Short Sadhana of Dorje Shugden

To be performed for the welfare of all mother sentient beings after the Gaden Lhgayama or one’s Yidam practice


Before myself, as yidam deity,
Amidst a wind swept dark red fire,
On lotus, sun, and splendid, frightening
Lion trampling enemies and obstructers,
Is the supreme heart-jewel of Dharmapalas,
Mighty Gyalchen, Dorje Shugden,
Body, beautified by robes of a monk,
Wearing the golden domed hat on his head,
Razor sword and enemy heart in his hands,
In a manner, pleased with the practitioner,
Fierce expression destroying enemies and obstructers,
Surrounded by oceans of retinues
Of attendants such as Kache Marpo,
Light rays from my heart invite
From the sphere of pure nature
And each palace, wherever they are,
The wisdom beings who, in one instant,
Become inseparable from the commitment beings!




Heart’s blood drinking offerings set out like the flow of the Ganges,
Flowers of the sense organs blossoming and clouds of smoke gathering,
Human bile perfume, flesh and blood, and the sound of thigh bone trumpets,
Please accept these as well as an ocean of undefiled nectar!
Also sensual objects and the seven royal objects,
The intelligent horse, elephants, frightful yaks, sheep, and dogs,
Saffron robes, strong, hard armour and shields,
Arrows, spears, swords, and outer, inner, and secret bases,
With these clouds of offerings, both supramundane and worldly,
O Dorje Shugden and all your wrathful entourage,
May your heart commitment be fulfilled and degeneration restored!
Especially, each accumulated faulty deed of body, speech and mind
We have committed under the influence of ignorance,
Which goes against your mind, protector,
We confess with a mind of remorse and regret.
Furthermore, transgressions of our commitments to the protector
And entourage, neglect or degeneration of retreat practice,
Tormas, offerings, and so on,
We practitioners confess all of these
Within the unobjectifiable emptiness of the three spheres.


Exhortation for Activity

Unimpeded in power and miraculous emanation,
Unrivaled in wisdom and compassion,
Great King of Dharma Protectors whose time has come,
Dorje Shugden, Five Families and Principal,
And hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of entourage,
Offerings, tormas, and samaya substances covering the earth,
Basal substances filling the expanse of space,
Actually arranged and mentally emanated,
I offer, please accept with compassion!
Spread Lozangs’ Teachings and for its upholders,
Committed patrons and entourages,
Increase their lifespans, merit, and wealth like the waxing moon!
Bring under control whatever they wish,
And, like the jewel that fulfills all wishes,
Spontaneously accomplish all of their dharmic activities
In this and future lives!


Golden Drink Offering

Gurus who rain down two purposes,
Yidams who bestow the two siddhis,
Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
Spontaneously grant our every wish!

Three places’ heroes and dakinis,
Mighty hosts of sworn dharmapalas,
Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
Spontaneously grant our every wish!

Six-armed and White Mahakalas, Dharmaraja, outer, inner, secret,
Palden Lhamo, Tent and Four-faced Mahakalas, and Vaisravana,
Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
Spontaneously grant our every wish!

Manjusri’s attendant, sworn Dharmaraj,
And oceans of outer, inner, and secret entourage,
Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
Spontaneously grant our every wish!

Transcendent supreme dharmapala,
Dorje Shugden, strict and swift of power
Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
Spontaneously grant our every wish!
(3x, 7x, 21x, 108x or more)

Five types that bestow unimpeded
Acts of peace, increase, control, and wrath,
Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
Spontaneously grant our every wish!

Nine beautiful consorts, eight guide monks,
Ten young wrathful agents, and the rest,
Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
Spontaneously grant our every wish!

Especially, principal guardian of Buddhadharma,
Setrab Chen and your entourage,
Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
Spontaneously grant our every wish! (3x)

Life-taker of those with broken bonds,
Fierce Kache Marpo, invincible,
Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
Spontaneously grant our every wish!

Vow-breakers’ heart-blood purified like gold,
This drink of fully boiling serkyem,
I offer to Namka Bardzin and entourage
Accepting, accomplish the yogi’s intended purpose!

