CTA creates violence again

Gen Chonze sustained some scratches, bumps, bruises and a swollen eye from the attack

By: Kay Beswick

On December 27, 2013 around 4:00 AM in the morning long-time assistant of His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche Gen Chonze was making water offerings in Trijang Ladrang in Shar Gaden Monastery. Gen Chonze is already 84 years old and has been serving Trijang Rinpoche’s previous incarnation and the current one till now for over 60 years. Gen Chonze is very devoted to Trijang Rinpoche and is a simple monk and has lived in Trijang Ladrang (residence) most of his life. While making the water offerings in front of Lord Buddha’s image he heard a loud banging at the door of the gate. He assumed it was people who wish to come in to circumambulate as Tibetans normally would early in the morning.

The attackers banged on the main gate of Trijang Ladrang, indicating they wished to be let in. Gen Chonze opened the gate, thinking they were there to circumambulate the Ladrang

He opened the door and five masked and gloved men took out their knives and started attacking the innocent old monk. Gen Chonze shouted and the Ladrang dogs started barking very loudly. The resulting commotion woke up the rest of the students who came running. This alerted the attackers and they ran off. During the attack they did not say a word and their hands and bodies were covered so no one can see who they were. They were silent during the attack which is very strange nor did they ask for or take any valuables from Trijang Ladrang.

In fighting them, Gen Chonze pulled off one of their gloves which is kept in the Ladrang now. The monks of Trijang Ladrang and Shar Gaden Monastery do not believe it is robbery by the locals because they would not have knocked on the gate’s door to bring attention to themselves, nor would they come into the premises when monks are walking around and the lights are on. They would be more stealth and quiet. It is clearly concluded the Central Tibetan Administration of Dharamsala had sent these men to harm Gen Chonze in retaliation to Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche refusing to attend the Sera Monastery* Lam Rim talks by Dalai Lama. It is incredible that while the Dalai Lama is in Sera Monastery from 25 December 2013 to 3 January 2014 to teach compassion, tolerance and emptiness, just hours away an old monk is being attacked due to incitement at the teachings. The Dalai Lama had a lengthy speech against Shugden and insisted his practice damages his person although the mystery continues on how Shugden can harm the Dalai Lama an attained monk according to his disciples.

Illusion of civility: Though the CTA attempt to maintain the appearance of democracy, life in reality is very different for Tibetans like Shugden practitioners who are violently attacked and ostracized for standing by their spiritual practices

A few months back, Dalai Lama had sent the Gaden Shartse Abbot to request Trijang Rinpoche to attend the talks and demanded Trijang Rinpoche to give up the Shugden practice contrary to Dalai Lama’s previous statements. Trijang Rinpoche had replied politely he will not attend the teachings being held between 25 December 2013 and 3 January 2014, and he will continue his Shugden practice. This greatly displeased Dalai Lama and angered the Tibetan Government in Exile known now as Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), and perhaps in this incident of Gen Chonze’s attack, the abbot’s failed visit to Trijang Rinpoche and his subsequent report to the CTA contributed somewhat to this tragedy. The Abbot should take some responsibility in this. CTA has been known in the past to incite riots and violence among the Tibetans if certain factions do not bend to their ways. This follows their pattern of violence in which is common place among the Tibetans.

Trijang Ladrang in Shar Gaden Monastery where the attack took place

In addition, there have been monks who have attended the Sera Monastery Lam Rim Teachings by Dalai Lama who heard the Dalai Lama say the pujas by the Dorje Shugden people are ‘killing’ him. This was meant to incite the Tibetans to do something against Shugden practitioners and Serpom and Shar Gaden Monasteries it seems. Otherwise how can Shugden peaceful pujas and prayers be ‘killing’ the Dalai Lama? This violent attack on an innocent old monk happened a few days immediately after the Dalai Lama’s accusatory speech against Shugden practitioners again publicly regarding the pujas harming him. The monks out of concern called Shar Gaden Monastery and warned them that there will be violence against them and especially after the Sera Monastery Teachings (December 2013). True to their warnings, the violence and revenge attacks on Gen Chonze have begun because Trijang Rinpoche refused to attend the teachings in Sera Monastery. Serpom Monastery and as well as Shar Gaden Monastery in South India have braced themselves for more violence from the CTA. The timing and coincidence of this attack directly after the Dalai Lama’s 27-minute speech against Shugden practitioners are uncanny. Perhaps the CTA attacking Gen Chonze is to send a warning message to all Shugden practitioners to fall in line or similar action will be taken against them also?

Serpom and Shar Gaden are two monasteries totaling around 1,200 monks who refuse to abandon their Dorje Shugden practice. For this reason the CTA has had them ostracized and stripped of all rights such as medical care at Tibetan hospitals or the right to vote among the many other unfair practices.

A close-up of Gen Chonze’s hand which was cut by the knives that the men used during the attack

For many readers, it might come as a surprise to you that the CTA and Tibetan leadership are capable of these actions, but to the Tibetans in exile it is common place.

The CTA may deny their involvement in this attack on Trijang Ladrang. Even if the CTA did not direct these men to attack Trijang Ladrang, their incessant dissemination of anti- Shugden propaganda has now incited non-Shugden practitioners to take matters into their own hands. Hence the CTA are guilty by association because their repeated reminders of the ban have resulted in a violent attack on Trijang Ladrang and an innocent monk. This attack was to send a message to Dorje Shugden practitioners everywhere – give up the practice or there will be consequences. To continuously speak about the harmful effects of a practice is totally against the religious freedoms of Shugden practitioners to express their beliefs in peace. The CTA’s responsibility for this incident at Trijang Ladrang is undeniable; whether directly or indirectly, their actions resulted in an attack where an innocent old monk was hurt.

