Brave Mr Dhamchoe Nyima is tired of Tibetan government in Dharamsala

Dhamchoe Nyima, who has bravely spoken up against the Tibetan leadership’s continued abuses and neglect of the Tibetan people

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By: Jangchup Wangmo

An increasing number of Tibetans are finding out what it means to be loyal to the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), who are the Tibetan leadership based in Dharamsala. The latest in a long line of casualties of the CTA’s “chew ‘em up and spit ‘em out” policy is Dhamchoe Nyima. Dhamchoe is a former practitioner of Dorje Shugden who gave up the practice in 2015 in favor of loyalty to the CTA.

After two years of speaking on behalf of the administration in Dharamsala, and loyally supporting their policies, Dhamchoe has come to realize the true nature of the Tibetan leadership – a group of individuals who have, over the years, demonstrated they are motivated more by self-gain than the collective interests of the Tibetan people.

It is a realization that has led to Dhamchoe’s brave, heroic decision to step forward and be open and honest about what they are really like. In his latest video released on the YouTube channel “Voice of Truth”, Dhamchoe fearlessly expresses his thoughts about the CTA. So although Dhamchoe previously appeared in videos speaking against the Dorje Shugden practice, he has since identified a larger problem and today, speaks strongly against the CTA.

In the video below, Dhamchoe can be seen burning up one of the most powerful symbols that any Tibetan supporter of the CTA possesses. What Dhamchoe is carrying in his hand is a green book known as the freedom book (or “rangzen la deb” in Tibetan). It is used all around the world to identify Tibetan supporters of the CTA.

Each year, when Tibetans pay a nominal tax to the CTA, they get a stamp in their book to acknowledge that they have done their duty as a Tibetan. Tibetans in exile and those naturalized into other countries carry the green book with pride, because it is a marker of their Tibetan identity, and identifies their financial support of their leadership and the so-called Tibetan cause, and the fact they are ‘clean’ and approved by the leadership. Only Tibetans are allowed to hold this book, and only people the CTA approves of will get this green book. So Dorje Shugden practitioners, for example, are not allowed to get this green book unless they received it prior to the ban. With this green book, Tibetans can vote in the Tibetan elections and because Shugden practitioners do not have a green book, they are not allowed to participate in so-called Tibetan democracy. The book, instead of fulfilling its name as a ‘freedom book’, ends up becoming a tool of discrimination and segregation.

Nevertheless, for Tibetans who strive to get a green book as a matter of Tibetan patriotic pride, it is a hugely shocking sight to see Dhamchoe dramatically burning his green book. Tibetans will understand the significance because he is effectively saying he disavows himself of the community that supports the CTA, and does not want to be led by the CTA or be associated with the CTA anymore. After making such a strong statement in protest against the leadership, it is highly unlikely that Dhamchoe will ever be reissued a copy of his green book. As in many past cases when you go against the CTA, the CTA will definitely find covert ways and methods to ostracize and embarrass you. They will make you Public Enemy #1 as they are not democratic and a regime. Speaking against any of their policies will lead to you being accused of being a Chinese spy or agent, or having some kind of relationship with Chinese leadership to direct all of the Tibetans against you.

That makes his actions all the more brave. Not only has he spoken up against the leadership, but he has taken the first steps to disassociate himself from them. He joins an increasing number of Tibetans who are refusing to be associated with their leadership. This is what the CTA does to even their most fervent supporters, even those who once filmed anti-Dorje Shugden videos and betrayed Dorje Shugden lamas. The CTA basically exploit their people as unwitting mouthpieces and once their puppets have outlived their useful purpose, they are ignored and thrown out.

We congratulate Dhamchoe on this brave move against an oppressive regime because the more he speaks, and the more he exposes the suffering that the CTA causes, the less harm they can do to Tibetans. Thank you Dhamchoe for speaking up, all Tibetans know what you have risked and what you have given up. With your actions, more will finally realize that nothing good can come of supporting a regime that has, for the last 60 years, exploited, abused, neglected and segregated the Tibetan people, all the name of fame and money. In this day and age, when faced with the harm caused by Dharamsala, staying silent is no longer an option when it comes to protecting the religious and personal freedoms of the Tibetans.


