Powerful Protection Against Spirits or Black Magic


Dorje Shugden puja being done at Tashilunpo Monastery

There are many types of protection one can have, dependent on the spirit or malady, but one of the most powerful is relying on the benevolent protector DORJE SHUGDEN.

Dorje Shugden’s rites, rituals, prayers, meditations and protective mantras are hailed as one of the best. This practice is excellent to do daily to bless our premises as it is very effective. One can download a picture, keep in one’s home and ask for sacred protection. Many can attest that Tibetan protection is ancient and powerful.

Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan High Lamas are the world’s experts for exorcism and casting out of spirits. In the east, where magic is prevalent even in today’s times, it is considered the best.

Many people who are afflicted with the Chinese mountain magic, Thai magic or Indonesian magic are very hard to cure. Spirits follow them and many disasters happen.

They always seek Tibetan Lamas for healing and getting rid of evil spirits, black magic or purifying unclean places. In the Tibetan tradition, people are very familiar with protection against negative forces, spirits, spells, and bad energy.

There is a wonderful practice that any layman can do, which is invoking upon a very powerful yet benevolent Protector – Dorje Shugden. We can do his prayer followed by mantra daily. This can be done in one’s home, before travels or during crisis situations.

Daily prayers to Dorje Shugden would be good also. Reciting prayers to Dorje Shugden, offering one’s fears and reciting the mantra daily is very powerful for protection against the most ferocious spirits or demons. This ancient protective practice from the High Tibetan lamas is the best.

Daily prayers and invocation to Dorje Shugden also bless the environment and give peace. When we do prayers to invite Dorje Shugden to our place and to bless and protect our abode, Dorje Shugden comes from holy power places throughout this planet, other realms and different Buddha Fields.

One of the power places that Dorje Shugden resides in is Shambala, a mystical land filled with spiritual practice and spiritual beings. So it is a very holy and sacred practice of Tibet.

Dorje Shugden’s sacred mantra is: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA

Recite this daily for blessings. This can be recited as much as possible. The pronunciation is not a worry.

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  1. I have often heard that Black Magic and spirits have always been used on people due to a lot of unsatisfied circumstances concerning love, business, revenge etc. These people have gone to seek bomohs, sorcerors, Thai bomohs etc to rid them of the black magic that has been done to them. And they have to pay lots of money for these services. But most will not be able to rid of the stronger ones affected because of the lowly gods or spirits that is used to fight them. I have read that Tibetan methods are most powerful. Dharma Protectors are used to rid and protect but not to harm. One of the powerful Protectors is Dorje Shugden. He is the wrathful emanation of Manjushri and he is also a Buddha.

  2. I see Black Magic use in many places but mostly for entertainment. The bulliying level of Black Magic is never-ending but still many use this magic to “free” themselves from their bad times in life – this cause to kill ,steal, injure, cause misfortune or destruction to others, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences. Very bad. I know this girl yeah… her husband got victimized by Black Magic, after many days looking for help… it still did not go away – he died after one month and everything so expensive. I google a lot of this very beautiful, wrathful and powerful Dorje Shugden and I was like wow. I think that the other methods did not work because it did not have such a powerful Buddha like Dorje Shugden to get rid these harmful spirits. I agree with Arisa, I too say Tibetan methods is super powerful. Thank You for taking away my worries and fear from spirits and black magic. I know now I am safe as long as I practice Dorje Shugden ways.

  3. Black magic is common nowadays and are casted on individuals for selfish reasons. The results are so detrimental to the victims that their life destroyed. I know a person who went through hell was casted with black magic by her boyfriend and she took revenge by countering the black magic back to her boyfriend which was advised by the medium she seek, She created more negative karma by retaliating. She only knew so much and she thought it was the right thing to do as advised by that medium. I explained to her that we should not take revenge and should seek compassion method to get rid of the black magic as not to create more negative karma for her to suffer more. I advised her to stop and luckily she stopped.

  4. i am looking for the best mantras & prayers to protect me & pets from extreme bad abuse ,evils of highest degrees, here in cape town south africa. psycho-abuse , evils , hordes, psycho abuse to kill all day & night from many parties.

  5. My observation from the prayers. Any Dharmapala prayers will invoke an established yidam like Lama Tsongkhapa or a Buddha like Shakyamuni Buddha.

    If one reads the prayer of the Dharmapala Dorje Shugden, we can see that the prayer is propitiating an enlightened protector. Very clear. So if the protector is a preta, we would not be able to rely on him via the prayer. We start the prayer with the Guru Yoga, invoking Lama Tsongkhapa. if DS is a preta, we probably just dedicate the merits to him. So the preta is blessed. No harm done! If he is a preta, his power is much less than of Lama Tsongkhapa. So Lama Tsongkhapa will just subdue him and send him to him next rebirth.