Emanations, beyond thought, as well,
Attendants that rock the billion worlds,
Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
Spontaneously grant our every wish!

Being thus honored and exhorted,
Unslacking in four activities,
Through the six times, always protect us
Like a father caring for his son!

Hosts of fierce attendants, remember
Your sworn oaths before Lord Dulzin and,
Swiftly, now, perform, unslackingly,
Each and every action I request!


Offerings and Requests

With three doors I prostrate reverently,
Make outer and inner offerings,
Flesh, blood, torma, tsog, tsampa, butter,
Milk and curd, set out and envisioned!

Tantric, base, fulfillment, commitment,
Favorite visual, and sang offerings,
Filling space, thus, may heart commitments
Be fulfilled, broken bonds be restored!

All our mistakes of thought or deed that
Trangress the great Dharmapala’s mind,
Confessed from the heart, purify us;
Like a mother, care for your children!

Supreme Protector, we beseech you:
Spread Conqueror Losang’s tradition!
Extend Lama’s life and influence!
Increase Sangha’s teaching and practice!

Like my shadow, never part from me!
Clear every hindrance and obstacle!
Make conditions favorable, as wished!
Nurture and protect us, without break!

The time has come to show your might,
With four conducts, swift and decisive,
Swiftly accomplishing, just as wished,
Deeply heart-felt aims, especially!

Now is time to judge the karmic truth!
Time to clear the innocent of blame!
Time to guard weak, protectorless beings,
Time to protect your dharma children!

Henceforth until great enlightenment,
Enthroned as Guru and Protector,
Watching over us both day and night,
Ever unslackingly protect us! (3x)


Mantra Recitation

From the heart syllable of myself visualized as the yidam, light rays emanate. They strike the HUM syllables and surrounding mantra garlands which, matching each deity in colour, stand upon the sun seats at the hearts of Dharmapala Gyalchen Shugden’s five fierce families, exhorting them without choice to perform whatever desired peaceful increasing, powerful, or wrathful activity, without obstruction.

OM BENZA WIKI BITRANA SOHA! (principal deity)


By just recollecting you for an instant, outer and inner
Obstructions are dispelled. O powerful five families
Of Gyalchen Shugden, bestower of the four activities,
To the Dharmapala and his entourage I bow down.


Whatever I have done incorrectly
Through not finding, not knowing,
Or lack of ability,
Please be patient with all of these.
By remaining together with this image
For the sake of all migrators,
May you grant us long life without illness,
Power, and supreme attainments!


By the virtue arising through my effort,
With pure motive in this method,
May all beings be cared for inseparably
By peaceful and wrathful Manjushri from life to life!

May the Venerable Gurus’ lives be firmly stable,
May pure activities flourish to the ten directions,
And may the lamp of Losang’s Teachings remain forever,
Dispelling darkness of the three realms’ beings.

In all lives may we be inseparable from the perfect Guru,
Enjoy the glory of Dharma, and,
Fully completing all qualities of the paths and grounds,
Swiftly attain the state of Vajradhara.

By this virtue may I quickly, having attained the state of Guru Buddha,
Establish every being without exception in that state.
That the Dharma King Tsong Khapa’s pure Dharma tradition flourish
May obstructive omens be eliminated and conducive conditions
Without exception be complete!

In dependence on the two combined accumulations
Of myself and others over the three times,
May the Conqueror Losang Drakpa’s
Teachings flourish for a very long time.

May there be auspiciousness of the root and lineage Gurus!
May there be auspiciousness of the hosts of yidam deities!
May there be auspiciousness of the goddesses, dakas, and dakinis!
May there be auspiciousness of the Dharma protector guardians!

In that snow-mountain encircled land,
Source of every benefit and joy,
May Lord Tenzin Gyatso, Chenresig,
Live forever ’till the end of existence!

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  1. I love this pray and thanks to all the Great dharma masters and translator for making things easy to understand among many who ignores. One day may all nations understand peace and love and be connected by Dharma. Thank you your holiness Dalai Lama for ur presence and Teachings to this world.

  2. Just to be sure,

    Is the Principal Deity mantra:



    What the difference between BITANA and BITRANA?

