The importance of clearing the lamas’ names

Protests against the Dorje Shugden ban have been going on all over the world since the ban was first enforced in 1996. As a result, more focus and resources have been directed to the Dorje Shugden issue, which could otherwise be spent on the preservation of Tsongkhapa’s tradition


By: Kay Beswick

Dorje Shugden practitioners have been standing up for their religious freedom for the last 20 years, with no end to the ban in sight. When things seem bleak, it is common for disappointment and despair to set in. In such times, it is helpful to remind ourselves why we are fighting for the religious freedom of four million Dorje Shugden practitioners by meditating on the importance of clearing Dorje Shugden and the Shugden lamas’ reputation.



You might ask, he’s an enlightened being so why do we need to stand up for him and the practice? While Dorje Shugden may be an enlightened being, the people who need him the most are not. They have their karma to deal with, and this karma manifests as obstacles which prevents them from connecting with and easily accessing Dorje Shugden’s help.

One of the biggest obstacles – in fact, the biggest obstacle – is the ban against Dorje Shugden. The ban and the resulting negative propaganda from the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) have led many people to develop wrong view about Dorje Shugden’s nature. As a result, although they would benefit from a connection with Dorje Shugden, they are unable to connect with him because the CTA has poisoned their view of him.

When they hold this wrong view of him, they actively avoid a deity who has been promised to be the Dharma Protector of our times, with the closest karmic connection to beings of this time period. This promise was made by Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche, who made a similar promise regarding the efficacy of Vajrayogini’s practice, one which is believed by Gelugs all over the world. If the promise regarding Vajrayogini is commonly believed, why not this promise regarding Dorje Shugden? It is a sad affair indeed that practitioners may miss the opportunity to connect with Dorje Shugden as a result of the ban.

The importance of clearing the Dorje Shugden lamas’ names is also significant in the question of gaining attainments in tantric practice. In tantric practices, the prayers start with the dissolution of the lineage lamas and their blessings, beginning with the originating lama into the next lineage holder and so on, down to our guru from whom we received the practice. At this point, when the blessings are the most potent, our guru who embodies all of the attainments of the lineage lamas before him dissolves into us.

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Penpa Tsering, Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile and former Sikyong candidate, defames Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche

Many of the lineage holders of the tantric practices today just so happen to have relied upon Dorje Shugden as well, for example His Holiness Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche or His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche. Thanks to the encouragement of the Tibetan leadership, many of these lineage holders have been belittled and wrong view has been developed about them. When we develop wrong view of any of the lineage lamas, that pathway of one lama dissolving into another is interrupted. It is therefore even more disturbing that as a result of this wrong view of Dorje Shugden and the lineage lamas, practitioners cut off the blessings and attainments they receive from their practices when they belittle the very vessel of attainments – the lineage lamas themselves. Thus it is important to clear the names of the lineage lamas, for the sake of gaining attainments from one’s tantric practice.

However, the lamas who would be able to clear this wrong view are not given the opportunity to do so. They are labelled as anti-Tibetan and, more dangerously, anti-Dalai Lama and people are encouraged to direct violence and vulgarities at them.

His Eminence Kyabje Dagom Rinpoche, a prominent Dorje Shugden lama whose premature and untimely death is said to have been caused by the CTA poisoning him.

Therefore not only have the CTA poisoned people’s view of Dorje Shugden, but they have also poisoned the public’s view of lamas who rely on Dorje Shugden. Karmically and spiritually, this wrong view is dangerous because the lamas that the CTA targets are attained and have become one with their yidams (meditational deities). This is evidenced by the scope and scale of their works. Some lamas, for example Guru Deva Rinpoche, were instrumental in the reestablishment of the Tibetan Buddhist faith in exile where their monumental financial contributions allowed for monasteries to be built to house the monks and develop a new home for the Dharma. Similarly, the teachings would not have flourished in exile without the erudite scholarship of lamas like His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, His Eminence Dagom Rinpoche, His Eminence Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche, Geshe Rabten, Geshe Thubten Trinley, Geshe Tsultrim Tenzin, and the thousands of monks who subsequently became geshes and Dharma teachers thanks to their extensive teachings.

Therefore if developing wrong view of enlightened beings results in heavy negative karma, what more is there to say about directing violence, vulgarities and curses towards beings like these who have massively benefited sentient beings as a result of their works?

Working to clean the name of our lamas is not only a practice of compassion to connect people with Manjushri, but also a practice of compassion for anti-Shugden people to stop them from accumulating heavy negative karma when they denigrate and degrade qualified teachers and enlightened beings. Working to clear the name of lamas who rely on Dorje Shugden is also a practice of compassion to end the pain of families torn apart by this needless controversy, as well as teachers and students who are forced to separate, remain distant and break their samaya due to their differing approaches to Dorje Shugden practice.



The ban, being illegal and undemocratic, creates unnecessary obstacles and difficulties for these lamas and their reincarnations to continue their work.

The unassuming public may wonder why so much focus is placed on Dorje Shugden. It is important to remember that this focus on Dorje Shugden is actually a very recent development. Until the ban was enforced twenty years ago, these lamas were teaching and promoting Lama Tsongkhapa’s pure lineage, without any particular focus on Dorje Shugden.

The focus these days is on Dorje Shugden because of the ban by the Tibetan leadership; under any other circumstances, the same energy and resources would have been used to promote other deities in the Buddhist pantheon. As a direct result of the ban however, Dorje Shugden lamas are unable to do this freely due to the stigma that hangs over their centers and monasteries. Potential students and sponsors avoid Shugden-reliant monasteries and Dharma centers, erroneously believing them to be places of demon worship. In the best case scenario, they may go to another center to receive teachings from another lama or lineage; in the worst case scenario, with no other centers nearby, they may not seek out another Dharma center and in fact, not become Buddhist at all and benefit from Shakyamuni’s teachings.

This is just a small handful of the great masters who have relied on Dorje Shugden. Thanks to the ban on Dorje Shugden, their reputations are stained despite their immense works to preserve Lama Tsongkhapa’s lineage and their current reincarnations face many obstacles in continuing this work. Click to enlarge.

What is more, Dorje Shugden lamas are shunned and their educations are interrupted because of their refusal to give up the practice; to this day, geshes who rely on Dorje Shugden do not have a tantric college to attend because their refusal to give up Dorje Shugden practice bars them from entering Gyuto and Gyume Tantric Colleges (as is tradition after their geshe conferment ceremonies in Gaden, Sera and Drepung).

This situation has compelled Gelug practitioners to focus on Dorje Shugden and focus on clearing his name and that of the lamas who rely on him, because the ban stains their reputations which in turn hinders the growth of the entirety of Tsongkhapa’s tradition. The ban ostracizes, marginalizes and disregards an entire group of teachers who would otherwise be able to teach freely. As a direct result of the ban therefore, more resources are put into fighting to clear the lamas’ names, which could otherwise be redirected towards promoting the entirety of Tsongkhapa’s lineage itself. This points itself to the ultimate importance of clearing the reputations of the Shugden lamas – no matter how hard we work at our monasteries and Dharma centers, our lamas’ activities will never reach fruition and its full potential so as long as the stigma of being Shugden practitioners hangs over their heads.

Kyabje Trijang Dorjechang taught tirelessly, giving countless teachings and initiations to hundreds of thousands of monks, nuns and lay people.

