Ailing Aunt

Sometime in 2009, my aunt was diagnosed with terminal stage cancer which had spread to her thyroid. The doctor said her days were numbered. My Lama very kindly did a puja for my aunt and entrusted her life to Dorje Shugden. He requested that if it was not her time to pass away, then may Dorje Shugden protect her and let her live further; if she was to pass away, may it be painless and peaceful, and may Dorje Shugden guide her consciousness to her next rebirth where she can meet and practice Dharma again.

About a month after the puja, my aunt passed away. The amazing thing was that, on the day of her passing, she could still eat lunch on her own. She even got out of bed and changed her own clothes. Then, she went to sleep and passed away without a sign, without any suffering, without any pain. Dorje Shugden helped her to pass, exactly like my Lama had requested him to – painlessly and peacefully. It is a miracle for a patient who is suffering from cancer at a terminal stage to pass away in such an amazing manner. I have full confidence that Dorje Shugden has also guided her consciousness to take rebirth in a conducive environment to continue her Dharma practice.

~ Marti ~

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  1. Thank you Marti for sharing your story of how Dorje Shugden had helped your terminally sick Aunt. Time and again, I had read or heard testimonials of how Dorje Shugden helps the people. He is such a caring and compassionate Protector that never forsake us in our times of need. Dorje Shugden’s very being stemmed from Dultzin’s strong Guru Devotion to Lama Tsongkapa and Tulku Drakpa Gyaltsen’s giving up his life to take on the role of an unusual Protector to propitiate Je Tsongkapa’s precious teachings. He had promised to create the suitable conditions for our practise and will be with us all the way to Enlightenment. I would certainly trust my life and spiritual path to Protector Dorje Shugden.

  2. That’s amazing – that she felt no pain and was able to do things for herself as if all was well and then just left. As you said, Dorje Shugden must have guided her to a better rebirth , I’m sure. After the amazing sign that was evident, we cannot surmise anything less.

    It was very kind of your lama and you to ask Dorje Shugden to assist and that you were able to let go in that manner. Many would have asked for a longer life for your aunt.

    Thank you for your sharing.

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