How ExileRAT serves the Tibetan leadership’s purpose

Tibetan President Lobsang Sangay (left) and Dhardon Sharling (right), the CTA’s former propaganda officer and a protégé of Lobsang Sangay. Sharling suddenly resigned from her position as Secretary of the CTA’s Department of Information and International Relations. During her tenure, she was responsible for the CTA’s disinformation campaigns and would have had complete access to the Tibetan leadership’s mailing list. It is this very same list that was recently targeted with an email and attachment that, when downloaded and opened, installed malicious malware onto the downloader’s computer.

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By: Shashi Kei

The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), which is the Tibetan government-in-exile based in Dharamsala, recently came under a cyber-attack. Those on the CTA’s mailing list received emails supposedly from the CTA, containing a PowerPoint file titled “Tibet Was Never A Part Of China”. The file, it turns out, was a payload that delivered what is known as ‘ExileRAT’, a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) which, once activated, allows the attacker(s) to access private information stored in the victims’ computers.

The spam email that those on the CTA’s mailing list received. Attached was a PowerPoint file that, when downloaded and opened, launched a rudimentary Trojan designed to steal the downloader’s personal information.

CTA supporters, pro-Tibetan groups and American companies were quick to accuse China of being behind this attack. In recent years, it has become common for the CTA and its allies like the United States (US) to accuse China of launching cyber-espionage campaigns to steal government and trade secrets from Western countries. This has been a part of the anti-China propaganda aimed at curbing China’s rise as a global superpower that threatens to displace the US. This narrative suits the CTA as it fits into their portrayal as a victim of China’s evil designs and also lends to the CTA’s campaign of spreading fear and enmity towards China.

However, this ExileRAT case in fact showcases the CTA’s tendency for agitprop and its failings as a government more so than it does China’s alleged espionage activities. To begin with, the fact China, Russia, Israel, the US and its NATO allies, and other nation-states should engage in one form of espionage or another is not surprising. It would be naïve to think that powerful nations vying for supremacy on the world stage do not play the spy game or engage in propaganda warfare in attempts to tilt the balance of global hegemony in their favor. It was not so long ago when the US vehemently accused Iraq of harboring terrorists and developing weapons of mass destructions and, on that justification alone, invaded Iraq, overthrew the government and assassinated its leader. Later, it was revealed that the US invasion of Iraq was not based on facts but disinformation.

The CTA’s PowerPoint file that contained the malware. This file was created as part of the CTA’s propaganda against China. Oddly, the file that contained the malware is an exact copy of the CTA’s own publication, leading some analysts to suspect that the CTA may be behind the attack on its own database.

Whilst the technical jargon in the ExileRAT news report may perplex some readers, there are a number of clues that reveal that ExileRAT was not the work of the Chinese government. Nevertheless, it provided the CTA with yet another excuse to attack China with. Ironically the way ExileRAT was executed has led observers to suspect that the CTA itself is behind this charade:

  1. The design of the supposed ExileRAT was so basic and amateurish that even the basic Norton Antivirus is capable of stopping it. The CTA and the West consistently decry China’s technical capabilities, for example in their implementation of the so-called Great Firewall of China. It is therefore illogical for the CTA to also blame ExileRAT on China when, considering their own recognition of China’s technical capabilities, the CTA knows China would be capable of executing something far more sophisticated if they wanted to.

A regular Norton Antivirus scan is capable of stopping the intrusion attempt. The attacker’s URL and IP address is also clearly listed and not masked.

  1. In addition, those who are more technically savvy have pointed out that the hacker carelessly omitted to block the server’s directory listing (see at your own risk), which is a significant hint that this is not the work of professionals. For certain it would not be the work of a ‘state actor’ as reported, which in essence, points the finger at China.
  2. The IP is not unique and cannot be definitively ascribed to China, whom the CTA have been so quick to accuse. The IP of the hacker is recognized to be the same that has been named in various hackers and spammers’ arenas, for having made several random amateur attacks on websites.

