Should the Sakya Lineage Be Dissolved?

By: Shashi Kei

When the 14th Dalai Lama officially banned the practice of the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden in 1996, His Holiness inflicted more than just a dent on the credibility of a Protector the Gelugs have worshipped for almost 400 years. He in fact exposed to doubt and ridicule, the very foundations of the Tibetan Buddhist religion.

A prominent and distinguishing feature of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition is the great emphasis placed on the guru and also the lineage masters. In the tantras that the Vajrayana school of Buddhism is known for, the guru is regarded as the embodiment of the Three Jewels – the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. In Vajrayana, it is said that a successful practice is based on the Three Roots – the root of the blessing, the root of the siddhi and the root of the activity. The most crucial of these three is the root of blessings, of which the source is the Guru.

As a matter of fact, it is firmly believed that one’s Dharma practice cannot yield any fruits unless it has the blessings of the guru. Milarepa’s story illustrates this well. Milarepa tricked Lama Ngokpa into teaching him how to practice by lying that Marpa had sent him to Lama Ngokpa to be trained. And yet, Milarepa’s greatest efforts bore no results. Lama Ngokpa was surprised for the teachings he gave Milarepa were certain to produce a positive outcome. In the end, when Milarepa confessed that he had not in fact been sent by Marpa, Lama Ngokpa replied, “Well, that must be the truth, because without the lama’s blessing, experience and realization cannot arise.”

In fact, one of the past lives of Dorje Shugden was the great Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyeltsen.

In tantra, it is the guru and lineage lamas that give validity to and empower a practitioner’s training. Lama Ngokpa taught Milarepa the very same practice that his Guru, Marpa had taught him and yet, Milarepa gained nothing. Without the blessings of the guru, the potency of the training is absent.

This story and many similar anecdotes show the importance of lineage in the transmission of a practice. It is through the unbroken succession of lineage masters that unending blessings flow from the enlightened originator of the practice to the practitioner. The lineage is the source of all the blessings without which there can be no authentic transmission of the Buddhadharma, and the practice becomes a farce, void of any results. This is the most basic tenet embraced by all major schools of Tibetan Buddhism until this day.

When the Dalai Lama imposed a ban on the practice of Dorje Shugden, alluding to the Protector practice being anti-Dharma and demonic, His Holiness in effect invalidated the greatest Gelugpa lamas such as Takphu Pemavajra, Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo, Trijang Dorje Chang and Zong Dorje Chang. In fact, seeing that the aforementioned masters were inextricable sources of the Gelug lineage, it follows that through the Dalai Lama’s declaration of Dorje Shugden being spirit worship, that the Gelug school of Buddhism is void by definition from the time of at least Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo.

But the damage does not end there, for if we were to trace the ‘demon’ that perverted the Gelugpa lineage to its source, we will ultimately end up at the fountainhead of the Dorje Shugden practice, which is in fact the Sakya lineage. The Gelug masters did not ‘invent’ the Dorje Shugden practice. That honor, or dishonor depending on which side of the Dorje Shugden divide you stand, belongs to the 30th Sakya Throne Holder, Sonam Rinchen. It was Sonam Rinchen who recognized Dorje Shugden as an enlightened protector and enthroned the deity together with Dorje Setrap and Tsiu Marpo. Together they were known as the Three Kings (Gyalpo Sum) and were regarded as the Protectors of the Sakya lineage.

A Dorje Shugden mural in a traditional Sakya Monastery in Tibet. Why would any Sakya paint the image of a’minor demon’ (as the 41st Sakya Throne Holder infers) on the wall of the holy monastery unless Dorje Shugden was regarded as a holy being worthy to be worshipped.

Another great Sakya master of the 17th century, Morchen Kunga Lhundrub (1654 – 1728) who was undoubtedly a well-respected and trusted holder of the Sakya lineage’s Lamdre and Tantric teachings, and also the Vajrayogini lineage, wrote praises to Dorje Shugden acknowledging the Protector as an enlightened being. It was Morchen Kunga Lhundrub who told his disciples, “Now is the time to rely upon Dorje Shugden.”

