Shocking letter!

A letter was received by Gen Kelsang Chogyop of the New Kadampa Tradition, who immediately posted it on Facebook to alert Shugden practitioners everywhere

(This article below was emailed to from Yeshe Sangye, an ex-FPMT member. His views do not necessarily reflect this website’s views. Nevertheless his thoughts are logical. It would be helpful to read. We at strongly condemn this letter from the United Front of the Tibetan People, and any sort of threats or violence from anyone. Admin)



Dear friends,

If you go to Adar Tsering’s Facebook page, you can read what Kangchen Amdo has posted (see Appendix A below). He is quite fanatical. Like all pro-Dalai Lama practitioners, he rehashes their version of the past and present. But it is important to read because pro-Dalai Lama practitioners always accuse pro-Shugden groups as a physical threat to Dalai Lama which is wholly untrue.

It has come to my attention that a letter from The United Front of the Tibetan People has been mailed out, and it is from radical Tibetans who threaten some sort of ‘violence’ towards the 37 persons listed in the CTA’s website. This is not something unheard of – as you can see at the protests, the pro-Dalai Lama Tibetans are vulgar, rude, violent and hostile, and need to be restrained by police at each venue. If you also recall, violence had previously erupted in Gaden Monastery against Dokhang Khangtsen, where a riot was held by the lay people and incited by the CTA, which caused the split of Gaden Shartse Monastery and the formation of Shar Gaden Monastery.

Vulgarities and violence are often directed at Shugden practitioners from the pro-Dalai Lama supporters. Here a Tibetan woman (right) is seen making a vulgar gesture at Shugden practitioners, as she waits to enter the Dalai Lama’s talk on compassion and tolerance

The attack on Trijang Rinpoche’s main assistant Chonze-la was also very violent. The attackers beat and sliced up the 80-year monk simply because he practices Shugden. Trijang Ladrang and Shar Gaden monks have received numerous threats both written and verbal, and the police near Shar Gaden are very aware of this. The administrative monks of Shar Gaden are very used to threats and keep a close relationship with the local police, who are aware. Shugden people are always under threat of violence instigated by the CTA.

Let’s not forget the recent hostile take-over of Dromo Geshe Rinpoche’s monastery in North India where the pro-Shugden monks were forcibly and violently evicted by the pro-Dalai Lama supporters. If these monks did not vacate, they would have definitely suffered violence.

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This letter from The United Front of Tibetan People may be the first in the English language but for over 20 years, many similar letters in Tibetan have been received by Shugden monasteries on a regular basis. Dagom Rinpoche moved from Drepung Gomang Monastery to Nepal due to the anti-Shugden monks’ throwing stones and breaking his windows. The current incarnation of Pabongka Rinpoche never steps foot in South India or his home monastery of Sera Mey Monastery. He resides in Nepal, travelling often to Tibet for meditational retreats. Pabongka Rinpoche had many threats and stones thrown at his residence also. Trijang Rinpoche regularly receives death threats hence he resides in Vermont, USA and not India. Even presently Trijang Rinpoche receives threats sent to Vermont hence security around him is tight at home and when traveling.

Kundeling Rinpoche and his students live in a remote part of South India in an undisclosed location because of the violent stone-throwing attacks he has suffered while travelling or living in his previous location of Bangalore. Gangchen Rinpoche, Gonsar Rinpoche, Yongyal Rinpoche and many other lamas have been receiving death threats since the ban began. They are on the top of the list posted by the CTA as people ‘against the Dalai Lama.’ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s picture is spat upon by the pro-Dalai Lama group and he has been ex-communicated from his home monastery of Sera Jey and his only ‘crime’ is practicing Shugden. The Dalai Lama in public talks to Tibetans has disparaged Geshe Kelsang Gyatso on several occasions. Perhaps to the non-Tibetan world, this letter may come as a shock, but it is commonplace within the Tibetan communities. Only this time it is in English and you can see the violence of the pro-Dalai Lama fanatics.

This letter from The United Front of Tibetan People should be:

