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On 8th December 2017, the Central Tibetan Administraton’s official website went down for several hours. During the outage, the website’s layout changed multiple times. This stock image was the website’s banner for at least an hour, as part of a stock WordPress template.

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By: Kay Beswick

The troubles just seem to be mounting for the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA). For several hours on 8th December 2017 (Friday), the official website of the CTA (Tibetan leadership in Dharamsala, North India) went down and all of its pages were rendered totally inaccessible.

Observers noted that in the time since the website first went down, its status was inconsistent. The outage was first noticed at around 2:10pm (GMT) when it was noted that the layout of the website had been altered, in particular the disappearance of the right column. This is the section of the website that advertises standard information that the CTA finds most significant, including information against the practice of Dorje Shugden. During this time, it was also noted that although the front page looked almost standard (with the exception of the missing right column), none of the links on the website worked. Clicking on any of them would lead to a standard announcement about an error.

Less than an hour later after this initial outage, a maintenance notice appeared on the website, trying to dismiss the technical issues as regularly scheduled maintenance. It should be noted that this announcement has rarely, if ever, been reported before.

Over the several hours that the website was down for, the status of the site kept changing from a stock template, to an announcement of regularly scheduled maintenance, before reverting back to the CTA’s website template but containing totally unaccessible links. Click to enlarge.

Approximately three hours later, it was noted that the entire website’s customizations had disappeared and their layout had reverted to the original WordPress template. There was even a link inviting people to log in to the administrative area of the site, as well as dummy text on their homepage (see video below).

or watch on our server:

Without any website defacement or any hacking group leaving their tag to claim responsibility for this state of affairs, it seems logical to conclude that the CTA’s website going down is the result of incompetence, “performance deficit” and “dereliction of duty” (as per what they accused Penpa Tsering of). This conclusion is also supported by the fact the website’s status keeps changing. It indicates the technical team is aware there is an error but no one can figure out where the error lies, or how to fix it. Each solution they have attempted to implement has not been successful in resolving the problem.

The CTA’s website with Lorem ipsum dummy text in the place of real copy. Click to enlarge.

The irony of this situation, and its karmic links has not gone unnoticed. The CTA has an extensive history of using online platforms to cause division and schism in Tibetan society, and to spread misinformation and lies about people who refuse to toe the party line. For example, they are well known to use social media channels like WeChat, Facebook and YouTube as platforms for their propaganda against the Kagyus, the Jonangpas as well as their political opponents such as Lukar Jam and rangzen supporters. They have also previously funded anti-Dorje Shugden websites to direct hatred, harm and discrimination towards Shugden practitioners. They have used social media to publicize lists of Dorje Shugden practitioners to falsely label them as ‘anti-Dalai Lama’ and thus identify them as deserving targets of violence.

For the many communities who have been victimized by the Tibetan leadership for the last six decades, the outage of their website offered slight, if any, respite from the abuse they have suffered for decades. For a few hours, the CTA’s instrument of vitriol and hatred, sadly disguised as ‘democracy‘ and ‘freedom of speech‘, was not functioning to spread lies around the world.

Will the CTA learn any lessons from this, or will they continue to abuse the tenets of free speech to oppress those who do not share their same views? Given their track record, it seems highly unlikely this will be a lesson that sticks. But one can always hope as we see more and more instances of a government that is finally having to face the consequences of exploiting the goodwill of the world. It is all the Tibetan people can do, as they start to uncover all of the lies that have been sold to them by their very own leadership for the last 60 years.

The CTA’s website with a stock WordPress template and banner. Clearly someone was trying to fix the error but was unsuccessful. Click to enlarge.

Thanks to a technical error, login page to the administrative area of the CTA’s official website became exposed. Click to enlarge.

The ownership details of a now-defunct anti-Dorje Shugden website that was paid for by the Tibetan leadership. Click to enlarge.