Clearly it was the Sakyas who endorsed Dorje Shugden as a protector worthy of worship. So immediately we see an inconsistency – why is it that historical Gelug masters who embraced the Dorje Shugden practice are denounced by His Holiness the Dalai Lama but not the historical Sakya masters who initiated the practice and, by their reputation and position, legitimized a ‘demon’?

History records that after Tulku Drakpa Gyaltsen was murdered, his estate at Drepung Monastery was destroyed, as were the stupas containing his relics. The search for his reincarnation was also forbidden. Such a search would not have been fruitful anyway if we are to believe what the Tibetan leadership claims, which is that Dorje Shugden arose a ghost of an oath breaker. That would have been the end of the oath breaker and it would have remained as Tulku Drakpa Gyaltsen’s legacy, except that around the time of his death the Sakya Throne Holders began to recognize Dorje Shugden to be in the essence of Avalokiteshvara. What is even more interesting is how these Sakya masters arrived at their conclusion by referring to the Nyingma Tantra Rin chen sna bdun that suggested that this “Dolgyal is in essence the Buddha of Compassion”.

Furthermore, it was not only Sonam Rinchen, the 30th Sakya Throne Holder, and Morchen Kunga Lhundrub who regarded Dorje Shugden as an enlightened being. The 31st Sakya Throne Holder Kunga Lodro, famed for his teaching of the Lobshe (the uncommon Lamdre), was regarded as an emanation of Dorje Shugden. It was Kunga Lodro who wrote a beautiful wrathful torma offering prayer to Dorje Shugden called ‘Swirl Of Perfect Sense Offering’ which became the basis of Pabongka Rinpoche’s composition ‘Melodious Drum Victorious In All Directions’ which is in turn a key text used in modern day worship of Dorje Shugden.

Later on in the Sakya lineage of throneholders, the 32nd Sakya Throne Holder Wangdu Nyingpo, regarded by the Sakyas as the ‘second Padmasambhava’, also worshipped the Protector Dorje Shugden. The 33rd Sakya Throne Holder Pema Dudul Wangchuk, a high Mahasiddha in the Sakya tradition, was a firm believer and practitioner of Dorje Shugden as well. His son, the 35th Sakya Throne Holder Tashi Rinchen, even relied on Dorje Shugden in order to continue the Sakya family line. When Tashi Rinchen could not have an heir, they turned to Dorje Shugden and Pema Dudul declared that Dorje Shugden would reincarnate as Tashi Rinchen’s son in order to continue the Sakya family line.

So we see, Dorje Shugden played more than just a devotional role in the Sakya lineage. The deity was also intimately involved in the bloodline of the Sakyas and had a direct role in the procreation of Sakya masters. The Sakyas’ faith in Dorje Shugden continued in the 35th Sakya Throne Holder Tashi Rinchen. In fact, Tashi Rinchen not only brought Kunga Nyingpo, the reincarnation of the ‘demon’ Dorje Shugden into the world, but he also founded Dolma Phodrang that the present 41st Sakya Throne Holder is from. This ‘demon’ Kunga Nyingpo (son of the 35th Sakya Throne Holder) ascended the Sakya seat of the lineage as the 37th Throne Holder and held over dominion over the entire Sakya clan, who are long thought of as a people borne out of Manjushri himself.

From Kunga Nyingpo came the 39th Sakya Throne Holder Dragshul Trinley Rinchen who was also a firm believer that Dorje Shugden is an enlightened being. In his autobiography, Dragshul Trinley Rinchen wrote:

“The Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden Tsel definitively is Avalokitesvara. The Nyingma Tantra Rinchen Nadun says “The one known as Dolgyal is not mistaken on the path to liberation, he is by nature the Great Compassionate One,” which establishes this by scripture [lung gis grub]. The Great Je Sakyapa Kunga Nyingpo is well known as an incarnation of the Arya Lotus in Hand. The Arya Lotus in Hand definitively is none other than the Lord of Mandalas, but provisionally by assuming the manner of a tenth level bodhisattva he simultaneously sports billions of superior, middling and inferior emanations to accomplish immeasurable benefit for beings, such as setting them on paths to the higher realms and liberation”.

