US Government doesn’t want to pay for Tibetans anymore

After 60 years of unfettered donations from a sympathetic global community, the Tibetan leadership now faces leaner times and a leaner future as its biggest donor tightens the purse strings.

By: Shashi Kei

If anyone wondered if President Donald Trump would continue American support of the Tibetan government-in-exile as past US Presidents have done, all speculations ended recently when the State Department sent a proposal to the US Congress calling for the cessation of all aid to the Tibetan people. The withdrawal of American financial support for the Tibetan leadership is indeed a cause for concern for Dharamsala, where the Tibetan leadership is headquartered. This aid has been one of the core reasons Tibetans have persevered for as long as they have and this break from tradition by Trump is a harbinger of tremendous changes ahead for the Tibetan refugees. President Trump’s actions join an increasing chorus of declining global support for the Tibetans.

Over time, world leaders find the Tibetan leadership’s behavior increasingly intolerable and have become less enamored by the Tibetan ’cause’. This has shown in the declining number of world leaders willing to meet with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, inarguably the face of the Tibetan leadership.

For over fifty years, the Tibetan people have lived off the goodwill and kindness of the world community, who have propelled their cause to global recognition; it would be difficult to find another leader of a refugee community more well-known than the Dalai Lama. Yet, after decades of moral and political support including humanitarian care, fiscal benefits, and all manner of sponsorship (both from states and generous individuals), as well as giving Tibetan leaders access to their own political space to advocate the ‘Tibetan cause’ (often at the cost of stoking China’s ire), the Tibetans-in-exile do not seem to have progressed.

Despite millions of dollars pouring into the coffers of the Tibetan leadership, very little if any seems to have trickled down to the Tibetan people themselves, for whom the monies were intended. Therefore today, despite all the assistance the Tibetan people have received, they do not produce or create any significant goods or services, or contribute to the global science and artistic community. Similarly the general Tibetan community cannot claim to have carved a reputation in any academic disciplines, nor do they add value to the nations that host them; in fact, their very presence often jeopardizes their host countries’ abilities to provide for their own citizens through lucrative trade relationships with China. Thus, far from being the success that some say they are, the state of the Tibetans in exile today reveals what an abysmal failure they have become as the result of weak and corrupt leadership. In any analysis of the situation, the final conclusion must be that the Tibetan leadership known as the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) have all but turned the people into professional refugees with one function only – to continue to generate global sympathy and keep foreign aid and sponsorship flowing.

President Trump is no longer willing to spend American taxpayer dollars on supporting the Tibetan leadership’s inefficacies and incompetencies.

This well-rehearsed ploy by the CTA, manipulating the goodwill of sympathetic donors for aid and sponsorship, has not escaped notice. Maura Moynihan, the daughter of the late US Senator Patrick Moynihan, a long-term benefactor of the Tibetan refugees arrived at the same conclusion after decades of tremendous support to the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT). Writing that the organization “…has no clear purpose other than self-preservation, raising funds to pay for trips to Asia, comfortable salaries…”, this description fits the CTA very well, perhaps even more so than the ICT.

Like many other CTA-sponsored bodies around the world, the ICT is merely an extension of the Tibetan leadership, created with the objective of serving their agendas and not hesitating to breach all ethical codes in the process. The organization is part of a significant network of fund-raising organizations supposedly established so Dharamsala can invest in efforts to regain their freedom. In the process, these organizations have raised untold millions over the years and yet, for all of these efforts, the Tibetan movement seems to have lost traction over time.

Meanwhile the Tibetan people continue to languish in exile, living on false hopes and forever waiting for good news, but apparently cheated by their own leadership. Five decades of global hand-holding have led to a leadership and community plagued with complacency, division and internal disharmonies. A number of reasons can be cited for this but one of the main explanations for this lack of results must be the Tibetan leadership itself. Whether by design or negligence, the Tibetan leadership turned their cause into an issue that created confusion and division amongst their people and their respective supporters – rangzen (independence) versus umaylam (autonomy). Instead of focusing on taking appropriate steps to engage with the Chinese, the CTA plunged the community into chaos. They focused the fight amongst the Tibetans and with that, a movement well-supported by the global community spiraled into ruin.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s letter to Sikyong Lobsang Sangay critical of the CTA’s malpractices. Click to enlarge.

Whether the Tibetan cause ought to be rangzen or umaylam is largely academic today as both are nothing more than wishful thinking because of the CTA. They may blame China for refusing to negotiate and with that explain away their failure. But the leadership has no one to blame for denying their own people the most basic human rights under a democracy that the Dalai Lama declared in the 1960s. The proposition that whilst working out a longer-term solution with China, the CTA would give its people the freedom of a liberal society, appealed to many nation-states around the world and drew even more funds into the CTA’s pockets. After all, countries like the United States of America invest substantially in the promulgation of democracies around the world. Amongst some of its more prominent initiatives, the United States government funded Radio Free Asia to be an instrument of free speech with an annual budget of $34million from Congress at one point. However, it was not long before the CTA, somewhat ironically, abused this instrument of freedom to silence critics instead. This prompted a stern warning by US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher whose investigation indicated that there were “serious accusations that US funding meant for Tibetans may have been misspent”.

This should not be a surprise to anyone. The history of the CTA itself is littered with clear cases of abuses of power, one of the most obvious being the CTA’s use of state powers (Cabinet and Parliament) to ban a religion and criminalize the practitioners of Dorje Shugden. Even today, the CTA proudly displays on their official website various parliamentary resolutions calling on Tibetans to marginalize and discriminate against other Tibetans purely based on their religion.

But to the CTA, creating conflicts, sponsoring persecutions and completely ignoring the law are common government practices used to keep the people under control. We see this in the way the CTA instigated a split in the Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist lineage by interfering in the process of recognizing and enthroning the 17th Karmapa. We see it again in the way the CTA openly denied the Jonang lineage their rightful representation in Parliament which the lineage is entitled to by tradition and by the Tibetan Constitution. We see this in the way the leadership unilaterally declared an abandonment of Tibetan independence without first securing the consensus of the people. And we see this in the way the CTA rigged election rules and procedures to disqualify Lukar Jam, a popular candidate for the 2016 Sikyong Elections.

