Lobsang Tamdin (1867 – 1937)

Lobsang Tamdin, a Mongolian scholar and master, was a lineage holder of many practices. He became especially known for collecting many important texts written by Mongolian and Tibetan masters throughout his life. He was also known for having composed rituals to Dorje Shudgen.

Lobsang Tamdin began his studies first in Gaden Monastery, Ulanbataar (Mongolia) where he mastered Sutra and Tantra. This was also where he received his ordination vows. While he was most famous for his academic contribution to Dharma and the many comprehensive texts he authored, Lobsang Tamdin is also remembered for certain miracles he performed in his lifetime, including the spontaneous manifestation of two stupas inscribed with mystical letters.

Most notably, Lobsang Tamdin is remembered for the many volumes he wrote. His work was compiled in to 12 volumes, many of which were important texts from other masters and historical accounts of the birth of various monasteries, Buddhism in India, Tibet and Mongolia, and rituals and prayers written to Dorje Shugden.

Among the many texts he authored, were:

  1. Commentaries to Exalted Praise to Buddha Shakyamuni by Udbata Siddhasvamin.
  2. Commentaries to Kaliyugaparikatha by Acharya Mati Chitra.
  3. Writings on the Vinaya.
  4. Je Tsongkhapa’s The Essence of the Vinaya Ocean.
  5. Texts associated to Guru Yoga practices.
  6. Puja texts for Medicine Buddha and Maitreya.
  7. Texts on Kalachakra, Guyhasamaja and Heruka.
  8. Dharmarakshita’s Wheel of Sharp Weapons and The Poison Destroying Peacock’s Mind.
  9. Tulku Dragpa Gyeltsen’s biography and Dorje Shugden’s reincarnation lineage. In this account, Lobsang Tamdin stated that Tulku Dragpa Gyeltsen took rebirth as Kangxi Emperor of China who was widely believed to be the emanation of Red Manjushri.
  10. The origins of the Western College of Khure Monastery founded by the 4th Jetsun Dhampa.
  11. Various works related to Dorje Shugden, including a propitiation text and praise to Dorje Shugden.

On top of all that he personally authored, based upon the cannon of teachings and commentaries already existing at the time, Lobsang Tamdin made a remarkable contribution to the vast collection of Buddhist texts by documenting all the lineages of transmissions to practices which he received.

This is very important for it traced the ways in which practices had been passed down from one master to another, thus validating the authenticity of each practice and teaching. Validating the lineage of any practice is an especially important point in Buddhism so as to ensure that the practice received comes unbroken across the generations of teachers and can be traced back to its original, most authentic source.

One particularly noteworthy documentation was that of the Dorje Shugden bepum, for which Lobsang Tamdin located and noted the transmission for almost all texts within that collection. This document continued to be referred to and held in high esteem by many masters after him and has been a central reference text to all the most important Shugden texts.

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  1. I admire great lamas like Lobsang Tamdin, they spent their precious human lives spreading dharma by teaching and writing dharma texts. Instead of going thru mundane lives getting married and putting most of their energy in raising a few children, these lamas touched the lives of countless souls.

    Thanks to them, we are able to enjoy the glory of dharma.

  2. Very fortunate that this great Mongolian scholar, Lobsang Tamdin, was able to keep record and authored for Tulku Dragpa Gyeltsen’s biography and Dorje Shugden’s reincarnation lineage. He also indicated that Tulku Dragpa Gyeltsen took rebirth as Kang Emperor of China who was widely believed to be the emanation of Red Manjushri. This record is very important to show the unbroken lineage of Tulku Dragpa Gyeltsen and Dorje Shugden, and passing down to the next generations.

    Nice to read those great masters who had good faith, practice and propitiate Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden. Thank you for this sharing.

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