Sakya Pandita

Unparalleled Master of the Sakya School

The next incarnation subsequently manifested in Western Tibet as the legendary Sakya Pandita, the renowned lineage holder of the Sakya School in Tibet. Many decades later, Dorje Shugden was first enthroned as a Dharma Protector and practiced within the Sakya school due very much to this connection.

As a child, Sakya Pandita exhibited profound signs of an extraordinary being like spontaneously uttering Sanskrit before Tibetan, and memorizing sacred texts in his dreams. He studied the great master under Jetsun Drakpa Gyeltsen of the Sakya School and mastered all the teachings. Then, he composed a treatise on valid cognition called ‘Rig Ter’ in order to correct the prevailing misconceptions that had arisen during that time in India and Tibet.

Sakya Pandita matured into an excellent scholar and unrivalled debater. He was the first Tibetan scholar to silence six Hindu scholars, including the renowned Indian scholar, Harinanda, in a grand debate.

From then on, Sakya Pandita’s fame grew like wildfire in the Tibeto-Indian world and his name eventually travelled to as far away as China where the Mongol ruler, Godan Khan invited him to their court to teach. He accepted and was well received at the imperial court.

The Mongol prince was impressed and sought to put Sakya Pandita to the test. He colluded with court magicians to conjure a vision of a temple for Sakya Pandita to bless. Sakya Pandita came and blessed the illusory temple with a sprinkling of flowers.

Then, to the embarrassment of the Prince, the magicians were unable to dissolve the illusion because the temple had become real by Sakya Pandita’s blessings. With newfound faith, the prince confessed what he had done and took heartfelt refuge in Sakya Pandita.

When Sakya Pandita eventually passed into clear light, he left behind numerous disciples, including a successor to continue his work in China.

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