Gen Chonze’s right eye is visibly smaller than his left one, due to the swelling sustained during the attack

We are happy to report that after spending four days in the hospital, Gen Chonze has some scratches, bumps , bruises and swollen eye but otherwise he was in the hospital and now recovering at home in the Ladrang in Shar Gaden Monastery. This violent attack came just days after Dalai Lama’s speech in Sera Monastery against Shugden and accusing Shugden pujas as harming him. CTA immediately sought revenge against Trijang Rinpoche for not attending Sera teachings. This was also perhaps to teach the Dorje Shugden practitioners that you may not defy the Dalai Lama or there are consequences many have concluded.

CTA often vents out their anger and revenge in violence. Although outwardly they speak of compassion, tolerance, love and world peace, they contradict what they profess in handling their own people who are mostly illiterate and dare not complain or speak up. CTA needs to keep up their peaceful front to continue to gain sponsorship in the millions and support from the West.

The Tibetan government lost their country to China and until now are unable to retrieve it back or make any headway. Why? Because the way they operate their country is not for the benefit of its citizens but pure corruption and favoritism. Violence is common place although vastly unknown to the outside world.

If the Tibetan leadership is truly concerned regarding the harmful effects of Shugden’s practice, say it once and leave it be. Why repeat again and again at every opportunity unless it is to outwardly say you have freedom to practice, but inwardly to incite the Tibetan people to take action sometimes against Shugden practitioners? This is fear tactic as well as loss of freedom of religious practice.

NOTE: I have done my best to verify the accuracy of my information from my sources; I have merely presented you with the facts as I have received them and as my sources have alleged.

*Location of Sera Mey Monastic University
P.O. Bylakuppe – 571104
Mysore District, Karnataka, INDIA


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Serpom Monastery, Bylakuppe, India

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  1. It is unbelievable that the CTA (Tibetan Govt in Exile) will have an innocent old monk attacked and beaten just because he practices Dorje Shugden. If there was freedom to practice, then all Shugden practitioners would have equal rights with other Tibetans which they do not. Shugden practitioners are forced to give up their faith and ostracized if they don’t. Now it’s reached a stage where violence is shown against them if they don’t agree to giving up their faith in Shugden. What is wrong with the CTA? Why do you treat your own people like this?

  2. What a crying shame that this has happened. By the violence that the Dalai Lama seemed to have knowingly incited, he brings even more discredit to himself. Only a few weeks before, the Dalai Lama had said this in an interview:

    ” Analysing the “Song on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment,” the Tibetan spiritual leader offers a taste of the universalism that has made him a popular prophet for a secular age. He urges avoidance of Buddhism’s 10 specified non-virtuous acts – killing, lying, stealing, divisive talk among them – but then observes that shunning such actions is not exclusively Buddhist.

    “If people are Christian, it can be a Christian practice; if they are Muslim, it can be a Muslim practice, and if they are Buddhist, it can be a Buddhist practice,” he says. “I respect other traditions for the help they bring their followers.”

    [Source: http://tibet.net/2013/11/09/an-exclusive-interview-with-the-dalai-lama/

    The hypocrisy of the Dalai Lama is quite astounding and the world needs to know how dangerous the Dalai Lama can be. This culture of violence has been spreading like virus as members of the CTA, Lobsang Sangay himself, Pempa Tsering and Thupten Lungrhik have recently been heard uttering words that call for violence to be inflicted on Shugden worshippers.

    The CTA has sold an image to the world of their being a just government fighting for freedom of the people but violence and crime are very much part of the CTA’s culture. In 1976 the head of the 13 Settlements (that opposed the Dalai Lama’s political ambitions) Gunthang Tsultrim was shot several times at point blank and when his assassin, Amdo Rekhang Tenzin, was caught, he confessed that the Tibetan government in exile had hired him to kill Gungthang Tsultrim, and even the 16th Karmapa. One wonders if the Dalai Lama had a hand in that murder too and who knows how many criminal acts have been perpetrated in the name of the Dalai Lama or under the instructions of the Dalai Lama.

    The point is, one should NOT be shocked that the Tibetan government are up to this and clearly, neither is the Dalai Lama’s hands clean.

    What is really very puzzling is how the good people of Tibet, the honest politicians and the monks who have taken vows can sit idly by and watch as the Dalai Lama and CTA destroy their own nation of people. This matter is not about whether one believes in Shugden or not, it is about whether one will continue the Tibetan leadership to continue in their gangsterism.

    All Dorje Shugden practitioners should not reinforce this practice and effort in bringing the ban down. That the Dalai Lama and his coterie are getting reckless is a sign of their panic and fear. They are losing control of the people and their lies are being uncovered very quickly. Now they resort to violence – attack is their form of defence. How shameless and despicable it is to attack a monk let alone a holy and elderly monk who is innocent.

    Is this the “government” the Tibetans want to control them? Is this the acts of people who practice the Dharma? What kind of spiritual leader preaches violence and pretends to me a man of peace?


  3. Kay,

    Thank you for the excellent reporting. It is very important that news of shameful atrocities like this are made public. Best regards.

    Jeff Ryan

  4. OMB! What’s wrong with these people? What’s wrong with CTA? The Tibetan community in India has the best attention from HHDL who known as the most compassion and kind person in the world, but after the talks, why do they turn out to be like people just attended a terrorist endorsement talk? I don’t understand? !

