2018 International Buddhist Conference of Dorje Shugden Followers

The guests of honor who officiated, facilitated and organized the conference, including Venerable Lama Thubten Phurbu and Venerable Geshe Tenzin Paljor.

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By: Shashi Kei

KATHMANDU – The Dorje Shugden ban that the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA; Tibetan leadership in Dharamsala) imposed under the direction of the Dalai Lama is now in its 22nd year. In that time, countless damage has been done to the reputation of Tibetan Buddhism, the unity of the Tibetan community and most unfortunate of all, the significance of monastic vows and the Guru-disciple relationship that lies at the heart of Tibetan Buddhism.

Today, the once illustrious lineage founded by Je Tsongkhapa is badly divided with the three great pillars of the Gelug lineage splintered. Under duress, countless ordained monks have been forced to break solemn vows and, as the CTA forced its wedge into the Tibetan community inside and outside Tibet, disciples betrayed their holy teachers, good friends became strangers and families broke apart.

Some of the attendees gather for a group photo at the start of the conference. Click to enlarge.

Those who were steadfast in the face of the CTA’s oppression were accused of a litany of sins and crimes, including being a cult of demon worshippers working with the Chinese leadership to undermine the Dalai Lama and sabotage the Tibetan people’s efforts to regain their homeland. In the 22 years since the CTA imposed the religious ban, not a single credible shred of evidence has been produced to support the CTA’s spurious claims. And yet, the religious ban persisted and Dorje Shugden people around the world continue to be discriminated against.

For a long time, many Dorje Shugden practitioners have taken a passive stance in the face of these persecutions, preferring to focus on their practice than take affirmative actions in response to the ban. Some wrote letters to plead with the Tibetan leadership. Some peacefully protested which got the attention of global media. DorjeShugden.com was established to counter the false propaganda that the CTA disseminated, which commonly distorted very important doctrinal issues to support the CTA’s untruths. It became a lighthouse that held ground in the middle of an unholy storm that the CTA plunged Tibetan Buddhism into, all the time looking out for signs that the noble men and women would come together to save their holy lineage.

Some of the esteemed delegates, including Geshe Jangchup Gyaltsen, Geshe Lobsang Namgyal, Venerable Gameng Kuten, Lithang Gen Gyatso, Geshe Sopa and Gen Choedrak. Click to enlarge.

Finally, it happened! In 2018, from 4th to 6th January, Gelugpa faithfuls from all over the world descended on the Yak And Yeti Hotel (Kathmandu, Nepal). They were there to attend what was one of the biggest gatherings of sons and daughters of Je Tsongkhapa who have been loyal to their teachers and persevered with their practice of Dorje Shugden. The International Buddhist Conference of Dorje Shugden Followers was built on previous meetings and efforts of Shugden people over the years, since the onset of the CTA’s ban.

Present were representatives from the six divisions and three regions of Tibet, key people in global Shugden institutions as well as executive delegates from France, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Mongolia, India, Nepal, Singapore and Malaysia.

Nepal’s Minister of Defense the Honorable Mr. Bhimsen Das Pradhan officiates the opening of the conference alongside Venerable Lama Thubten Phurbu. Click to enlarge.

Notable attendees include Nepal’s Minister of Defense, the Hon. Mr. Bhimsen Das Pradhan; the former Minister of Finance, the Hon. Shanker Prasad Koirala; Ven. Lama Thubten Phurbu; H.E. Kundeling Rinpoche; Ven. Gameng Kuten; Ven. Dechen Tulku; the acting Abbot of Phelgyeling Monastery, Geshe Losang Palden; the Hon. Basundhara Shrestha (Acha Lhakpa) of the Nepal National Dorje Shugden Society; erudite scholars such as Ven. Geshe Tenzin Peljor, Ven. Geshe Konchok Gyaltsen and Ven. Geshe Jangchup Gyaltsen; the changtso (assistant) of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche B.K. Ooi; and champions of the Dorje Shugden movement like Ven. Tashi Tadchen of the European Dorje Shugden Society and over 200 loyal Gelugpa Buddhist practitioners.