Researcher’s report identifying the attacker’s IP which is known in hackers’ circles and is commonly associated with previous attacks that are not known to originate from China. Also, unlike SC Media’s report which stated the Trojan executables were intended to harm via their Windows and Android devices, in reality the Trojan executables found at the IP address associated with the attack was not an Android version. It was a simple Windows-based Trojan (.exe file), not running on Android at all.

  1. An alarmist report by SC Media claimed, “An analysis of the campaign revealed ExileRAT shares a command-and-control infrastructure with LuckyCat, an older RAT attributed to a suspected Chinese APT group that goes by the same name. Historically, the LuckyCat Trojan has been used to spy on pro-Tibetan activists and sympathizers via their Android and Windows devices.” Again, this is intended to incriminate China. However, this is an overt distortion of the truth to blindside readers. An IT specialist consulted to verify the accuracy of this claim instead certified that the Trojan executables found at the IP address associated with the attack was not an Android version, as SC Media claimed, but was a simple Windows-based Trojan, and not running on Android at all.

Clearly the objective of the ExileRAT reports was not to relay facts but to sow distrust, fear and enmity towards China. The obvious question is to whose benefit is this campaign of disinformation? China appears to be a scapegoat but it is not difficult to see the incongruity of this accusation.

On the one hand China is reported to have the highest level of technical sophistication that logically extends to spyware as well. Chinese telecommunications brands Huawei and ZTE have also been accused of allowing their products to be used to spy for the Chinese government. Yet, if it is true that China seeks to infiltrate the CTA’s database, why would a global titan and a technology powerhouse like China engage the services of an amateur hacker who leaves so many residuary trails and whose malware could be halted by mere commercial-grade antivirus? China regards the Dalai Lama and CTA as extremely dangerous secessionists and would surely not entrust its alleged espionage of them to what appears to be a hobbyist hacker. So this accusation does not make sense. What does make sense however, is how this spread of news facilitated yet another attack to discredit China. It also conveniently coincides with the US’s full frontal assault on Chinese technology-based corporations in an effort to curb their creeping dominance.

On the other hand, the ExileRAT bungling is more characteristic of the CTA who has been caught red-handed on several occasions for failed covert online operations. Some examples include:

  1. The sponsorship and establishment of anti-religion websites. In 1996, the CTA unlawfully and unconstitutionally banned the 350-year-old practice of Dorje Shugden. To support its assault on Shugden Buddhists, the Tibetan leadership launched what they intended to be an anonymous site to spread disinformation and a twisted history of Dorje Shugden. The site was named ‘‘ and contrived to be an independent site run by academics and Buddhist scholars. However, a simple WHOIS search revealed that this supposedly anonymous and defamatory site was owned by Gangchen Kyishong, the name being synonymous with the location of the CTA’s headquarters in Dharamsala.

Dr Lobsang Sangay who, in 2012 in his capacity as the Prime Minister of the Tibetan people, launched a book that deifies Tibetan self-immolators and provides potential self-immolators with a guide to carry out their act.

  1. Such oversight is common of CTA officials whose nefarious plans are often not matched by the required dexterity or mental agility to pull off the stunt. Another example of a CTA blunder is their publication of a self-immolation guide, teaching Tibetans how to maximize exposure of their suicide by self-immolation, to incriminate China. This coincided with the CTA’s launching of a book that glorified Tibetans killing themselves, primarily because grisly spectacles of Tibetans being burnt to death have the power to sway sentiments against China, precisely as the CTA intends. Hence, the CTA in fact encourages Tibetan self-immolation and have not taken effective measures to discourage it. In reality, the opposite is true and they even teach people how to do it. After coming under heavy criticism, the website of the CTA representative was subsequently deleted but cached pages of its contents remain. This entire sorry episode was observed and recorded by investigative journalists, one of whom wrote:

“The exiled Tibetan leadership has allegedly released a Self-immolation Guide on the Internet – an instruction manual to incite and instruct Tibetans residing within China to burn themselves. The author of this manual is Chabdak Lhamo Kyab, who served for two terms as a member of the Tibetan government in exile, known now as the Central Tibetan Government (CTA) and was the head of a clandestine resistance movement and also a public relations counsellor of the Dalai Lama. He now resides in France.

