20 Years of Suffering: Lift the Shugden Ban

For the past 20 years, countless media agencies and major news channels have reported on the controversial Dorje Shugden ban instituted by the 14th Dalai Lama and the widespread violence and religious persecution surrounding this issue. Yet, despite extensive media coverage, little in the way of international pressure has been applied to the Tibetan leadership and as a result, millions of Shugden Buddhists worldwide continue to suffer faith-based discrimination to this day.

This short video sums up 20 years worth of information about the unethical Shugden ban and the discrimination, fear and coercion faced by Shugden Buddhists on a daily basis, especially those who are brave enough to stand up, speak and fight for their Religious Freedom.

Through sharing this video, you are helping millions of Shugden Buddhists worldwide by creating awareness of their sufferings and helping them regain their rights to freedom of religion and freedom of choice. On their behalf, we at DorjeShugden.com thank you.

For more evidence of the ban and the suffering it has caused: http://www.dorjeshugden.com/press/proof-of-discrimination/

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  1. Segregation, separation, violence, deprivation, hatred, anger and this vileness action istituted by the Dalai Lama quarters has caused unbelievably traumatic pain.
    Seen on the many faces of the Shudgen followers are a glaring hopelessness because the decree comes from the respected head of Tibetan Buddhism. Who will fight for their freedom? Who will they believe the Dalai lama or the Shudgen followers? Unfortunately, as hard as the Shudgen followers may try it appears like a losing battle and a fruitless attempt in the Tibetan context. Changes are likely to appear when his holiness passed into clear light. But then again there will be chaos as soon as that happens because currently there is no one under his wings that have been trained to take over. However, in the Shudgen sectors in other parts of the world they are gaining momentum and are expected to restore Dorje Shudgen recognition once again.

  2. It is very disheartening to watch this video. In this day and age people living in Tibet are still being discriminated and bullied because they have different belief. This is unacceptable and it is violating human rights. Tibet is a democratic country. Why would the government allow this to happen? Everyone deserve to be treated fairly and live in harmony.

    Dorje Shugden has been practice for more than 400 years by many erudite high lamas and even by HH Dalai Lama’s guru. So how can it be wrong and evil. I sincerely hope Dalai Lama will lift this ban to stop the suffering of the Shugden practitioners. No one should living in fear just because different belief.

    May more people share this video to create more awareness of the ban.

  3. I feel so pain after watch this video. The Dorje Shigden Ban had caused too much pain for the people who practice Dorje Shugden especially the Tibetan people. Fear, attacked, bullied, violence, segregation, violation of human rights, failure of democracy, discrimination for 20 years…

    How come the practice which has been practiced for more than 400 years by many high lamas be wrong? A dialogue in this particular issue has to be made and solved. Religious freedoms should be applicable to all human.

    May the Dorje Shugden ban be lifted.

  4. Totally agree with “For our beliefs, we will not give up. It is our right.” It is understood that in a democracy, everyone has the equal rights and freedoms for their religion.

    Please understand and respect to those are firm, strong, determination and never give up the Dorje Shugden practice though they suffered for more than 20 years. 20 years of suffering is enough for the Shugden practitioners. This is the time to release the ban and give them the freedom to practice the dharma and eventually achieve the attainments.

  5. Total hypocrisy on the part of Dalai Lama to deny that the ban causes no harm. For a Nobel Peace prize Laureate, Dalai Lama certainly showed no mercy in denying the claims of Shugden people being violently attack under his watch. Considering he is the administrative leader of Tibetans in exile, shouldn’t he at least showed some care and eagerness in the ill fate of his people? It is hard not to assume that Dalai Lama condones violence conducts among his followers as long as they are doing the dirty bidding him, and certainly Dalai Lama comes across as someone who does not give a darn to people’s life as long as he gets what he wants.

    And equally unimaginable is to have Samdhong Rinpoche the Prime Minister then, openly acknowledged and backed the segregation and discrimination against Shugden people, his own people. Why would a Prime Minister to express such wrath and loath against his own people? I thought the medieval era is over, but, no, not in the Tibetans in exile community.

    It is rather sad to have leaders like this in the Tibetans in exile community, who assume positions that can amass wealth for selfish use in the expense of the poor and sad condition of their people.

    Tibetans please stand up and voice out. It is your life these leaders are playing with.

  6. Shared! I wonder how long can India ignore this injustice that is happening right under their nose. Why will they not step in to investigate what the Dalai Lama and the CTA is doing to their own people? India sure is very tolerant because the amount of havio the Tibetans create for them because of their ban of Dorje Shugden really creates unnecessary work and strain to India’s security when they probably have better things to do for their entire country. In this way I see the CTA taking advantage of India hospitality and their stay temporary stay in India. How much more crap is the CTA going to give India? How much benefit does the Tibetans bring to India economically and looks like even spiritually they give so much problems.