  1. Circulated so it creates awareness of the violent threats to the Shugden people especially in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. I do not think this threat is to Western Shugden people or members of the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) per se.
  2. A copy should be made and forwarded to all police near the Tibetan settlements throughout India, Nepal and Bhutan. Copies should be sent to Tibet if possible. The police near Dromo Geshe’s monastery, Shar Gaden, Serpom, and Dharamsala (where the CTA is based) especially should be informed.
  3. The administrators of Shar Gaden Monastery did not doubt the authenticity or the relevance of the letter once it was translated to them as they previously and regularly received letters of this nature. In fact the monks said it is good as this letter is in English and therefore easy for them to report to their local police.
  4. This letter will prove to the world and the CTA supporters how violent the anti-Shugden people are. It was somewhat difficult to prove in the past as most letters were in Tibetan and circulated within the Tibetan settlements of India. Many Tibetans are not familiar with social media so more awareness could not be drawn to the letters.
  5. If Western organizations such as NKT are in receipt of this letter, it would not be a direct threat to NKT or the protests. The Tibetan leadership would never dare to directly threaten Western organizations for fear of bad press, and that would extend to the Tibetans living abroad. It could perhaps be warning NKT to stop supporting the Tibetans who are practicing Dorje Shugden and their monasteries? A warning to them to stop supporting the Shugden Tibetans, or they will take action against the many Tibetan monks and lay people who have recently been showing up at the protests together with NKT. The Tibetan participation in the peaceful protests angers the anti-Shugden Tibetans who feel they are traitors. These Tibetans who have attended the peaceful and effective protests have received death threats also. Again, due to language and social media difficulties, only some of it is filtered down in English for us to understand.
  6. Certainly the police near or in the Tibetan settlements of India and Nepal will not waste time deciphering whether the letter is authentic or fake as they have seen much violence against the Shugden people within the communities. This letter to them will be taken seriously (as I have been informed by friends in the monasteries), and thus it also grants extra protection to the Shugden monasteries.
  7. All the pro-Dalai Lama or anti-Shugden Tibetans will think twice before taking action now because their violent methods have been revealed to the English-speaking world. It will not be a surprise if the CTA will make some speech about this letter to cover themselves.
  8. The CTA will be careful now as this letter proves that their hit list has provoked the desired results which are anger and action to be directed against the Tibetan protestors. What is important now is not to investigate whether the letter is authentic or not. The letter has been sent and that makes it authentic to some degree, implanting ideas of further violence by anti-Shugden Tibetans against Shugden-practicing Tibetans. All Tibetans who practice Dorje Shugden should be alert and make police reports so the threat to them is on the record. Prior to this, many Shugden Tibetans have reported to the police but not much action taken, with this letter, it can make a difference now. The CTA must understand their tactics to incite the Tibetans against Shugden people have ‘worked’. But at the same time it is a temporary victory because the police around the world will be alert and investigate more as to why the CTA has a hit list on their site and if there is a link with this new letter. Whatever the outcome, it will not look good for the CTA and the pro-Dalai Lama people.
  9. What we should do now is to make copies of the letters, print out the hit list from the CTA’s website and send it to our respective local police. Let them investigate the CTA. Shugden people wish no harm for anyone, but seek protection and justice. Perhaps this letter ‘stupidly’ sent by the group is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back? At least it will add to the authorities’ suspicion against the CTA and the violent mob they command.
  10. All peace-loving, freedom-loving people of the world, including pro-Dalai Lama and pro-Dorje Shugden people, should strongly condemn this letter and its intentions. They should request the CTA to stop their injustice and to stop inciting their people to commit violence against Shugden practitioners. The ban against Shugden must be lifted by the Tibetan leadership or the actions described in this letter will be perpetrated against the innocent Shugden practitioners as it has been since the ban started.
  11. As Buddhist organizations like FPMT for example support the CTA, they give the CTA more initiative and power for their reign of terror against Shugden people. They contribute to the degeneration of the Gelug School of Buddhism because they support the actions of people like Penpa Tsering, who outwardly criticizes the lineage lamas who form the backbone of the Gelug lineage such as Pabongka Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche. What Penpa Tsering said is tantamount to criticizing the Nyingma’s Dudjom and Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche, the Kagyu’s Karmapa and the Sakya’s throne holders. Would the Sakyas, Nyingmas and Kagyus tolerate any negative slights against their lineage holders? Of course not. The very teachers in Gelug School of Buddhism of which FPMT belongs are students of Pabongka Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche. Lama Yeshe, Ribur Rinpoche (see Appendix C below), Lama Zopa (see Appendix D below), Choden Rinpoche (see Appendix E below), etc. often speak highly of their gurus and lineage masters. When Penpa Tsering criticizes these masters, he is destabilizing the Gelug lineage and attempting to make the Gelug lineage impotent. As FPMT and the like support the CTA, they destroy their own lineage by supporting people like Penpa Tsering. Many of the texts, prayers, sadhanas and scriptures used in FPMT are written by Pabongka Rinpoche or Trijang Rinpoche. Why are they performing meditations, prayers and retreats using texts composed by authors so highly criticized by Penpa Tsering? As Penpa Tsering said, Pabongka Rinpoche at the end of his life vomited blood and died due to his practice of Shugden which of course contradicts the truth. Why would the millions of followers of the Gelug School follow a lama or his teachings that died vomiting blood? That would indicate Pabongka Rinpoche was even less than ordinary. The Gelug monasteries and thousands of dharma practitioners in the Western world including FPMT are following the writings and lineage of a lama who died vomiting blood? That does not make sense except to someone who has no sense. Penpa Tsering daringly goes on to criticize saying the previous Trijang Rinpoche’s life work was not successful as well as the current Trijang Rinpoche because of Dorje Shugden’s practice. Amazing conclusions from someone who is overwhelmed with ignorance and blind from covering lies. No source, no proof and just pure ignorance.
  12. The United Front of Tibetan People can be an underground group. Why would they post their location and status openly? After all the people who organized the attack against Dromo Geshe’s monastery and Gen Chonze remained covert. In order for their actions to be effective, it had to be covert. Whether this letter is genuine does not matter for we should use it for what it is worth, which is to show the authorities the results of this ban which is becoming more and more violent. This should push the CTA and their leadership to remove the ban, and hopefully also alarm the authorities against the unjust and undemocratic actions of the CTA and Tibetan leadership.
  13. The letter appears to come from Oakland, California (Berkeley), which has a high population of Tibetan refugees. Recently in February 2014, the Dalai Lama had a public Dharma talk in Berkeley, and commented about Dorje Shugden negatively again. That may have resulted in some of the Tibetans there forming this new anti-Shugden group called The United Front of Tibetan People. Or prompt the Tibetans to ‘do something’ about the Shugden issue? Speculation of course. But with the Tibetans, nothing is impossible when it comes to following CTA.
  14. This letter reflects a very real threat to the Shugden community. Every single day, violent and vulgar threats of death and harm are directed at Shugden practitioners both online and offline. If such threats are taken seriously because we understand the context in which they are said (that is, enraged Tibetans think they are protecting the Dalai Lama by behaving this way), why is it not equally possible that an underground Tibetan group can be provoked into writing this letter? After all, their leadership has already published openly a hit list of Shugden practitioners who can be targeted for violence. Why is it not possible a splinter group might actually want to carry out the work?
  15. Some have suggested perhaps the pro-Dalai Lama groups are sending these letters to counter the letters beings sent by Shugden practitioners worldwide. Tibetans refugees in India and foreign countries should stop all this religious strife and ban. It inconveniences, to say the least, the authorities of their host countries. Tibetans become burdens to their host countries. Tibetans should create peace where they live as this will help their cause as far-fetched as their wishes being realized may be.
  16. Funds given to the CTA are used to hunt people down and cause disharmony, instead of do good for the Tibetan people. In an open democracy, governments are transparent about their budget and expenditure, announcing it to the whole country at the beginning of each fiscal year. The Tibetan leadership on the other hand, have been accused of financial mismanagement, most recently by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Tibetans around the world are generally impoverished, living on very basic wages. Which one of them would therefore fund a mail-out of this scale? The Tibetan leadership are automatic suspects, since they are the only Tibetan group who would have the motive and resources to do so perhaps. There are pockets of Tibetans who live in foreign countries who are doing well also.
  17. It is sad that Shugden people are not surprised by this letter. All Shugden practitioners have to consider any threat to be a real and plausible one for their own safety, because they have been violently discriminated against for so long. This letter however, targets only Tibetans, just like how the Tibetan leadership’s hit list targets only Tibetans. Clearly Tibetans dare not focus on the foreigners, because they will lose the basis of their sponsorship and investments should the world find out just how undemocratic and hypocritical their leadership is.

