Tibetan leadership organizes violence

A poster in Sera Monastery clearly bans Dorje Shugden practitioners from entering their premises. Religious freedom is conspicuously absent here.

For the last 18 years, the Tibetan leadership has orchestrated and sustained a violent campaign against Dorje Shugden practitioners. Contrary to His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings on compassion and acceptance, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) have continued to deceive the world at large over their activities. On the one hand the CTA courts Western donors, raising vast amounts of sponsorship to fund their administration. With the other hand, the CTA suppresses religious freedoms within their communities, by encouraging their people to react violently against Dorje Shugden practitioners.

After the recent Dorje Shugden protests which followed His Holiness throughout the United States, many anti-Shugden supporters have since gone on the record stating that they do not know what the protests are about because the Tibetan leadership have never banned the practice of Dorje Shugden. They claim that religious freedom is well and alive within the Tibetan communities. We at DorjeShugden.com very much beg to differ, for we have heard of many events and witnessed too many occasions when Dorje Shugden practitioners have been physically and emotionally abused and discriminated against because of their beliefs.

A recently published video caught our attention as it captures perfectly how Dorje Shugden practitioners have lived in fear for the last 18 years. Where the Tibetan leadership and their supporters have consistently and violently discriminated against Dorje Shugden practitioners, the practitioners have not retaliated in any way whatsoever. Instead, they have continued with their peaceful, unwavering reliance on their lineage masters and the Dharma teachings they have received. Filmed in 2000, the video shows 3,000 lay and ordained Tibetans descending upon Gaden Shartse Monastery in South India to riot against a particular group of monks’ practice of Dorje Shugden.

Their targeted group was the 600 monks of Dokhang Khangtsen. A khangtsen is a kind of fraternity house established within a monastery, to make the administrative duties of the monastery more efficient. This particular khangtsen of Gaden Shartse Monastery took care of monks from the Dokhang region in Tibet, and one of their main practices was Dorje Shugden.

Some of the monks of Dokhang Khangtsen standing in their compound. In the background you can see the gate leading into the khangtsen’s compound. Just beyond the gate was where the riot took place, and where Indian police had to stand guard to protect the monks.

The organisers of such a violent riot were none other than the local Tibetan representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who incited the Tibetan villagers to take part. As they hide behind a mask of democracy and civility, it is sad their agenda against Dorje Shugden had led the Tibetan leadership to divide an otherwise peaceful community in such a way that in-fighting between monks is now commonplace, and lay people feel it their right to disrespect those who are ordained. Furthermore, the Tibetan leadership claims ignorance of such events, stating they have never implemented a ban. Their double-edged words however, continue to incite the Tibetan people to react in such a violent manner and this was noted by none other than Time Magazine when they wrote,

The problem is that in Tibet most people shun those whom they think the Dalai Lama wants them to shun.

- TIME Magazine (July 18, 2008)

If the Dalai Lama really was a man of peace and non-violence, would he not ask his followers to stop their violent actions toward Shugden practitioners? Would he not ask his own people to stop causing bloodshed against their own brothers and sisters? Instead of asking his followers to stop the religious persecution of Shugden practitioners, the Dalai Lama says,

There will be no change in my stand. I will never revoke the ban. You are right. It will be like the Cultural Revolution. If those who do not accept the ban do not listen to my words, the situation will grow worse for them. You sit and watch. It will grow only worse for them.

- The 14th Dalai Lama to Gen Chonze of Trijang Labrang (Gaden Shartse Monastery, South India, January 1999)

Note that these words were spoken by the Dalai Lama to the same Gen Chonze who was recently attacked at Trijang Labrang by five masked men in the early hours of December 27, 2013. A gentle monk who has served both the previous and current Trijang Rinpoches, Gen Chonze had humbly requested the Dalai Lama to lift the ban. He felt that it was creating an atmosphere in the monastery similar to that in Tibet during the Cultural Revolution – that is, a feeling of being oppressed by a greater power through the institutionalized enforcement of an unjust ruling.

How do you view these strong words by the Dalai Lama, spoken to a 69 year old monk who had done nothing but practised the Dharma for his entire life? Would you not consider this a threat for further action to be taken against you, if you object to or do not comply with the ban? It is the first time ever in the history of Buddhism that a Buddhist nation has instigated and carried out such violent actions against their own people. From all angles, this ban by the Tibetan leadership has violated and broken every human rights law and code of ethics possible.

The uncanny coincidence of such harsh words being spoken to Gen Chonze, and the recent attack on his person, also gives us pause to consider the motives behind the attack. Is it possible that being such a prominent member of the monastic community, that Gen Chonze has further knowledge of the ban, its background and its origins? After all, the Dalai Lama felt Gen Chonze important enough to speak such significant words to him. It t would not surprise us that Gen Chonze knows much more information with the potential to publicly embarrass the Dalai Lama.

Below we present to you further evidence of a huge contradiction by the CTA claiming there is “no ban”, “no violence” and “no one has been hurt”. We ask every reader, researcher and investigator to look carefully at this video and decide for your own self whether or not there is a ban:

What you need to know

  • The riot took place on September 10, 2000 in front of Dokhang Khangtsen, Gaden Shartse Monastery (in South India).
  • Approximately 3,000 monks, nuns and lay Tibetans were involved. The monks and nuns came from the surrounding local monasteries, namely Gaden Jangtse Monastery, Drepung Gomang Monastery, and the local nunneries.
  • The organizers brought stones and bricks, and even arranged for an ambulance from the local hospital, anticipating provoked casualties.
  • The protest was organized by the local representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He said he had received a directive from Dharamsala (the base of the Tibetan leadership, located in North India) to protest against Dholgyal (their derogatory name for Dorje Shugden).
  • Fully ordained monks from Gaden Jangtse and Drepung Gomang Monasteries, and nuns from the local nunneries, were seen throwing rocks and bricks at the monks inside the prayer hall (at 2:58, 3:16 and 3:38 in the video above).
  • Lay Tibetan women issued the most vulgar, degrading insult possible in Tibetan society – they flapped their aprons, cursing the monks as is the traditional manner in which a Tibetan woman would do so (at 1:37 in the video above).

At 1:37 in the video, the married women flap their aprons at the Shugden monks to curse them and send them bad luck.

  • The Indian police stood guard with riot shields and batons to protect the Dokhang Khangtsen monks (at 3:56 in the video above), who were inside their prayer hall peacefully doing Dorje Shugden prayers (at 4:23 in the video above). The police kept the rioters back, because they threatened to burn down the prayer hall should they gain access into the compound.
  • In their frenzy, the mob assaulted the police who ended up firing two warning shots into the air and spraying teargas to disperse the crowd.
  • As a result of events, a 48-hour curfew was imposed on the local Tibetan settlements.