If we agree with His Holiness the Dalai Lama that Dorje Shugden is a malevolent spirit bent on destroying the Dharma, then we must also agree that it was the greatest masters of the Sakya lineage at the time who established this ‘demonic’ practice, that four centuries later threatens the sanctity of Dharma and created the most damaging split in the Sangha.

Therefore when His Holiness the Dalai Lama speaks against Dorje Shugden, His Holiness in fact calls into question the legitimacy of the Sakya lineage. What makes this even more unbelievable and disastrous for the Sakyas is how the present and 41st Sakya Throne Holder, His Holiness Ngawang Kunga Tegchen Palbar Trinley Samphel Wangyi Gyalpo, supported the Dalai Lama’s views of Dorje Shugden, and in so doing belittled his own lineage and lineage masters, and nullified all blessings of the Sakya practices.

After all, in agreeing with the Dalai Lama’s statements regarding Dorje Shugden as demon worship, he as the head of the lineage has invalidated his entire tradition as an authentic Tibetan Buddhist school by maligning a large part of its history as ‘demonic’ worship. Moreover, given that the Sakya lineage has a rich and legitimate history of relying on Dorje Shugden, it can safely be said that the lineage the present Sakya Throne Holder inherited was worthless and ineffective. As we established earlier, all Tibetan Buddhist schools agree that the potency of a teaching or transmission flows through the lineage masters to the practitioners. And so, what contaminated blessings and empowerments did the 41st Sakya Throne Holder receive or inherit if the channel that is supposed to convey the lineage blessings had already been commandeered by demon worshippers since the time of the 30th Sakya Throne Holder? How can a valid lineage pass through seven ‘demon worshippers’ en route to the present Throne Holder and yet be regarded as authentic? The present Sakya Throne Holder is under an obligation to provide answers to these valid questions.

The current 41st Sakya Throne Holder with his family.

When the present and 41st Sakya Throne Holder claimed that “some Sakyas worshipped Shugden as a lower deity…” and implied that Shugden was a worldly spirit or demon who is kept in check because he is controlled by Mahakala, he annulled the Sakya lineage from the time of Sonam Rinchen and Morchen Kunga Lhundrub. And in doing so, the Sakya Throne Holder also undermined the great Mahakala as being incapable of subduing a mere ‘demon’, only capable of keeping him in check. If Dorje Shugden is indeed under the control of Mahakala, then what is all the fuss in Dharamsala about, unless the Sakya Throne Holder is inferring that Mahakala is incompetent?

If both His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the 41st Sakya Throne Holder are correct in their assessment of Dorje Shugden, it would also mean that the blood line of the Sakyas, especially those of the Dolma Phodrang, are accursed with gross maleficence. Official Sakya websites state that the 41st Sakya Throne Holder is recognized to be a reincarnation of Dragshul Trinley Rinchen, the 39th Sakya Throne Holder, who is his grandfather and also a confirmed Dorje Shugden believer. Therefore, if the 41st Sakya Throne Holder is to be regarded as an enlightened master, then he cannot be the reincarnation of a demon worshipper. Or if we insist that Dragshul Trinley Rinchen, the 39th Sakya Throne Holder was indeed a demon worshipper, then his reincarnation, the present 41st Sakya Throne Holder cannot be an enlightened being.


Five Points of Concern

As a matter of fact, with His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s stance on Dorje Shugden which the 41st Sakya Throne Holder has openly and officially endorsed, they jointly and individually declare as follows:

