Dalai Lama The Peacemaker?

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The Dalai Lama is the winner of many global awards, in recognition of his works to promote peace and harmony in the world.

However, how real is the image of the peace-loving spiritual leader of Tibet? Have we all been fooled by the Dalai Lama’s public persona, overlooking his dark secrets hidden behind closed doors?

Watch the video to learn more.

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  1. Thank you dorjeshugden.com

  2. I like this video very much. It shows evidence that the Dalai Lama and his people have been imposing the ban on Dorje Shugden practitioners. Hard evidence as captured on video. How can the Dalai Lama deny that there is no ban? After all the awards and recognition the world has given to the Dalai Lama, he is not helping to get peace in his own community.

    Maybe the Dalai Lama has his own reasons for imposing the ban which we will not understand. Let’s hope that at the end of the day we will get a clear picture of why the ban was imposed and later on lifted.

  3. The Dalai Lama is truly compassionate, compassionate because he is working with Dorje Shugden to spread the teachings of Je Tsongkhapa. It is the only ban in the whole world that, the movement, the lamas and the students keep on growing in terms of the Dorje Shugden practice. The Dalai Lama is compassionate, as when the ban eventually lifts, the Dalai Lama would have destroyed his reputation and his stature as a spiritual leader all for the sake of the spread of Je Tsongkhapa’s teachings. Trijang Rinpoche cannot be wrong and neither can the Je Tsongkhapa’s lineage and the Gelug masters be wrong too.

  4. May you live thousands of years for Buddha Dharma and for all sentient beings ! May all your wishes come true for better world and peace on earth ! Remeber, 99 % Tibetan people are still following you and standing by you ! You are sunshine in this universe !! We love you till the end !

  5. I really like how the video has captured all the essence of what is going on. The CTA keep saying that there is no ban, but why are there so many discrimination going around?

    It is just not logical for things like that to be happening if there is really no ban.

    When the Dalai Lama said that he would make it as an exemption for his guru, what does that mean? Does it mean that his guru is wrong? If his gurus are wrong for practising Dorje Shugden and would need his permission to be doing that, wouldn’t the Dalai Lama be their guru instead?

    It just does not make any sense where a student is telling their teacher what they can do or cannot do. If it is really wrong, no one should be exempted. The ban should be placed for all. No one at all should be able to do the practice.

    If there is really religious freedom, then why are the followers of Dorje Shugden being discriminated and also attacked by the non Dorje Shugden followers?

  6. Is the Dalai Lama the peacemaker? That’s the question everyone should ask His Holiness!
    Since His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama had implemented the ban on Dorje Shugden 18 years ago, we see a trail of mental and physical destructions inflicted upon Dorje Shugden followers. Tibetan Dorje Shugden followers in particular had experienced various forms of sufferings. Tibetan Dorje Shugden followers had been deprived of their human rights and religious freedoms. Evidences of these abound and yet His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Central Tibetan Administration refuted the existence of the ban on Dorje Shugden.

    Dalai Lama Stop Lying! Please stop confusing the world! Please lift the ban!

  7. In this pure realm, surrounded by snow moutains,
    Is the source of complete happiness and benefit,.
    Avalokiteshvara, Tenzin Gyatso.
    May you stand firm until the end of existence.

    May you live thousands of years for Buddha Dharma and for all sentient beings ! May all your wishes come true for better world and peace on earth ! Remeber, 99 % Tibetan people are still following you and standing by you ! You are sunshine in this universe !! We love you till the end !

  8. The worship of their chosen spirit was not “banned” by the Dalai Lama, since he has no authority to “ban” what any Buddhists practice. “Banning” and “excommunicating” are not Tibetan Buddhist procedures.

    In February of this year, His Holiness said, “It’s my moral responsibility to tell others what I believe to be beneficial or harmful. In the end, it’s up to each individual to choose whether or not they heed my advice.” A majority of the Dalai Lama’s Buddhist followers respected his counsel.

  9. @Patricia Windsor – are you for real??? Try pulling your head out of the sand and watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTgYWidYw3U

    Seriously? No ban? How is it ‘advice’ when you tell monasteries to kick out the monks who don’t fall in line with the Dorje Shugden ban?