In the face of such overwhelming evidence, it would be simply ludicrous to claim that there is no ban and that Dorje Shugden practitioners are not subjected to ongoing violent physical and emotional attacks by non-Shugden practitioners. It is also equally ludicrous that so many signs can escape the attention of the Tibetan leadership who continue to claim ignorance of such a ban. We invite you to review the evidence below, to judge for yourself whether there exists a ban and a consistent, sustained attack on religious freedoms within the Tibetan community against Dorje Shugden practitioners.

It is a rule and unspoken law that no one in the Tibetan communities may protest or disagree with any of the Dalai Lama’s policies. You may not protest or ask for change for that is tantamount to treason because there is no democracy within CTA. Tibetan scholars, masters and teachers have requested the Tibetan leadership to have dialogue regarding the ban as well as removing its unconstitutional bias, but there have been no replies whatsoever. To the West the Tibetan leadership portrays themselves as fair, just and open to dialogue, but that is just for financial support that they must appear that way. In reality as you can see in the video, any dissension is violently put down. Remember, this video was taken in Gaden Monastery (South India), perpetrated by Tibetans against Dorje Shugden-practicing Tibetans. Tibetans and many Westerners have taken the protests to Western countries (for example, most recently in Washington, D.C.) and the protests will continue. Dorje Shugden practitioners will achieve freedom to practice and equality.



ID Cards and Registration Forms Issued by Various Tibetan Authorities and Monasteries

Below each image is a translation of the Tibetan text. The fact these ID cards, registration forms and signs exist prove that there is a ban which is enforced and there is no religious freedom within the Tibetan communities. If there was no ban, then such ID cards, forms and signs would not be necessary.


Sera Mey and Sera Jey Monastery

Location: Bylakuppe, South India
Number of monks: Over 3,000
Website: http://serameymonastery.org/ and http://www.serajeymonastery.org/

Sera Thekchenling Lachi Cultural Society. I, voluntarily took Oath and promised NOT to propitiate Dorjee Shugden and NOT to have any associate with the followers of Shugden. We do here by certify the holder of this identity card is bonafide monk of this Monastic University, all assistance and every consideration offered to the bearer would be most appreciated.
Approved by Jey Abbot
Issued by Administrator
Approved by Mey Abbot


Sera Mey Monastery’s Library

Location: Bylakuppe, South India
Number of monks: Over 1,500
Website: http://serameymonastery.org/

MOST IMPORTANT AND PERSISTENT ANNOUNCEMENT. Only those who have already sworn and taken oath (of not sharing spiritual and material relationship with Shugden devotees) are welcomed in any department under this administration. Sera Mey Library (August 31, 2008)


Drepung Loseling Monastery’s Clinic

Location: Karnataka, South India
Number of monks: Over 2,500
Website: http://www.loselingmonastery.org/

IMPORTANT NOTICE. The devotees of Shugden and those who have contact with Shugden worshipers, whoever you are, please remember not to come here in Loseling dispensary. The Administrative office of Loseling Dispensary


Gaden Shartse (Gashar) Monastery

Location: Mundgod, South India
Number of monks: Over 1,000
Website: http://www.gadenshartse.net/

To the honorable aristocrat, the leader of the people,
Those who affiliated here have been voluntarily taking up the words and intention of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and they have no connection with Dholgyal (Dorje Shugden). As this is the fact, we appreciate if you could kindly extend support to felicitate his wishes.
The signature that he has no connection with Dholgyal……….
The signature of Geshe Dakpa Samdup, the abbot of Gashar Norling monastery
Date Month, Year,
With the abbot’s signature and his letter head.


Gaden Shartse (Gashar) Monastery

Location: Mundgod, South India
Number of monks: Over 1,000
Website: http://www.gadenshartse.net/

To the head of Tibetan settlement, Tibetan government in exile,
The name of the student ……….
Freedom Book No……….
Refugee Certificate No……….
For the preliminary certificate which enable him to travel abroad, he has the Yellow Book and refugee certificate, and he has no connection with Dholgyal (Shugden). As such, we humbly request Regional Tibetan office, Kashag (Tibetan Cabinet) and Delhi bureau office to kindly issue the supporting letters in order to get the certificates relating to traveling abroad as soon as possible.
Gashar Norling Monastery


Gaden Jangtse Monastery

Location: Mundgod, South India
Number of monks: Over 1,500
Website: http://www.gadenjangtse.com/

Before issuing the Identity Card the resident monk has to fill up the necessary Forms and to sign stating that I am Not a Practitioner of Dorjee Shugden. If resident monk who does not agree to sign the form, The Monastery will not issue Identity Card to him what-so-ever.


The Institute of Buddhist Mahayana Sutra and Tantra

Location: Karnataka, South India

From the Institute of Buddhist Mahayana Sutra and Tantra: I swear on the name of His Holiness and glorious Maxor Gyalmo (Protectress Palden Lhamo) to never venerate and worship Dolgyal and to never have any relation on material and other levels with those who worship Dolgyal.
I, who is called …(name)…, vow that from now on, forever, at any time, that I will never venerate and worship Dolgyal. And regarding the type of people who venerate and worship Dolgyal, I vow never to share or experience any religious or material goods with them. In the name of the three jewels I express the clean oath of promising to do that.


Local Tibetan Settlement (Lama Camp No. 5)

Location: Bylakuppe, South India
Population: Over 1,700

For administrative purposes, the Tibetan refugees were settled in numerically-named camps (e.g. Camp No 1, Camp No 2). Imagine living surrounded by an entire population who has sworn an oath to actively discriminate against your religious beliefs.

All the people of Mundgod Tibetan Village No 5 never practice Dogyal and have taken the oath. My name ………. from now, from my side, never worship Dogyal, am taking this oath generally in front of the Three Jewels and especially Mahakali.
Wednesday afternoon 19 March 2008
At 3 o’clock


Signs From Around the World Banning Shugden Practitioners


At a shop in Mundgod, South India (the location of Gaden Shartse and Gaden Jangtse Monastery), a sign on the window clearly states that Dorje Shugden practitioners are denied service. This is reminiscent of America before the civil rights movement and is certainly not the sign of a successful democracy.


Dorje Shugden practitioners are excluded from a Gelug monastery in Sarnath, North India.


A close-up of the sign outside the monastery in Sarnath, North India.