  1. That from the 17th Century, the Sakya lineage became contaminated and the children of Manjushri became devil worshippers. Hence the entire Sakya lineage today cannot be regarded as a legitimate Tibetan Buddhist school capable of bringing its adherents to the state of enlightenment. In fact, the opposite should apply;
  2. That the Lamdre that is the final intention and instruction of the conqueror, Vajradhara to the Sakya has been destroyed at the hands of a series of infernal Throne Holders. How can the Lamdre survive in a lineage of demon worshippers? The first of the Four Authenticities in the Lamdre is ‘the authenticity of the guru’. But by the declaration of the 41st Sakya Throne Holder, the Sakya can no longer claim authenticity of their lineage gurus seeing that at least seven throne holders have broken refuge vows by worshipping the ‘demon’ Dorje Shugden;
  3. That the 41st Throne Holder and the heirs of the Drolma Phodrang are borne of demonic seed. In addition, the 41st Sakya Throne Holder is the reincarnation of a demon worshipper (the 39th Sakya Throne Holder Dragshul Trinley Rinchen);
  4. That the Sakya masters erred so completely to have equated a demon as Avalokiteshvara. What happened to their attainments, learning and clairvoyance that they were unable to discern demon from enlightened being? If they can be mistaken to such severity, what other Sakya teachings should be called into question?
  5. As the result of declarations 1 to 4 above, the 41st Sakya Throne Holder needs to accept responsibility for his lineage founding a practice that today ‘harms the life of the Dalai Lama’ and is also accounts for the reason why the Tibetans have failed in their efforts to regain their country.



If the Tibetan leadership was genuinely concerned about the proliferation of demon worship in their community, they should stick to the truth and refocus all the accusations leveled at Dorje Shugden practitioners at the Sakyas as the original source of the Tibetan people’s woes. This is of course in consideration of historical fact and what is universally believed by the Sakya Tradition, that seven of their Throne Holders were either adherents of Dorje Shugden practice or emanations of the Protector himself. In light of this, the 41st Sakya Throne Holder should therefor stand accused and not pretend to be an accuser of Dorje Shugden.

Clearly, the 41st Sakya Throne Holder’s argument that Dorje Shugden was merely a lower [worldly] deity and was never ‘part of the Sakya institution’ is a slippery slope argument that challenges his own legitimacy and the validity of the entire Sakya lineage. If the 41st Sakya Throne Holder truly believes that Dorje Shugden is a dark and demonic element, then the decent and remaining thing to do now is to acknowledge that the Sakya sect is no longer a legitimate Tibetan Buddhist school, and to dissolve. Why perpetuate a redundant and dangerous sect and pretend to be a legitimate Tibetan tradition? The same argument should also see to the dismantling of the Gelug lineage and the hallowed position of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who like the 41st Sakya Throne Holder, inherited an impotent lineage from a line of demon worshippers.

And yet we see none of that.

This is not to encourage criticism against the Sakya school but for readers to consider the motivation of the Tibetan leadership to direct violence exclusively against Gelug practitioners, instead of the root of the Shugden practice which is the Sakya school (as proven by fact). Ultimately the anti-Dorje Shugden argument is tantamount to argumentum ad absurdum. For the claim that Dorje Shugden is a dark and dangerous force to be regarded as valid, then proper remedies must follow and that includes the tearing down all that arose from Dorje Shugden and all that been associated with it. This would cover the greatest masters of the Sakya and Gelug lineages. Those who accuse Dorje Shugden wrongly and yet refuse to follow through with remedies are only highlighting what everyone already knows – that they are disingenuous, carrying through with the ban and enforcing it for ulterior reasons undisclosed to the people.

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  1. There are factions within the Sakya school. The general public will not know as Sakyas do not let the public know of these controversies. After much pressure and talks with the current Sakya Trizin he is finally releasing his power to hold the Sakya Throne until 2017. He will step down next year and we are looking forward towards that.The next throne-holders of Sakya will only be holding their post for three years which is unprecedented. This is due to much internal conflict. Many are not happy with the current Sakya Trizin and the many perks he receives. He is extremely wealthy and does not share. The other throne holders in line to take over are not happy about this. So with this new system of each Throne holder only being the head for three years, all will have the chance to be a throne holder (Sakya Trizin) of our lineage. This is very welcomed.

    There are many Dorje Shugden practitioners within Sakya. With the current Sakya Trizin speaking the opposite upset many but those unhappy chose to remain quiet. This article is very timely indeed. It is accurate in it’s logical debate. I will share with my Sakya friends especially the ones who do not speak English and will explain to them.

  2. I can’t really fathom why anyone would give up Dorje Shugden after knowing the qualities of Dorje Shugden. As seen from this article and many sources, Dorje Shugden is always beneficial and assisting in the growth of the dharma, even when it was being incubated within the Sakya lineage, so to say to borrow modern day jargon.

