A Prayer by the Current Incarnation of Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen

To Lama Dorje Shugden,

In places where people are wild and untamed,
You assist and protect me. You show reasons for them to turn
Their minds around towards the dharma.

When I have no money, food, medicine or housing,
You provide everything for me. And what I need your provisions grow
And increase with time. You show me the six paramitas continuously.

When I am depressed, sad and lose hope,
You assure me of your presence, your blessings and your friendship
Lifting my spirits. No friend can be better than you.

When I have been abandoned by others who are not real friends,
You are my real friend, confidant and inspiration. You show me a
Friendship that is super worldly and at the same time worldly.

When I am afraid, attacked or have been cheated,
You replace what has been taken, reassure me and
Advise me to continue. You give with love, abundance and no agenda.
You give solely to benefit.

You are my Buddha, my yidam, my Guru, my protector and my
Complete source of blessings. By relying on your rituals, mantras, prayers and puja,
I can always create a powerful Vajra Manjushri link to you that will extend
To future lives.

May I never be separated from you in this and future lives.
Bless me to gain real genuine bodhicitta, love, forgiveness,
Compassion and skilfull means.

You give me purpose, goals and visions that surpass anything
We can be attached to or be tricked by in samsara. Nothing we have attachment
For in samsara can hold light next to your advice and your goals for us.
I trust you and surrender my attachments to your goals and advice. Which are
Meant for my benefit.

Bless me to have entourage, sponsors, help, assistance and
Many auspicious signs from You. Follow me like a shadow to the body.
Never abandon me when my mind occasionally turns negative and
Keep me close to you. Let me always have close contact, signs and omens from you.
You are no other than the Gentle Lord Manjushri in a worldly form to rescue me.

I love you as I have not loved anyone else. I trust you because you will never disappoint me.
I believe in you because you abide in pure compassion and powerful abilities.
I will never choose anything or anyone in samsara over you. You never ask me to choose, but I am just expressing your nature and the reasons for my choice.

Your presence, blessings and existence is permanent without permanence whereas the friends and objects I am attached to do not last and in the end have to be abandoned or leave. I am left in despair even before they leave. But your presence is promised till the 1,000th Buddha appears. I choose you and your ways Lord Protector.

I hold you close to me. You are more precious than diamonds, gold, money, rich friends, foods, travel, palaces, fame and reputation to me as your nature is fixed yet changing. I will remain loyal and devoted to you above anything because it is so rare to find such a support such as you in this degenerate age.

Hold me close. Love me. Protect me. Bless me. Watch over me and my loved ones. Show me swift action to tame my and other’s mind. In return I promise you to work compassionately and skilfully towards the benefit of others. I promise you to develop in this life compassion, love and wisdom so I may rank among the highly skilled beings that take birth for others. Bless me to be so and not be afraid. As fear arises from ignorance and not the state of our goals.

I must and will realize you are far better to cling to than children, parents, husband, wife, partner, friend, sponsor, confidant and any relations I deem to have, have had or will have. By resolutely alliancing myself to You, I will in fact benefit those I have wrongly or conceptually clung to. Bless me to realize and immediately enact this attitude.

May I gain your wisdom mind that is equal to the attainments described by Nagarjuna and Lam Rim. May I not be stuck in the quicksands of samsara and my tight mind anymore. All sufferings, problems, delusions, and their results arise from my clinging to the wrong objects time and time again. Finally I have found the right being to rest my mind with and this being is no other than You.

Om Svasti!

composed by the current incarnation of Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen
May 25th, 2013

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  1. Please be with me always, like the shadow of my body!

  2. pls get me out of this trouble

  3. Such a soothing Prayer

  4. i am a catholic, but i like this prayer.

  5. please pray for me and bless me indeed.assist me with my financial needs and protect and guide me always.thank you. amen.

  6. Yes, it is very important

  7. Where is the holy incarnation of Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen residing now? How old is he/she? When can we see a photo as I would like to place it on my shrine. Anxious to know more.

  8. i ‘m budish by mah religion from mah 7 generation and hav true faith in it but unknown abut. the varuous faces of mah lord but i have mah own lord face in mah hert . this prayer totally touches mah hert n may mah lord also knows it…ooom mane peme….

  9. funny is the conversation why word trulku considered as chathogic or other then Buddhist, so every thing is cool to believe as per individual law of karma if not the story i knew reveal this ditey, we need to protract our nation not to free from money or enlighten achievement of next life only budha can free us pleas flow him only with right thought and action is required. so if u keep playing game and sleep what out come u get is suger problem by consuming lot . and doing nothing so if we don’t play a practical game. what you will know about it
    be cool is buddha way, every one is not same in individul karma lay day

  10. Please pray for me and bless me indeed.assist me with my financial needs and protect and guide me always.thank you. amen.

  11. I am loving trusting that you will be with me through and pull me out from this current crisis. Please be with me always

  12. Jangchup, I dannae, never read it anywhere before. Anyway, I dont think thats so important? As revealing him would expose him to the CTA and allow them to target him and create obstacles for his work. If the tulku is really the mind incarnation, then whatever photo you use of him will allow you to connect with him. Otherwise, why put a photo of Buddha on your altar when youve never met him?

  13. Long live king dorje shugden✌


  15. Beautiful prayer, but who says this is Dorje Shugden? Another mystery without a source to verify anything.

  16. Some people say that Dorje Shugden is a demon and bring harm to practitioners.
    If Dorje Shugden was really a demon, all the lineage masters were wrong and their teachings are invalid. Adversely, some of these great masters have reincarnated in perfect human form and continue their dharma works for the benefit of countless beings.
    From this prayer, we can see clearly that if we have strong faith in Dorje Shugden, he is definitely will help and protect us in achieving the state of enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.

  17. I hope tsem rinpoche is not claiming to be tulku drakpa gyeltsen again lol.

    • Are you saying that Tsem Tulku claims to be the incarnation of Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen? What is you source?

      • Look at his website.

  18. Truth is clear to those who study it. Putting aside projections and expectations takes courage of the highest calibre…but that is the only way. Bless me to cultivate that courage which I sorely lack

    Inseparable from the guru, please follow me and guide me. I pray to you always, I think of you always.

    Without you by my side, the confusion and darkness reign supreme. I came into the world devoid of the correct knowledge, and now that I have finally returned to the Buddha’s teachings through your kindness, I joyfully thank you.
    I felt who you were, and rejoiced even before understanding completely. And now that I know more, I rejoice even more.
    thank you for leading me to a qualified guide who gave me hope and gave me knowledge.
    Thank you.
    I feel scared as I begin to feel alone at times, but with your presence, I feel more secure of the dharma path.
    May I never be parted from you in my journey.
    Thank yo

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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