At the Drepung Loseling clinic in Karnataka, South India, Dorje Shugden practitioners are not allowed to receive / access medical treatment. Aside from being un-Buddhist through its lack of compassion, this sign is a clear contradiction of the Hippocratic Oath all doctors take to provide medical treatment freely and ethically.


In the Tibetan communities, any and every opportunity is taken to remind Dorje Shugden practitioners that they are not welcome.


When the Dalai Lama was due to give teachings throughout Southeast Asia, the organizers saw it fit to discriminate against Dorje Shugden practitioners using the event registration form. What kind of impression would this give to those new to Buddhism, and unaware of the Shugden issue? A positive one of the faith, or confusion over how religious discrimination can coexist alongside teachings on compassion?

I hereby declare and categorically state that I am not a Dorje Shugden practitioner and am not in circumstances associated or affiliated in whatever manner with such practice and/or organization.


A sign at a temple in Singapore stating “In accordance with the wishes of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, we in ………. under the guidance of ………. DO NOT ENGAGE IN THE WORSHIP AND PRACTICE OF DORJE SHUGDEN. We do not support the propitiation of this spirit and also encourage all practitioners to abide by this instruction.” The temple is very clear about who issued the instructions for the ban.

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  1. Dear His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama,

    I don’t understand what’s happening now. What Buddha teaches us is very contradicting now in Dorje Shugden issue. It’s so confusing…

    Is banning people from practicing their religion a compassion act??

    The CTA called for action and even get the “tools” ready to have a riot against Dorje Shugden pratitioner, and HIS HOLINESS THE 14TH DALAI LAMA said the action of chasing the Dorje Shugden practitioner out from the monastery is very good. Oh gosh…. What’s happening???

  2. It is heart wrenching to watch these pictures and video showing the sufferings and abused of innocent and peaceful Dorje Shugden practitioners done by the CTA.
    As a Buddha of Compassion,Chenrezig,I believe H.H. Dalai Lama have a higher motivation by doing this.Please stop denying the violence and blamed it on rumours! Lift the ban and grant religious freedom for everyone .

  3. 大家都在呼吸一样的空气,流着红色的血,大家都一样,欺负他人就是欺负自己,既然不能接受别人,也不要去干涉别人,做一些无知的歧视,这样只有自己贬低自己,人在做,天在看!

  4. People in the video are Buddhists, monks and nuns!! All the violence are unacceptable. How scary and sad to see monks throwing bricks and stones into other monastery. What happened to the world?? Yet we practice compassion ?? If I didn’t follow my guru’s linage and practice Dorjeh Shugden, I think i will not want to be a Buddhist. That’s how disappointed and hurtful it can be. So Dorjeh Dhugden practicionner is prohibited in Tibetan community? I just cannot accept this fact that this was happened to a monasteries and the people.

    Thank you for sharing this video and article. It was really really sad to see that. I don’t care whatever reason or how wrong this practice can be, violence is never never allowed!! How can they so mean to the people who practice DS? No one was harmed or went stupid or die after practicing DS for the last 300 over years! DS even saved the Tibetan’s lives so that Tibetan can come and stay in India. How can they not appreciate Him yet banned Him??

  5. 感谢多杰雄登网的团队。真实是无法掩饰的。真相总是有一天会大白!
    堂堂的文殊菩萨被誉为 “邪灵” 怎么可能! 多杰雄登大护法, 从西藏保护着达赖喇嘛到印度,那些护送着他的年长喇嘛到现在还是活着的。这是一个事实。为什么要狡辩? 

    别再搞任何马戏了, 许多修持多杰雄登护法的喇嘛们还是非常的尊重达赖喇嘛! 

  6. 事实胜于雄辩!所有的证据和影片都印证了在印度的西藏人民领袖,在过去18年来,制度化的对修持雄登的僧人和人民,以隔离和暴力方法对待他们!这样不人道的举动,等同当年中国的文化大革命或是在非洲实行的种族隔离政策,受害的是千千万万的无辜人民!他们丧失人类该享有的基本人权,信仰自由权,每天活在恐惧,打压的状态里。西藏人民领袖,在国际社会上,以支持民主,自由,人权的形象以获得支持,但背后却背道而驰,完全乖离佛教的教育!影片里很清楚的纪录了这些暴力罪行,不容狡辩。反观,在寺院被攻击的僧人,并没有为了自保,做出违反僧人道德操守的行为,而是相信上师的传承,忠于佛教殊胜教育,无视外来的打压,以冷静的态度,继续进行法会,并用正确的管道,要求印度警方维持次序。我们谴责有计划性分裂佛教徒的人民领袖,我们谴责任何以暴力来对待雄登修持者,还他们一个公道!

  7. Thank you Admin for yet another insightful post, again!!

    It breaks my heart everytime I see videos like this. Hypocritical talk and actions are all I see!

    And He needs to stop telling lies!!! No harm? No violence? Wait and see? It will only get worse?

    Instigating hate, causing harm, no religion freedom, no peace, forcing people to sign forms that says they do not practice DS, banning people from receiving services,etc is what you call promoting compassion and love???

    How can people out there not read and understand what is going on and help those poor people that are struggling and ostracised for something they believe in?

    How can all the great masters be wrong and only that one person is right? Just because He has the ‘position’? How can people just follow and listen to His words blindly?

    I will never ever give up on Dorje Shugden’s practice because I trust my Guru for giving me such a powerful and compassionate protector! And because I read, understand the facts and that I know Dorje Shugden is NOT a devil but a BUDDHA!

    The ban MUST be lifted!!

  8. It brought tears to my eyes to see monks and nuns incited to the point of hurting another group of the monastic order. Buddhism is about acceptance and tolerance and to live with compassion and kindness. What a distress it is to see such real evidence of violence and harm to the monks of Dokhang Khangtsen.

    The proof of evidence of what the Dalai Lama brushes off as rumours is not believable. As a Buddhist it is imperative to respect our teachers and it is quite amazing that the Dalai Lama would even mention that His teachers were wrong when it comes to the worship of Dorje Shugden. Why????

    The CTA is always talking about freedom and free Tibet, what then is the actual meaning of freedom to the CTA? Is the choice of worship of Dorje Shugden a freedom of choice. If freedom of choice of worship is not granted by the CTA, then is freedom grossly misunderstood?

    The sufferings by Dorje Shugden worshippers are numerous on all accounts and the swearing to deny their religious beliefs is the worst of all mental torture.

    It is my most sincere hope and prayers for the Ban to be lifted and the freedom of religious practice be available to all Tibetans. Let this happen then CTA may gain respect from all who are with them for a Free Tibet.