Dorje Shugden monasteries around the world sent representatives including Phelgyeling Monastery, Segyu Monastery, Shar Ganden Monastery, Serpom Monastery, Mongolia’s Amarbayasgalant Monastery, as well as several monasteries established by the previous Domo Geshe Rinpoche – Dhun Gon Samten Choeling in Darjeeling, Tashi Choeling in Kurseong, Enchey House in Gangtok, Domo Dungkar in Tibet, Gaden Choeling in Phedong, and Ghanjong Namgyal in the USA.

Delegates who traveled from Tibet to attend the conference. Click to enlarge.

This propitious event was also attended by delegates from the Chatring Dorje Shugden Society, the North America Gelug Buddhist Association (NAGBA), Kechara House of Malaysia, Tibétain Gyeden Tensung Society France, the International Tibetan Shugden Community from the USA, Shota Losum Shugden Community of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Canadian Gelugpa Society, and many other distinguished guests and speakers.

Over the three auspicious days in January 2018, attendees were given a number of opportunities to speak their minds and share their experiences of the CTA’s discrimination. Notably absent were discussions surrounding regional and factional issues and it was clear that the delegates were firm in their resolve to address issues that have arisen as a result of the CTA’s suppression of the people’s rights to their religion, and also problems that emerged due to the CTA’s meddling in spiritual matters in which they have neither the basis nor the authority to interfere.

The conference primarily focused on a number of key issues, namely:

  • A renewal of commitment to preserve the pure Gelugpa lineage which includes the practice of Dorje Shugden;
  • A pledging of commitment and resources to address the Shugden issue and to focus on building the base for the restoration of Tibetan unity as well as harmony amongst Tibetan Buddhist adherents around the world;
  • To map the way forward to restore the lineage of Je Tsongkhapa to its former spiritual grandeur in synchronicity with the glory of all Tibetan Buddhist schools;
  • To elect a suitable day to commemorate the practice of Dorje Shugden which will signify the triumph of the pure Gelugpa lineage and the forfeiture of the CTA’s ignoble efforts to destroy the lineage;
  • To close ranks amongst all who have suffered the CTA’s oppression and have remained loyal to their vows.

The Nepali Defence Minister pledged to uphold freedom of religion in Nepal which was an important and welcome note. All delegates also agreed that it was vitally important to create even greater awareness of the CTA’s ongoing offenses that impede on the constitutional rights of Shugden practitioners around the globe. On the final day of the event, a number of resolutions were agreed on (which you can read below, or download in its original Tibetan here).

In summary, it was a successful event which history will come to recognize as the turning point in the unfortunate Dorje Shugden controversy. The most significant difference that this conference has made is that it has given a platform for those loyal to the true Gelugpa lineage to get organized, to combine their efforts and resources, and to focus on the common issues, all of which come together to pave the way for the future of Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition.

Ironically, up until now, there has never been a single Dorje Shugden organization because Dorje Shugden has always been simply a religious practice that is inseparable from traditional Gelugpa practices. But the Tibetan leadership demonized the practitioners of this holy and ancient lineage as members of an extreme splinter group. It appears that this gave Shugden practitioners around the world the idea to formalize their association under a common banner which stands not only for the practice of Dorje Shugden, but for the Gelugpa lineage as a whole.


Resolutions from the First International Buddhist Conference of Dorje Shugden Followers

Countless aeons ago he already attained the four bodies,
He is every Buddha’s only father, Manjushri.

He is the source of all sentient beings’ happiness,
With the determination to protect and preserve the Buddha’s heart teaching.

With countless emanations, the protector of the Buddha’s teachings,
The enlightened, unbound King Dorje Shugden.

His activities are limitless and marked by the four types of unfathomable qualities,
too wonderful to comprehend.

Whatever you wish for, is easily realised,
Due to the powerful King Dorje Shugden.