    Just by the prayers, we can generate faith is the Dharmapala. So how can he be a preta. Are with talking about the same being?

  6. Whenever I feel uneasy and scared, I will always chant DS mantra as it makes me feel much better and calm after that. It’s really scary to hear about people dealing or affected by black magic and most people retaliate and thus creating more negative karma. I’ve heard many of my customers who think that they are cursed because of the business and wealth that they have and I told them to recite DS mantra everyday to help them.

  7. Many many years ago, when I was facing financial difficulties, one of a very close friends of mine, who introduced Dorje Shugden to me. And he asked me to do DS prayers everyday and during that time, what my friend explained to me was that DS is a very powelful Dharma Protector. He will protect us from any harm, black magic, sickness, financial problems and many other things.

    After listening to me, I started to do DS prayers everyday without fail, and truly enough I recovered from my financial difficulties without a very short period of time.

    Yes, DS is very powerful, He will help everyone who call Him for help!!

  8. Other than chasing (for lack of better word) away evil spirits, protectors provide conducive environment for us to practise dharma. My personal experience with protector – I stood in front of the altar and ‘beg’ him to get a job so I could have the financial stability to learn dharma, my prayer was answered within 2 weeks.

  9. If Dorje Shugden is cutting ta powerful black magic would be good in some monastery lamas do Dorke Shugden ritual ceremony to make a cut all my black magic and my ex girlfriend anyone could cut and just made ​​me spend my money

  10. @ Suzanne O’Meara and Anonymous:- beings can only harm you if you have the karma to receive harm. So Dorje Shugden can only protect if you have the karma to receive protection. Having said that, I believe consistent recitations of his mantra will help you to open up a channel to receive his blessings and protection. The all-round mantra which propitiates Dorje Shugdein in his main form is OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA

  11. Dear friends,I am facing a great challenge.Me and my son are staying in a hotel room that is filled with demons.I changed rooms already but this seams to be the case is most,some have less,others more.ive tried to mentain purity trough prayer but at the moment i tend to get overwhelmed by these creatures.i notice it affects our wellbeing,capacity and ive tried to find methods of how i could chase away these entities.havent been very successfull and i came to you for help.Is there anything that can be done?
    Thank you

  12. Black magic is very common nowadays. In my opinion, magic in general (no matter black magic or white magic) is something that is very selfish for people to use. They use magic for their personal gain, harming others along the way.

    Although it is said that white magic helps others, but I believe that unless that “magic” that is cast is performed by an enlightened being, there will definitely be consequences together with effects to the person who benefited from the magic.

    Whereas, for prayers and Buddha practices, in this case Dorje Shugden practices. It is not only beneficial but also good for us. Because when we do prayers, chant mantras, etc. we are actually purifying our own karma as well. In addition to requesting for things that we want to have or motives that we want to achieve. Through prayers, no negative or harming actions can be done on others, only ways to help and benefit others can be performed.

    Dorje Shugden practices are very beneficial to all of us irregardless of the situation. For an example, when we are faced with obstacles, we can do Kawang to help us clear our obstacles that is being placed in front of us. Hence, I would say that by doing Dorje Shugden practices is beneficial not only to our daily lives, but also to our spiritual path.

  13. i have heard abt black magic & have recently faced these problems like laziness, not feel like going to work sleeping around whole day, mind concentration not there suddendly getting angry on silly matters, depression ,financial loss,fight with wife,son brothers sisters. please help

  14. I have read your mantra for protection i.e OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA .Can you please explain its meaning and tell me how to pronounce it? ,Because correct pronounciation is very important for good results.Thank you

  15. I’am puspender from dehradun herbertpur near central tibitan school..over 2, 3 our family felt that we are in dange and my brother ravi died with doing some black magic .. Please help us ..please e mail me .thankyou

  16. Namaskaram Guru,

    Am Ranganayaki, am workign as a private company in chennai(India) form 2006 .
    for last 2 years affecting some kind of black magic.
    some people following me through some kind of black magic(mind reading). also am affecting mind and physical level problem.
    Am coming form small village also poor family.

    Please help me .

    Thank You!.

  17. Black magic and white magic is just another way of negative and positive energy. Envy and act of violence are huge negative frequencies and vibration that can affect people that are going through hard times and their energy is weak. We all have the capacity to do either or and sometimes we may do it unconscious. It doesn’t matter if you want to believe in magic or any religion world wide. Protecting your self everyday by asking the universe to shield you from all hate, envy etc ( negative energy) can help you maintain a great life. In the other hand wishing and acting on anger emotions can potentially affect a good human being in a negative way. Love is the strongest energy in thee world . Compassion and letting go. Can only bring more peace and connect us all body mind and spirit . At this point you will understand more about life and the universe it self and our connections .

    Remember love is the strongest energy.

