Powerful Protection Against Spirits or Black Magic


Dorje Shugden puja being done at Tashilunpo Monastery

There are many types of protection one can have, dependent on the spirit or malady, but one of the most powerful is relying on the benevolent protector DORJE SHUGDEN.

Dorje Shugden’s rites, rituals, prayers, meditations and protective mantras are hailed as one of the best. This practice is excellent to do daily to bless our premises as it is very effective. One can download a picture, keep in one’s home and ask for sacred protection. Many can attest that Tibetan protection is ancient and powerful.

Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan High Lamas are the world’s experts for exorcism and casting out of spirits. In the east, where magic is prevalent even in today’s times, it is considered the best.

Many people who are afflicted with the Chinese mountain magic, Thai magic or Indonesian magic are very hard to cure. Spirits follow them and many disasters happen.

They always seek Tibetan Lamas for healing and getting rid of evil spirits, black magic or purifying unclean places. In the Tibetan tradition, people are very familiar with protection against negative forces, spirits, spells, and bad energy.

There is a wonderful practice that any layman can do, which is invoking upon a very powerful yet benevolent Protector – Dorje Shugden. We can do his prayer followed by mantra daily. This can be done in one’s home, before travels or during crisis situations.

Daily prayers to Dorje Shugden would be good also. Reciting prayers to Dorje Shugden, offering one’s fears and reciting the mantra daily is very powerful for protection against the most ferocious spirits or demons. This ancient protective practice from the High Tibetan lamas is the best.

Daily prayers and invocation to Dorje Shugden also bless the environment and give peace. When we do prayers to invite Dorje Shugden to our place and to bless and protect our abode, Dorje Shugden comes from holy power places throughout this planet, other realms and different Buddha Fields.

One of the power places that Dorje Shugden resides in is Shambala, a mystical land filled with spiritual practice and spiritual beings. So it is a very holy and sacred practice of Tibet.

Dorje Shugden’s sacred mantra is: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA

Recite this daily for blessings. This can be recited as much as possible. The pronunciation is not a worry.




Black magic and spirit infestations are common occurrences in many parts of the world. Vajrayana Buddhism provides a number of effective solutions for such problems yet many have limited access to a qualified teacher who is able to grant the necessary teachings and initiations.

Fortunately, within the lineage and teachings related to Dorje Shugden, a practice to prevent and assist with such problems exists, and can be done safely by anyone who is afflicted by these negative energies without receiving initiation. This practice is that of the wrathful emanation of Dorje Shugden, known as Trakze or Karma Shugden.

May all who are afflicted by these negative energies be free from such sufferings quickly.

Trakze Practice for Protection Against Spirits or Black Magic

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  1. When you sleep light a candle or lamb next to you to burn for whole times you sleep and wear a religious amulet or symbol or pic around the neck all the times and record and play religious praying from internet and read religious book and continue praying before go to sleep and continue do researching on the internet on how to protect yourself from black magic’s and you have to do a lots of researching on the internet whenever possible because black magic’s and curses is very serious problem it can destroy your life and turn everyone against you if you continue do research on the internet you might come across a very helpful advice or method to prevent black magic’s
    Beware of black magic’s dreams they are meant to cause problems between you and your friends and relatives example in your dream your friend is doing black magic’s and making you angry in a very convincing ways and in your friend dreams your doing black magic’s in a very convincing way and doing things to make him angry and you would think your friend doing black magic’s against you and your friend would think you’re doing black magic’s against you and you friend both would fight but the black magic’s is done by a different person to cause problems among you and your friends and relatives other example is in order to cause problems with husband and wife the husband would have dreams his wife cheating with other people and husband would believe the dreams and get angry with his wife and the person who doing the black magic’s would probably spread rumours the wife is cheating so the husband would believe I’m writing this so black magic’s would not cause problems among people I’m a victim of black magic’s and curses for long times and it turned everyone against me and made me do things I would not do and made people angry and based on my experience and what I read from internet I know how the black magic’s work the black magic’s dreams are meant to cause problems or misdirect you or trick you using powerful black magic’s sprites black magician can make you dream any dreams he want and take anyone form in your dreams it can be your relatives or friends or any people and the good people do good black magic’s to protect people and make you dreams to help you or warn you but the bad people can some time pretend to be good people in your dreams to trick you and people can use black magic’s to make you think of negatives things you don’t think example you started to think your friend is a bad person or thinking of calling him names and think he is doing bad things against you so people can use black magic’s to plant thoughts on your mind so you would say things you would not say or do things you would not do so it would cause problems for you and your friends
    please write your experience with the black magic’s and how its caused problems to you and how you were able to prevent black magic’s write it on the internet and in the comment sections on the internet and like I have done here it would help other people who is suffering from black magic’s and please copy this and paste on other internet pages like I have done here

