I am New Here – A step by step starter kit (新人入门 )

Step 1: Background

Dorje Shugden, the Indestructible power of the enlightened mind

Who is Dorje Shugden?

An emanation of Manjushri, the enlightened Buddha of Wisdom. He manifests as a Protector who removes obstacles, protects us and our loved ones and grants our wishes quickly.


多杰雄登,具备证悟者的心识, 拥有坚不可摧的力量


祂是文殊菩萨的化身,即是智慧佛。祂化现為护法以消除我们及我们至爱的人的障碍,并 以最快的速度达成我们的心愿。

His Lineage

As a direct emanation of Manjushri, he has manifested as many renowned figures throughout history, such as :

  • Lord Dulzin, who built Gaden Monastery
  • Panchen Sonam Drakpa, whose renowned teachings are still studied in monasteries today
  • The legendary Chinese emperor, Kangxi
  • Practiced all over the world and very revered in China.
  • Practiced in many grand monasteries and also by laypeople everywhere.

Read more here: Lineage


  • 身为文殊菩薩的直系化身,祂也曾化身為史上著名的高僧伟人
  • 持律主大师,建设甘丹寺。
  • 班禅苏南扎巴,祂的著作目前仍在寺院使用。
  • 康熙,中国清朝皇帝。
  • 世界各地都有祂的信徒,其地位在中国尤其显著。
  • 许多具名的寺院及善男信女都是祂的信徒

Why does he look this way?

Learning about iconography is a great way to discover any deity’s nature, function, and the methods that are applied in their practice.

With beauty and power the following excerpts (in quotation marks) from prayers and praises to Gyalchen Dorje Shugden express via his outer appearance his inner intent and wishes.

“Although you outwardly exhibit the haughty manner of a terrifier to conquer enemies of Lozang the Victor’s teachings, you are, in nature, that very Manjushri Yamantaka; with the supreme, unsurpassed devotion.”

In the middle of a dark wind-swept wisdom fire, on lotus and sun, and an enemy-trampling, frightening, watchful lion is the supreme heart jewel of Dharma protectors, Dorje Shugden, the mighty King. Monk robes beautifying his body, wearing a domed golden hat, his hands hold wisdom sword and enemy heart. Smiling at practitioners, he destroys enemies and obstructers with a wrathful look.

“Smiling with ruby complexion of affection and compassion, elegant in whatever emanation of wrath, passion, or smiling peace, the instant one remembers the limitless secrets of your body, all needs and desires are granted, to you I praise. Your razor sword of superior wisdom rips through the foe, samsara, and you hold the heart of great bliss which slaughters the extreme of nirvana; to you who, for the glory of infinite migrators, shows signs of the skilful means, which have arisen from extremes of both samsara and nirvana, I offer praise. The system of Nagarjuna, the highest view, free from extremes, and the supreme behaviour of vinaya, the code of conduct of the Buddha; as an instruction to migrators that one should practice thus, you are adorned by the domed hat and saffron robes, to you I praise.”


透过图解发掘任何天尊的本质及作用的最佳方式, 即认识他们如何在修行中实践


Label number
What it means
1 Dark wind-swept wisdom fire红黑火风 Fire emanates from the King Protector and burns up our obstacles and obscurations, arisen from negative karma大王身上所发出的火焰燃烧我们的业障
2 Lotus净莲花 His actions are based on great compassion大王的所作所为来自大慈悲
3 Sun disc日轮 Realization of emptiness成就空性
4 Snowlion大雪狮子 Fearlessness that arises upon victory over ignorance, attachment and hatred, tramples the enemies, afflictive emotions arising from self-grasping and self-cherishing代表战胜贪,嗔,痴的威武性
5 Wrathful or fierce look on Dorje Shugden and Snowlion多杰雄登骑雪狮暴怒态 From our side, it looks “frightening” because ego fears nothing more than confrontation with truth.From his side because wrath is quick and powerful.在我们眼里,大王的忿怒是恐怖的。这是代表我们对治我们自己的无明而生的。
6 Heart of the Enemy怨敌心 Enemy heart denotes the root of the problem, ignorance. Holding the heart in his hand means Dorje Shugden “rips out” our ignorance, and therefore blesses us with more wisdom.Heart refers innermost essence, and our deepest wish – enlightenment.怨敌心代表苦恼的根源-无明。多杰雄登手持怨敌心表示祂拔除无明黑暗的根源并赐予智慧。
7 Monk robes僧袍袈裟 Pure ethical outer conduct (Pratimoksha)外在的正确行为-严守解脱戒律
8 Domed hat金色圆顶帽 Domed hat the highest view (Vajrayana), Madhyamika, of which Nagarjuna was the first propounder, and which Je Tsongkhapa presented in his teachings with unsurpassed clarity for our present time圆顶帽代表佛教里的无上理念-金刚乘中的中观道。中观道祖师,龙树菩萨的教法
9 Wisdom sword智慧剑 Cuts through the delusions which keep us from seeing reality directly断除内心的无明使我们得见正性
10 Taming hook in his left arm怀摄金刚勾 Showing that his power works throughout the three realms of existence表示大王法力无边超越三界
11 Jewel-spouting mongoose吐宝鼠 Provides material needs赐予世间上之所需
12 Wearing shoes (tiger skin boots)桑浦虎 Wearing shoes (tiger skin boots) shows that he appears in the disguise of a worldly god, which means that he is closer to us ordinary beings and easier to propitiate than Kalarupa etc.足著桑浦虎表示大王显现世间神明之相意味比一般的护法来的灵验
13 Third eye (wisdom eye) in the middle慧眼 His third eye (wisdom eye) in the middle of his forehead perceives directly the totality of relative and absolute reality, past, present and future.天心部位的第三只眼睛表示大王能见解过去,现在和未来的一切 

Read more here: Appearance

Step 2: Benefits

Dorje Shugden works miracles, offering powerful protection day and night.

