A Daily Sadhana of the Peaceful and Fierce Lama Tsongkhapa

Refuge and Bodhicitta

tsongkhapaI and all sentient beings go for refuge to Guru, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
Until we achieve Enlightenment.
Through the positive potential I generate by practicing generosity
and the other far-reaching attitudes
may I attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all.


Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga

From the heart of the Lord of the Gaden Devas
Emerges a brilliant white cloud, like a great mass of fresh yogurt.
Atop sits Tsongkhapa, all-knowing King of Dharma
We request your coming to this place along with your great disciples.

My Lord Guru is seated before me on a lion-throne, lotus and moon cushion.
His body is white and he smiles blissfully.
Please remain many eons and serve as the great merit-field for the growth of my mind’s faith
And for the increase of Lord Buddha’s teachings.

His omniscient wisdom-mind encompasses all that is existent.
His voice is a profound teaching which ornaments the ear of the fortunate pupil.
His body’s beautiful radiance evokes wondrous admiration.
To Lama Tsongkhapa, whom merely viewing, hearing, or contemplating
Earns one great merit, I make prostration.

I present to you, great merit-field, Tsongkhapa,
Beautiful offerings, water, a display of flowers, fragrant incense,
Butterlamps and more both physical and mental offerings,
Vast as the clouds and wide as the ocean.

The unwholesome actions of body, speech and mind
Which I have accumulated over a measureless period ,
Especially actions contrary to the three vows (Vinaya, Bodhisattva and Vajrayana)
I regret extremely and from the depths of my heart,
And I reveal each and every such action.

We totally rejoice in your magnificent achievements, my Lord
who received numerous teachings and performed practices with utmost diligence,
who abandoned the eight worldly objectives and made the most meaningful use
of the eighteen opportune conditions during these degenerate times.

Request to turn the Wheel of Dharma
All you holy Gurus, unerring in conduct,
May you precipitate a rain of realisation of Bodhicitta and Shunyata
From the clouds of all-knowing compassion which fills the Dharmakaya sky
Providing for the field of disciples precisely what is needed.

Requesting to Remain
May the Vajra-body created from the purity of clear light,
Free of the rising and setting of cyclic existence
But visible to the ordinary viewer only in its unsubtle, physical form
Stay on unchanging, without waning, until samsara ends.

May this merit accumulated by myself and others
Beneficially serve all sentient beings and the Buddhadharma
And especially may the essential teachings of the unerring Master Tsongkhapa
Become clear and enduring.


Migtsema Mantra

This is Tsongkhapa’s mantra, but invokes the energies of
Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, Vajrapani and Maitreya Buddha.
It is good to recite this mantra as many times as possible.
It can be recited by anyone and does not require initiation.

(3x, 7x, 21x, 100x, etc)

(Je Tsongkhapa, crown jewel of the holy Masters of the land of snows,
You are Avalokitesvara, great goldmine of compassion untainted by ego’s delusion.
You are Manjushri, great master of stainless wisdom.
You are Vajrapani, great subduer of all the gatherings of demons.
At your feet, famed Lobsang Drakpa, I humbly bow and earnestly request
That all sentient beings achieve Enlightenment.)


Inviting Dorje Shugden and his Retinue

I have the clarity of the Yidam.
Before me in the centre of red and black fire and wind,
On a lotus and sun, trampling demons and obstructors,
Is a terrifying lion, which is powerful and alert.

Upon this sits the great king Dorje Shugden,
The supreme Heart Jewel of Dharma Protectors.
His body is clothed in the garments of a monk,
And on his head he wears a round, yellow hat.

His hands hold a sword and a heart of compassion.
To his followers he shows an expression of delight,
But to subdue demons and obstructors he displays a wrathful manner.
He is surrounded by a vast, assembled retinue
Such as his attendant Kache Marpo and so forth.

Light rays from my heart
Instantly invite the wisdom beings from the sphere of nature
And from all the palaces where they abide.
They become inseperable from the commitment beings.


