Denma Gongsa Rinpoche meets Panchen Lama

H.H. the 11th Panchen Lama presents a precious statue of Lama Tsongkapa to the 20th Denma Gonsa Rinpoche

We have received auspicious news that the young incarnation (yangsi) of Denma Gongsa Rinpoche recently travelled to meet H.H. the 11th Panchen Lama, Gyancain Norbu. This is an auspicious occasion considering the fact that this meeting is one of the very first between the two high lamas.

The meeting was to reaffirm the Panchen Lama’s recognition and acknowledgement of the incarnation status of the 20th Denma Gongsa Rinpoche. It was H.H. Kyabje Trijang Choktrul Rinpoche who first recognized this incarnation and the oracle of Shar Gaden, who took trance of Duldzin – the peaceful aspect of Dorje Shugden, also confirmed the identity of this incarnation. The 11th Panchen Lama also issued a formal recognition document (chakdak), recognizing him as well (view the recognition papers here).

Young tulkus or high lamas that have just been enthroned are traditionally presented to the Dalai Lama or the Panchen Lama for a blessing and to reaffirm the incarnation status of the respective tulkus in the eyes of the benefactors and students. Since Denma Gongsa Rinpoche had been recognized and enthroned in Chatreng, eastern Tibet, it was only natural that he was presented before the Panchen Lama who is the highest-ranking tulku in Tibet-China.

H.H. the 11th Panchen Lama giving teachings and advice to the young Denma Gongsa Rinpoche

Besides receiving a blessing and affirmation, such meetings are particularly important for young tulkus as they receive valuable advice, teachings, initiations and practices, thus clearing obstacles to their long life and growth of Dharma work. They also connect the young incarnations with the aspirations and merits of their previous lives, so that their past imprints may open up easily in this life.

The 20th Denma Gongsa Rinpoche

Therefore, rejoices in this historic meeting and our prayers go towards the long life and flourishing of the Dharma works of the young incarnation of Denma Gongsa Rinpoche.

The young and cheerful Denma Gonsar Rinpoche happily goes to meet the Panchen Lama, with his loyal and dedicated attendants

Denma Gonsar Rinpoche’s parents with the Panchen Lama


Panchen Lama Qoigyijabu Part 1

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Panchen Lama Qoigyijabu Part 2

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Panchen Lama Qoigyijabu Part 3

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Panchen Lama Qoigyijabu’s 20th Enthronement Anniversary

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  1. Wow ! Very auspicious indeed ! May this auspicious meeting and teaching given by the Panchen Lama quickly open up more Dharma seeds and imprints in the young Denma Gongsa Rinpoche to help him further in his spiritual growth and attainments, in order to help more sentient beings !

  2. May many more of such auspicious meetings happen with many more young tulkus and the Panchen Lama. May Denma Gongsa Rinpoche grow up to be like his predecessor and bring tremendous benefit to many.

  3. prostrations to the highest Beings!

  4. Reincarnated lamas play a huge role to continuously transmit the dharma in the Tibetan tradition. They are clear proof of reincarnation.

  5. Domo Geshe Rinpoche Om Mani Padme Hung ~ I had the good fortune to go for Domo geshe’s enthronement. May he does as before pacifying and subduing sentient beings and bringing them to the Buddha’s path/.

  6. I also feel that the Panchen Lama will help to reestablish Buddhism all over China once again. Remember the Chinese emperors were people who relied on Je tsongkhapa’s teachings and the help of Dorje Shugden historically.

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