    Furthermore, the accusation on Dorje Shugden being a minor practice and being demonic in nature, the implication goes back not only to subsequent Sakya Lineage master after the founders of the Sakyas; but all the way back to Virupa one of the lineage masters of the Sakyas. Virupa eventually also was the one who reincarnated as Tulku Dragpa Gyeltsen. Could Virupa in his omniscience not safeguard the Sakya lineage against such a pollution? Are all the practices within the Sakya not able to develop one towards full enlightenment, or omniscience that would have allowed them identify accurately the true nature of Dorje Shugden. Many of such questions are begging to be answered, hopefully many of the teacher and scholars will banish all doubts about the Sakya which had nurtured Dorje Shugden practice, before it began to take root within the Gelug order.

  3. I am no expert in Tibetan Buddhism or the Sakya lineage, but the logic presented here is sound and impenetrateable. When a monk worship demon, all the practice he had done will be nullify. There will be no spiritual attainment. Then how could the teaching passed down be legitimate? How could incarnation be valid? As absurd as it may sound, the logical conclusion therefore, is for Sakya and Gelug to call it quit, because the lineage teaching that are being learnt and taught today stem from and contain impurity, or worst still, demonic. Or, someone is lying and making false accusation towards Dorje Shudgen and denouncing His status and qualities.

    On the flip side, erudite masters from Sakya and Gelug, who were Dorje Shugden practitioners returned, in perfect condition from their past life to carry on their spiritual journey and aspiration. How can, or rather, how did all these Dorje Shugden lamas evict the doomed fate of demon worshipping? Hundreds of past and present lamas against a couple people in position who started the accusation against Dorje Shugden? Well, unless all the high lamas are demons masquerading under the guise of attained spiritual Gurus… the “cry wolf” is not going to work anymore.

    To me, the answer is rather plain and straight forward. Dorje Shugden is an enlightened Dharmapala respected and prayed to by many past and present masters. Political factors that are not related to the authenticity of his lineage are cunningly at play here. People who take sides have their private agenda which serious and genuine practitioners should not engage in. Because the fact that serious practitioner are not playing into the hands of the politicians, they suffered the fate of ostracization.

  4. May the next Sakya Trizin who is none other than Manjushri restore this degeneration. /:\/:\/:\

  5. It is not the Sakya tradition which is invalid, it is the Dalai Lama tradition, a political not a religious tradition. Furthermore the current Dalai Lama is an incompetent monk because he is blind to Guru devotion, so his words should be ignored and his delusions pitied like any other ignorant fool. Everyone with a Guru is protected against this kind of idiocy from before waking till after falling asleep. It’s absurd and venal.

  6. The first and most important role of any leader like Sakya Trizin is that he protect and defend his people and their beliefs from attack. This Sakya Trizin has failed to due this with his surrender of the their belief of Dorje Shugden to the EVIL Dalai Lama. His people must now turn their back to him and hope that in 2017 their new leader will publicly embrace Dorje Shugden.


  7. In answer to the title “Should the Sakya Lineage be dissolved”, my answer would be “NO”. I believe that Protector Dorje Shugden is enlightened and as such I believe that by his incarnating as the 37th Sakya Throne Holder Kunga Nyingpo, Dorje Shugden sees the validity in the continuation of the Shakya lineage. Being a Buddha with clairvoyance, he would have known of the declaration by the 41st Sakya Throne Holder, His Holiness Ngawang Kunga Tegchen Palbar Trinley Samphel Wangyi Gyalpo. The Shakya lineage had a rich history of attainments and incarnations, I am sure that it would not just disappear with the declaration of the 41st Sakya Throne Holder on Dorje Shugden being a “Spirit”. He himself was recognised to be the reincarnate of his grandfather, the 37th Throne Holder Kunga Nyingpo who in turn is the direct incarnate of Dorje Shugden. So I really don’t think that the 41st Throne Holder is Anti-Shugden, contrary to his public declaration Shugden being a “spirit”. If Shugden was a “spirit” then the 41st Throne Holder is an incarnate “spirit”, right?

  8. Dear Shashi Kei,

    Thank you for writing this article, and thank you the admin for posting this up. I really like to read about your articles, because it is written with logic, and in this case (again), your logic makes a lot of sense.