  2. i have almost the same situation like this… thai person who did this to me.. please help me

  3. Hello im maricar 35 yeras old.

    Im happy to find this page about protection of bad or evil spirit.
    Im not a buddhist im a catholic but i was bothered by a very strong black spirit from a black temple during ancient time. I get connected to them when i met a man who is a buddhist also. The black spirit have threatned me and my family a lot . They want to hurt and destroy my family in any ways they want. They use thier black spirit power in order to harm my family. They threatened me because they want me to surrender to them this man that i met. This man have a skills in martial arts and studies buddhism.
    But i dont let them take my man spirit. So they got angry and threatned me so badly that i will get sick amd my entire family which is happening now. And they want to burn our house and make explosion using thier powers. And they also said they will take all my sisters spirit and will get them naked and walk around the street without knowing what is happening to them.
    And the most scary threat they said is that they will make us pregnant using thier black power and will bear a child from black temple and they will make us all pregnant in just 5 days as they want and the babies will have back powers.

    Im very scared about it. Because know their power is very strong because they already proven it to me.
    Im so scared im not a buddhist but they want want me to surrender the soul and spirit of my boyfriend to them . They said that my boyfriend has a special power and it will make them very strong. I refused to it. That is why they made me suffer and threatened my and my entire family.

    Please help me. Im so scared i am nothing against them im a catholic. And these four spirit from ancient time are very strong and powerful. Please help me. Please help me pray that i will win this battle.

  4. please help me in my job from greece

  5. Hi..helloni have a problem to my boyfriend i want to help him.He is suffer before until now because his ex girlfried do black magic to him at first he feel his self that his body burning but when he go to his ex girlfriend he feel ok the fire burn that he feel in his is gone…Sometime he dream bad that he marry a girl and he has a family already but his ex in his dream threatened him that if he will not go back to his ex girlfriend the entire family will be killed.

  6. I experience scratch mark on my body every now and then. No Doctors
    Can help me.
    I don’t my any guru or Buddha image at home.
    Can you let me know which mantra to get rid of it because I believe it’ s
    Some spirit in my body.
    Thank you..

  7. I dont want to be cured of black magic ithe thing i want is i want to know who has done black magic on me i want his name if u can let me know if u tell me the name after that ill pay u and ill be ur custumer if u cant find the name tell me the one who can.if u tell me ill pay as much u want

  8. please help me

  9. Black magic starts when you ignore reality or basic freedom of lastingness and non-existence, interdependence, law of cause and effect. Thereby a dualistic perception and experience is effected that effects all eternalistic and nihilistic views, dualistic good and bad intensions, good and bad actions of mind, speech and body or so called black magic.

    To study and practice your own wisdom and compassion (healing magic) is what will effect the magnitism of your own wisdom and compassion that protects your conciousness of black magic by transforming black magic into wisdom and compassion.

    You are in a win-win situation, no matter what other beings do, say or think and do to you and will happen to you, you will always be victorious and protectec by mahadharmapala space and personal dharmapala of you own conciousness.