This letter is serious and it encapsulates the whole fanatical supporters of the Dalai Lama who enforce the ban against Shugden and what they are willing to do. It is a clear expose to the violence and prejudice meted out to those Tibetans and their non-Tibetan friends if you dare contradict the corrupt goals of the CTA. Why do we not hear anything in regards to getting to the goal of Tibetan autonomy? Why does CTA continue to speak, publish books and online information against Dorje Shugden? What do they actually fear? Or are their untruths being exposed more and more and they are losing grip? Separation of Church and state is so needed in any government. The unfair and unjust ban against Dorje Shugden must cease immediately.

By: Yeshe Sangye

(Editor’s Note: Yeshe Sangye previously submitted to a very powerful article titled ‘Who made Lama Zopa a Rinpoche?‘. You may wish to read it too, to further add to your knowledge)


Letter from the United Front of the Tibetan People

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Appendix A

Kangchen Amdo’s statement on Adar Tsering’s Facebook page

NKT WORLD anti-Buddhist? NEW DEATH THREAT AGAINST DALAI LAMA’Chinese terror’ alert for Dalai Lama, Mumbai The Mumbai police have received intelligence inputs that some terrorists from the Tibetan region of China may sneak in to India to eliminate the Tibetan spiritual guru, the Dalai Lama.The intelligence inputs, a copy of which is with TOI, states that a Chinese national of Tibetan origin by the name Tashi Phuntsok is likely to enter India to gather intelligence on the Tibetan administration as well as to cause harm to the Dalai Lama. The input further states that six Chinese nationals of Tibetan origin, including Phuntsok, possibly from Chinese secret services, are suspected.”A good number of Chinese youth enter India on business visas, ostensibly for some clandestine activities. It’s likely that they may try to visit certain areas prohibited for Chinese like Tibetan camps. The Dalai Lama visits Mumbai and other places in Maharashtra. The threat to him must not be underestimated. Loss of Chinese passport and recovery of unknown Chinese passport need to be reported promptly, so that the concerned agencies can question them. In this regard, the activities of the followers of ‘Shugden cult – an anti-Dalai Lama group – need to be kept under strict vigil,” the report said.The Mumbai police have informed Tibetan organizations and directed the special branch and the local police to keep police officers updated about the Dalai Lama’s visit to Mumbai. “He often comes to Mumbai and even goes to slums and mixes with people. We will have to enhance security cover form him in Mumbai,” said a police officer.(From S Ahmed Ali of The Times of India, January 7, 2012)

__________The Dalai Lama, 77 years old, now has new reason to keep his body guards.Newsweek, in February 1997, covered brutal murders of 3 monks close to the Dalai Lama. Newsweek’s article also covered the lead role of NKT’s angry campaign against the Dalai Lama.According to Newsweek magazine, which published an article by Tony Clifton called “Cult Mystery – did an obscure Tibetan sect murder three monks close to the Dalai Lama”…”"Three members of the Dalai Lama’s inner circle were brutally slain on the night of Feb 4 in a bedroom just a few hundred yards from His Holiness’s exile residence in the northern Indian city of Dharmsala. The next morning monks found the Dalai Lama’s close friend and confidant 70-year-old Lobsang Gyatso, dead on his bed. Two young monks, Nagawang Lodoe and the Dalai Lama’s Chinese-language interpreter, Lobsang Nagwang, died within hours of the attack. Each victim had been stabbed 15 to 20 times, leaving the walls of the small monk’s chamber splattered with blood. Police believe it was the work of five to eight attackers…The savagery of the attack immediately steered police to search for fanatics of some kind. So did the death threats that followed against 14 more members of the Dalai Lama’s entourage. Now Indian police believe the murders were committed by an obscure Buddhist sect that takes its name and inspiration from a minor but ferocious Tibetan deity: the Dorje Shugden…The Shugdens worship a god who is often depicted wearing necklaces of human heads – symbols of conquered vices and transgressions. He is a sword-wielding warrior figure, riding a snow lion through a sea of boiling blood…Dorje Shugden has had an underground following among Tibetans obsessed with doctrinal purity for centuries.“I think there’s no doubt that Shugden was behind the killings,” says Robert Thurman, America’s foremost Buddhist scholar and an old friend of the Dalai Lama’s. “The three were stabbed repeatedly and cut up in a way that was like an exorcism.” Dorje Shugden has had an underground following among Tibetans obsessed with doctrinal purity for centuries. “It would not be unfair to call Shugdens the Taliban of Tibetan Buddhism,” says Thurman, referring to the Muslim extremists of Afghanistan, who believe in swift and brutal justice. “Shugden appeals to crazies by offering instant gratification,” says Thurman. “Once you get involved, you’re told you have to devote your lives to the cult, because the god gets very angry if you don’t attend to him every day. It’s really bad stuff, the way they’re draining money out of people.”…the followers of the NKT have painted a hostile portrait of the Dalai Lama that is unrecognizable to mainstream Buddhists-indeed, to millions around the world who revere the Nobel Peace Prize winner and champion of Tibet…Above all, the Shugdens are angry that the Dalai Lama is promoting dialogue between the Yellow Hats and another major branch of Tibetan Buddhism, Nyingma, or the Red Hats. The Shugdens consider it a sin even to talk to Red Hats, or to touch Nyingma religious works.