If the CTA has been able to get away with so much wrongdoing and injustice, it is in large part due to the fact that it had the means and resources to do so. Instead of using foreign aid and financial assistance to protect the Tibetan culture, the ancient Tibetan Buddhist religion and promote democratic freedom, the CTA used these monies to oppress its people and coerce them into submission. To this day the CTA is not accountable to anyone and the funds for it to maintain its abusive power has kept flowing in. In that way, subsidies from the Unites States and generous donations from other countries have in fact fueled the bullying and suppression of the Tibetan refugees by their own government.

But it is now more than fifty years and it has become clear to the United States and other countries that the CTA has no intention of protecting the freedom of its people nor does the CTA have any genuine intention of engaging sensibly with China so that the Tibetans can return home. Being refugees is the CTA’s trade and keeping the Tibetan people as exiles an easy ticket for funds to keep flowing into the pockets of the Tibetan leaders. To continue funding the CTA would be to continue empowering them in their censorship of freedom. On the other hand, in stopping aid to the Tibetan people, the US in fact stops funding the CTA’s oppression and creates a need for the C TA to change its ways. Half a century is more than sufficient time for the CTA to have shown that it has a genuine intention and also the ability to protect the well-being of the Tibetan people and to secure a future for them. The CTA has clearly proven that its agenda is otherwise.


The original article in The Indian Express

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  1. It is about time for the threadbare United States to wake up from her heroism and relook at where they spent their taxpayer monies. Even though evidence have long been made available that funds, donations, and sponsorship from the USA and other western countries that supposedly aim to support the Tibetan Cause is doing nothing but lend fattening the wallet of a few. The funds tend to be issued by the privileged few in Dharamsala to fan hatred, segregation, and discrimination towards anyone who they deemed as anti-establishment, even when they are just praying to a different deity. There is no human rights nor democracy under the reign of Dharamsala.

  2. This article reminds me of an old Chinese saying,” trying to pour sand into a swamp”.Yes, the swamp will get filled with the sand one day, but in the meantime, it is also swallowing a lot of resources and time for something that is not stable.

    Despite the resources poured into the Tibetans in exile, what have they got to show for it? Instead of having these funds from the west being poured into the Tibetans in exile, to better their life and to build a better government structure as well as infrastructure for the settlements, it is being poured into creating discrimination, segregation and propaganda. What as waste of good money.

    So, I don’t think president Trump will want to continue as it is not benefiting him at all. Hope this will act as a wake up call to the Tibetans to pull up their socks.

  3. I doubt Congress will go along with Trump’s proposal. Especially with most in the Congress being wary of China and Trump’s son-in-law and Jared Kushner now in hot soup over allegations of attempting to create a direct communication link with Russia that circumvents all security protocols.

    Don’t think Trump will get far but its still a fact that aid to the Tibetans have been dropping over the years and its only a matter of time before the Dalai Lama and CTA find themselves truly alone.

  4. I doubt Congress will approve of Trump’s proposal but it is a sign of the times. There are more factions in the US Government speaking out about not supporting the Tibetan anymore. They get nothing from supporting the Tibetans. If the US Govt want to feel morally good about something, there are millions of other very pressing issues that need help, attention and finances. It is not worth it to anger the biggest trading partner (China) that they have. If this issue is brought up enough times, one day the US Govt will drop all aid to Tibetans but for now it has decreased for sure.

    This proposal by Trump to cut all aid to the ‘exiled govt of Tibet’ is a wake up call for sure. Their so called ‘PM” Singi and cronies are walking a tight rope. Their embarrassing dependency on foreign money even after 50 years in exile is not going last forever. The money is lessening and will be cut eventually. They have proven no results except to create a hodgepodge of schisms and prejudice among their own refugee population from all the aid they have received. The ‘exiled govt of Tibet’ benefits no one. Most of their Tibetans are moving away to others countries out of India and more Tibetans are not leaving Tibet for India. That is a fact.

    The ‘exiled Tibetan govt’ is dying and let’s hope they close up soon.

  5. No more free money for Tibetans, Dalai Lama and his so called ‘government’. This is the karma coming back for all the prejudice, hatred, schism and banning of the Dorje Shugden practice, the two karmapa issue, Jonanangpas, and Rangzen people. Tibetan CTA is now suppressing the Rangzen people in Dharamsala same as they did to the Dorje Shugden followers.

  6. US government should CUT all FREE money to Tibetans in Dharamsala! KARMA COMING BACK TO CTA!

  7. Enough of the Tibetans living for free in mother India. The Indian government gets nothing from supporting the Tibetans. All Tibetans should now take Indian citizenship and contribute to civic duties and taxes to mother India instead of living for free. You should fight in the Indian army and become Indians. Tibetans in America become Americans. Tibetans in Switzerland become Swiss and speak their language. It should be the same for Tibetans in India. It has been 50 years and you have achieved nothing of your goals. Become Indian and be a part of our great nation in spirit and in soul or go back to Tibet!

  8. In the beginning when the Dalai Lama with many Tibetans escaped into India, the Western world was enthralled to be introduced to the “love & kindness” teachings by the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Gurus. They also have an excuse against China and found the cause worthy of sponsorship. However close to 60 years and nothing to show for their sponsorship? What progress had CTA achieved towards independence or even autonomy of Tibet? What we see is Tibet firmly accepted as a part of China’s province now, even to the Western Countries. What progress had CTA achieved towards educating their people in exile to be self sufficient with good living conditions? Most of those who are doing well are those who moved or migrated to the Western World, certainly not through any help from CTA who kept their people in poorly conditions in order to maintain sympathy of sponsors as “Refugees”. Imagine 60 years of untold millions in sponsorships and not having to account for it. Where had the monies gone to??? The sponsorship from United States was over USD14 million in last year alone and this amount had been reduced quite a bit from previous years….so how much for the past 50 years or more?

    With the new Administration in place and new outlook towards China, the United States don’t really have the need of the Dalai Lama or the CTA anymore. Why would she continue to spend the big bucks for a redundant cause of CTA harassing China when the approach is now in friendship? Other than being a thorn to China, what can CTA offer to the United States? Nothing but extra burden when the people of United States are in need of help themselves. Yes, CTA really do have to seriously rethink their strategy in dependence on sponsorships. Or should I say the Tibetans In Exile would be the ones needing to think hard as the Ministers of CTA themselves have their accounts fattened already.