Are you a student?

He increases intelligence and memory.

Are you travelling?

He protects you from dangers and harm.

Disturbed by magic and spirits?

He will protect you from disturbing spirits and negative energy.
Read more here:  Powerful protection against Spirits and Black Magic

Business not doing well?

He clears obstacles and brings wealth.

Suffering an illness?

He brings healing to the body, mind and spirit.













Step 3: Altar and Prayers

Prayers I can recite to receive Dorje Shugden’s blessings

An example of a simple altar and tea offering to Dorje Shugden.
Note: Chinese tea or any type of tea is suitable as an offering.

Prayer by 5th Dalai Lama


Though unmoving from the sphere of primordial spontaneity,
With wrathful turbulent power, swifter than lightning,
Endowed with heroic courage to judge good and bad,
I invite you with faith, please come to this place!

Robes of a monk, crown adorned with rhinocerous leather hat,
Right hand holds ornate club, left holds a human heart,
Riding various mounts such as nagas and garudas,
Who subdues the mamo’s of the charnal grounds, praise to you!

Samaya substances, offerings and torma, outer, inner and secret,
Favorite visual offerings and various objects are arranged.
Although, previously, my wishes were a bit dense,
Do not stop your powerful apparitions, I reveal and confess!

Now respectfully praising with body, speech, and mind,
For us, the masters, disciples, benefactors and entourages,
Provide the good and avert the bad!
Bring increase like the waxing moon in spiritual and temporal realms!

Moreover, swiftly accomplishing all wishes,
According to our prayers, bestow the supreme effortlessly!
And like the jewel that bestows all wishes,
Always protect us with the Three Jewels!


Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha (Recite as many times)


唵 本杂 威基 比打那 梭哈 (念诵越多次越好)

Golden Drink Offering (Serkym)

And especially, supreme, supramundane Dharmapala,
Forcefully powerful, strict, and swift Dorje Shugden,
Through offering you this ambrosial drink which bestows bliss
May you, having partaken swiftly and spontaneously accomplish our wishes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Click to download free distribution brochure and prayer card!

Why does Dorje Shugden look so fierce?

His fierce expression symbolises his quick, swift energy and fast action to chase away your obstacles, but he is always smiling at you.

Do I have to be of a particular religion for Dorje Shugden to help me?

No. He will help all just as the sun shines on all.

What do I need to do for Dorje Shugden to help me?

Simply trust, believe and be consistent in your prayers to him.

What can I do with the free Dorje Shugden card I’ve just received, which is distributed worldwide?
  • Keep in your wallet as protection.
  • Recite his mantra as many times as you wish, anytime, anywhere!
  • Put on your altar (if you have one). It’s perfectly okay to put Dorje Shugden with other Buddhas/deities.
  • You can set up an altar in a simple, clean area. Offer candles, incense, flowers, food if you wish (optional)
  • If you would like to distribute the Dorje Shugden card in your area, you may download and print it for free here!








  • 将它放在钱包,有保护加持作用。
  • 随时随地背诵他的咒语,越多遍越好!
  • 将它放在您的佛坛(如果有)。完全可以将多杰雄登与其他佛菩萨放置一起。
  • 您可以设置在一个简单,干净的佛坛。并向他供养蜡烛,香,花,食物等。

Download high resolution picture of Dorje Shugden

Right click here and click “Save Target As…” to download (24MB)

Please support this website by making a donation.
Your contribution goes towards supporting
our work to spread Dorje Shugden across the world.

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  1. Love it!
    Inspired motivational and practicalble application.

  2. Dear webmaster,

    What a great idea. I am printing out 2,000 brochures and wallet Dorje Shugden pictures as you have provided. I will be distributing them all over a few neighbourhoods.

    It makes it so easy when you provide everything and all I have to do is to print out. The pictures of Dorje Shugden to be stuck in the brochures is a wonderful idea. We read the brochure, then just take the picture out to keep in our wallets. Brilliant!!!!


  3. I’m a bit confused because I thought Buddhists took refuge in Buddha and I didn’t know they also worship spirits. I’m interested in learning more about Tibetan Buddhism but find this really strange. Can someone tell me how this type of Buddhism is different from shamanism? Is this something that all Buddhists do or is it just a Tibetan thing? I haven’t seen any references to it in Theravada teachings.

  4. GREAT!! I love it. Wanna start a simple altar with it. Downloading pic.

  5. I personally like the brochures very much.

    I have downloaded them and printed over 10,000 copies so far to be given away. I have given away over 3,000 so far.

    In the past when people have recieved Pictures and information re Dorje Shugden anonymously, I have seen good results.