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  1. From the last I checked, on the right side bar of the CTA’s website or tibet.net there is still the link to Shugden page and the listing of those who protected against HH the Dalai Lama in USA and Europe remains. The CTA’s stand against Dorje Shugden is prevailing still. This is most hurtful even though HH the Dalai Lama is noticeably changing his stand against China and Tibet and sending his own envoy to discuss his return to China to visit Wu Tai Shan on a private visit.😤😠

    CTA Shugden website 2017-12-30

  2. The registration of “[email protected]” and “antishugden.com” is really damning evidence of how the CTA, which has no legitimacy in meddling with religious affairs, seeks to divide instead of unite the Tibetan diaspora.

    Sack them all.

  3. Well, seem their website is up again and continue to harrass Dorje Shugden practitioners, continue to contaminated the Buddhism lineage and continue to tell lies. : http://tibet.net/

    Lesson learned- i dont think so😤

  4. CTA faces fires everywhere, and it is in real danger of capitulating, there is a new air of change coming from Dalai Lama’s future visit being planned.

    Such is the ways of samsara, CTA has run of good karma to serve the Tibetan in exiles, because they served themselves a hell lot more than the people they were supposed to help.

    Time to fall CTA, the beginning of the end began with the downgrading of TGIE till the name CTA. Tyranny cannot last in the face of truth and reality. I hope before CTA capitulate they would be kind enough to reverse all their negative policies that got them into this hot soup in the first place, ie the Dorje Shudgen ban.

  5. Well isn’t this more than embarrassing! I come from an IT background, and this is very sloppy work. Even if done at an hour that many people wouldn’t be on the website, the implementation of the work was badly done to say the least! There was no professionalism about it in any way. Who has been neglecting their duties now. The CTA really know how to hire the WRONG sort of person, but have no qualms with getting rid of the people who CAN do the job or even really want to do the job to make a difference in the lives of others.

    And don’t even mention the fact that the website collects so much negative karma for the CTA and its employees. To have a website to condemns another person because of their religious beliefs in this day and age is ridiculous. And on top of that it comes from a government. No sane democratic government would do such a thing. It only goes to highlight that they have a political agenda by doing so. They simply want to keep the spotlight on another group so people get distracted from looking into the CTA’s own shortcomings and failures. What a shame.

  6. Of course the CTA is not efficient at all, if they are, they would have gotten their country back. If they are efficient, they will not remain as the ‘poor refugee’ whose status remain as refugee after 60 years. They must be the longest standing refugees in the world!

    Sooner or later CTA will not be able to sustain, because they don’t have what it takes to manage a country.

  7. Pure discrimination right there! antishugden.com – haha which real democratic government would do that in the 21st century, besides the very known Tibetan Leadership? They go all out to de-stabilise their unity, by using religion to separate and split people apart! This is totally unacceptable.

    Their website is now back in action, and they continue to spread lies through their website on Dorje Shugden practice. Why would any leadership blatantly do this, unless they want to use religion as a tool for their own power and gains.

    The few hours that the website was down did not offer and hope and peace to DS practitioners, because, it has been 20 years since the discrimination against Shugden practitioners. When will this stop?

    I wonder why their website was down though… perhaps, they were trying to do some works, but incompetency obviously does not go un-noticeable.

  8. This shows what goes around comes around. The negative karma of ostracise certain religious group in the society, not only affecting the Tibetan leaders, it is also bringing harm to Tibet lay people. This is bad.

  9. Hahahaha… karma came back biting on CTA’s backside! I rejoice! Finally! I only wished it stayed that way permanently because they are a bunch of crocks. They deserve it for all the anti-shugden campaign they launched and paid to ensure Shugden people are ostracised and discriminated.

    When I saw this… it was one of the happiest moments of my life because it means seizing these bunch of crooks from doing more harm to people. To their own people. Really SHAME on CTA. I really cannot wait for a new fresh scene of leadership. Someone who is for the people and not for his own pocket!

  10. Karma bites! Seriously, which democratic country uses such low and cheap tactic to go all their way to defend their own belief? “[email protected]” and “antishugden.com” are childish. There are so many real problems that stop them from growing exist in their community, they chose to ignore it and focus on unrelavant problem instead. Stupid to the core.