The police believe that one of the reasons the men were killed was that the old sage, Lobsang Gyatso, was a particularly active intermediary between the Dalai Lama and the Red Hats.”Newsweek also wrote,”NKT founder Kelsang has publicly retreated from his confrontation with the Dalai Lama. Through his spokesman he told NEWSWEEK that the NKT had abandoned its demonstrations last July alter realizing they were less and less appropriate.” (thus, promised to end by April 1997)However, this turned out to be a false statement from Kelsang Gyatso of NKT. Since then, NKT has organized protest rallies and Internet sites against the Dalai Lama, more robust and even less appropriate than NKT’s campaign in the 1990s.The extent, if any, of NKT’s involvement in the ‘Shugden murders’ described in Newsweek remains unclear. Kelsang Gyatso’s denial of any involvement is suspect because at the same time Kelsang Gyatso promised that his days of attacking the Dalai Lama were over. NKT continues to build its fortune on government subsidies and the donations of followers – who discount any investigation into Shugden, Kelsang Gyatso or NKT and the experiences of hundreds of previous NKT followers subjected to sexual, psychological or security abuse inside NKT. NKT’s Shugdenism is blinding as well as hazardous.



Appendix B

Transcript of Penpa Tsering’s speech

It also says after the fire puja (jinsek), the Dolgyal spirit was eradicated. During the jinsek Puja, there were all the high Kagyu and Nyingma lamas like Tedhar Lingpa etc. with the knowledge of the Fifth Dalai Lama. It also said that while doing that puja, it was smelling like burning human flesh. There were lots of incidences like this. 65 years after the Drakpa Gyaltsen’s death and 46 years after the eradication of Dolgyal with (jinsek puja), Dolgyal appeared again and strayed around. Later, he reached into Sakya. About whether Sakya practise Dolgyal or not, in the end, in 1717 around Norchen area during the Morchen Kunga Lhundup time, there were incident of practicing Dolgyal. Four years after that, He (Shugden) reached Sakya Dachen Sonam Rinchen, and due to the Dolgyal presence, they faced a lot of unfortunate situations. He (SDSR) even dreamed about Dolgyal hand with blood, and when he (SDSR) asked, Shugden said “I am a gnome spirit (Dhamsi)”. He said that he is the Gendenpa’s Dhamsi not the Gendenpa’s protector. In this way, there wes an incident of practising in Sakyapa as well. But later, when we asked present Sakya Gongma (Sakya Dhatril Rinpoche) about the Dolgyal, He said that since 1996 after the Chedhue meeting, they (Sakyapa) have officially stopped practising Dolgyal. They have also sent letter to Chidue office. Particularly, the present Sakya Gongma’s (SDR) teachers have strictly restricted them from Dolgyal practice and later, it became like none of the Sakyapas practise Shugden. Also, they never had things like sogtae. There might be some private small monasteries who practise Shugden, but even if they practice Dolgyal, they won’t consider Dolgyal as a main protector, but the lowest level protector. Most importantly, Sakya Gongma Rinpoche has said that after the proclamation by Dalai Lama in 1978, whole Sakyapa has stopped practising Shugden, it can also assume as no one is practising Shugden anymore. As Sakya lamas saying, later Dolgyal became the situation like for a torkyak. (torma that has been discarded) Information about different Tibetan Buddhist sect, there were influence of Dolgyal in Sakypa, but these days, it is completely clean and none of the Sakyapas practise Shugden. Also Nyingmapa and Kagyupa don’t practise Dolgyal. There are some in Rivu Gandenpa. Since 1640 during the Fifth Dalai Lama there were restrictions of Dolgyal practise. Also Ganden Tripa Rinpoche and all the highest lamas has restricted this practise. So, there is information like this. The reason Dolgyal became popular again is, from late 19th century and beginning of 20th century, due to Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche. There was a lot of information regarding Dolgyal and Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche’s connection. Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche was Lamrim expert lama. Back then, there was no other lamas who can give Lamrim teaching like Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche. In general, he (KPR) was a small lama, and there was again a controversy regarding his reincarnation, but let’s not talk about it now. But ever since childhood Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche was bright in prayer activities, essay writings, and any activities, and the 13th Dalai Lama as well has given attention or interest on him. while Dalai lama was giving Lamrim teaching, Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche was sick and sitting at the end of the row and later, gradually move to the front row as the Lamrim was going on. There was a history like this. In the beginning of his life, Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche was interested in all the different Tibetan Buddhist sects, and had special interest and respect for Guru Rinpoche. In his later life, because of this Devil (Dolgyal) practise, there were information of occurrence of some unfortunate situations. If you know about Dolgyal, there is a word called “Sogtae”; back then there was no history about this word, but later, after Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche, the word called “Sogtae” has existed. Actually, the right meaning of Sogtae is, when holy beings controls the god, demon, devil and so on by seizing their life, but here in the Shugden case, the Lama or any followers have to give his life to Dolgyal. With this, in the future, there is a risk of missing rebirth and chances of roaming their spirits around Dolgyal only. When topic comes about Dolgyal and Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche’s relation, there is also an information about the Dhakpo Rinpoche. In around 1915, Dhakpo Kalsang Khedup had practised Dolgyal, but he has taken Dolgyal as a door guard but not as a main protector. When Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche was a child, he was controlled by the spirit of Dolgyal. When they asked, “Who are you?”, Dolgyal slapped the person and said “Don’t you know me”. From 1920s, Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche had performed Dolgyal publicity. The popularity of Dolgyal, occurrence of Sogdhe, praise to Dolgyal, Shugden entering other’s body and etc. were all mentioned clearly in Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche’s story. As Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche was a Lamrim related high lama, once, he (KPR) was even sent for Lamrim teaching as a substitute of Ganden Tripa by the 13th Dalai Lama. In this way, the 13th Dalai Lama had given importance to him, but because of this devil (Dolgyal), in his(KPR) later life, he has faced lots of unfortunate situations. For that reason, he had to increase his Dolgyal practise. Later, when the 13th Dalai Lama acknowledged that condition, the 13th Dalai Lama had restrained him (KPR) from giving any teachings, and he(KPR) even had commitment with the 13th Dalai Lama. But later after the death of the 13th Dalai Lama, Reting Rinpohe came to the throne, and Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche received permission to go to Kham area. After he went to the Kham side, he had created so many problems. He had destroyed Guru Rinpoche’s statues, thrown away Nyingma’s prayer-books into the river, and burnt down some from the Nyingma monasteries etc. These were the mischievous activities created by KPR. During that time, Jamyang Khantse Lodoe Choeki Gyaltsen had written complain letter to one of the Dhomey Lama about the problems given by KPR. In the letter, he stated, destruction of statues and prayer-books, Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche forced monks to practise Shugden, and he even let monks to beat up others who are not practising; Later, when he didn’t get anyone to hit others, he even hired women to create that violence. These were the information spread around. JKLCG even mentioned, if the situation stayed like this for long then it will destroy Je Tsongkhapa Chenpe’s lineage. It says as if Dolgyal is a pure Gelugpa protector, but the main goal is to fulfill his (Dolgyal) purpose. All the lamas, who had practised Dolgyal, had been through lots of unfortunate situations. Plus, he didn’t even give protections, help or luck. Kuntse Panchen (the 9th Panchen Lama) as well, due to Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche and Dolgyal, he (Panchen Rinpoche) was unable to return back to Tibet and passed away in Kham area. Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche himself also, when he traveled around Kham, Tsang, Dhakpo, and Kongpo, around 1938, he died with vomiting blood. Also, Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, since he was the Dalai lama’s teacher, Dalai Lama has given him exception, but the present Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, due to Dolgyal practise, is in miserable condition today.