    HHDL is a Nobel Prize winner for implementing peaceful way when dealing with country crisis, but the ‘country’ is no longer peaceful, whatever good qualities he is telling the world, telling people to improve their spiritual mind, CTA is doing the opposite.

    Which part in the Buddhist text is saying when people is not doing what we are doing, we can hurt them? HHDL is having good connections with the spiritual leaders all around the world, but why not accepting the difference that just right outside your door? Why an incarnation of Chenrezig would be hurt by other practices? I don’t understand because all these contrary to the teachings I am learning.

  5. never mind peace, never mind compassion, never mind whatever you preach, NEVER BITE THE HANDS THAT FEED YOU. Gen Chonzela was with the previous Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang when the Dalai Lama was still under Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche’s tutoring. How can the CTA and the bandwagon hurt and kill the main attendant of his own father teacher????!!!!

    Ostracious from beginning to end. Whatever that’s happening in Sera now for Lamrim will be nullified because on one hand you preach all that is good and the other hand you are doing the opposite.

    Let this be known so that they can stop their selfish ideals!

  6. 5 armed person against 1 old monk? Who in the right sense will have done this!
    Perhaps the freedom of Tibet should be starting with the freedom of speech and religion. Which government who harms their own people gained respect from their people? It is very obvious that the freedom of Tibet cannot be archive without their people be given freedom. None of the CTA have ever thought of this before? Or the freedom they are talking about is the freedom to unleash their greed and anger at will without any concern to their countrymen…

  7. How can people claim to be Buddhist and have Chenrezig as their teacher and yet harm others? It is atrocious and call it wrong view but I am disgusted. Thoroughly disgusted. There is NO justification for violence.


    And this travesty is simply a huge reminder that something MUST be done to stop violence to Dorje Shugden practitioners. Please help speak up for the oppressed and the violated.

    Please share this story to raise awareness of the evil that is happening right under your nose – in the name of the Buddha.

  8. CTA are like the Nazi’s or the KKK, don’t do what we want and you will die for it and we will hurt you. The CTA is indeed the Taliban of the Buddhism sad to say. But it not surprising why they would do things like that. That teaching at Sera did no benefit and is contaminated with worldly aspirations.

    Great thing about karma it always comes back. Now we know who really practices the dharma, trying to resolve this issue by knives and fists. CTA tibet will never be free because of how you are trying to get your freedom.

  9. The Dalai Lama clique is still stuck in their primitive brutality of old Tibet where theocratic and dictatorship rule but they call themselves democrats and whose prime minister is a master of human rights. In the fore front they have a face of dharma abiding, peace loving and compassionate people but behind the scene they are brutal and commit hideous crime. They are such hypocrites beyond words.

    Tibetans have to endure the harassments of religious suppression, intimidation and violence. It is unbelievable that it is not the Chinese who are preventing religious freedom, it is the exiled Tibetan government in India!

    It is indeed utterly shameful they have to resort to inciting an attack on an elderly senior monk for their failure in accomplishing the mission to request Trijang Rinpoche’s return to Gaden and for Dalai’s teachings. They must have seen it coming, a super force in Trijang Rinpoche, a great power in Tibetan Buddhism arising too quickly for their comfort which will become a threat to them.

  10. Makes the dalia a thug. an instigator of violence and inciting others to self immolate themselves for his political agenda~~ Something we come to expect of radical Muslims Terrorist that believe they go to a Heaven by killing others. Then again, he was born a Muslim in Tagster Tibet and was groomed by Nazis when he was very young . The Tibetan Nazi Battalion which he planned to harass British Forces in India during WWll. His actions are deplorable for a supposed religious leader

  11. Which is really demonic? Violently hurting an innocent and helpless old monk for no rhyme or reason OR being a supramundane dharma protector and striving relentlessly to help beings of this age to overcome their problems and obstacles?

    84 year-old longtime assistant of the former and current Trijang Rinpoche, Gen Chonze, was rudely summoned to the gate of Trijang Ladrang in Shar Gaden Monastery at 4 am.on Dec 27 , 2013 , when he was in the midst of making water offerings to Lord Buddha, by five attackers. When he opened the gate, he was immediately and brutally attacked by these masked and heavily covered men.He sustained scratches, marks and bruises.and a swollen eye.

    This violent attack of the helpless, harmless and innocent is characteristic of the modus operandi of CTA and cronies, when they wish to retaliate or revenge against a supposed ‘gross’ act, like practicing Shugden. In this case, the attack on Gen Chonze was to serve as a warning to all practitioners of Shugden to give up the practice or face dire consequences!

    That this attack came in the wake of The Abbot of Gaden Shartze’s failed visit to Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche is very telling of a sinister and nasty cause n effect relationship between the two events. The Dalai Lama(for whom the abbot was an emissary) had wanted Trijang Rinpoche to attend His teachings of Lamrim in Sera Mey Monastery from 22 December 2013 to 3 Jan 2014. He also wanted Trijang Rinpoche to give up the precious practice of Shugden. When Trijang Rinpoche refused to comply to both, there came a warning and then this attack, which may be the start of a series of attacks on Shar Gaden and Serpom Monastery monks(the 1200 monks who had to flee their monasteries and set up these monasteries in the wake of the ban and the violent reaction towards them from CTA and anti- Shugdenists)

    It’s so very sad too that the more important message from Trijang Rinpoche, through the abbot of Gaden Shartse, was lost in transit.. the message urging the Dalai Lama to focus, with compassion, on uniting all Tibetans.