  9. Hypocrisy and lies. This is what it is. Nothing else can be said of the Dalai Lama and his so-called “government” the CTA. Denying there is a Ban? Now that is pretty classic and unbelievable. I am sorry…but holding on to respecting his holiness and all his peace talk and noble prizes is turning in my mind and stomach. I have read so many articles in this website and I cannot help but to conclude that all this actions against Shugden practitioners is totally wrong. I am questioning where is the karma for them? Forget Free Tibet it will never happen to a government which enforces and propitiates violence. I am not even going into the the context of respecting sangha. Monks attacking a monastery!??? Come on… what is happening to the practise of compassion and peace? Again….where is the karma?

  10. Dorjeshugden.com really done lot of research on this issue. I learn about the recent protest in Washington and search more about Dorje Shugden issue in internet and learn about this website. To my surprise this article presented with organized evidence and facts, with videos about the ban on practicing Dorje Shugden and the organized violence plus hypocrisy behind it. It was totally contradicts with what I and many learn about the ban.

    The world might know about the human rights violation of Cultural Revolution and apartheid in Africa, but not many know about what happens behind the Dorje Shugden ban; which with the facts contradicted with facts have been fed and feeding to the whole world.

    I see no different between this organized and structured acts punishing and suppressing people of different belief of DS, with genocide and crimes against Rohingya people by Burmese military regime. Or with Apartheid system of racial segregation in South Africa, which in both cases, DS practioners and African black citizens were totally denied of their basic rights as human to medical cares, friendship, legal trade/business, and knowledge.

    I really appreciate the Dokhang Khangsten video which presented well and showed by visual what really happened when lay people, monks and nuns were incited to harm the Dorje Shugden practisioners. As well as the proof of various identification cards imposed by Tibetan political leaders to the monks.

    Without seeing by your own eyes, you won’t believe how lay people insulted monks who hold vows, and how non-Dorje Shugden practisioners harm DS monks.

    The act of inciting lay people to harm monks have done serious harm to the sangha community by causing lay people to disrespect sangha. And, Non-DS monks and nuns to hurt DS monks is another non virtuous action of dividing the sangha community. These, in the end dividing the Tibetan community into two, one who hold on to DS practise, the other one who are non-DS community.

    What really touch me is monks in Dokhang Khangsten remain peace and calm and doing the prayer in the prayer hall despite riot happen outside of the khangsten. They did not take up any weapons to go out and fight back those who against the belief, and trying and have harmed them.

    I would like to share that, if we as a follower of certain religion follow our religion leaders or master “blindly” without checking and thinking, we all will end up as one of the person who hold brick/stone to harm people of different belief with us. Or we will end up as another person who incite other to harm others. Regardless of one’s religion, we should check and observe the leaders’ (be it political or religious leader) suggestions or actions carried out whether adhere to our belief – of compassion, love or equality etc or not…

    If not, should we follow blindly doing something against the laws, against human rights, against Buddha’s teachings, Jesus’s teachings etc….If we could contemplate more and respect more about the other one’s belief, there will be less violence done based on difference in belief, in our world.

    For monks who keep their practice, hold and protect their lineage we should show our respect. Because only with one’s trust and belief in their Gurus, they will keep holding to their practice even their life are under threat.

    Thank you so much for the effort. I will support and share with many more about this post!

  11. Thank you DS.com for sharing this article and the related videos which were astonishing.

    It is unbelievable to note that this violence has been created by the Tibetan leadership. So sad to see on the videos, the DS practitioners were being attacked, injured, cursed and isolated by their own Tibetan communities.

    The display of anti Dorje Shugden posters, the prohibition of DS practitioners visiting the clinic/dispensary and the issuance of Identity cards with DS warnings clearly indicated that the Dalai Lama has imposed a total ban on practicing DS. But when interviewed the Dalai Lama still denied that there was a ban and violence against those who practice Dorje Shugden. How can Dorje Shugden who has been practiced for more than 300 years by the past great Masters, including the Dalai Lama’s Gurus, be wrong?

    Has the Dalai Lama, being an enlightened person with compassion given religious freedom to his own Tibetan communities?

    The ban has to be down!

  12. Why destroy the peace and harmony of the Tibetan communities living in exiles in India and around the world with this unjust ban?

    How could the Tibetan leadership incite hatred and violence towards Shugdenpas? Shugdenpas are your own kind! Tibetan Leadership cannot deny the existence of the ban and the continued persecution of the Shugdenpas. The footages in the video provide some of the evidences of these happening.

    It was due to the pressure and incitement of the Tibetan leadership that the mob had attacked Dokhang Khangtsen monks! It was unbelievable to see monks from Gaden Jangtse attacking their own fellow monks from Gaden Monastery! It was also very unbecoming of the local nunneries to be involved in the attack.

    There is nothing wrong for Shugdenpas to propitiate Dorje Shugden. Dorje Shugden has been practised for centuries and transmitted by the Gelug Lineage masters. And to say that all the lineage masters were wrong (and that His Holiness Dalai Lama is correct) to practise Dorje shugden is the greatest folly of all!

    In the midst of this ban and ordeal, one wonders about His Holiness Dalai Lama’s role as the ambassador of peace, love and compassion. For Shugdenpas, they want just their religious freedom!

  13. Nobody can deny that the ban is an infringement of religious freedom. Very sad to see all the evidence that basic human rights are denied all over the places. How sad to see that the cruel statement from Dalai Lama “If those who do not accept the ban do not listen to my words, the situation will grow worse for them.” His Holiness know about it how bad the situation, what happened to the Shudgen practitioners, but His Holiness still insist the ban. I urge to everybody, please stand up to speak out to make the public aware of the ban has to be removed as this is all about human rights. Please do not blindly follow the ban and create all the negative karma.

  14. Since Dorje Shugden is such an evil spirit, so CTA , for god sake, please remove the word ” Dorje Shugden” from all your signage, your so call “ID” and all your letters and documents. Call him some other name instead !!! Isn’t it your ultimate motive is not to remind your public about “Dorje Shugden” or even pronouns the word “Dorje Shugden” ,right ? Again, CTA , if you are so unfortunately and come to read this message of mine….I bet you, without realizing it, you have read the Great Protector name “Dorje Shugden” 5 times already in a matter of few minutes and i presumed you guys are not supposed to do that right ? Now, do you get what I mean ???
    Last but no least, PLEASE don’t mislead those innocent public to do all those “Dirty Jobs” for you guys and don’t threaten them to do so, it is just so undiplomatic.