Making Offerings and Requests

Respectfully I prostrate with body, speech and mind.
I offer a mass of inner and outer offerings,
Blissful tormas, alcohol, tea, cakes, milk and curd
Both actually set out and mentally imagined,
Filling the whole of space.

Commitment, fulfilling, reliance and appropriate substances,
Outer, inner, secret, attractive and cleansing offerings filling the whole of space,
I offer these to the entire assembly;
May I fulfill the heart commitment and restore my broken commitments.

All my harmful thoughts and actions
Which have offended your mind, O Great Protector,
I confess from the depths of my heart.
Please purify them swiftly and care for me with love,
Like a mother for her child.

I beseech you from the depths of my heart, O Supreme Deity,
Please cause the tradition of Je Tsongkhapa to flourish,
Extend the life and activities of the glorious Gurus
And increase the study and practice of Dharma
Within the Dharma communities.

Please be with me always like the shadow of my body,
And grant me your unwavering care and protection.
Destroy all obstacles and adverse conditions,
Bestow favorable conditions and fulfill all my wishes;

Now is the time to show clearly your versatile strength
Through your four actions, which are swift, incisive and unobstructed,
To fulfill quickly my special heartfelt desires
In accordance with my wishes;

Now is the time to distinguish the truth and falsity of actions and effects;
Now is the time to dispel false accusations against the innocent;
Now is the time to protect the pitiful and protectorless;
Now is the time to protect Dharma practitioners as your children.

In short, from now until I attain the essence of enlightenment,
I shall honour you as the embodiment of my Guru, Deity and Protector.
Therefore please watch over me during the three periods of the day and the night
And never waver in your actions as my Protector. (1x, 3x, 7x)


Recitation of the Mantra

I have the clarity of the Yidam (Yamantaka).
Before me are the five lineages of Dorje Shugden, the great king of Dharma Protectors.
At their hearts are sun cushions upon each of which there is a HUM
surrounded by the mantra garland in its appropriate colour.
Light rays radiate from the seed letter at my heart and touch these.
As a result, their minds automatically engage in the pacifying, increasing,
Controlling and wrathful actions that I desire, accomplishing them without obstruction.

OM BENZA WIKKI BITANA SOHA (7x, 21x, 100x etc)



Offering the Golden Drink (Serkyem)

OM AH HUM (3x)

To the Gurus who perform the two purposes and send down a rain of excellent blessings,
And to the Yidams who bestow all common and uncommon attainments,
I offer this drink of nectar which bestows bliss.
Please partake and quickly and spontaneously fulfill all my wishes.

To the whole assembly of Heroes and Dakinis of the three places
And to the assembly of powerful, oath-bound Dharma Protectors,
I offer this drink of nectar which bestows bliss.
Please partake and quickly and spontaneously fulfill all my wishes.

Especially to you, supreme, supra-mundane Protector of the doctrine,
Very powerful, swift and wrathful Dorje Shugden,
I offer this drink of nectar which bestows bliss.
Please partake and swiftly and spontaneously fulfill all my wishes. (1x, 3x, 7, 21, 100x)

To you, manifestations of the five lineages, who bestow without obstruction
Countless pacifying, increasing, controlling and wrathful actions,
I offer this drink of nectar which bestows bliss.
Please partake, and swiftly and spontaneously fulfill all my wishes.

To the nine attractive Mothers, the eight guiding Monks,
The ten wrathful Assistants, and so forth,
I offer this drink of nectar which bestows bliss.
Please partake and swiftly and spontaneously fulfill all my wishes.

To the extremely wrathful Kache Marpo,
The fierce Attendant who opposes those who betray the Dharma,
I offer this drink of nectar which bestows bliss.
Please partake and swiftly and spontaneously fulfill all my wishes.