  11. Maintenance of a site is planned and visitors will be informed when it will take place at least 1-2 weeks ahead so that they are informed. It is a courtesy and manner to let others know since CTA is fully funded by kind sponsors and they deserve to be treated properly. This incident again shows how incompetent the group in CTA is. How sloppy their job is and how bad their attitude is. There is no hope for Tibetans to return to Tibet and they can just remain as refugees until India kicks them out forever!

  12. Maintenance of a site is planned and visitors will be informed when it will take place at least 1-2 weeks ahead so that they are informed. It is a courtesy and manner to let others know since CTA is fully funded by kind sponsors and they deserve to be treated properly. This incident again shows how incompetent the group in CTA is. How sloppy their job is and how bad their attitude is. There is no hope for Tibetans to return to Tibet and they can just remain as refugees until India kicks them out forever!

  13. China has been astute in offering economic incentives in exchange for political favor. Recently, Senator Steve Daines of Montana hosted a delegation of Chinese Communist Party officials that oversee Tibet and undercut the simultaneous visit by the President of the Tibetan Government in exile in exchange for a $200 million deal with a leading Chinese retailer to export Montana’s beef to China. The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is no match for China regarding political intelligence. If the CTA is smart, they will start to build rapport and stop condemning China for an event that happened over 60 years ago.

    US Senator Exchanged Tibet For Economic Incentives With China?
    TJ editor| December 18, 2017
    A US Senator is reported to have overseen the fact that Tibet is going under a serious situation of human rights crisis for economic deals with China. According to an opinion in the Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin, China is bidding political favours in foreign countries in return for economic incentives they provide.
    “In its effort to cultivate foreign influence, the Chinese Communist Party boldly mixes economic incentives with requests for political favors. Its dealings with Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) this year offer a success story for Beijing.” write Josh Rogin in The Washington Post.
    The writer explains how the recent case with Senator Daines’s dealing with the China perfectly demonstrates how such an exchange took place.
    “Last month Daines announced a breakthrough in his long-standing effort to win access for Montana’s beef exports to China — a $200 million deal with a leading Chinese retailer.” said the opinion “Then, on Dec. 5, the regime of Xi Jinping got something at least as valuable from Daines. The senator hosted a delegation of Chinese Communist Party officials who oversee Tibet, at the request of the Chinese Embassy — thereby undercutting a simultaneous visit to Washington by the president of the Tibetan government in exile.”
    While The House Foreign Affairs Asia subcommittee held a hearing on December 6 about Chinese repression in Tibet in due consideration over China’s growing oppression in Tibet, inaccessibility of foreign media and officials into Tibet, etc., where Hollywood actor spoke as witness, Daines was reported to have praised Chinese officials in Tibet for doing “a good job in environmental protection and traditional cultural preservation.”

    US Senator Exchanged Tibet for Economic Incentives with China?

  14. Sikyong la Bangalore has many IT people hahaha maybe you want to hire someone new not the stupid inji from Swiss

  15. “CAUSE AND EFFECTS” the tenets of Karma and all Buddhists believe in Karma.

    With so much current scandals inflicting CTA and its leaders, this outage of CTA website is a sign of inevitable intervention of karma.

    Take heed and not be destroyed by your own action of treason against Tibetans, CTA!!!!

  16. Looks like the CTA will never learn anything from this latest debacle, even when the signs are there for them to see. They are carrying on their antiShugden ‘campaign’, with never a care for the consequences. Why can’t they realise that the time is running out on them? Carrying on their activities of creating division and schism within the Tibetan community, when the writing is on the wall.

    By continuing to label Shugden practitioners as paid Chinese spies, by continuing to paint a false picture of the Chinese Government oppressing the Tibetans in Tibet, by continuing to condone the self-immolations of Tibetans,they are running counter to Dalai Lama’s efforts to repair ties with China. Indeed, it looks like they are sabotaging the Dalai Lama’s efforts to move towards peaceful negotiations with China.

