A Tribute to Ven. Lama Yeshe Rinpoche

If one thinks of the lamas who were influential in bringing Dharma to the West in the 1970s, one of the first names to come to mind is that of Lama Thubten Yeshe.

Lama Yeshe (left) with his disciples Lama Zopa Rinpoche (right) and Zina Rachevsky (center). Lama Yeshe was instrumental in bringing Dharma to the West

Lama Yeshe, together with his heart son Lama Thubten Zopa and American disciple Zina Rachevsky, founded Kopan Monastery in Nepal, which has since become the nucleus of hundreds of centers worldwide under the banner ‘Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition‘ (FPMT).

This monumental feat of propagating the Buddha’s doctrine to many was accomplished by a pure and “simple” monk who held his vows strong, displayed tremendous devotion to his gurus, and practised Dorje Shugden till the very end of his life.



The town of Tölung Dechen, Tibet, welcomed this special boy in 1935. At a young age, Lama Thubten Yeshe was recognized by a Kagyu lama renowned for his psychic powers, Nenung Pawo Rinpoche, as the reincarnation of the Abbess of Chi-me Lung Gompa, where nuns lived in accordance with the pure Gelug tradition.

Lama Yeshe is remembered for his extraordinary abilities to elucidate the Buddha’s teachings

As a young boy, he would often spend time in the nunnery’s shrine room, attending ceremonies and religious functions there. He always harbored a strong, deep desire to lead a religious life, and would often beg to join a monastery whenever a member of the sangha came by to visit his family.

At the tender age of six, Lama Yeshe joined Sera Jey Monastic College in Lhasa. He received his novice monk vows at the age of eight from Venerable Purchog Jampa Rinpoche and 20 years later, was ordained as a gelong (fully ordained monk) by H.H. Kyabje Ling Rinpoche.

While at Sera Monastery, Lama Yeshe received the highest tantric initiations, teachings and discourses from esteemed Dorje Shugden lamas such as H.H. Kyabje Ling Rinpoche, H.H. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, H.H. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, and Geshe Rabten Rinpoche.

A loving photo of Geshe Rabten and Lama Yeshe

These included teachings on the Lam-Rim from Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang who was the junior tutor to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, instructions on Prajnaparamita, Madhyamika, the Six Yogas of Naropa and Shantideva’s Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life amongst others, and the higher tantric initiations of Heruka, Vajrabhairava and Guhyasamaja.

Other great teachers who were influential in Lama Yeshe’s spiritual development during these years were Geshe Ngawang Gedun, Geshe Thubten Wangchuk Rinpoche, and Geshe Lhundrub Sopa Rinpoche.

Lama Yeshe remained in Sera for 19 years, until the age of 25. In 1959, his time in the monastery came to an end when he was forced into exile in India. He continued his studies in the Tibetan settlement camp of Buxar in India, and his erudite and profound learning equipped him with a fully awakened and purified mind. He would later go on to bring great benefits to sentient beings through his propagation of the doctrine. It was also here in Buxar that Lama Yeshe would become the guru of Thubten Zopa Rinpoche.

Geshe Rabten Rinpoche teaching at Lama Yeshe’s Tushita Retreat Centre in 1975. Translating was Gonsar Rinpoche


Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Lama Yeshe had a very special guru-disciple relationship with Geshe Rabten Rinpoche, whom he had studied under while in Tibet as well as in Buxar. Renowned for his powers of logic and single minded concentration, Geshe Rabten Rinpoche played a huge role in Lama Yeshe’s spiritual development and education.

Lama Thubten Yeshe with heart disciple, Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Similarly, Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche was a disciple of Geshe Rabten Rinpoche, and was entrusted to the care of Lama Yeshe when he was a young boy. As Lama Zopa received extensive instructions and teachings from Lama Yeshe, his disciples wished for this relationship to be formalized. They consulted H.H. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche on this matter and it was done soon after. Lama Zopa would remain loyally by Lama Yeshe’s side until the end of his teacher’s life.

During their time together, Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa propagated the lineage far and wide, first with the founding of Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal in 1969. Kopan Monastery attracted many students from the West, and provided a place for them to practice the Dharma, meditate and eventually take on ordination vows. Over the years, Lama Yeshe’s organization eventually grew into a worldwide network of Buddhist centers under the banner of the FPMT.