Using His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Dorjechang as an example, the Dorje Shugden ban has tarnished his name in the eyes of many practitioners despite the vast contributions he has made to Tibetan society. Anti-Shugden Tibetans have forgotten that he composed their national anthem, or that he was one of the first principals of the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) School and was therefore responsible for their secular education. Many have also forgotten his innumerable works to reestablish the medical system in exile, rediscovering doctors of Tibetan medicine like the famed Dr Dolma who might have otherwise continued to languish in building roads instead of utilizing her invaluable medical skills.

Anti-Shugden Tibetans have forgotten that Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, the teacher of teacher, educated thousands of monks who later became the geshes that we receive teachings from up to this day. It would not be untrue to say that virtually every great Gelug master and teacher in the world today has received teachings and initiations from Trijang Rinpoche. After going into exile, Trijang Rinpoche taught tirelessly, giving numerous teachings, empowerments and transmissions. Tibetan Buddhism in general, and the Gelug lineage specifically, owes a huge debt of gratitude towards this accomplished master and lineage holder for preserving the the teachings in this manner.

Most of all, the anti-Shugden group have forgotten that Kyabje Trijang Dorjechang was one of the tutors of their leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama learned half of everything he knows and teaches today from this great master. As a secular leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has become the statesman that he is thanks to Trijang Rinpoche who was known for being extremely politically astute. Anti-Shugden Tibetans forget that after 1959, Trijang Rinpoche played a vital role in outlining the basic structure of the Tibetan Government in Exile (TGIE).

As a spiritual leader, half of the Dalai Lama’s knowledge, learning and empowerments which he now passes on to others came from Trijang Rinpoche. Anti-Shugden people forget this when they receive teachings from the Dalai Lama, while disparaging Trijang Rinpoche’s name on the same breath.

Kyabje Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoche received a warm welcome during his teaching visit to Mongolia in 2014. A few months later, it was followed by a speech from the Tibetan leadership designed to dampen Mongolian enthusiasm and faith in Trijang Rinpoche’s works, and create opposition for any future visits.

Thanks to the ban, Kyabje Trijang Dorjechang’s name continues to be stained as a devil worshipper and his current incarnation, Kyabje Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoche carries and is a target of this ‘stigma’. When Kyabje Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoche taught in Mongolia in 2014, his visit there was swiftly followed by a speech from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to 600 Mongolians in Dharamsala. The Dalai Lama spoke about the failure of his own teacher, the previous Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche in giving up Dorje Shugden practice. It was clearly an attempt by Dharamsala to stop Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoche’s rise in influence among the Mongolians, and create opposition for any planned future visits to Mongolia.

We do not even have to mention the thousands of other lamas who cannot travel and teach freely, for example His Holiness Kyabje Yongyal Rinpoche who was prevented from entering India. At Bangalore Airport, and despite having all of the necessary paperwork, Yongyal Rinpoche was detained and prevented from traveling onwards to Serpom Monastery where he was due to give teachings and initiations. Need we mention Kyabje Zemey Rinpoche, who manifested a stroke after the publication of the Yellow Book and did not speak for the rest of his life? The publication of the Yellow Book, and the subsequently severe ostracization for being supposedly anti-Dalai Lama, resulted in the ‘loss’ of a lama of such high caliber that he educated and created translators such as Thupten Jinpa, who now translates for the Dalai Lama.

Kyabje Zemey Rinpoche (highlighted in red) with His Holiness the Dalai Lama (front row, seated, center). When the Dalai Lama visited China in the 1950s, Zemey Rinpoche was one of the esteemed masters that the Dalai Lama invited to follow him. This close relationship was destroyed after the accidental publication of the Yellow Book, which led to Zemey Rinpoche being labelled and ostracized as anti-Dalai Lama.

To this day, Gangchen Rinpoche continues to face challenges and opposition from other Tibetan Buddhist organisations throughout Italy who report him to the Italian Buddhist Association for being supposedly anti-Dalai Lama and pro-China. His student, Claudio Cipullo who helped to start Kopan Monastery in Nepal and Istituto Lama Tzong Khapa in Italy, is no longer welcomed at the very places he helped to established because he refused to give up Dorje Shugden practice. In Singapore and Malaysia, lamas like Tsem Rinpoche are targeted by local organizations who have self-appointed themselves as the police of Buddhist practitioners in their respective countries.



The worldwide implications of the ban on Dorje Shugden therefore compels us to consider that clearing the name of Dorje Shugden lamas is a matter of ethics. The inability of these lamas to teach and travel freely is an imposition and restriction on their religious freedom, and the ban contradicts every principle of democracy in the countries where Tibetans in exile have been given refuge – India, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, just to name a few. In these modern democratic nations, it is illegal, unfair and unethical to marginalize people based on their religious faith and beliefs.

In today’s culture of fear, would FPMT still invite His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche (a Dorje Shugden lama) to perform the cremation rites for their founder and teacher, Lama Yeshe (another Dorje Shugden lama)? Or would they shun their founder altogether, since he was a Dorje Shugden lama?

It is also an imposition and restriction on Buddhist practitioners who wish to receive teachings from particular lamas, but are unable to do so because they carry the ‘stigma’ of being Dorje Shugden practitioners. Clearing the name of the Dorje Shugden lamas will lift the cloud of suspicion that has hung over all teacher-student interactions in the Tibetan Buddhist world since the ban was enforced in 1996. This culture of fear, which harkens back to a kind of Cold War-era style of spying where people are afraid to be associated with Dorje Shugden practitioners, is not a healthy manner of existence. The restrictions and subsequent stigmatization of Shugden lamas are a complete antithesis to the aim of Buddhism which is ultimate liberation and freedom.

As a matter of spiritual ethics, practitioners who have sogtae (life entrustment of Dorje Shugden) made a commitment to hold Dorje Shugden as their Protector until they achieve Bodhicitta. More importantly, they made a commitment to their lama to maintain the practice. If the practice is being stamped out in the form of the illegal ban on Dorje Shugden, some practitioners may feel that it is their responsibility to keep it alive by clearing their Protector’s names, and to stop the ongoing belittlement of their tantric masters.



All of the difficulties that Dorje Shugden lamas face are a direct result of the ban, and nothing else. The ban stains their reputations which in turn hinders the growth of the entirety of Tsongkhapa’s tradition, because they are unable to teach and travel freely. Hence lifting the ban on Dorje Shugden and clearing the name of the Shugden lamas is not just a matter of secular importance but of religious importance too. If Tibetan Buddhists are serious about keeping the Gelug lineage alive, it is their spiritual imperative to work towards the lifting of the ban so that a sector of Gelug lamas can join all of the other non-Shugden lamas in freely preserving the lineage.

Because the ban is so intrinsically linked with His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s image, one day in the far future when His Holiness is no longer with us, the ban will become less relevant and over time, the strength of feeling over the ban will fade. This is something anti-Shugden supporters of the Tibetan leadership must seriously consider if their real motivation is to preserve Tibetan Buddhist teachings. Ultimately, Dorje Shugden as an enlightened being will outlast any man-made ban against him, making it futile to suppress his name, his practice and his proponents when it appears that the only result of doing so is the slow destruction of Lama Tsongkhapa’s tradition.

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  1. It is saddening to hear the segregation of the Tibetan Buddhism because of the ban on Dorje Shugden.

