Serpom Young Monks Reciting Ganglongma Daily

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Video by Ven. Lozang Gyaltsan. Extracted from his Facebook:

This is how the young monks of Serpom begin their school-day at 9 a.m. assembling in the courtyard to chant Gangloma, a prayer to have a sharp, fresh mind for acquiring knowledge. Their day really begins with puja [6 -7:30 a.m.]~Lozang Gyaltsan

(Serpom Monastery is one of the foremost educational institutions of Tibetan Buddhism in the world today. Many of the monks start their training in Buddhist Philosophy, rituals and practice from a very young age. There are many qualified teachers, masters and monks in Serpom located in South India (5 hours from Bangalore).

Supporting institutions such as Serpom, Shar Gaden Monastery and their likes are vital for the continuous survival of Buddha’s lineage in its complete form. We send our wishes and prayers for all the brave Sangha of these monasteries who we will continue to support to the best of our abilities.

The video shows the discipline instilled in the future teachers here in the Monastic courtyard invoking the blessings of Manjushri early in the morning before their studies daily. Beautiful, inspirational, and a blessing to see. We thank Lozang for this video very much.



Homage to Manjushri, The Buddha of Wisdom

Obeisance to my Guru and Protector, Manjushri,
Who holds to his heart a scriptural text symbolic of his seeing all things as they are,
Whose intelligence shines forth like the sun, unclouded by delusions or traces of ignorance,
Who teaches in sixty ways, with the loving compassion of a father for his only child,
all creatures caught in the prison of samsara, confused in the darkness of their ignorance,
overwhelmed by their suffering.

You, whose dragon-thunder-like proclamation of Dharma
arouses us from the stupor of our delusions and frees us from the iron chains of our karma;
Who wields the sword of wisdom hewing down suffering wherever its sprouts appear,
clearing away the darkness of ignorance;
You, whose princely body is adorned with the one hundred and twelve marks of a Buddha,
Who has completed the stages achieving the highest perfection of a Bodhisattva,
Who has been pure from the beginning,

I bow down to you, O Manjushri;
With the brilliance of your wisdom, O compassionate one,
Illuminate the darkness enclosing my mind,
Enlighten my intelligence and wisdom,
So that I may gain insight into the Buddha’s words and the texts that explain them.


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