    The essence and nature of your conciousness allways stays pure, healing and protective, so you can use this transforming force and power of your own conciousness (own wisdom and compassion) to protect yourself by magnitizing yourself with your own wisdom and compassion to transform all luck and pain into great bliss/enlightment/pure perception an experience of reality.

    So if someone tries to harm you, it will not effect you in a negative way at all but you use this negative energy just as energy as a precious source of energy like a multivitamin power bar or vaccination to make your wisdom and compassion immunesystem of your conciousness stronger than before. You just extract the essence, nature and healing power out of it that is within just everything and destroy the illusion with the wrath (Vajrakilaya) or movement aspekt of your own conciousness.

    So all enemies and obstacles become your friends that help you with their black magic and you will be victorious anyway, no matter what happens and mahadharmapala space will protect you anyway like your own dharmapala within your conciousness too then. So you are safe then anyway.

    Hence any dharma practice is protection, is magnitizing and transforming black magic into enlightment, just practice dharma according your state of conciousness and needs in a dynamic way.

    May your magnitizing power of your own wisdom and compassion swiftly increase further and further! May Manjushri stay firm with all of you and swiftly bring your dharma practice of your past, present and future to perfection.

    Also remember of the effects revealed in the quantum physics, so you can practice just everywhere no matter where you are for all beings in all realms.

    Dharma practitioners world wide unite to swiftly liberate this realm of black magic, may Vajrakilaya stay firm with all of you.

  10. My name is Priya. My boyfriend name Prince. We love each other for 6 years and we said to our parents and bring near engagement but suddenly his mom not accepted and separated us. And kept black magic for him to forget me. now he is not at all talking to me. Please help my boy friend and remove the black magic from him and make him marry me. Please help me :,-(

  11. Regardless which faith we believe in, there are always active seeker or believer of the unseen. Whether we like it or not, we are surrounded by the unseen. And depending on our karma and affinity, some of us might be inflicted by evil spirits from the unseen realms. We should always take refuge in the Three Jewels and have faith in Trakze Shugden practice which can pacify the forces of evil swiftly.

    Trakze Shugden practice is all compassionate and unbiased. Anyone can seek help.

  12. Thank you for sharing the effectiveness of Dorje Shugden practise against spirits and black magic. From the earllier comments, it would seem many do suffer from disturbances. I think that due to our negative karmas, we have the possibility of being harmed. I have read many accounts of Trakze Shugden practise helping individuals or families be rid of the spirits disturbing them. Powerful indeed! I would chant OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA mantra daily without fail as a protection and to maintain that connection with Dorje Shugden. Absolutely the best friend that one could have!

  13. sent me way of cut down black magic power on my gf

  14. from greece please help me in my job please please

  15. Ek person ne by using my hairs mujpe black magic kr rkha .he also use my Name,PH. No.,D.O.B,E mail I.d. ,food for doing black magic.Uski personality hr ldki k personality k acc. Change hoti thi.Energy b dusro k usme jti thi.WO kisi b person k effects ghuma skta tha.usne meri body aand subconscious mind mai KFI black,negative energy kr rkhi aa.mere mummy ,dad,mama g,nani k body and mind mai ye SB hai.meri and mere father k job b chli gyi.sara din hm logo ka headache and body ache rhta.mai jha jti hu wha logo ka behaviour peechle CLG k trh ho jta.etna 2 black matter and pungent smell rhti as.koi air muje dunia k peeche kr deti aa.SB logo mai accidents and fights hone lgti aa.do smthng..

  16. fantastic points altogether, you just won a new reader. What would you recommend about your put up that you simply made a few days ago? Any sure?