  15. This is indeed horrible. I had no idea Shugden practitioners were dealt such a harsh hand, especially at this day and age. It’s like a medieval witch-hunt.

    At the very least, anti-Shugden practitioners should have the decency to voice their “disapproval” non-violently, learn a thing or two about compassion and peaceful means. Remember to be human.

  16. From the evidence given, it is impossible to deny the fact that there is a ban imposed on the Dorje Shugden practice and that there is discrimination against Shugden practitioners. There is ample proof that Shugden followers have been physically and emotionally abused. And this has been going on for 18 years! This means that Shugden worshippers have been living in fear for 18 years! It is time for this illegal and unkind campaign against Dorje Shugden to end! It is time to practise compassion instead. Compassion means protecting others from fear. Therefore, I urge all anti-Dorje Shugden practitioners to show kindness and compassion towards Shugden practitioners and remove the ban immediately!

  17. Thanks for letting us know so much about this cruel incident. It is shocking and heartbreaking seeing this. I can’t believe what I have seen in the video. What is wrong with practising DS can be evil where so many high lamas are practicing…?
    I think people whom making this statement a real evil, because the cruel acts and words they are delivering. Totally misleading!
    They should stop all this unkind act and create more peace instead to show Buddhist quality. There is no wrong for practicing DS and they can’t stop people from practicing as this is the basic freedom for all human!!!
    I hope the ban will be lifted and no body will be in misery and suffer anymore.
    We pray for DS.

  18. Alas, how can we closed our eyes to pretend the ban is not valid? I believe what have been shown is the just some of the examples, there should be more public declarations to ban Dorje Shugden practitioners in the Tibetan Community!

    The signs and declaration made me think of the NOT PET ALLOWED sign, but worst, since the pet will not be brutally beaten or denied any community services or rights for being an a pet. Obviously, the Dorje Shugden practitioners are being treated worst than animals. I’m not putting down animals here, this is not the point!

    Who would have thought that the most ridiculous thing that is happening now in the spiritual world is to be banned for having guru devotion and to go all the way with one’s spiritual practice! This is by far the most unreasonable, ludicrous, nonsensical thing that can happen in a religion or community that claimed to promote human rights, world peace, non-violence.

    How can the double standards work? In one hand the monasteries teach about Renunciation, Bodhicitta and Shunyata; hurt, kill and harm one the other. What happened to teachings of the Buddha, the philosophy of Nargajuna, the famous dedication prayer from Shatideva fondly recites by the Dalai Lama: “As long as space endures, as long as sentient beings remain, till then, I, too, remain to dispel the miseries of the world.” I do not have much knowledge of the dharma, even I understand there are currently two double standards to the Buddhadharma.

    In the ‘Prayers not enough for a better world’ (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/Prayers-not-enough-for-a-better-world/articleshow/10950317.cms?referral=PM) the Dalai Lama expressed his bewilderment over how some Indians were corrupt despite being religious. “I can understand that in China, they don’t care much about moral principles and run only after power and money. But in India, people pray and make offerings to God in the morning and then step out and indulge in corruption. How can this happen? Either believe in God and live a principled life. Or worship money, be corrupt and exploit,” he said.

    Looking at the statement above, I ask the Dalai Lama the same questions: how can those who are studying the Buddhist philosophy in-depth, performing puja everyday, go into debate courtyard few times a day believe in creating riot and threaten their fellow Buddhist with violence and go to the extent of denying the ban is there?

    I can totally understand those who does not have a religion, like the communist in Vietnam, had the police force and opponents beaten about 380 monks and nuns loyal to Thich Nhat Hanh and dragged them from their dormitories while they were chanting and meditating at Bat Nha monastery in central Lam Dong back in 2009. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2009/oct/02/vietnam-police-buddhist-monks-nuns; http://plumvillage.org/letters-from-thay/bat-nha-rekindling-the-sacred-fire/ BUT, I cannot understand this is coming from the Tibetan Buddhist, the Spiritual Leader of the Tibet.

    We cannot deny basic human rights, we can not deny our nature of love and compassion, we can not continue to let this happening in the Tibetan communities. Please continue to support all activities related to the ban of Dorje Shugden. Together we lift the ban and stop this nonsense once and for all!

  19. 为什么人们可以利用对佛法承认,操纵其他人!!!
    为什么人们是常常认为自己是最好的,人们必须遵循? 控制他人的思维.
    有隐藏的,不真实的,误导性的,一旦时间, 实际会出现, 还他人一个公道和明白.

  20. 看了以上资讯分享,才了解到原来在印藏区的雄登修行人是那么的困苦,被剝削了民主选择权,人权意识被压迫,甚至西藏流亡政府还付诸暴力來打压雄登人,在神聖的佛寺也到处去捉拿雄登人,把雄登修行人都趕出寺庙去。
    我们这些海外人根本感受不到这种痛苦,但是从此网站了解到原来从十八年前的这㘯暴力行动所造成的伤害是那么的大,到如今,还有很多人被歧视,隔离,完全没有享受到应享有的基本人权,我们海外人看来简直是不可思议 !

  21. This video is the solid proof that the CTA and the office of HH the 14th Dalai Lama was, and still is, responsible for the violence and hostile actions carried out towards practitioners of Dorje Shugden.

    I want to believe that the Dalai Lama has a higher motivation as he is the so-called emanation of Cherenzig, the Buddha of Great Compassion. This ban and the violence that followed, surely test my faith to the core.

    I see so much political agendas and so much sufferings to the DS practitioners, especially the Tibetans themselves.

    When I started to learn the teachings of Buddha, I have conviction that THIS is IT. The religion that preach and practice real COMPASSION. No discrimination, no taboos, based on one’s own action, be responsible; Great!

    But then when I see all the ‘events’ pertaining to DS issue and all the sufferings, the lies, specifically by HHDL himself, my belief is somewhat shaken…

    Nevertheless, perhaps like I mentioned earlier there is a higher motivation that small mind like mine cannot conceived yet. Yes there is a provision for people in Bodhisattva path to lie for the benefits of others, and this is the lies by the ultimate ‘Bodhisattva, Mahasattva’ Cherensig himself, so perhaps I am wrong to criticise at all.

    Having said that, I really pray that all the sufferings of DS practitioners to be stopped as I could not see any benefits coming out from this ban. I urge the CTA and the Dalai Lama please stop all the violence. The ban got to go, lift the ban.

    Lift the ban Your Holiness.

