Lobsang Sangay, See You in Court!

Update 5 June 2019 

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Penpa Tsering Vs Lobsang Sangay Case in Tibetan Court (Breaking News)


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31 July 2018

Wherever Lobsang Sangay has turned up for public engagements, he has been greeted with protestors who are unhappy with the corruption exhibited by the Tibetan leadership.

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By Solaray Kusco

It has been a trying few months for the President of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) Sikyong Lobsang Sangay. Since he trounced political rival Penpa Tsering in the 2016 Sikyong elections, nothing has gone right for him. Post-election tensions ran high between the former candidates so to pacify him, Penpa Tsering was given the consolation post of North America’ donjo (the Dalai Lama’s representative). This position is highly coveted amongst the upper echelons of the Tibetan leadership because it comes with wealth and privilege, thanks to plentiful opportunities to meet liberal American sponsors and donors.

However, in November 2017, after Sangay’s sudden and unexplained dismissal of Penpa Tsering from the donjo post, his ratings took a real nosedive and have not recovered since. Things continued to go from bad to worse as nearly one hundred Tibetans, calling themselves the “Truth Seeking Volunteers”, have been protesting Sangay wherever in the world he has travelled to.

Most recently, they camped outside the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile for ten days (March 14th to 24th), protesting against Sangay while the Parliament inside debated about the Penpa Tsering issue, although they were supposed to be discussing budgetary concerns. The protestors’ demands include greater clarification regarding Penpa Tsering’s dismissal, as well as an explanation for the US$1.5mil which went missing from the Tibet Fund and appears to have been mis-accounted for at best, and embezzled at worst.

It was not until the tenth day that 14 members of parliament met with representatives of the protestors, appearing in their personal capacity to listen to the concerns of their constituents. The fact that the target of the protests, Sangay himself, refused to meet with anyone is a clear indication that he would rather attend to more financially lucrative endeavors, and he has no interest in resolving issues that actually concern those who voted him into power. Not only did Sangay snub his constituents but he added salt to the wound when he haughtily challenged them to take him to court if they were unsatisfied with the Cabinet’s decisions.

Sangay’s behavior confirms the opposition’s claims that he does not behave like a democratically-elected leader of the people, but is more akin to an arrogant, self-serving dictator who sees no need to be answerable to the electorate. Hence, due to Sangay’s ego, he is willing to waste even more Tibetan taxpayers’ money and time in fighting his own Tibetan people in court. Has he not done enough damage already with his other divisive policies like the ban on Dorje Shugden, and his refusal to given equal parliamentary representation to the Jonangpas?

One of the nine hunger strikers of the followers of the Jonang sect. They are outside the CTA’s (Tibetan Parliament) office in Dharamsala demanding for the discrimination against their sect to end. The CTA or Central Tibetan Administration are well known for their corrupt and unjust ways of handling their people. The Jonang sect was banned in Tibet by the 5th Dalai Lama for over 400 years until recently. Now they want representatives in the Tibetan Parliament which is not allowed to them. The same discrimination and much more is also targeted against Dorje Shugden followers.

Would it not just cost less for Sangay to answer his people’s questions face-to-face, or is honesty really that difficult for him? This kind of typical behavior from the Tibetan leadership shows Sangay’s lack of foresight and care for the CTA’s image as a whole. As it is, the Tibetans in exile are facing more challenges than ever before, with their main sponsor and host country India dumping them in favor of relations with China. Yet, instead of uniting the Tibetan people, Sangay chooses to divide them further by challenging his own people to sue him. Does he not think something like this will reflect badly on the Tibetans, not to mention the Dalai Lama, when everyone sees Tibetans fighting one another so publicly, forever airing their dirty laundry?

Now we see the truth about the Tibetan leadership’s undemocratic ways. Real democracy allows the people’s voices to be heard and good leadership means facing these voices and answering them. Unfortunately, the Tibetan leadership has no experience at being held accountable for anything since no one has ever dared to speak up against the injustices they commit. But that was in the past, at a time when it was unthinkable for Tibetans to protest against their leaders.