    As commented by Mohan Singh Thakur, the Exiles should take on the Indian citizenship or move on as what they currently have are temporal and it seems overstaying their welcome. China had proven themselves to the world of their progress, commercially, socially and religiously. Tibet is targeted to grow rapidly from the huge investments by the Chinese government and religious practices are protected as human rights. Of course there may be some areas that China need to change faster but then which country is without her own faults? Even in the United States with the freedom’s act, sentiments of discrimination still exist heavily in their communities, with occasional incidences reported.

    From what I see, if CTA can debase themselves to be the pawn of the Western sponsors, then I don’t see why can’t they lower their ego to change their course of appeal towards China? After all, China is now the world’s top powerful country and capable of such generosity as well. Most importantly, Tibet is held by China. So why not work with her, rather than those who have no power to say yes? CTA, your people in exile are waiting to go home, stop your self serving policies and work towards their wishes. Of course, please lift the illogical ban on Dorje Shugden which served to distract your people from your failures and unite them for better negotiation support with the Chinese government. In fact the Shugden people may be able to help CTA in negotiations with China as they do not have the hang-ups that CTA has due to its past propaganda against China and also the alliance with the West. The Dalai Lama is waiting to go home.

  9. Tibetans are the worst refugee exile leaders in the world. After 50 years in exile they still want FREE handouts and money from the outside world who have their own problems. Why should anyone give money to the Tibetans? Why not use the money for their own citizens? Nobody gets anything from helping the Tibetans. What do they do for anyone?

  10. Not one civilized or powerful country support Tibet’s independence from China. All nations including the United Nations agree Tibet is an inalienable part of China. It’s time the Tibetans stop antagonizing the Chinese government and make friends. If you want things to improve, then you have to be friends with China. Simple.

    Everyone in the world is making friends with China. Tibet is not beneficial to any nation’s betterment and that is the truth.

  11. If the Indian government really are concerned with the economy, it is time they settle their differences with China. Tibetans in India will not benefit India at all. For 60 years India has given the Tibetans a chance to regain their country back and they have failed. Now it’s time for India to put her foot down and demand the Tibetans to become Indian citizens and contribute to India. It is a shame that Tibetans are willing to become American, English, Swiss, German, Spanish, Italian, Canadian, Japanese citizens but not willing to become Indian citizens. This is a big shame.

  12. @Tenzin,

    You have a good point. Why do Tibetans in India always try to leave India for the West or Japan? Why are they not grateful to India and become Indian citizens after being in our country for nearly 60 years?

    Why are the Tibetans resistant to become Indian citizens? Is India not good enough for you? Which Western nation helped you when you escaped in 1959 and offered you as much land, food, asylum as India did? Why are Tibetans so ungrateful?Why are Tibetans easy to take the citizenship and pay taxes for a Western nation and not India? Why do you take India for granted?Do you demand refugee yellow passports of Western countries you immigrate to? Why does India have to allow yellow refugee passports for you?

    It’s time the Tibetans stop putting India down and take citizenship or go back to Tibet.

  13. The western people give money to the Tibetan in Exile to help them preserve their culture and be able to stand on their own. After 60 years of aid, Tibetan still have to rely heavily on aid. It shows that Tibetans are still not capable in maintaining themselves. They cannot maintain themselves and on the other hand asking China to let them run their own country – Tibet, what makes them think they can manage Tibet well, bring development and prosperity to the Tibetan people? 60 years is long enough to prove the capability of a person. Look at Singapore, they did not have anything when they gain their independence in 1965, in less than 30 years time they have become one of the most prosperous nations in the world.

    Should US stop giving aids to the Tibetans, I will not be surprised and I think it is very sensible. Instead of pouring the money to a community who does not advance at all, give the money to their own people who need it more.

  14. Jai’ Mahabarat!

    Tibetians get out of India.

    You don’t contribute to India and use us only till you get to foreign country and want foreign passport. You are in India for nearly 60 years and still not Indian citizen. You do not give anything to India.

    Get out of India. We want Tibetians out!

  15. Personally I regretted voting for Trump. But I do agree with Trump for not giving anymore money to the Tibetan govt in exile. Free welfare handouts should stop. The welfare system in US puts you through gruelling interviews before approving a few hundred dollars in welfare for needy families per month, what interview process does the CTA go through to get their millions from US govt? There are plenty of US citizens not doing well who genuinely need money. We don’t need to help no Tibetan refugees anymore. Help yourself. Don’t you have any pride to stand up on your own two feet? CTA quit begging!

    I am a Dorje Shugden practitioner and a US citizen and supported Tibetan Independence for years. But now I see how the Tibetan leaders condemn and crucify Dorje Shugden practitioners for two decades now. You would never be able to do this in America. We would sue the pants off of you!

  16. Hey Losang Singie and Tibetan ‘govt’ in exile, QUIT BEGGING FOR MONEY. Go make your own money! Aren’t you ashamed after 40 years in exile you still want FREE MONEY?

  17. No longer can US tolerate CTA using the generous donations given for non-democratic purposes. CTA leaderships can claim they are democratic but their actions are totally opposite. Look around and you can see tons of human rights discrimination, mishandling of funds and abuse.

  18. I am not surprised that President Trump of the USA will stop funding Tibetans. He believes in” America first” in all his presidential endeavours. So what should he care about handing out free money to CTA. Although there is not much that I like about President Trump and his method of public ranting, for one thing, instead of cutting off medical care to Americans, he seem to have made a better choice of cutting support to Tibetans in exile.

    It is not that I think the poor Tibetans in exile should be punished but let’s face it what has really been done for them by their government? I suppose the only flaw that the Tibetans in exile have is that they do not demand of the CTA to provide for them, to be better off in their adopted country, India.

    The Tibetans out of China are still running and running for a better life. Why not be Indians as suggested by some of the contributors and for good reasons to return the kindness granted to them as their host country for the last 60 years,

    The reason is glaring, it is because they are victims of their government, CTA so that they are used as a cause for free money, which also never filter down to them but enjoyed by the officials of CTA.