  17. Karma coming back at the CTA. They deserve it. Hopeless bunch of incompetent morons.

  18. If the website is really hack,i would like to applaud the hackers.Serve CTA right for promoting discrimination.What kind of govt tell their ppl what they can practice & what they can’t.Just how ‘smart‘ are they?As buddhist, i am proud that there is such a thing call Karma.Now CTA reap what they sow.In time corrupted & bias CTA ppl will suffer the effect & lose all the so called power. no more cta.haha.that will be good news for many tibetans & also anti cta ppl.

  19. Whether this is just one of the incompetencies of the CTA or their website got hacked, serves them right. For they have hurt so many, especially their own people for far too long, it is retribution time for the CTA. It is time now to vote them out of office.

  20. No surprise with how CTA operate. It’s time to question how CTA use the funding and how would people have confident with CTA? Would sponsor still want to give looking at CTA poor management?

  21. In whatever you have done, you have to bare the causes. That is the law of karma. CTA had done so much harm to Tibetans, now they have to face it and LEARN to take care of their RESPONSIBILITIES. Moreover, they ought to listen and follow Dalai Lama’s request on autonomy for the Tibet. 🤔

  22. Karma coming back to CTA whose had use their website to create discrimination and harm to the people. Whether it’s due to hacker what obviously we can see here is CTA is going to get back on the negative act that they have done.

  23. Whether that error was intentional or not is another issue. This fiasco really showed to the people put there the allegations against CTA is real. The agenda behind is clear which is to smear the names of Dorje Shugden and His followers. Karma coming back to you CTA for this error intentional or not.

  24. Well welll well… karma finally took place on the most evil website of CTA. Why claimed as a Buddhist and democratic government yet none stop creating fraction and schism among their own people? After Tibet had parted into pieces, what benefit do CTA get of continue to bad mouth about others? I hope CTA can wake up and realise that the damage they have done for Dorje Shugden people the last 20 years should stop now.

  25. It seems the website is up again, but then, there is nothing new for CTA, indecisive on what they want to do or what they are doing, since 60 years ago when they promised the Tibetans that they will bring them back to Tibet, and 60 years has passed, their action is nothing related to what they have promised, they always say 1 thing and act another thing. Last time is like that, now its also like that, in future they will be the same too…

  26. When does the CTA become professional? Always wanting to show off but this is the result! Too bad for them!

    Anyway, nobody can always put people down, restrict them in every way and then hope that there will be no repercussion! Clear that karma will come back!

    I guess this is the beginning…

  27. This is just as another joke happening in CTA, like how they operate their refugee at exile, no efficiency , professional and security to protect tibetan in exile.

    I do wish CTA official website is down simply because this website are suppress others for human right and religion freedom and create hate for their tibetan racism.

  28. This website has issue of ban religious freedom and indirectly created disharmony between tibetan. Good the website was down. Tibetan need a government to bring more benefits and solve the problem as a refugee status. we are waiting for 60 years already, it is long enough….

  29. Creating schism within sangha is a heinous sin. Dividing the monastic order and forcing one side to start from scratch, creating so much suffering for them and continuing to create problems and suffering is so horrendous an act. What negative karma must have been created!

    Hopefully, some people in CTA has the conscience and wisdom to realize a bit of that and stop disparaging the monastic order of a different practice even if they do not make attempts to mend the rift.

  30. Why is taking down their website? Feeling bad for saying the bad things about Dorje Shugden? I guess karma is catching up on them. Whatever sufferings that they impose to others is coming back to them now.

  31. After looking at several contradictory reports regarding the alleged Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche’s visit to China, one should wonder why Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche had to deny his four-day visit to China after such visit was confirmed by Dr. Lobsang Sangay and now by a former Indian intelligence officer. If Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche had the best intention to promote the Dalai Lama’s middle way, then why he needs to deny this visit? After all the Sino-Tibetan relationship has been stagnant since 2011, the fact that Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche was able to secure a meeting with Chinese government officials should have been a great success for him, instead of becoming another source of controversy. What is your real intention Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche?