  22. This is disgusting. I may not be a practitioner of Dorje Shugden and understand very little about its benefits but I am repulsed by the violence suffered by the monks and teachers who practice it. The Dalai Lama who enjoys the status of the ambassador of peace must be called upon and demanded to explain and account for the violence and oppression he has directly caused on his people. These are clear and unequivocal evidence of a severe violation of human rights. Not only were the Shugden monks persecuted, villagers and laypersons were forced to riot against the Shugden monks and to deflower a holy place. What a farce! I am beginning to wonder if the Dalai Lama is practicing true Buddhism. He is not walking his talk. Justice for Shugden practitioners, please!

  23. With due respect to HH Dalai Lama who is a manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of compassion, the above article and video proves beyond doubt that HH’s continued strong urging and personal feelings about how negative the practice of Dorje Shugden is, has missed its intended objective. Indeed, it may have exacerbated the primary concerns of HH.

    According to HH’s official website, HH is concerned that the practice of DS:

    1) Will degenerate Tibetan Buddhism into a form of spirit worship.

    2) Is an obstacle to the emergence of genuine non-sectarianism.

    3) Is “divisory” given that textual and historical research demonstrates that the spirit DS arose out of hostility to the great Fifth Dalai Lama and his government.

    HH the 14th Dalai Lama came to full political power after China’s invasion of Tibet in 1949/50 and led the Central Tibetan Administration until 29 May 2011. The riot in the above article and video took place on September 10, 2000 in front of Dokhang Khangtsen, Gaden Shartse Monastery (in South India), while HH was still the political leader of the Tibetan community.

    As a responsible “semi-retired” leader, and as conditions have changed, surely the time has come to make a thorough review of DS and its practice. Has its banning actually worked for or against the three concerns of HH listed above? Do HH assumptions regarding DS and its practice still ring true?

  24. This is more than the shocking watching this article and how Tibetan leader has cover the truth using violence action to abuse and suppresses Dorje Shugden practitioner at the exile country in India.

    Tibet is well know as the Buddhist country and their spiritual leader has won Novel prize of world peace before.But what i see in the video lay people,monks and nuns are having violent campaign again Dorje Shugden practitioner at Dokhang Khangtsen. where is the religious freedom? Why suppresses those monks who had received their practice from the holy master like H.H. Kyabje Pabongka and Trijang rinpoche? Is Buddhist suppose to practice with loving kindness and forgiving? Can respective Tibetan leader no more harm toward the Dorje Shugden practitionerby stop all the anti shugden campaign.

    As the matter of the effect, the Shudgen practitioner monks has to breaking apart from the mother monastery started Shartse Garden Monastery,more and more people are leaving their monastery and home seeking for the religion freedom at oversea. Is that Tibetan leader and Tibetan government wanted their own people breaking apart again go to different country to looking new refuge place because they have live in such abuse and violence place.

    Lastly i sincerely to thanks the Ds.com has shared this article with the truth source to let everyone know the truth.

  25. Tq. D.S com for sharing such valuable informations .The whole world should know the ugly side of CTA and Dalai Lama who have been misleading many with their lies and deceits. There is so much solid evidence to prove that violence have been done to Shugdens practioners. It’s time for everyone to open up your eyes & do not follow blindly .Lift the ban immediately to prevent any more violence and injustice.

  26. This is not an easy topic to digest. Violence is so contradicting to the peaceful nature of any Buddhist practitioners. Buddhist believes in karma and taking matters into one own hand and instigate violence against Dorje Shugden practice just doesn’t seems to make sense. Specially when the call for ban comes from HH Dalai Lama himself who is the emanation of Chenrezig, Buddha of Compassion.

    Perhaps it is the collective karma of mankind that has brought us all to this stage even the Buddha of Compassion could do little to change of the course of karma created long ago.

    I definitely do not condone such violence against DS practitioners or any kind of practitioners for that matter. But DS practitioners must beware not to retaliate with violence. I think it is only through peace that one can continue to uphold his practice.

    It is our nature to sit on the fence sometimes to not take sides. I may be very young to the practice itself but as a human against violence and for religious freedom I stand by Dorje Shugden practitioners.

  27. 看了此文章内心感觉到很难过不过这将不会停止我对雄登护法的信心和修持。如果对护法有稍微认知的人都肯定会知道一个铁般坚固的事实那就是多杰雄登是文殊师利菩萨的化生。既然是文殊菩萨那祂(雄登护法)怎么有可能一夜之间变成恶魔呢? 祂怎么有可能会伤害我们呢?反过来反而是我们收到很多护法给我们的恩赐。再来如果雄登护法真的是有害的话那么祂当初就不必要帮助14 世达赖喇嘛逃亡至印度。




  28. It is very scary when Dalai Lama said that it will be like the Cultural Revolution. Many precious texts, historical sites and temples, holy items and statue had been destroyed in the Cultural Revolution. Tibetans have gone through the Cultural Revolution, and they should know that it was not a revolution, it was a disaster.

    With so many evidences around, how could CTA still deny them with their eyes wide open? Unless they either think that the world is stupid enough to believe what they said or the world will just simply not care about what is happening.

    Look at the case of Cultural Revolution and Nanking in WW2. What happened to those who blindly followed what they thought was righteous, are the CTA officers ready to follow the footstep of these war criminals? All these evidences that you are denying now, all these people that you think they will keep quiet, will eventually confront you in the court. Please please look at the aftermath of all those who suppressed their people and denying the crime that they were doing, none of them could escape and end up with good ending…

    So please sit down and have a fair and peaceful discussion, that is all we wanted.

  29. Thank you for sharing the post. The world would have had no idea this had happened to the DS practitioners. How the monks have suffered for their belief. This is truly shocking to watch. Dalai Lama’s denial of no violence obviously contradicts what clearly showed in the video. It has left us question to think why the Dalai Lama is doing this. After all, isn’t Buddhism supposed to teach us not to harm? Perhaps there are more to it than what we perceive. May the ban be lifted as soon as possible so that more can be benefited from Dorje Shugden!

  30. Thank you for sharing this video which is a clear evidence of the violent which actually took place in the monastery itself. It is a very important now to let people around the world know what had actually happened with all the violence and discrimination amongst the Tibetan community. Where the so call non-”spirit” worshipper actually behave like the ones who practises. I am saying that Dorje Shugden is a spirit just the way the bunch of blind followers or the ones who afraid to stand up against the bigger force for whatever reasons which only they themselves justified. Another thing i wanted to say that when the reporter asked the question: So do you think all your Guru were wrong because all of HHDL Gurus should be a Dorje Shugden practitioners. And the answer HHTDL gave is: “Yes”…i meant what? What did the HHTDL just said? How can this be if everyone as Highly Attained can be wrong so can you HHTDL. If they were all wrong which mean everything that we are pursuing and believing can be wrong as well.