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From the Voice of Truth, I would like to say “tashi delek” to all beings of the six realms of samsara. I’m Dhamchoe Nyima in exile, speaking to you as a reporter, a community worker and as the founder of the Voice of Truth. In desperation I had to open this broadcasting channel. The reason I’m coming forward and resort to using this platform, I would like to divide them into four points:

1ST POINT – I would like to point out the CTA, Sikyong and the political leaders, and how it is becoming rotten from the inside. [he’s referring to internal corruption, and how they destroyed Tibetan unity]

2ND POINT – Gaden Phodrang, the secretary of Gaden Phodrang and all the prominent position-holders. These Gaden Phodrang people act as if they care about Gaden Phodrang. They speak as if they care about Gaden Phodrang. But in reality they destroyed the little community that we have. I cannot bear to witness this. I myself witnessed this, and I need to get this off my chest otherwise I’m even having a hard time sleeping. [Gaden Phodrang refers to the pre-1959 government in Lhasa and current government in Dharamsala of the Dalai Lama. In referring to the Gaden Phodrang, Dhamchoe is essentially referring to the Dalai Lama himself because in Lhasa and now in Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama had singular and ultimate power to appoint the government and select who is a minister]

3RD POINT – I have always felt very strongly about the [Tibetan] community. I am a person who works for the benefit of the community. My family, with the exception of my mother, have mentally tortured me for 20 years. [this refers to his previous practice of Dorje Shugden]

4TH POINT – Today I’m just pointing out briefly these points but slowly I will elaborate on all of this. Whether it takes months or years, I will elaborate on all this without hesitation or fear. I will speak on this Voice of Truth channel.

I completely believe that the essential and influential people are the Tibetan people living inside Tibet. People say the essential and influential people [who can make an impact on the Tibetan cause] are the Tibetan people in exile; I would never agree to that.

I don’t think we fulfill the hopes of the people inside Tibet, that they have on the free Tibetan people living in exile. I personally don’t think we fulfill their hopes at all.

Instead, our actions dishearten the people inside Tibet. I myself personally have always respected the CTA and this green book, the freedom book (rangzen la deb). I always made the due payments. Until today, I followed the CTA but from today onwards, I cannot stay in this exiled community any more. I stop supporting the freedom book. Not only do I stop supporting it, I’m going to destroy it today. I’ll destroy it and I’ll tear it into pieces and then I’ll burn them. See, I’m tearing it now… [Dhamchoe repeats it a few times]

This book is useless and I’m getting rid of it. Today, I’m getting rid of this book.

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  1. He is brave, knowing the what the CTA does to people that tell on them. I guess people have had enough.

    He made very strong points… “I completely believe that the essential and influential people are the Tibetan people living inside Tibet. People say the essential and influential people [who can make an impact on the Tibetan cause] are the Tibetan people in exile; I would never agree to that.”

    I guess if anything happens to him, well it is all out in the open and u know who is to blame if anything bad were to happen to him and you guessed it right — CTA.

    Really it is high-time people spoke up and spoke against their despicable conduct, it is high-time honest Tibetans suffering under the fake democratic leadership CTA spoke up. They have got nothing more to lose anymore, they’ve lost everything and now their only hope, their leaders, betray them and sell them short. I hope to see more brave Tibetans stand up and do the right thing for themselves, for their land. If you guys want to help preserve your culture, your land and your resources, you better be in Tibet working with the right people, having dialogue and come to an agreement. What he said is very very true, Tibetans should listen carefully.

    The money CTA pays you to discriminate others, like us Shugdenpas is just a short-term benefit because Trump does not have room for Tibet and don’t forget he is a racist too. But Trump has plenty to agree with China. Don’t forget he was a shrewd businessman before he became the President. 😱

  2. The CTA has not delivered anything.

    Instead, what the brave Mr Dhamchoe Nyima states about the CTA and the Gaden Phodrang is all very true. Everyone can see.

    Enough is enough.

  3. Bravo Dhamchoe Nyima, to expose how the CTA is corrupt within every member of this CTA.

    You are sincere and patriotic and you are admired as a good example for all Tibetans to be democratic and brave, unlike the cheating CTA leaders.

