Removing Curses and Negativity

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Does anyone here know how to remove curses and negativity from places and objects? If our prayer beads, sadhanas and other ritual objects are being tainted by the touch of those who slander our Spiritual Guides, Deity or Dorje Shugden, is there anyway to cleanse them and restore their purity?


A sharing by TK

I will do a short explanation for you and hope it helps. There are the general methods and Tantric methods. (However, in my explanation on the Tantric methods, I will not go beyond what is allowed).

You have to identify, if you can, where the curses or negativities are coming from. For example, if it is a lot of general talk, malicious talk or jealous talk towards you, then you can recite a Sutra called Miga Tramdo, or have it recited for you. This Sutra is especially for turning back the effects of speech from many that could hurt you. Speech can turn into something physical that interferes with you.

If the problem is coming from a land god, or regional deity, then there is a short ritual – extracted from the Shugden Kangsol or Lama Chopa Tsok – which you can do to make offerings to them as a friend.

If you have offended a spirit, you may generate loving compassion or think good thoughts and apologize. Reciting the Heart Sutra and Refuge formula (“Namo Guru Bey, Namo Buddhaya, Namo Dharmaya, Namo Sanghaya”) would be powerful antidotes if recited with deep conviction (There is no limit to how many times you should recite. It would be good if you can recite one mala a day or more of the Refuge formula (i.e. 108x or more).).

None of the recitations or rituals should be done with the intent to harm the land, god, ghost etc. It should be done with the altruistic wish for their liberation and planting seeds in their mindstream. You should think that it is also to purify the karma you have to be able to receive this type of harm at all.

For curses, spells or black magic that you are confirmed about, the following pujas can be selected, depending on the intensity of the harm:

  • Sheningdodo (Heart Sutra with ritual)
  • Gyabshi (400 offerings)
  • Chasum
  • Kabardo
  • Dukkar
  • Dukkar dondo
  • Protector Puja
  • Dukkar Se Sum (Dukkar, Singdogma and Heart Sutra recitation)
  • Receiving Vajra Yogini or Yamantaka Kakko (a short ritual done by a qualified lama to block interferences)

The above are just some to name a few. It would be best to consult a lama. There are more, but I am just giving general pujas here. All these pujas can be done in any Gelug Monastery.

You can also do any of the personal recitations, prayers, mantras or sadhanas below for repelling curses, spells and black magic; or a combination of these:

  • Reciting one’s lama’s personal name mantra
  • Singdongma Goddess
  • Ekazati Goddess
  • One’s protector
  • Vajrapani
  • Black Manjushri
  • Hayagriva (Thamthing Samdrup)

If one has the higher Annuttara tantric initiations then they can engage in:

Yamantaka or Vajra Yogini would be very powerful. One can engage in their sadhana and focus on the following:

  • Soliciting the lineage lamas and one’s lama during the sadhana is very important for the success of the practice and dissolving.
  • Protection wheels
  • Protection deities/armour in the case of Vajra Yogini
  • Dissolution and emptiness of all phenomena in either generation or completion stages

Their sadhana / practice should not be engaged in to conquer demons, spirits, black magic, etc. That would be a side benefit. One should engage in their sadhana with an altruistic motivation wishing to gain great bliss and wisdom (Detong Yermey). Doing their sadhanas daily will be very powerful and effective protection.

One can also engage in the following method. However, this is not recommended as you need great skill, good samaya, strong concentration and you also need to have to ‘accomplished’ your deity (Yidam):

Do one’s meditational deity practice as per the sadhana. Then, generate the spirit as the deity you are doing, place the spirit as a deity in a pillar, or something stable in the house. Bless the pillar to generate it as a divine palace of the deity. Seal the pillar and recite the auspicious verses.

Those are the various means I have explained in short and general terms. There are many variations depending on circumstances. The best way is to consult a great practitioner, lama or above all, one’s own lama. You need not take what I have written and start doing it yourself. I have purposely omitted many details as I am just sharing knowledge not writing instructions on how to do this. I am letting you know just in short what is available.

There are a few methods to protect yourself against those with broken samaya or negative intent who ‘contaminate’ your objects. Any of the following are fine for you to do:

  • Ask a lama to bless.
  • Recite OM AH HUM 108 times or more, focusing on what you know on Emptiness. Then blow on the contaminated object.
  • Recite any amount of your guru’s name mantra, trust your teacher and bless.
  • Use the consecrated water from a Trusol ritual to wash the objects.
  • Recitation of your protector’s mantra, focusing on altruism.

If you are doing any of the Annutara tantric deities, then just before the recitation of their mantras in their sadhanas, there is a section for consecrating the mala. That would be very sufficient. In fact, any of these practices/sadhanas will consecrate your environment, the objects within, the beings within and more importantly, your mind. Hence, everything becomes purified and blessed.

It is said that wherever there is a pure practitioner of Heruka Chakrasamvara / Vajra Yogini, when he/she recites their 8-line praises, the Dakas/Dakinis from the 24 holy-power spots will converge to bless the practitioner, the environment and all beings in that space immediately. It becomes a sacred environment to plant the seeds of enlightenment in the minds of those beings and visitors.