The Self-immolation Guide is a book consisting of four parts: the first part advocates the idea that self-immolators are great, honorable and intrepid heroes and that both these male and female heroes should always be prepared to sacrifice themselves for a just cause. The second part gives detailed instructions on preparations for self-immolation, including picking important days and places, leaving written or recorded last words, and asking trustworthy friends to help record videos or take photos. The third part introduces self-immolation slogans, instructing victims to always shout the same slogans. And the fourth part illustrates other activities that might accompany self-immolation.”


The CTA’s man in America Robert Thurman attempted to solicit the services of the Anonymous hackers group, to intimidate and harass Dorje Shugden practitioners. Thurman’s actions show a clear disregard for American laws which make it illegal to solicit hacking, as well as a clear disregard for the American Constitution which allows for freedom of religion. Realizing the mistake of seeking hackers openly, Thurman subsequently deleted all posts that incriminate him.

  1. Then there is the infamous “Lama Gate” scandal wherein the Tibetan leadership’s man in the US, Robert Thurman, foolishly solicited the services of online hackers to steal personal information and details of Dorje Shugden practitioners. Not only is it illegal to solicit hacking, but it is also immoral for the CTA and its supporters to intimidate and criminalize anyone just because of their religion. This episode shows that the CTA are fully aware of the existence of such services, and are not beyond using clandestine, underhanded means to attack those they consider their rivals. It would be well within their capabilities and interests to attempt to harness ExileRAT to attack their own people, in order to vilify China and rally support for themselves. This abuse of privacy and criminal intimidation is nothing new to the CTA who has also published a ‘hit list’ of people who have protested against the Dalai Lama’s illegal religious ban. The purpose of the CTA publishing this hit list is of course an unspoken instruction for supporters of the Tibetan leadership to seek out and punish anyone who dares question the CTA. That Western media should vigorously publish scaremongering articles blaming China for the ExileRAT cyber-espionage, but remained completely mute when the pro-Tibetan Robert Thurman was caught attempting to do the same, speaks volumes of who is pulling the strings. Both the ExileRAT and Robert Thurman‘s “Lama Gate” scandal have the same objective – to illegally hack into private databases and steal information of private individuals and use the information with criminal intent.
  2. The CTA was also discovered to have engaged the services of an East German-trained operative masquerading as a monk by the name of Tenzin Peljor. On the CTA’s webpage that was set up exclusively to incite hatred against Dorje Shugden Buddhists, Tenzin Peljor is named as a media contact. Peljor recently gained notoriety after he was sued by a large European-based Buddhist organization for posting defamatory material on his controversial blog aimed at defaming and attacking those not in the Tibetan leadership’s favor. In addition, this CTA agent is well known to act on the CTA’s behalf to recruit an army of Internet trolls, each with multiple anonymous social media accounts which they use to attack China and anyone whom the CTA targets. He has also been seen at European talks given by the Dalai Lama, photographing people protesting against the Tibetan leadership’s illegal discrimination of Dorje Shugden practice. Those photographs later ended up on the CTA’s aforementioned hit list of Shugden worshippers, which was widely circulated online and throughout the Tibetan settlements.

East-German-trained operative Michael Jäckel a.k.a Mick Jackman a.k.a. Tenzin Peljor is the CTA’s propaganda consultant and assumes a number of pseudonyms that he uses to launch smear campaigns on behalf of the CTA.