Appendix C

Ribur Rinpoche on Pabongka Rinpoche

The only thing that matters to me is that I was a disciple of Pabongka Rinpoche.

Ribur Rinpoche’s Pabongka Rinpoche: A Memoir. Published in Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand by Pabongka Rinpoche (Wisdom Publications, 1991).



Appendix D

Lama Zopa on Pabongka Rinpoche

Another thing is that some Tibetans and others severely criticize Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo because he practiced Shugden, making him out to be some kind of demon. However, Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo wrote incredible teachings on sutra and tantra; on Heruka, Tara Cittamani and many other topics. All these amazing teachings were written purely from his experience. So it’s impossible that he can really be some kind of evil being, as those extremists accuse him of being. There’s no way he could have done the negative things they say he did.



Appendix E

Choden Rinpoche on Pabongka Rinpoche

Rinpoche traveled to Central Tibet at the age of seventeen and enrolled in Sera Je Monastery where he was trained in the Five Canons of Buddhist philosophy. While mastering this twenty-five year course of study, Rinpoche became an outstanding student of His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche and His Holiness Pabongka Rinpoche as well as numerous other prominent lamas. Under their tutelage, he received empowerments, oral transmissions and personal instruction. He was given complete pith instructions and ear-whispered transmissions as well, which led him to an internalized understanding of the teachings.

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  1. Submit the information to the Southern Poverty Law Center for action. These thugs are as they appear, full of hot air,, What goes around , comes around, How does it feel dalia to have all the horrors of your actions come back to be known by the whole world.

  2. After I read through the letter, I still not really understand why the Tibetan always likes to separate each other. Are they too free nothing to do? Why they like to use threaten, violence and rude to hurt people who have same skin color, race, language and culture??? The funniest thing is they are in same religion however the view is different unfortunately.

    As a foreigner who growth up from a country which explored from varieties culture, race and religion. I cannot accept whatever unfair and inhumanity behavior happened, because I truly believed that every individual has their own right to decide what they want. We cannot harm or hurt them by just to “achieve” our desire “goal”. In this materialism world, many of us lost the purpose of life, most of us thought just follow the trend and must sure we can survive then everything will be alright.

    However that is not really true because when all of us work hard to make sure we can have a big house, branded clothes, bags, shoes, big car, a lot of jewels, big diamond, and so forth, why we work so hard to gain all this because they believed this make them feel happy. In fact is not, from people around us we can see that the richest people is the most bitter people. So what can make us happy? I believed is pursuing spiritual path will make us achieving happiness.

    Nowadays, many things become complicated. Even the religion also becomes so complex. From point of my view, religion is not complicated, but is us make the religion so complex. This is what I viewed of “Shocking Letter!” write up, I thanked for to share this letter to us. The write up compiled by was so great, each point have evident to prove it. I believed that they are done a lot of research and the motive behind the write up just to share to us then we can understand the whole situation and the fact.
    The letter content not shocking me because I personally too believe they have done this kind of silly thing over 20 years. But the threaten way they used make me feel want to speak out my stand. They sound like very kind and dharmic…actually is not. If they are practice democratic why separate Dorje Shudgen practitioner and non-Dorje Shudgen practitioner…???What is the logic behind?

    They said Dalai Lama is so compassion and love, so we cannot betray such as high Lama. What they wrote seems like correct and right, but deep inside they used Dalai Lama’s name as a tool to get into what they want…what they want money, power, control….I think!!!

    Last, don’t fool people mind by using nice words!!! It’s not kind at all!!!

  3. 读了此贴文,顿时让我觉得CTA是如此的残暴以及无良的对待高僧大德们。这些信件绝对是有利的证据可以指证CTA行为,不但如此此信件还可以帮助以及保护多杰雄登护法修行者的自身安全。我个人觉得重要的是可以保住高僧大德们性命安全和佛法传承。不可以单凭CTA的凭空想象而制造伤害生命的举动,这些无知的行为以及指责是必须要停止的。

  4. Thomas Canada,

    Good to see you back in action here. Looking forward to your comments, thoughts and witty intelligence.

    It’s been years since we’ve met here.

  5. What baffles me, is that you western shugdeners, in particular you modern kadampas, don’t see the connection between your own zealoutry and partial actions and these violent responses from the Tibetan Front.

    If you have faith in Buddha, you have your protection. If you believe Dorje Shugden is Buddha, you have nothing to worry about. The concept of needing to ‘protect’ an authentic dharma protector practice is clearly self-destructive and paradoxical.

    What baffles me even more, is that so much weight and importance is given to the childish words of a bunch of crazy Tibetan nationalists. This has nothing to do with Buddhism at all! Aren’t there more important issues to take care of??

