Dagom Rinpoche Guru Puja Commentary

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This video is part 1 (of two parts) of a commentary on the Guru Puja by His Eminence Dagom Rinpoche (in Tibetan, with no English subtitles).

Dagom Rinpoche was the highly respected lama who had commissioned the Gelug Lineage tree thangka to include Dorje Shugden among the group of supramundane protectors portrayed in this thangka (View the beautiful thangka as commissioned by the previous Dagom Rinpoche)

In one of Dagom Rinpoche’s previous lives, he was the great Pelgyi Dorje. Pelgyi Dorje had killed the evil King Langdarma, who had been trying to suppress Buddhadharma in Tibet.

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  1. Hi there,
    i just came across ebay.com searching for mala and came across an ancient mala recomendate and it is written in the website that it was Ven.lama thubten dagom ripoche that give the instruction to sell this scare and old mala with the title “Tibetan Buddhist Sacred Stone Shaman HEALING MALA Prayer beads Counters & amulet ” website is “http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/Tibetan-Buddhist-Sacred-Stone-Shaman-HEALING-MALA-Prayer-beads-Counters-amulet-/180213195146?pt=UK_Collectables_ReligionSpirituality_EH&hash=item29f58b218a#ht_13223wt_1139 “.
    SELLER is spiritual-sky in ebay.

    The reason i wrote is that i just wanted to confirm is it true that it was belong to ripoche and was instruted to sell this mala. It is written there it has a lot of power in the mala. Anyway, if it is true my yidam is yamantaka is this mala suitable for me and i am from kadampa sect ? Do advised me and it is written there it is made from tibetan stone may i know what type of stone is that.
    Please forgive me if what i am writting here is offensive to the ripoche.
    Thank you.

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