  4. People like you and that swine called tsem are hurting the morale of many buddhist people. Stop your phony facebook propaganda we dont talk to Ngolops or puppets of demonic cults supported by a new wierd species of plastic buddhists who are so ready to give a hand in fighting for a stupid cause that will only lead to their doom. Tsem and all u ngolops seeking attention: everyone despises you and condemns your actions.. esp you tsem for your undercover illegitimate relations with southeast asian women and men when situation demands to get favours and $ for your bullshit to go on.

  5. How much longer CTA want to control their Tibetan in Exile by fooling them. More and more Tibetan knew what the CTA did to them to control them like slave, such as: creating Dorje Shugden’s ban to separate the Tibetan who opposed them.

    Mr Dhamchoe Nyima is brave to do this openly against the CTA, despite the consequences he will be facing just to bring awareness to their own Tibetan about CTA. 👍

  6. The CTA is really good at pushing people to the edge and at forcing people to take actions against them. The CTA is also very good at using and dumping people whom they perceived no longer useful. Who knows how many people experienced what Mr Dhamchoe Nyima had but it is surely necessary for him to expose the CTA to the public so that the CTA’s true colour will be revealed.

  7. The CTA must have exposed their actions so much to Dhamchoe Nyima that he finally sees the rot. I sympathise with him. It must be such a terrible disillusionment that drove him to disassociate himself from the CTA.

    If the example of one of the comments in this page is to be read, then its fervor and blinkered attitude designed to create anger just goes to show that they will not stop at goading and spewing anger and hatred. What the CTA has done is created a “us versus them” syndrome. The many issues plaguing the Tibetans is more complex than that. Unfortunately, these angry anti-Shugden people can only resort to defamation and spewing hatred as they neither have the knowledge, wisdom nor the dharma to contemplate the issues.

    If prayers cannot help, as the Dalai Lama said, then the Tibetans cannot blame their woes on a formless deity. It is their own lack of actions that is not helping their own cause. So, blaming a formless deity and creating schism, anger and hatred will not help. The CTA must take responsibility and accountability for their actions to resolve their issues with China, whatever the common direction is, be it rangzen or as the Dalai Lama advocated, umaylam. Don’t blame, have a “systematic approach” to foster harmony and humanistic values.

  8. 59 years in exile is a period long enough for many Tibetans to come to a realization that the CTA will not be able to bring the Tibetans any form of autonomy or freedom with regards to their home land, culture and religion. The results of failure to achieve their goals are obvious with the complete silence from the China government. On top of that the USA has vowed to stop supporting the CTA financially.
    It’s not a surprise to find more n more Tibetans like Mr Dhamchoe who will raise the mess and take upon himself to voice out the truth of the matter to his country men.

    People like Rigzin Sangpa coming on to platforms like this informative website hurling
    abusive and unsubstantiated comments are typical ignorant and angersome people who have been brainwashed by the empty promises of the CTA. His comments help no one and certainly won’t bring freedom to Tibetans. 😅

  9. Times are changing, don’t think you can cheat, bully, exploit, have double standards, be corrupted and lie to your people over and over again and not face your karma CTA.There are many like Mr Dhamchoe and I believe many more will come forward to express the injustice of the CTA.

    It has been too long the CTA has been draining and sucking its people’s blood from all the lies they have told us. So many people have been paying them taxes but how do they treat their people? The control us to do whatever they want otherwise they make life sooo difficult for us, threatened us. They are actually worse than the Chinese communist. It is time for a change and for a new revelation. This New Year —- 2018 may we have a new change in leadership. I hope and pray for one that will guide us with love, truth and genuine care for all Tibetans regardless of race, tribe, gender or RELIGION!

  10. Tibet people very feed up with CTA. Many corrupt, many abuse power. Sangyal never care for Tibet people, he care for him self only. Why Dalai Lama never scold Sangyal their mistake?

    I wish I day I can also do like Dhamchoe, burn the green book. Better change citizen to India. Very disappoint.😠😠

  11. I do not see any opposition parties existing in the parliament in exile at Dharamsala. Is there democracy in CTA? And what kind of democracy is CTA always talking about when it didn’t practice it?

