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Shar Gaden Monastery, India

With 600 Tulkus, Geshes, Masters and monks keeping the lineage alive, Shar Gaden is located in Mundgod South India. It is next to Gaden Monastery and 25 minutes away from Drepung. We can access this great institute via Bombay or Bangalore. From Bombay/Bangalore you may take train or Bus which is 8-10 hours to the…


Monastery with Dorje Shugden in Nepal

Another Monastery with Dorje Shugden in Nepal! H.E. Tritul Rinpoche of Taiwan is building this new monastery that incorporates Dorje Shugden as the main protector. When completed, it will house over 1,000 monks and located in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is incredible. The work started around a year ago and is in full progress now. Another…


First Dorje Shugden Temple in Taiwan (Hualian)

Building by His Eminence Serkong Tritul Rinpoche of Ganden Jangtze Monastery. As predicted, Dorje Shugden’s practice will grow bigger and mainstream in the world. It may ‘suffer’ suppression in the Tibetan Communities, but in Democratic free societies of the world, it will grow. In the West, we have great Temples of Dorje Shugden by the…


Politics is Politics is Politics

BEJING POLITICS VERSUS DHARAMSALA POLITICS: POLITICS IS POLITICS IS POLITICS… Comment on the Current Tibetan/Chinese Conflict Excerpted from Gelek Rimpoche’s Sunday Talk, March 16, 2008 Let’s try to understand the current situation in Tibet. This has been going on for fifty years. The Communist Chinese have always been suspicious of monasteries and Buddhism. For example,…


Are Great Lamas Fickle???

I was thinking that it wouldn’t make any sense that great lamas just gave up a lifetime of practice and commitment to Dorje Shugden because the Dalai Lama said to. It doesn’t make sense. Because: That would mean that all these great omniscient lamas weren’t omniscient after all?? That they were very fickle and also…


Liberation Stories

STORY 1 The “Charitable Assistance Society of Thousand-Arm Chenrezig” (CASONLINE e-news) in Singapore announces a Cittamani Tara empowerment with Loseling Khen Rinpoche, Abbot of Drepung Monastery (Feb 2007):  A Most Precious and Unique Tara Cycle The practice of this Cycle of the Cittamani Tara is unique in it being one of the rarest cycles of Tara practices…


Suppression Stories

SUPRESSION STORIES OR HOW THE TIBETAN GOVERNMENT USES HIS HOLINESS AND HISTORY TO SUPRESS DORJE SHUGDEN IN THE NAME OF FREE TIBET AND NON-SECTARIANISM Most governments use distorted history and falsified ‘facts’ to remain where they are – in power and looking smart. Why should the Tibetan one be different? Here follows a study of…


Sanctified Sectarianism

When was the last time you heard Gelukpas telling other lineages which practices were appropriate for them? As if they knew the other schools better than them? As if they had thoroughly studied and practiced them? As if each lineage, although interdependent spiritually, wasn’t a completely independent body of transmissions, methods and customs? When Geluk…


Letter of The Day

Reading from Gary’s deep insight and writing, I was thinking that it wouldn’t make any sense that great lamas just gave up a lifetime of practice and commitment to Dorje Shugden because the Dalai Lama said to. It doesn’t make sense. Because: 1. That would mean that all these great omniscient lamas weren’t omniscient after…


Middle Way

Motivation, Meaning, Method Foundation View Practice Meaning The path of selflessness (enlightenment) is like a razor’s edge. If you fall left or right, into the abyss of dualism, good and bad, you turn from a Buddha into ten thousand devils… one of the great Zen masters has been quoted to this extent, and it may…


Universal Protector of Future Buddhism

Part 1 – Great King whose Time has Come HUM Unimpeded in power and miraculous emanation, unrivaled in wisdom and compassion, Great King of Dharma Protectors whose time has come, Dorje Shugden, Five Families and Principal, and hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of entourage… It is a proverbial saying that nothing is stronger…


Why Not Just Kill Him and Let Him be Forgotten?

They can bury me in earth, drown me in water, burn me in fire but they cannot destroy what is not object to destruction. Do not worry – soon the sun will shine. One of the reasons why Tibetan Buddhism is so famous and respected is because of the powerful antidotes to black magic and…


Supramundane and Mundane Dharma Protectors

Supramundane or enlightened protectors Supramundane protectors are emanations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who have taken on this role to avert inner and outer obstacles to the practice of Dharma. In Vajrayana practice, along with the “Three Jewels” (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha), there are the “Three Roots” – Guru, Yidam, and protector. The Guru gives blessing,…


Purposes of the Controversy – Spreading Dharma Without and Within

The trap of taking sides – only a Buddha can know As Buddha Shakyamuni did with his “evil” cousin Devadatta, to subdue the dualistic minds of their students and to strengthen the Buddhadharma’s roots in this world, enlightened masters have always enacted dramas of “good versus evil”, acted as if insane, and appeared in any…