  12. It is such a shameful and cowardly to attack a old monk and compassionate monk. Due to the power of his vows, a monk is part for the holy sangha and is one of the 3 jewels. Any violent act against the sangha will send the perpetrators straight to the hells even if they are the sangha themselves. Doesn’t these people know the law of karma?
    In these kaliyuga age, I am surprise that His Holiness and the CTA still condone violence generally and on this monk particularly. Gen Chonze has no faults and is pure. This confirms my feelings that the CTA is desperate and vengeful. Very unbecoming of the image of HHDL and Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism in general.

    Shame on you!

  13. Tears come to my eyes when I see this news. What has Gen Chonze done to deserve this but to be devoted to his Guru, past and present? To attack him, a monk is worst act anyone could do. Somehow I pity the attackers for they have committed a very heavy sin.

    HHDL please stop this if you are Chenrezig!

  14. Attact on Gen Chonze la, long time attendant of His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche and Trijang Labrang. is a Direct Attact on His Holiness Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoche.

  15. 5 masked men attacking a grand old man? These hooligans have no balls. They are desperate knowing this is the tail end of the ban.

  16. This news greatly saddened and infuriated me as the world celebrates the beginning of the new year with global citizens and leaders praying for world peace.

    This is not the first time the Tibetan citizens have used violence as they took matters in their own hands, desperate for solutions against the purported “enemy of state” who was endangering the cause of Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s long life. I strongly urge the CTA to immediately stop all the propoganda, campaigns and ban against Dorje Shugden and its practitioners.

    As Tibetans stand disunited in diaspora and with the 99 years lease for the Indian settlements ending in the near future, wouldn’t it be better for the government to focus on issues such as presevation of Tibetan culture & language due to the re-education that is happening in Tibet, discuss how to effectively execute the Global Solidarity with Tibet Campaign launched in December 2012, look into the environmental destruction in Tibet and so on, instead of focusing on this agenda that further breaks up the Tibetan community and caused continuous civil unrests.

    Allowing incidents like the violent attack above and worse, keeping silent about it greatly impact His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s global stature directly, as His Holiness is synonymous and famous for his non-violence approach as a Nobel Peace prize winner. This also mars the image of the Tibetan government and people, especially the new administration under the Sikyong.

    As the Tibetans rally about the deteriorating human rights condition in Tibet, perhaps it is time to reflect on whether the standards in the proclamation and adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations in 1948 were observed in continuously promoting and executing the ban of the practice of Dorje Shugden, especially the discriminations and harassments faced by the practitioners and their families.

    When the CTA marches ahead to fight for Tibetan dignity, Tibetan identity, Tibetan freedom, and seeking equality, please take a few steps back to check in your own backyard if policies such as the ban is in fact in line with what the CTA wishes to achieve in the motherland Tibet.

    When shouting about Tibetans suffering from political repression, economic marginalisation, social discrimination, environmental destruction and cultural assimilation in their homeland Tibet, please see how your own Tibetans (Shugden practitioners) are treated as second-class citizens and worst still, enemies in their own homeland.

    I plea for the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile to uphold the charter/ constitution of Tibet, where it states that “All religious denominations are equal before the law” and that every Tibetan shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. These religious rights include the freedom to manifest one’s belief, to receive initiation into religious traditions, practice with matters relating to religious commitment, such as preaching and worship of any religion, either alone or in community with others.

    A decade ago, Shugden practitioners were violently attacked by a mob of more than 2000 Tibetans in Mundgod (http://www.dorjeshugden.com/all-articles/the-controversy/what-is-wrong-with-tibetan-society/). A decade later, this type of incidents still happen and an old monk is being attacked at his ‘home’ – the household of a respected spiritual leader of the community.

    What is wrong with this picture? How can the Chinese or the global community be sure that the CTA is capable of leading the Tibetan community if safety in one’s own home is compromised and cannot be guaranteed?

  17. …these are all except Dharma following people, of course. No words.
    apart form this obvious observation, can I just very humbly say one thing?
    in the middle of the wonderful job of this site, i am wondering if maybe it was better not telling to public in details the results of the Abbots meeting ??

  18. I am very sorry for Gen Chonze and sad to know that such a holy monk like him attacked by a group of intruders. And those intruders, WHO ARE THEY??? AND WHO SENT THEM??? THINK!!!

    Religion and believing is FREE! Moreover Dorje Shugden is Manjushri and His a Buddha! What’s wrong to do His practice?

  19. Unbelievable… such a news I never would have thought I’d read about it.

    I know the CTA can be violent and oppressive to the Tibetan, but to actually attack an old monk, whom have served his Guru for over 60 years… even if he does not have the same believes as the CTA and is a DS practitioner, shouldn’t any conscious person have at least respect for such a devoted and spiritual monk.

    The CTA may deny and said that they never arrange for such a thing to be done… well, even if they are accomplice in this, it is still unforgivable.

    The recent abbot of Shartse and the people governing the Tibetans… are all so eager to ‘please’ the Dalai Lama that I would not doubt they’d go to this extent. I truly have great fears… that the incident of TDG’s death will repeat once again, only to another Lama. And who doesn’t know that Trijang Rinpoche is highly respected especially in the Gelug lineage… is there any Lama today that have not been taught/ receive initiations from Trijang Rinpoche or at least from one of His direct student?

    In any normal case, as the governing body of the Tibetans, the CTA would definitely step in to investigate such a severe act of treason towards an ordained monk just like any good government would. Let’s see if the CTA does anything to investigate and catch the culprits that harmed Gen Chozela. I can bet with you they wont, and because of that, people will see it as 2 ways… either they can get away with violence to a ds practitioner, or what these attackers did was right and condoned by the Dalai Lama and CTA.