    Former Indian Intelligence Claims Samdhong Rinpoche Visited China
    A former Indian intelligence officer claims in an article that the former Kalon Tripa or the Prime minister of Tibetan government in exile, Professor Samdhong Rinpoche had a four days China visit in November last year. The article by the former RAW officer says that Dalai Lama’s envoy would have met senior Communist party leaders during the visit.
    Samdong Rimpoche’s visit to China materialised against the backdrop of strained India-China relations consequent to the face-off between Indian and Chinese troops at Doklam, says former RA&W officer Jayadeva Ranade according to the article in the Rediff.com.
    “Samdong Rimpoche, who was nominated a month earlier as the Dalai Lama’s envoy for talks with the Chinese authorities, would certainly have met senior Communist party leaders during his four-day stay in Kunming, capital of China’s Yunnan province.” added the report claiming that the two-term Kalon Tripa (‘prime minister’) of the Tibetan administration-in-exile and one of the Dalai Lama’s most trusted advisers had quietly travelled to China in late November 2017.
    The report also suggested that the Rinpoche would have met with the You Quan, a former party secretary of Fujian province whom Chinese President Xi Jinping appointed director of the united front work department in November or Zhang Yijiong, executive vice minister of the UFWD.
    As China still do not recognise the Central Tibetan Administration, functioning as the Tibetan government in exile, president Lobsang Sangay has not accompanied the Rinpoche in the China visit added the article by the former Indian intelligence.
    The former prime minister of Tibetan government in exile, Professor Samdhong Rinpoche however had earlier rubbished of the China visit when asked about whether he had made a China visit as being speculated and told that the news about his visit to China has no truth and it was nothing more than just media speculations.

    Samdhong Rinpoche Visited China

  32. China’s economic prowess is not to be underestimated. Leaders from various countries seek economic collaborations with China, who has been contributing to the world’s economic growth, especially in the past decade. The Indian Intelligence Bureau’s (IB) report highlighted the lack of opportunities in India for growth and advancement as the causes for Tibetan youth to willingly betray their host India and work as spies for China. Tibetan youth clearly have difficulties to survive in India as CTA failed to create sufficient jobs for the Tibetans in exile. This is a reality and we will see more and more trend like this and eventually Tibetans seeking improvement in their quality of life and intellectual advancement will leave India and ‘return’ to China.

    China recruiting “disgruntled” Tibetan refugees to spy on India: Intelligence Bureau
    Friday, January 05, 2018 19:56
    By Tenzin Dharpo
    DHARAMSHALA, Jan. 5: Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) has reportedly said that China is recruiting Tibetan refugee youth in the Northeastern parts of India to provide strategic information in exchange for monetary gains.
    The IB, India’s internal intelligence agency, has issued a string of alerts that China is approaching Tibetan refugees settled in northeast India to provide strategic information about the area.
    According to The Print, a comprehensive report submitted to the central government will include how China had been targeting “disgruntled Tibetan refugees” in the region for the past two years and how many of the recruits have already left for China.
    An unnamed source from the IB was cited as saying “young Tibetan refugees” from Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and other parts of northeast India have been recruited as spies. “It appears to be China’s strategy to make a base in India to create a channel, through which it can constantly receive relevant strategic information,” the source told The Print.
    The same source also described the newer generations of Tibetans to be “volatile and vulnerable” whose desperation caused by unemployment and wish for a good lifestyle is tapped by China who assure money as well as job and education for their kids. 
    In addition to the report to be sent to Ministry of home affairs, the local police in the north east states have also been notified of the threat and may result in “scrutiny of Tibetan refugees” there soon.
    There are five Tibetan refugee settlements in the Northeast India; Choepheling- Miao, Dhargyeling –Tezu, Tenzigang- Bomdila and Tuting-Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh and Kunphenling- Ravangla in Sikkim as well as smaller pockets of Tibetans in Sonada and Darjeeling area overseen by the exile Tibetan government here in Dharamshala, known as the Central Tibetan Administration. 