Point 1:

The 14th Dalai Lama has consistently degraded our lamas and protector. He has also stated that he will banish the lineage of Je Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo from Tibetan Buddhism. Basically, according to the 14th Dalai Lama, you should break your samaya with your lamas, give up the practice and follow his “advice”. If you do not obey the 14th Dalai Lama’s advice and continue to practice the lineage of your gurus and Dorje Shugden, you will not have a spiritual relationship or connection with him at all. Therefore, you will definitely suffer and face many difficulties. And when you die and take a negative rebirth in the three lower realms, you should not call out to him.

In addition, people who are devoted to him cannot have relationships with Dorje Shugden practitioners. There are millions of Dorje Shugden practitioners in and out of Tibet, and because of this, teachers and students, parents and children, couples, friends and cousins have turned against each other and have suffered from forced separation. For over 40 years we have made requests, directly and indirectly, because we all are Tibetan brothers and sisters and have the same flesh, blood and bones. Even if you want to wash this away, you cannot. So, we have repeatedly pleaded not to be treated harshly and segregated. However, our appeals have fallen on deaf ears and our human rights and religious freedoms have been ignored. Furthermore, earlier this year, Lobsang Sangay branded the Chinese people and followers of Dorje Shugden as “enemies of Tibetans”. Even the 14th Dalai Lama agreed with Lobsang Sangay’s statements. [Tibetan proverb: Since your parents who lived in your home town have passed away, if your home town still exists or not, it does not really matter to you anymore.] We continue to practice on our own without relying on them. We decide our own path. We respect the laws and rules of the country where we live, and we should preserve, protect and spread the lineage of our father guru with great devotion. As such, we disagree with the secular and religious leader, the 14th Dalai Lama. He said that our lineage gurus and our protector practice are wrong and that if we follow the protector practice from our lineage guru, we will take rebirth in the three lower realms. Beings with a mind cannot bear such hard words, and they are even unbearable to the land, the mountains, and the rivers. So, they have caused us much pain and suffering and continue to talk negatively about us, but they have no right to condemn our practice.


Point 2:

We walk on our own path and we practice our own lineage, so if anyone attacks our lamas and protectors, all of us Dorje Shugden followers from different countries should get together to defend and even fight back. Not only this, but we should also oppose two-faced people who still practice Dorje Shugden but in front of the Dalai Lama want to be in his good books. All our Tibetan brothers and sisters, male and female, old and young should be respected and be treated equally, and we have never discriminated or harmed anyone.


Point 3:

In other religions, it is common to have a special day dedicated to a deity. Similarly, Kyabje Trisur Lungrig Namgyal has declared August 24 as Dorje Shugden Day. This is because when you add the date (24th) with the number of the month (8th) you get 32. This is the number of deities in Guhyasamaja’s mandala and also Dorje Shugden’s mandala. Therefore this date is extremely auspicious. Therefore, all the followers of Je Dechen Nyingpo and Dorje Shugden people everywhere should celebrate this auspicious day with meritorious activities such as incense offering, pujas etc. Everyone should be aware that this is a very auspicious and important day for us.


Point 4:

Once every two years, a Buddhist conference should be organised for all Dorje Shugden followers. This is so that Shugdenpas from all over the world can unite and support each other regardless of gender, skin colour, age or status in life. The most important thing is to ensure the continued growth and spread of the lineage of Je Tsongkhapa, and it is our responsibility to preserve, protect and spread such a pure lineage. Please bear that in mind.

From the International Buddhist Conference of Dorje Shugden Followers Committee.


Images from This Auspicious Occasion

Delegates take the opportunity to catch up before the conference begins. Click to enlarge.

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Nepal’s former Minister of Finance, the Hon. Mr. Shanker Prasad Koirala, offering a khata to Buddha to officiate the opening ceremony. Click to enlarge.

The acting abbot of Phelgyeling, Venerable Lobsang Palden, greets Nepal’s Minister of Defense, the Honorable Mr. Bhimsen Das Pradhan with a khata. Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

The guests of honor gather for a group photo. Click to enlarge.

His Eminence Kundeling Rinpoche makes his opening remarks. Click to enlarge.

Kundeling Rinpoche translates for Venerable Lama Thubten Phurbu. Click to enlarge.