    They can throw away the brochures, or it can help some. The brochures have this website address on them. So there are chances people will come to the website to explore more. So many ppl know nothing of this website, let them find out about it through these brochures. It could help very much to get our cause, Dorje Shugden’s truth and blessings out. What is the worst scenario? Ppl throw it out, it is ok. But there is a chance ppl will read and investigate further. That is my hope. I pay for the expenditure of printing them out and put the effort into passing them out and that is what I am going to do for Dorje Shugden. Alot of legwork for Him.

    The hardworking Kadampa people when they protested around the world passed out many informative papers to thousands of passerbys. Nothing wrong with that.

    I think the webmaster or whoever involved in this website did a great job. I am overwhelmed by their insight, hardwork, and planning for this brochure. The Tibetan Govt in exile makes anti-Shugden pamphlets that are distributed all over the world and I have come across them for free distribution. So why not we pass out simple pamphlets with ‘simple’ attractive benefits to attract the mind in the initial stages that are pro Dorje Shugden. So when they pray to Dorje Shugden, eventually, their minds will be planted with the seeds of enlightenment as any interaction with Dorje Shugden will be positive in the long run. We have to do something.

    I have a group of friends very much into passing these brochures within their respective areas. They go out after work or late at night to distribute them in mailboxes, temples, centres, yoga centres, new age healing groups, professional offices, etc.

    I vow to Dorje Shugden that I will print over 108,000 copies of this brochure from this website and have it passed out in various countries where I travel with my friends in this few years. I dedicate this to the monks of Shar Gaden, Serpom Monastery, and all the lamas who heroically would not be silenced like Kyabje Dagom Rinpoche, Zemey Rinpoche, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Gonsar Rinpoche, Trijang Rinpoche, Zong Rinpoche, the oracles in Taiwan and USA, Gangchen Rinpoche, Zawa Rinpoche, Geshe Tendar, Yongyal Rinpoche, Geshe Lobsang Pende (abbot of Shar Gaden), Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche, Denma Gonsar Rinpoche, Rabten Rinpoche, etc etc. I dedicate this that their heroic deed will fruition and their holy works continue to benefit ordinary people like me. I also pray that a perfect incarnation of Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen will take rebirth and bring the dharma forward again and again openly and for all to know. May Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen incarnation manifest, be known, recognized, trained and carry on his works again.

    Thank you webmaster and your great team. You do all the work and we do all the criticizing. So I will change that and pass out these brochures. I will be a true fan of this great website.


  6. Dear Webmaster,

    I travel to Europe quite often along with Asia. I will pass it out to countries in those regions personally and through my network of business friends in those regions.


  7. The reason the brochures (I think) only mentioning ‘worldy’ benefits as oppose to spiritual is to hook people in by their desires within the first glance and hopefully they explore more later. If they don’t, they still deserve Dorje Shugden to help them. If it just plainly dharma, bodhicitta, reincarnation, etc, it will reach a smaller audience. Most of us didn’t join dharma IN THE BEGINNING because we wanted enlightenment, bodhicitta or leave samsara. We had some bad experiences, felt disillusioned, felt sad and felt lonely and we joined dharma for solace, help, company and another way of looking at things. As we learned more and understood more then only we went into heavier subjects that would scare many away in the beginning. So many people to be attracted to the dharma in a deeper sense years laters, would have to be attracted by ‘immediate’ and more ‘tangible’ and more relatable benefits now. That is how I see it.
    I will put Dorje Shugden’s message in every street corner, store, business, homes, cars, centres everywhere I go. Not everyone will get to a dharma centre (if there is even enough or even have one in their area), not everyone will even know they need dharma to look for it, not everyone will know what or how to search, so bring dharma to them via Dorje Shugden.
    The Tibetan govt is spreading falsity re our lineage, our lamas and our Dorje Shugden throught their pamphlets strewn everywhere. I am not going to sit by and just watch that happen. I am going to do something. This is ONE OF THE WAYS TO DO IT. Maybe not the best but certainly NOT THE WORST. But by trying I create the karma for something bigger to happen. I make an effect happen by creating the cause.

    Sometimes my friends tells me, at a public place like a phone booth a brochure is placed and they stand away and watch. Within ten mins someone comes to the booth, picks up the brochure, uses the phone holding the brochure, then walk away reading it. How do we know how many people are right now reading this forum to bring awareness of Dorje Shugden to the greater masses because of the brochures. My other friends went to food hangouts near Universities to put in the free distribution where students frequent. Many students grab them, immediately go on their laptops and start reading. The young are wonderful to bring Dorje Shugden to as they are not as jaded. And they will research, read and think.

    Dorje Shugden can bestow blessings for Mahamudra attainments and at the same time he can help you find a job. So from Dorje Shugden’s side, it makes no difference. From our side, in the beginning, it makes a lot of difference. Give the child a lollipop first before teaching algebra to him years later.
    From Dorje Shugden, once you hook up with him through greed, avarice, or materialism, eventually it will lead to something higher. He will make sure your material growth if appropriate will not hamper your spiritual growth. Who on this forum would not like to strike lottery, get wealth and/or do well financially so you can finance Shar Gaden, Dorje Shudgen literature, Dorje Shugden movies, sponsor your guru, sponsor the incarnation of Dagom Rinpoche, build their ladrangs, help Dorje Shugden centres, help dharma to grow by sponsoring teachings, facilities, etc?
    I certainly would. On the brochures, if they want to know more and seek more, THEY CAN COME TO THIS http://WWW.DORJE SHUGDEN.COM TO FIND OUT THE HIGHER AND MORE SIGNIFICANT BENEFITS OF DORJE SHUGDEN. They can find out the REAL purpose of Shugden’s practice. At least with a brochure in hand, there’s hope for that. Better than nothing. How much awareness are you going to create to bring this wonderful website to the forefront where many can benefit? Where many can know about it? How are you going to do it. How are you going to bring Dorje Shugden to the masses. Let’s not just leave it to Kache Marpo. Let’s be like one of the entourage and let more know about this efficient practice during the DEGENERATE age.