    Gee… bad press for HHDL if this news goes viral. There goes your funding dear CTA!

  20. Dalai Lama and his cronies are Taliban of Buddhism. When will they stop their treachery acts? As the Buddha had said Buddhism will be destroyed by the insider and not the outer enemy. This is it! How sad and shameful!

  21. The Dalai Lama and his associates have two faces, by day they are holy and respectable men. By night they are mafia gangsters and will resort to violence for the suppression of one deity protector in the Tibetan community in exile.

    They know they cannot sustain the ban much longer. Violence will be their “theme” in their attempt to enforce the ban. Apparently, they do not believe in karma although they are learned men and preached about karma.

    Need we remind them on “The Wheel of Sharp Weapons”?

  22. These lunatics ought to be behind bars for their violent and insane action. I hope these culprits will be apprehended soon.

    The rest of the Shugdenpas must keep safe for we do not know what will ensue in their lunacy. We must spread words of caution to the Tibetan Shugden community and inform the police to keep vigilance.

  23. When people resort to violence because of a difference in religious preference, it is clear they are not practitioners and only wish to subdue the other side whom they regard as the “enemy”. This is happening in many parts of the world where there are religious conflicts. But when one examines the cases closely, the real reasons are either economic, political or purely fanatical.

    If such tactics continue to be used against Shugden practitioners, the world will come to see the true side of the CTA and eventually will stop supporting them. All who uphold religious freedom as a human right will not want to be associated with the CTA.

  24. It’s unbelievable, such violence. How can HHDL allow this to happened? With due respect i am not sure who is doing more harm to sentient beings. Which is worst? The people who claimed Dorje Shugden is a spirit has been acting violently towards DS practitioners and DS practitioners were the one who has been accused, attacked and some of them were jailed or murdered. Now, who’s the bad guy.

  25. This is a cowardly and horrendous act to attack the elderly attendant of the previous Trijang Rinpoche in Trijang Labrang. It has to be a planned vicious attack directed towards Trijang Rinpoche as he refused the invitation to return to Gaden monastery and to attend the Lamrim teachings in Sera.

    It is quite obvious that this act of violence is related to the CTA as its not their first time inciting fear and terror on Dorje Shugden’s followers.

    Shame on them! We need to call on all DS supporters to rise up to lift up the Ban soon. No more prejudice against Dorje Shugden practitioners!

  26. What a shame, act of terrorism coming from the Central Tibetan of Administration over a religious prosecution within their community. This is shocking again and again. When will they stop? It will only have adverse negative effect on the image of the Dalai Lama and CTA.

    CTA cannot suppress the practice of Dorje Shugden. The time has come for Dorje Shugden to be THE PROTECTOR as he is a Wisdom Buddha for this era for the people around the world have strong karmic affinity with HIM.

    It is a waste of time, effort, and money trying to sustain the ban. Eventually the ban has to be lifted.

  27. Genla, stay strong and recover soon.

    HH Dalai Lama, you need to stop blaming the Dorje Shugden practices are “killing” you. You are a manifestation of Chenrezig and you are enlightened, nobody can harm you! It is because of the open blaming, the CTA takes it that is “OK” to do something against the Dorje Shugden practitioners.

    While You speak about kindness, who is showing kindness to this 84 year old monk?

    This kind of violence is NOT justified. How can you hurt a 84 year old monk?

  28. It is not enough just to express outrage here. The world has to be told how they have been duped by a so called “simple monk” and his gang masquerading as a government of the people.

    Please go leave your comments in the following 2 sites that have high visibility:



  29. I am really disgusted and appalled to read this horrific news for the New Year!!!

    Has Tibetan Buddhism degenerate to such a barbaric state where in front you act holy but at the back you kill people who do not agree with you? It’s obvious it is a planned attack and even if CTA you say it has nothing to do with you, well just by you keeping silent, is a clear indication you are okay with this!

    HH Dalai Lama if you are a pure monk, a Boddhisattva and an emanation of Chenrezig, how can you say that “Shugden” puja is killing you? It’s totally nonsense, against the Dharma and what are you insinuating by making such statements except creating more hate and schism and dividing discriminating Shugden practitioners. Obviously there is no kindness and compassion allowed to be given to Shugden practitioners, otherwise why are your pro-Dalai Lama followers doing this? This is a CRIME! It is an attempt MURDER! This is not what Buddhadharma is about… this is creating WAR amongst your people and it’s all coming from the words you say! This is injustice and the world will come to know.

    Banning anyone’s religious beliefs is saying they have no right to religious FREEDOM which is against Human Rights policy. Forget kindness and compassion because it is clear that there is none!

  30. By attacking the elderly attendant of the previous Trijang Rinpoche,it is pretty obvious who the culprits are!They hurt an innocent elderly monk to show their anger and frustration that Trijang Rinpoche refused politely to attend the Lam Rim teachings by Dalai Lama at Sera Monastery.
    Why hurt a weak and holy monk who won’t hurt anyone,but only devoted to his practice.No to violence against Dorje Shugden practitioners who had suffered in the hands of the CTA.
    Dear Gen Chonze,may you fully recover from this ordeal and live to see the ban lifted!

  31. What’s NEXT HHDL and CTA????

    What else are you & CTA going to incite and ignite??!
    Are you going to harm the Shugden monasteries?
    Are you rallying people to hurt more Shugden practitioners like in the past?
    Are you going to murder, assassinate more Shugden Lamas?

    Oh My Buddha… this has got to STOP!