    Has the unrest over the Shugden ban been reduced in the last eighteen years? No. Has the NKT annexed and isolated itself from Tibetan Buddhism en large? Yes. We have no more common ground or friendship with our brothers and sisters from other Buddhist traditions, all due to the completely wrong, childish and contradictory way in which the so-called International Shugden Society has handled this political issue. An issue, by the way, that was caused by a bunch of Tibetan lamas quite some time ago and has nothing to do with us. I highly doubt a single Kadampa has ever been told they can’t practice Dorje Shugden.

    I am convinced that Geshe Kelsang has never promoted his followers to a) go out on a Dalai Lama witchhut – without knowing a thing about the whole issue, background and history (which none of them do), nor to b) use his establishment of Kadampa Dharma as a platform for a schismic, political issue.

    I am therefore convinced, that Geshe Kelsang has some terrible advisors, that there are some incredibly zealous and ambitious people at the top of the NKT with bad motivations and that these people are running the tradition in to the ground. It is very, very sad.

    Unfortunately, I am right here. You will see in five years.

    If there is any danger to shugden practitioners in the west (which there isn’t), then please see that it is caused by your own actions.

  6. When CTA published the list, the intention to harm the Dorje Shugden practitioners has already been planted, and when HH Dalai Lama’s silence approval, it will only invite people to incite more violence.


    Is it not CTA’s purpose is to have autonomous for Tibet? Why are you spending so much time to hunt down the Dorje Shugden practitioners? Is this an easier job for you?

    I urge all of you to stop donating money to CTA because the money is clearly mismanaged and misused.

    I may not agree 100% of what ISC is doing, but all Dorje Shugden practitioners want is to have a dialogue with HH Dalai Lama, and to me, there is nothing wrong with that stand.

  7. Whether or not these letters are sent out by an individual or a group, it does not matter. It is a letter to encourage Tibetans to take matters in their own hand, to encourage them to use violence on people who are of different view from them, to tell them it is right to hut, to mob, to threaten others.

    CTA has achieved their objective of publishing the name list of the protesters. The extremists have taken the list and sent it all over to encourage Tibetans to ‘take action’ on them.

    Who creates the unrest? It is CTA and the people who encourage others to ‘take action’ with violence.

    If CTA really is for the good of Tibet, they should unite the Tibetan people not to create conflicts among their own people.

  8. Pardon my asking but could provide more information about The United Front of the Tibetan People? Is this group even “real”?

  9. Dear Meik 108,

    What is obvious here is that there is violence and threat going on against Shugden practitioners. If you received a death threat, or a threat of any kind, I am sure that you would take some precautions to ensure that it does not happen.

    Similarly, yes, Shugden practitioners have faith in the Buddha Dorje Shugden, but having faith, and doing something to protect yourselves are two different things. Buddha Shakyamuni said that everyone can gain enlightenment. Just because we have faith in that saying, does that mean that we do not practise, and we can just sit around, wait, be a couch potato, and we will be enlightened? Of course not. You have to do your part in practising the correct path as well. So, yes, we believe in the Buddha, and we believe in the protection that Dorje Shugden grants us, but it would be a bit ridiculous to sit there and do nothing, when there is some obvious threats to the safety of these Tibetans.

    Importance is paid to what is said by these “bunch of crazy Tibetan nationalists” because it has been proven that incited by rage, attacks have been made towards monks and the monastery. With solid evidence of these attacks on Gen Chonze, for example, and the violent protest and attack towards Dokhang Khangsten, any threat like this made again should be taken seriously. Once bitten, twice shy. And since the CTA and His Holiness has mixed politics with religion, this fundamentally affects Tibetan Buddhism, more specifically the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism, as a whole. The right to religious freedom, is an important issue to take care of, because this will help the future of Buddhism, and reduce the sufferings of the many Shugdenpas especially those in the Tibetan settlements who are feeling the discrimination and results of the ban most.

    Not being able to attend His Holiness’s teachings because you are a practitioner of Dorje Shugden is an outright way of telling Shugdenpas to stop their practise. Dalai Lama in many videos and talks has asked people to stop the practise of shugden and he promotes the actions of monasteries in stopping Shugden practise. Isn’t that already directing it to the world, Kadampas included, to stop the practise? See here –>

    Anyways, this letter is shocking indeed, because really, what is the point of CTA having a list of people who have peacefully protested to HH for religious freedom and their location posted on their site? What is their main motive behind it? They are condoning the actions of violence, that action must be taken against these people who have full right to protest for their freedom. The ban has to come down and this letter circulated to warn people about the dangers that may lie ahead for us.

  10. So this letter has proved all the evil instructions and death threats to Shugden people are real and done by pro-Dalai Lama gang? I strongly agree with you that this letter together with other documents should be printed and circulate around to expose their exploit. Unfair and injustice shouldn’t be tolerate and all Shugden-pas want is to practice peacefully. What is wrong with this? We need a human approach to world peace and the aid of religion has always been working. Until the ban is lifted, i believe when we rise in the morning listen to the news, we will continue to be confronted with many sad news happening around the circle. More violence, crime and disharmony between the communities.

    Even the students are now questioning the leader of CTA what’s the root problem with practicing Shugden? As they don’t see any valid reasons to ban this practice yet what they see is the separation among their own people. They are saddening by this fact. The situation now is really critical as this issue has been exposed in the Western countries and soon CTA and pro-Dalai Lama gang will be questioned further on the ban. I hope there will be a dialogue between CTA/ pro-Dalai Lama people and the public, not necessary pro-Shugden but general public who cares, because the damage has gone too far and beyond tolerance now.

    Compassion should be the pillar of World Peace as quoted by HHDL, however, what’s happening now is totally the reverse. All the talks about peace and compassion does not match the image of the vulgarities from the supporters of HHDL. Could a Nobel peace prize winner be wrong?

  11. I see this as the CTA and Dalai Lama’s failure to put things under control. Fanatics and extremists that follow the DL blindly are taking things into their own hands. Suffice it to say that the DL must intervene to stop this violence or attempted assault on high lamas and ordinary folks alike. The DL must put aside all religious differences and protect the people of Tibet from ultimately killing each other! If He is an emanation of Chenrizig, one who radiates compassion, now is the time He must be seen to act.

