All We Have to Do is Believe

I am sure there have been countless incidents when the Protector Dorje Shugden has helped me without me even knowing. The fact that I’m still on this path is, I’m sure, by his blessings and protection – I quite fickle by nature and I think, given any other situation, I would have left when the going gets tough. I am ashamed to realize that I have probably taken the Protector very much for granted.

And yet, in his infinite kindness, he never, ever forsakes us. At the most urgent moments, he is always there – swift, immediate and with so much compassion. He has helped me even in the smallest things – it seems almost silly actually. For example, there have been moments when I’ve had to attend important Dharma activities or events and travel or parking is difficult around the area.

All I have to do is make a little wish in my heart, “Protector, please help me find a parking bay, I really need to be here for my Dharma path!” and almost immediately a car will pull out, leaving a parking spot for me in the most convenient, safe place, right in front of the venue. This hasn’t just happened once or twice, but over and over again, every time I have asked.

There have also been very desperate situations where I’ve needed urgent help. This is just one of those cases:

One of my relatives was going through a very difficult, personal situation and as a result, had become very depressed, addicted to alcohol and very aggressive when he became drunk.

One day, I got a call from my aunt saying that this uncle was threatening to kill himself and had locked himself in the bedroom. I was with my Lama at the time and when I told him what happened, he advised me to go to them directly, to visualise my Lama and Protector as one on my head and to recite the Wangse’s mantra constantly.

By the time I got there, my uncle had totally lost it and had started to hurl all manner of things around the house. There was broken glass, machines and wrecked furniture everywhere, and he wouldn’t stop drinking. He was completely uncontrollable.

I did as my Lama had advised – including the visualisations and reciting mantras under my breath. I don’t know how it happened, but as I did so, all the right words would spontaneously tumble out of my mouth which would calm him down temporarily, until we could work out our next move. Even I was surprised I was saying those things – it seemed like I was watching a movie of myself speaking.

Given the circumstances, I would have normally have totally freaked out and broken down. But by relying strongly on the Protector this time, I remained very calm and had such a sharp sense of focus which I never normally have even.

I was able to calm down my uncle, stay strong for my aunt (who was totally falling into pieces) and strategise how to keep him contained and stop doing more damage. It felt like I was in some terrible movie but at the same time, throughout the episode, I felt like I could always anticipate what would happen next and move accordingly. The focus was abnormal and extremely sharp.

This focus also allowed me to rally round just the right support, call and get hold of just the right people. Just finding ways of getting hold of these people were riddled with obstacles, but by reciting the mantras over and over, other alternatives and solutions came to mind very quickly and easily. These other relatives were able to come over in the middle of the night and appease this uncle completely, until he finally went to bed peacefully.

There was damage, but it was salvageable and fortunately, nobody was hurt at all. The Protector, through the control aspect of Wangse showed me just how powerful and immediate his help is for a situation that could have potentially been very dangerous, even at the cost of people’s lives.

Also, I didn’t do any elaborate pujas or rituals. Everything turned out well and calmed down drastically just by reciting his mantra and having deep faith, knowing that both my Protector and Lama were protecting my whole family nearby and from afar. For this, I am always grateful and know for sure then, that the Protector is always there. All we have to do is believe and call.

~ Anonymous ~

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  1. How amazingly kind and caring Protector Dorje Shugden is to help from our minor needs to full blown potentially life threatening problems! Thanks for sharing your testimonial. Protector Dorje Shugden is an enlightened Buddha and we can place our faith in him 100% as he will be with us every step of our path towards enlightenment. May your Uncle’s problems be resolved and harmony restored in his family.

  2. That you have faith in both your Protector and lama mist have helped. That you had direct instructions from your lama is very fortuitous and your family have the good karma to be helped by Dorje Shugden is evident.

    If they don’t have the good karma to benefit from Dorje Shugden’s assistance, then the obstacles would not have been cleared.

    Rejoice for your practice and faith that you are able to help your family.

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