    So why does Vajra Yogini show her full naked splendour to everyone?? Because she attracts by desire to get into Her practice, then only by your desire, you will destroy your desire with Her 11 yogas. Skilfull.

    We can take refuge in Shakyamuni, Tsongkapa, Guru Rinpoche, Tara, Manjushri, Mahakala, Vaishravana, Kalarupa, Medicine Buddha, Namgyalma, Dzambala, Panchen Sonam Drakpa, Singdongma, Vajrapani, Dorje Shugden etc first. Which one we take refuge in first does not matter from an ultimate view as LONG AS THEY ARE OUT OF SAMSARA OR ENLIGHTENED. Hence, large Guru Rinpoche statues are the central and largest statue in many Nyingma Monasteries. Likewise, Tsongkapa is the central image in many Gelug Monasteries such as Kopan (http://flsam.blogspot.com/2007/12/day-4-tour-of-kopan-monastery.html ).
    In Guru Puja, your central meditation is Tsongkapa with all the Three jewels surrounding him. In the Nyingma refuge tree, it is Guru Rinpoche in the central with all the Buddhas etc surrounding him. Tsongkapa or Guru Rinpoche are the central objects of focus and refuge not necessarily Shakyamuni DIRECTLY ALTHOUGH IN THEIR HEARTS. After all, an enlightened being is the embodiment of all enlightened beings. So any one of them is a COMPLETE REFUGE IN THEMSELVES AND A COMPLETE OBJECT CAPABLE OF OFFERING GENUINE REFUGE to us. So you want to start with Dorje Shugden or Manjushri or Shakyamuni as your object of Refuge, on the ultimate level it makes no difference.

    This website has done so much for the service of Dorje Shugden’s practice and awareness and if they have this ‘program’ of brochures, perhaps a few positive words and actions would be encouraging.

    Much peace, and humbly,


  8. Wow! A step by step introduction of how to pray to Dorje Shugden. I have heard before that this practice is not acceptable by most Tibetan Buddhists. However, after reading through this site, I think that this practice is so suitable for me. It has so many benefits as stated “Dorje Shugden works miracles, offering powerful protection day and night.” Will download the picture and set up a simple altar to start my prayers and share this great website with my friends!

  9. I thank the hardworking team who distributed the brochures. I found one in my mailbox and was able to check this website. I had an obstacle and it was cleared after I got to know more of Dorje Shugden. Whether Dorje Shugden helped clear my obstacle or not, the fact is that my obstacle went away after I got to know more from visiting this website.

    Thank you Dorje Shugden distributing team!

  10. Dear Friends
    Thank you for leaving your comments and thoughts regarding the Starter Kit and Brochure. It’s very encouraging to hear of people wanting to start an altar to Dorje Shugden and also reading Smoke’s comments regarding clearing obstacles. Wonderful!!

  11. Wow!!! This is really mind blowing! I knew nothing about Dorje Shugden but just heard about its controversy. Then a close friend of mine recommended me this website and boy, i’m amazed!

    After reading through the information, I’m convinced that Dorje Shugden is really an enlighten being that is indeed very helpful. No wonder this friend of mine is always so cool and calm whenever he faces any problems and obstacles! And his obstacles are always cleared!

    I’m going to print this brochure and share with my friends. I’ll setup a small altar to start this practice. This is very helpful as it gives step-by-step instruction to start. Simple yet meaningful.

    Thank you webmaster and dorje shudgen distribution team for doing such a great job!

  12. What a pleasant surprise to see the new DS brochure popping out of the website. Looking at the design and content, I thought it is perfect for beginners and people who do not know who DS is yet. Many people in the beginning know very little or nothing about Dharma, enlightenment, bodhicitta, emptiness etc and most people are simply not interested.

    How to promote DS who is a Dharma protector, a powerful enlightened being whose function is to protect and assist in one’s spritual path so that many can benefit for His protection?

    How do we even get people who are ignorant of the benefits of relying on a Dharma protector to take an interested in DS?

    Of course, we have get back to the reality of what’s in it for them? Hence, the worldly approach of this brochure, I think. I thought the people who designed the brochures are simply brilliant and skilful. Nothing beats giving people what they are attached to first in order to get their attention to take an interest in what you want to tell them.

    May DS reach many people through these brochures. May many people be helped and guided by this amazing ppowerful being! I fold my hands to the compassion of the people who conceptualized, designed and produced these brochures.

    Thank you!!

  13. Looking at the design and content, I think this DS brochure is perfect for beginners and people who do not know who DS is yet. Many people in the beginning know very little or nothing about Dharma, enlightenment, bodhicitta, emptiness etc and most people are simply not interested.

    How to promote DS who is a Dharma protector, a powerful enlightened being whose function is to protect and assist in one’s spritual path so that many can benefit for His protection?

    How do we even get people who are ignorant of the benefits of relying on a Dharma protector to take an interested in DS?