I wish you luck and speed in your practice always.


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  1. when i dont do my practice regularly..ive experienced scarey things inner/outer..ive really been genuinely protected by these practices and lots of them,id not heard of..this is very helpful,thankyou.

  2. lamala kepson se , shanghela kepson se , shoila kepson se , geldhinbla kepson se ,

  3. Thank you for sharing. It is good to know there are many ways to repel black magic and remove negative energy. I often encounter people with such problems and wish I could help them. Now at least I have some basic knowledge to share with them.

    • Hi, I need help with black magic removal.

  4. I am very new to this and I know that there are people I work with who are speaking negatively of me, and I’m in danger of losing my job. I do not know how to do any of these things and would be grateful if some of you would pray for me and help me break these curses.

    Thank you…

  5. I’m totally a beginner here, i’m trying to follow as my soulmate has been practising this for a long time.whatever makes him happy is ofcourse my positive view. But for the past few years, we have been having lots of problem in our relation due to family pressure.i don’t know how toconvince him and get back with him and start a happy life again.i never knew that people who loves eacother can vanished.i pray everyday for him to realize and come back to me.i need your blessings.

  6. Dear Tashi
    I am glad you have found I do not think it’s by chance but thru affinity.
    Read and get to know who Dorje Shugden is. The best place to start from is “An Introduction to Dorje Shugden”

    You will find the text for the prayers here

    wishing you well

  7. Curses are only effective if you believe in them. They have no reality.
    There is no locality or object which can carry a curse, as localities and objects have no permanent essence. But a place or object can be made sacred to a person or group, simply by belief. Only thought is real, and onlt positive thought has real effects.

    negativity is effective only if you allow it into your heart. counteract it with healing thoughts, or simply by ignoring it. it is not real.

  8. Thank you for this informative article. I heard the teaching that one can be cursed or plaqued by negative influences only if one has the karma to receive it. And there is no way to avoid except to keep doing good things and purify our negative karma form beginingless lifes.

  9. Dear TK,

    Deeply appreciate for sharing with us the above topic, how to repel black magic and remove negative energy. It’s very helpful, informative and beneficial to some of us and our love ones and friends. If and when, there is something happen at least we know how to handle it. Thanks again!

  10. hi –

    thank you, TK.

    it seems to me that you’ve given here many excellent methods that could be called “extensive” methods, all of which will be effective if done with sincere faith and a good heart.

    i’d also like to suggest an equally effective, “simple” method: just ask our holy Protector Dorje Shugden to purify the negativity!

    with strong faith, if we simply invite Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden and sincerely request him to remove all traces of negativity from places and objects, then we needn’t doubt: they WILL be blessed and purified. :-)

  11. Yes, curses can be real and difficult sometimes to detect since they manifest out through our own personality/ego causing us to act in unbecoming ways, be self-destructive, self-sabotaging, make poor decisions, experience lack and poor health which lead us to a string of failed relationships and jobs.

  12. Hi, i am in great trouble. I am always honest and loyal by nature. I always believe in god. But in my surroundings, many people are indulged in blackmagic. They are bwnt on ruining me. They are putting ash of the dead in my food even some in water or juice. Everytime there is a get together. They do this and this blocks my mind andmy body becomes very weak. This slow down all my work and making me lose my appetite.i have two small children.they suffer also. I am getting problems also atwork. They are acquainted with the peoplewhere i work. Please help me pls help me, pls help me.

  13. Hi Poo sorry to hear this. Recite Dorje Shugden’s mantra OM WIKI BITANA SOHA
    108 times every day. I’m not an expert but this mantra will help protect you and your family. It has been working for me and has made my life smoother.

  14. Pls idont have any job & it seem D problem is 4rm my family precisely my mother pls i need ur help

  15. Spirits harm, curses and negativity are often happen to us, they are real and has caused many harm. There are no explanation from modern science and medical knowledge. Advised given by this article is very useful, it might be life saving too.

    Below is a very powerful practice, and is extremly beneficial to people who needs lots of help:-

    Powerful Protection Against Spirits or Black Magic

  16. sir i am a victim of black magic.from past five years i am suffering in each and every possible way.mainly financially leading to all other conflicts.i am on the verge of collapse.please guide me.actually i met a person which i later got to know that he was a tantric.he stayed in factory for few days and a lot of time with me.he almost narrated my collapse to me in those days but i never believed.he also challenged me that there is no answer to my question in this world.i am from surat a city in can you help me.

  17. someone has released DorjeShugden on me,how do I ask him to leave?

  18. A Guru told me that my ex-lover has black magic done on him. And this was the reason why he suddenly left me. The Guru said we can be together after my karma cleared. But because of this black magic done on him by another woman, he cant be with me now even I cleared my karma. So Guru said have to do prayers to clear the black magic. Is this true? Can you give me some advise? Can Prayer really help clear this black magic?

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