Dorje Shugden Blessing Dogs

When my little dog was critically ill about eight months ago, he had to be hospitalized at the vet’s. I visited him every day, and gave him one Dorje Shugden blessed rice and also placed blessed rice into his water.

While I was there daily, there was a little dog in the next room that had not eaten for two weeks. The vets could not find out what was wrong with him and the owner was very upset. The owner was there every day, cuddling the dog, and was crying all the time. I then approached her and gave her a blessed rice for her little doggie, which she placed immediately into the dog’s mouth. That was about noon, then at about 2.30 that same afternoon, the owner rushed into my room with a wide smile and told me her little doggie ate some food!! This little doggie was discharged, fully recovered, two days later.

It was also around the same time, that another doggie came into the clinic, with a tumour in the brain and was screaming in excruciating pain and the only thing the vets could do was to place him on a morphine drip. They could not operate as the tumour was in the brain. The owner was totally distraught, she could not bear to see her dog in pain, neither could she make the decision to put the dog to sleep. Once again, I gave her a grain of blessed rice for the dog and within half an hour, the dog passed away peacefully. Though the owner was very sad, she was relieved that her dog did not have to suffer any longer.

And by the way, my own beloved doggie is now perfectly healthy and happy. I still continue to put blessed rice in the drinking water.

By: Linda Wong

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  1. Wow!!! Wonderful Sharing of testimonials how Dorje Shugden’s blessed rice has helped and blessed the animals. The doggies were so fortunate to bless by Dorje Shugden. May the blessings create the cause for them to meet and practice Dorje Shugden in their next lives. OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA.

  2. Bless her heart. Only an enlightened being will practise such an equality in approach towards sentient beings. No creature is too big or too small for Dorje Shugden to save and protect. May I be close to my Protector and receive his blessings always.

  3. What an amazing testament to the power of Dorje Shugden blessed rice. I had always kept some in my handbag for emergency but had never actually met with situation where it was needed. Cross my fingers that those situation don’t arise. After reading this sharing, I now have more confidence in the blessed rice. Thank you Linda Wong for your sharing. May Dorje Shugden continue to bless us all in his ways.

  4. What swift assistance that was rendered to the poor sick doggies. Dorje Shugden giving the best help that was needed and not what we wanted. That is the way of enlightened beings. That they can help best as our karma and merits allow. Without our good karma and merits, there would be nothing that the enlightened beings can do for us as we will be too far out of reach for their assistance.

    With the good motivation of people like you, and your merits and wishes to help these doggies, they have benefited.

    Thank you for helping these doggies.

  5. Animals also have the feeling and suffer from the pain. For this instance, we should love and treat well the pets as they are companions and part of the family. If we treat them well, they will be the one of most loyal friends to us.

    Linda is a good example of how we all should love and treat our pet as well as others. Because of her loving kindness and generosity, a few dogs were healed and reduced their suffering with the given blessed rice. Hope Linda will continue her virtuous acts to share and help many others.

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