    Of course, we have get back to the reality of what’s in it for them? Hence, the worldly approach of this brochure, I think. I thought the people who designed the brochures are simply brilliant and skilful. Nothing beats giving people what they are attached to first in order to get their attention to take an interest in what you want to tell them.

    May DS reach many people through these brochures. May many people be helped and guided by this amazing ppowerful being! I fold my hands to the compassion of the people who conceptualized, designed and produced these brochures.

    Thank you!!

  14. I have been downloading the card and brochure to distribute and share with friends and family. In fact it is a great idea to do so to benefit others who may not know of Dorje Shugden.

    Thank you so much!

  15. I just stumbled upon this website. Have always been interested in Tibetan Buddhism. I love the illustrations and simple and easy way to set up an altar. It seemns to me that it is so easy to start this protector’s practise. And I do believe in life that with faith and consistency of practice, miracles can happen. I want to thank those behind for the clear explanation. I am going to download the pic and set up a simple altar and recite his mantra. Will see if miracles happen to me:-)

  16. Omg!! Finally there r brochure that good for ppl who know n who that want to know abt lord shugden!!
    It’s nice to hv it n introduce it to ppl who we love.
    Such a good idea n good work..

  17. wow! what a nice brochure and informative to let people know more about who is DS. Thank you for the people who really do the hard work to design such a wonderful brochure and share it for us to print, distribute and spread our lord dorje shugden lineage to everywhere. it will be very helpful to bring people close to practise dharma which i believe. since he is wisdom dharma protector who’s one with same with lord manjushri buddha.

    i will print this out to give away people around me since they are so struggle with their worldly. it will be good we all have ds blessing to let us realise what is real samsara that everyday we chasing for.

    Thanks for the brochure design again.

  18. Hello! I received this also in my mailbox.

    I like the design very much, very red.

    I am a student studying in a foreign country so this is very good to protect me from harm.

    I want to know if this Buddha is practised in China? The brochure said he is Manjushri (文殊菩萨) who is famous in China as staying in Wu Tai Shan (五台山). It makes me feel close to my home. So is he a Chinese Buddha?

  19. Wow. There’s certainly a whole lot of information in this website!

    At first glance of Dorje Shugden’s photo (as from the phamplet I found!) I felt a sense of fear; three eyes, scary teeth..who wouldn’t be afraid! However, that sense of fear wasn’t one that scared or made me feel put off by him, but one whereby I felt that it would be amazing for someone like Dorje Shudgen to be on my side! The quote above makes a lot of sense : ‘Smiling at practitioners, he destroys enemies and obstructers with a wrathful look.” If you want someone to protect you from evil spirits, the scarier looking…the better!!

    Thank you for having a ‘starter’s kit’ on the frontpage, it really does clarify a few points before moving onto the more heavy discussions on the forums!

    Can’t wait to share it with my friends – enough of the endless
    “advising” chatters and more Dorje Shugden! :)

  20. Personally I’ll be continuing to put my energy into trying to promote the healing nectar of Buddha’s teachings. From the kangso sadhana it’s apparent this is what delights the Protector most. When people have discovered the liberating wisdom of the Four Noble Truths, the Bodhisattva’s path, emptiness, moral discipline and especially Lamrim, Lojong and Mahamudra, then there is something in their minds for glorious Dorje Shugden to protect. Promoting the Dharma Protector without the Dharma is like promoting the blue of the sky without the sky itself – totally out of context and hard to relate to.
    I appreciate living beings are very diverse with diverse sets of needs but from my small experience of helping at a Dharma Centre, almost everyone is attracted first to the practical, logical inner science of Dharma. Only a handful come because they are attracted to the more esoteric practices, and those that do so without being motivated by renunciation invariably encounter problems. Teachings on renunciation, bodhichitta and emptiness can be hard for some people to relate to at first, but in that case at least taking an initial interest in inner peace is surely the best starting point.
    If they can’t do that, they won’t be ready for protector practice and will be disappointed and put off when they find out what it’s really about (the heart commitment of practising, teaching and promoting Kadam Dharma without mixing it).
    The Dorje Shugden who bestows good college study, wealth and other worldly attainments bears little resemblance to the Dorje Shugden my Teachers have introduced me to, whose primary function is to protect the Dharma. It does however sound a little like the worldly deity the TGIE and their cronies accuse us of relying on as our main practice.
    Is there a danger that, in attracting people to an abstract characterised version of DS, we also unintentionally present a characterized version of ourselves which doesn’t do us any favours? Isn’t it possible that when people check out the various Buddhist traditions, some of whom are presenting very logical, beneficial Dharma instructions, they will see Shugden practitioners, due to the brochures they’ve come across, as ‘the ones who think a 17th century guy in a hat is going to make them rich’ ?

    Presumably we’re all trying to protect the lineage from destruction. But what does it mean for the lineage to remain, and does this have anything to do with the public popularity of Dorje Shugden? Even if as a result of the leaflets, he ends up right up there with Dora the Explorer and Michael Jackson, does that mean the lineage survives in terms of pure practice?

    Not questioning the intention behind this venture, only questioning the possible results. I’ve no doubt the blessings and imprints will be helpful for people, but isn’t there more to consider than that?

    love and respect

  21. Fantastic Week!
    Have passed out another 4,000 or so brochures. More ppl will access this website and gain understanding and awareness of this protector.