Thus, through the power of my making offerings and requesting your help,
Please perform the four types of action during the six times;
And always care for me like a father with his child,
Without wavering even for a moment.

And may you, the whole assembly of dignified Attendants,
Ever mindful of your solemn oaths to Venerable Duldzin,
Accomplish swiftly and without wavering
Whatever actions I may request of you.


Requesting the Fulfillment of Wishes

Whenever your followers with commitments
Request any of the four actions,
Swiftly, incisively, and without delay, you show signs for all to see;
So please accomplish the actions that I now request of you.

The stainless sun of Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition
Shines throughout the sky of samsara and nirvana,
Eliminating the darkness of inferior and wrong paths;
Please cause its light to spread and bring good fortune to all living beings.

May the glorious Gurus who uphold this tradition
Have indestructible lives, as stable as the supreme victory banner;
May they send down a rain of deeds fulfilling the wishes of disciples,
So that Je Tsongkhapa’s doctrine will flourish.

Through increasing the study, practice, pure discipline and harmony
Of the communities who uphold the doctrine of Buddha,
And who keep moral discipline with pure minds,
Please cause the Gaden tradition to increase like a waxing moon.

Through your four actions please fulfill the essential wishes
Of all practitioners who uphold the victory banner
Of practicing single-pointedly the stages of the paths of Sutra and Tantra,
The essence of all the teachings they have heard.

Beings throughout this great earth are engaged in different actions
Of Dharma, non-Dharma, happiness, suffering, cause and effect;
Through your skillful deeds of preventing and nurturing,
Please lead all living beings onto the good path to ultimate happiness.

In particular, please destroy the obstacles and unfavourable conditions
Of myself and other practitioners.
Increase our lives, our merit and our resources,
And gather all things animate and inanimate to be freely enjoyed.

Please be with me always like the shadow of my body,
And care for me always like a friend,
By accomplishing swiftly whatever I wish for,
And whatever I ask of you.

Please perform immediately, without delaying for a year, or even for a month,
Appropriate actions to eliminate all obstacles
Caused by misguided beings with harmful minds who try
to destroy Je Tsongkhapa’s doctrine, and especially those who try to harm practitioners.

Please remain in this place always, surrounded by most excellent enjoyments.
As my guest, partake continuously of tormas and offerings;
And since you are entrusted with the protection of human wealth and enjoyments,
Never waver as my guardian throughout the day and the night.

All the attainments I desire
Arise from merely remembering you.
O Wishfulfilling Jewel, Protector of the Dharma,
Please accomplish all my wishes. (3x)


Dissolving Je Tsongkhapa into Ourselves

tsongkhapaDear worthy root-Guru, please ascend the lotus seat atop the head of myself
And the other beings, and in your great kindness please remain with us.
Bestow upon us the blessings of your body, speech and mind.

Precious, noble root-Guru, please occupy the lotus seat within our hearts
And in your great kindness remain with us.
Please grant us your blessings for our temporal success and for the supreme attainment.

Beloved, noble root-Guru, please occupy the lotus seat within our hearts
And in your great kindness remain with us.
Please stay on until we achieve the great goal of ENLIGHTENMENT.



May all conducive conditions arise and all obstacles be pacified,
In order to increase infinitely the doctrine of the spiritual king Tsongkhapa.
By the merit of the three times of myself and others
May the doctrine of Lama Tsongkhapa blaze forever.

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  2. I rejoice for such holy prayers to be available for everyone so easy at hand. May the ban on Dorje Shugden finally end and Lama Tsongkhapa even shine brighter all over the world.

    Thank you DorjeShugden.com for your commitment to bring this unfair ban down.

    The world needs Dorje Shugden!
    May Dorje Shugden shine forth very soon without limitation! _( )_

  3. Thank you DS.com for your kind intention to share this prayer for the benefit of all sentient beings.
    May everyone be blessed by the Three Jewels and Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden, have the opportunity to learn and practice dharma and achieve ultimate path of enlightenment.

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