    There should never be discrimination or a ban on anyone’s religion and to have this going on in Indian soil, isn’t it breaching India’s democratic constitution of religious freedom.

  7. @ Domeo, the reason why India seems to be tolerating this injustice is the same reason the USA (and hence the UN) turns a blind eye to the CTA’s offences against humanity. And that reason is because the Dalai Lama has very deftly turned himself into a a political weapon that these nations can use against China.

    China’s meteoric rise to power is a threat to much of the world’s leading nations today. And so, the Dalai Lama and the very well cultivated ‘Tibetan Cause’ serve to curb China’s position in the international community.

    However, this political utility has a ‘used by’ date and one day, it will benefit these nations more not to stand with the Dalai Lama. It is foolish for the CTA to assume that the protection accorded by India and US will last forever.

  8. Watching the video wrenches at my heart especially helpless old ladies and monks are being attacked. We were brought up to respect older folks as a morally right thing to do, yet these Anti-Shugdens could debase themselves to that extent.

    And that lady crying as her sister in India couldn’t buy food from the shops just because she practices Shugden. Her sister had to go begging for food. Even devil worshippers or the terrorist can walk into any shop to buy their necessities, including food.

    With all the proofs of attacks and segregations, the Dalai Lama still blatantly denies that the ban had cause any sufferings. By now the world should have learnt of the situation from interviews, documentaries, online news, etc. and yet why haven’t any countries or human rights group take up their stance to give those suffering their human freedom and rights of practice?

    Wonder why would the Dalai Lama, the emanation of Chenrenzig, the Buddha of Compassion, manifest all these situations for his people to suffer? Maybe he is clearing the karma of the Shugden practitioners as they maintain clean samaya with their Guru in keeping true to their practices. As they say, “the pious will go to heaven”.

    But for the ban to have lasted over 20 years, it is just too much sufferings and bad karma created. May the Dalai Lama please heed our plea and swiftly remove the ban on Dorje Shugden to reunite all Tibetan Buddhists.

  9. This unjust ban on Dorje Shugden practice has been going for too long now, Dorje Shugden practitioners have not done anything wrong and why are we discriminated, ostracised and looked down upon based on our religious choice? Why don’t Dorje Shugden deserve religious freedom and equality? Because His Holiness said that the practice is bad?

    With all the respect, His Holiness even said that his teachers were all wrong, can you imagine how ‘scary’ is that? If his teachers were wrong, it would mean that all the teachings and transmissions the Dalai Lama is giving now are powerless and without blessings since the his teachers’ refuge vows are broken because they practised Dorje Shugden. It would also mean that whatever His Holiness is doing now is ‘wrong’, so if they are wrong, his stance on Dorje Shugden practice could also be wrong.

  10. I am so embarrass of my leadership n my ppl . There is so much proofs of this ban that it is so crazy some ppl can say that it is just advice n not a ban . The world is looking at us as example of the human rights n peace but our ppl is not at peace . Every day Dhasa is lying to the ppl n so much of the negative karma is coming . Our Tibetan ppl have a saying like our leader work like the children . They are try to solve something like problem but the solution is not coming n making many problem in between n hurting many ppl . This is the problem of the blind faith n not knowing the Dharma .

  11. I wonder how people can survive under these sufferings for 20 years; and how the Tibetan leadership can do these for 20 years.

    This ban serve no meaning beside fulfilling political intentions. Thanks to the modern technology that they can’t hide it anymore for how much unethical rules Tibetan Leadership has made people suffer.

    The ban on Dorje Shugden is unethical. May it end very soon.

  12. We respect all religions, this is the basic of being kind and compasion in learning dharma. Please leave the ban and give freedom to Dorje Shugden practitioners.

  13. We respect all religions, this is the basic of being kind and compassion in learning dharma. Please leave the ban and give freedom to Dorje Shugden practitioners.

  14. It is very sad to see this video. How can all this discrimination be carried out today under the Dalai Lama. Even the Samdhong Rinpoche admits to the discrimination and yet the Dalai Lama is not willing to abide by his principles and words of peace, harmony and dialogue to solve problems.

    I’m beginning to believe the calls of the Dalai Lama being a ‘liar’. Right now, I’m finding it hard to believe in the Dalai Lama and the CTA as they don’t walk the talk.

    What I cannot understand is how the rest of the world can still sit back and do nothing. i Know, disparaging a monk creates very bad karma but how is a samsaric person to think with such damning evidence on video.