The world nowadays is a very different place and protests have become commonplace. If the once-unthinkable protests show no signs of abating, then Sangay would do well to realize it is only a matter of time before he will be forced to make good on his fighting words. There are plenty of Tibetans who are angry with him, and who possess the resources to take him up on his challenge. And let’s not forget the ever-watchful eye of the Dalai Lama, who may just step in and oust Sangay if the protests grow too large, and the protestors grow too vocal.

It is time for Sangay to step up to the plate and start making real amends or step down as leader, because his behavior is, to put it simply, bad for business. Yes, the world and the Dalai Lama are watching so Sangay, it is your move.


Tibet Sun: What if the protesters bring Lobsang Sangay to court?

Click to enlarge. (Source: https://www.tibetsun.com/opinions/2018/04/02/what-if-the-protesters-bring-lobsang-sangay-to-court)


Phayul: Protestors demand impeachment of President Sangay, MP Yarphel

Click to enlarge. (Source: http://www.phayul.com/news/article.aspx?id=40270)


The Siasat Daily: Tibetans protests against government amidst strained relations with India

Click to enlarge. (Source: https://www.siasat.com/news/tibetans-protests-against-cta-president-amidst-strained-relations-india-1330963/)

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  1. ‘Karmapa’ Ogyen Trinley no longer recognised by Indian govt as 17th Karmapa. Indian government is not happy he did not show respect to India for all the years he took refuge in India. He simply renounced his Indian protectorate papers and took a Dominican republic passport. He could have had the courtesy to let Indian government know beforehand and thank them.

    Read more at:

    ‘Dorje no longer recognised by Indian govt as 17th Karmapa’
    Indrani Bagchi | TNN | Dec 28, 2018, 04:00 IST
    Given its apparent disenchantment with the Karmapa, the government is no longer seeing his decision to acquire a Dominican passport as a problem and is willing to give him a visa.
    This could mean that India will no accord much importance to the status of his identity certificate, the document commonly issued to Tibetan refugees, which also facilitates travel abroad.
    NEW DELHI: The already strained ties between Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje and the Indian government seems to have further deteriorated with the government making it clear that it does not recognise him as the legitimate Buddhist religious leader of the influential karma kagyu sect.
    The sharp put down, articulated by well-placed sources, makes the status and future of the Karmapa uncertain in India and seems to indicate that India’s impatience with his long absence from India has turned into a colder indifference to the leader’s claim to his “traditional” seat of the Rumtek monastery.
    Given its apparent disenchantment with the Karmapa, the government is no longer seeing his decision to acquire a Dominican passport as a problem and is willing to give him a visa. This could mean that India will not accord much importance to the status of his identity certificate, the document commonly issued to Tibetan refugees, which also facilitates travel abroad.
    There are legal and political aspects to the development. Since there are competing claims to the Rumtek monastery that are sub judice, India cannot pronounce on the Karmapa’s claim. However, politically, keeping the Karmapa in its zone of influence and supporting his presence here makes India a “guardian” of a religious leader seen to rank next to the Dalai Lama in importance.
    The government’s stand is at odds with the Dalai Lama, who has recognised Dorje as the legitimate Karmapa. In recent years, the Indian government had also shed its suspicions about Karmapa’s escape from China along with his older sister and a few followers. But for more than a year after Karmapa went to the US, he has avoided returning and has in fact complained that he finds restrictions on his travel irksome.
    The rival claimant to the post, Thaye Dorje, who had been placed as a Karmapa claimant by Shamar Rimpoche, recently renounced monkhood and got married, diluting his claim since the title calls for celibacy.
    The two claimants had riven the Karma Kagyu sect, though according to reports, an attempt was made to bridge the divide with Ugyed Trinley Dorje and Trinley Thaye Dorje meeting at a place on the France-Switzerland border in October.
    Ugyen Trinley Dorje’s situation became tenuous after he took a passport from the commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean. Sources said Dorje’s acquiring of a foreign passport automatically makes the Tibetan identity certificate (IC) invalid. This means, he would need a visa to enter India.
    The Indian government, according to sources, have conveyed to the Karmapa willingness to issue him a visa. “But he has not approached any Indian mission for a visa,” they said.
    Indian security agencies have been suspicious of him for years, branding him a Chinese spy, particularly as China so readily recognised him. In 2016, the Modi government however, eased travel restrictions for him and he was allowed to travel overseas.
    This throws into confusion not only the future of the Karma Kagyu sect of which Dorje is believed to be the head, but would have implications for India-China and India-Tibet relations in the longer term.