    The Gelug lineage would like to preserve the tradition of the Tsongkhapa but because of the ban, most time were spent in protecting and clearing the lama’s name. The teaching by these Dorje Shudgen’s teaching were disrupted. They were not able to travel freely due to the imposition and restricition of this religion freedom. Not only that the life of these great lamas were also affected as they were many incidents that they were threathens and hurts by non Dorje Shugden practitioners.

    The Tibetan government and the non Dorje Shugden practitioners should understand that everyone has human right which encompass religious freedom. Therefore the ban on Shugden is not fair. It is an allegation that it is an evil practice. How can Dalai Lama’s teacher Trijang Rinpoche and all others high lamas be wrong in Shugden practice ?

    I hope the ban will be lifted very soon, so Shugden lamas have more time spend to share the teaching and maintain the Tsongkhapa tradition for the benefit of more people.

  2. When you defame a lama or groups of lamas, you weaken and undermine what these lams stand for and represent. It is a grave mistake to disparage and insult any ordained person to begin with, and even more damaging when you do it to a highly attained being, but with the ban that is now coming to 20 years, it has become common to insult and ridicule the sangha.

    When the CTA encourages people to attack these lamas on account that they are ‘Shugden lamas’, they blind to the fact that there are no such thing as purely Shugden lamas because these are the very same lamas who uphold the Gaden tradition. So how does one expect to attack these monks without damaging the lineage as well?

  3. When one defames the lamas, it does not only affect the lamas themselves, it affects the entire lineage tree of which these great masters come from and it also affects the followers/ students of these great lamas.

    It’s very disheartening to know that, that very one factor that causes them to be criticised and spat upon is because they practise Dorje Shugden. If there isn’t a ban on Dorje Shugden, these lamas would not have to suffer so much. They are literally putting themselves on the edge, we all know that the CTA will do anything to eliminate those people who get in the way.

  4. As the CTA continues to belittle and degrade our teachers, over time the lineage will be destroyed. FPMT thinks that by putting down all Dorje Shugden lamas, theirs will rise in fame and reputation but the only effect is that the lineage as a whole will suffer, look bad and no one will want to learn Buddha’s teachings thinking this schism and disharmony is the result.

  5. Thank you Kay Beswick for reminding us that we are fighting for the religious freedom of four million Dorje Shugden practitioners. It is important to keep our faith and motivation by meditating on the importance of clearing Dorje Shugden and the Shugden lamas’ reputation.

    Dorje Shugden is an enlightened being but the people who need him the most are not. People have their karma to deal with, and this karma manifests as obstacles which prevents them from connecting with and easily accessing Dorje Shugden’s help. Because of the defamation on Dorje Shugden due to political reasons, people actively avoid a dharmapala who has the closest karmic connection to beings of this time period. To help practitioners be connected with Dorje Shugden, we must fight against the ban, as such clearing the name of Dorje Shugden is of paramount.

    It is also important to clear Dorje Shugden lamas’ names in the question of gaining attainments in tantric practice. In tantric practices, the prayers start with the dissolution of the lineage lamas and their blessings, beginning with the originating lama into the next lineage holder and so on, down to our guru from whom we received the practice. Many of the lineage holders of the tantric practices are Dorje Shugden practitioners, for example His Holiness Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche or His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche. When wrong view has been developed about these lineage masters, blessing and attainments will not be transfer to practitioners. This means the practitioners will not gain any spiritual attainments. Thus it is important to clear the names of the lineage lamas, for the sake of gaining attainments from one’s tantric practice. It is out of compassion for anti-Shugden people to stop them from accumulating heavy negative karma when they denigrate and degrade qualified teachers and enlightened beings.

    We must be reminded the ban, that was enforced 20 years ago is being illegal and undemocratic. It creates unnecessary obstacles and difficulties for these lamas and their reincarnations to continue their work. Until the ban was enforced twenty years ago, these lamas were teaching and promoting Lama Tsongkhapa’s pure lineage, without any particular focus on Dorje Shugden. Thanks to the Tibetan leadership and their selfish political agenda, sangha community is divided. The same energy and resources would have been used to promote other Tsongkhapa’s teaching is now directed towards Dorje Shugden dissension.

  6. The Lamas are the root of all attainments according the teachings of Buddhism. If one defames, stain, disparate or in any way creates obstacles for the Lama to teach; which is the reason the Lama manifested, one is directed creating the obstacles for the Dharma and hence Liberations for all beings. This is perhaps the biggest negative karma that one can create.
    Hence, we can understand that the importance of the clearing the Lamas name is the direct opposite to the above and is of ultimate importance. By clearing the Lamas’ name, it allows the Lamas to teach the Dharma and in this case the teachings of Lama Tsongkhapa.
    I like this post for its clarity on why we are focusing on the the Protector; because of the ban and the impediment this ban creates in decimating the teachings of the Gelug ie Lama Tsongkhapa.

  7. The Importance of clearing the Shugden Lamas’ names.

    The ban must be lifted, so that ordinary people, everywhere, who need Shugden’s help , can get it by forging a connection with him. The ban is a big obstacle because it cuts off access to this help. In order to gain support for the ban the Tibetan leadership have gone around blaspheming Shugden as a spirit and defaming Shugden followers, including great Shugden Lamas, as spirit-worshippers. Those who listen to the Tibetan leadership defaming Shugden and Shugden Lamas, develop wrong views about Shugden and the Lamas. This creates such heavy negative karma because the objects of their wrong views are highly attained holy beings and , most of all, because Shugden is Buddha Manjushri.

    Out of compassion for them, the ban has to be lifted, so that the validity of the practice of Shugden and the reputation of the Lamas are reinstated. The saddest part is so many people everywhere are being deprived of the blessings and benefit of practicing Shugden, a Protector with whom people of this age have great affinity.

    For a tantric practitioner, to break samaya with their root Guru by giving up Shugden practice, will mean they will have zero attainments. This is clearly stated in the 50 Verses on Guru Devotion. The 50 Verses on Guru Devotion also states that those who disturb their Guru’s minds will go to the worst of hells when they die.

    However, what is even more dire in consequence with regard to attainments is that every Shugden Guru, who is the vessel though whom the blessings of all the Lineage Masters come, becomes a ‘tainted’ vessel as a result of their being belittled and defamed by the CTA as being spirit worshippers. We see this in the manner in which the great Shugden Master, Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche , the teacher of great teachers who in the last decades have brought the priceless teachings of Je Tsongkhapa to the four corners of the world, is defamed by Penpa Tsering. We also see how Penpa Tsering belittled Kyabje Choktrul Trijang Rinpoche, whose previous incarnation was the great Master, who had ensured that the lineage teachings ,received from his root Guru Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche, were transmitted to all the great Shugden Lamas, who became the great vessels to transmit the teachings everywhere in the world.

    The only way I see now for this defaming and staining of these pure vessels, through whom attainments come – the great Shugden Lamas , is via the lifting of the Ban.