  12. I really feel sorry for this faithful guy who did his anti-shugden job soo well in the last few years with great faith and sincerity but now he got frustrated. Perhaps he over-did it without knowing that one day the whole things could be turned differently. Whatever could be the reason for his extreme frustration the main thing at the receiving end is that he finally learned life’s lesson

  13. After looking at several contradictory reports regarding the alleged Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche’s visit to China, one cannot help but wonder why Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche had to deny his four-day visit to China after such visit was confirmed by Dr. Lobsang Sangay and now by a former Indian intelligence officer. If Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche had the best intention to promote the Dalai Lama’s middle way, then why he needs to deny this visit? After all the Sino-Tibetan relationship has been stagnant since 2011, the fact that Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche was able to secure a meeting with Chinese government officials should have been a great success for him, instead of becoming another source of controversy.

    Former Indian Intelligence Claims Samdhong Rinpoche Visited China
    A former Indian intelligence officer claims in an article that the former Kalon Tripa or the Prime minister of Tibetan government in exile, Professor Samdhong Rinpoche had a four days China visit in November last year. The article by the former RAW officer says that Dalai Lama’s envoy would have met senior Communist party leaders during the visit.
    Samdong Rimpoche’s visit to China materialised against the backdrop of strained India-China relations consequent to the face-off between Indian and Chinese troops at Doklam, says former RA&W officer Jayadeva Ranade according to the article in the
    “Samdong Rimpoche, who was nominated a month earlier as the Dalai Lama’s envoy for talks with the Chinese authorities, would certainly have met senior Communist party leaders during his four-day stay in Kunming, capital of China’s Yunnan province.” added the report claiming that the two-term Kalon Tripa (‘prime minister’) of the Tibetan administration-in-exile and one of the Dalai Lama’s most trusted advisers had quietly travelled to China in late November 2017.
    The report also suggested that the Rinpoche would have met with the You Quan, a former party secretary of Fujian province whom Chinese President Xi Jinping appointed director of the united front work department in November or Zhang Yijiong, executive vice minister of the UFWD.
    As China still do not recognise the Central Tibetan Administration, functioning as the Tibetan government in exile, president Lobsang Sangay has not accompanied the Rinpoche in the China visit added the article by the former Indian intelligence.
    The former prime minister of Tibetan government in exile, Professor Samdhong Rinpoche however had earlier rubbished of the China visit when asked about whether he had made a China visit as being speculated and told that the news about his visit to China has no truth and it was nothing more than just media speculations.

    Samdhong Rinpoche Visited China

  14. This is what the Tibetan Government in Exile is about!!!??

    What a fake club who is using the Tibetans for their selfish small ….

    “Instead, our actions dishearten the people inside Tibet. I myself personally have always respected the CTA and this green book, the freedom book (rangzen la deb). I always made the due payments. Until today, I followed the CTA but from today onwards, I cannot stay in this exiled community any more. I stop supporting the freedom book. Not only do I stop supporting it, I’m going to destroy it today. I’ll destroy it and I’ll tear it into pieces and then I’ll burn them. See, I’m tearing it now…”

    This is what Sangay and his acolytes have done! Nobody respects them as they have done so much damage to the Tibetan Cause!!

    Everybody should be aware of the CTA’s behaviour!!

  15. China’s economic prowess is not to be underestimated. Leaders from various countries seek economic collaborations with China, who has been contributing to the world’s economic growth, especially in the past decade. The Indian Intelligence Bureau’s (IB) report highlighted the lack of opportunities in India for growth and advancement as the causes for Tibetan youth to willingly betray their host India and work as spies for China. Tibetan youth clearly have difficulties to survive in India as CTA failed to create sufficient jobs for the Tibetans in exile. This is a reality and we will see more and more trend like this and eventually Tibetans seeking improvement in their quality of life and intellectual advancement will leave India and ‘return’ to China.