    Dorje no longer recognised by Indian govt as 17th Karmapa

  2. As the so-called spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhists, the Dalai Lama strictly abstains from drinking alcohol in accordance to traditional monastic codes. However, it has recently been reported that the religious leader owns his own vineyard in Switzerland! Apparently, various celebrities, including the likes of Roger Moore, Sepp Blatter and Zinedine Zidane have all made trips to the vineyard. What will people say when they find out that a Buddhist monk, who promotes abstinence from alcohol, owns a vineyard that produces wine for sale? This is certainly not going to sit well with his image of a religious leader and member of the Buddhist monastic order.


  3. Dear Tibetan government-in-exile (Dharamsala),

    Sharmapa Rinpoche is the highest authority in the Karma Kagyu after Karmapa. By age-old tradition, Sharmapa is the one that confirms the real incarnation of Karmapa. He recognized Thaye Dorje as the genuine Karmapa. But Dalai Lama endorsed Orgyen Trinley as the real Karmapa. Dalai Lama is a great lama but there has never been a tradition of him recognizing a Karmapa.

    Both ‘Karmapas’ have big followings in and out of Tibet. So which one should we follow? We have to follow the genuine Karmapa. If we follow the fake one, we will get fake teachings, fake lineage and no results. We can even take rebirth in the lower realms.

    Only the Tibetan leaders can tell us which is the real Karmapa. You have told us which one is the real Panchen Lama. We follow the Panchen of your choosing. Since then we have condemned China and condemned the fake Panchen Lama. Now it is the same situation with Karmapa. We have denounced the fake Karmapa and ask him to step down. He is destroying the Karma Kagyu Lineage.

    This issue has torn the Karma Kagyu sect in half. There are many who are so confused and some gave up Tibetan Buddhism altogether because of this. We must solve the confusion. This does not look good for the Tibetan government in exile because the confusion was started by Tibetan government. I support Dalai Lama and Tibetan government. But so many of us need to know the real Karmapa already. Don’t remain silent. Which one is the real Karmapa.

    Tibetan government in exile, you have created two Gelugs (Pro-Dorje Shugden and against), you have created two Panchen Rinpoches, two Karmapas, two Dromo Geshe Rinpoches, two Kundeling Rinpoches and so on. When are you going to solve all the confusion. You are destroying Tibetan Buddhism.

  4. Lobsang Sangay had extended the fight for Tibetan cause for another 50 years and it will most probably be the same. An additional 50 years will not make any difference to them because the leadership is still the same because the Tibetan leadership that is fighting for their independence is still the same group of people that were fighting for it for the past 60 years?

    If they can’t even get progress in 60 years, what makes you think that they can do it in another 50 years? Everyone will be dead in 50 years and the problem will be thrown to another group of young Tibetan leaders to solve. I am sure Lobsang Sangay is thinking about it and that is why he has extended the fight. He is not willing to take the responsibility that the fight is a failure.

    This is how sneaky he is. Just like how he is being caught with several sexual assault claims and yet he still shamelessly remained as the president of the Tibetan leadership without making any apology or statement. He just brushed it aside and Tibetans actually let him get away with it.

  5. Lobsang Sangay has been President of the Tibetan government for so long, he did not achieve anything for fellow Tibetans in exile and what he did achieve is to his own benefit. What the Tibetan in exile need is a bright future and not selling sweater in Tibetan settlements for the rest of their lives.

    There are many Tibetans that moved out of Tibetan settlements and led a successful life. There are so many examples and some even rise to become famous people. Those who continued to stay in Tibetan settlements are deprived of opportunities and only serve as a pawn to be manipulated by the Tibetan government to do their bidding.

