look rosy from the outside now, but definitely not in the near and distant future. Cause and effect does exist unless the Buddha was mistaken.

I do not wish for FPMT to fall, nor do I wish ill of the Dalai Lama, but I do wish people would follow the teachings and practices of their teachers without being swayed by the political winds.

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  1. lama yeshi and lama zopa rinpoche are my root guru.. but i dont think so that shugden is very important for us praying… i pray for Tara and many other goddess. still i am rich and no need for evil dead person..

    FPMT will remain what there are now.. without shugden everything is going well..

  2. I agree with everything you say until the “evil dead person” part.

    (1) both your root gurus practise Dorje Shugden, and Lama Yeshe practised him until the day he died. So your root gurus practised this so-called “evil dead person”? Hmmm okay…

    (2) since your root gurus both practised Dorje Shugden, both are both wrong. With such a lack of guru devotion to your teachers, no wonder Lama Osel doesnt want to come back and FPMT lacks the merits for him to come back

    When Lama Zopa enters clear light as all of us have to one day, who is going to take over FPMT? Lama Osel? He has show no interest and why should he? His students broke their samaya with him.

    Sad you still cling on to your anti-Shugdenism when all youve done is lost the reincarnation of your root guru.

  3. It is strange that people would declare a Lama as their Root Guru and at the same time declare Him an ‘evil dead person’… Just like what Gaz said, it is sad…

    However, to me the sad part is… people who disparage their Guru whom has passed away… don’t really believe in reincarnation even if it’s staring right at their face. That is sad… because it questions what type of Dharma are you learning and practicing in FPMT.

    The basis of Tibetan Buddhism builds upon Guru Devotion, for without it, the lineage would have been broken long before it reached us. It is extremely disturbing that FPMT fail to see the bigger picture and only focus on the present. The broken samaya of Lama Osel’s students will not only be detrimental for FPMT in the long run, but a great loss to many people around the world, for Lama Osel will not be able to manifest great wisdom in this incarnation due to the student’s collective karma unable to receive such great wisdom.

  4. Time change views, perspectives, targets, men, way of teaching and… even the teaching of Dharma, the Lamas and the Ydams. IT IS ALWAYS HAPPENED. The best thing to happen is that we, as Teachers or Practitioners, are able to change them before that HISTORY will change them, us, our country defeating us and destroying everything. A thing that in Tibet is already happened AND NOT BECAUSE OF DOLGYAL OR NOT DOLGYAL but because of being out of history and a little, how to say, block headed. The high vision of a man like the XIV Dalai Lama is not only a tibetan view but understands a theurgy that is going on in ALL the planet and beyond.

    The magician Lamas that in Tibet helped to block the Gen Younghausband english army invasion didn’t see that was the beginning of the end and believed that it was a victory. So they were not protected by GB and were invaded by China in the cruel way that all the world can see and imagine. Theurgy and magic are more large thing that what usually people, even Lamas, can understand.
    Lha Ghyallo for all of you tibetan friends!

  5. How ironic that the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition is destroying their lineage by denying the heart practice of their gurus, reliance upon Dorje Shugdan. Without their dharma protector there is no lineage as guru and dharma protector are the same just different functions. By maintaining Dorje Shugdan practice the blessings will remain for the benefit off all living beings; a Mahayana view i think?

  6. singhadatta i like what you said- it is very interesting that you say that things in tibet already happened in the past and not because of dorjeshugden. I agree. it is not possible to say that a dharma protector would cause problems. he is a PROTECTOR. why will he create more problems for the lamas and the people? This does not make sense.

    many people forget that the troubles with tibet and chinese invasion happen a long time ago even before the dorje shugden controversy. The time that the chinese invasion happen, the dalai lama still believed in dorje shugden. and it was dorje shugden who told him to leave safely!! so it is not possible that dorje shugden becomes a problem like only 30 years later??