Ms Basundhara Shrestha (or Acha Lhakpa) has been extremely supportive of Dorje Shugden practitioners, especially those residing in Nepal. Click to enlarge.

Gen Jampa of Shar Gaden Monastery. Click to enlarge

Sonam Thundup Sherpa (center) who represents His Eminence Domo Geshe Rinpoche’s monasteries, and Tashi Tadchen (right), who represents His Holiness the 101st Gaden Tripa, listening to the speeches. Click to enlarge.

His Eminence Kundeling Rinpoche translates the speeches into English. Click to enlarge.

In the front row are Gelong Tara (left), who spoke passionately about Nepal’s role in the future of the lineage, as well as Gen Jamyang (right) who represents His Eminence Gangchen Rinpoche and Gangchen Ladrang. Click to enlarge

Close Dharma brothers Geshe Tenzin Paljor and Geshe Konchok Gyaltsen. Click to enlarge.

Delegates taking turns to greet Geshe Konchok Gyaltsen and Geshe Chonzey Tengye. Click to enlarge.

Honored guests at dinner in Phelgyeling Monastery at the end of the first day of the conference. Click to enlarge.

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Venerable Lama Thubten Phurbu. Click to enlarge.

Lithang Gen Gyatso. Click to enlarge.

Sonam Gyaltsen of the North America Gelug Buddhist Association (NAGBA). Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge

Acting Abbot of Phelgyeling Monastery Venerable Lobsang Palden (left) with Geshe Tenzin from Serpom Monastery (center) and a monk from Phelgyeling Monastery. Click to enlarge.

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Venerable Lama Thubten Phurbu (left) and Geshe Tenzin Paljor (right) lead everyone in prayers to commemorate the lives lost over the duration of the ban. Click to enlarge.

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His Eminence Kundeling Rinpoche presenting a token of appreciation to Chatreng Yeshe, the first President of the Delhi Dorje Shugden Society. Looking on are Geshe Chonzey Tengye (background) and Acha Lhakpa (left). Click to enlarge.

Happy faces rejoicing in the outcome of the meeting. Click to enlarge.

(Seated) His Eminence Kundeling Rinpoche, Venerable Lama Thubten Phurbu and Geshe Tenzin Paljor. Standing behind them is Geshe Chonzey Tengye. Click to enlarge.

Geshe Tenzin Paljor and Venerable Lama Thubten Phurbu, who organized and facilitated the conference with great Dharma spirit. Everyone is hugely appreciative of their efforts to unite Dorje Shugden practitioners from all over the world. Click to enlarge.

Venerable Gameng Kuten, Geshe Chonzey Tengye, Chatreng Yeshe and His Eminence Kundeling Rinpoche. Click to enlarge.

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Media Coverage of This Auspicious Occasion

The news of the conference was covered in the Economic National Daily newspaper of Nepal. Click to enlarge.

The news of the conference was covered in the Economic National Daily newspaper of Nepal. Click to enlarge.

The news of the conference was covered in the Economic National Daily newspaper of Nepal. Click to enlarge.

The news of the conference was covered in the Economic National Daily newspaper of Nepal. Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge (Source: https://thehimalayantimes.com/nepal/international-buddhist-conference-commences/)

Click to enlarge (Source: https://kathmandutribune.com/international-buddha-dhamma-conference-kicks-off-today/)

Click to enlarge (Source: http://www.sailungonline.com/news-details/5523/2018-01-25)

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  1. Very encouraging news. 👍

    This is long overdue and its nice to see Tibetans coming together for a noble cause. I have to say that it would have been perfect if the ISC had been there as well but then again, its better to have people who want to continue to fight.

    One of the declarations from the Conference is for all Dorje Shugden people to stand together against the CTA’s bullying. This is most important because there are more Dorje Shugden worshippers than the population of Tibetans in exile. And even then, not all Tibetan people support the CTA’s discrimination.

    What the CTA fears most is for a lot of people to know the bad things they are doing. Everyone must do their part to spread the word, spread links and stories on DS.com and to their their contacts in the media and government.

    22 years of CTA bullying is too long already.

