The Most Beneficial Outcome

I was given this precious, sacred Protector practice in 2002 when my life was in havoc. Unfortunately, my negative karma opened up when my marriage fell though. My ex-husband gave me a really hard time and constant harassment, even after we had split up and battled many court cases for custody of the children and judicial separation.

My children were kidnapped by their own father almost a decade years ago, and brought to his home country so he could start his custody trial for the children there (he had lost custody in my home country). Everything was so well orchestrated by my ex-husband – two days after the children disappeared with him, I received a registered letter from his lawyer in France. One of the pre-requisites for him to file for custody for children in France was that the children must be physically with him at the time.

He probably thought that I wouldn’t be able to get a lawyer in Europe and go all the way there to attend to court hearings. With faith In Dorje Shugden, I received help from the British Embassy. Not only did I get a top French lawyer who specialized in children abduction cases, my lawyer also managed to get an emergency hearing fixed within two months after I presented the whole case to her by email.

I flew to France and stayed there for 6 months. It was not at all easy to fight for my children’s custody in France as they are both French nationals by birth and my ex-husband also had solid proof of income that he could support the children. This made my case weaker.

Throughout that ordeal. I did my Protector kangsol diligently every day without fail. Knowing that my chance of winning the case was only about 50%, I prayed to Dorje Shugden every night for an outcome that would be most beneficial to my children, whether I won the case or not.

The hearing went very smoothly. Even my lawyer told me that I was lucky to have my series of hearings fixed pretty closely to one another. After 6 months of trial, I finally won the case and the judge even commended me for my patience and integrity in his judgement.

Deep in my heart, I have had Dorje Shugden with me all the while. This is just one example of how Dorje Shugden has helped me. Without Dorje Shugden’s compassionate help, I wouldn’t be what I am today.

~ Kristina ~

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a personal story of your divorce and custody battle. I think that it is your selfless motivation of wanting the best for your children in you prayers to Protector Dorje Shugden that had helped you. In custody battles, it is usually the children looses as they lose one parent. But in your case they remained with the parent who had their best interest at heart rather than just winning the case. Isn’t it amazing that the precious Dorje Shugden practice was given to you whilst you needed him the most? May you and your family always remain in his protection.

  2. It must have been such a terrible ordeal at the time of the trail. It is indeed a blessing that you had connected with Dorje Shugden and have faith in continuing the kangsol. But, the clincher in your case was your selflessness in just wanting what is best for your children, not in your eyes but in the clairvoyance of an enlightened being, of which you do not know the outcome.

    Thank you for showing us what faith is and what it means to have a selfless motivation in any action.

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