  12. Its all true from the lay people attacking the monasteries in the 80′s and with hunt on the Dorje Shugden lamas especially the young Trijang, the attack on Chonze and also trying to land grab the Domo Geshe monastery.

    Tell you what Maik 108, we want dialogue and a televised one so its not a closed door at all so the whole world can see. we do not want harm or violence we want to talk with representatives of the Dalai Lama. If that can happen I am sure the protest will stop too. We protest because there is no dialogue.

    CTA says there is no ban and no discrimination, yet they lie and scheme and the world does not lift a hand, but say we are wrong to protest. I am not from NKT so I don’t fall under the NKT bandwagon. However if the lamas of our tradition are being threatened we must take steps and measures to ensure they have ample protection and now they have threatened Serpom and Shar Gaden, surely those monasteries must be on high alert too.

    As buddhist we can defend ourselves, if attacked or you rather we roll over and just play dead and let people destroy property and lives of Dorje Shugden lamas.

  13. I have re read this letter again and it is a threat to exterminate all Dorje Shugden lamas and practitioners. This is genocide.

    Maik 108, we did not make the CTA and its people more militant than they are. Worst we have done is protest. But this letter is threatening violence. Must we see bodies of Dorje Shugden practitioners before we do something ? We will make one hell of a noise to let the world know that CTA is up to no good.

    We did not militarize CTA, they have been doing fine by themselves all this while.

  14. now tibetans are not only suffering under chinese rule but also under shugdens sellers! selling shugden, tibetan dying!

  15. Now in 21.century ” tibetan buddhism ” religious war is started and there is no point of return unless meaningful strong dialogue is carried out soon

  16. I have shared this letter with the Guardian Newspaper. I think it is important. The world needs to now what is happening. This has got out of control

  17. Teach them a lesson, huh? I don’t feel like judging people but it is very hard to be impartial when there are people who encourages other to ‘teach them a lesson’ by taking ‘actions’. I don’t know what kind of actions do they mean but it is implying something sinister due to the way it is worded. Of course one can argue do not take it too literally. Therefore the police don’t need to take it literally too? Not guilty until crime is committed? Not necessary to take any precautions because people have pure hearted or motivation? Very naive, very naive. This is samsara not a paradise. The Dharma is for those living in samsara not in utopia land.

  18. 佛教强调的是众生平等且皆有佛性,佛菩萨给的是加持和引导并非主宰众生的命运。





  19. 对于不会看藏文的我来说, 这封英文的恐吓信真的令我大开眼界!!
    我真的没想到CTA 竟然可以通过这种下三流的手段打压和恐吓雄登支持者。

    我还是相信众生平等, 不修雄登的人就不代表你们可以任意恐吓和打压其他人。

  20. The pro Dalai Lama Tibetan a very silly they are so much again DS practitioner they never wonder why thay want to like that. Most of these information that share by the people are not much evidence because the non Tibetan who pratice DS they will not believe in such a ridiculous information no fact at all. These Tibetan who believe in all these information they a likely less expose to social media, what a sad news to read all great master Trijiang Rinpoche Pabonga Rinpoche they are highly attain and they are the main Lama who spread the Lama Tsongkhapa teaching.

  21. 世俗往往都是发生宗教与政治纠纷不清,历史从演再从演。辛苦和遭殃的往往都是我们老百姓和信徒们。但我还是相信有因必有果。事情总会有一个结果,水落石出。我们就只好做好本分,祈愿有护法的加持和开示。总有一天把我们国土成为佛净土。

  22. 这封信的 内容实在让我太震惊了!CTA 竟然可以用这种下三流的方式来恐吓雄登支持者,甚至煽动西藏人民以暴力威胁雄登支持者。这封信无疑是指证CTA残暴的行为最佳证据,让藏民可以更加了解CTA的恶行,他们可以更明确判断谁是谁非。

    还有CTA竟然公开要对指定的34个藏民展开他们所谓的教训。当我看到这句话时-‘I think we need to take action against the 34 Tibetans and teach them lesson. We need to silence them and not let them protesting’, 我感到非常心寒。


  23. Eli & Manjushri,

    The world is full of conflict, war, humans doing absolutely unthinkably perverse things to others. As Buddhists, we do what we can, of course, with a good motivation to help others. We pray for their suffering to cease, to take it on ourselves and to become Buddhas for the sake of helping them all. This is the real solution and is far from a form of pacifism.

    If you think that ‘sitting around like a couch potato’, i.e. meditating and developing the minds of love and wisdom is passive, then possibly your world view doesn’t correspond with that of Buddha’s… which is fine by the way.

    Please allow me to re-emphasise: Has the unrest over the Shugden ban been reduced in the last eighteen years? No. Has the NKT or simply the Western Shugden Society annexed and isolated itself from Tibetan Buddhism en large? Yes.

    If there is a functioning, dangerous Tibetan Front, there is no doubt that this needs to be known and taken care of, but in the right way… not by thousands of largely ignorant monks, nuns and lay people pleasure cruising around the world shouting at the Dalai Lama.

    Manjushri, you are very wrong in my oppinion with your idea that the Dalai Lama’s encouragement to Gelugpas to stop practising Dorje Shugden interferes in any way with my practice of Shugden, nor that of any other westerner. Also, as you well know, there have equally been violent attacks by Shugdeners on anti-Shugdeners in the past. Please see the obvious relativity, politics and futility of it all.

  24. The letter sent from this group really appalling, it proves to the world what CTA real motive is! with such evidence and also the description of the previous attack on are clearly stated, this should be taken as a warning to all the country in the world for what CTA is up to. The role of CTA is not helping in the cause of free Tibet, but instead is instigating the Tibetan community to create violence.

    From such letter and the violence that DS practitioner goes through, it clearly shows DS practitioner just purely want freedom to practice this great protector, and continue the lineage of what the Great Lama such as Pabongkha Rinpoche, Trijang Rinpoche has pass down to all.

    Really hope United Nation and the Leader of other country see this letter and knows what CTA is doing behind.