  17. Hi.. I am really need help.,.. I has been miscarriage 3times..but I never do any prayers for that.. but now I have a lot problems between me my husband.. I can’t live without him… if I done my prayers for tis my situation more difficult than now…pls help me.. no peacefull at life.. always fighting with my husband.. he don’t like to see my face at all.. I don’t why.. pls.. anyone can advice me what to do…

  18. I want to help some people here who are able to help themselves through a change of perspective. When Buddha was approached by bad spirits, what was his reaction? He pointed to the Earth and said “The Earth is my witness.” Why did he do that? Because we do no great thing along. We are connected to everything and so if we try to approach this problem directly and by ourselves, our ability to do so rests only on the power of our own minds. Our level of discipline. What we focus on, we become. What we become we attract. When we call on the Earth to be our witness, we are calling on the female energies of life. The life giving. We get all our needs met by the Earth, like a baby does its mother. So a greater force is called on. Not in defense of self, but in compassion for all involved, including those sad beings. Same with the use of a phurba. The spirit is stuck to the ground, to a point in time and space for a time to allow healing, so that it commits no more karmic harm to itself and can be reincarnated to try again. To cause harm as a spirit (living or dead, because there is more than one kind), still carries karmic consequence. So I approach all living and dead beings with the same compassion I would give a sick person, because that is the reality of it. We protect ourselves by increasing our own capacity of love, resiliency for healing, ability to forgive, will to help others and by disciplining the mind. If you cannot direct your focus, it is very hard not to be open to whatever happens to be passing by, so meditation practice is a great tool. Do not feel fear around them or anger. If you met a sick person, would you give them negativity and try to make them leave as quick as you can? When you let yourself be consumed by fear, you send this energy out. It weakens you and it is harmful to something that is already in a bad place. We only need to work in the self and the mind. Love, compassion, faith in forces greater than you, willingness to help all, forgiveness and gratitude. THESE are your true protections and they are free for everyone.

  19. I feel like my mind is being broken into and evil spirits are ivading my thoughts my dreams.Its almost 24 hours a day.I barricade myself in my room at night but I will wake up feeling like I was being suffocated in my sleep.These evil spirits chanting horrible things they are going to do to me.I have no peace.

  20. You get back what you put out. If you give a sick spirit fear, you are giving it something negative which makes you vulnerable and weak to it. If you gave it a positive energy, like compassion or kindness, you would become immune. If you put fear out into the atmosphere, you attract things to be afraid of. Examples of sick spirits are spirits made of energy of fear, anger etc. If you live a life of fear, while you go through the death cycle process before reincarnating, for a time you are whatever you created yourself to be in your previous life. So if you feed fear for most of your life, you will be this and feed on this and this will set you up for your next reincarnation. If you put out fear while you are alive, you will attract those who are in a state where they feel they need to feed in that energy. We truly get back what we put out. Discipline your mind. Keep your focus. Wake up. Clear your thoughts. Be precise in your thoughts. The neurons of your brain are designed by what you focus on. If you focus on a task repeatedly, your brain will build neurons and strengthen its abilities for that task. If you neglect an activity, the neurons for that activity, will begin to die off. This is why it becomes very hard for a person who has negative and fearful thought patterns to correct it. You literally must change your mind. Starve out the negative thought patterns and feed the positive ones. Only with the discipline of the mind through meditation can you gain control of thoughts. The brain is like a muscle. You must build it and shape it in a way that benefits your life and those around you and “excercize” or practice with focus on breathing meditation techniques, you can achieve this. You may not be successful at this for a while. It took me every day for three months. Some take longer. Some less, before you begin to see changes in your level of control. We truly are what we think. So think well. :)

  21. To attract peace in your own life, I suggest thinking peacefully. If you are having unpeaceful thoughts, recognize that ALL of our thoughts are requests to the universe – our prayers, whether we intend it that way or not. Thoughts attach energy to symbolism which gives them the power to cause and affect, us… and in turn, those around us inadvertently or even sometimes directly. When a fearful or bad though enters your mind, replace it with a positive one. Try to stop the thought before it completes. As soon as you gain control, redirect your thought process to something positive. This will bring slow and steady change. Be patient with your own growing/learning process. Be kind and understanding with yourself. Often if we are too hard on ourselves, we become too hard on others as well. Give yourself the same love and patience you would give a child.