    What a mess, CTA is obsolete and to make themselves relevant, they spend lots of money in going against Dorje Shugden practice and practitioners. In the most courteous way to describe CTA is, CTA is creating civil war and disharmony amongst their people to divert attention from their citizens questioning their ineptness.

  19. It is indeed shameful that the last 50 years from donor countries to support Tibet was not put to good use. Using aid from other countries meant to strengthen the community and the culture were used to oppress freedom of speech and religion.

    If the money were made to promote the Tibetan culture of some tourism sanctuary.. the Tibetan Government in exile could have started making their own keep.

    Well.. it is time to wake up and understand no more funds will come in to fund further discrimination amongst its own people! Such a waste to use funds to suppress rather than grow the beautiful culture and religion.

  20. Donald Trump “America First” policy has says it all. America is currently facing much challenges, lots of people is out of job, living in poverty and on the streets. For America taxpayers to continue fund millions of dollars without knowing CTA/ICA clear objective is definitely impossible.

    The Tibetan Leaders, especially Lobsang Sangay should be sacked and put into jail by the FBI/CIA/Interpol/Tibetans people for the stern warning by US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher whose investigation indicated that there were “serious accusations that US funding meant for Tibetans may have been misspent”.

    After 60 years of huge funding from the US government, what has Tibetan people really benefited from CTA?

    Lobsang Sangay, you have just overtook the NO.1 most corrupted and manipulated PM in the world. Congratulations! For all the abused CTA has done to the Dorje Shugden practitioners, and many others lineage lamas and monks, you are really a bad and evil person. You are in the center of a Buddhist Nations and Leaders, but you act like a demon.

  21. The golden question will be where did all the money gone? What have they done for the Tibetans all these decades and instead of continuing relying on sympathy of others kindness such as India, Japan and USA. Now that USA is not going to support CTA anymore, where will we be heading to in reality.

    60 years away from our homeland is painful enough and to know CTA never had any real effort in claiming back Tibet is depressing. We see people lighting themselves up to voice their protests against China over our homeland but we never see any real actions from CTA to make us Tibetans say to CTA, you know what, you have done your best and there are really nothing else you can do but we are proud of you for at least fighting for our homeland. This is the real sentiment of us Tibetans. What has CTA done? What did the government do to help us citizens to improve as a nation if we are still a country?

    Instead of uniting us Tibetans and work towards reclaiming Tibet, CTA created more confusions within the Tibetan in exile community by creating all the lies about Dorje Shugden. Worst is to blame Dorje Shugden as the main cause of why Tibet is still under China. People out of Tibet need to know that there are no democracy or freedom of speech in Tibetan communities. If we speak in anything against CTA or anything that CTA doesn’t approve, we will be subjected to discrimination and abuse, most of the time is mentally and in severe cases physically. Sad but this is a reality. I am sad and now CTA is reaping the karma of lying and not doing their things correctly.

  22. I really like what Paolo said:

    Lobsang Sangay, you have just overtook the NO.1 most corrupted and manipulated PM in the world. Congratulations! For all the abused CTA has done to the Dorje Shugden practitioners, and many others lineage lamas and monks, you are really a bad and evil person. You are in the center of a Buddhist Nations and Leaders, but you act like a demon.

  23. The time has come. CTA has been wasting their time and after close to 60 years they have failed to take care of Tibetan. Now their main sponsor is stopping funding them and it seems like too late for CTA to do anything. Due to the influence of China in the world economy many countries would not go against the Chinese and in this case they will choose to be away from His Holiness. This is very obvious and where else CTA will get their support from?

    What make the situation worst here is how CTA abuse their power instead of taking their people. Result shown everything and from this articles the world can really see how CTA treat their people and the sympathy game can no longer buy in by others instead now the true color of CTA revealed and no way people will support CTA anymore. Karma coming back now.

  24. Tibetans in Exile really believed CTA would give them a better live, but it turns out the other way. CTA has screwed up big time. Not only they failed to build a nation whom can stand on their own, they misspent and misused the funds given to them.

    CTA was given the funds, and see what they did with it? They made a video to talk bad about Dorje Shugden. Is that how a government should use their funds? How would you feel if you are the donor? Of course you will feel offended and upset!

    On one hand, I feel sorry for these Tibetans. But on the other hand, it is a wake up call for them. It is their “country” and they have every rights to ask the leadership i.e. CTA what the hell is going on, and what is the solution to all the problems, even after 50 years.

    I pray that USA will really provide zero aid so that CTA can stop rely on others to solve their own problem, and also other countries will follow USA’s footstep in stop giving them aids. After all, it has been almost 60 years already.

  25. I am not surprise by the outcome and I do think that the top officials in America are well-aware of the situation in CTA for many years now. They had been funding this because their intentions are really not that noble in the first place. They are more concern with using the Tibetan plight as means to corner China on the international scene. Perhaps even as a bargaining chip in the complicated network of international relations. That was the situation when the America had the economic upper hand and financial resources to do this.

    However, tables have turned and the America has a burgeoning trade deficit with China. And China has arisen in recent years to become a mighty economic powerhouse and America’s domestic economy is languishing. This is not to mention the arrival of Trump, a shrewd businessman as the President of America and China’s willingness to use its economic clout to further its cause. Furthermore, more and more pressing issues with regards to ISIS and terrorism has taken centerstage. The Tibetan cause suddenly has lost its appeal and its more feasible and mutually beneficial to engage China through trade agreements rather than flashing the Tibet/human rights card.

    After all, fighting the Tibetan cause does not bring jobs back to America. It does nothing to stave off the billions of dollars in trade deficit with China and it does nothing to help America as the world is a very different place now – China is ascending towards being a world superpower. If CTA does not smarten up and react accordingly, they will be swept away by the tide of change that comes with China’s ascendency. All CTA has done was to fight China by highlighting self-immolation and human rights abuses. This is the wrong way to deal with China, especially when China has the upper hand here.

  26. America first comes to mind, hearing such news. So why can’t the president elect do whats only in the best interest of the American people. There are stats in 2014 that suggest 45 million US citizens live below the poverty line. Thats 6-8 times the actual Tibetan population within China and outside of it.

    America FIRST I say, sounds very logical by President Donald Trump.