  32. Hope Genla recover soon.

    I just can’t believe that such a violence incident is happening in a Buddhist community, in Trijang Rinpoche’s Ladrang. Such a cruel and barbarian action! In the eye of the world, The HHDL is Chenrezig, the most compassionate being in the world. People look up to HHDL to practice compassion, kindness, harmonies, love, respect and PEACE. How can violences keep happening in a monastery, a place where we promote peace and compassion.

    I am sure HHDL do not has the intention to hurt anyone but the people around HHDL has been taking the advantage to bully and intended to use violence to control the people. What a big shame to CTA. By using violence will only bring down The HHDL. They also created the causes for whoever involved in this to go to the 3 lower realm. If this does not stop, more and more people will go to hell.

    We are Dorjeh Shugden practitioner. We are blessed and protected by Dorjeh Shugden. We are not scared and we will not give up our practice.

    The number of Dorjeh Shugden practitioners in the world is increasing daily. Dorjeh Shugden is worshiped by people all over the world. We practice REAL peace and compassion.

    To those who played dirty, very soon the karma will take over, by that time it’s already too late to confess.

  33. I listened to Dalai Lama’s speech translated into English and it was mind boggling! I am perplexed that Dalai Lama said that Tulku Dragpa Gyeltsen was wrongly recognized, that means the lamas and divinations done were wrong before recognition, which means, all the lineage masters in the past were wrong. I wonder if it also means those masters were wrong in recognizing Dalai Lama. That’s food for thought.

    Dalai Lama said he used to practice dhogyal but has since stopped after he did investigations. How can a high being like him be wrong for so many years? Again, it’s food for thought. It leads me to think that Kyabje Dorje chang, HH Pabongka Rinpoche, Tagphu Rinpoche and so on were wrong and only Dalai Lama is right.

    Dalai spoke of guru devotion, where is his guru devotion? Sorry. It seems that by saying so, Dalai Lama has thrown guru devotion out of the window. And Dalai Lama has started a new lineage?

    I am confused with all these politics resulting in deaths, injuries caused by violence and untold sufferings of innocent people, people who just want to practice real guru devotion and real dharma. I hope all these lead to a positive result. After all, no one lives forever.

    A friend told me, “There is nothing to understand as it does not make much sense, so, just be on top of things.” Good advice.

    See here in English: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi6Dfhlcgwg

  34. Again to prove that the more HH Dalai Lama instill negative thought about Dorje Shudgen into public, the more harm could be happened. I personally do not know who did it but obviously the intention is to harm Dorje Shudgen practitioners. It is really sad to know that such a holly old sangha being attacked.

    We respect HH Dalai Lama as emanation of Chenrezig, please lift the ban now and not further create any injury and disharmony among Buddhist society. Please restore the harmony by remove the ban and make the whole Buddhist society united again. Please remove the ban now!

  35. I’m really confused with all these politics created by spiritual practitioners and those who blindfolded following a leader. How can a leader who won Nobel Peace prize allows his secular people to create violence? How can politics has to do with religion?

    The violent attack happened in Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim has clearly indicate that the CTA has double standard of handling violence. The monks and Tibetan laypeople initiated the attack to their fellow Sangha and yet CTA did nothing to stop it. Whereas, CTA could send people to attack an innocent monk who devotedly served his great Guru, just for a turn down of an invitation to a talk? Ridiculous.

    Dorje Shugden practitioners’ life is at stake, this is undoubtedly true. Why? Because Nobel Peace Prize winner does not really promote peace and harmony, freedom in religion is prohibited, double standards, no consistency in principle, life is valued only when you abide their unreasonable law…What is PEACE? seriously?

    The shameful deeds by CTA will not be covered. We will not remain silent and watch tragedy happens again and again to those innocent Sanghas. We will make this ban down! You watch out!

  36. This is completely ridiculous. You’re the one who encourage others to take action against Shugden practitioners. Now an old feeble monk was injured in broad daylight by masked men. Who could be possibly be responsible? If you’re not responsible then you should condemn people who use violence tactics to harm Shugden practitioners. Since you do not condemn but encourage others to do harm therefore you’re become advocate of violence.

    Even non-Buddhists do not go and fight an old man, here, we have an old monk. How low can you go CTA? Is this even human right? Treating Shugden practitioners as lower than animal. This human violence must be known to all. All people will become old and feeble one day. Is this the message you encourage future generations to follow, treating old man and old woman with with fights???

  37. This atrocious attack on an old monk is simply shameful. Nothing can justify such an attack. The CTA sought international support against China to intervene in the deterioration of situation in Tibet because they believe the democracies of the world recognize basic human rights and freedoms to be universal values. I’m asking the international community to intervene in this matter because I know the democracies of the world recognize not only human rights but also religious freedom and non-violence. So I urge all human rights community to speak up against CTA and against violence towards peaceful Buddhist practitioners.

  38. The exiled Tibetan government and leadership talks gently and seemingly calmly in public against Shugden practice. The fact they speak about it again and again at every public gathering is a clear sign they are trying to provoke the Tibetan population to take action against Dorje Shugden practitioners. The fact the Tibetan public has not taken ‘enough’ actions provokes the Tibetan leadership to speak repeatedly about this issue.
    If you notice, the Dalai Lama and Tibetan govt in exile does not speak about China, freedom of Tibet or autonomy anymore. They have switched the focus totally to destruction of Shugden people. Jeff Mullin

  39. Om Mani Padme Hum !
    Om Mani Padme Hum !
    Om Mani Padme Hum !

    If His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (HHDL) is truly the emanation of Chenrezig or Buddha of compassion, PLEASE STOP attacking Dorje Shugden! How could a fully enlightened and compassionate Buddha of Compassion repeatedly caused so much harm to Shugden practitioners??? We cannot comprehend the ‘enlightened’ actions of HHDL!