  15. Don’t get stock with waiting for HHDL or CTA, don’t ask them like a little child to stop what they are doing or not doing, but continue with your dharma study and practice, based on analytical and resting mindfulness, calm abiding, clear seeing and meditation to effect the wisdom view of non-duality (shunyata) and compassion that is within this wisdom view or essence (pure) and nature (clear) of your own conciousnesscontinuum/pure and clear awareness that is rooted in spacecontinuum and therefore is basicly pure, clear and has the healing transformation power of wisdom and compassion to be able to perform healing activities of mind, speech and body to prevent harmful activities of mind, speech and body and heal/transform anything that is harmful into enlightment.

    Just continue to devote to non-duality, to wisdom and compassion, to dharma by dharma study and practice and you not only effect freedom and wellbeing but also nothing can stop you.

    States, republics, religions come and go, just aks archeology and find out for yourself about their dualistic selfhate betray systems/games and that they’ve failed because of the people where/are lost in duality and all the harmful eternalistic and nihilistic views that arise from duality and all the good and bad thoughts and emotions (harmful motivation) that arise from these harmful views and effect all the harmful (good and bad) actions of mind, speech and body that create all the good and bad karma that keep up this dualistic selfhate cycle (samsara) and dualisitc systems/games with all the luck and pain, problems, suffering and frustration that come along with this.

    Don’t follow this dualistic selfhate systems/games that only can create dualistic illusions, lastingness and non-existence, good and bad, god and devil and so on with all the luck and pain, problems, suffering and frustration but no freedom and wellbeing that is rooted in space- and conciousnesscontinuum and only can be effected by wisdom and compassion/dharma that is rooted in space- and conciousnesscontinuum.

    Therefore just play the healing and transforming dharma game to transform your state of conciousness, your karma, your present and future, by dharma study and practice (that is devotion) into enlightment instead of struggeling with anything that is harmful, harmful thoughts and emotions, harmful views, dualty and ignorance regarding non-duality.

    Never ever give up, just continue, no matter what happend, happens or will happen, just continue and bring all the wisdom and compassion together, just unify and you’ll find out for yourself non-duality or what is beyond words, beyond thoughts, beyond duality, beyond this illusion of ignorance regarding non-duality and is called shunyata.

    If beings come to harm you, just practice wisdom and compassion to transform instead of ignoring, attachment and aversion and then you liberate. Just continue …

    So don’t wait for HHDL, CTA or whatever, just go on with dharma study and practice regardless of those who practice ignorance, duality and all these duslistic selfhate systems/games that harms themself most because it effects their conciousness in this harmful way.

    Remember the bodhicitta prayer for these beings, one of the most beautiful prayers that are unbelievable profound and powerful to keep up the healing and transforming power of loving kindness or compassion of non-duality to effect healing activities of mind, speech and body.

    The Dorje Shugden “Ban” and all the harmful activities since are obviously not a beautiful dharma dance/dance of non-duality/dance of loving kindness to prevent and overcome ignorance and so on. It is not helpful to keep up the transmition of dharma into the future for the benifit of al beings in the future. There is no question about this because it is very clear to everyone around he world that something went wrong and still is wrong due to the selfhate illusion of ignoring non-duality.

    We don’t need to hate ourself and others by performing this black magic trick of ignoring non-duality/distraction regarding non-duality to create duality and so on with all the dualisitc systems/games that only effect problems, suffering and frustration to keep this cycle of illusion/duality/voilence with all the luck and pain problems, suffering and frustration up.

    People say that Shakyamuni ones has said that each and everyone of us should be his own light and should only take refuge into the light within himself to be his own light to become free of ignoring non-duality, duality and so on with all the luck and pain, problems, suffering and frustration.

    Be your own light, devote and take refuge to the light within yourself by dharma study and practice, based on analytical and resting mindfulness, calm abiding, clear seeing and meditation.

    I love you all and i practice for you all … take care and never ever give up, no matter what happend, happens or will happen just go/devote by dharma study and practice.

  16. In a nutshell, the Dorje Shugden ban is real and the CTA is living in denial for the past 20 years. The suffering of the Tibetans and Dorje Shugden practitioners do not bother the CTA at all and they continue to elevate the amount of suffering for their selfish intent. We continue to educate people on the unlawful ban and the CTA continue to supress and hurt Dorje Shugden practitioners. It is amazing how many are in denial about the ban and continue to keep turning a blind eye to it.

    I have learned from this incident that people are more comfortable in following a branded lama than to understand the whole controversy blindly. Once they have decided to follow blindly, you will have a hard time to change their mind, afterall, hating the Dorje Shugden practitioners, discriminating them, throw stones at them etc. matches the ignorant mind of the people.

    Nevertheless, we will continue to educate, to learn, to share, to bring awareness until the ban is lifted!

  17. I like the music used, from the movie ‘Inception’ good touch.

    20 years of Dorje Shudgen discrimination is a very very long time, even Worlds Wars only lasted 6 years at most. What heinous thing have Dorje Shugden committed that they deserve such treatment?

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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