  2. The Tibetan ‘government’ aka CTA is a regime in every sense of the word. And their dirty corrupt tricks are coming to be revealed. Too bad. They will have their downfall soon.

    I use to respect ISC/Kadampa people for fighting the ban but when the lying Reuters news came out on them taking Chinese money, they backed down and disappeared. It was not true, but but backing down, they ‘made’ it true. ISC are cowards. There were a few Kelsangs from ISC who were outspoken against the Shugden ban but overnight they ran back to their underground hideaways. They have no courage and they are afraid. They use to criticize and coerce other Dorje Shugden groups to stand up to CTA regime and when you didn’t they would call them a coward. Look who’s the coward now.

    Too bad for ISC.

  3. This is a great news for me and others who practice protector Dorje Shugden. We can’t stop to practice Dorje Shugden, we protect and promote it all around the world. Thank you for publishing such a great news. Tashi Delek

  4. I was working for CTA in Dharamsala a few years back. I quit as they are very corrupt and not fair and promote position based on favoritism. Many in CTA do not believe in Dalai Lama but just pretend to respect him or be criticized. After they increase the ban against Dorje Shugden I decided to quit. There are many CTA people who secretly still practice Dorje Shugden and do not agree with Dalai Lama’s ban against this special protector.

  5. This is a great news instead! For those people who always mislead by the CTA that we are cult, will get to know that we are not cult, and, there are many Dorje Shugden practitioners all over the world.

    For the 1st time, Dorje Shugden practitioners have walked out from the “dark” to show to the world how wrong the accusation have been

    More rejoice news is 23rd August is the date to celebrate Dorje Shugden. I will remember and celebrate it.

    Rejoice !

  6. Great news! The Dorje Shugden practice is very beneficial – why would anyone practice it and organise an international conference if it would not be so.

    When does the CTA finally give religious freedom to the Tibetans and everyone else? Is the CTA well known for being spiritual? So why do they impose on others their view of religion? This is not democratic at all! So stop calling yourself a democracy CTA!

    Instead of protecting the Tibetans, the CTA and the Sikyong take the sad and painful self-immolations, speak about it far and wide and ask for money! No that is not the role of a democratic government! To make money out of the tragic fate of their citizens – because their government does nothing for them!

    Good to see this conference! Hope to see the Dorje Shugden practice and meetings grow more and more!

  7. This is such a great news 👍 and a successful event which history will come to recognize this as the turning point in the Dorje Shugden controversy.

    This might be the first conference but Dorje Shugden people will not keep silence anymore to any unjust policies and actions from the part of CTA.💪💪💪

  8. It is only fitting that after 22 years of suffering in relative silence, devoted Shugden practitioners and devout followers of the pure Tsongkhapa Lineage should come together with one voice to create a platform for unity and harmony for all practitioners of the pure Gelug Lineage(which includes the Dorje Shugden practice)and practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism and for moving forward to preserve and spread the Dharma of the pure Tsongkhapa Lineage.

    It is heartening and most moving to see such massive representation from around the world of Shugden practitioners.What a way to go to support religious freedom, peace and unity by initiating this conference and resolving to have a similar international conference biennially!

  9. Good news!Very good initiative to bring Dorje Shugden people together & have clear objectives.Already a lot of unwanted politics in religion & I don’t think we need anymore of that.Whether the ban is lifted or not, this conference should continue to create more awareness & spread the lineage of Je Tsonkapa.And becoz Dorje Shugden is a dhamma protector,we also should heavily promote him for the lineage to grow.

  10. This conference is most welcomed by all Shugdenpas, it motivates and brings followers and practitioners of Dorje Shugden together. It gives hope to those who have been badly affected by the unjust ban that they are not alone in the struggle to end the ban. It reinforces everyone’s faith and encourages all to come together to peacefully defend the right to religious freedom and human rights.

  11. Great news! This conference unite all Shugdenpas and give hope to the people that suffered from the unreasonable ban by Tibetan leadership for 22 years.