  25. This is sad to see that the pro Dalai lama act excessive until threaten and harm people. This is totally not acceptable to a layman but now worst is I think they are Buddhism practitioners. Dalai Lama only ask to stop practise Dorje Shudgen but never ask them to kill or harm people. How come the pro Dalai Lama can just forgone their practise and come out a lot of non humanity idea to harm people. I wish His Holiness Dalai Lama can stop them from doing excessive by lifting the ban. This action to lift the ban is a must before too many people get hurt.

  26. The pro-Dalai Lama Tibetans are very prone to violence. What they did to Gen Chonzey of Trijang Ladrang and the violent take over of Dromo Geshe’s Monastery is proof positive. Why does CTA remain quiet about these two issues? Because they orchestrated it from behind. The great puppet masters, but their time is short and coming to the end.

  27. For everyone’s information:

    1. Several labrangs (households) of reincarnated lamas and Geshes have requested us to highlight this letter (The United Front of the Tibetan People) on our website. (They wish to remain anonymous for security reasons) One of the lamas has done a dice divination and said although the letter may seem bad, it will be beneficial in the cause of Dorje Shugden followers for the long run. It will contribute to a sort of standoff ending in our favor. The more people who read the letter, the better. With or without the letter, those who will create trouble will do so anyway. This letter highlights to the international community the type of violence and instigations the CTA is capable of. It is important people see this letter. The monks requested us to please keep it posted and email to authorities for investigations. Even if the investigations results in nothing, it will still be on record. The authorities will not understand the politics of who sent this letter, but simply Dorje Shugden practitioners are under threat. Makes sense.

    2. The police of Mundgod, ByLakuppe and Dharamsala are taking this letter very seriously. And investigating. It has highlighted the plight of Serpom and Shar Gaden monasteries clearly to the local police. Shar Gaden Monastic administration were happy to have proof of the threats they have received for years. They have brought this letter to the local police and it has given them more weight to their claims and fears. It has ‘materialized’ all the verbal threats they have received. If in future anything else should happen, the monks can refer back to this letter. The monks of both Serpom and Shar Gaden are not happy about the letter, but they are happy that they have something to show the police. They have expressed this to us.

    3. In fact by this letter being given to the various police in the Tibetan settlements of India, the pro-Dalai Lama fanatics have to be more careful as the police in India have a heads up and are on the alert. An example, if you let the police know there is going to be a burglary tonight, they will be extra alert.

    4. The Dalai Lama and his office has become very desperate as well recently. Because Trijang Rinpoche will not fall in line with their diktats, they have sent a very nasty and angry letter to Trijang Rinpoche which is too sensitive to reveal. Desperate angry letters threatening violence, punishments or the likes is commonplace from Tibetans in authority especially when instigated by the CTA and it’s increasing. Let the CTA and their supporters answer to the authorities who are investigating.


  28. The Tibetan leaders and the CTA are doing actions similar to what movie makers are making, like the Mafias, Tongs and other gangsters’ related activities like having a hit list of their enemies. These gangsters fight for power and control over territories for their vice activities and if any government bodies get in their way, they sent out hit men to eliminate these so called problems.

    Well, the Tibetan leaders and the CTA are no different from these gangsters. Their modus operandi is similar: compile a list of their enemies, instigate some people to carry out violence and maybe even have their trained but brain washed employees to carry out the dastardly acts. Maybe even employ mercenaries to do their dirty work.

    The difference here is that the victims are innocent people who did no harm except wanting to be left in peace to continue with their spiritual practice.

    Is the ban on Dorje Shugden just for spiritual or political reasons? There is so much power if the Tibetan leaders and CTA can control people after these people have been subjugated.

  29. This letter is a clear representation of how far CTA will incite their own people to commit violence.

  30. The true Buddhism grows authentically among the Westerners and at the same time it is sadly degenerating among the Tibetans only by not understanding the essence of Buddha`s teaching. Tibetans have faith in Buddhism but unfortunately lacking the core understanding of the precious dharma. Any negative human characters come out of this important missing link between the essence and its practice from moment to moment.

  31. Dear Susanna, You are absolutely correct. The understanding and practice of Buddhism within the TIbetan communities outside of Tibet is degenerating. Following the Dalai Lama’s every word has become a cult. Whatever Dalai Lama says cannot be wrong and if you say he is, then these cult followers will threaten you, abuse you and foul language you. They won’t give a moment’s consideration for your thoughts and any other views. Every view is wrong except the Dalai Lama’s. They can die for Dalai Lama and commit deeds that are wrong like beat up old ladies literally:
    Sadly like all cults, the Dalai Lama is old and can pass anytime, then these people will be lost.

    This letter on the violence threatened is commonplace to the Tibetans in exile. People have this rosy view Tibetans are gentle, spiritual and against violence. Nothing can be further from the truth.

  32. I think the letters are a fraud perpetrated by misguided Dorje Shugden followers. Made up news is not news.

  33. This trend of Dalailama-ism has gone over board. This sort of reverence of a high lama as a “god” is even beyond the teachings of Guru devotion. It is very scary to see such violent mind sets being developed amongst Buddhist practitioners. Phrases like “we must take strong and physical action against ….”,
    “we need to teach them a lesson…”, “we have to close down their monasteries..”,
    “they need violent actions against them …..”, “we must go all the way to finish the Dogyal people ….”. I am so sure the Dalai Lama will never and certainly did not give these types of instructions !
    Please take note the results created from a BAN on a sacred ancient religious practice. We do not need any more violence in this Kaliyuga period…… please remove this BAN to stop the sufferings of beings.

  34. When was this letter written? I see that it was mailed on June 16, 2014 to Kelsang Chogyop. One of the author´s of this letter is Tashi Peljor, but he died February 28, 2014 by being beaten to death by the Chinese police? (See article here: This doesn´t add up that he would be a co-sponsor of this letter after his death…

  35. terrific.

    no any truth. everything is lie. just like Chana’s propaganda.
    beware these people.

  36. @tashi yag – (1) China, not Chana. Use a dictionary (2) your criticisms are without basis, proof or evidence, just like how Dharamsala implemented the ban. What makes you think anyone is going to believe your cheap three-line comment?

    Isn’t it SAD that China gives more religious freedom to people than Dalai Lama and Dharamsala? Hahahaha beware these false democracies.

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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