The cases cited above are but some samples of the CTA’s cyber-crimes. Whether the US or China engages in cyber-espionage is speculation but what is confirmed is that the CTA does and they have acted as if they are above the law. 60 years in exile and acting as a ‘government’ that does not fall within the ambit of any international legal system means that the Tibetan leadership has acted without any accountability. The ExileRAT episode not only exposes the CTA’s online malfeasance but also the apathetic attitude it has taken towards the people who have supported its cause. Solely for the satisfaction of vilifying China, they voluntarily exposed their mailing list to hackers, which in turn put all of those recipients’ private and personal information at risk. Apart from this recent case, the Dalai Lama and the CTA’s websites have constantly infected visitors with viruses. Again the blame is pinned on China and this reveals the mentality of those who run the CTA, that it is easier to blame China than to take responsibility to protect its supporters.

Some observers have also speculated that Dhardon Sharling’s sudden resignation may be related to this scandal. As the former Secretary of the CTA’s Department of Information and International Relations, Sharling was responsible for the CTA’s campaigns of disinformation during her tenure. Together with the CTA President Lobsang Sangay, with whom she is strongly rumored to have had a sexual relationship, they launched campaign after propaganda campaign against anyone whom they deemed to be disloyal or disobedient of the CTA’s policies. In her position, Sharling would have had complete access to the Tibetan leadership’s mailing list, the very same one which was targeted in this email attack.

Did she accidentally expose the mailing list, thereby failing to discharge her duties in protecting the CTA’s supporters’ private information? Or worse still, did she intentionally expose the mailing list and orchestrate this attack against the CTA’s supporters, all so she could blame China? Either scenario does not put the CTA in a good light. The failure of the Tibetan leadership to secure its own database of supporters should not come as a surprise. If the Tibetan leadership is proven not to have any care for Tibetans who followed the Dalai Lama into exile and are now languishing within sight of the CTA, why would the same corrupt officials care about names in a database apart from regarding them as people to extract money from and minds to exploit for its own political gain?


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  1. This is another incident can be used to accuse China! That must be what the CTA is thinking…

    The price is high when you support a “government” like CTA, whom is not governed by any international laws and without ethics and responsibilities at all— you might risk to lose your privacy and infected your phones and computers with the virus and steal your personal information! Tibetan leadership does not care about this at all! They only care about their pocket. Sad.

  2. I am not surprised that Sikyong Lobsang Sangay is behind this. I remember when he launched the Tibetan self immolation book. That year was the most Tibetan suicides and the Sikyong used Tibetan deaths as excuse to promote himself.

    Like many Tibetan, I prefer if the Tibetan people are together and still have our country but at the same time I am glad we are not stuck under Sikyong Lobsang Sangay. These few years he really show his color and how ruthless he can be.

    This attack on the CTA mailing list is shameful. Why is it the CTA cannot upgrade their antivirus? Even small companies and young students know how to do that unless as this article says, the attack is done on purpose to give Sikyong Lobsang Sangay something more to promote himself.

    I also find the big difference in facts as reported in western news and the facts in this article, quit shocking. I think most people do not understand this kind of technical stuff but even my young one can explain what this article was saying. Basically its all CTA lies again.

  3. Karmapa Thaye Dorje Ignores the Dalai Lama

    (1) Decades ago, the Shamarpa asked the Dalai Lama to endorse Thaye Dorje as the Karmapa. Shamarpa proved to the Dalai Lama that Thaye Dorje was the Karmapa. The Dalai Lama still refused as it will make the Dalai Lama look bad for endorsing Ogyen Trinley. ~

    It is known that Tai Situ Rinpoche recognized Ogyen Trinley by stealth. Tai Situ Rinpoche used the Dalai Lama’s fame to promote his Ogyen Trinley candidate in order to secure the Karmapa wealth of many generations.

    (2) Even though the Dalai Lama endorsed Ogyen Trinley as Karmapa, Thaye Dorje could not be restrained and continues to grow immensely in popularity all over the world. Even without the Dalai Lama’s endorsement, the Karmapa Thaye Dorje is growing in importance. Tai Situ Rinpoche thought that without the Dalai Lama’s endorsement, the Karmapa Thaye Dorje would fall and become nothing. He was wrong.

