Student Not Allowed to Carry Tibetan Flag in University

As if there are not enough indications that the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) has failed, now a Tibetan refugee and a student of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Kalsang Nangpa, is denied the privilege of carrying the Tibetan flag during the university’s commencement processional. The fact that such a prestigious university does not recognize the Tibetan nation shows that the CTA’s formula and strategies do not work. Instead of focusing their effort on finding solutions to their current dire situation, the CTA continues to maintain divisive and conflicting policies and focuses their effort on the cause where they have lost directions and traction. For example, the CTA claimed that they would like to resume negotiation with China to obtain a meaningful autonomy, and yet, they continue to promote self-immolations and other issues that would irritate and create a further rift and distrust in their relationship with China.

The fact that many Tibetans are still refugees after almost 60 years living in exile is the testament of the CTA’s failures. The CTA should have realized that their diplomatic strategies are ineffective to achieve their objectives of a meaningful autonomy. The fact that the CTA have not changed their strategies can be caused by two reasons:

  1. their leadership is lacking in political savvy and ability to formulate an effective diplomatic strategy, or
  2. they purposely try to maintain the status quo for other selfish reasons and self-enrichment.

In either case, the CTA has failed its people, and the situation is not looking any better.

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  1. Tibet is not a nation. Wanting to break away from China is the strategy of CTA trying to gain sympathy from the west so that the community, Tibetan in exile, can get donations and funding. The strategy involved implying that China lacks religious freedom. It might have some credibility during the eras when China was “closed” and not as liberal as the west. Hence, the western funders will see Tibetans in exile as suppressed victims. In recent years, China had grown and progressed so much, she embraces religious freedom. On the other hand, CTA is the one who is curbing religious freedom by banning Dorje Shugden practice, which make the CTA looks really hyprocritical to still use Free Tibet as the war cry.

  2. I feel sad for Nangpa but let’s face it, Tibet is not what it was. It belongs to China a long time ago whether one accept it or not. Not only the USA, but countries around the world recognize Tibet as part of China. It’s not the fault of the university’s management. Perhaps Nangpa should ask CTA what are they doing to help Tibet.

    Well, CTA have many opportunities to do something but I guess they are either too full of pride or the whole cabinet is incompetent. Seriously… how many years already? Always using resources/time to do things that does not benefit Tibetans in exile. Causing conflict, problems, arguments, fights, etc are what the CTA are good at. Even Tibetans in India are leaving for better places.

  3. This is a toughie for the state university who receives much grants from the state and federal governments in order to fund its expenses. Clearly, the university will have some obligation to tow the government of the people by the people’s line and it happens to be that Tibet is part of the People’s Republic of China, no two ways about that.

    Kalsang Nagpa needs to know this and she has benefited from it as well being a resident of Medford and student at UMass Amherst.

    If she still wants to highlight the Tibetan cause (whatever it may be since I am confused as to whether the Tibetans in, out and around Tibet, really want independence or autonomy or some kind of milkshake of everything), then I’m sure there are other avenues for her to express it, whatever and wherever it may be, just not at the commencement of a citizen funded university.

    On a similar subject, I see that there are also similar voices of uncertainty regarding the USA’s position with regard to Tibet on the West Coast where the Dalai Lama is slated to speak at the commencement ceremony of the University of California at San Diego, also a state and federally funded institution.

    Chinese citizen students there have protested the invite and see it as a middle finger pointed at them but the Chancellor of the University who happens to be of Indian ethnicity (the Dalai Lama fled to India as a refugee and lives there now) defends the idea with a hand-waving “oh the Dalai Lama is an ambassador of peace and preaches compassion” or something like that. Other Tibetans have also been pointing the middle finger at the poor Chinese students online and offline.

    Well, if this Chancellor or President of the university or whatever would just do some due diligence on his invitee and also his invitee’s personal representative Lama or whatever he calls himself these days, he would see a total other side of the business we call Dalai Lama.

    I’m not saying it is like Jekyll and Hyde, but the inconsistencies are too glaring. Pity the Chinese students having to stomach listening to a hypocrite. Pity a state and federal funded institution inviting someone who is against state policy to come and preach.

    Both Kalsang Nagpa and the University of California at San Diego need to think more deeply and make better decisions.

  4. I think wisdom and insight needs to be applied sometimes, the student should know every well the US is befriending China on many levels. And it is the US that wants to engage in a business manner with China. Not the other way around.

    One who is ethnic Tibetan, should not sabotage the good relations that China and US that is working towards.

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