  27. Dropped by because I saw this article. I don’t care nothing for the whole religious thing y’all are yabberin about but I think its about time my government dropped this sorry piece of leadership. Its about time hard earned AMERICAN taxes stop going out of our country to pay for some fat cats to sit around in some mountain resort drinking tea and doing nothing. Between us shipping our jobs off to China and then us PAYING for the whole the Tibetan thing, no wonder America’s gone down the drain thanks to the liberals. Pelosi can shut her trap if she thinks the people are going to support her calling for OUR money to be shipped off to the East. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  28. For almost six decades now, the tibetans in-exile having been living as refugees in mother India. I have seen first ahdn how how they are treated. They are not given the same rights as other Indians, even though some are born and raised there. They are not equal, they have no rights apart from those granted on the whim of the tibetan leadership, who themselves profit from their situation, while the ordinary tibetan in-exile is kept underfoot, through various political maneuvers. As this and many other articles, reports and investigations have proven, the tibetan leadership use the condition of their people to raise funds, but it doesn’t trickle down the average person, as you would expect and would be promised to the various sponsors. Instead, it lines the pockets of an elite few.

    I know some tibetans who for the longest time have been trying to get Indian citizenry, for democratic rights as enshrined in the Indian Constitution. Unfortunately, due to the political movements of their leadership, this is harder said than done. But my point is that after so long since their exile began, why do people now want to leave their traditional and cultural government? The reason is that people are starting to see through the smoke screen of religion, blind allegiance, and false promises that the leadership embodies. They are able to see the real and grotesque face of their leadership. They realize that the millions, billions or trillions of dollars have not been put to democratic use. Their lives have not improved, they have not benefited.

    So, what is the point of having such a leadership, better to integrate into the country they are living. They will have much more freedom, and their rights would be protected. Granted, the Indian political system is not great, but it definitely beats being trodden over by a leadership who line their own pockets.

    I think this move by President of America is a good step. Whether they follow through or not is another matter, but it should be a wake up call for the leadership that they have not served their people, by not thinking of ways to support themselves, but having relied on aid handouts from countries and private individuals.

    Let us see, the way in which they try to secure the funds that line their pockets. Let us see what they do, how they do it, and how much they grovel. Ineffective as they are in protecting the rights of their people, creating a real democracy as they promised their people that they would, they are good at only one thing – using their people as their ticket to funds, to line their own pockets. They have been good at this in the past, but the manipulation of politics does not go unnoticed.

    Some of us can see the beauty of the sun rise and the sound of the river flowing because we have freedom, we have a government that enshrines democratic principles. Others, like the Tibetans, cannot. They do not have their freedom, they are oppressed by their leadership, who day by day line their pockets. But now the rat isn’t getting its food, lets see how it fights, squeals and begs.

    Jai Bharat Mata, who takes care of all her children!

  29. This is the result of being ignorance. It served them (CTA) right, I’m sorry to say that. For over 50 years, CTA have been using funds from US to monopolize their people mind and freedom. Thus putting fully blamed on China of their failure in leaderships, bribe, assault and incriminate Dorje Shugden’s practitioners.

    Being guided by a highly attained spirituality leader, CTA should be appeared to be more COMPASSIONATE and show more KINDNESS to their people compared to other religions. Due to their greed of power, CTA have created a very ugly exacerbate religious cultures.

  30. The CTA have to wake up from their dream of getting funds from the US and the generous individuals. As per the article, US is backing off from funding the Tibetans-in-exile which never grow and contribute to economy of the country.
    The Tibetans-in-exile will definitely be ask to go back to their home country as there is no more funds coming in for them. It is high time that the CTA make connections with China. This may at least help their people-in-exile. I really pity the Tibetans-in-exile because the CTA has been treating them like a puppet. I think it is the CTA’s karma ripening for treating the people so badly. Good luck to them. Hope they know what to do next to safe themselves.

  31. Finally the US government has open their mouth to say something. Trump is a business man, the money he spent, he will need to see there’s return. In CTA case, countries have been pumping money to them, yet there’s no progress, in fact, CTA only interested in segregating their own people, discriminating Dorje Shugden practitioners, supporting self immolation, what else they do? Or maybe should I say, what else they know to do? Hence, with all these “good job” that the Tibetan leadership has been doing, people will start to ask, is that Democracy? And, where does the money go? Trump is not stupid. Even if CTA thought that Trump is stupid, the world is not stupid. People are watching, CTA. Over 5 decades, what have you done with the money?
    I can fore see, when USA start pulling out from funding the Tibetan in Exile, other countries will follow. Especially India. The whole world knows that India is not befriending China, if they still doesn’t befriend USA, who is going to support them? India itself is facing financial problem, how long can it stand to keep the Tibetan in their country? Everything is money concern. CTA is the receiver maybe they don’t feel it. And they are still thinking can continuously happily receiving money from other country by showing the whole world how poor they are, how pity they are, how broken they are. Please….. wake up CTA, people are not stupid. Go back to your own country and stop acting pathetic here.

  32. It is about time that the CTA learn to be independent and really take care of its people and the Tibetans’ precious heritage. The CTA has been taking all external aids for granted and focuses on accumulating self wealth while creating camouflage by inciting disharmony and division within the Tibetan community. This trick has been used for so long any tom, dick and harry can tell it is nothing but a ploy purely to serve the CTA’s greed and selfish agendas. Definitely the US can see through this.

    Whatever reasons the US had for half a decade to support the CTA, it is clear by now that those reasons are nothing but one-sided assumptions made by the US that were either not clearly communicated to the CTA or heard by the CTA who would never appreciates and act on it. Looking at the history of how the Americans work, the later is obviously the case.

    The US has a lot of problems herself including poverty, hunger, medical aids, economic growth, and much more social issues to be addressed to. The tax payers should voice their concerns on how their taxes are being used. Billions of dollars have been poured from the US to the CTA that could have been used to solve her social issues. The US should take care of her own people’s welfare before channelling their money to fund other nations that will not utilise them as intended, such as the CTA. The US should not worry about policing other nations through donating their tax payers hard earned money to war in Iraq, to aid the formation of a democratic leadership among the backward feudal Tibetans etc.

    The CTA has proven to be a failure in both finances and people management. They are not going to be successful because they have proven so for half a century. The stopping of aid from the US is very much necessary because this investment will not bear fruit.