    We need to preserve Je Tsongkhapa lineage and give support to many Shugden practitioners to continue their practices to keep their samaya. Thanks to the hard work of the organizer and also to the attendees. Hope to see more of this gathering.

  12. This is such a good news for Dorje Shugden practitioners 👍👍👍👏👏👏. Dorje Shugden practitioners from all corners of the world including Lamas and representative of Lamas were also at the meeting. Such meeting is good so that all Dorje Shugden practitioners will be in contact and in the same track and everyone gets to speak up their opinions and suggestions to better the lives of the Dorje Shugden practitioners. I hope they will continue to hold this kind of meeting once a year or once every 2 years to update and discuss on any issues that arises.

  13. Rejoice for Dorje Shugden’s devotees. It is awesome as many people are exposing into practicing Dorje Shugden owing to this conference. I think this is encourageable to have such wonderful event for many people to understand the issue of Dorje Shugden and getting close to this Dharma protector. 👍

  14. Certainly a great start to 2018 and this has been wanting isn’t it but never too late. This conference for Shugdenpas would definitely make greater impact in years to come and hopefully there will be more participations and impact in years to come! Now we have a Dorje Shugden day. Yay!

  15. Wow! This indeed is a good news! Feel so please and happy to see so many high lamas and practitioners around the world participate in the conference. This again proved to CTA that the ban on Dorje Shugden is wrong and illogical. It’s another big slap on CTA’s face. Hopefully conference like this to be held yearly and more and more to come. And hope that more and more practitioners to participate in the future conference. 🙏🙏

  16. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! 🌎🌼

    Thank you for everyone’s hard work and make this conference happened. May more fruitful event be held and benefit many people by sharing Buddha Dharma.

  17. Auspicious year of 2018 start for Dorje Shugden practitioner having International conference at Nepal. What a rejoice new to hear. I am exiciting having Dorje Shugden day to celebrate.May all bring peace and harmony for dharma to grow.

  18. What a great news of the year. It gave me so much of faith in Dorje Shugden practitioners seeing them working together to fight the ban and vowed to continue to spread DS lineage. Knowing that we are not alone at all feel so great. It’s like recharged again.

    Thank you so much for sharing. This will really make many DS practitioners, especially those practicing in the dark due to certain condition, we all can go to sleep happily from now on. Dorje Shugden lineage will not die, but go stronger everyday because He is a powerful Dharma protector who’s no other than Manjushri that will benefit and protect us through our spiritual path.

    Together we are one and strong.

  19. United and onward, Shugdenpas will march to preserve our lineage and blessings from our root Gurus.

    Rejoice at this international conference of Dorje Shugden devotees.

  20. Again we can see that all the claims against Dorje Shugden is wrong. So many high lamas and their representatives come together to strengthen the bond between all the Dorje Shugden practitioners.

    Dorje Shugden is the supreme Buddha of Wisdom Manjushri! Nobody can deny this!

  21. The Indian police has issued a circular for Tibetan refugees who are Indian voters or Indian citizens to surrender their Tibetan refugees registration certificates (RCs). Dawa Rinchen, Tibetan settlement officer at McLeodganj, said that the matter was to be dealt by the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA).

    There are around 1,400 Tibetan voters registered in Kangra district, many of them have exercised their voting rights in the state assembly elections without surrendering their RCs.

    The Tibetan and Indian authorities are in a fix over this issue as the Tibetan authorities say that they don’t have any data of such Tibetans while the Indian authorities have passed the responsibility to Tibetan authorities stating that they had not asked anyone to apply for Indian citizenship or voting cards.

    The CTA has already asked the Tibetans that they cannot take the benefits of being a refugee if they are holding Indian citizenship. There are also guidelines that such Tibetans have to leave the settlements. However, it remains to be seen if such rules will affect the CTA officials, such as Dhardon Sharling, Dolma Gyari, and Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar who hold Indian passports.