    The greatest toll has been taken on the spread of the Dharma , so necessary for all beings. Shugden Lamas, who had been spreading the precious Dharma of Je Tsongkhapa tirelessly, are now so restricted and encumbered in their efforts by the ban. The training and education of new generations of teachers are curbed by their being refused places in the great tantric colleges because they are Shugden practitioners. Resources, which should have been used to promote the spread of Dharma, are being focussed on Shugden and clearing people’s wrong and uneducated views about Dorje Shugden. The lifting of the ban will pave the way for Dharma to spread and grow unstoppably. As it is, I fear that, were the ban to be maintained further, the precious teachings of Je Tsongkhapa will disappear or be corrupted, especially when politicians are using the Shugden ban for their political leverage.

  8. Very interesting sharing !! Why do we need to protect Dorje Shugden ?
    ** While DS may be an enlightened being, the people who need him the most are not. We need to protect DS to keep the lineage of DS to benefit the future and current practitioners
    ** Those who have affinity with DS could benefit from a connection with Dorje Shugden, but it may be that they are unable to connect with him because the CTA has poisoned their view of him.
    ** The importance of clearing the DS lamas’ names is also significant in the question of gaining attainments in tantric practice.
    ** Defending DS is also a practice of compassion for anti-Shugden people to stop them from accumulating heavy negative karma when they denigrate and degrade qualified teachers and enlightened beings.
    ** To ensure that the DS lamas are free from the stigma of the ban which affects the growth of Lama Tsongkhapa’s pure lineage; the ban stains their reputations which in turn hinders the growth of the entirety of Tsongkhapa’s tradition.
    ** The inability of these lamas to teach and travel freely is an imposition and restriction on their religious freedom, and the ban contradicts every principle of democracy in the countries where Tibetans in exile have been given refuge – India, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany etc
    ** The inability of DS practitioners to receive teachings freely is also a violation of their ethical rights.

    The battle to clear the negative stigma built up onto the DS Lamas and their respective monasteries and centres may be a very tough one, but nevertheless, we all know it is the right thing to do because it will allow the Dorje Shugden and Lama Tsongkhapa’s lineage to survive and grow in order for more in the future to benefit from these teachings. Otherwise, it will die in our hands and the Dharma will slowly disappear and being’s sufferings will have no recourse !! Never give up on our Guru and the Protector no matter how tough the journey may seem to be !! When we give up we are giving up on ourselves !!

  9. So many great lamas who are very qualified to teach the Dharma, they are being scorned at, spat at, ridiculed and demonized just because of Dalai Lama’s ban on Dorje Shugden. So much damage to Buddha’s teachings. For what gain Dalai Lama? So that you can get the support of the other sects? Which is not happening by the way. So many sentient beings were deprived of Dharma because of Dalai Lama’s words. It is Buddhism’s tragedy.

  10. How can Penpa Tsering defame Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche? By defaming Kyabje Rinpoche is like breaking his own rice bowl! Cause everything in the Lamrin will be wrong as the commentary was done by Kyabje Rinpoche.

    But not many people who are new to Tibetan Buddhism will know this thus clearing Shugden Lama name is vital and pivotal at this point. Give for example, when someone spread a rumour that a cosmetic brand contains some dangerous component and is loaded and spread on the social media. Automatically, many consumers or potential consumers will believe. But when a lot of clear and logical explanation is done by the company (spin doctoring) then the consumer will then regain their confident on that particular brand. And it make sense.

  11. I really wonder why is there so much hatred in this world we are leaving in. Cant we all just work together and learn the dharma and focus on compassion. The real learning starts when all of us stop judging. Who are we to say that all Dorje Shuden follower are to be out cast. And that all the great teachers are all wrong.
    The more we fight the more we lose to the opportunity to hear and learn all dharma.

    Please let us all not harm anyone and restrict the teaching of dharma. We must let tibetan buddhism flourish.

  12. The effect of Shugden ban not just affecting the faith of the people that practicing but also the high lamas that teaching. In spiritual level, it closes the opportunity for people to gain help and what worst here is polluting their mind with wrong view. Imagine how much negative karma created?

    For the high lamas that has great knowledge were unable to freely teach and have to risk their life from the violence attack of anti-Shugden people.

    The entire spiritual aspect has been politically intervene by the Tibetan leaders which will cause the lost of the pure essence of Gelug lineage. The high lama reputation need to be protected as the more people being sway of from the practice the more effort needed for the lamas to reach them.

    It’s very crucial at this juncture to let world know how injustice and baseless Shugden ban is which intruded the freedom of religions practice. There is nothing much we can argue in term of spirituality with the Tibetan leaders since they can even disparage their own guru and lineage lama but what we need to fight for is the human rights that most of the country practicing and respected by their government.

    We need to defend this for the future of the authentic lineage practice to be passed down and the continuity of spinning the Dharma wheel.

  13. Thank you Kay Beswick for the the article.

    Its so sad to see the current situation in Tibetan Buddhism world, the real dharma can’t spread the dharma teaching freely and wide because of the unethical Dorje Shugden ban. As i believe, many High Lama are incarnations of Bodhisattva that reincarnate as human solely to teach dharma, but when they cannot teach the dharma because of the ban, they may manifest sickness like what happened to Kyabje Zemey Rinpoche.

    Words failed to express my sadness when i see many cannot receive the dharma because of the Dorje Shugden ban, when the wrong views arise towards the Doeje Shugden Lama. Dharma is the only way for us to see the real suffering in the samsara and bring us to enlightenment, when the dharma is “blocked” from reaching many peoples, the more people will continue to suffer in samsara.

    I would like to request to H.H. the Dalai Lama, please end the illogical ban on Dorje Shugden, so that many Lamas can teach dharma and spread the teaching of Lama Tsongkhapa wide and far.

    Thank you

  14. As I read this article horror flows through me. Horror that the Ban has done so much damage for Tsongkapa doctrine in the Gelup. From what I have read I deduce the following

    1) Preventing benefits of to many.
    2) Too much emphasis on the ban and teaching of the Gelup lineage doctrine of Tsongkapa is hindered.
    3) Preventing DS Lamas access to education and practice to preserve the Ensa Whispered lineage of Tsongkapa.
    4) Reincarnate Great Lamas, like HH Trijiang Rinpoche is hindered to continue his work. Therefore depriving this generation of practitioners the great learning.
    5) Existing DS lamas like HH Gangchen Rinpoche and Yongel Rinpoche are obstructed and hindered and dishonoured due to the Ban.

    The greatest Gift is the Gift of the Dharma and it is revolting to see Tenpa Tsering, a secular leader of Tibetan in Exile disparaging HH Pabongka Rinpoche by distorting the historical facts of History to young adults and the consequence is confusion and contamination to their practice, if they would still wish to practice Buddhism.
    That to me is completely done for the benefit of self and not others.

    Distorting the truth is against Buddha’s teaching which is all about the ultimate truth.

    Too much time and efforts are wasted by both the anti Shugden and pro Shugden groups to be talking about the ban. Wise leaders will lift the ban and stop the time so wasted and spend the energy to spread the Dharma.

    While I was reading this article tears of sorrow flow from my eyes as I visualize the picture of the Gelug Lineage tree falling apart like dominoes. So much sadness.

    With that visualization, I realised that it is my duty to rectify the harm to DS lamas and I will do so, as the bigger picture is about the growth of Tsongkapa doctrine to benefit many people.

    Wise leaders spread peace, harmony and freedom to create a strong nation and I wonder what is in the minds of the Leaders who are the CTA?

    The ban must be lifted so that people are given the right to have the blessings of the Protector Dorje Shugden and Lama of their choice for progress of their spiritual path.