    You’re right, banning and excommunicating are NOT Tibetan Buddhist practices. Yet His Holiness has been filmed and recorded many times telling monasteries to expel the monks…so according to YOU, His Holiness is not engaging in Tibetan Buddhist practices.

    When the topic of the argument has no logical basis, none of the arguments you provide in support of it will make sense.

  10. FYI whatever I want to practice is up to me. Don’t let the concept of ‘religious freedom’ escape you. I don’t insult your beliefs by calling it a ‘spirit’, why do you have to insult others? You sound a lot like the Judeo-Christian fundamentalists nobody likes.

  11. This is an impressive video. Thanks for the sharing.

    Is Dalai Lama really a peacemaker? If yes, why there is a Dorje Shugden ban? Dorje Shugden isn’t a spirit, Dorje Shugden is emanation of Manjushri. If Dalai Lama literally stated that Dorje Shugden is a devil then why he sought advise from the DS oracle before leaving Tibet?

  12. Hmmm, the Dalai Lama may be Avalokitesvara but he is certainly no “peacemaker” in my books. All those awards seem such a farce when he created so much division and sufferings within his own community, his people who was devoted to him before having been made to choose between him and their Gurus. Well the devotion certainly had been misplaced, to be ostracised and denied their human & religious rights.

    His administration says no ban but so many physical proofs had been publicly displayed or exposed by those who secretly know the wrongness in the ban. When will the world wake up to this blatant contradiction and stop being taken in by the outer lie? As CTA accuses China of violating human rights, what then of their own violations? Why had the world protective organisations not demanded for CTA to answer their violations?

  13. There is no word for ban in Tibetan, literally. So, technically, the Dalai Lama is speaking the truth that there is no ban. It is just play politicians play. The Dalai Lama may seem to be the spiritual head of the Tibetans but that, again, is a loose structure that not many outsiders understand.

    To understand it one has to study the whole situations carefully which not many has the inclination nor time to. And, of course, there are politicians in other governments playing their own games. And, of course, there are also the press with an agenda of their own. Everything is about self interest and gain, economically.

    So, it’s very murky and who am I to call the Dalai Lama two-faced or speak with fork-tongue?

  14. What will the all the people around the world and in Tibet do now? Dalai Lama says he is happy that Tibet is a part of China and should remain a part of China. So many Tibetans self-immolated for Tibet to be independent and now Dalai Lama did a 360 degree turn and says he wants to go back to Tibet and China and Tibet should be a part of China. So unbelievable. So many are angry and disappointed.

    Tibetans ready to be part of China: Dalai Lama
    Organised by the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), the event was a part of “Thank You India – 2018″ held by the Tibetan community across India to mark 60 years of its exile in the country.
    Indo-Asian News Service
    Tibetans are ready to be a part of China if guaranteed full rights to preserve their culture, the Dalai Lama said on Friday.
    “Tibetans are not asking for independence. We are okay with remaining with the People’s Republic of China, provided we have full rights to preserve our culture,” the 83-year-old spiritual leader said at “Thank You Karnataka” event here in the city.
    Organised by the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), the event was a part of “Thank You India – 2018″ held by the Tibetan community across India to mark 60 years of its exile in the country.
    “Several of Chinese citizens practicing Buddhism are keen on Tibetan Buddhism as it is considered scientific,” the Nobel laureate said.
    Born in Taktser hamlet in northeastern Tibet, the Dalai Lama was recognized at the age of two as the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso. He fled to India from Tibet after a failed uprising against the Chinese rule in 1959.
    China annexed Tibet in 1950, forcing thousands of Tibetans, including monks, to flee the mountain country and settle in India as refugees.
    Since then, India has been home to over 100,000 Tibetans majorly settled in Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh among other states.


  15. Dear Dalai Lama,

    Since you started the cruel ban against the 350 year Dorje Shugden practice, how has it benefit your Tibetan society and Buddhism in the world? Things have become worse and most educated Tibetans can see this. They don’t speak out not because they don’t see your ban as wrong, but you instill fear in them and not respect. It is like fear of a dictator. I am sorry to say so. Everyone is divided. There is no harmony. Before your ban there was more harmony and unity.