    After all these years, just when we thought HHDL had softened his stance on Dorje Shugden, he did the opposite and unexpected! He continued to condemn Dorje Shugden so strongly! Why brought up the issue of Dorje Shugden during the Lamrim teaching at Sera May Monastery?

    Everyone knows that HHDL’s accusations against Dorje Shugden are completely baseless and illogical! Why had you incited hatred, created schisms and disharmony and caused more harm to Shugden practitioners who had not even fully healed from the old wounds!

    Shugden practitioners have had enough and are really tired and sick of the idiosyncrasies of HHDL, Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), and their supporters.

    Leave the Shugden practitioners alone! Justice must be done to right the wrong NOW! How could the Shugden practitioners tolerate anymore? It is time to retaliate! It is time all Shugden practitioners rise to defend their religious freedom and rights. It is time to stop further crimes from occurring due to the ban on Dorje Shugden.

    Damn with the ban on Dorje Shugden! Why let this ban to continue to cause unnecessary harm to Shugden practitioners like the 84-year old Gen Chonze? Legal actions must be taken against HHDL, CTA and their supporters for their unceasing and unlawful acts of causing harm and depriving the constitutional rights of the Tibetans in exile who chose to be loyal to Lord Shugden! The World must know how sadistic HHDL, CTA and their supporters have been toward the Shugden practitioners since the outset of the ban. HHDL, CTA and their supporters must be stopped before they cause even more disrepute to the lineage of Dorje Shugden in particular and Buddhism in general.

    Lord Dorje Shugden, please bestow your blessings so that the ban can be lifted now!

  40. I am a DS practitioner and think what has happened is appalling, but there is no evidence that CTA or HHDL had any direct involvement in this incident.

  41. I am just outraged! How could they! The CTA is risking everything and turning this into a witch hunt all over again. If they are not careful, this will destroy the Dalai Lama’s name and risk turning this into a religious war that would be harmful for the Dalai Lama himself. If they have any sense, they would cease all violence and find for a more peaceful solution instead.

  42. Dear Adrian Bence,

    It is simple, the CTA and Tibetan leadership are directly involved because they keep speaking about how bad Dorje Shugden is at every public gathering. This incites the Tibetan fanatics and angry mob to do something. Recently at the teachings at Sera Monastery held 25 December 2013 to 3 January 2014, there was a 27 minute speech by HHDL against Shugden and practitioners again saying they are violent and must be careful of them. There is no proof Shugden people are violent or created violence. This consistent insistence Shugden is harmful at every public talk throughout the years is the Tibetan leadership’s ‘passive’ methods for the Tibetan public to do something against the Shugden practitioners. If anything should happen, the Tibetan leadership will say they didn’t give any instructions and they are innocent. This is their new method.

    Also why attack Trijang Ladrang in Shar Gaden Monastery? The timing ,and coincidence is too close for comfort. This is in Gaden, India.

    But in the USA, Trijang Buddhist Institute members always reports seeing cars in dark tinted glass driving around the parameters of the center or parked nearby to observe what they are doing.

    If the Tibetan leadership keep speaking against Shugden, it will further incite the crowd. Since Tibetan govt is a dictatorship, then everyone will rush to please the dictator hoping for personal gains.
    The leadership has not changed for 50 years. The new ‘Prime Minister’ Lobsang Sangye has no power and is simply a puppet.


  43. “Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace”, HHDL. In the recently recorded video at HHDL’s Sera Monastery Lam Rim teachings where HHDL received a copy of a book which proclaims to be definitive research on the issue of DS, all HHDL said was that he had scanned through its table of contents, asserted he had not read the book and left it to the world to make their own conclusions after doing their own research. I find it hard to believe that on an astoundingly important, divisive, and to most, a cloudy issue like this, HHDL or his aides did not even bother to research the book first before seemingly publicly endorsing it. What is going on?

  44. Dear Solomon Lang,

    You are absolutely correct. How can you promote something you have never read?

    Also in the 27 minute speech HH Dalai Lama instructs everyone to read it, share with others and pass it to others to read. He mentions this explicitly. This is not religious freedom for the CTA to spend money to print these books and pass it out by the thousands to the crowds gathered as you can see in the video.


  45. I find this incident very disturbing. It is absolutely an attack of the strong on weak people. It is such a cowardly act, that all they can do to show their stance is to fully cover up themselves and attack an old monk who had not done any wrong to others, who merely shows a good example of guru devotion.

    After what HHDL said in the teaching, I have not heard of non-shugden practitioners being attacked. Why create disharmony among the fellow Tibetans? Isn’t harmony the most important element in achieving any goal? Perhaps if there wasn’t this Shugden issue, CTA would have achieved something in getting Tibet’s freedom.

  46. Dorje Shugden has DEFEATED the Dalai Lama since 1959.

    Yes my brothers and sisters who follow King Shudgen it is true.

    This Dalai Lama will NEVER return to Tibet because of King Shugden.

    In March 1959 Panglung Kuten told His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche the route the Dalai Lama should take to LEAVE Tibet. He also gave him a special SWORD to give to the Dalai Lama to protect him on his journey.

    H.H. Trijang Rinpoche also gave the Dalai Lama his own personal thangka of Dorje Shugden for him wear on his journey OUT OF TIBET.

    Lord Shugden opened his magical door at the Indian border for the Dalai Lama to step thorough into India.