  15. What I find deeply appalling in the whole fiasco of the ban on Dorje Shugden is that the Anti-Shugden Tibetan leadership is condoning the segregation of its people, and one of its most prized assets – the sangha who are preserving the sacred teachings and doctrine of the Buddha in this degenerate time. It’s not even a matter of whether the person is benefitted spiritually anymore – its just, if you practice Dorje Shugden, regardless of who you are, the lamas, their attainments, the works they have done – you are a “Dolgyal Worshipper”, and opposer of the Dalai Lama.

    This article highlights a very important point, not only for Anti Shugden propagators to read, but also for Dorje Shugden practitioners themselves. With whatever negative views that has been propagated out there on Dorje Shugden and the lineage lamas, staying silent and not educating and sharing the truth to both those unknowing, and knowing, will result in deterring more away from Tibetan Buddhism (Gelug tradition) in general more than anything. Most people already have much problems in their lives, wanting to turn to spirituality, and to see the controversy on the Dorje Shugden issue, is, deterring. Without the right facts out there, and without people to speak up for the cause of bringing the ban down and the negativity spoken against Ds and DS lamas, it taints anything they do, because everything associated with these lamas, is negative, which brings no ultimate benefit because no one wants to associate with perceived negativity.

    It is imperative that truth and correct information is constantly shared to the world, to clean their wrong views of Dorje Shugden, and the Lineage Lamas, who have proven that the practice of DS is not spirit worship, otherwise, their incarnations would not be back today.

  16. Is sad to see the ban creates so much pain to the great Lama’s and practitioners. Name stains, reputation falls, life threatening and so much violence!! That is so wrong! Wrong views and acts for stopping and diluting people minds to stop the practice!
    Imagine if Dorje Shugden is evil being,which means all great masters whom worshipping has gone mad? This make no sense if we are stupid enough to believe it haha!!! So does it means Dalai Lama has Nechung means is ok? as Nechung is not even enlighten if i am not mistaken! Silly!
    Well just hope the ban will lifted soon and stop all those dramas and sufferings!

  17. The role of a Dharma teacher is to teach and propagate the Dharma so that many people will benefit and subsequently be enlightened. However, this ban on Dorje Shugden has cause many hardships to the teacher that made them harder to teach and spread the Dharma. Why it that so? Why would the Dalai Lama impose such a ban on his own people that cause pain to families and all? All these highly attained teachers are important to the continuation of the lineage. There are more disadvantages for the ban to continue than to lift it because before the ban, everyone was practicing in harmony. The Dalai Lama also has teachers who practices Dorje Shugden and those who does not. It wasn’t a problem then, why make it a problem now? The ban should be lifted.

    From a lay person point of view, the Buddhadharma is more important than any political propaganda. This ban definitely stunts the growth of the Dharma especially in this degenerate times.

  18. This article is very insightful, I would not have thought the consequence of the ban is so bad. The ban has separated many friends and families, made so many suffer. What worse is that the ban will create obstacles to DS lamas who are sincere in spreading Dharma. People who wants to learn Dharma will be hesitant to learn from a DS lama thinking they are worshipping a evil spirit.

    Many people will also lose faith in Tibetan Buddhism especially Gelug lineage because this ban is imposed with some political element. Most spiritual practitioners do not want to be involved in politic at all.

    The ban also deviates Buddhist practitioners from the fundamental principle in Buddhist practice, ie guru devotion. Many people give up their practice that was given by their guru because His Holiness said so. How can His Holiness separate a student from his/her guru? Everyone who has read the commentary on 50 stanzas of Guru Devotion by Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey knows that if we want to have attainment, we must follow our guru’s instruction even if our guru is not with us anymore.

    So in order for Dharma to grow and continue to be passed to the many generations in future, the ban has to be lifted.

  19. The degeneration of the Dharma has begun in earnest and this ban on the practice of Dorje Shugden is just one example of how politics and greed, in this case on the side of the Tibetan leadership is leading to the destruction of the Maha Muni’s teachings.

    Such actions, which harm the reputation of the teachers harms the Dharma. Without the necessary conditions to teach the Dharma the great teachers will no longer manifest to teach in the future. The base holding the successful preservation of the Dharma will be removed and the will aid to the degeneration of the Dharma in our time.

    This just goes that those people who think they are practicing Buddhism by supporting the actions against Dorje Shugden are nothing more than ignorant followers of blind faith. They should educate themselves on Buddhist logic as has been expounded by the great pandits of the past and only then will they come to realise that they are making a big mistake in supporting the ban on the practice of Dorje Shugden.

  20. Dear Kay

    Thank you for this penetrating article. I do agree with you that the biggest obstacle for people to connect with Dorje Shugden is the ban, which created the doubt in people’s mind in addition to undermining the work of Dorje Shugden Lamas.

    What I don’t quite understand or accept is the fact that how can someone’s good deeds and contribution (e.g., Trijang Rinpoche and Guru Deva Rinpoche) be forgotten because he practice certain Deity that the Dalai Lama condemn. In fact, these days, everything that is not in line with the Dalai Lama’s decision or statements is labeled as Demon worshipers. For example, the Karmapa Thrinley Thaye Dorje is being accused of practicing Dorje Shugden although there is no record of him practicing the deity.

    The above situation makes me even more convinced that the Tibetan government and the Dalai Lama’s followers are just using Dorje Shugden as a political scapegoat to cover their failures and emphasise their superiority over other practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism. I think it is very unbecoming of them. That is the very reason that we need to continue to fight for the ban to be lifted and bring awareness about the suffering caused by the ban.


  21. One of the most important factor I realised after reading this article is that when we have negative views of the lineage masters, we can’t invoke the blessings from them. Receiving blessings from the lineage masters is very important in tantra. Without it, there will be no attainments. In addition to this, if Gelug lamas who practice Dorje Shugden are being tainted, the Gelug lineage will eventually fade. It will be a huge lost to everyone if this were to happen.

    This entire ban is so illogical and unethical and yet, people in this day and age would think it’s totally acceptable. This shows how people don’t think and just blindly follow the herd.

    Thanks for highlighting some crucial points in this article that show how the ban is totally contradictory on all levels and defying all Buddhist teachings.

  22. Firstly, I want to thank Kay Beswick for writing this article about the ban about Dorje Shugden.

    It is indeed very sad to see the ban has created so much degeneration of Gelug lineage. Because of the ban, a lot of monks are not allowed to attend the tantric college (Gyuto and Gyume) to learn and eventually benefit others. Because of the ban, doubt has been casted onto the people’s mind and eventually stopped people from benefit from Buddha’s teachings. Because of the ban, many non-Buddhist are now saying Gelug lineage is very into politics and seldom focus on Buddha’s teaching. And the list goes on.

    What I don’t understand is, why is CTA so insistence about the ban. What benefits do they get out of it? Families are broken, monks are denied college, lives are being threaten, people are separated, doubts are casted, etc, just to name a few of the disasters which the ban has created.

    We no live in 21st century, and it is the era of information and understanding. It is no longer the age of tyranny. If CTA continues its way of dictatorship and force their views down the throat of their people without logic and explanation, eventually the people start to think for themselves, and CTA will cease its function.

    I urge all the Dorje Shugen practitioners around the world to stand up to this undemocratic, unjustifiable ban to be lifted. And I feel we can do this by educating people about the ill-logic of CTA.