    China recruiting “disgruntled” Tibetan refugees to spy on India: Intelligence Bureau
    Friday, January 05, 2018 19:56
    By Tenzin Dharpo
    DHARAMSHALA, Jan. 5: Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) has reportedly said that China is recruiting Tibetan refugee youth in the Northeastern parts of India to provide strategic information in exchange for monetary gains.
    The IB, India’s internal intelligence agency, has issued a string of alerts that China is approaching Tibetan refugees settled in northeast India to provide strategic information about the area.
    According to The Print, a comprehensive report submitted to the central government will include how China had been targeting “disgruntled Tibetan refugees” in the region for the past two years and how many of the recruits have already left for China.
    An unnamed source from the IB was cited as saying “young Tibetan refugees” from Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and other parts of northeast India have been recruited as spies. “It appears to be China’s strategy to make a base in India to create a channel, through which it can constantly receive relevant strategic information,” the source told The Print.
    The same source also described the newer generations of Tibetans to be “volatile and vulnerable” whose desperation caused by unemployment and wish for a good lifestyle is tapped by China who assure money as well as job and education for their kids. 
    In addition to the report to be sent to Ministry of home affairs, the local police in the north east states have also been notified of the threat and may result in “scrutiny of Tibetan refugees” there soon.
    There are five Tibetan refugee settlements in the Northeast India; Choepheling- Miao, Dhargyeling –Tezu, Tenzigang- Bomdila and Tuting-Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh and Kunphenling- Ravangla in Sikkim as well as smaller pockets of Tibetans in Sonada and Darjeeling area overseen by the exile Tibetan government here in Dharamshala, known as the Central Tibetan Administration.

    Phayul_China recruiting “disgruntled” Tib_ - http___www.phayul.com_news_article.aspx

  16. Samdhong Rinpoche’s November visit to China is brought up again in this article because it may have implication to India’s politics. At the moment, it is not clear yet as to what transpired during Samdhong Rinpoche’s 4-day visit to China and how the development may impact the progress of Tibetan cause or India-China relations. The confusion and curiosity related to this visit were increased a notch recently after Samdhong Rinpoche denied that this visit even occurred. It is very likely that the public may speculate further about Samdhong Rinpoche’s real intention behind the visit and why he was hiding it, and the speculation could run wild and impose a new risk to the Tibetan cause and India China relations. Therefore, it is best for Samdhong Rinpoche to clarify this matter once and for all.