  31. All this just proves to show that there is unmitigated violence and discrimination towards DS practitioners and supporters. What baffles me is that how CTA can still continuously deny such blatant disregard for humanity with so much evidence online and on so many news portals. Or for that matter, how HHDL can ignore the pleas and calls for the ban and restoration of religious freedom. It has become a mad world indeed.

  32. The fact from the vdo clearly show what was happened and it is very sad to see the violence like this, especially with the buddhist practitioner ie monks, nuns.
    How you can claimed yourself as a practitioner by hurting and harm other, that is ridiculous. where is the compassion which the practitioners suppose to practice?

    I don’t think anyone will accept this violence and say this is nothing. i pray that this vdo will be shared and appeared to people in this world and such this incident won’t repeat and the practitioners who anti-shugden focus on their practices and stop all non-violence actions. May there be free and open practice of Dorje shugden to benefit all sentient beings.

  33. 看了这文章就更清楚了解:这个禁令根本就不和逻辑!





  34. CTA survive mostly on donations, and the many donors believe in their cause to be independent and freedom (from China). When the donors find out that while CTA is fighting for freedom, they themselves are suppressing freedom of their own citizens.

    Therefore, to relief this ban and relief the suffering all the Dorje Shugden practitioners, especially those under CTA, we must expose the truth to the western word where many of the donors are. Once the donors are informed and educated, they will either stop donating or demand CTA to lift the ban; and in both cases, will force CTA to lift the ban.

    If you feel there is nothing much you can do to help, you can use social media to spread the news, because it is a very powerful tool in this era!!

  35. Already cast out from own country. Already get the same name as “refugees”. Already staying in others’ people country, still want to have riots against own people in foreign country. Why are the tibetans goes against own tibetan.

    Buddhism talk about harmonious, talk about equanimity, talks about peace. Are these remains as theory only? Or as a “marketing” words to get donations from the western?

    If there’s no ban, why there’s an ID card to disclaimer that the person is not Shugden practitioner.
    If there’s no ban, why there’s a separation on the monasteries?
    Shar Ganden and Shatse Garden …
    If there’s no ban, why the monks who practice Dorje Shugden have to be beaten.

    It is very heartsick to look at how Dorje Shugden practitioner were ill treated. It is very pain to see because of this unreasonable banned, Amongst Buddhist there are no harmony, create doubt on people who are new to Buddhism and definitely bringing very bad images to Dalai Lama. People from other’s religion, even people in China looks at Dalai Lama actions on this banned as a laughing stock.

    Just leave the banned. Please don’t create shame to Buddhism .

  36. Traditionally, the government in Tibet implemented punishment methods using physical and emotional torture as illustrated in photos captured by journalists. This is surprising because Tibet is the land of snow where Avalokiteshvara manifested as H.H Dalai Lama. Then again, perhaps it is for this very reason that the Buddha of Compassion is leader to a government of such barbaric traditions to advocate change.

    With violent punishment methods that stem from that type of view and thinking, it is not surprising that the Tibetan Government mastered the art of using violence to implement policies.

    The violence towards DS practitioners is fundamentally wrong and illegal.

    Also, to be up to speed with the developed civilisations where H.H is spreading the Dharma and gaining a strong reputation as a beacon of oeace, the tibetan government should put an end to this “old way”. Even the apartheid has ended so many years ago!

    What more when the Tibetan government is in service to The Dalai Lama, who is not only a leader to the nation but better known an international personality of Dharma.

    With their new title as CTA, I hope the Tibetan government will loose their authority to impose suffering through violence on sincere dharma practitioners.

  37. 1. The Tibetans act like some crazy worshippers in some cult where whatever the Dalai Lama says, they will do. He say jump, they jump. Yet they call DS practitioners a spirit worshipper.
    2. Dalai Lama says those who do not stop practicing will get what will come to them. He should know better as he is causing more harm to the lay Tibetans by gearing them into this protest. It’s heavy karma to harm the sangha and turning them away from dharma more and more. Guess who the harm will fall to in honest reality.
    3. So why does Dalai Lama who is supposingly to be Chenrezig making so many suffer? Is the cause really so great these anti DS people are just a small handful of people who can benefit from it? Do they collect “some” merits since they are part of what makes the bigger purpose manifest?

  38. It’s very disheartening to see how much sufferings, suppressions and rejections the DS practitioners has to endure. HH Dalai Lama preached WORLD PEACE, it’s very contracting with what he has done to the DS practitioners. Fighting among buddhist own communities is uncalled and unacceptable. Buddha taught us to be compassionate and not to harm others as they have been our parents in our previous lives. All of us should come together to bring the ban down as DS is truly an enlightened being , who hold Buddha’s teaching very well. I am truly blessed and honor to be connected to DS in this life and pray for lifetimes. May DS practice be free from ban and spread far and wide to benefit all the sentient beings,

  39. The riot in this video clearly showed that it was organized by the Tibetan leadership. It is very sad to see many Dorje Shugden practitioners were attacked and injured in the cause of this violence, where is the mercy? Dorje Shugden is our uncommon dharma Protector, He is enlightened being, He not only blesses human beings but also all other sentient beings. Many highly attained great Masters are Dorje Shugden practitioners, how can HHDL claimed that He is a spirit?! Please lift the ban on Dorje Shugden swiftly so that everybody can have the freedoms to this practice..

  40. It is really sad and shocking too watch this video. So many monks and nuns involved in this riots. Even if want to protest, make it a peaceful one. We always read news about the Dorje Shugden (DS) practitioners being harmed. But we have never heard or see DS practitioners or DS (the evil spirit) harm any non DS practitioners. If DS is a evit spirit, when his supporters and practitioners being harmed, it would have counter attack to protect its supporters.

    In Buddhism, freedom and peace is always the main focus. With the ban and harming of the DS practitioners, how can they still call themselves practising Buddhism.

    I hope the ban can be uplifted ASAP, so that DS practitioners and supporters can continue to practice peacefully and benefits more people.

  41. Wow! I did not realize the discrimination has grown to such an extent ! It is actually inhumane to do such things to any sentient being. It’s unbelievable that so much negative actions can be imposed on a person for believing in his/her own religious practice. Especially a practice which preaches peace and happiness to the world. These discriminations have to STOP NOW !

  42. Thanks again for DS.com admin and the team with folded hands…

    I do rewatch the video above, its really a real and powerful evidence to show HHDL lying hence HHDL lies make so many monks and DS practitioners suffering since 18 years ago.