    Phayul_China recruiting “disgruntled” Tib_ - http___www.phayul.com_news_article.aspx

  33. Samdhong Rinpoche’s November visit to China is brought up again in this article because it may have implication to India’s politics. At the moment, it is not clear yet as to what transpired during Samdhong Rinpoche’s 4-day visit to China and how the development may impact the progress of Tibetan cause or India-China relations. The confusion and curiosity related to this visit were increased a notch recently after Samdhong Rinpoche denied that this visit even occurred. It is very likely that the public may speculate further about Samdhong Rinpoche’s real intention behind the visit and why he was hiding it, and the speculation could run wild and impose a new risk to the Tibetan cause and India China relations. Therefore, it is best for Samdhong Rinpoche to clarify this matter once and for all.

    Tibet developments may put pressure on India
    Samdong Rimpoche’s visit to China materialised against the backdrop of strained India-China relations consequent to the face-off between Indian and Chinese troops at Doklam, says former RA&W officer Jayadeva Ranade.
    There have been important developments relating to Tibet since the Chinese Communist Party congress ended in Beijing on October 25, 2017 and the two months thereafter.
    All of them have implications for India and some could potentially put India under sustained pressure.
    The first was the indication that the Chinese Communist Party’s central committee’s united front work department, which is responsible for supervising non-Communist parties and ethnic minorities including the Tibet and Xinjiang Autonomous Regions, was preparing to take fresh initiatives.
    This was the dramatic ‘leak’ that Samdong Rimpoche – a former two-term Kalon Tripa (‘prime minister’) of the Tibetan administration-in-exile and among the Dalai Lama’s most trusted advisers — had quietly travelled to China in late November 2017.
    Samdong Rimpoche, who was nominated a month earlier as the Dalai Lama’s envoy for talks with the Chinese authorities, would certainly have met senior Communist party leaders during his four-day stay in Kunming, capital of China’s Yunnan province.
    There is speculation that Rimpoche could have met You Quan, a former party secretary of Fujian province whom Chinese President Xi Jinping appointed director of the united front work department in November or Zhang Yijiong, executive vice minister of the UFWD.
    If Rimpoche met Chinese leaders, this would be the first acknowledged contact between an envoy of the Dalai Lama and Chinese Communist officials since negotiations between the two sides were suspended in 2010.
    China’s official media has, however, not yet mentioned a visit by a senior leader to Kunming during this period.
    Dr Lobsang Sangay, the Sikyong (head) of the Central Tibetan Administration, obliquely confirmed that Professor Rimpoche had visited China. He was replying to a question posed by former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal on the sidelines of the M L Sondhi memorial lecture in New Delhi on December 14, when he cautioned ‘Don’t read too much into it. At most it’s a private visit and it’s too early to say anything.’
    It is pertinent that Lobsang Sangay — who is the other envoy nominated by the Dalai Lama for talks with the Chinese — did not accompany Samdong Rimpoche probably because China continues to adhere to its policy of not recognising the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala. No relaxation has been noticed in China’s policies towards Tibetans or Tibet so far.
    Samdong Rimpoche’s visit also materialised against the backdrop of strained India-China relations consequent to the face-off between Indian and Chinese troops at Doklam and threats made at the time by China through its official media.
    It comes too in the wake of an international conference convened by the Tibetan administration-in-exile in October 2017 to finalise a long-term action plan, including revival of Tibetan Buddhism in the Indo-Himalayan border belt.
    At the same time a securitisation of Tibet is taking place. Following up on Xi Jinping’s work report to the party congress — which for the first time devoted an entire section to poverty alleviation — the Tibet Autonomous Region has launched a campaign to tackle poverty and simultaneously enhance security.
    It has decided to build ‘well-off border villages’ along Tibet’s ‘borders with India, Nepal, Bhutan and other neighbouring countries to ensure the security of the borders and maintain stability’ in the region.
    The State-owned Global Times newspaper on December 25, 2017 asserted that ‘confronting separatism remains a challenge for the region. Raising living standards for local residents is a fundamental way to guard against activity sabotaging China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity’.
    ‘Tibet’s rural poverty alleviation,’ the newspaper added, will help maintain stability in the border areas’.
    Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns in the TAR are being co-opted to sensitise people and ensure that Buddhism serves socialism.
    Additionally, the decision to bring the people’s armed police force (PAPF) directly under the central military commission with effect from January 1, 2018 puts Tibet under the direct control of the people’s liberation army (PLA).
    Xi Jinping had earlier appointed PLA officers loyal to him as the commander and political commissar of the PAPF.
    Since the PAPF is deployed in strength in Tibet’s main towns, rural countryside and border areas, the PLA officers — who are now being re-inducted into the party standing committees at the provincial and county levels — will have an enhanced role.
    In addition to deploying PAPF troops when civilian authorities request assistance, the PLA officers will have a greater role in military-civil coordination and be directly involved in building the ‘well-off border villages’.
    Each of these villages is to be connected by road, thereby facilitating military movement along the border with India.
    Finally, the TAR leadership is being encouraged to push the Belt and Road Initiative and Bangladesh China India Myanmar Corridor with Tibet’s neighbours.
    To promote the BRI and BCIM, China has announced it will expand TAR’s road network from 82,000 kms to 89,000 kms by 2020.
    Chinese officials have earlier pointed out that there are 70 road links between China and Nepal and there have been suggestions of a new China-Nepal-India Corridor.
    The aim will be to build pressure on India by creating public opinion, including by co-opting Tibetans, to endorse the BRI and China’s plans of connectivity.
    Jayadeva Ranade, a former Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India, is presently President, Centre for China Analysis and Strategy.