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  8. -Good lesson to learn from this- Lama Osel disrobed, never finished his studies, achieved nothing much in his secular life, just running around with his girlfriend and clubbing in Ibizia, Spain. His previous life accomplished so much with the help of his determination, hard work and Dorje Shugden. Lama Yeshe credited much of his success to the help he was bestowed by Dorje Shugden. By FPMT abanding Dorje Shugden, they broke their samaya with their lineage gurus such as Trijang Rinpoche and Zong Rinpoche from whom they received the Dorje Shugden sogtae commitment practice. Also it was with Lama Yeshe’s permission they received sogtae from these great masters. By abandoning the practice, they broke their spiritual bond (samaya) which is sacred in tantra with Lama Yeshe and lineage lamas. So it is no surprise Lama Yeshe came back in this incarnation unable to manifest being a great dharma teacher like his previous life. It is a shame and embarrassment to FPMT that Lama Osel ended up not doing much. It is a testimony to their failure in keeping their samaya to their guru and lineage lamas. FPMT wanted fame and rub shoulders with the famous and in return, they lost Lama Yeshe. After Lama Zopa passes away, FPMT will just go down for sure. No one can take over. Breaking their samaya was the wrong thing to do.😒👍☹️

    So many more pictures and information to read here:

  9. Lama Osel cannot manifest as his previous life because of the broken samaya of FPMT☹️



  10. 💔☹️😀Lama Zopa, who has received sogtae (initiation of Dorje Shugden) from His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, had said that:

    “Lama (Yeshe) and I practiced Shugden for many years. That was always the main thing that Lama did whenever there were problems to overcome. At the beginning of every Kopan course, Lama always did Shugden puja to eliminate hindrances.”

    “My root guru, His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche; Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo, His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s guru’s root guru; His Holiness Zong Rinpoche, from whom many of the older students received the initiation of Shugden; and the previous incarnation of Gomo Rinpoche, who has a strong connection with Istituto Lama Tsongkhapa, here in Italy, all promoted the practice of Shugden.”

    Photos: 1) Teachings by H.H. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche to FPMT students. 2) As Lama Yeshe reached the end of his life, Kyabje Zong Rinpoche came to the hospital to do prayers for Lama Yeshe. Lama Yeshe was very devoted to Kyabje Zong Rinpoche and Dorje Shugden till the end.


    ZR - LY

  11. In FPMT’s centre, Tushita, in Dharamsala, North India, they have a statue of Lama Yeshe in the form of Vajrasattva with consort. Now the question is simple: If Lama Yeshe practised Dorje Shugden, then he is a bad lama, so why doesn’t FPMT stop the homage/respect to their founding father Lama Yeshe? If they trust him, they will go to three lower realms for worshipping Lama Yeshe who worshipped Dorje Shugden. And all statues of Lama Yeshe should be discarded from all their centres right? In fact, in nearby Gaden Choling Nunnery in Dharamsala, the nun’s took their Dorje Shugden statue out of their main prayer hall where it was worshipped for decades and destroyed the statue in the garbage dump and jumped up and down on it to further desecrate it.

    Furthermore they make a Dorje Shugden worshipping Lama Yeshe in the form of divinity as Buddha Vajrasattva. That is a double-whammy no right? Why is FPMT so contradictory? Why are they blind to this double standard?

    If they wish to disassociate from Dorje Shugden lamas, they have to disassociate from their own centre-founding Lama who is Lama Yeshe. They must set the example right. Everyone knows Lama Yeshe worshipped, trusted and believed in Dorje Shugden till the end of his life. Lama Yeshe is the one that founded FPMT, so they have to be clean across the board and be honest right? If disassociate, then do it all the way. They should have no pictures, statues and images of Lama Yeshe at all. They should not be making images of him as a deity (Vajrasattva) as that is even more wrong according to their stance against Shugden and Shugden Lamas.

    Why encourage their members to worship a Dorje Shugden loving Lama like Lama Yeshe? That is what they are doing when they keep all his images in their centres around the world. They are sending the wrong message out. Lama Yeshe was wrong in their view to practice Dorje Shugden. Lama Yeshe broke his refuge vows by practicing Dorje Shugden. Lama Yeshe’s lineage, teachings, initiations and commentaries are all corrupted because he worshipped Dorje Shugden. So they should ritually expel his images from their centres with immediate effect to be in the clean arena.

    Dalai Lama said if you worship Dorje Shugden, no one should associate with you and you will go to hell. So how come FPMT still keeps a statue of Lama Yeshe in many of their centres? Is that not hypocrisy?

    Photos attached: Lama Yeshe as Vajrasattva with Consort housed in Tushita Centre, Dharamsala AND Lama Zopa prostrating to a statue of Lama Yeshe



  12. I do not understand how a Lama like Lama Rinpoche can write things like this, when it is well-known that he himself gave Dorje Shugden initiations and told the initiates that they were incurring a lifelong obligation to continue the practice, and that breaking such an obligation would incur grave negative karma. It is very confusing and frankly, depressing.