Lama Yeshe often attributed his success to the blessings of his teachers and his Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden, and was known to have strongly relied on Dorje Shugden for FPMT’s growth. For instance, according to Lama Zopa, Lama Yeshe would always begin each course at Kopan Monastery with a Dorje Shugden kangsol.

Lama Yeshe relied and practiced Dorje Shugden till the very end of his life. In this photo, he is seen engaging in a puja with Lama Zopa Rinpoche, with a Dorje Shugden thangka in the background


Passing and Reincarnation

Lama Yeshe gave his all to propagating the lineage and imparting knowledge to his students right up until his passing in 1984 at the age of 49. He is especially remembered for his remarkable achievements in single-handedly surpassing geographical boundaries and greatly contributing to the flourishing of Dharma in the West for more than a decade.

Not long after his passing, Ösel Hita Torres was born in Spain in 1985 to students of Lama Yeshe and was later recognized as his unmistaken incarnation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1986. He was enthroned in March 1987 at Tushita Retreat Center in Dharamsala, India.

All of us at DorjeShugden.com make this virtual offering of a butterlamp to the incomparable master Lama Yeshe, requesting his incarnation Lama Osel to remain for another 1,000 years to continue turning the wheel of Dharma and benefiting countless beings.



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  1. Yes, we will keep & hold the promise well
    “Practised Dorje Shugden till the very end of our life” 📚


  2. Lama Yeshe is with Maitreya Buddha in Borobudur.
    I like this picture very much.

    Lama meditating at Borobodur, Java, 1979

  3. Lama Yeshe trusted Dorje Shugden till the end of his life.


  4. We were really blessed to have Lama Yeshe as our Guru. Although your family did not have the chance to meet him in person but in our hearts he is our Guru, someone whose wish was only to benefit and serve many with Dhamma. Able to learn so much and practice from his teachings is just so amazing. We are truly lucky have 3 jewels bless us too.

  5. “Of course, Lama and I practiced Shugden for many years. That was always the main thing that Lama did whenever there were problems to overcome. At the beginning of every Kopan course, Lama always did Shugden puja to eliminate hindrances.”

    Source: https://www.lamayeshe.com/article/his-holiness-dalai-lama-and-dorje-shugden

    It is not too late to mend Samaya.

  6. Lama Yeshe lived and breathed Dorje Shugden until the end of his life. Very much like the Coca Cola advertisement, lived, breathed Dorje Shugden in every aspect and action of his life.

    Kopan Monastery and FPMT grew so quickly in the earlier years is also due to Dorje Shugden. Many Gelug lamas have said, Gelug monks and teachers go everywhere in the world with a few belonging due to their hard work and trust and reliance on Dorje Shugden they build great temples and institution for the proliferation of Gaden tradition.

    Hope FPMT management and students rediscover their rich roots in the Dorje Shugden practices and lineage, and also come to realization that their key founder was a Dorje Shugden practitioner true and true.

  7. Guru Devotion
    CTA – stop making students break their samaya with their gurus by forcing people to stop their Dorje Shugden practice. Bad karma.😱

  8. Lama Yeshe sounds like a true blue lama spreading the Buddhist doctrine throughout the world successfully and who has kept his samaya with his Guru and Dorje Shugden.

    A very special lama much loved by many and benefited many as well. His students were very lucky to have him as their guru. His students must be feeling very blessed that their Guru has come back perfectly in Ösel Hita Torres in 1985 and enthroned in 1986 after being recognized by none other than His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in 1985.

    To echo the request of DorjeShugden.com admin, “requesting his incarnation Lama Osel to remain for another 1,000 years to continue turning the wheel of Dharma and benefiting countless beings.”

  9. Thanks to the CTA for discriminating Dorje Shugden and Lama Yeshe’s reincarnation, Osel, cannot continue with his previous life’s activities. Lama Zopa also manifested deteriorated health due to broken samaya that the FPMT group supports him to. It is a whole messy business when CTA is involved. Nothing good will come out when you go near the CTA. They will only drag you down, definitely on a secular level, because they have never been spiritual. The whole act of replying on Nechung is just a packaging they use to deceive the public. Very simple childish trick that a 3 year old can see through very easily.

  10. For all that Lama Yeshe had done to establish Kopan Monastery later known as FPMT, it is shocking that the current holders of this institution would abandon Dorje Shugden.

    Would it not be broken samaya of Lama Yeshe’s students with Lama Yeshe?