    There is a reason why they are still refugee in India after 60 years despite the enormous amount of help that the Tibetan government received from the western country in fighting for Tibet cause. Most of the Tibetan government members own a second passport from another country and they can just leave and settle into those countries easily. If they are truly passionate about Tibet cause, they would be loyal and Tibet and not accept citizenship from another country. It is obvious that they do not have any thoughts about going back to Tibet and Tibet cause is just another tool for them to milk money out of those westerners.

  6. Democracy has a different meaning to the members of CTA led by Lobsang Sangay. Lobsang Sangay has not a clue how to behalf as a democratically elected head of state. He does not even bother with the basic questions to be answered as requested by the electorate.

    Lobsang Sangay works for himself siphoning what he can from the coffers of the Tibetan people in exile. He does not care to appease his people nor does he unify them for what is supposedly to be the great ideal of the TIBETAN Cause.

    With the Dalai Lama having given up his position of head of state (politically) Lobsang Sangay is ousting the Dalai Lama and been travelling internationally to gain Kudos for himself.

    When popular rating is low amongst his people how will the international stage view him. In my opinion should be with disdain and distrust. In his arrogance, Lobsang Sangay thinks that his position as the head of CTA is enough to soothe intelligent analysis against him. What a joke.

    Poor Tibetan people. May they find a solution to rid themselves of this pariah of a man.

  7. I am surprised to read that Penpa Tsering has won the case against Lobsang Sangay. I thought Tibetan court will be on Lobsang Sangay’s side. For once the Tibetans are practising democracy. This is very encouraging.

    Dorje Shugden followers should all stand up and bring the discrimination case to the court. What the Dorje Shugden followers want is to be treated equally like the rest of the Tibetans and to have the ban lifted. The ban is imposed very unlawfully.

    To restore the harmony and unity in the Tibetan community, lifting the ban is one of the things the CTA has to do as soon as possible. Many people suffer in the ban, families, friendships and relationships are broken. This should not be allowed.

  8. Penpa Tsering sued the CTA and Lobsang Sangay to court and finally there is the verdict. The CTA has to apologise and paid the lawyer fees for Penpa Tsering. However, the CTA still argued that they have not done anything wrong and they are upset about the decision of the court. This is just so typical of the CTA, they never admit their mistake and it is always someone else’s fault.

  9. The CTA and Lobsang Sangay will never admit they are wrong, they will never apologise because they are extremely arrogant. China has become the most powerful country in the world and everyone wants to be her friend but the CTA continues to create troubles and go against China. What is the CTA trying to achieve? They know very well that they are not capable to manage millions of people, they know very well that Tibet will always be part of China, why not just go for the Middle way approach? Let Tibet become one of the autonomous regions of China.This is also what the Dalai Lama wants. The CTA has no consideration for the Tibetans, all they want are money and power.

  10. Penpa Tsering appealed to the court on 20 November as the Cabinet led by Lobsang Sangay failed to offer an apology as ordered by the court on 14 October.

    If the cabinet or Sangay failed to do so, they are ineligible to run for office as well as the voting rights will be withheld until an apology is offered.


    Look like Sangay continue to challenge the court after he had lost the case. Sangay really thinks he is above anything and can do whatever he wants. I hope more and more people can see that Sangay is misusing his power for money. From the result of this court case, we hope to see more people stand up and speak up. Don’t allow CTA to take advantage of them. Be it Sangay or any of his colony should be taken for justice. It’s enough for the Tibetan suffered under CTA management. For the betterment of Tibetan in exile, the Tibetan has to do speak up and act as a unified body to make a difference.

  11. I am glad to see The Supreme Justice Commission of the Central Tibetan administration has given the Tibetan exile Cabinet a notice to issue the apology letter to Penpa Tsering. This shows there is hope in the jurisdiction system. Perhaps Dorje Shugden people can file a case on the CTA for the unlawfully Dorje Shugden ban the CTA has imposed 20 years ago. The ban does not bring benefits to the Tibetan community, it breaks the Tibetan community apart. If the Tibetans want to see some changes in their situation, they have to make sure the ban is lifted and people are united.

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