Gen Ahzung shows his attainments

Gen Tenzin Donyoe, better known as Gen Ahzung has recently received news of the passing of one the great living treasures of Serpom Monastery. Gen Tenzin Donyoe, affectionately known as Gen Ahzung, is a simple monk with few belongings. He outwardly portrayed himself as a humble monk who only did very simple practices. His heart practice which lasted his entire life was the recitation of the Praises to the 21 Arya Taras. He also devoted his life to Dorje Shugden. He did not do long sadhanas but always without miss did his practice to Tara daily.

Gen Ahzung turned 93 this year (2014) and on the 11th day of the first Tibetan month, he passed away and stayed in tukdam (death meditation) for a total of 19 days after his heart stopped completely. His body never decomposed in the heat of the South Indian climate during tukdam. On the 30th day of the first Tibetan month, Gen Ahzung’s consciousness left his body and a traditional cremation ceremony was arranged by the monastery. When Gen Ahzung’s cremated remains were examined, rinsel relics (usually only found in the cremated remains of high lamas) were found.  The rinsel pills were discovered opening up the realization although not a scholar, Gen Ahzung was a sincere practitioner with pure samaya to his guru. These pills are a great blessing and a result of the high attainments of this monk. If the rinsel pills are burned, negative energies dispelled. If they are eaten, diseases can be expedited in healing. The rinsels can be placed in stupas, statues or worn on the body for protection. Only very attained lamas will naturally have rinsel pills remain after cremation. Gen Ahzung teaches us in his death that with sincere practice even if we are not a scholar or great master, we can still gain great accomplishments. Devote ourselves to our Lama, Yidam and Protector Shugden in this case.

Gen Ahzung was a working monk, always ready to help the monastery in whatever way he could. One would hardly see him doing retreats or sacred rituals. He was not a scholar nor a teacher, but he focused on his 21 praises to Tara daily with Her mantra without miss devotedly. However, it is evident that due to the power of keeping his samaya clean with his Gurus, Yidam Tara and Protector Dorje Shugden, Gen Ahzung had achieved the attainments necessary to take full control of his death and bless us with inspiration.

We at would like to offer prayers to Gen Ahzung requesting his swift return to help quell the sufferings of sentient beings.

Rinsel relics found from Gen Ahzung’s remains

Gen Ahzung’s funeral pyre

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  1. Wow! This is the first time I get to see Rinsel relics.
    Gen Ahzung is is truly an attained Lama. Through his devotion, he has shown us that by keeping our samaya clean, many great things can be achieved. Another great inspiration to many who are practicing and reminding us.
    I offer my prayers to Gen Ahzung for his swift return and continue to benefit many.

  2. Thanks for sharing for Gen Ahzung news.
    Genla story telling us that as long as we keep our strong samaya with guru, we can gain great accomplishments with sincere practice.
    i will keep this as 1 of the sample for myself to motivate myself for not breaking samaya with my guru, also practice without miss devotedly.
    and this story also tell how powerful of mother Tara and DS practice.
    May Gen Ahzung swift return to help quell the sufferings of sentient beings.

  3. It is a very good piece of evidence to show us not only High Lama and masters only be able to stay in Tukdam and have rinsel pills by only holding your vows well and have a very good samaya with your own guru. This is very inspirational and i hope Gen Ahzung will take a swift rebirth and continue to benefit others in near future.

  4. Gen Ahzung inspired us that we must have good samaya with our guru and commitment to our practice, with this it will help us to make great achievement in our spiritual practice. May his story inspired more people to do the same especially busy city people that don’t have much time to do many practices and attend retreats.

    May Gen Ahzung have swift rebirth and to return for the benefits of more sentient beings.

  5. Wow!!! Wonderful articles of Gen Ahzung’s attainment!

    Genla was a simple monk, but with His commintment by doing daily practice to 21 Tara and DS prayers and His guru devotion, He was able to be attained.

    From this article what I learned is that, as long as I keep pure samaya with my Guru and do the practice daily, which has instructed by Him and together with DS prayers, it will benefit me later when I die.

    May Genla take a swift rebirth and return to benefit all sentient beings.

  6. I was taught by my Guru that true practice of Dharma is not about the rituals you master or the practices you know. Instead Dharma progress and attainment is more importantly reflected in our actions, speech and views. Living with integrity by keeping clean samaya with one’s Guru forms a solid foundation towards spiritual attainments. Having gratitude and humility fuels the development of inner peace and happiness. Simplicity in life trains us to let go of our ego and self-cherishing.

    It always moves me to read about “simple” monks who live in humble manners reveal great realizations and attainments. They are the compassionate beings who use their personal journeys as an example to give us hope and encouragement to become better people. Lama Tsongkhapa himself did not display mystical powers or special abilities of clairvoyance until his passing into clear light when auspicious signs could be witnessed.

    Thank you for sharing about great beings like Gen Ahzung to inspire and move us into spiritual action.

  7. If Dorje Shugden was a true evil spirit as claimed by the anti-Dorje Shugden clan from His Holiness and the CTA, then Gen Ahzung would not have been able to be in full control of his death. He would not have remained in tukdam for 19days. Relics would not have been found within his cremated remains. His devotion to his guru, Tara and Dorje Shugden exemplifies that his practise was pure, his progress on the path towards enlightenment was correct, and he was a true example of what a practitioner in today’s times should be to reach the ultimate goal.

    Yes, people might say that it was because of his devotion to Tara that may have “rid” his sins of practising a “demon”, but remember.. no Buddha can take away one’s karma. So if his karma was really that bad from practising Shugden, then Gen Ahzung would not have been able to display such attainments when entering clear light. It is obvious Dorje Shugden is not a spirit, because if he is, then the vows of this pure and holy monk would have been broken and his practise, unaccomplished.

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