    It has again shown that CTA is being illogically in banning Dorje Shugden. There are so many logic reasons to show that banning of Dorje Shugden is illogical, and I think that is the reason why CTA dare not have a dialogue with Dorje Shguden people, because they know their accusation will not hold.

    More and more accusations against Dorje Shugden by CTA is losing on logic, and the only thing CTA can harp on, is the hatred factor of the Tibetans. I think it is extremely sad that CTA need to employ this strategy of hatred, because CTA has a leader HH Dalai Lama who is the advocate of Peace.

  9. This is mind blowing! Indeed… if the Dalai Lama and the 41st Sakya Trinzin wishes to stick by their reasons that Dorje Shugden is a spirit and therefore invalid to be perpetuated, practised and carry forth its lineage… then the conclusion from this enlightening article is precisely what they should do…

    …proper remedies must follow and that includes the tearing down all that arose from Dorje Shugden and all that been associated with it. This would cover the greatest masters of the Sakya and Gelug lineages. Those who accuse Dorje Shugden wrongly and yet refuse to follow through with remedies are only highlighting what everyone already knows – that they are disingenuous, carrying through with the ban and enforcing it for ulterior reasons undisclosed to the people.”

    So what is it… is Dorje Shugden a demon and so that means all of Sakya’s lineage also becomes invalid and therefore should be from today on be removed from one of the school of Tibetan Buddhism, because how could we have an entire school and lineage borne of a demon Shugden spread its seed to the entire world? Isn’t that just a preposterous idea? But it is exactly what should be done if we go down that route.

    So we urge for His Holiness the Dalai Lama to please be clear and for the 41st Sakya Trinzin, you might as well pack up your entire lineage and close it down because everything that you teach or do from the time of the 30th Sakya Throne Holder, Sonam Rinchen, who recognized Dorje Shugden as an enlightened protector and enthroned the Him together with Setrap and Tsiu Marpo. On top of that… your lineage masters is also a demon since Dorje Shugden reincarnated
    reincarnate as Tashi Rinchen’s son in order to continue the Sakya family line.
    Tashi Rinchen not only brought Kunga Nyingpo, the reincarnation of the ‘demon’ Dorje Shugden into the world, but he also founded Dolma Phodrang that the present 41st Sakya Throne Holder is from. —-So bye bye Sakya Trinzin, time to pack up! if what you say is true.

  10. If the Dorje Shugden ban is still on and CTA wishes to continue enforcing it, then Sakyas are officially evil spirit/ devil worshippers. Dorje Shugden was first enthroned and practised by the Sakya, the current Sakya Trizin saying they do not practice is a slap on his own ancestor’s face. But I guess pleasing the CTA and getting favours from the Tibetan ‘government’ is more important than preserving the lineage ?

    Just like some gelug lamas, they can declare they don’t practice, but they in fact do it in secret. Sakya has such a long lineage of Dorje Shugden practice that things cannot just change overnight.

    Moreover, some of the Sakya Trizins (39th & 41st) are emanations of Dorje Shugden, so this lineage is polluted with incarnations/emanations of devils being the heads of the Sakya lineage. Whatever taught by the 39th and 41st Sakya Trizin are taught by the ‘devil’ Shugden, so all their teachings should be burnt and no longer accepted and practised in the Sakya lineage, if the Sakyas are serious about being ‘clean’.

    They should remove all pictures, texts by these 2 Sakya Trizins, just like how they remove Dorje Shugden statues from many monasteries.They don’t do that. Why? Why are Sakya monks not being put through the Vote-Stick like Gelugpa monasteries? Is it because CTA get special donation from the Sakya Trizin that is why they are granted special treatments or exceptions?

    Definitely this lineage should not be allowed to stay as they are against the cause (independence/ autonomy) of Tibet. Practising whatever that has been taught by the 39th and 41st Devil Sakya Trizin will shorten His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s life. I think CTA should likewise declare Sakya lineage and worshippers as criminals, just like how they did with the Dorje Shugden practitioners in general, to be fair.

  11. Dharma is not worshiping anything at all and all lineages are precious.

    All the deities in vajrayana are basicly aspects of the self arising wisdom and compassion of space- and conciousnesscontinuum or ranghar and rigpa rangshar.