  33. Thank you for this interesting article. For many years now, the CTA has not shown any care or help to other communities outside their own. They expect assistance, but yet, they do not give back to the society. Even last year, when Mongolia was experiencing backlash after the country hosted the Dalai Lama, the CTA did nothing for them.

    They went around the world to ask for the donation to help preserve Tibetan distinct identity. However, they have been using the gifts to create schism within the Tibetan community in exile (e.g., by printing books to condemn Dorje Shugden practice, instigating a split within the Karma Kagyu lineage, disqualifying their political opponent, and so forth). They had used so much money for unwholesome objectives, that when there were necessities for money (e.g., when an extended drought happened in Tibetan in exile community), they again shamelessly went around asking for the donation to help their people.

    I think it is good that the United States cut their aid for the CTA because it means that the CTA would have fewer resources to do their unwholesome activities.

  34. 50 years with a government in exile with millions of dollars of international aid and Tibetans are still nowhere. Never mind getting the country back, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) doesn’t seem to be handling their own community well.

    It’s obvious when one has a quick look of events. Many Tibetans were furious with the unethical elections. The incumbent Sikyong (Prime Minister), Lobsang Sangye and the Kashag (CTA Cabinet) took measures to prevent independent candidates from receiving or spending funds for campaign activities after the primary ballots. A well-liked candidate, Lukar Jam, was forced to unceremoniously bow out of the prime-ministerial race. These events led to a letter by US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher calling for agencies to monitor the Tibetan leadership closely to ensure they are indeed conforming to accepted democratic standards.

    In November 2016, 138 shops operated by Tibetans in the Lal Qila market were engulfed by fire, leaving the sellers under huge burden of debts to repay. Although there was no loss of lives, damage to the merchandise is estimated at Rs.12 Crore (Rs.120 million). Despite receiving huge amount of international aids annually, CTA had to issue an urgent appeal for funds through the name of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Central Tibetan Relief Committee. The state government of Delhi sanctioned INR 1 Crore 38 Lacs on 23 November as relief while the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile offered a sum of RS 70,000/ from the Chairman Relief Fund. CTA has promised 15 lakh rupees, but there were no news about the disbursement.
    It is evident that the ban on Dorje Shugden is a scapegoat strategy to blame CTA’s failure in many aspects of governance and administration. It is not good that Tibetans get less aid from others, but perhaps this will be a good wake up call for CTA.

  35. I am not a fan of Donald Trump and the man frightens me. But I have to say that for whatever reasons Trump was prompted to cut funding to the Tibetans, this is the correct decision.

    Many people assume that American aid as well as sponsorship from well-meaning people and governments actually help the Tibetan refugees. The hard truth is, very little if any at all reach the refugees. Cronies of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan government pocket most of these funds in the form of commission, fat fees and ‘administration’ charges. The Tibetan refugees cause has been fleecing the world public for decades. The fraud that Maura Moynihan exposed if merely a fraction of the fleecing that has been happening and most of these have taken place under the direction of various Tibetan politicians. The article is right to say the being refugees os merely a trade to the Tibetans.

    The Tibetan people should help themselves by seeking Indian citizenship in India or elsewhere and not waste any more time or hope with the CTA. After all, time has proven that the CTA does nothing to help the ordinary Tibetan. In addition, they should use the power of the vote and in the next election, get a proper leader into power. Get rid of Lobsang Sangay and his horde and see the difference.

  36. I wonder what is going to happen to Tibet after all this… Under the leadership of the Tibetan leadership, Tibet has not been independent and pro-active at all. For decades, they have been relying mostly on donations to survive, therefore I can imagine what kind of impact President Trump’s decision will make on Tibet.

    I guess everyone has got to learn their lesson, Tibet should really buck up and stop leeching onto the donations from other countries. In this 21st century, if one doesn’t catch up with the current fast-moving society, by default one will die out very quickly, it’s a sad reality. Yes, it is sad but if you haven’t done any hard work to sustain your own country, who are you to even feel sad or be devastated when the bad news hits?

  37. As a tibetan i am very ashamed of my government-in-exile CTA for bringing the whole Tibetan community to this stage, it is really negative karma. The US government and many other western countries with good intention have been aiding our exile Tibetan community financially for decades since 1959, instead of using the money for the welfare of the people, CTA is highly corrupted and pocketed most of the money for themselves and for their immediate family to migrate to the west, and the rest of the money they spent on pleasing the Dalai Lama and useless propaganda like printing anti-Shugden booklets which does not bring any benefit to the people. CTA does this to please the Dalai Lama so that the Dalai Lama is happy with them and will continue travelling to the west to bring in more money for CTA, that is the truth. For the years of corruption, now the karma is coming back, there will be no more financial aid from US, and other countries will follow suit. The tibetan people will become poorer with worse welfare, no that there was any to begin with, and for the corrupted CTA officials, they have milked enough for the past decades and now the will just migrate to the west with their money and live a comfortable life, leaving behind the poor Tibetans to fend for themselves in India. CTA is the most corrupted “government” in the world living behind the fake veil of Dalai Lama’s holiness.

  38. This is call karma for the CTA. All. The things, injustice they have done will return to them. They think so shallow, they think karma does not apply to them just because they are on HH. Sakai Lama side. Look at the recent Garden Trips as an example, even if you are in robes you are not exampted from karma. They of all people should know this, are they Buddhist? Or they just show they are but actually not?

    Anyway, Trump is definitely not someone they can rely on and don’t forget he is a business man, not will he not honour his words, he will do business with those he can profit from. Why would he want to deal with Tibetan leaders who only wants more money, and jeopardise their relationship with the biggest businessman and deal in the world – China? And for so many years and decades of aid to these Tibetans refugee campaigns, what has it brought back? What have CTA given back? Just more problems, division and disharmony even in a worldly sense. Like how they affected the economy of Mongolia due HH Dalai Lama’s visit, which angered China and hence cut their funding. At the end of the day it is always the people who suffer. So it is time us people speak up.

    The CTA needs new administration and leaders that will stop dividing their own people, discriminate, and stick their nose in people’s spirituality, totally none of their business and wrong for a democratic government to do that.