    Lama Yeshe’s guru was H.H. Zong Rinpoche who was one of Dorje Shugden great lamas. And of course Lama Yeshe was a DS lama.

  11. When the ban started, many high lamas dropped Dorje Shugden practice despite they have been practicing for their whole lives and benefited tremendously from this proctor. They abandon their protector because HHDL said so even though they knew about the heavy consequences. For those the Guru still around, pls repair the Guru samaya, for those the Guru has passed on, you should not give up without your Guru permission. Dorje Shugden is being used by CTA for to draw the people‘s attention away from their failure.

  12. I always wish for a great teachers Lama Yeshe come back again and teach Dharma. And openly give public a Dorje Shugden practice.

    I wish His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama live long and lift the ban of Dorje Shugden soon. And i prayed for these.


  13. How could Dalai Lama still able to recognize Lama Osel as Lama Yeshe reincarnation which Lama Yeshe must have been reborn in the three lower realms due to his Shugden practice ?

    At one hand FPMT is glorifying the success of Lama Yeshe which is a Shugden Lama and on the other hand giving up Dorje Shugden for the sake of political correctness and reputation gain. What kind of message does FPMT giving to the people?

    May FPMT realise their root of success from the founder Lama Yeshe should not be abondon and amend back the broken samaya before it’s too late.

  14. May Dorje Shugden ban lift ASAP. More
    people will live in peace, harmony. Give Tibetans freedom choice, give them ammend back their samaya with their Guru. United Tibetan with their love ones without prejudice, without segregation, without violence.

    CTA should create a good bond with their people. Forcing people on to your own doing is a NO NO in a democratic world.

  15. It is inspirational and motivational to know that venerable Lama Yeshe had great devotion to his gurus and kept his practice until the end of his life. This is what true Tibetan masters teach and practice. But those ignorant people in CTA do not care and are doing their best to break the guru-disciple relationship

  16. Lama Yeshe’s reincarnation as Ösel Hita Torres in 1985 and enthroned in 1986 after being recognized by none other than His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in 1985.The incarnation prove to everyone that Dorje Shugden is not an spirit worship. If Lama Yeshe was praying to a spirit, then why didn’t he take rebirth in the 3 lower realms?? Therefore how can FPMT give up the Dorje Shugden practice and broke the samaya. Base on logic , if you have received initiation and practice from Lama Yeshe, then your practice had no blessings now because lama’s refuge degenerated due to his practice of Dorje Shugden. Then how about Lama Zopa?The practice that Lama Zopa received from Lama Yeshe and passes it to others would logically be degenerate also. Don’t mix Buddhism with politic and being used by CTA

  17. Tenzin K
    November 8, 2017
    “How could Dalai Lama still able to recognize Lama Osel as Lama Yeshe reincarnation which Lama Yeshe must have been reborn in the three lower realms due to his Shugden practice ?”

    What Tenzin K said is right… there is no history of Dorje Shugden committed practitioner went into bad conditions. Everyone is practicing because his practice brings good results👍😀

  18. Will all the respect to Lama Yeshe to bring buddhism to the west .It had show many people by follow guru devotion and dharma will florish where ever you go. Since Lama Yeshe has pass away, FPMT has deline associal with Dorje Shugden practitioner. Don’t forget, previous Lama Yeshe get most his practice from Kyejab Trijang Rinpoche and Zong Rinpoche. How can them just cut of from their lineage master. Which bring confussion to many follower of previous Lama Yeshe.

  19. Lama Yeshe’s life story is inspiring to many. Lama Yeshe also practices Dorje Shugden. Although he passed into clear light not at old age but his reincarnation came back and was recognised by H.H. Dalai Lama. So, whoever said that Dorje Shugden is a spirit or evil is totally wrong.

  20. The CTA said that whoever practice Dorje Shugden will be going to Three lower Realms. In this case, why it is Lama Yeshe reincarnate back as human and recognize by H.H Dalai Lama? I thought H.H Dalai Lama do not favor those who practice Dorje Shugden?

  21. Lama Yeshe has touched thousands of lives and imprinted the with the dharma, set them on the path of Buddhism. He benefited so many during his lifetime that these people continued his work to further benefit more. But, at the core of it all, was his reliance and faith in Dorje Shugden as quoted from abovearticle: -

    “Lama Yeshe often attributed his success to the blessings of his teachers and his Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden, and was known to have strongly relied on Dorje Shugden for FPMT’s growth. For instance, according to Lama Zopa, Lama Yeshe would always begin each course at Kopan Monastery with a Dorje Shugden kangsol.”