    (3) Shamarpa Rinpoche had asked the Dalai Lama to at least ordain Thaye Dorje as a monk when he was very young and the Dalai Lama refused. This refusal hurt Shamarpa and the Karmapa Thaye Dorje very much. The Dalai Lama sidelined Shamarpa Rinpoche and Thaye Dorje. It was a grievous insult and detrimental interference. In the Karma Kagyu tradition it is the Shamarpa who is the first and foremost to recognize the Karmapas and only in his absence do other regents recognize the Karmapas. Not only did the Dalai Lama interfere in Karma Kagyu affairs but the Dalai Lama took sides. That caused so much fighting and disharmony within the Karma Kagyu school of Buddhism. Tai Situ Rinpoche was wrong not to consult with Shamarpa Rinpoche in all of this.

    (4) The Dalai Lama had no business interfering in Karma Kagyu traditions by recognizing a Karmapa. In the history of the Karma Kagyu school, there has not been one Karmapa recognized by a Dalai Lama nor did they ever need the Dalai Lama’s endorsement. This interference by the Dalai Lama has caused the Karma Kagyu school to take two sides and broke them up and created much disharmony. The disharmony, fighting and mud-slinging as to which one is the real Karmapa has continued to this day in 2019.

    (5) Shamarpa Rinpoche passed away in 2014 and it is up to the Karmapa to recognize his incarnation without the endorsement or interference of the Dalai Lama.

    (6) Now the Karmapa Thaye Dorje recognizes his son born in 2018 as Shamarpa Rinpoche’s incarnation and he does not ask the Dalai Lama to endorse this incarnation. He does not need it. The Dalai Lama has done enough damage. This will shift the dynamics of the Karma Kagyu school again in favor of the Shamarpa Rinpoche’s side. Unfortunately, it will make Ogyen Trinley look strange and left out in the cold. Within the Kagyu school, the Shamarpa is the next highest incarnation after the Karmapa. The Karmapas always recognized Shamarpas and vice versa. It shows that the Karmapa Thaye Dorje has the full authority to recognize the next highest incarnation within their school on his own. This Shamarpa will be spiritually trained by the Karmapa Thaye Dorje himself without the influence of the aged Dalai Lama and his government-in-exile which most Karma Kagyus consider a regime.

    (7) During the Kagyu Monlam prayers in Bodhgaya on January 2019, Thaye Dorje was there leading the Monlam (New Year’s prayers) and so was the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya, giving teachings in another location nearby. The Dalai Lama, while in Bodhgaya, wanted to meet Thaye Dorje but Thaye Dorje refused. Thaye Dorje avoided the Dalai Lama. It was an insult to the Dalai Lama that he had to accept for all the damage he had done in their Karmapa affair and Karma Kagyu school.

    The Dalai Lama had sidelined Shamarpa and Thaye Dorje when asked to endorse Thaye Dorje decades ago. Now that the Karmapa Ogyen Trinley has run away to the USA, the Dalai Lama wants to be friendly with Thaye Dorje so that he can get on the Karma Kagyu school’s good side. Without the Dalai Lama’s permission, the two Karmapas met in France and decided to mend the rift. This will make the Dalai Lama look bad. Even the Dalai Lama did not think in such a big way or a middle way to help mend the rift. Too bad and too late for the Dalai Lama to make friends with the Karma Kagyu school of Buddhism.

    So much damage has been done. But the Karmapa Thaye Dorje is on the way to mending all this.

    Karma Tsogyal


  4. The CTA is always there to accuse people of being spies, paid to do harm, yet they themselves always play the victim card…😤 Here again the CTA is accusing China with this malware, which was send to all their supporters. But would China be so unprofessional to have the malware detected and blocked by a simple antivirus program?

    Anyway the timely coincidence between the resignation of Dhardon Sharling and this malware send to the CTA supporters is quite alarming. So, many will suspect Dhardon Sharling behind this…

    Or is someone trying to get her through this email…??