    Another website which I found that has a lot of practice on Dorje Shugden is

  23. The most important is Tibetan government and the Dalai Lama’s followers must realize what happening around the world and it is very important DS practitioner sand up together as one to voice what their suffering is. This what DS people are doing but Tibetan Government don’t what to do anything about it. we will continue to fight untill the ban has to be lifted….

  24. A very good read which highlights logically and clearly how the Dorje Shugden ban is harmful to everyone regardless of whether we practice Dorje Shugden or not. It is a LOSE-LOSE situation for all involved yet I’m pretty sure most people do not realize how the controversy taints the entire Tibetan Buddhist practice:

    Those who are against Dorje Shugden probably think they are protecting the future of the Gelugpa Buddhism when in fact they are tearing out its foundations. Not to mention destroying their personal spiritual practice when they slander, bad mouth and harm Dorje Shugden practitioners.

    Those who are neutral towards Dorje Shugden think they are maintaining the peace when in fact they are allowing harm to be done to the lineage and to the reputation of Tibetan Buddhism.

    Those who are for Dorje Shugden believe they are upholding and protecting his lineage but they are taking time away from their practice. Yet if they do not do this, the entire foundation of Gelugpa Buddhism collapses.

    Those who are students become confused as to which teacher to believe and which not to believe. The principles of guru devotion and damtsik (samaya) become blurry and they are caught in between the Dalai Lama and their personal instructions from their teachers.

    Those who are teachers are caught between the Dalai Lama and a hard place. If they go against the Dalai Lama, they risk losing their support base, funding and resources. If they side with the Dalai Lama, what Dharma are they practicing not to mention teaching?

    Truly this ban has zero benefit for anyone no matter who we are and what part we play in it. Yet, as the article highlights clearly, to do nothing is not an option either.

    So I guess that’s why I’ve made a decision to stand up for Dorje Shugden. I don’t think I can live with myself if I continue minding my own business while my teacher is being slandered as a demon worshipper (which he is not). I cannot do my practice believing I will gain realizations if my lineage masters cannot fulfil their life purpose because everyone thinks they are evil for practicing Dorje Shugden. What merits will I gain if I do not speak the truth to benefit those who have the affinity to connect with Dorje Shugden but fear to? If I can do something, I should. And so I will.

  25. The article hit the bull’s eye that it is extremely important to clear the name of Dorje Shugden lamas solely for our own and many others benefit to receive the Lama Tsongkhapa teachings. Without which we become the losers in the end.

    The Dharma may be there but the transmissions would be jeopardized by heavy stigma of the ban. It become the obstacle when it shouldn’t be.

    The final questions: Does CTA care about the future of Buddhism? Do we care about our tradition?

  26. Contrary to claims of those who are anti-Dorje Shugden, Dorje Shugden practitioners are not about going against the wishes of the 14th Dalai Lama. Neither is it about stubbornly refusing to listen to and challenging the 14th Dalai Lama’s Dharma knowledge.

    It is about the Dorje Shugden being the Dharma Protector most suited for this degenerate times and it’s a practice that people need, especially in this time of Kaliyuga. Buddha Shakyamuni has explained that after His passing, the Dharma or Buddha’s teachings would begin to degenerate as time passed. This does not mean the degeneration of the strength or authenticity of Dharma but rather the weakening of people’s ability to embrace the truth of Dharma. This is especially so in this current degenerate times or Kaliyuga age, where distractions and temptations in samsara are aplenty, making it very challenging to be practising Dharma.

    Thus, it is important to remove the ban which is a huge obstacle for people to connect with Dorje Shugden, be it as subtle as creating doubt in people’s minds (hampering development of faith) to as severe as hindering the work of Dorje Shugden Lamas and bringing the entire lineage to disrepute. It is hoped that H.H. the Dalai Lama will end the illogical ban on Dorje Shugden soon.

  27. No matter how much someone is banning my wisdom, my secret wisdom lama of nonduality, myself the yidam the power of wisdom and compassion and my outer five wisdom khandros, this someone is only banning/supressing himself but nonduality is there anyway.

    No matter how much someone is supressing himself, my wisdom and compassion, me the yidam, will help this someone to become free.

    Vajrasattva/Vajrakilaya is the peacefull and wrathfull embodiement of ones own healing power of conciousness, the embodiement of all yidam deities. Therefore any yidam it is the embodiement of all wisdom and compassion aspects of ones own conciousness or inherent diginty. Dorje Shugden is a Yidam, the embodiement of ones own unified wisdom and compassion.

    You can throw any statue of Dorje Shugden out of your house but by doing this you can’t get rid of your own wisdom and compassion or Dorje Shugden.

    No matter how much some people try to get rid of Dorje Shugden or any other Yidam, Manjushri will allways be there anyway.

    So also HHDL will not be able get rid of wisdom or Manjushri by throwing out a Dorje Shugden Statue or Practitioner of his house and own mandala house. So HHDL can throw out Dorje Shugden all day long every day but will fail to get rid of wisdom and anyone who teaches, studies and practises wisdom/ones own inherent dignity.

    Wisdom can’t be destroyed or manipulated because the essence is free of lastingness and non-existence and our own conciousness is free of lastingness and non-existence, hence someone who is free of lastingess and non-existence can’t destroy or manipulate this basic freedom of lastingness and non-existence or clear light of ones own awareness/conciousness.

    Mind is free of mind, the essence of mind is clear light/nonduality/wisdom and compassion/yidam.


  28. Buddhism will be degenerated by Buddhist themselves.

    The anti-shugden have created the confusion in the Buddhist world itself. Obviously they were telling people that the Dorje Shugden lamas’ teaching can not believe even some of them the reincarnation is being recognised such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama recognised Kyabje Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoche as the reincarnation of his predecessor. So therefore when a reincarnation Dorje Shudgen lama whom his pass life already was a Dorje Shugden practitioner and was being attacked by saying they are worship “spirit”, then, this is against the law of Karma. So, what is the logic here if you do not believe in Karma , why are you still practicing Buddhism and has the rights to attack Dorje Shugden lamas.

    Obviously that when the teacher’s reputation is being harmed, it also harm the Dharma. Furthermore, according to the law of Karma, the anti-shugden are accumulating negative Karma. Thus, the remove of the ban is urgently required for the benefit of both practitioner and anti-shugden, help us to lift the ban.

  29. Thank you for this article, Kay. It highlights the bigger impact of the ban that many may not be aware of (myself included!) It is scary to think that no matter how hard we work at our respective Buddhist organisations or Dharma centres, our Lama’s works will NEVER manifest and reach its full potential due to the stigma of being Shugden practitioners. It is even scarier to think what this ban will do to Je Tsongkhapa’s precious teachings if this unnecessary and unethical ban is allowed to continue.

  30. The ban is an obstacle to the spread of the Tsongkhapa lineage, and creates a doubt in the minds of the people towards Dorje Shudgen lamas. If there is always a doubt no matter how small, the student will find it hard to develop the lama or teacher who teaches them about Dorje Shugden and other dharma topics. Due to such an effect the dharma that the lama will face more difficulty to meld into the listeners mindstream. When there is doubt the spiritual growth will be stunted to a certain extent.