    That Lama Yeshe was so successful in growing FPMT was testament to his great effort, blessing from Dorje Shugden and efficacy of Dorje Shugden practice.

  22. “When he reached ten years of age, Thubten Zopa Rinpoche was taken to Tibet where he began studies at Domo Geshe Rinpoche’s monastery near Pagri. This monastery followed the Gelug lineage, a clear exposition of the entire spectrum of Buddhist teachings and practice founded in the fourteenth century by the renowned Tibetan scholar and practitioner, Lama Tsongkhapa. It was there that he received his novice vows as a monk.

    After three years in Pagri, Thubten Zopa Rinpoche wanted to move to Sera Monastery in Lhasa but, speaking through an oracle, the Dharma Protector 💗💗💗 said he should do a meditation retreat at Pema Choling Monastery near the Bhutanese border. …. In 1959, a few months after the exodus of monks and nuns from Lhasa, Chinese soldiers were approaching Pema Choling and Thubten Zopa Rinpoche was taken across the mountain to the safety of Bhutan.”

    Page 130, A Leaf in the Wind: A Life’s Journey; by Venerable Adrian Feldmann.

  23. A very detailed discussion regarding Lama Zopa and Dorje Shugden can be seen here: https://www.dorjeshugden.com/forum/index.php?topic=49.0;nowap

  24. In this teaching, Lama Zopa recalls consulting Dorje Shugden many times in Pagri. https://www.lamayeshe.com/article/chapter/kadampa-teachings-4-bodhgaya-december-2007

  25. CTA in big trouble now!!!

    >>>Dharamshala Tibetan Settlement Officer appeals for peace

    By Lobsang Wangyal
    McLEOD GANJ, India, 14 November 2017

    Sensing the momentum gathering around a mass demonstration in Dharamshala against Kashag’s continuous silence over its decision to sack Penpa Tsering as the representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in North America, the Tibetan Settlement Officer in Dharamshala has issued an appeal to the people to maintain peace and harmony.

    Calls for a demonstration were made after the Kashag (Cabinet of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) ) refused to divulge details of the reason for expelling Representative Penpa Tsering.

    Kashag issued an announcement about the termination of Penpa Tsering’s duties through their website on 7 November, stating that he will end his duty on 30 November, and the current CTA Education Minister Ngodup Tsering will replace him.

    The Kashag stated “dereliction of duty” as the reason, and said that three warnings had been served, but that Penpa Tsering didn’t show any improvement in his conduct.

    The actual nature of the warnings was also not clear when the officiating President of the CTA convened a press conference on 9 November.

    Penpa Tsering on the other hand denied any wrongdoing.

    Settlement Officer Dawa Rinchen said in his appeal message that since Dharamshala being the seat of the Dalai Lama and of the Central Tibetan Administration, he urged people to respect the sanctity of the place.

    Speaking to Tibet Sun, Rinchen said that he envisaged a demonstration on the 27th of this month, but couldn’t have any estimate of its size.

    The 27th came to be the date for demonstration after an activist in NYC suggested it through his article published on Tibet Sun.

    He said, ”There’s so much talk and discussion about the issue and preparations for the protest. Many people are seen registering and others giving donations towards this event.”

    President of CTA Lobsang Sangay, who is on a European tour, spoke on 13 November about the issue in Norway, but he also refused to give details as to why Penpa Tsering was suspended.

    He said that it is the prerogative of the Kashag to appoint and terminate representatives and staff members of CTA. Kashag is not required to explain the reasons for their termination.

    Some Tibetans in the United States are saying they would stop paying the annual tax to CTA (record maintained through the “Green Book”), and people in New York are calling for a boycott of an event in New York on 10 December, the Tibetan Rally for Peace and Non-violence, which is to be attended by CTA President Lobsang Sangay and Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile Khenpo Sonam Tenphel. It is to be held at United Nations Plaza, led by North American Chithues and is organised by North American Tibetan Associations.

    However, Penpa Tsering has appealed in a video message to people in New York City and nearby areas to attend the event.