  5. It is disgusting to read of what CTA is doing to put blame on China. It is known that CTA being an entity which is not governed by any international laws nor courts of justice has the freedom to do whatever it likes.

    Having the absolute right to do whatever, CTA deems fit without consideration of consequences. It is the hope and wish of many people that CTA should learn to operate with better grace and smartness. Not be so clumsy.

    Being the Public relations and legal arm of the Dalai Lama, it is a surprise that even human dignity and compassion is not forth coming from members of the CTA.

    CTA is a joke and with sincerity, please let the Tibetans wise up and no more execute the instructions of CTA to do further harm and disparage the office of the Dalai Lama.

    Most of all no more self immolation that is encouraged and praised by CTA as suicide is a heinous act against the tenets of Buddhism.

  6. How much deeds the CTA had done, that’s how much karma the CTA had to receive. CTA was always quick in blame and accuse China as being anti-DL, pro DS whenever they are screwed up. This is real example of fail leaderships. Now, true fact reviewed that their people were in the play. Who to be blame? If accusing Dhardon Sharling behind this, which means CTA not only incapable in hiring profession and also taking her as scapegoat to cover this issue. Is a wonder how much longer CTA need to cover up their wrong?

  7. Hmmm…I smell a RAT. Actually two RATS. One male, the other female. Both living in EXILE. EXILERATS. What a great pair. Lol! 😆🐀🐁

  8. Instead of pointing fingers, please get proof. Poor leadership and low eq cause much embarrassment. But it’s always fun to see how Cta humiliate themselves instead of actually sitting down and find a solution like actual ‘politicians’. I bet their first thought was thinking how not to solve it coz it’s too much work so just point the finger at the enemy. Less hassle.
    The same as Dorje Shugden ban, just say it’s wrong, it’s harmful, it’s no good and make everyone follow it. No proof no logic. And people just follow blindly without second thoughts. In this age and time, I thought people would be wiser coz everything can be searched online, compared and learn with logic.

  9. The CTA should be ashame fo themselves. Everytime when something happens they will point the fingers to others and they will act like they are the poor victim. For goodness sake, can the CTA something good for once. Don’t they feel tired. The karma of CTA is running low and they will feel the pain very soon.

  10. What is new with CTA. Another set of blunders reinforcing their own downfall. Yes these are rats!

  11. The CTA thought everybody in world has a simple mind like them, or maybe simple mind like Lobsang Sangay. Simply pointing finger at China and accused them for hacking their database? Oh my god….. this is the most ridiculous joke! China won’t be so free to do this minor thing to CTA. In the world, in the United Nation, who is CTA? Does CTA even exist? Come on CTA, I know u’re hungry of being the limelight and the center of attention of the world, but can you do something more constructive, rather than doing all these petty petty things? Simply appoint a cheap skate hacker and hack back your own database, then simply point it to China. Lobsang Sangay, if one day a Tibetan cat can’t catch a rat, will you say that cat is a China spy? 😂🙏😅😂🙏😅😜😂

  12. Well, CTA need to keep create issue to get attention from the world, otherwise the world will forget them. The best is always issue that related to China and accuse China. This kind of action is just like to strike a stone with egg. CTA,please spend your time to bring benefit to the Tibetan in exile.

  13. It’s sick to keep on seeing & hearing the CTA non-stop creating problem to NOT ONLY LIMITED to their own society but to other countries too.

    Such leaders will never bring hope to their people & is going to make things worst.

    Taut Rope Breaking Apart

  14. Whenever CTA make the false accusation to China , they had fall badly by their own trap. They need someone to sacrify and to be blame. How long will CTA keep going. Is funny people notice this smell the real rat is actually is CTA. Let see what games they have and how long the games will last.

  15. For CTA keep attacking China how would this serve Dalai Lama’s wishes to go back to China? How would this attack serve CTA promises to bring back the Tibetans back to their homeland Tibet?