  22. I got love some one earlier he love me lot and suddenly after back from his home town he totally change his behaviour and now he said I m just a friend for him I really don’t know y and what happen to him I really love him a lot please help me to get my love back I really needed him.

  23. please help me so many bad happen

  24. my whole body burning n bad dream of new baby born someone had impnotised me getting like something in my head like drinking alcohol bot nt drinking any alcohol please help me sir what to do money problem had to sell my house n know who did it

  25. To understand the dharmapala aspect or protective aspect of wisdom and compassion
    as well as how to protect oneself and others with wisdom of non-duality and compassion
    there is a collection of most important teachings from Buddha Shakyamuni you can find at http://mahabodhi.com/Chanting.pdf

    In this collection are many information as well as information on protection like:

    … “The Paritta Suttas, or ‘Protection Discourses’ are recited to
    protect one from various dangers. The major suttas like Mangala,
    Ratana and Metta Suttas are especially valuable as moral
    protection to prevent one from falling into wrong views and
    negligence of the practice of the Dhamma.” …

    Harmful magic has teo aspects, it is not only black magic but it is also white magic. Reality is
    non-dual and dharma is about wisdom of non-duality and compassion for protection, regeneration and healing/liberation. And dualism (eternalism and nihilism) is satanism/harmful magic (white and black magic).

    It is important to have an basic understading of the whole path of wisdom and compassion/all yanas and then to practice again and again and thereby to become more and more aware of non-duality to experience non-duality for yourself (non-dual/wise and compassionate percpetion and experience of reality) to more and more identify ourself with our self arising wisdom and compassion and to purify and liberate or to protect, regenerate and heal ourself and others.

    So any society can and should be based on taking care of once state of conciousness and thereby we not only protect ourself but we also protect others, our community, our nation, other nations, our mankind, our nature and our animals. So any aspect/study/practice of dharma is protection, regeneration and healing. That’s why wisdom cultures have survived (many thousand years dharma) and non-wisdom cultures crashed/failed (Stes/Republics/Kingdoms) and dissolved in history. Violence doesn’t work at all!

    So to protect ourself is to study and practice dharma all the time because our wisdom and compassion is there all the time anyway, so we can do that all the time. Some people not only practice during the day but also during they sleep, they practice day and night 24/7.

    Another text within the collection mentioned above says:

    … “Suttas for Daily Recitations

    There are certain discourses of the Buddha which have assumed special significance and are
    regarded as possessing a psychic and spiritual effect of their own. These suttas have acquired
    immense belief from the devout Buddhists that if they are recited and heard with deep devotion they help a person attain a higher degree of contemplation. The following suttas and gathas
    are the most renowned and are traditionally supposed to protect one from various misfortunes. They are, in fact, not only recited on special occasions but even chanted daily by devout Buddhists.
    ” …

    Because of that reality is free of lastingneness and non-existence, basicly there is healing cause and effect, that also means that actions of mind, speech and body do cause and effect once state of conciousness as well as our psychophysical body because reality is not non-existent. Also
    our environment is effected by our actions of mind, speech and body, because everything is interdependent. So your dharma activity helps all other beings and my dharma activity helps all other beings.

    To protect ourself and others from harm we need to study and practice dharma/wisdom and compassion. That also means that to let human beings live in systems that practice eternalism and nihilism/violence (because of no educaton about non-duality/wisdom and compassion) is harmful for a society/nation/other nations/mankind and against mankind. States/Republics unfortuneately are harmful and the harmful influence to the environment/nature/elements,
    animals and human beings/mankind is obvious.

    So mankind has to cultivate dignity or will crash if mankind goes on with eternalism and nihilism. So only with wisdom and compassion/non-violence a nation/mankind can protect a nation/mankind. So this should be the basis for all education systems around the world to protect any society/nation/nature/animals and mankind from harm.