    Lama Zopa has written some excellent books, such as his work on the Medicine Buddha. However, his logic in this foreword is gravely flawed and perhaps even essentially anti-Buddhist. For instance, he says, “If the Precious Victorious One, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, is not the actual Buddha and Arya Avalokiteshvara, then you can say that in this world there is no emanation of Buddha benefiting sentient beings. In this way bodhicitta and the entire teachings of the Buddha become false.”

    Say what??? I do not know whether the Dalai Lama is or is not an emanation of Avalokiteshvara, though, based on his words and actions, I sincerely doubt it. (I mean, the man has repeatedly stated in countless interviews that he is not enlightened, and seems to relish scoffing at the notion that he might be). Regardless, the fact that the Dalai Lama is or is not such an emanation has nothing whatsoever to do with whether there are other emanations of Buddha currently on earth benefitting sentient beings.

    Logically, one does not rule out the possibility that other living Buddhas exist today, or other emanations of Avalokiteshvara, simply by denying that the Dalai Lama is such a one. If I deny that my wife is a panda bear, I am not denying that pandas exist. Indeed, to make a claim of exclusivity on the Dalai Lama’s behalf, as Lama Zopa has done, is really anti-Mahayanan in spirit, for it belittles and denigrates the efficacy of all other Buddhist schools and traditions. Someone seems to have imported the Roman Catholic doctrine of papal infallibility into Dharamsala, and now they are beginning to round up the infidels and burn them at the stake.

    It is the height of irony that Lama Zopa urges practitioners to examine their beliefs openly and honestly, and then states as a matter of fact that the Dalai Lama is omniscient and one must adhere to what the ‘omniscient one’ says. Am I not permitted to question whether the Dalai Lama is truly omniscient, and to judge this claim by the evidence of the man’s words and actions? Am I not allowed to take him at his word when he says he is NOT omniscient? Am I not allowed to question his lack of success in defending the cause of Tibet, or his lack of compassion in his treatment of Shugden practitioners, or his bumbling manner in any number of interviews, or his willingness to be used as a CIA puppet or guest editor of a highly immoral fashion magazine?

    Sadly, the recent actions of Lama Zopa and the Dalai Lama have completely soured me on Tibetan Buddhism. I have been forced to turn back to the Theravadan and Chinese teachings, because I will never again turn my will and intellect over to a guru who demands total obedience, even when he teaches one thing today and a completely different thing tomorrow. With this version of Buddhism, it’s a heads-you-win, tails-I-lose situation for the sincere follower … any faults of the guru are really the fault of the practitioner, whose bad karma has caused those faults to manifest. And even when the guru manifests obvious error, he still is not to be questioned because the error again is in the eye of the practitioner and only through blind loyalty can he cleanse his karma to the point where sincere questioning is of any value. If this is the case, then there is no point in advising practitioners to question and judge the teachings, because their bad karma will not allow them to make reasonable judgments. Reason itself is banished; it has become soiled and fallen and no longer can be trusted. Blind obedience becomes the only permitted path … you must believe in the Dalai Lama because he is a priori infallible and any evidence to the contrary is not credible, because ONLY the Dalai Lama represents Buddha in today’s world and EVERYONE ELSE is deluded.

    And so the question arises: if I am required to have blind faith in the Dalai Lama in order to be “saved”, what separates this form of Buddhism from any other exclusivist, country-club members only, religion? What separates Buddhism from the monotheistic religions once reason has been outlawed? You can use the same “your bad karma prevents you from seeing things as they are” argument to justify any religion, any cult, any superstition, any belief whatsoever. It might take a slightly different form — “your ways are not God’s ways,” or “your reason was broken in the original fall from grace of sinful man,” but the essence is the same: don’t trust yourself, look to others, particularly those who are held up as masters, for the truth. In this way, Lama Zopa’s attempt to defend the Dalai Lama becomes an atomic weapon capable of destroying any and all religious belief, or empowering any and all zealots of every stripe.

    I find all of this unworthy of the spirit of inquiry I believe Buddha Shakyamuni promoted, and the spirit of compassion that Avalokiteshvara represents. I hope that one day all the confusion that these modern-day avatars have sowed will be cleared up and those of us who relied upon them as examples and guides on the spiritual path will have our disappointments honestly and frankly acknowledged and rectified.

    Comment left by a Howard from

    Picture attached: HH Zong Dorjechang performs last rites for Venerable Lama Yeshe. Both these lamas were totally devoted to Dorje Shugden until the end of their lives. Decades later, Lama Zopa who has abandoned his guru Lama Yeshe’s practice of Dorje Shugden, to befriend the Dalai Lama.


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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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