    Dharmapalas just represent the protective aspect of wisdom and compassion that is free of god and evil because conciousnesscontinuum is free of lastingness and non-existence, free of duality so it is protective like immunsystem, regenerating and healing. Of course there are beings with form and without form who perfom wisdom and compassion activities because of their rigpa ranghar, that is rooted in spacecontinuum.

    So why creating the dualistic illusion that the protective aspect of wisdom and compassion, that is represented by a dharmapala is evil and worshiping?

    If you see a dharmapala deity pure, that just represents the protective aspect of wisdom and compassion, you have a wise view and with a compassionate aspiration you perform healing activities/practice, then the result is wisdom and merrit but not karma that is only effected by god and bad view/motivation and action.

    Non-duality -> wise/wisdom view -> compassionate aspiration/motivation -> healing action/activities/practice = wisdom and merrit -> protection/regeneration/healing/tantra/freedom and wellbeing.

    All beings a buddhas, HHDL is a Buddha and Dorje Shugden as well.

    Due to reality is non-duality, there is no god and devil. Beings can create a good or evil state of mind when they ignore non-duality and so on but never become a god or a deamon itself.

    If you want to help someone who is an evil state of mind, because of harmful actions, then it helps not to project onto this person that he is evil/devil but you teach this person about reality/non-duality that he can understand and that compassion can arise and that he can perform healing activities that he can get rid of/transform this evil state of mind into wisdom and compassion by himself to liberate himself.

    It’s just about a state of mind, so there are no gods and deamons itself but some beings are in a good state of mind and some are in an evil state of mind, due to ignorance of non-duality and some are more or less in an non-dualistic or wise and compassionate state of mind, that’s all. But basicly all beings are buddhas because they are free of lastingness and non-existence.

    So why creating the illusion that DS is evil and worshiping a spirit?

    Trust shunyata/non-duality
    Trust buddha
    Trust dharma
    Trust your inherent wisdom and compassion

    Like Buddha said, only follow your inherent wisdom and compassion but not others. Just take some time for analytical mindfulness to check anything for yourself. Don’t just follow a teacher because he is a teacher, don’t follow the words because it sounds nice, don’t follow the thoughts because they are interesting, but let your own inherent wisdom and compassion rigpa rangshar arise in yourself and find out anything for yourself. rigpa dön gyi lama is the perfect lama only trust in this lama!

    OM AH RAPA TSANA DHI – may the wrath of black manjushri destroy all illusions

  12. Main thing is 41 Sakya Trizin call Dorjee Shugden a spirit , then he is say many of the Sakya Trizin before is worship to the spirit . This is what I am understand from this news . My thinking is that the 41 Sakya Trizin is more worry about face n look good then to protect the lineage . If this is true then it is very sad for the lineage because this is the lineage that Dorjee Shugden is coming from . All the great lama are call to the Dorjee Shugden as Manjusri and also are call to Sakya Trizin as Manjusri . How can Manjusri insult to another being as spirit?

  13. YOU ARE a Buddha, and You and YOU and Y O U and Dorje Dhugden also. I pray to Buddhas, so I pray to YOU because YOU are a Buddha because YOU ARE and YOU STAY free of lastingness and non-existence, because of space. That is not worshiping a spirit that is praying to YOUR wisdom and compassion YOUR Buddhanature that is and stays free of good and evil.

    I AM a Buddha, my wisdom and compassion is what I AM.
    YOU are a Buddha, YOUR wisdom and compassion is what YOU ARE.


  14. After reading this article, I cannot help but think that the followers of the Dalai Lama and most of the 41st Sakya Trizin followers are nothing but cult followers. They did not stop to think all the way back to the arising of Dorje Shugden and their lineage.

    Great read, well argued. So, basically the Dalai Lama and the 41st Sakya Trizin are treating their followers and personages without brains and do not think for themselves and only do as they are told without question.

    Thanks for this bit of education. But, I doubt if that will change he situation a whit. If the followers were thinking people and the leaders less of a dictator, then this situation would not have arisen in the first place.

    But, very good information. Thank you.

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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