    Since every part of Dorje Shugden’s holy body represents one aspect of the Lam Rim, then whoever views his body will plant the seeds of enlightenment in their minds. I am very happy for that. Through Dorje Shugden I am spreading dharma to many. Since an enlightened being can manifest in form, words, and thought, any connection to them would be beneficial to beings of this degenerate age where their minds would ordinarily never consider dharma.

    We all have to spread dharma one way or another no matter how small. Those doing it even through brochures are not the ‘enemies’ of the devotees of this website. If we have so much to say, perhaps direct it to dharamsala if it needs to be directed at all.

    Big dharma, cheap dharma, but dharma is dharma. Whatever your subjective views are. I will promote deities, lam rim, dharma, lamas, images, and whatever I can promote. It doesn’t matter to me. Any promotion is a promotion. I am no longer worried what the people in the Tibetan Govt in Dharamsala are going to say or think in our methods to promote Dorje Shugden because their remaining years in power is numbered. Just a few more years and the whole thing in dharamsala will be over. The minute Dalai lama passes (sorry), the people under him will scatter like stones thrown at a group of vultures. That day is coming soon. So the dharamsalites can say what they like. Desperate people will do desperate things when the situation is not going to be in their favor.

    For some the worship of Dorje Shugden will confer attainments, for others protection from three lower realms, for more learning of the dharma and for a few wealth/worldy gains. But leave it to Dorje Shugden’s wisdom what he will grant and not grant and to whom. I think we don’t need to worry about that. Just spread his lineage. THIS IS A DORJE SHUGDEN WEBSITE….SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH PROMOTING DORJE SHUGDEN, HIS PRACTICE, HIS PRAYERS, HIS BENEFITS TO EVERYONE. Dorje Shugden’s practice is dharma. During Ra Lotsawa’s time, the majority of the lama elite considered Yamantaka evil, and not a true Yidam. Who says that now. Ra Lotsawa’s courage is amazing in the face of his ‘dharamsala foes’. Similarily, Dorje Shugden’s kangsol contains incredible beneficial practices, but we have to start somewhere.

    We can start a Lam Rim website, Mahamudra website, VajraYogini website too. But this is a Dorje Shugden website and promoting Dorje Shugden to the virtuous, greedy, old, needy, sincere, materialistic is what I am here for. Otherwise why have this website and get involved. Everything we can almost possible debate on regarding Dorje Shugden we have debated. There’s nothing new to debate on. The court cases in Delhi are a stalemate. What else is there to talk about on a Dorje Shugden website? So perhaps the next step is to do actual legwork to promote him. I have happily spent alot of money towards Shar Gaden, their monks, activities, energy on this website typing hundreds of hours on this forum, doing my kangsol, etc and it cannot be directed just toward a few people ( no offence intended). I have also purchased and distributed over 300 copies of Heart Jewel to many people, institutions and various places also. Will continue to do so. I have never met Geshe Kelsang, but he is one of my heroes. Now it is time to get to the thousands and thousands out there. And if I look like a jehova’s witness to some, so be it. I am a Dorje Shugden’s Witness member. I am fine with it. Those who are not capable for reasons of age, karma, delusions, greed, merits, locality, etc to practise the deep wide dharma, give them some imprints for a future life through Dorje Shugden. May all those who see this pamphlet, let it be so.

    Scorn me, mock me, put me down, criticize me, find fault with me, but I will spread Dorje Shugden through pamphlets at this time, sponsoring Shar Gaden, and keeping up my practice. There are more ways and I will do it. And if that is not some sort of dharma, maybe you can do better than me. If you can, I sincerely and wholeheartedly rejoice.

    I may accumulate negative karma if people develop wrong views about Buddhism through these pamphlets (and can you PLEASE BE DHARMIC AND NOT LABEL DEROGATORY NAMES LIKE CRAKERJACK handouts please..it’s like Dharamsala called our protector Dhogyel), but I may also create positive karma when they accumulate positive views from gaining what they need help on through Dorje Shugden as many more forum members have pointed out.. Not everything is one-sided please. And if the many brochures end up in sewers or in the garbage in the streets, then I accept the karma. I also accept the merit of many whose lives that could be changed. The pamphlets are like statues (samaya being) in a store are not consecrated. The wisdom being has not entered. So it is paper sort of to say.. So we should pull all Dharma books from the shelves of thousands of bookstores around the world. They are not placed at the highest levels to show respect, they are mixed with non-dharma books, not many show respect while browsing through them, the packing, unpacking, mishandling by staff, being placed on the floor, torn, are all negative karma we have to accept to have the dharma books in shelves all over the secular world. That is just an example. So we should not print articles or have pictures on our lamas, Buddhas, Buddhism, Buddhist sites, Monasteries, deities in Time, National Geographic, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, etc because people read those while sitting on the toilets, they are mixed with other secular articles showing great disrespect, and they are placed in offices, homes and kitchens mixed with fashion and other secular magazines. It is very negative karma to print these items in mainstream magazines. Write in, protest, stop the negative karma, have compassion for everyone. Stop printing everything. Not practical. Not logical. Not applicable during these times.

    Yes, Mohani is absolutely correct, cultural differences play almost 99% of the differences shown here. And I thank Mohani of thinking deeper. Not all countries will see the pamphlets through a cynical eye I promise you.