  31. Thank you very much Kay Beswick for sharing the importance of clearing the Dorje Shugden lamas’ names.

    1. People that would benefit from a connection with DS, the protector of this time are unable to be connected with him due to the wrong view.

    2. It is important for tantric practices to get the blessings from the lineage lamas who passed down the teachings. When we develop wrong view of any of the lineage lamas, that pathway of one lama dissolving into another is interrupted. E.g. the Short Solitary-Yamantaka sadhana and the 6-Session Guru Yoga were composed by HH Pabongka Rinpoche – this is recited by every Gelug tantric initiate daily; therefore, how would one able to get the blessings from the lineage lama if one has wrong view on HH Pabongka Rinpoche? In this case, how is it possible to gain attainment from tantric practices?

    3. The most important point that worries me is due to the ban, it hindrances the lamas to spread Dharma, especially the precious Tsongkhapa & Dorje Shugden lineage to many people.

    Therefore, we need to get the ban to be lifted soonest. We need to create more awareness on the ban eg by sharing the articles in about the facts and details of the ban. At the same time, we share and promote the teachings of DS that can benefit many.

  32. The Dorje Shugden ban is really not about stopping one from practicing but the destruction of a sacred lineage with precious teachings preserved for over 600 years. The ban restricts all movements of dharma dissemination including dharma preaching, fundraising, and support for Dorje Shugden monasteries such as Serpom and Shar Gaden. As CTA constantly run campaigns to ban the Dorje Shugden practice, the idea of Dorje Shugden as a demon sinks into everyone’s mind so strongly that overrides all positive results and benefits people used to receive directly and indirectly from Dorje Shugden.

    The ban closed the already narrow mind, fuel the anger and selfishness in people, stop people from receiving any benefits from Dorje Shugden who is supposed to arise as the next protector of Tibet. This is clearly stated in the Nechung monastery map. In other words, all benefits everyone deserves will not be received, the assistance required will not come therefore the speed to enlightenment will be much slower and endless.

    The lineage requires practitioners to learn, practice and share with others so that the next generation will be nurtured to do the same, hence the lineage will be preserved. Therefore, the name of Dorje Shugden has to be cleared so that the lamas can do what they are supposed to in order for Lama Tsongkhapa’s lineage to spread, preserve and continue to benefit.

  33. Thank you Kay Beswick for this clear and informative write up on “The importance of clearing the lamas’ names”. It is indeed scary that if this ban on Dorje Shugden continues, the effects will be absolutely devastating to Tibetan Buddhism and especially so Gelug’s lineage teachings from Lama Tsongkapa.

    Dorje Shugden had promised to protect Lama Tsongkapa’s teachings and yet, it is due to our karma that we are facing such a difficult tasks of connecting or propitiating his beneficial practice. He did promise us the attainment of Boddhicitta but with the ban imposed by the Dalai Lama and CTA, many don’t even have the faith to start his practice or they become discouraged by the ban to give up their practice to be politically correct.

    Looking at the whole affair, it amazes me how ignorant the anti-Shugdens could be to even disparage their own lineage Gurus, thinking it does no harm to their practices? These Gurus are the very Gurus of their own Gurus, going back directly to Lama Tsongkapa, Atisha….Buddha Shakyamuni. If the anti-Shugdens could question the authencity of Shugden Gurus, then why have they not questioned the authencity of their practice or even the Dalai Lama, who received from his Guru, HH Trijang Rinpoche, a Shugden Lama.

    It really saddens me to watch the video where Penpa Tsering publicly giving “teaching” on Dorje Shugden being a “spirit” to so many innocent minds, planting seeds of doubt and hatred. Its creates so much karmic negativity.

    With the controversy of the ban, potential practitioners would have to think twice even if they are interested as everything about Tibetan Buddhism seem contradictory. The Dalai Lama as the head is supposedly compassion and wise, but at the same time much sufferings arose from his misguided ban on Dorje Shugden. Entering Tibetan Buddhism means you would have to take sides, be anti-Shugden or pro-Shugden, when all one wanted was to practice to gain peace.

    The ban must come down before the damage to the purity and the reputation of Tibetan Buddhism become irreparable.

  34. Thank you Kay Beswick for sharing this great article, this is very informative and beneficial to Dorje Shugden practitioners as well as to clear the doubts to those against Dorje Shugden.

    This write up highlighted the destruction of precious teachings , especially Lama Tsongkhapa lineage precious teachings . If the ban on Dorje Shugden continues, the ban truly is the greatest obstacle towards spreading precious teachings of Lama Tsongkhapa.

    Totally agreed with Thinley comments, ” Those who are against Dorje Shugden practice think they are protecting the future of Gelugpa Buddhism when in fact they are tearing out its foundation ”

    I also learned that “the importance of clearing the Dorje Shugden lamas’ names is also significant in the question of gaining attainments in tantric practice.”
    This show the authentical and purity of Dorje Shugden Practice, all these facts also proved that this great protector definitely not “an evil spirit”.

    The whole ban must be lifted soon in order not to have further damage to Gelugpa Buddhism, especially to all the great Lamas who practising Dorje Shugden.

  35. Throughout the aticle what struck me most, is that His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche is the Dalai Lama’s teacher. If the followers of the Dalai Lama disparages His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, are they not then, disparaging their teacher the Dalai Lama as well? For a non-Buddhist, that is just a matter of being ill-mannered. But for a Buddhist, a Vajrayana practitioner, isn’t that a fast train to hell as their samaya is no longer clean, they have disparaged a monk, cause schism, are not mindful of their speech and have bad intentions? By obstructing the lamas from teaching, isn’t that obstructing the spread of Dharma? That is not including the doubt cast on their very own lineage including the teachings of the Dalai Lama as most of his teachings come from His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche.

    Ms Beswick hit the nail on the head when she said “common for disappointment and despair to set in.” I have experienced that as I felt, in those moments, that I might just as well not be involved with Buddhism especially Vajrayana. Why come in contact with situations that may put me on a fast train to hell? Why subject myself to threats and vulgarities? Is that the main objective of the ban, so that people lose hope and leave and eventually Buddhism is no more?

    Whatever the political objective of the CTA is, it is a very dangerous game out there. The ban must come down, so that practitioners minds are not disturbed and that the real and pure teachings of Buddha, in the Tibetan tradition can continue to flourish.

  36. Kay Beswick what you’ve written here makes a lot of logical sense and it appears like the Dalai Lama is slowly destroying the Gelugpa’s pure lineage and modifying it to suite His goal. I am puzzled by all this as to why His Holiness would do something like this? I am really thorn by His Holiness actions or rather no action when He doesn’t stop all the attacks that’s been going on towards Shugden practitioners.

    And why does His Holiness keeps on bringing up the subject on Shugden in His talks like wherever he goes? I don’t get it, especially since the CTA claims that they give religious freedom though they are the ones who implemented the yellow sticks selection and ask those who wants to continue practising, is being excommunicated.

    It’s really unbecoming of His Holiness to continue to stay silent while His people suffer and it create a lot of doubts about Him being a emanation of Chenrezig, Buddha of Compassion. As a western outsider I am beginning to think quite negative about the whole Tibetan exile government and the Dalai Lama. It is sounding more and more like a corrupt government just out for power, fame and money. Nothing Dharma, all politics… which is very sad as so many people will be deprived of this.