    Source: https://www.tibetsun.com/news/2017/11/14/dharamshala-tibetan-settlement-officer-appeals-for-peace


    >>>Tibetan unity in peril: Call for massive street protest in Dharamshala

    By Mila Rangzen
    NEW YORK CITY, US, 11 November 2017

    Like most Tibetans, including those who voted for Sikyong Lobsang Sangay in the 2016 election, I am shocked by what Sikyong Lobsang Sangay did to former speaker Penpa Tsering — the Dalai Lama’s Chief Representative posted in Washington DC. He fired Penpa Tsering a few days ago for no reason other than political revenge.

    Penpa Tsering was Lobsang Sangay’s opponent in the 2016 Sikyong election, and a tough one at that. Penpa Tsering is the only Tibetan statesman who can stand up to Lobsang Sangay and speak the truth to his face for the good of our cause and our community as a whole.

    Stand up he did, in and outside the Parliament. With humility but firmly. Roughly twenty-eight thousand Tibetans in our small exile community voted for him.

    Recognizing Penpa Tsering’s capability, experience, and integrity, the Dalai Lama’s private office recommended Penpa Tsering as the right man for the Representative job. Sikyong had no choice but to relent. Also, to appear to be burying the election grudge and the regional hatchet, that was the best bet he had. No need to point out that Lobsang Sangay is a Khampa man and Penpa Tsering is an Amdo/U-Tsang man. Track the source of the conflict. It will help the reader understand the Tibetan domestic politics. To turn a blind eye because it makes you feel uncomfortable is, in fact, an endorsement for negative regionalism to continue.

    When the media asked for elaboration on why Sikyong fired him, the response from him and his subordinates was shocking. Sikyong, laughing sarcastically, avoided the question by telling the media to talk to the Cabinet Secretary. The secretary simply said Sikyong fired him because it is in his power to do so according to the exile charter. No specific reason was given.

    The Deputy Sikyong Youthok Karma Gelek responded, at an only 10-minute-long press conference, by saying that Sikyong had served three warning notices to Penpa Tsering to mend his ways in the past one year and that he was not respecting Sikyong. When pressed for what precisely wrong did Penpa Tsering do, Youthok became overbearing and left.

    CTA, where is the transparency?

    The Dalai Lama publicly rebuked both the candidates in Dharamshala in April 2016 for stirring regional tensions among the Tibetan community during the election. Both the candidates publicly apologized. And so, we believed the matter got settled there and then. Sangay even delivered tons of speeches on the importance of Tibetan unity.

    But to our dismay, Lobsang Sangay proved us wrong. The man is still in the election campaign mode despite being in office again for almost two years. This firing on unfounded grounds is an attempt to tarnish the image and reputation of Penpa Tsering. How vindictive can Sikyong get? This is absolutely unacceptable, and it also goes against the very teaching of the Dalai Lama.

    Penpa Tsering said on Voice of America that he was served only one warning notice, and that too without any explanation. Sikyong also denied Penpa Tsering his right to explain his position. Sangay revealed his actual colours. Also, the removal of Penpa Tsering from the office is a slap in Dalai Lama’s face, and a kick to the rear of the twenty-eight thousand Amdos and U-Tsangs who voted for him.

    What can we do now?
    When we think an issue is this important, we are left with no choice but a massive protest. Protesting can help raise public awareness and prevent a cheap political vendetta that can ruin the Tibetan unity thus far achieved.

    I call for the Tibetans to come out in thousands at Gangkyi on 27 November 2017 at 10 am sharp, and do the following.

    Picket by holding up large signs at the Cabinet building and demand detailed explanation for the firing of Penpa Tsering. Gather first at McLeod Ganj and march to Gangkyi, demanding the reinstatement of Penpa Tsering to the office. Hold a vigil at night in memory of Penpa Tsering’s dedication and service to our community. Do sit-ins at the Cabinet building lobby until the demand is met. Resist threats and violence with resolute non-violent action. Be the peace warriors!

    Organise a core group of U-Tsang Association and Amdo Association if the Cholsum Association fails to do so. Assign roles to members pertaining to media coverage, permits, equipment, safety, transport, signs, and placards.

    Gather as many people as you can to help out on the day. Remember to contact them the night before to remind them about the protest. Put the word out through emails, posters and flyers, local media, social media, word of mouth, and any other way you can.

    Organise speakers for they can inspire and educate the Tibetan public, but keep the speeches short and powerful.

    Thunder into the streets! Pound sense into the head of Sikyong! Lead by example, not by ego!

