receives a threat

Every single day, four million Dorje Shugden practitioners are subjected to vulgarities, and threats of violence and harm by Tibetans who, since 1996, have been consistently misinformed, alarmed and provoked by their leadership. Above is one such example, which was left as a comment on the Facebook page.

To think that someone took the time to find a suitable image and to label the victim as ‘Admin’ is disconcerting. It is something that the Tibetan leadership cannot explain away by saying the person did not mean to upload such a provocative, violent message. After all, it takes a certain level of cognition to turn on one’s computer, download and amend the image, log on to Facebook and then upload it…all of that is not done at the slip of a finger and the push of a few buttons. Thus it is very clear what Zhen Pen’s motivation is, that he or she wishes to intimidate and threaten

The image was a reminder of the attack on Gen Chonze who sustained multiple deep cuts to his hands and face as he attempted to defend himself

Bear in mind that this is not the first threat that Shugden practitioners have received. It is a horrible reminder of the recent attack on Gen Chonze, an 84 year old monk who was brutally stabbed and beaten in the early hours of December 27, 2013 whilst the Dalai Lama was just a few hours away giving teachings.

How can the ban be beneficial for anyone when every single day, it puts millions of people in harm’s way, if not through physical violence then through a great deal of mental distress? For many Dorje Shugden practitioners, especially those living in the Tibetan communities, moving away to a safer place is not an option because of the cost involved. Thus many continue to live in an environment that is hostile to their presence, and intentionally seeks to discriminate against, marginalize and ostracize them. respectfully requests the Tibetan leadership lift the illegal, undemocratic ban. Until the ban is lifted, their repeated provocations of the Tibetan people will continue to inspire threats such as these.


The threat on’s Facebook

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  1. This means that all the articles and research publish online is making an impact. Their ears have become itchy and could not take it anymore. Hence the threat!!! IS that true?

    The truth could not covered and will forever be the truth. They have nothing to rebut the truth and the only thing they could do is to reply in violence and threats. As seen by the attack of Gen Chonze in Trijang Labrang. Even the comments above by those who oppose Dorje Shugden contains hatred and vulgarity. Can they put up something more constructive and have a healthy debate if they are against what was put up?

    They are in denial and are blinded by the truth!

  2. A lot of the online stuff is disturbing them that is undeniable.

    But the anti shugden people are really, I don’t where they came from it seems they have come from coarse and rough kind of society. Are they the results of training with the best lamas from Tibet, it is very shocking to see them spitting and hurl verbal abuse at the protester against the ban.


  4. It is so cruel and violent! How can they just hurted the 84 old monk who has no strength to defend at all!

    The letter from CTA is so brutal which stated that must take strong and physical action against those listed person. It is very shocking to see this letter. Where is the truth or evidence show that these listed person are getting money from China?

    So sad to see that the threat picture left at Facebook page. It is clearly shown that Dorje Shugden practitioners are subjected to vulgarities, and threats of violence and harm by Tibetans who have been consistently misinformed, alarmed and provoked by their leadership.

  5. Another calculated violence of the Dalai Lama’s wild and uncontrolled follower(s). I beg that the CTA be vigilant and have a conscience to stop their people from committing more crimes. Isn’t it logical that as the government, it is a paramount duty to ensure that their citizens do not carry out and be part of any syndicated crimes that will endanger their own lives and be a threat to national security? Looking at the actions of the pro-Dalai Lama Tibetans, they are nothing less than licensed gangsters that behave like the mafia who take the laws into their own hands.

    So, CTA and His Holiness, please look after for the people that you claim to care about and seemingly fighting for their autonomous independence.

  6. This is really unfortunate and uncalled for when people (Buddhists!!) are depicting violent acts against others. Maybe would it be possible for Admin to let facebook know, and maybe they can help find out who was responsible for the post? People are not supposed to use the internet to threaten or intimidate other people.

  7. A very graphic threat indeed. One that betrays the fact that those perpetrating these acts, even though they class themselves as practicing Buddhists and “good ones” at that are in fact NOT PRACTICING THE TEACHINGS as taught by Buddha or Lord Tsongkhapa. They are just using blind faith to follow the divisive and denigrating rhetoric spewed by the CTA. This is NOT in accord with the teachings of the Buddha, who taught intellectual analysis, which if they followed, they would realise Dorje Shugden is an enlightened being and that the ban is doing nothing but harming the Tibetan peoples, those of us practicing the Gelugpa tradition, hindering the effort for a free Tibet and is utterly political in nature!

