Trijang Rinpoche’s Sampheling Monastery at Chatreng

Trijang Rinpoche’s personal Monastery in Chatreng District in Kham, Tibet. Hundreds of monks and thousands of lay people are very devoted to Trijang Rinpoche and the practice of Dorje Shugden. Everything is alive and well there.

Sampheling Monastery at Chatreng is the home monastery of His Holiness Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche. It has been rebuilt and active now for the people of the region who has tremendous faith in Trijang Rinpoche.




50 monks stay here (the long flat single storey building), the tall building at the back is Tsongkhapa hall

Entrance to Main Gompa

Entrance to Main Gompa


Entrance to Trijang Rinpoche’s room



Main Gompa


Top of Gompa, Trijang Rinpoche’s bedroom and for receiving guests.

Main Gate to Gompa 2

Main Gate to Gompa 2


Main gate to Gompa 1. All hand-crafted by Chatreng’s people


Main Gompa


Main Gompa. Right side of this building is Tsongkhapa hall


Side entrance of Gompa

Amitabha Hall

Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 2.57.26 PM

Nearby Village 4

Nearby Village 5 (with ancient religious stupa)






Brief Introduction to Chatreng’s Monks

  • Name of Abbot: Geshe Tanpa – 75 years old from Varanasi, India. He has been the Abbot for the last six years (two terms consecutively)
  • Chatreng is the hometown of both Trijiang Rinpoche and Zong Rinpoche
  • Three years ago, Gangchen Rinpoche sponsored 50 monks
  • The monastery doesn’t have any sponsors. All monks are supported by their families.
Number of Monks
  1. 50 monks studying debate as part of the Geshe program. These monks stay in the monastery full time.
  2. 20 monks who are full time umzes. These monks stay in the monastery full time
  3. 4 monks who do pujas full time in the Dorje Shugden chapel. These monks stay in the monastery full time
  4. 4 monks who do pujas full time to other protectors. These monks stay in the monastery full time
  5. 590 monks who stay at home due to lack of resources and food
  6. 3 full time teachers
  7. TOTAL monks: 671
Sponsorship Programe (in RMB = Chinese Renminbi)
  1. To sponsor 50 monks 1 month food = 50 monks x RMB 18 x 30days = RMB27,000.
  2. If sponsor food for 1 year = RMB27,000 x 9 months only =  RMB243,000 (the balance of 3 months is school holiday, the monks don’t stay at monastery)
  3. To sponsor the robes for 1 year = 50 monks x RMB 600 = RMB30,000
More details:-
  1. Currently there are 50 monks who are learning debate
  2. To sponsor a monk’s daily food, the cost per monk is RMB 18 (for 3 meals)
  3. Each year, two sets of monk’s robes are needed. Each set costs RMB 300.  2 sets = 2 x RMB 300 = RMB 600
  4. Total monks in monastery is 668 people. This comprises 50 monks (living full time in the monastery) + 618 monks (living in the monastery approximately 7 days a month)
  5. To sponsor the monks’s food during puja, the cost per monk is RMB15 (for the full day)
  6. There are three Geshes teaching inside the Monastery. Each teacher receives RMB500 monthly salary from the monastery
  7. The Monastery also gives RMB150 monthly allowance to each of the teacher for them to buy daily necessities

Some of the monastery’s buildings are still under construction, the monks need to work in day time, do puja, and build the monastery, it has been very difficult for them.

The information above comes from Ajeka:
  • Ajeka is 60+ years old, a very sincere old layman. He has been serving the monastery for a very long time without receiving any sponsorship or salary.
  • Ajeka was a former County Head, also the Minister of Transport in Chatreng. Ajeka manages up to 3000 people a day, assigning tasks related to rebuilding the monastery. All the monks respect Ajeka very much, and will listen and take instructions from him.
  • Ajeka made a camp and lived there so that he could monitor the progress of the construction
  • At the time of writing, two buildings have been completed and they are building the third. (Gompa, Tsongkhapa Hall and Amithaba Hall). Each building can fit more than 2000 people.
  • The upper floor of the Gompa houses almost 100 monks.
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  1. what a beautiful monastery, with traditional architecture and golden roofs, nestled against the foothills of the vast Tibetan landscape. Anyone visiting this place will be blessed.

  2. Dear

    Thank you for putting the information on Sampheling Monastery in Chatreng. I have read Trijang Rinpoche’s autobiography titled “The Illusory Play” From that writing I learned how Trijang Rinpoche subdued the originally non Dharmic Chatreng people at such a young age. His effort was not wasted because when the Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet to India, he was protected by a guerrilla army called Chushi Gangdruk who consisted of Chatreng men. Definitely Chatreng people have contributed a lot to the survival and the spreading of the Buddha Dharma because if the Dalai Lama did not escape from Tibet back in year 1959 – Tibetan Buddhism would not have been as big as it is today.


  3. Chatreng itself is set in such a picturesque valley. Though knowing something of Tibet, it must be very harsh in the winter. The photos reminds me somewhat of the Swiss Alps.

    It warms the heart to see the restoration of the monastery even though it is being overseen by a lay person albeit a very respected and qualified person.

    There are a lot of blessed statues there and as the monastery is being restored and maintained, one can assume that the Dharma is more than doing well. In fact, one can say that the Dharma is thriving as even though the monks have to
    rely on their families only, they are moving mountains to have the dharma and uphold a tradition.

    May Sampheling Monastery continue to grow and spread the Buddha Dharma to the ten directions to benefit many.

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