    Tibet developments may put pressure on India
    Samdong Rimpoche’s visit to China materialised against the backdrop of strained India-China relations consequent to the face-off between Indian and Chinese troops at Doklam, says former RA&W officer Jayadeva Ranade.
    There have been important developments relating to Tibet since the Chinese Communist Party congress ended in Beijing on October 25, 2017 and the two months thereafter.
    All of them have implications for India and some could potentially put India under sustained pressure.
    The first was the indication that the Chinese Communist Party’s central committee’s united front work department, which is responsible for supervising non-Communist parties and ethnic minorities including the Tibet and Xinjiang Autonomous Regions, was preparing to take fresh initiatives.
    This was the dramatic ‘leak’ that Samdong Rimpoche – a former two-term Kalon Tripa (‘prime minister’) of the Tibetan administration-in-exile and among the Dalai Lama’s most trusted advisers — had quietly travelled to China in late November 2017.
    Samdong Rimpoche, who was nominated a month earlier as the Dalai Lama’s envoy for talks with the Chinese authorities, would certainly have met senior Communist party leaders during his four-day stay in Kunming, capital of China’s Yunnan province.
    There is speculation that Rimpoche could have met You Quan, a former party secretary of Fujian province whom Chinese President Xi Jinping appointed director of the united front work department in November or Zhang Yijiong, executive vice minister of the UFWD.
    If Rimpoche met Chinese leaders, this would be the first acknowledged contact between an envoy of the Dalai Lama and Chinese Communist officials since negotiations between the two sides were suspended in 2010.
    China’s official media has, however, not yet mentioned a visit by a senior leader to Kunming during this period.
    Dr Lobsang Sangay, the Sikyong (head) of the Central Tibetan Administration, obliquely confirmed that Professor Rimpoche had visited China. He was replying to a question posed by former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal on the sidelines of the M L Sondhi memorial lecture in New Delhi on December 14, when he cautioned ‘Don’t read too much into it. At most it’s a private visit and it’s too early to say anything.’
    It is pertinent that Lobsang Sangay — who is the other envoy nominated by the Dalai Lama for talks with the Chinese — did not accompany Samdong Rimpoche probably because China continues to adhere to its policy of not recognising the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala. No relaxation has been noticed in China’s policies towards Tibetans or Tibet so far.
    Samdong Rimpoche’s visit also materialised against the backdrop of strained India-China relations consequent to the face-off between Indian and Chinese troops at Doklam and threats made at the time by China through its official media.
    It comes too in the wake of an international conference convened by the Tibetan administration-in-exile in October 2017 to finalise a long-term action plan, including revival of Tibetan Buddhism in the Indo-Himalayan border belt.
    At the same time a securitisation of Tibet is taking place. Following up on Xi Jinping’s work report to the party congress — which for the first time devoted an entire section to poverty alleviation — the Tibet Autonomous Region has launched a campaign to tackle poverty and simultaneously enhance security.
    It has decided to build ‘well-off border villages’ along Tibet’s ‘borders with India, Nepal, Bhutan and other neighbouring countries to ensure the security of the borders and maintain stability’ in the region.
    The State-owned Global Times newspaper on December 25, 2017 asserted that ‘confronting separatism remains a challenge for the region. Raising living standards for local residents is a fundamental way to guard against activity sabotaging China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity’.
    ‘Tibet’s rural poverty alleviation,’ the newspaper added, will help maintain stability in the border areas’.
    Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns in the TAR are being co-opted to sensitise people and ensure that Buddhism serves socialism.
    Additionally, the decision to bring the people’s armed police force (PAPF) directly under the central military commission with effect from January 1, 2018 puts Tibet under the direct control of the people’s liberation army (PLA).
    Xi Jinping had earlier appointed PLA officers loyal to him as the commander and political commissar of the PAPF.
    Since the PAPF is deployed in strength in Tibet’s main towns, rural countryside and border areas, the PLA officers — who are now being re-inducted into the party standing committees at the provincial and county levels — will have an enhanced role.
    In addition to deploying PAPF troops when civilian authorities request assistance, the PLA officers will have a greater role in military-civil coordination and be directly involved in building the ‘well-off border villages’.
    Each of these villages is to be connected by road, thereby facilitating military movement along the border with India.
    Finally, the TAR leadership is being encouraged to push the Belt and Road Initiative and Bangladesh China India Myanmar Corridor with Tibet’s neighbours.
    To promote the BRI and BCIM, China has announced it will expand TAR’s road network from 82,000 kms to 89,000 kms by 2020.
    Chinese officials have earlier pointed out that there are 70 road links between China and Nepal and there have been suggestions of a new China-Nepal-India Corridor.
    The aim will be to build pressure on India by creating public opinion, including by co-opting Tibetans, to endorse the BRI and China’s plans of connectivity.
    Jayadeva Ranade, a former Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India, is presently President, Centre for China Analysis and Strategy.


  17. Thank you Mr Dhamchoe Nyima for speaking up so courageously against the CTA and exposing them through revealing the system of the Green Book. The Green Book, issued by CTA to its loyal members in the Tibetan community, shows up clearly how fake is the democracy that the CTA professes to be practicing as a government. Also how insincere is their support of the “free Tibet” cause.

    It is time other Tibetans in the exiled community speak up and support Mr Damchoe Nyima, who has stuck out his neck and is risking his life and ‘future’ for it. His burning his green book was a very very brave act indeed.

    With CTA continuing its negative anti-Shugden campaign and allegation of Shugden practitioners as Chinese spies,and their not showing any real support for the Dalai Lama’s wish for autonomy for Tibet and recognition of Tibet as a part of China and his plan to visit China, it will be daunting for the Dalai Lama to go forward and begin any negotiations with the Chinese Government for the future of Tibetans, should the circumstances arise.

  18. Instead of creating employment opportunities, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) has nurtured a culture where Tibetans expect handouts and foreign aids to get by. As a result, they created a new generation of Tibetan refugees who are volatile and vulnerable, and always depend on others to help them out of circumstances. Now, Tibetan refugees in India do not even hesitate to compromise the security of their host country, India, who has been so kind to them, in exchange for monetary gain.