    Source: https://www.tibetsun.com/opinions/2017/11/11/tibetan-unity-in-peril-call-for-massive-street-protest-in-dharamshala



  26. Lama Yeshe has strong guru devotion and also practiced Dorje Shugden until he entered the clear light in 1984. Soon later, Lama Yeshe has reincarnated and returned in 1985, also being recognized by HH Dalai Lama. Great master like Lama Yeshe has returned showed the result of his spiritual attainment and the clean samaya between him with his students.
    If Dorje Shugden is a spirit as claimed by CTA, then Lama Yeshe’s incarnation was not true.

  27. What a shame that Sharling is busy massaging Lobsang Sangay when their biggest sponsor is coming hehe…




  28. Thanks to Lobsang Sangay President of Taxi Union, now Tibetans cannot have peace and unity.

    Growing public anger as Kashag reluctant to give clear statement on NA Rep. row
    [Thursday, November 16, 2017 21:19]
    By Tenzin Dharpo

    DHARAMSHALA, Nov. 16: Following the announcement to relieve North America CTA mission representative and former Speaker Penpa Tsering from his position on Nov. 7, there has been a general sense of dissatisfaction among sections of the community with some even suggesting protests and boycott of events where President Sangay is scheduled to attend.

    While the Kashag asserts that the issue was handled as per the binding rules and with rightful authority, the handling of the situation, many say, has rolled back on President Sangay’s campaign claims of transparency and unity. An official announcement and a press briefing by Kashag have not mentioned a clear reason for Penpa’s ousting other than vague reference to dereliction in his role there and hints at insubordination.

    Officiating President Ven. Karma Gelek Yuthok told the media last week that the Kashag need not give a clarification over the transfer or firing of any staff and that the issue is an “internal matter”.

    The growing impasse between the public and Kashag’s (cabinet) reluctance to give a clear explanation over the cause of Penpa’s ousting has escalated over the last week. A New York based individual going by the name of Mila Rangzen has called for a non-violent mass protest at the end of the month here in Dharamshala, prompting the settlement officer here to issue a public appeal, urging peace and order in the community.

    Dharamshala settlement officer Dawa Rinchen told Phayul, “While I have no knowledge of when and how many people are going to hold a protest, my prerogative is to avoid any incidents here in Dharamshala where His Holiness the Dalai Lama resides where the CTA is based and subsequently where the eyes of the international community is transfixed on. Hence I appealed the public to maintain peace here.”

    Sporadic posts and videos on social media sites such as Facebook and WeChat expressed dissatisfaction over the handling of the situation calling for a transparent approach to the matter by President Sangay led Kashag. A Tibetan nitezen Tsering Chomphel wrote on Facebook, “I personally think transparency is the first rung of so called democracy ladder. In today’s world, we cannot and should not trust any individual or group blindly. If PT is innocent this time, he needs to speak out. It’s not about PT or Kashag. It’s about peoples trust. People will surely lose trust and interest in our politics if things are not made clear this time.”

    Tsering Samdup, a Tibetan sweater seller, said that it would be inappropriate if the Kashag issues a clarification simply because some section of the community demands it. “The concerned individual here is Penpa Tsering and if he denies Kashag’s decision and seeks clarification then Kashag might be obliged to give one. Otherwise, there is no need to clarify.”

    Another nitezen opined that three advisory letter/directives were enough caution by the Kashag. Tenzin Kunkyab wrote, “He got fired after three written warning (three yellow cards) after that they pulled red card, I don’t see any wrong with that unless PT himself have some explanation.” Penpa Tsering however claimed he only received one letter prior to his termination letter and has maintained he is not at fault.

    Some people have even called for more dramatic action to boycott the ‘Solidarity with Tibet rally for peace and non-violence’ on 10th December in New York where President Sangay is scheduled to attend. Penpa Tsering, the outgoing representative urged Tibetans in North America to participate in the event with the broader sense of the Tibetan issue at mind and not divisive politics.

    Meanwhile the Tibetan President who is currently on an official visit to northern Europe indicated that the Kashag might not budge and give a clear-cut answer on the issue. He said that Penpa Tsering has accepted the Kashag’s decision to remove him from the Washington office and his cabinet’s decision to remove and appoint liaison officers abruptly, is neither unprecedented nor illegal.

    The NA office remains the most crucial position in the hierarchy of outposts of the Tibetan polity. The new man in that seat, Education minister Ngodup Tsering today said he has gotten the blessing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his new role in Washington.