  8. Wow, there are so many unnecessary violent and threats made towards DS practitioners. Doesn’t the CTA and His Holiness the Dalai Lama realise that because there is a ban on the practise that has resulted in rage and anger from non-shugden practitioners towards shugden practitioners? What’s the point of showing so much violence and attacks on shugden practitioners? You can’t bring down all the Shugden practitioners in this world so if you want to win, have a logical debate and sharing/exchange of information with shugden practitioners. Defeat us by knowledge, which of course you are not able to because this undemocratic ban is based on lies and false perceptions.

    In the letter, it says that the western support must be stopped, and the lamas like Gangchen Rinpoche, Lama Phurbu, Domo Rinpoche, Trijang Rinpoche etc. must be stopped. Why stop them when they are spreading the Dharma? What is there to stop anyways? And what do you mean by “stop”? Through violence? If these lamas were doing anything wrong, the 3 jewels will not give blessings for their works to grow, and their incarnations would not have returned. But since Dharma is flourishing because of them, and Domo Rinpoche is back, doesn’t it mean that whatever practices they are doing (Dorje Shugden included) and whatever Dharma that they (bless them!) are spreading is correct?

    CTA, pro Dalai Lama camp and Anti Shugden people, please realise that violence will bring no benefits to this, and your cause. Violence, attacks and threats only goes to show that you need domination to silence hundreds of years of truth, because you cannot silence us with the truth.

  9. This sort of threat is uncalled for. It shows weakness when threats are used. Historically with all the wars and holocausts etc that have gone by, no one actually wins anything. Violence only propagates sufferings ! In samsara all of us experience sufferings one way or another. There is no need for us to create more sufferings and pain for others. Stop the threats ! Stop the Ban !

  10. Violence begets violence. Similarly Peace begets peace. Therefore when all these violent and abusive folks express their “faith” and “beliefs” in such methods it only reflects their mental deluded state and also the principles of their “teachings”. I put these words in inverted comas simply because they have insulted the true meanings of these words with their unacceptable and disgusting conduct.

    There is also another point, when people behave in violent and abusive ways, they are LOSING. They cannot debate and express their views in a reasonable and intellectual manner thus they use brute force. This is the way of bullies and morons if I may say so. If what they stand for is so solid and with substance such violence need not be used at all. People here on are only presenting information for the people to decide. They cannot apologize for the fact that people are actually making informed choices and taking a stand for the Ban to be lifted.

    Great work!!! I humbly and respectfully thank you for all the information provided here.

  11. Woah, this is juvenile and delinquent and yet, the grown individuals behind these threat cannot even qualify to be juvenile delinquents. It is so sad that people who claim to be Buddhists and supporters of the Dalai Lama are showing such behavior that reflect badly on themselves, their community, their leader and THEIR RELIGION.

    One of the reasons why many people around the world accepted Buddhism is because it is seen as a school of teaching that remained true to its root, the teachings of Lord Buddha 2500 years ago. If the disgusting actions of body and speech that is spreading like wild fire prevails, the “reputation” and credibility of Buddhism will surely collapse.

    Therefore, as Buddhist, lets not be narrow minded and insist that the ban is needed to protect the sovereignty of Tibet or the long-life of the Dalai Lama. Open our eyes and see the tangible and current harm the ban has caused: damage to properties, physical and mental hurt to both Buddhists and non-Buddhist around the world, the negative perception of Lord Buddha’s teachings just to mention a few. How can such destructive consequences be justifiable?

    The response to the above question is: It cannot be. So, the right and human thing to do is to stop the barbaric acts of violence before it is too late.

  12. This picture from the CTA paints a picture that says ‘This will be the result to whomever or whatever gets in our way.’

    It is not about spreading kindness and love.
    It is not about spreading dharma.

    It IS about ‘Stop practicing Dorje Shugden OR ELSE…..’
    It IS about ‘Political and Financial gains’ for the cohorts in CTA.

    There is NO religious freedom for those who want to practice Dorje Shugden.
    Yet the Tibetan leadership goes around teaching loving compassion?

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.…Instead of turning away people who practise Dorje Shugden, we should be kind to them. Give them logic and wisdom without fear, then in time they give up the ‘wrong’ practice. Actually Shugden practitioners are not doing anything wrong. But hypothetically, if they are, wouldn’t it be more Buddhistic to be accepting? So those who have views against Dorje Shugden should contemplate this. Those practicing Dorje Shugden should forbear with extreme patience, fortitude and keep your commitments. The time will come as predicted that Dorje Shugden’s practice and it’s terrific quick benefits will be embraced by the world and it will be a practice of many beings.

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