Dalai Lama “Supporters” Violently Oppress Buddhist Monks in Mundgod, India

Stone-throwing in Mundgod – 3 cops, 30 others hurt

Monk Lozang Tsering, 29. Shartse Monastery. Fled Tibet in 1990 to study Buddhism in India. He and other monks were maltreated and injured by Tibetan protesters, including monks, recruited from various camps by the local Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) and local Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) and the settlement Chairman to disrupt the two-day prayer conference of the all-India Shugden devotees’ representatives.

Monday, September 11, 2000
MUNDGOD (Karwar) Sept 10 (DHNS)

Three police officers and more than 30 persons were injured in a stone pelting incident in Lama camp of Tibetan settlement, Mundgod on Sunday morning.

More than 2000 Lamas, including 200 women, who are said to be the followers of Dalai Lama took out procession under the leadership of Prema Tsering, and tried to destroy a Shugden temple and started pelting stones at Shugden devotees. Police personnel resorted to a lathi (stick / cane) charge and later shot teargas shells.

The Dalai Lama supporters opposed prayers at the Shugden temple, due to the difference of opinion between Lama followers and Shugden devotees.

Dorje Shugden Devotees Charitable and Religious Society had arranged a three-day seminar which started on Saturday, but Lama supporters staged a protest march today which ended in the stone pelting.

Police Inspector B.D. D’Souza, PSI S.T. Gasti, ASI Ganapati S. Naik and more than 30 Shugden devotees were injured in the stone pelting. However, the timely action of the police averted mishap.

Mr Yesha Lama has urged the arrest of the culprits who tried to destroy the Shugden temple and the building belonging to Kunja Lama, and requested the police to provide protection for Shugden devotees.

Mr G.B. Chebbi (Superintendent of Police), Dr T.D. Pawar, Additional SP V.S. Naik, Dy SP, Asst Commissioner Naveen, Tahsildar Raghavendra Rao have camped at Mundgod and are supervising the law and order situation.

There is panic in the Tibetan settlement area and vehicular traffic was stopped. More than 50 representatives from all over India and three delegates from Nepal have participated in this seminar, which will be concluded on Monday. The General Secretary of Shugden Devotees Charitable Society L.K. Thakur has urged the district to provide police protection to Shugden devotees.

Source:Deccan Herald

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