The Dalai Lama’s and Tibetan Buddhism’s Way into Our World

Quite literally, His Holiness’ way from isolated Tibet onto the stage of the world at large was paved by Gyalchen Dorje Shugden. In 1959, in Tibet ’s besieged capitol, Lhasa , as HH Trijang Rinpoche writes in his autobiography, he was increasingly worried about His Holiness’ safety. The state oracle’s advice having not been clear…


What Gyalchen Dorje Shugden Wants

Dorje Shugden wants us to: soar the path of immortal liberation on unified wings of Sutra and Tantra. He wants to: increase Lozang the Victorious One’s Teachings, and the life span and activities of the Teachings’ upholders. He wants to: pacify all harm to us, the yogis and entourages, that arises because of previous karma…


Monastery with Dorje Shugden in Mongolia

Two miles to the west of the monastery, on the hillside on the opposite side of the Even River, is the newly constructed Dorje Shugden Temple. Formerly there were three temples here dedicated to Zanabazar, Dorje Shugden, and the Eighth Bogd Gegen. These were destroyed in the late 1930s. The Dorje Shugden Temple was rebuilt…


Official Opening of Shar Gaden Monastery, October 2009

As everyone may know, over 500 monks was forced to leave their beloved home GADEN SHARTSE MONASTERY in South India. HH Dalai Lama and Tibetan govt in exile forced all the Monasteries to swear an oath to abandon all practices of Dorje Shugden. If they do not, they must leave the monastery for good. So…


Contemplate This

CONTEMPLATE THIS…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Invite them, teach them, slowly and give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the practice assuming it is ‘wrong’. Wouldn’t that be a Buddhistic approach to all ‘wrong-doers’? Actually Dorje Shugden practitioners are…


Invoking Ratna Shugden on a Horse for Wealth

Requests to Ratna Shugden HUM Arisen from the play of various emanations, In the illusory dance of non-dual great bliss and emptiness, O Increaser, glory of the three worlds, please come to this place Together with the nine great Mothers, hosts of Dharma Protectors and Wealth gods. I offer vast clouds of outer, inner and…


Lama Chopa Sadhana

Taking Refuge DE-CHEN NGANG-LAE RANG-NYI LA-MA-LHA, From a state of Great Bliss I manifest as a Guru-Yidam. GANG-DER SAEL-WAE KU-LAE WOE-ZER-TSOk From my transparent body, a profusion of light-rays CHOk-CHUR TrOE-PAE NOE-CHUE JIN-LAP-PAE, Radiates to the ten directions, blessing the beings and their environment…


Short Sadhana of Dorje Shugden

To be performed for the welfare of all mother sentient beings after the Gaden Lhgayama or one’s Yidam practice Praise Before myself, as yidam deity, Amidst a wind swept dark red fire, On lotus, sun, and splendid, frightening Lion trampling enemies and obstructers, Is the supreme heart-jewel of Dharmapalas, Mighty Gyalchen…



Gyalchen Dorje Shugden’s Appearance Learning about iconography is a great way to discover any deity’s nature, function, and the methods that are applied in their practice. With beauty and power the following excerpts (in quotation marks) from prayers and praises to Gyalchen Dorje Shugden express via his outer appearance his inner intent and wishes. Principal…



With deep faith I prostrate to you, Vajradhara Dorje Shugden. Although you have already attained the Buddha-ground and engage in the twenty-seven deeds of a Buddha, you appear in various forms to help the Buddhadharma and sentient beings. You have manifested in different aspects as Indian and Tibetan Masters, such as Manjushri, Mahasiddha Biwawa, Sakya…


The Dorje Shugden Statue that was in Kopan Monastery, Nepal

This is the holy Dorje Shugden statue that once belonged to Lama Yeshe. It was placed in Kopan Monastery all the time. Lama Yeshe prayed to Dorje Shugden till the end, he never gave up his commitments to his Gurus. But after Lama Yeshe passed away and the Dorje Shugden issue became big, Kopan Monastery…


6 meter/18 feet Dorje Shugden statue

The Tibetan govt cannot suppress the Dorje Shugden practice for long. The more they suppress, the bigger it is growing. DORJE SHUGDEN’S PRACTICE, FAME AND NAME IS GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER like his statues. Eventually the Tibetan Govt in exile will have to RETRACT their statements re the ban on shugden or keep more and…


Dorje Shugden in Tibet

Amazing video of Dorje Shugden’s shrine and holy chants, long horns, and other offerings of sound. Must watch this video!


A Brief History Of Opposition To Shugden

Measures Taken by Various Learned Non-Sectarian Scholars and Great Practitioners Against the Practice and Propitiation of Dolgyal or Shugden Edited and Compiled by The Dolgyal Research Committee The Government of Tibet in Exile PREFACE This leaflet, dealing with the measures taken by various learned scholars and great practitioners against the practice and propitiation of Dolgyal…


Free Promotional Brochure To Download and Print!