    CTA actually act like a communist leader, but just with a democratic label. They are the biggest hypocrite, so why point fingers at others when they are the same? So this news about Trump not supporting them is a huge slap to wake up to all Tibetans. Stop following bad leaders and start making a change. As for CTA, time is up for them. Time for better, genuine leaders that actually cares and hear their people despite race or religion! Everyone should be treated equally!

  39. Look at the Tibetans, here they are asking for funds and donations again. It’s really sad, read the article here:

    5 Reasons to Stop Trump from Cutting Tibet Aid

    By: Tenzin Dorjee, Contributor (Writer, activist, and Researcher at the Tibet Action Institute

    This past week, the Tibetan community was sent into a state of shock after learning that Trump’s 2018 budget proposes cutting the United States government’s aid to Tibet. The American government’s financial assistance to Tibetans over the last few decades has been a lifeline for one of the world’s most vulnerable populations. Both the US Congress and successive US administrations have passed numerous resolutions and made multiple statements pledging to support the Tibetan people’s aspirations to “safeguard Tibet’s distinct historical, religious, cultural, and linguistic identity and the protection of human rights.”

    While the new White House may be willing to cut Tibet short and sell its politics to a higher bidder in Beijing, there are many leaders in Congress who understand the moral, historical, political and strategic imperative of standing up for Tibet. Here are the top five reasons why Congress must make sure that the US continues its critical aid to Tibet.

    1. Tibetans are waging a nonviolent struggle against tyranny and oppression. If we want to reduce violent conflict in the world, we must support those who are using nonviolent methods to fight injustice. Cutting aid to nonviolent programs is a terrible way of fighting terrorism and violence. The most effective way to promote lasting peace and discourage war is by helping nonviolent movements to survive and succeed.

    2. Tibet is one of the few bipartisan issues remaining in the polarized American politics of today. Democrats and Republicans have come to disagree on virtually everything. Tibet is one of the few issues that still command the support of both political parties. In these divisive times, we need common ground issues like Tibet to provide the neutral platforms on which Democrats and Republican Members of Congress can rebuild friendship and mutual understanding.

    3. The Tibet aid program is not charity, it’s a reparation of sorts. When China invaded Tibet, tens of thousands of Tibetans fought against Mao’s army. The Cold War was at its height and Americans knew little about China. So the US decided to use the Tibetans to contain the Communist expansion and to secure intelligence about China, which was largely inaccessible to Westerners. The CIA ran a covert operation to train and finance Tibetan guerrillas. But the agency’s commitment to the operation was half-hearted and the supplies drastically inadequate. For 25,000 Tibetan soldiers in southern Tibet, for instance, the CIA dropped 700 old guns left over from WWII – barely enough to defeat a battalion, much less an army. Nevertheless, the Tibetans carried out a series of raids on Chinese military convoys. One such raid resulted in the capture of 1,500 Chinese documents containing the first concrete evidence of the “failure of Mao’s Great Leap Forward, famine, and discontent within the PLA.” According to CIA officer Ken Knaus, the “Tibetan Document Raid was one of the greatest intelligence hauls in the history of the agency.”

    4. India is bolstering its support for Tibet, and so should the US. The liberal world order has never seemed more fragile, and democracy never more feeble. If we don’t want the authoritarian regimes of China and Russia to write the next chapter of world history in the coming decades, it is incumbent upon the two largest democracies of the world, India and the US, to step up and assert their leadership by supporting the nations that are engaged in life-and-death struggles for freedom, democracy and self-determination. To jaded Americans who take their freedom for granted, these words may ring hollow. But to Tibetans living under the boot of colonial oppression, ’freedom’ and ‘democracy’ are the very words and ideals for which people are laying down their lives.

    5. Tibetans still believe in America. This may sound strange, but it’s true. Tibetans are one of the last remaining people on the planet who still believe in America – a rare and endangered species these days – and place their faith in the value of freedom and the virtue of democracy. When the Twin Towers fell in New York, Tibetans swarmed into the temples to offer prayers. Many Tibetan homes in Lhasa raised the American flag in their windows. (Well, some Tibetans did that partly with the intention of taunting the Chinese government, because Tibetans in Tibet often use the American flag as a placeholder for the banned Tibetan national flag. But that doesn’t make the gesture any less meaningful.) Tibet was betrayed by the US when Nixon, after meeting with Mao in 1972, pulled the plug on funding the Tibetan guerrilla force. We cannot betray the Tibetan people again, no matter whatever deal Xi Jinping may have struck with Trump when they met in Florida in April.

    For the above reasons, among many others, concerned American citizens should write to their Members of Congress and ask them to reject Trump’s proposal. We should ask our Representatives and Senators to contact their colleagues on the House and Senate State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee – especially Chairman Harold Rogers (KY) and Ranking Member Nita Lowey (NY) for the House, and Chairman Lindsey Graham (SC) and Ranking Member Patrick Leahy (VT) for the Senate – and urge them to strengthen US support for all the programs that support Tibetans in and outside Tibet.


  40. For super powers like America to give big sum of money or meeting the Tibetan leaders or HH Dalai Lama, is to showcase or potray herself as a champion of free world or they are the big brother of democrary. As well as a tool to irrirate Beijing, the rising world super power.

    If the policies, actions and images of Tibetan leaders did not and not going to be one of entity to support democracy system or freedom of speech values, which advocates by America, but as one of the government to anti free speech, religious freedom and not a democracy believer, what for America continue to support another leadership/government who supress her people and did all kinds of censorship same as countries like China, North Korea and etc?

    In this sense, CTA or HH Dalai Lama losing fast their “values”, hence, the America would consider to stop channeling their funds or supports. When America pulls out the support financially or emotionally, other countries or communities in the world would follow suit. CTA’s days are numbered.

  41. Why do the Tibetan leadership think that people owe them anything?
    Due to their mishandling and corruption they lost their own country to China. Now they want America to pay for their stay in exile? American tax dollars have pumped tens of millions for the Tibetans, when does this end?Why does Americans have to keep paying? Americans have paid enough to a losing cause.

  42. I am doubt, that CTA without US Government support, can they ( CTA ) still can survive?

    After reading their ( CTA ) ” official announcement ” on website, i had more doubts ( CTA ). Maybe is time for CTA to going down?