    It is the wisdom that liberates and the ignorance/violence that blocks freedom and wellbeing although freedom and wellbeing is there all the time anyway because reality is free of lastingness and non-existence all the time anyway that is protection, healing and regeneration.

    So we only need to study and practice dharma/wisdom and compassion that is our identity/
    conciousness. Here we need a place to practice this because states/republics don’t offer a place to cultivate wisdom and compasson to protect mankind from harm but only support harmful activities (eternalism and nihilism) that is harmful for the states/republics itself, nature, animals and human beings/mankind.


    … Reflecting thoroughly on these causes of downfall in
    the world, the wise one, endowed with insight enjoys bliss in
    a happy state. ” …

    It is our analytical mindfulness that supports resting mindfulness, calm abiding, clear seeing and meditation (different stages of samadhi) and to abide by our understanding (rangshar/self arising wisdom of non-duality and compassion) and to identify ourself with our non-dual awareness/wisdom and compassion that is protection for ourself and also protects others
    from harm because we are non-violent/wise and compassionate and healing actions of mind, speech and body out of that are non-violence or free of right and wrong/good and evil.

    So dharma study and practice is not only beneficial for ourself but at the same time it is also beneficial for all beings because everything is interdependent. So dharma causes and effects freedom and wellbeing for ourself and others at the same time. Only hereby we can protect ourself and others (dharmapala).

    When you look at the dorje shugden mantra the om and benza (vajra) the om is all or dharmakaya (sky) and vajra is vajrasattva/vajrakilaya or sambhogakaya (sun) and all the protective aspects of wisdom and compassion that protect or emanate protection are like the sunrays of the sun in the sky. So when you look at the mantra of dorje shugden it is this protection aspect from our dharma and sambhogakaya aspect that is like the sunrays with the light (wisdom) and warmth (compassion) that protects and liberates. The view, motivation and action aspects of mantra will let a mantra work, only to chant a mantra will not work properly. To understand all aspects of view Dharmakaya, motivation Sambhogakaya and healing actions/activity Nirmanakaya and to bring them all together is important to let dharma work properly.

    May vajrakilaya (wisdom and compassion) destroy all the white and black magic in all beings of present and future.

  26. sir iam kakkerla pramod from india sir iam suffering with severe evil spirits problem and severe demonic powers in head sir since 2 years iam suffering sir my parents taken me to many astrolagers and doctors sir they spend 3 lacs on me sir but there is no use sir with my problem my father got heart surgery sir my wife leaved me sir with all this problems i did asuasaid attempt sir one person saw me said this mail adderess sir i will catch your legs sir plz pray for me sir

  27. I need help!! Negative energys have become more then i can deal with on my own. Im raised in Christian teachings with desired motives for more then traditonal teachings. I have opened my mind but only that of love wisdom and grace. My emotions have always kept me in what I feel the truth or right way. I have noticed much dark energy aruond all those I love. My life has always seemed to have balance. It seems that all my freids are not happy with anything about me latley. I just relized my only freind now is buddist and many of if not all his are aswell. I have become a freind to all of them. We do not talk about religion or ever have. Im not sure if they have anything to do with what I am experienceing. Im noticeing my infant child screeming at shadows and cornners of our home. My wife continued trying to convince me something evil is trying to take over her body. I was stuggleing with this being posible. She knows I love her always would say when you are aruond this energy doesnt bother her. She stayed with family three nights

  28. Contiued …..
    She was with family and they called me saying she has been hospitalized something has come over her.she distroyed there home chaseing something with a voice from her mouth not hers. Her hair had large knot something that would never hapen. Was cut out now her brown hair is black. What could be next the state is trying to take my children. Ive lost my job had major car accidents all this has been under 6 months. Please help we are good people im always looking out for anyone in need to help. Why me and my loved ones. What can be done. Iwill fight the good fight for all mankind.

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