  3. Hey Supandi, theres no difference. Just that when the prayers were transliterated into English, it depends on who listened to the mantra then wrote down the sound. Some people pronounce BITANA with a small ‘r’ sound, so its written BITrANA (like TASHI versus TrASHI).


  4. Sweet! Thanks Gaz!

  5. Is any form of empowerment or initiation required for this practice ? How and when do I dispose of the tea – can I pour it down the sink ? Can I dirnk it ? How long should I wait before I dispose of the tea ? Is it OK NOT to have a picture of Dorje Shugden when performing this practice ?

  6. Hello,

    Can someone please elaborate on the Serkym Offering part?

    Do I pour till empty after:

    Emanations, beyond thought, as well,
    Attendants that rock the billion worlds,
    Offering you nectar that bestows bliss,
    Spontaneously grant our every wish!

    Also, these mantras that are highlighted in red bold





    Do I need to recite them 3x, 7x, 21x, 108x or more?

    Thank you in advance.

    Much regards.

  7. Thank you for making this sadhana accessible to all. May all be blessed abundantly for a successful and fruitful spiritual journey.

  8. If I do this short sadhana daily, should I prepare the offering such like tea, milk, wine, yogurt, butter? When the golden drinks offering part, can I use tea instead of wine? Please advice.

    Million Thanks,
    Sammi SKTL

  9. Pranam, Namaskar, I am new to this web portal but feel so excited to find all such spiritual people as well as great mantras on this site. I am seeking a spiritual path and trying very hard to follow a disciplined life. Being God Loving & God fearing , I am looking forward for few mantras by which I can drive off negative thoughts as well as keep away enemies at my work place.

    Kindly advise if I can chant OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA anytime & everytime !
    Kind regards,
    At His Lotus Feet,
    SK Panda
    Bhubaneswar Odisha India

  10. Hi sk, yes from what I know, you can chant this mantra anytime.

  11. sammi, yes tea is preferred

  12. Thank you for this powerful Sadhana! It is so beneficial to do Dorje Shugden’s Sadhana every day!
    Great work! Keep it going!

  13. Thank you for this short sadhana. It is a very good start to the practice of Dorje Shugden. Wonder how anyone can move forward without any guidance? And if a Guru is not available to us, what can one do?

    It does seem daunting when one does not have a Guru or the Guru is far away. But, I guess a slow start and slow progress is better than not starting at all.

  14. Thank you for sharing this short prayer that does not require us for any initiation and can be recited at anywhere and at any time. We should remind ourselves that do daily sadhana is for the benefit of all sentient beings. Therefore, if we can do sadhana consistently, we may able to purify our karma and accumulate merit more faster with good motivation.

  15. Life is such a delusion, obstacles are plenty, the mind is always in a battle. Thank the Buddha we have prayers to keep us sane. Not just any form of prayers, but prayers to supreme Enlightened beings like Dorje Shugden who will always be there for us if we have the faith to allow HIM to help. Invocation and purification prayers as above is so important to do regularly to ward off the endless negativities that we invite from the karma we created in this and all previous lives.
    Thank you for sharing and gifting this precious prayers to everyone.

  16. Thank you for providing these prayers. I personally had a good experience after doing the prayer and reciting the mantra. Sometimes I may go through some hardship but it eventually will turn out well. I guess besides doing the prayers we should also have faith and set a good motivation.

    We have a lot of negative karma to purify and that’s why we have so many obstacles in our life especially when we want to do a good action. With this prayer may our negative karma be held and allow me to collect more merits and purify my negative karma.

  17. Dorje Shugden practice has been showing a lot of miracle to many people. Many people benefit from him and including myself. At this degenerate time, we have accumulated a lot of negative karma from endless previous lives. In every life we are experiencing our karma from our act. With the negative karma that manifesting, it affect our life. Hence, we need protector practice such as Dorje Shugden to help us. Dorje Shugden will help us based on our merits to provide conducive condition for us to our spiritual practice. This mean that we have to continue do our Dharma work to continue to collect merits for Dorje Shugden to help us.

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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