    By enacting the ban, you split the monasteries, split so many families, split regions in Tibet apart, split your disciples from you, split your own gurus from you, split Tibetan Buddhism apart. You have created so much disharmony.

    It is not democratic what you have done to ban a religion within your community. You always talk of tolerance and acceptance and democracy and yet you do not accept and tolerate something different from your beliefs. When people practice Dorje Shugden you ostracize them, ban them from seeing you, ban them from using Tibetan facilities. You know you have done that. There are videos that capture your speech and prove this point. You even had people expelled from monasteries just because they practice Dorje Shugden. Some of the monks you expelled have been in the monastery for over 40 years. Many older monks shed tears because of this.

    Many young educated Tibetans lost confidence in you as they saw the damage the Dorje Shugden ban created and they lose hope. Many have become free thinkers. They reject what you have done. So many people in the west left Buddhism because of the confusion you created with this ban against Dorje Shugden which is immoral.

    You could of had millions of people who practice Dorje Shugden to support, love and follow you, but you scared them away. They are hurt and very disappointed. They loved you and respected you deeply before the ban. It has been 60 years and you have failed to get Tibet back. Your biggest failure is not getting Tibet back after 57 years in exile. Now you are begging China to allow you to return to Tibet to the disappointment of thousands of people who fought for a free Tibet believing in you. So many self-immolated for a free Tibet and now you want Tibet to be a part of China with no referendum from Tibetans. Just like a dictator, you decide on your own. It was your government and you that lost Tibet in the first place. Your policies and style of doing things do not benefit Tibet and Buddhism. You have been the sole ruler of Tibet your whole life and you still have not gotten our country of Tibet back for us. Our families and us are separated. Yet you create more pain by creating a ban to further divide people. Please have compassion.

    No other Buddhist leader has banned or condemned any religion except for you. It looks very bad. You are a Nobel laureate and this is not fitting of a laureate. You should unite people and not separate them by religious differences.

    You said Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi did not do right to the Rohingya people in Myanmar due to religious differences, but you are doing the same thing to the Shugden Buddhists within your own society. There is a parallel in this. You separate the Shugden Buddhists from the others in Tibetan society.

    You have lost so many people who would have loved and supported you. You have lost so much support around the world. The Shugden Buddhists who love you number in the millions. When you are fast losing support from governments and private people, it will not do you well to lose more.

    After you are passed away in the future, the rift you created between the Dorje Shugden and non-Dorje Shugden people will remain for a while and that will be your legacy. Disharmony. You will be remembered for this. Not as a hero but a disharmony creator.

    Dorje Shugden will spread and further grow, but you will be no more as you are a human. No one wishes you bad and in fact we hope you have a long and healthy life, but we have lost so much hope and have so much despair because of you. All the hundreds of Dorje Shugden lamas, tulkus and geshes are maturing and there are hundreds of Dorje Shugden monasteries in Tibet who will not give up Dorje Shugden. You have made a mistake. These hundreds of teachers and teachers to be will spread Dorje Shugden further in the future.

    The gurus that gave us Dorje Shugden as a spiritual practice and you have called these holy gurus wrong and they are mistaken in giving us Dorje Shugden. How can you insult our gurus whom we respect so much? If they can be wrong, then you can be wrong. Then all gurus can be wrong. So no one needs to listen to any guru? You have created this trend. It is not healthy. Your own gurus practiced Dorje Shugden their whole lives. Your own gurus were exemplary and highly learned.

    Dalai Lama you have created so much pain with this ban against so many people due to religion. You are ageing fast. Are you going to do anything about it or stay stubborn, hard and un-moving. You show a smile and preach peace and harmony wherever you go. But will you do the same to your own people? Please rectify the wrong you have done. Please before it is too late. You can create harmony again or you can pass away in the future with this legacy of peace. May you live long and think carefully and admit what was a mistake in having this unethical ban against Dorje Shugden religion.

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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