    If we think our self being discrimination for 18 minutes or 18 days? I think we will cant stand about it. But due to HHDL lies, thousands of monks and countless DS practitioners being hurt, bully, discrimination ect until now. We should use all the Proof provided in ww.dorjeshugden.com to get more party involve, let the world hear our sound and see what is the true face behind CTA then the Ban sure will Lifted Soon…

    As the very good example that happened recently;
    The International Shugden Community have been working very hard towards our goal of removing the ban. Read more information here on how you can do so:

    They fight for the right, they fight for the Truth and they fight for religion freedom. This will help to make Western donors that support CTA look into this matter. If they able to stop the sponsorship, i think CTA activities will be reduce hence the violence will be stop immediately…

    Let’s Stop the Violence, the Discrimination, and the Ban to let all the DS practitioners out of suffering hence towards PEACE…

    We can Stop HHDL lies, We can help to Lifted the Ban, we need to work together hands in hands, we can sound together with the Unbeatable DS.com team…

  43. where is religious freedom? Lord Buddha did not teach to discriminate or even causing hurt to others, whats more causing hurt to the Sangha community!

    lies after lies, and causing more confusion not only within the Tibetan community, but also confusing the world that Dorje Shugden is a spirit? But why not Nechung being ban? Why does HHDL ban Dorje Shugden who have help him escape Tibet during the cultural Revolution?

    The discrimination and violence must STOP!!!

  44. Speechless. Such a blatant lies given by the Tibetan leadership, and the instigation of violence against, of all people, a group of ordained monks peacfully doing their prayers. The worst part is that many among te mob that attacked the Dokhang monastery, are monks and nuns themselves! Since when did sangha sink until such a low level? What kind of poison did the Tibetan leaders instill in the minds of these people that propel them to commit such a base act?

    The wold is sympathetic towards the Dalai Lama and Tibetans for the religious persecution done by the Chinese on them, epitomized by the infamous remark of Mao Tze-tung to the Dalai Lama “Religion is poison”. But what about this? Instigating and provoking monks and nuns to physically and verbally attack their own kind, this type of “religion”, is it nectar or poison? What’s the difference between Mao Tse-tung/the communist Chinese and the Tibetan leadership?

    The Tibetan leadership is always trying to garner support for thir Free Tibet cause from the world, but they should be wise to realize that having a double standard by persecuting Shugden practitioners the same way they accused the Chinese of religious persecution on Tibet, DOES NOT HELP.

    Stop the persecution and octracization against Shugden practitioners, then only will the world respect and support you cause. It is not even a matter of whether Shugden is a demon or not, it is simply a matter of religious persecution, period.

    Free Shugden, then only will Free Tibet become genuine and justifiable. Think.

  45. Grat article. Thank you for all your comments :)

    This ban eventually will be lifted!!!

  46. Dear Admin of dorjeshugden.com,
    Thank you for gathering and putting together all these facts on this website here for everyone’s easy reference. It is so difficult to accept HHDL’s untruths in all the interviews featured on the video.
    With all the protestors gathering at all the venues of His Holiness’s USA tour recently, it is time the world should be able to see clearly what the real sufferings the Tibetans are going through instead of the usual stories of torturing by the Chinese government.
    And I would also like to echo “Stop lying Dalai Lama”.

  47. It seems very much so, like the Dalai Lama himself like to say; that the Dalai Lama is deliberately lying and wants to be caught. Otherwise it would be quite silly for him to belying so blatantly. Why? I think it is because the Dalai Lama is promoting the Protector in the most unlikely way. It is said that before a Great Protector arises to prominence, there will usually be great obstacles. We just need to look around the world nowadays to realise that. Hence, despite the sufferings of the 4 million Shugdenites, the real beneficiary of this is that the Practice of Dorje Shugden will spread far and wide.

  48. 全球藏传佛教徒当中,没有人不曾听过大海喇嘛禁止修持多杰雄登护法的法门。自从禁止这项修持之后,这已成了佛教世界中被讨论得最为热烈的话题。看了以上视频后,才了解过去的18年来,西藏领导人无间断地对多杰雄登持修者进行身体与精神上的暴力!视频中让大家看到了一个事实的真相,那是何其残酷,大海喇嘛禁止多杰雄登护法的修行是不争的事实,唆使3000民众去对付600名手无寸铁僧伽众也是铁一般的事实!!众生的眼睛是雪亮的,不会被谎言蒙蔽,更不会向恶势力屈服!!我们应该要支持多杰雄登修行者以及多杰雄登护发修行,团结一致的向西藏领导人要求解除禁令!还我们宗教自由!还多杰雄登护法一个清白!!

  49. Thanks to DS.com for such an informative article and video! The team has done a good job to search for the evidence of how DS practitioners have been attacked. It’s very sad to see and to know that DS practitioners do not have freedom to worship and pray to DS, Lord Manjushri. The DS practitioners have lost their religious freedom!

    Dorje Shugden’s practice has been practiced by Lineage high Lamas since decades ago. Some of the Lamas were also the tutors of HHDL. So was it the Lamas’ wrong for practicing and worshiping DS? Or was it the HHDL’s?

    DS.com has provided so much evidence on DS lineage and Who He really IS!
    I believe that HHDL knows DS’s practice and doctrine will be very strong and phenomenal in the very near future. DS’s time to protect the world is coming soon! HHDL who is known as a Kuanyin, has his own purpose of doing what he is doing.

  50. Found a article that posted by Jakarta Globe, also commenting HHDL in their article:

    Media-Friendly Pope Francis: True Reformer of the Catholic Church?

    “Francis’ better grasp of public image than his predecessors is perhaps parallel to and even possibly inspired by the current Dalai Lama, whose popularity in the Western world has done a lot to boost the image of Buddhism there.

    The peaceful image of Buddhism in the West largely owes to the popularity of the Dalai Lama who has preached tolerance and peace throughout his exile from Tibet. In the propaganda war against the Chinese Communist Party, there is no doubt the Tibetan leader fares much better. And yet for all his alleged open-mindedness, it is also a fact that the Dalai Lama has declared the sect of Dorje Shugden illegal within Tibetan Buddhism. He has also called for the sect’s suppression, something that is rarely reported in the press.

    In the face of a superior intransigent force like the Chinese, it is understandable that the Dalai Lama cultivated the rest of the world, for Tibet alone could not hope to stand alone and win. By the same token, Francis, who is a pragmatist after all, is wise to foster better relations with the increasingly secular world that sees the church’s adamant medievalism as a challenge to progress.”

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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