    Surrender RCs if registered as Indian voters, Tibetans told
    Shri Puri | TNN | Updated: Feb 11, 2018, 10:02 IST
    DHARAMSHALA: Tibetan refugees, who are now Indian voters, have been directed by the police headquarters to surrender their registration certificates (RCs). The certificate is the primary identity document for Tibetans living in India. While it gives them foreign status, voter ID proves their Indian identity.
    Superintendent of police (SP) Santosh Patial told TOI that a circular in this regard had been issued as it was mandatory that if a Tibetan had availed Indian citizenship and voting rights he was supposed to submit his RC.
    “A circular in this regard has been issued across Tibetan settlements in Kangra district,” he said, adding that directions were issued earlier this week.
    Dawa Rinchen, Tibetan settlement officer at McLeodganj, said they had received the letter from the police department and other settlements as well, but the matter was to be dealt by the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA).
    “We have received the letter and it has been forwarded to the home and security department of the CTA. It is not in our purview,” he said.
    The RCs would be submitted to the foreigner registration office (FRO). The SP office has sent the circulars to Tibetan settlements in McLeodganj, Bir Tibetan Society, Nangchen division, Dege division and Tashi Jong Tibetan camp, falling under Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.
    It was said that the issue of Tibetan refugees holding electoral card without surrendering their RCs was raised by the principal secretary, ministry of home affairs, through official channels to the Himachal government.
    According to well placed sources, there are around 1,400 Tibetan voters registered in Kangra district but many of them have exercised their voting rights in the state assembly elections without surrendering their RCs.
    The Tibetan and Indian authorities are in a fix over this issue. Tibetan authorities say that they don’t have any data of such Tibetans and it is the electoral office that could reveal the name of Tibetans, who voted in the assembly polls, on the other hand the Indian authorities have passed the responsibility to Tibetan authorities stating that they had not asked anyone to apply for Indian citizenship or voting cards.
    “The CTA has already asked the Tibetans that they cannot take the benefits of being a refugee if they are holding Indian citizenship. There are also guidelines that such Tibetans have to leave the settlements,” said a source.

    Surrender RCs if registered as Indian voters, Tibetans told

  22. Tibet Autonomous Region Public Security Department issued a report on organized crime, that contains information about activities that violate the existing law and regulations. The CPC Central Committee and State Council will act to control these criminal activities to ensure social harmony and stability, and that the people live and work in peace and happiness. CPC called the ‘Middle Way’ as a narrow nationalistic idea and is trying to control any activities related to supporting the Dalai Lama.