  37. Dorje Shugden practitioner has been living in peace and harmony in this society not until a ban was imposed by HH the 14th Dalai Lama and CTA.

    The ban that imposed on all DS practitioner really doesn’t make any sense. HHDL and CTA has no authority at all to uproot the DS teachings and lineage that has been passed down by all the high lamas. He is not our guru, he has not given any personal teachings and initiation to us, he doesn’t not quality to gives any instruction telling us to stop the DS practice.

    Everyone deserves the freedom of religion, we are not slaves to anyone. The ban imposed on DS practitioners just shows how much anger and unsecured the CTA has. The amount of energy that was used to suppressed DS practitioner could have put into a more positive way, building schools, hospitals etc for the community.

  38. So many Dorje Shugden practitioners suffer for now 20 years! This has to end. As it is pointed out in this very detailed article, Dorje Shugden is a protector practice and not the main practice. Lama Tsongkhapa’s practice is most important and should be in the limelight.

    My heart is with all the lamas and practitioners who have to suffer for now 20 years. Buddhism is such a precise and beneficial practice and to have a ban on any religion is not what Buddhism is about!

    May Buddhism focus again on its values like compassion, equanimity, kindness, generosity and more.

    May the ban on Dorje Shugden end swiftly.

    Thank you for caring so much and having this precious website as a meeting point for all of us to gain news, insight and courage.

  39. The ban on Dorje Shudgen represents everything that is wrong:
    1. It is against the teaching of Buddha to love and accept all. The mere fact that it is oppressive and discriminatory in nature violated Buddha’s teaching on equality. How do we expect practitioner to be kind to everyone on earth, animals, criminals, cultist, etc BUT NOT Shugden practitioners.
    2. It planted seeds in potential and existing Buddhist practitioners’ mind that elite and erudite lama of pure lineage can be wrong. How do we expect practitioners to believe and have faith in their lama anymore given on one hand HHDL say that all Dorje Shugden lamas are wrong.
    3. The fact that saying Dorje Shugden is an evil spirit that would shorten HHDL’s life would mean that all Tibetan high lama including HHDL himself possess no ability to subdue Him. And what does it say about HHDL’s ability?

    Due to the senseless effort of CTA in defaming Dorje Shugden , the faith in Tibetan Buddhism’s teaching has weaken. We cannot sit quiet and do nothing anymore. It is imperative to practice compassion now to free Shugden practitioners from the unfair oppression and segregation; it is also with great compassion towards anti-Shugden people for their actions are creating very negative karma for themselves, even if they are not aware of it or carry out orders in accordance to renowned lamas.

    The ban must be lifted soonest, so that lama can carry on their teaching that focused on Tsongkhapa’s middle way teaching, Lojong and Lam Rim, like 20 years ago. Now more so then ever, because these lamas have to work doubly hard to retract and repair the damage done by CTA and anti-Shugden people.

  40. This Ban has done so much damage for Dharma to grow. it is confusing for new dharma people. people don’t know the whole thing about the Dorje Shugden issue. for CTA Say he is a demon or whatever they like to call, it is very damaging for dharma. whatever issue they have with ban just seat down with people short it out . the lamas who having meetings and protests, they are not supposed to do that but they have no choice because of ban. hopefully CTA do something and these great lamas can focused on spreading Buddha darma..

  41. When you attack the Shugden lamas, you disable the channel through which the blessings and protection of the Protector flows. The lineage lamas cannot be harmed but instead it is the people who can no longer access the Protector’s powers that are being denied and harmed.

    The good name of the DS lineage lamas must be cleared otherwise future generations will forget them and lose out. The logic is simple – if we allow lies to be told about these great lamas and we allow their reputation to be wrongly unsullied, then how can anyone have faith in these lamas? And following on from there, if we fail to have faith in the lineage lama then we will fail in seeing the true Buddha in Dorje Shugden. How can this accord any blessings?

    To me we must clear DS lama’s names because now as in the future, we will need Dorje Shugden and so we must need to keep the channel to his powers clear and unblemished. It is not so much that disparaging the lamas will harm them or the Protector. The harm accrues to those who think of enlightened beings negatively.

  42. Penpa Tsering, you are running down on all the high lama past and present, you are discrediting them because they practice Dorje Shudgen. It is obvious right from the start of your speech and ending it, one would view it as propagating hatred. You are spewing venomous poison and saying things without any shred of evidence.
    From the video I can see that most of the students are disinterested, bored or looking at you with a blank look perhaps their mind drifting somewhere else.
    It would be more challenging if you would choose some very learned Dorje Shudgen masters and audience and give this speech in front of them with questions and answers extended.
    You say that many Dorje Shudgen masters, practitioners are facing difficulties, have you question why are these things happening, very simple because of the ban and the CTA segregation and alienation, depriving those masters and practitioners of their livelihood, dignity and treated them as retards.
    Your blanket accusations on Kyabje Pabongka as a low lama,burning down temples, vomiting blood reflect on your shallowness in your speech.
    My question here Penpa is Kyabje Pabongka has come out with the Lamrin that that has help many in their enlightenment quest, many are awakened with Lamrin teachings what have you written?
    It does not take much for anyone to make a comparison.

  43. It is clearly shown that the Dorje Shugden Practice cannot be evil. There are many masters and highly attained Lama who practiced Dorje Shugden came back and continue to teach. How come these highly attained masters and Lama can come back if they worshipped a demon? Therefore it is illogically to accuse Dorje Shugden a demon.

    May the Dorje Shugden Ban be lifted soon. May the freedom of religion becomes reality and release the Tibetan people from suffering.

  44. It’s really saddening to see the way all this pure and high caliber lamas are being treated and called disgusting names.

    I’ve seen how the ban has caused certain groups to follow bad examples of CTA (especially people like Penpa Tsering). They organised smear campaigns via groups on Facebook and websites to discredit lamas and even going against their own teachers. Why? Because the ban helps to justify their actions. They use DS as a scapegoat for their failure.

    For this reason alone, I feel strongly the lamas’ names need to be cleared once and for all. Otherwise, many people may lose their chances to receive the preciousness of dharma from these erudite lamas. :(

  45. By learning dharma, it will help us to arise the great compassion, love and find out the methods to help others as much as we can. Find a guru with the pure lineage, who is able to teach the dharma with the valid source which can be traced back to the Buddha Shakyamuni’s teaching. And only with the lineage, we will be more confident and know what we practice.
    While learning the dharma, the practice should be happened at the same time. For example, whatever we have promised to our teacher, just do it. By holding the commitment, we can go further with stable and clear mind.

    For this instance, if the teacher give the Dorje Shugden practice to the students, the students should follow because the teacher know very well which practice is suitable for the students and not others. Basically, the teacher is also a practitioner where he is understand the importance of dharma and therefore he teach the dharma to the students. As a return, the students have to focus and concentrate to learn the dharma, transform and subsequently benefit to others. In addition, the students should protect the name of the guru but at the same time to respect others who might opposed it. The only reason is to practice the dharma for acceptance and tolerance.

  46. Dorje Shugden have proven beyond any shadow of doubt that he is the protector of our time, with the many help he has given to multitudes around the world. From downtrodden people who have no hope, to people who are significant wealth and power. Dorje Shugden renders help and assistance to many beings, by lifting the ban, will once again allow the Gaden lineage to be spread unobstructedly.

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Contemplate This

.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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