    If some of you find the brochures so ‘bad’, then ask our kind webmaster who has done so much and created the most comprehensive Dorje Shugden website in the world to remove it. I personally love the idea of this brochure. May my passing out this brochure with my network of friends quietly without disturbing anyone create more awareness of this sacred protector whose time has come.


  22. As I type this, I get news from 3 friends another 1,400 brochures will be distributed in Nepal this week. May the many poverty stricken in Nepal who have no chances in life be blessed by Dorje Shugden. Even hearing His name will plant seeds of enlightenment in their deserving mindstreams.


  23. Another three friends are in Kathmandu. They will be distributing over 1,400 Dorje Shugden brochures in Thamel, Bodha, Patan, Lumbini which are all in Nepal.

    They are very devoted to Dorje Shugden. One of them told me his family has greatly benefitted in so many ways after setting up a shrine to Dorje Shugden four years back. The mother, father, brother, sister and in laws does pujas daily to Dorje Shugden in their family shrine. He would like to bring this practice to many more. Hence will distribute the brochures to many. They love the picture inside to keep in the wallet. They feel it is very sacred and very happy to carry it around. They have firm belief keeping the picture of Dorje Shugden near them has great blessings.

    Their other friends family will be inviting a 4 ft Dorje Shugden to their home within the next month also. I was so happy to hear this news.


    I don’t know if anyone has checked on the homepage, but the numbers of visitors have jumped much more than usual since the introduction of the Dorje Shugden sacred brochures for distribution. I have been keeping an eye on this. Many more unique visitors are reading up and gaining more awareness of Dorje Shugden’s benefits and our cause. That is why I will distribute thousands more all over.

  24. Clearly this is well intentioned but I fear it may be a bit unskillful to distribute unsolicited flyers to people who may have no basis or context to understand. I live in the US “bible belt” and people give me brochures and flyers all the time supporting some particular religious belief. At first my first reaction to these was to be annoyed by what I perceived as a patronizing intrusion into what I consider to be a personal. I now practice patience and try to focus on the sincere,if misguided, intention to benefit. That said, however, I have never read a brochure or flyer and smacked my head thinking “Oh Yeah! This is what I should be praciticing!” Please know I appreciate your obvious faith and good intention and I am happy for those who say they are benefitting from the brochure. I have no great knowledge of the world so maybe this is not relevant outside my own small corner of it. I just hope we are skillful and not create confusion.

  25. Haha…distribution of ds brochures WORKS!!! Bumped into a friend of mine just two days ago, showed me this similar brochure!

    Wanna to print more and paint the city RED! Thank you DS team.

  26. I am in total agreement with TK, what would be better ways to help spread the practice of Dorje Shudgen, an enlightened protector, simply by helping to distribute these brochures.Like what “Spacelike” commented, I do not think Dorje Shudgen would mind his picture ended up in the wrong hands, like Dora the explorer or Michael Jackson (which seems not possible now). And if Dora the explorer,after having a glimpse of Dorje Shudgen’s picture and trash it away, at least the enlightened seed is planted. I also believe that if an enlightened being takes the form of a protector, his priorities is to help those who have a chance to connect with him, to have their obstacles cleared or lessened. After all, buddhas want to help us. So don’t worry too much at this point in time, especially when the world is degenerating, faster than you can think of, that those who have been helped by Dorje Shudgen even on a wordly level won’t move forward in their jourbey to see what this enlightened protector can bring them.

    Everyhting is made so easy, be appreciative and being less cynical would be a great way to show Dorje Shudgen that you are a pure practitioner.


  27. Yes, i like the brochure very much!!!can read in Chinese and English, i love it:)

  28. It’s a pleasant surprise to have received a little red brochure in my luxury watch catalogue. I thought I came here to find out more information.

    I have been reading your website for almost a week now and find it very clear and non-bias when it comes to explaining the controversy.

    I am very interested in Buddhism and have read much about the protests around the world and was confused. Thank you for having this website up for people like me to get an idea on what is really happening in the Tibetan Buddhism circle.

    I look forward to read more updates and will join the forum soon.

    Warm regards,
    Anna Liew

  29. This is great! Such nice design of the brochure and very informative. Yes Dorje Shudgen looks fierce but His fierce expression symbolises his quick, swift energy and fast action to chase away our obstacles and he is always smiling at us. I am now downloading the photo and just cant wait to set up a simple altar to start my practise!!!

    I will definitely introduce this practise to my friends and hope that they will be able to receive the blessings from this great Protector.

  30. Thank you for the brosur. I travel alone always from Bandung to many cities due to my work and I now keep this card in my bag I feel very safe.

  31. 我来自上海,在上海我认识了多杰修雄登已有了一段时间,但是对他的传承都一直不是很了解。但自从接触这个网站后,我的知识增广不少,谢谢你们,请加油!!!

  32. I just found this lovely brochures inside my mailbox, guest what??!!! I have already been doing DS practice for the last 10 years together with my family. Thank you DS for always watching me and my families, grant protections and bestow blessings.

    with Love,

  33. I am glad to see so many Dorje Shudgen fans like this little brochure. Since I have been doing his mantra and prayers, I always feel that I am protected and cared for.It is a great feeling….peace and harmony…..it almost like I am having a “body guard”. I will continue his mantra and prayers daily.

  34. I found this lovely brochures at shopping mall is so interesting, content is easy to read and can give me protection. Thank you for the webmaster created this website for new people like me,i can easy learn from the website how to pray to DS to seek for his protection.