  18. I used to heard of it that Tibetan practise is the most powerful and strongest compared to Chinese Mountain Magic, Thai Magic, Indonesian Magic. Now I am very fortunate to know and confirmed this through D.S.com. Many thanks to the writers of this website used to share a lot of genuine information and many practices. This really help a lot especially for those juniors into Buddhism.

  19. A jobless man, I am searching for solution
    but just hope. Does Dorje Shugden could and able to “help”
    in some ways.

    Thanks guru Dorje Shugden anyway, even you busy or don’t wanted to help someone .

    Best Regards,

    Mr THINH

  20. I heard about Dorje Shugden i started saying OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA
    everyday it really help you in many ways if you believe in it,

  21. Like to removel all back magic on me

  22. Please keep praying for me humberto velasqurz god bless for prayers..

  23. Black magic can be very common nowadays and might be the unlucky one to be casted on this kind of magic… But if we have the faith in our protector Dorje Shudgen and recite His manta, we will be protected. As the Tibetans are very well known in casting spirits and exorcism, I’m sure it’s because of the mantras and the prayers they do that are very effective. So whenever we feel insecure or scared, always recite a mantra that we are familiar (ie DS’s mantra). As we believe DS as an enlightened being, His mantra and prayer will definitely bless us and protect us.

  24. Thank you! I bought a cross dorje and did not know what to do until I read this information.

  25. I would like to say thank you to dorjeshugden.com. Because of this website it save my brother in law life who are afflicted with spirit disturbances and by chanting Dorje Shugden mantra consistently and have strong faith toward protector. the serious conditions have improvement.

    I am fortunate to get to know about Dorje Shugden protector in dorjeshugden.com. My closed friend recommended me precious protector. This save me brother in law life.

  26. Recently my sister chat of Dorje Shugden sacred mantra it help on my sister to clear her depression and negative thinking. She has improvement after chat for few days. I truly believe her condition will improve more and more.

    Thank you DS.com provide this platform for us to have chance to practice this precious protector practice who is emanate from Buddha Manjushri and many get benefit from Dorje Shugden practice.

  27. day by day broken in my wife

  28. My ex joined devil worshipers and wanted me to join with him I told him no and he went behind my back and got his devil worshiper friends to put witchcraft on me and put voices in my head then they removed the voices now they listen to my thought I need to get this removed immediately it would be a blessing if you could help thanks 

  29. Chanting the DS mantras it will definately help many incident happen to me whenever I confuse about something or have difficulty in making a decision when I start chanting the mantras there will have some clue how to make a correct decision. DS mantras is very powerful when u are in dangerous situation the protector will save you from all the danger.

  30. I have no experience with Dorje Shugden, good or bad.
    I do not know if initiation is required for this practice.

    Generally, an initiation of some kind is required for Buddhist protector practices, even if it is simply the initiation of Refuge and Mahayana Buddhist vows.

    If someone has a serious negative provocation to face, they should see someone who has actual experience with such a provocation.

    In general, one can do practice of the Buddhist goddess Tara, such as the Ten Syllable mantra

    This mantra is open to all, Buddhist or non-Buddhist. It is open to all decent and reasonable people.

    There are people who will offer you “protection against spirit harm”, but who themselves engage in black magic. From a Buddhist standpoint, all ritual animal sacrifice is black magic, and that is REQUIRED in West African / Haitian Voodoo.

    Buddhists never do ritual animal sacrifice, whether Hindu or Voodoo or whatever. It is explicitly forbidden altogether.

    Other than bad guys, people anywhere can do basic Tara practice. Again, I have no specific experience of Dorje Shugden practice, but I know many things do work, and there are protector practices in all Mahayana Buddhist schools, including Chinese Zen.

    The Tara practice is entirely safe and beneficial. It is also universally accessible, unlike most Buddhist or non-Buddhist protector practices in general.


  31. Hi..

  32. In my own practice, I often benefited from the power of mantra. Mantra is the condensation of 84,000 Buddhas speech/ teaching, ; the medicine of souls. Chanting any Buddhist mantras will definitely benefit one selves if we have full faith and trust in that particular protector and it is also be advisable that beside chanting mantras, should be followed by some meditation . From all the past posts, many have indeed acknowledged the effectiveness and results proven of the mantra of the great King Protector Dorje Shugden . May the ban be lifted immediately to be in aid to those who are suffering, in pain to have direct benefit from it. Om Benza Wikki Bittana Soha……

  33. OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA this powerful and blessed mantra has benefiitted countless beings around the world.
    Dorje Shugden comes from holy power places throughout this planet, other realms and different Buddha Fields,we do prayers to invite Dorje Shugden to our place and to bless and protect our abode.
    Famed for exorcism and casting out of spirits. In the east, where magic is prevalent even in today’s times, Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan High Lamas are the world’s expert. May the ban be lifted and many more be able to do this wonderful practice.

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