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Why is everyone in the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) confused about Tibetan history? In this video, Dr. Lobsang Sangay, Prime Minister of the CTA says that the next Dalai Lama will be chosen by the present Dalai Lama. He says “historically and traditionally” this is the way it has been done. Notice how he looks down when he is lying especially when he makes this statement.

Never in history have any of the Dalai Lamas been chosen by the previous Dalai Lama. The reason for this is because every Dalai Lama is supposed to be the reincarnation of the previous Dalai Lama. According to history and tradition, in order for the next Dalai Lama to appear the current Dalai Lama has to pass on first. Even people who are not Buddhist would be better at understanding how reincarnation works than the CTA.

This is another clear example that proves that none of the members of CTA are truly Buddhist. They do not believe in reincarnation or any of the other basic tenets of Buddhism. It seems that they are all just a bunch of politicians hungry for money and power.

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  1. Perhaps this PhD holder has to attend another class in any Buddhist high school to understand how reincarnation works?? Even though I don’t have PhD and not holding any high post in any institution but I still can give simple explanation on reincarnation.

  2. This is one of the biggest draw back of having a Dalai Lama , it creates for the risky possibility of a succession fued amongst the “politicians” in any organization.
    Every single power hungry person in the CTA is waiting for the day they can be the king maker
    LOL. It is no wonder why His Holiness the Dalai Lama said he will not “come back” this time.

  3. Oh My Budhha! Who is he trying to fool? Mr Lobsang Sangye was so obviously lying when he made the statement of ‘it is the tradition of current HHDl to choose the next HHDL’.

    Ask any kids who attend a 3 month Buddhist Camp will be able to tell THIS IS A LIE!!!! ALL HHDL were found by the previous’ HHDL’sstudents and all candidates were to go thru stringent test to be finally chosen as the reincarnation.

    Perhaps I should just do Mr Sangye a favour – send him a copy of ‘Little Buddha’….

  4. Huh? Wtf. This guy needs to watch Kundun.

    If he had said that when he talks about ‘chosen’, what he means is that the Dalai Lama can leave signs regarding where his next incarnation will be, Id have been more inclined to believe him. But sadly since he didnt say that, I cant believe him and what he said.

    “This is another clear example that proves that none of the members of CTA are truly Buddhist. They do not believe in reincarnation or any of the other basic tenets of Buddhism. It seems that they are all just a bunch of politicians hungry for money and power.” – Im not inclined to believe this so much. I do think the CTA believe in Buddhism and reincarnation – EVERYONE knows the Dalai Lamas never choose their successor – but everyone also knows the CTA are prone to manipulation of the facts in their favour.

    So it makes me wonder, what does Dr Sangay have to gain from making such an obviously flawed point that EVERYONE can find fault in?

    Because like I said, watch Kundun and youll know. Watch 7 Years in Tibet, and youll know. And how many millions of Buddhists and non-Buddhists have watched those two shows? So they ought to know that what Dr Sangay is saying is a lie…so yeah, it makes me wonder what he stands to gain from publicising such an obvious lie that even the Tibetans themselves wont accept.

    Interestingly enough, the fact that the Communist party calls the Dalai Lama a devil, is a perfect mirror image of what the Dalai Lamas supporters call us – devil worshippers. To the Chinese, the Dalai Lama fans are devil worshippers, and to Dalai Lama fans, Dorje Shugden fans are devil worshippers.

    Just a matter of perspective eh?

  5. Hahahaha this is interesting. I believe the Dalai Lama will give hints/indications of where his next incarnation will be but definitely not choose his own incarnation. That’s just pure hilarious.

    It must be hard for the CTA as they can’t do much but to use such tactics just so people realize their existence.

  6. It is obvious from his facial expressions and body gestures that he is freaking uncomfortable with what he is talking about. He in no way understands the system of recognizing a reincarnated tulku. Even a dumb ass like me know that…”duh”!

  7. I’m no scholar or academic but even I can tell you that that is not how reincarnation works. That is the way self-preservation works maybe.

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