    Would like the share the doubt link –

  43. Instead of using the generous donations of many governments and people all over the world in a beneficial way, the CTA has used the money against his own people and for their own benefit.

    It is shocking how a so-called government dares to uses funds in an unsincere way and clearly does not follow democratic rules.

    Sad to say but i am happy that they will not be funded anymore to continue in their deceiving ways. It is time to wake the CTA up and let them know that everything has an end and abuses will only fall back on those who did them. 60 years are enough to create a future for the Tibetans but the CTA has not done the necessary!

    May the world wake up and may all Tibetans unite and have a home again. May the ban on Dorje Shugden practitioners be ended swiftly.

  44. Decades of taking, taking and taking money from the United States did not result in much improvement in independence, freedom of speech, freedom of religious practice for the Tibetan people in general. Instead Tibetan school children in Dharamsala, India, were given stern looks and frowns by the Sikyong Lobsang Sangay when they tried to exercise freedom of speech as the school children thought that is part and parcel of independent right. How would the Sikyong and other cabinet ministers of the CTA treat their own children if they were the ones who asked such questions to voice their opinions?

    Like what readers asked here: What happened to the millions the Central Tibetan Administration received from the USA and from other countries? Where did the money go to?

  45. Sorry to say I support President Trump of the USA to stop funding Tibetans. because continue funding is just like continue to support and spoilt child to spent. For whatever reasons, after 50 years, Tibetans exile government should have learned how to support themselves already. Unfortunately after settled down in India, they did not use the fund (millions US$ from the world especially USA) to build a strong education systems for their youth so that they are well educated and be able to build their own community nor bring any benefits to their host country due to their selfishness and only focusing on their own personal benefits, hence miss used the funds and abusing the support and help from the west for the last 50 years, CTA totally failed and now loosing everything included their biggest sponsor which is USA.

    If from day one, they followed the plan and use the monies wisely, I believe Tibetans wouldn’t have to be refugees anymore. Where are Tibetans heading to now? What is the future for the next generations? Are they continue to be refugees? 50 years ago, thousands of Tibetans from mainland came all the way from Tibet to India. Today, more and more Tibetans (refugees) in India returning back to Tibet, China as Chinese citizens. Why returning Tibet? In Tibet, there are good education system, freedom of religions, good infrastructure, making good money from tourism industry, life is improving and getting better. Their children don’t have to be farmers anymore. No body donated millions of US$ to China government and Tibetans in Tibet to build their community but why are they successful today? They never blame anyone such as a deity Dorje Shugden like CTA did. When they were very poor and went through the hardship to build their own country, they faced the problems and they fixed it together by hook or by crook. So China as who she is today, one of the world leading countries in technology and finance. I feel very sorry for HHDL that he has to faced this at his age due to the failure of his people.

  46. It’s time for everyone to wake up and be responsible for their actions. The donors, CTA and the citizen!

  47. Karma in action! And it’s biting CTA in the butt!
    After all the years of receiving so much monetary gains and benefits, nothing good came out of it.

    All the Tibetans got was disunity, segregation, discrimination, lies and worst of all, absolutely no religious freedom for their own people. Goodness! You can’t even take care of your own people! I believe if the press interview the Tibetans and ask them to say what CTA have done for them, there will be absolutely NOTHING to write about.

    Tibetans have no independence, no rhangzen, no umaylam, no freedom of speech, no freedom to practice, no freedom to leave, no freedom to go ‘home’, no benefits, nothing.

    What have they done for India anyway? All they do is take, take, take and take! After so many years, India should consider its own benefit for its own people. Ask CTA to repay your kindness or get out!

  48. It’s very clear from the last meeting that Trump had with the China president, that America needs to be “friends” with China in this current times. Trump was keen to stress that their meeting was very successful and that they will be working closely together in several issues, one of which is on the subject of North Korea. The world needs China to keep this problem at bay. Do you think Trump or even the majority in the USA government would want to assist CTA or Tibetans and convey the message of funding activities against China?
    During George Bush’s and Obama’s time, they had political benefits to support CTA. But now that China is clearly the superpower , they have to back down and play the game differently. Of course, on top of that America has in general adopted a strong tightening on their spending, especially on areas that will not directly improve their economy which is in dire need to survive.
    Unfortunately, many groups of people will be affected by this cut in financial support. CTA ought to understand the principle of IMPERMANANCE better then other governments. It may in fact be a good turning point for CTA to accept and make real efforts to improve their own status instead of depending on the USA. After all, Tibet is clearly in China…… Embrace that fact and work towards reconciliations and not create more negativity. Don’t use dirty tactics of discriminating and causing sufferings to other Tibetans. This is the time when you need all Tibetans to be in harmony and work towards the betterment of everyone.

  49. It is clear that CTA has not been working towards what they promised for the last 50 years, for over the years the Tibetan government-in-exile has been receiving donations from around the world clearly doesn’t really helped the Tibetans, instead, it have created a corrupted government which kept using a same sympathy ‘card’ all these years.

    Instead of promoting peace, unity, harmony and freedom, CTA has abused the trust which was given to them from various parties around the globe. With the recent rising ‘superpower’ many countries will try to get into their good books for various reasons.
    After all, Tibet is in China now and I really hope that these two government will have some agreement between them for the benefit of their people.

  50. When I was young, I had a good picture on Tibet in my mind. After I read the above article, I feel so sad and disappointed with current Centre Tibetan Administration (CTA). How can a leader misuse the source of fund to oppress own citizens for own agenda.
    As we know that Tibet is Buddhism country yet CTA can use the funds to suppress and discriminate people based on religion different(Dorje Shugden ban been executed and Dorje Shugden practitioners been discriminated and coerce ). This not Buddha’s teachings. As a Buddhist, we must practice compassion and tolerance without any conditions or agenda. People are segregated and some were lost contact with friends, family member because of Dorje Shugden Ban.
    I feel frustrated with current Tibet situation. May be the spiritual leader, H.H Dalai Lama can do somethings to alleviate Tibetan sufferings and unity all Tibetan to create a harmony and peace Tibet in future. Please have a dialogue with Dorje Shugden and non Dorje Shugden practitioners to find solutions.


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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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