    Aren’t CTA realize that they don’t have anything to negotiate but at very least not to irk the Chinese and in fact should be friended with them to pave their way back.

    It’s amazing to see how CTA leadership create so much suffering to their own people by segregating and discriminating the differences of spiritual practice such as Dorje Shugden, encouraging their own Tibetan to scarifies themselves, involve in cybercrime, scandals and so many more. All these act doesn’t even help in a single bit to relief the Tibetan 60 years of suffering being in exile. How could a leader treat their own people like that and how could CTA justify to the world for the people that have supported and donated so much for them? Where are those moneys go to to show that they have manage the fun well and uplifting the Tibetan welfare? On the other hand, now a day we keep hearing so many disturbing news about CTA. The world are watching and CTA can’t fool anyone anymore! They must get their act together and protect their own people and do fully and sincerely do something to benefit the Tibetans.

  16. If i am a Tibetan, I will be extremely shameful for this bunch of CTA exilesRAT. They are nobody but rats.. hiding, doing things behind others, rootless, illogical, cruel, heartless, selfish.. to the Tibetan who sacrificed their lives with motivation for saving their country, i solute. but the problem is, your lives worth nothing to these bunch of RATS but to being used for self interest purposes. There’ no different of spreading poisons to the Tibetan and plan for their death so that CTA can enjoy their lives more.

  17. Again blame to China.. as it is China have nothing better to do…

    CTA is really harmful not only to own refugees, look at how they “bully” their own refugees in India and brainwash them and now they are still remain as poor refugees, while CTA gain their wealth.

    IF anyone still support CTA and can’t see this clearly. They are helping the CTA to bully more

  18. Contemplate this :-

    Indian journalists sound desperate when they talk about terrorist attacks on India. As this article correctly states, there is little that India can do to address terrorism as they seem to operate from Pakistan. To deal with the terrorists, Indians will have to literally attack Pakistan which it cannot do.

    Well, there is something India can do which is to stop Dharamsala’s terrorist activities against China being executed from Indian soil. The Tibetans have been attacking China for decades, yet they say they wish to return to Tibet. How do you return to a place you constantly criticize? The Dalai Lama is literally begging China to allow him to visit the Five Peaks of Manjushri pilgrimage site in China and also his birthplace in Amdo, Tibet. But if the Dalai Lama keeps criticizing China, why would they sit at the bargaining table with him? India allows for all of this to happen on Indian soil, so that would irritate China.

    Yet India wants concessions from China on the terrorist issue. Meanwhile, Beijing equates Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) leader Hafiz Saeed to India supporting the Dalai Lama against China for five decades now. Furthermore, India wants China to speak up against Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) Masood Azhar. But India does not speak up against Dalai Lama. Whether the world thinks the Dalai Lama is the good guy or not, he is a thorn in China’s side so anyone that supports him is not supporting China. Similar to the situation, LeT’s Hafiz Saeed and JeM’s Masood Azhar are a thorn in India’s side but they do not bother China and her allies, so why should China do anything about them? If India does something on the Dalai Lama, then it would be fair to ask China to do something about their support of Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Hafiz Saeed and Jaish-e-Mohammed’s Masood Azhar. Simple equation.

    These reports are really bare-faced hypocrisy. It implies one nation is helpless against terrorists because the terrorists camp out in another country. But that did not stop the US from heavily bombing Iraq on the basis that it was harboring terrorists. The US did not hesitate to overthrow the government and murder its leader Saddam Hussein.

    It is also very hypocritical that the same journalists who are outraged at China’s annexation of Tibet are quiet about Israel’s annexation of Palestine.

    It is interesting to note that most terrorist attacks are aimed at the US and her allies. Everyone conveniently forgets that the US has been throwing their weight around for decades and can even determine which leader they want in other countries.

