Food Offering Prayers

1. Lama Tsongkhapa

OM AH HUM (3x – purify food)


Within the Snowy Land is the chariot leader Tsongkhapa
One who has power & great attainments Gyaltsabje
Master & holder of Sutra and Tantra Kedrup-Je
To the Exalted Enlightened Three Father and Sons, I offer this.


2. Lord Protector


All the obstacles from within and without
Completely you dispel and make things clear & fulfil activities,
To the 5 families of Dorje Shugden,
Your great entourage & assistants I offer this.


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  1. Just to share some background information with regards to food offerings:

    Offering food is one of the oldest and most common rituals of Buddhism. Food is given to monks during alms rounds and also ritually offered to tantric deities. Offering food is a meritorious act that also reminds us not to be greedy or selfish.

    Other than offering food on the altar, we also offer food before its being consumed by us. The prayers in this article should be recited before we consume our food.

    Interestingly, this looks the same as Christians pray before eating. But the meaning of both is completely different – they give thanks for the food that is given to them by god, whilst we offer the food to tantric deities before consuming it in order to sustain our lives to continue serving sentient beings.

  2. It is just great that prayers like this can be found online. I believe that it is very beneficial to many of us practitioners.

    It is also said that when you offer your food to the Buddhas before you consume it is very good. This is because not only do you collect merits by doing that, but if the food that is being served to you has some sort of black magic being cast on it, by offering the food that is given to you would help break that black magic. Not allowing the magic to harm you in anyway after you have consumed it. This is so as when the mantras are being recited, the blessing of the mantras would be able to counter the negativity that is being presented to you.

  3. Growing up, I never really thought about food offering to the Buddha or deities. Fruit offerings for the Buddhas on 1st and 15th day of the Lunar month, special prayers for the ancestors come with slaughtered animals, all these were done without much thought.

    It was much later in life that in the Theravadian traditions, food offering to the monks is a very important tradition to honour them for their commitment to bring Dharma to the people. It is also such a meritorious act to offer food to the monks in the Mahayana traditions. In short, food offering is a meritorious act in Buddhism.

    Now, i am learning that offering of food to the Buddhas before consuming them is a form of thanksgiving. It is not that we must have an altar to offer the food. Having these food offering prayers has helped me to focus and do a proper offering in thanks for what life has given me despite its ups and downs. I’m glad I discovered all these little treasures as I grow older.

  4. Thank you for the food offering prayers. Offering the first portion of food brings us closer to the deities especially Dorje Shugden.

    Ever since I learnt to offer first portions, I feel closer to Dorje Shugden. I am still very dependent and samsaric with all my projections. I still need to feel that I am doing something for Protector to keep my cosmic ties with him.

    Thank you for teaching us a simple and effective way to keep the ties.

  5. This make me think about most of the Christians will do their short prayer before meals. I would think this is a good practice for everyone and not for only Christians.
    Thank you for this sharing to let us have the chance to offer to the Buddhas before we consume as well as practice to be content and be grateful for what we have now.

  6. I really like the offering prayers to the Buddha so that I learn to be more mindful regularly and remember the kindness of the enlightened beings throughout the day and think and pray to them more often.

    Thank you for these prayers. _( )_

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