  34. Instead of creating employment opportunities, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) has nurtured a culture where Tibetans expect handouts and foreign aids to get by. As a result, they created a new generation of Tibetan refugees who are volatile and vulnerable, and always depend on others to help them out of circumstances. Now, Tibetan refugees in India do not even hesitate to compromise the security of their host country, India, who has been so kind to them, in exchange for monetary gain.

    China luring Tibetan refugees in India to work as its spies, Intelligence Bureau warns
    ANANYA BHARDWAJ | 5 January, 2018
    IB issues alert that many refugees settled in northeast India are being paid and offered jobs by China in exchange for strategic information.
    New Delhi: Amid rising India-China tensions along the Line of Actual Control, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has issued a string of alerts warning that Tibetan refugees settled in northeast India are being approached by China to provide strategic information about the area.
    While China has reportedly managed to convince a number of young Tibetan refugees to work as its spies in exchange for money, it is aiming to recruit many more, IB sources told ThePrint.
    According to the alert, based on which a detailed report will soon be submitted to the government, China had been eyeing disgruntled Tibetan refugees in the region for the past two years. Sources said that many of the refugees it has recruited have already left for China.
    “We received an alert stating that young Tibetan refugees settled in areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and other parts of northeast India are moving to China. We learnt that China is trying to recruit the refugees as spies in the area,” a source said. 
    “It appears to be China’s strategy to make a base in India to create a channel, through which it can constantly receive relevant strategic information.”
    The local police in the concerned states have also been sounded out about the alert. A report is being prepared and will be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs, following which a scrutiny of Tibetan refugees in the area may start.
    “The present generation of Tibetan refugees is very volatile and vulnerable. While they wish to have a good lifestyle, they do not have any job opportunities. This is what the Chinese took advantage of to plant their spies,” the source said.
    “The Chinese reportedly not only promise them good money in exchange for information, but also a good job and education for their children in China. However, it is still not known as to how many refugees the Chinese have been able to mobilise.”
    Asked about the IB alert, a Home ministry official said: “It may be a possibility. We will look into it.”


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Contemplate This

.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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