The First Lama That China Sent Abroad

By: Mar Nee

In December 2012, Lama Jampa Ngodup Wangchuk Rinpoche became the first Tibetan lama to be appointed by the Chinese Government to travel on an official trip abroad to give Dharma teachings in Switzerland. He was even received by officials of the Chinese consulate in Zurich upon his arrival.

Lama Jampa Ngodup is a highly respected lama and is instrumental in the resurgence of Buddhism as the whole and promotion of Dorje Shugden’s practice in China through his large-scale teachings and initiations, such as the Dorje Shugden sogtae, to thousands of monastic and lay practitioners there. By officially nominating him to travel abroad to teach, this would mean that the Chinese government is openly encouraging the proliferation of Buddhism, China’s ancient heritage and Dorje Shugden’s practice. This claim is further supported by Chinese blogger Ji Xiang who claims that the practice of Dorje Shugden in particular is growing rapidly in China.

Lama Jampa Ngodup arrived in Switzerland to a warm welcome from H.E. Gonsar Rinpoche and his retinue of students

In Switzerland, Lama Jampa Ngodup was accorded such great respect that H.E. Gonsar Rinpoche personally received him at the airport and also escorted him in the traditional way with a golden parasol and incense into his center, Rabten Choeling. Lama Jampa Ngodup was then seated respectfully on a throne and the traditional offerings of body, speech and mind were offered to him before the teachings.

During his visit at the center, Lama Jampa Ngodup met with many practitioners – lay and ordained – including many esteemed scholars and masters like H.E. Rabgyä Rinpoche (Geshe Rabten’s unmistaken incarnation) and the great scholar and prolific debate master Gyumed Kensur Sonam Gyaltsen Rinpoche. Even world-famous healing lama H.E. Gangchen Rinpoche and Lama Michel Rinpoche flew to Switzerland to join when they heard that Lama Jampa Ngodup was giving teachings there.


Opening Doors

This event marks a significant shift in China’s strict policing of Tibetan monks. They are allowing Lama Jampa Ngodup to revitalise the teachings in China and also to travel because he has no affiliations with the Dalai Lama or the CTA (Central Tibetan Administration) due to his Dorje Shugden practice. Thus, it appears that the Dalai Lama’s ban on Dorje Shugden has actually opened the doors for Tibetan lamas to promote Buddhism and Dorje Shugden’s practice within China and abroad.

Putting politics and bans aside, isn’t this precisely what the Tibetan government and people want for their lamas? To protect the Sangha and spread the Dharma in Tibet, China and beyond? If it is, then the Tibetan government must consider a different approach to their Chinese counterparts so that their own lamas can benefit not just Tibet’s 6 million but also China’s 1.2 billion population and the rest of the world. Wouldn’t that be something incredibly beneficial to rejoice in?

Lama Jampa Ngodup is so well respected, he was even received by the Chinese Consulate General from Zurich, Liang Jianquan

What the CTA do not realize is that while they have expended so much energy on suppressing Dorje Shugden practitioners and curbing their Dharma activity, these Shugden lamas are flourishing strongly everywhere else in the world. Instead of shying away from the Chinese, these Shugden lamas have taken the bull by the horns and strived instead to develop much friendlier relationships with China. Because of this, they are now being allowed to practice and teach broadly throughout China, bring Dharma to the millions of people there, and even begin to spread it to the rest of the world too.

It remains to be seen what else in 2013 these great Shugden lamas will accomplish as Dorje Shugden takes to the stage as the world’s rising Protector. With the firm and established existence of large Dorje Shugden monasteries in China like Gonsa Monastery in Kham, we can only expect that more and more lamas from these monasteries will soon be traveling abroad to spread the teachings.

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More auspicious photos:

Lama Jampa Ngodup being received by H.E. Gonsar Rinpoche and the Sangha

Lama Jampa Ngodup being escorted in a grand and traditional way when he arrived to give Dharma teachings

Greeting H.E. Gangchen Rinpoche and Lama Michel in the traditional way by touching foreheads

Lama Gangchen (center) flew from Italy to Switerland with Lama Michel and his students to see Lama Jampa Ngodup

Director of Rabten Choeling H.E. Gonsar Rinpoche making mandala, body, speech and mind offerings to Lama Jampa Ngodup

Making offerings to Lama Jampa Ngodup

Lama Jampa Ngodup was accorded great respect by high lamas, Sangha and lay practitioners who all lined up to make offerings

Lama Jampa Ngodup giving teachings beneath the splendid golden face of Rabten Choeling’s main Buddha image

Giving teachings at the prayer hall

Many high lamas, monks and lay practitioners attended the teachings and pujas conducted by Lama Jampa Ngodup

Lama Jampa Ngodup in the midst of a puja

Gonsar Rinpoche and Lama Jampa Ngodup performing pujas together

A grand puja being performed in the center, led by Lama Jampa Ngodup

The exalted scholar and master Gyumed Kensur Sonam Gyaltsen Rinpoche (left) with Lama Jampa Ngodup (right) at Rabten Choeling Monastery

Another spectacular view of a puja in session, with many offerings

The Lama on the highest throne on the left is H.E. Rabten Tulku Rinpoche (Geshe Rabten’s incarnation) and opposite him is H.E. Gonsar Rinpoche with Lama Jampa Ngodup to his left

High Lamas H.E. Gonsar Rinpoche and H.E. Rabten Tulku Rinpoche (both center) joined the pujas also

From left to right: Lama Michel Rinpoche, H.E. Gangchen Rinpoche, H.E. Gonsar Rinpoche and Lama Jampa Ngodup

H.E. Gangchen Rinpoche, H.E. Gonsar Rinpoche and H.E. Lama Jampa Ngodup

From left to right: Lama Jampa Ngodup, Rabten Tulku Rinpoche, Gyumed Kensur Sonam Gyaltsen Rinpoche, Gonsar Rinpoche and Geshe Thubten Trinley Rinpoche

A beautiful, affectionate photo of Lama Jampa Ngodup,
the high lamas and lay students

Rejoicing together in Lama Jampa Ngodup’s visit to Switzerland!

A last group photo for posterity!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful people, beautiful hypothesis.

  2. It is great to see that there are individual efforts made by other High Lamas to move forward despite that China has not barged at all in granting any of the requests made by the Tibetan government, despite the Tibetan government compromising at every stage to try to get some form of autonomy of their own country !
    It is sad to see one losing your country, losing your dignity, losing control of one’s possessions ! I can relate to this. But in actuality when we are born in samsara we do not possess any form of control. We think we do but realistically we don’t. Hence, what happened to Tibet and its people when China invaded them, is like a huge Dharma teaching. Nothing is permanent. We own nothing. The only thing we can keep in eternity is our mind; this mind that can take different forms lifetime after lifetime.
    Hence, if nothing can be done to get back the physical possession of Tibet, then move forward to salvage the most precious which is the Tibetan Buddha Dharma established by so many great Gurus and sages of the past. Move forward to share and grow the Dharma to all parts of this world, in order for others to receive the benefits of the Dharma.
    So glad to see there are wise and highly attained Lamas who focuses on this and not on politics alone.
    May all these Lamas live long to continue to spread the Dharma to benefit many !

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