  35. Thanks for step by step prayer guide for prayer, I cant wait to start !! I got the lovely red brochure and dorje shugden’s picture from a kind friend. Now I will set up the simple alter in my room.

    Just one question, for daily prayer, do we just recite whatever that is posted? what about taking refuge and all? Dedication?

    Thanks in advance, looking forward to guidence from any kind soul :-)

  36. May the Lineage of Tsongkapa as propounded by Je Pabongka spread,
    During these Dark Times, when methods unheard of are implemented,
    Using desire, greed, anger as a means to hook in those deluded,
    In the end, the very sought after objects are purified by the Kingly Tantras,
    For that to be accomplished, I invoke upon the World Peace Guardian Dorje Shugden,
    May your mantra, blessings, visage, form, meaning pervade samsara, hence,
    Leading delusionary beings such as myself to supreme golden Teachings of Sumati Kirti,
    Bless me to use unconventional methods, yet not breaking the tenants of my vows,
    To accomplish what seems like the impossible.
    I spread Shugden’s lineage through various means in order to bring many to the unmistaken Lineage,
    As Propounded by Lama Dorje Chang Je Losang Yeshe and Vidyadhara Je Losang Tsondrue,
    Hence I serve you, My Lord Dorje Shugden so Many will be blessed by the supreme teachings
    of the King of Dharma in the Three Realms, Jamgon Lama the Unrivalled.

    Composed by myself, as I rejoice Dorje Shugden is reaching many more. May this life and all my future lives work for Dorje Shugden who is no other than Manjushri the Gentle Dragon.

    I am so happy many are and will be introduced to Dorje Shugden due to my meagre efforts. Once I bring them to Dorje Shugden, He will bring them to Tsongkapa in his many skilful enlightened methods. What greater reason to live and give up my laziness than for that.


  37. I received this brochure in my mailbox too…. the website is full of information,now i know who is Dorje Shudgen…i keep this card in my bag n feel like protected.

  38. I love Dorje Shudgen…..i already start recite the beautiful Mantra.

  39. The Chinese Website give me a lot of information……well done.i love it:-)))

  40. 谢谢网主提供入了那么多关于雄登的背景传承,象征性以及供奉它的利益。 因你用心劳苦制作这个网页我受益了很多。谢谢你!愿此法门能利益更多更多的众生就从这个杰雄登卡开始….

  41. I know this is not the forum but just a few thoughts re what was said:

    1. “From the kangso sadhana it’s apparent this is what delights the Protector most. When people have discovered the liberating wisdom of the Four Noble Truths, the Bodhisattva’s path, emptiness, moral discipline and especially Lamrim, Lojong and Mahamudra, then there is something in their minds for glorious Dorje Shugden to protect. “

    REPLY: From what you say, it means that Dorje Shugden will ONLY protect people who have discovered the liberating wisdom (and a whole loads of what you have mentioned above), that means Buddhists or monks who have not truly embrace the law of cause & effect (relating to the four noble truth) or qualified to study the Bodhisattva’s path, emptiness, and lamrim/lojong/mahamudra, then they will not be under the protection of Dorje Shugden?

    Dorje shugden protects everyone if he is propiated with good motivation eg to save oneself from danger. Of course it will be better if the people HAS A CHANCE TO STUDY THE DHARMA (that’s when they know what’s the four noble truth and etc what have been mentioned above) but how would you connect people who are non-Buddhist with Buddhist study in the first place? Also, if a Dharma student has the chance to encounter the Dharma and has learnt the above and STILL doesn’t care, then of course, it is very difficult for Dorje Shugden to protect.

    2. “Promoting the Dharma Protector without the Dharma is like promoting the blue of the sky without the sky itself – totally out of context and hard to relate to.”
    REPLY: It is not hard to relate to. If you are in desperate danger and all you know is a Buddha mantra or even a Buddha’s name(in this case perhaps only Dorje Shugden because you were not interested in anything spiritual!), and you chant it, Dorje Shugden helps you. What’s so difficult to relate? Do you think compassionate beings and Dharma protectors ONLY protect Buddhists? Or Buddhist scholars?

    3. “Teachings on renunciation, bodhichitta and emptiness can be hard for some people to relate to at first, but in that case at least taking an initial interest in inner peace is surely the best starting point. If they can’t do that, they won’t be ready for protector practice and will be disappointed and put off when they find out what it’s really about (the heart commitment of practising, teaching and promoting Kadam Dharma without mixing it).”

    REPLY: Two things came up in my mind:

    a. Protectors are assisting/ serving Lamas – if a person has strong faith in a lama, a lama can request protector to bless/ take care of that person, that person DOESN”T have to do protector practice

    b. We’re talking about this brochure to get people to ask WHO IS DORJE SHUGDEN to find out more, or to visit a local centre that practices Dorje Shugden without the politics behind it. Not about initiating people into serious practices YET. One step at a time.

  42. where can I find Dorje Shudgen in Singapore

  43. It is great to have dual language article about Dorje Shugden with the explanation on its iconography so that many people over the world especially Chinese can read and also can learn for the English at the same time. This information is really beneficial to those are new to Dorje Shugden. Thank you.

  44. I am New Here – A step by step starter kit (新人入门 ) | Dorje Shugden and Dalai Lama – Spreading Dharma Together

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