    Notice of the Tibet Autonomous Region Public Security Department on Reporting Leads on Crimes and violations by Underworld forces
    Tibet Daily | 2018/02/10 | 19:18
    Underworld forces are a malignant cancer of healthy economic and social development, they are chronic disease that is loathed by the people, and must be resolutely combated in accordance with law. Based on the spirit of the “Notice on Carrying out a Special Crackdown on Clearing Away Organized Crime and Eliminating Vice” issued to the entire nation January 11, 2018 by the CPC Central Committee and State Council, so as thoroughly advance the special crackdown on clearing away organized crime and eliminating vice, to ensure that the people live and work in peace and happiness, to ensure social harmony and stability, and to bring about long-term national stability, the broad masses of the people are asked to enthusiastically report leads on cases of violations or crimes by underworld forces. Notice on matters related to reporting is hereby given as follows;
    I. Content of Reports
    (1) Underworld forces that threaten political security, especially to regime security and institutional security, as well as those penetrating into the political sphere.
    (2) Underworld forces interconnected with the Dalai clique, accepting remote control or command, or participating in separatist and disruptive activities.
    (3) Underworld forces with temples as patrons; using religion to control, to confuse, to incite, or coerce the masses to resist the Party and government; or interfering in basic-level administrative, judicial, educational or other affairs.
    (4) Underworld forces with close relations and interconnections to all kinds of illegal organization, instilling the masses with reactionary idea and narrow nationalistic ideas such as the ‘Middle Way’ and ‘protecting the “mother tongue”.
    (5) Underworld forces holding themselves out as so-called ‘spokespersons’ for the masses, under banners such as economics, the people’s livelihood, environmental protection, folk customs and culture, that are in fact the ‘spokespersons’ of the Dalai clique and hostile foreign [non-mainland] forces.
    (6) Underworld forces illegally soliciting donations, fund-raising, giving out fines, taking compulsory collection from the people, or seizing opportunities for unjust enrichment, and providing funds to the Dalai clique.
    (7) Underworld forces such as black village officials with a grip on basic-level political power, monopolies on local economic resources, and misappropriating collective property.
    (8) Underworld forces using of illegal means such as fraud, bribery, threats, and violence, to manipulate, disrupt, or undermine basic-level general elections.
    (9) Underworld forces such as ‘village tyrants, that exploit religion or family forces to cross the countryside, play the tyrants, or bully and suppress the common people.
    (10) Underworld forces that exploit religion or family forces to illegally meddle and intervene in conflicts and dispute among the people such as over boundaries, pastures, caterpillar fungus, and debts, to act as ‘underground law enforcement teams’ meddling and intervening in the basic-level administration and judiciary.
    (11) Underworld forces stirring up trouble in land acquisition, leases, demolitions, engineering projects, and the like, so as to obtain unlawful benefits.
    (12) Underworld forces such as all types of ‘Sand Boss’, ‘Car Boss’ , or ‘Road Boss’ that interfere with engineering and construction in industries or fields such as architectural engineering, transport, and mining, by strong arm projects, maliciously bid, illegally occupy land, excessively mine, seize resources, monopolize or compel sales, block roads to take tolls, or compelling hire of equipment and personnel.
    (13) Underworld forces such as ‘Market Bosses”, “Industry Bosses”, “Produce Bosses”, and “Meat Bosses” that dominate markets, force sales, or accept protection money, in venues such as commercial trade markets, wholesale markets, bus stations, train stations, airports, and tourist destinations.
    (14) Underworld forces manipulating or operating illegal and criminal activities such as ‘porn, gambling, and drugs’.
    (15) Underworld forces using any kind of method of high interest lending such as “routine loans” or “campus loans’ or using violence to collect debts.
    (16) Underworld forces meddling in civil disputes, serving as ‘underground law enforcement teams’.
    (17) Underworld forces organizing the employment of online ‘paid trolls [or commenters]‘ to threaten, intimidate, berate, defame, make trouble.
    (18) Underworld forces through connect online through means such as establishing Wechat groups, online forums, or other means, and that carry out illegal or criminal activities offline.
    (19) Underworld forces that engage in unlawful or criminal activities such as illegal fundraising and operations, grabbing and holding economic interests, seriously harming the order fair competition and the environment of economic development.
    (20) Personnel of State organs exploiting their position to facilitate, harbor,or abet, crimes by underworld forces, serving as their ‘protective umbrella’
    (21) Forced trading, extortion and blackmail, provocation [picking quarels], gathering crowds to fight, unlawful detention, intentional destruction of property, organizing prostitution, forcing prostitution, setting up casinos, and other types of crime involving vice.
    (22) Other leads as to crimes involving organized crime and vice.
    II. Channels for reporting
    (1) Field Reports: Tibet Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Team. Organized Crime Investigation Branch, No. 35 Lin Ju Road, Lhasa Chengguan District, Tibet Autonomous Region.
    Reports may also be made directly to municipal or regional public security bureaus, of criminal forensics squads.
    (2) Telephone Reports: Call the Tibet Autonomous Region Public Security Organ Public Reporting Number: 0891-12389. Note: Select the relevant public security organ for reporting based on the telephone voice prompts.
    Clearing away organized crime and eliminating vice is a people’s war, and must rely on the public’s active participation. The masses’ are welcome to actively report and uncover leads on violations and crimes involving underworld forces, and to resolutely struggle against underworld forces’ illegal conduct. The public security organs are to lawfully protect the personal information and security of groups that provide leads. The legal responsibility of reporters will be pursued in accordance with law where reporting is malicious or framing others. Where the subjects of reports carry out revenge, they are to be given severe and heavy punishments in accordance with law.
    Public Security Department for the Tibet Autonomous Region

    Notice of the Tibet Autonomous Region Public Security Department on Reporting Leads on Crimes and violations by Underworld forces

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