    China luring Tibetan refugees in India to work as its spies, Intelligence Bureau warns
    ANANYA BHARDWAJ | 5 January, 2018
    IB issues alert that many refugees settled in northeast India are being paid and offered jobs by China in exchange for strategic information.
    New Delhi: Amid rising India-China tensions along the Line of Actual Control, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has issued a string of alerts warning that Tibetan refugees settled in northeast India are being approached by China to provide strategic information about the area.
    While China has reportedly managed to convince a number of young Tibetan refugees to work as its spies in exchange for money, it is aiming to recruit many more, IB sources told ThePrint.
    According to the alert, based on which a detailed report will soon be submitted to the government, China had been eyeing disgruntled Tibetan refugees in the region for the past two years. Sources said that many of the refugees it has recruited have already left for China.
    “We received an alert stating that young Tibetan refugees settled in areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and other parts of northeast India are moving to China. We learnt that China is trying to recruit the refugees as spies in the area,” a source said. 
    “It appears to be China’s strategy to make a base in India to create a channel, through which it can constantly receive relevant strategic information.”
    The local police in the concerned states have also been sounded out about the alert. A report is being prepared and will be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs, following which a scrutiny of Tibetan refugees in the area may start.
    “The present generation of Tibetan refugees is very volatile and vulnerable. While they wish to have a good lifestyle, they do not have any job opportunities. This is what the Chinese took advantage of to plant their spies,” the source said.
    “The Chinese reportedly not only promise them good money in exchange for information, but also a good job and education for their children in China. However, it is still not known as to how many refugees the Chinese have been able to mobilise.”
    Asked about the IB alert, a Home ministry official said: “It may be a possibility. We will look into it.”


  19. I am so glad to know that Mr Dhamchoe Nyima finally put one’s foot down by the following actions:-
    a)Burned Green book known as the freedom book (or “rangzen la deb” in Tibetan)

    b)Creating video in Youtube ‘Voice of Truth’
    Come to think about this. He is the best person to judge what is right and what is wrong. He has been ex Dorje Shugden practitioner and a spoke person in Administration for CTA in Dharamsala.
    As a responsible citizen, he cannot bear to see CTA mislead Tibetan for their own benefit as over the years Tibet hasn’t been improved on anything. Why? CTA people are busy spending unnecessary money to create more propaganda between Tibetan. One of the very good example is to ban the Dorje Shugden practice by saying Dorje Shugden is a spirit. This is illogical. Why? There are evidences prove that Dorje Shugden is a Dharma Protector and an Enlightened Being such as:–

    a)The Previous Existences of Dorje Shugden:-

    -Magadha Sangmo: The Buddha’s Patron
    -Mahasiddha Virupa: Master of Enchantment
    -Thonmi Sambhota: Father of the Tibetan Script
    -King Trisong Detsen: Great Dharmaraja
    -Mahasiddha Naropa: The Indomitable Disciple
    -Ra Lotsawa: The Great Yamantaka Yogin
    -Lotsawa Loden Sherab: The Prolific Translator
    -Shakya Shri Bhadra: The Great Kashmiri Scholar
    -Sakya Pandita: Accomplished Sakya Master
    -Buton Rinchen Drub: Kangyur and Tangyur Collector
    -Dulzin Drakpa Gyeltsen: Builder of Gaden
    -Panchen Sonam Drakpa: The Unexcelled Scholar
    -Sonam Yeshe Wangpo and Ngawang Sonam Geleg: Great Masters of Fate
    -Tulku Drakpa Gyaltsen: The Great Martyr

    b) Practiced by highly respected Lamas which is the junior tutors of 14th Dalai Lama:-

    -HH Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche
    -H.H. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche

  20. Everyone has the equal right without any discrimination under the protection of the law, freedom of movement, choose their own beliefs and many other fundamental human rights but sad to see that this is not applied and followed by CTA.

    The time is come to stop all the sufferings caused by CTA!!!
    It is great to see Mr Dhamchoe Nyima stood out and tell the truth that CTA has neglected to furnish the necessary protection and interests to its people over the years. The impact of his words become the voice of courage for others to tell the truth to the world.

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Contemplate This

.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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