    Source: http://www.phayul.com/news/article.aspx?id=39805&article=Growing+public+anger+as+Kashag+reluctant+to+give+clear+statement+on+NA+Rep.+row


    Citing Fatigue, Dalai Lama Appoints Personal Emissaries

    November 16, 2017 12:29 PM
    Yeshi Dorje


    The Dalai Lama says he has appointed emissaries to attend international engagements or speak on his behalf indefinitely.

    Citing increasing physical fatigue, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader made the comments while meeting with a group of international youth leaders brought to Dharmsala, India, by the Washington-based Institute of Peace.

    “I’m 82 years old, and since last year [my] feeling of tiredness has been much increased,” he told the group during video-recorded meetings last week.

    Because he may not be able to maintain a regular international travel schedule, he said, the president of Tibet’s current government-in-exile, Lobsang Sangay, along with prominent Buddhist scholar and former prime minister in exile, Samdong Rinpoche, would act as his official emissaries.

    These “trusted friends, they know my thinking,” he said. “Our work, continuously, should be more active [and internationally engaged], so in these two persons,” he said, pointing to Lobsang and Samdong, “I have full trust.”

    Looking to the dialogue moderator, USIP President Nancy Lindborg, the Dalai Lama said: “If your side … or your government’s side” has concerns, “then these two persons, either one, can participate as my representative or my personal emissary.”

    Penpa Tsering, representative for the Office of Tibet in Washington, which represents the Tibetan government-in-exile, downplayed the significance of the Dalai Lama’s statement.

    “I think this was more of a general statement,” he told VOA. “His holiness is sometimes too tired to travel, and his April visit to the United States has been suspended indefinitely, but he will continue to travel in India, and Europe is only a seven hour flight.”

    Adding that Lobsang’s presidential term is limited to five years, and the fact that Samdong has long served as a kind of unofficial deputy to the Dalai Lama, he said the November 6 comments do not represent a major diversion or change in Dharmsala’s official representation on the world stage.

    However, Carole McGranahan, a University of Colorado anthropologist and historian of Tibet, says although prioritizing the Dalai Lama’s health requires a reduction in his international travel schedule, his physical absence from global engagements cannot be substituted via proxy.

    “So much of the goodwill and attention Tibet receives in the world is due to his holiness, and specifically due to his personal interactions with world leaders and with the large audiences he draws around the world. His deep wisdom, his humor and charisma, his serious attention to pressing world issues, and, of course, his model of compassion and leadership, make a deep impression on people,” she told VOA’s Tibetan Service via email.

    “For so much of the world, the Dalai Lama is the symbol of Tibet. Will his trusted emissaries be able to achieve the same effects? Of course not, as no one can truly stand in for the Dalai Lama,” she wrote. “They will be able to represent him, but no one can embody the message of Tibet as he does. His holiness’s stepping back from international travel will signal a new era of Tibetan diplomacy in the world.”

    Robert Barnett, director of the Modern Tibet Studies Program at Columbia University, says the decision may be a signal to Beijing.

    “Of course, there’s always the possibility that this move is intended as a post-19th Party Congress signal to Beijing of increased openness to a resumption of talks, or possibly even a response to a request from there,” he said. “It certainly should make Zhang Yijiong happier,” he added, referring to Communist Party’s Tibet working group chief, who told reporters on the sidelines of a party congress that there could be no excuses to meeting the Dalai Lama.

    “Except that it seems unlikely that warhorses of that type can ever be appeased,” Barnett said.

    In the United States, a California-based Tibetan monk named Tenzin Dhonden, who chairs the non-profit Friends of the Dalai Lama and was secretary of the Dalai Lama Trust, a charitable organization chaired by the Dalai Lama, has acted as a gatekeeper between the Dalai Lama and American philanthropists, scholars, celebrities and donors.

    Late last month, Dhonden, who falsely named himself Personal Emissary of Peace for the Dalai Lama in 2005, was suspended from the trust over corruption allegations.

    This story originated in VOA’s Tibetan Service. Pete Cobus contributed original reporting.

    Source: https://www.voanews.com/a/dalai-lama-appoints-personal-emissaries/4118315.html

    Growing public anger as Kashag reluctant to give clear statement on NA Rep

    Citing Fatigue, Dalai Lama Appoints Personal Emissaries

  29. You know in other people’s government offices they get notices about our leaders going to meet some other big leaders or we are hosting some meeting with some big leaders, but this is the kind of notices we get around CTA. Exciting isn’t it?


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