    Once the Dalai Lama stepped through this magical door, Lord Shugden closed and locked his magical door with a secret MANTRA.

    He exiled and banished the Dalai Lama from Tibet and he will never sit on his “KING’S THRONE” ever again.

    Lord Shugden expelled the Dalai Lama from Tibet without any violence and without a drop of blood being shed by him.

    Now in 2014 we can celebrate 55 years of the Dalai Lama being banished from Tibet.

    He now knows that it was Lord Shugden who was behind all this.

    Lord Shugden did not help him to escape to freedom.

    He fooled this evil man to escape into a life time of EXILE AND BANISHMENT FROM TIBET!!!!!!!

    That after more than 300 years of fighting our Lord Shugden has WON AND DEFEATED THE DALAI LAMA.

    All the Dalai Lama can do now his hurt Dorje Shugden followers who live in exile.

    The Dalai Lama has stated that it is Lord Dorje Shugden that prevents his return to Tibet. and he is absolutely CORRECT.

    Lord Shugden protects the Tibet borders from the return of this evil man who is called the so called, “BUDDHA OF COMPASSION”.

    This LOSAR let all of us who follow Lord Dorje Shugden dance and sing in the streets.

    Let us all tell the world that Lord Dorje Shugden lives in Tibet and this present Dalai Lama never will again.

    Once this evil man dies his reincarnation will be recognized by the Chinese Government and endorsed by the Panchen Lama.

    And guess what?

    The new 15th Dalai Lama will be raised up believing in Lord Dorje Shugden and he will go all over Tibet spreading the teachings of Lord Dorje Shugden.

    Happy Losar to you all and praises to our Lord Dorje Shugden and his great victory over the Dalai Lama.

    Also please remember this Losar the late Demo Tulku Rinpoche of Tengye Ling Monastery who was murdered by the 13th Dalai Lama and his Nechung Oracle.

    Also pray for the return of the Kuten of Tengye Ling Monastery who also followed Lord Dorje Shugden.

    A message to you all from an old man who loves and prays to Lord Shugden.

    Happy Losar

    Gesar Kusali

  47. Thank you for keeping all of us up-to-date. It is saddening that I / we are not at all surprised to hear of more actions such as this…I pray that we do not become de-sensitised to these actions – and we can rise above, to feel, to understand and remain firm in the face of this senseless act.
    This Only reinforces a few key points in my mind that:
    1) Makes me even more firm in my position to support / & practice our holy lineage.
    2) HHDL students through their negative actions / resulting karma are the ones shortening his life.
    3) 5 against 1 – you are SHAMEFUL COWARDS.
    4) Violence against others with a different view is OPPRESSION in any language / culture / or country.
    5) FREEDOM of: expression / religion / democracy or not? In the modern world these are core values all peoples in countries around the world aspire to and try to put into practice.
    You do not need to read in a book or go to a prestigious university to make a difference…Plain and simple use your eyes, ears, brain, heart and mouth….to speak and act to benefit those you are meant to represent.
    6) To incite others whilst not necessarily committing the action yourself does not clear you of blame? Or Hiding in the background while you condone these actions in my mind makes you just as guilty.
    7) You can pull the wool over peoples eyes and ears to the truth some of the time but eventually the TRUTH will come out as to what REALLY has been GOING ON…ALL THIS TIME!
    People who have invested their time, money and skills in the Tibetan Cause will run for the Hills or Want some sort of accountability for their Support.
    8) Modern people verify and check and do not take on blind faith…the Buddha Taught this…and a small growing voice is growing asking simple questions plain as day to us all….What are you doing CTA to help the Tibetan Cause?
    9) What I choose to practice does not stop you from doing your job and being accountable for your lack of action and insecurities to represent all Tibetans.
    10) A Democracy or Country is made up of many people, Backgrounds and Ethnic groups and Faiths – no one is better or less than its individual parts but greater as part of a Whole.
    Until all is United not much is achieved, one person alone cannot achieve much unless they are able to inspire and work with others.
    Tibet Cause has not achieved much because they are not united and would rather Scapegoat Shugden practitioners within the Tibetan community.
    Just my 2cents worth… Sending my little prayers to Gen Chonze to get well soon, thank you for absorbing these negative actions so that our lineage continues to grow and survive.

  48. just found out. loud noise out side. chonze la, woke up and came out of his room . and 5 people with mask right out side of his bedroom door jumped on choze la. chonze la bedroom is right under HH Trijang rinpoche’s bedroom. Attack happened right under His Holiness Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoch’s bedroom. This is just Carzy. This is nothing but direct attack / threat to HH Trijang chocktrul rinpoche

  49. Kay, I have been thinking that this must be one of the lowest level the CTA would stoop in their plot to get at people who are not going according to their (CTA) notion.
    Gen Chonze was especially targeted because of his devotion and loyalty to Trijang Rinpoche. (this current life and also the previous) These assailants are down right heartless to even think of harming a frail old monk. Guess all the Lam Rim teachings they have been getting for the past few days have just gone down the drain together with their agenda of fighting for a free Tibet.
    Seems to me they are causing harm to so many innocent Tibetans and robbing them off their basic human rights. Hope CTA realize that all their drastic moves are “killing” their hope of getting Tibet back from China. Maybe their not getting Tibet back is really a blessing in disguise for Tibetans.
    The reasons CTA gave for imposing the ban on Dorje Shugden are baseless and must be ended soon to stop more harm and hurt to many more Tibetans.

  50. the mastermind of the shameful attack is the one and only Dlai Lama.

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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