Have you received benefit from the Great King of Protectors? Don’t keep him to yourself! Download this informational brochure for free – print it out and give it away! (includes instructions on how to assemble and fold the brochure) Share with your friends, spread the word across the globe! Download these files for DOUBLE SIDED…


I am New Here – A step by step starter kit (新人入门 )

Step 1: Background Dorje Shugden, the Indestructible power of the enlightened mind Who is Dorje Shugden? An emanation of Manjushri, the enlightened Buddha of Wisdom. He manifests as a Protector who removes obstacles, protects us and our loved ones and grants our wishes quickly. 背景 多杰雄登,具备证悟者的心识, 拥有坚不可摧的力量 谁是多杰雄登? 祂是文殊菩萨的化身,即是智慧佛。祂化现為护法以消除我们及我们至爱的人的障碍,并 以最快的速度达成我们的心愿。 His Lineage As a direct…


The Shadow of the Dalai Lama

THE WAR OF THE ORACLE GODS AND THE SHUGDEN AFFAIR The Tibetans can be described without exaggeration as being “addicted to oracles”. The most varied methods of augury and clairvoyance have been an everyday presence in the Land of Snows since time immemorial. The following types of oracle, all of which are still employed (among…


Dalai Lama’s office disapproves Singapore Expo on “Buddhist Relics”

 The Buddhist Channel, December 4, 2006 Relics Expo organizer “Gelugpa Buddhist Association Singapore” not recognized by HH Dalai Lama Singapore — The office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama has expressed its concern about the so-named “The Buddha and His Principal Disciples’ Relics Grand Cultural World Exhibition”, from December 9 to 17, 2006 at the…


HH Trijang Choktrul Rinpoche and His Center in Vermont

Rare footage of the young HH Trijang Rinpoche in chuba at his centre in Vermont. Trijang Rinpoche has returned his monk’s vows to live as a layperson in order to avoid being embroiled in the Dorje Shugden controversy. May Trijang Rinpoche be able to show the world his true potential soon!


13th Kundeling Rinpoche of Drepung Gomang Monastery

The 1st Kundeling Tagtsa Jetung Rinpoche was a great being who was considered to be an emanation of the master Baso Je Chokyi Gyaltsen. Baso Chokyi Gyaltsen was known to be one amongst the seven emanations of Manjushri prophesied to appear during Tsongkhapa’s lifetime, the second lineage holder of the ‘Ganden Ensapa Ear-whispered Lineage’ and…


Kyabje Zemey Dorje Chang

His Eminence Kyabje Zemey Dorje Chang is one of the most erudite scholar-yogi masters of this century to arise from the esteemed Gaden Shartse Monastery. Zemey Rinpoche was a very devoted student of H.H. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche and received many sacred lineages, transmissions and practices from Trijang Rinpoche. He became a most renowned Lama himself,…


Tenzin Rabgye Rinpoche (current incarnation of Geshe Rabten Rinpoche)

Tenzin Rabgye Rinpoche, the current incarnation of the esteemed Lama, Geshe Rabten Rinpoche. He was born in India in 1987 and discovered in the late eighties by his former main student Gonsar Tulku Rinpoche, who is his teacher now and director of Rabten Choeling.   Source: (


Gyalrong Khensur Ngawang Thekchok of Sera Mey Monastery

Khensur Rinpoche Ngawang Thekchok was born in 1928 in Eastern Tibet. At the young age of 8, Rinpoche expressed his wish to enter monkhood and work for the welfare of sentient beings. He was admitted into a local monastery and in 3 years, memorized most of the important texts. Rinpoche went to Sera-Mey Monastery to…


Guru Deva Rinpoche of Drepung Gomang Monastery

One of the 84 Siddhas’ emanations, the great sage Bundasheri Tulku Guru Deva’s reincarnation as Guru Deva Rinpoche was born in Hanchen Hoshuu of Ordos, Mongolia to create great benefits for the Dharma and all sentient beings. From his childhood, he was installed to the throne of Hutugtu and lived in Ordos until he was…


H.E. Khyongla Rato Rinpoche

Khyongla Rato Rinpoche is a reincarnate lama and scholar of the Gelugpa order of Tibetan Buddhism. Rinpoche was born in the Dagyab region of Kham, in southeastern Tibet. In 1928 senior Gelugpa monks divined that a five-year-old boy living in this remote part of Tibet was the reincarnation of the ninth Khyongla. On his sixth…


His Eminence Ribur Rinpoche

When Ribur Rinpoche was fourteen he entered Sera Mey monastery, one of the great Gelug monastic-universities in Lhasa, to begin intensive studies in Buddhist philosophy. During his stay at Sera Monastery, Rinpoche also attended many teachings and initiations given by his root guru, Pabongka Rinpoche, the greatest Gelug lama of the time.Ribur Rinpoche was born…

Contemplate This

.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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