    Back to India – if China can convince North Korea to have détente with the US, China can similarly help India with the JeM. India simply has to give up the Tibet card. The article is also a one-sided opinion piece because India faces as many terrorist threats from Bangladesh, with just as many terrorist camps, but because Bangladesh is not China, their involvement is not mentioned.

    India is a great country. China and India as friends will be able to influence the globe literally economically and, eventually, militarily. But India has to play fair. By supporting the Dalai Lama, India will get nothing and furthermore, it will be a stumbling block to China’s 1.4 billion people becoming friends with India’s 1.3 billion people.

    The Dalai Lama has to be compassionate and stop speaking against China because he has to consider the difficulty he places India in as his host. Each time he criticizes and allows his refugees to protest against China and ask for western support, it makes China look bad. So if the Dalai Lama wants China and India to become closer and benefit each other economically then he has to be silent on this already.

    The Diplomat’s Prarthana Basu sums it up very well by saying in the article below that “Now with another terrorist attack infuriating India’s populace, the mystery behind this Chinese silence remains unsolved. While most attribute China’s apparent silence as a favor to Pakistan, as both continue to maintain their “all-weather friendship,” others argue that China holds India responsible for granting political asylum to the Tibetan leader Dalai Lama, whom Beijing equates to Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) leader Hafiz Saeed.”

  19. 1st Time Dalai Lama Finally Admits His Illness Was Serious

    In the past it is customary to cover up the Dalai Lama’s illnesses. It could be to not worry his flock. It could also be to not show the world he is just another vulnerable human being. Or it could be he does not want to disappoint people to show he is not a god? Whatever the reasons, the Dalai Lama and regime are well known for covering up his serious illnesses. In the past few years he had cancer of the prostate and that was covered up till the press dug it up. Now with this new video just out April 2019, Dalai Lama admits he was recently very ill. It was serious.

    Unfortunately the Tibetan cause will die with the Dalai Lama when he passes. He did nothing to groom up a new leader as he is a dictator. A ruler for life. He has been in power for over 60 years. He will never groom up another person to replace him because he is touted as a god.

  20. Unlike 5 years ago, Tibetan leader Lobsang Sangay is not invited to Prime Minister Modi’s swearing-in ceremony this time. It is clear that PM Modi of India snubs the Tibetan leadership once again in favour of deeper ties with China. The Tibetan leadership finds itself increasingly isolated as nobody wants to offend China by lending any support to the ungrateful Tibetans.

    PM Modi snubs Tibetan leadership for swearing-in ceremony
    By Tenzin Dharpo
    May. 30, 2019
    DHARAMSHALA, May 30: The Indian Prime Minister who is fresh off of a massive win in the Indian Lok Sabha elections has done a U-turn by not inviting exile Tibetan government’s President to the swearing in ceremony due to be held later today, in a bid to not anger Beijing.
    The President of the exile Tibetan government, known officially as the Central Tibetan Administration, Dr. Lobsang Sangay’s absence today at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi marks a stark contrast to 2014 when the elected Tibetan leader was seated in the former rows at the ceremony when PM Modi was sworn into office the first time around.
    The invitation to Dr. Sangay in May 2014 drew strong objection from the Chinese government who lodged an official protest censuring New Delhi’s disregard for the so-called ‘One-China policy’. Many said at the time that the invite was posturing at most, of Modi’s intent to India’s neighbor and biggest rivals both in Asia and global arenas.
    The New Delhi-Beijing relations post the Doklam stand off and Wuhan summit has meant that India has given a cold shoulder to the exile Tibetan set up, thereby taking a step back in using the much-touted ‘Tibet card’. The shift in policy has markedly been seen on the ground with New Delhi issuing an advisory to senior leaders to avoid His Holiness the Dalai Lama or pushing the CTA to shift the “thank you India” ceremony from New Delhi to Dharamshala last year.
    The head of the Tibetan polity who extended pleasantries to PM Modi on his win, however may have anticipated the snub. Days after Modi’s historic election win, Sangay flew to the United States and is scheduled to return on June 5 to India next week.

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