Tagtshang Lhamo Setri Monastery

Tagtshang Lhamo Setri Monastery

One of the earliest Gelug Monasteries that enshrined Dharmapala Dorje Shugden

Lhamo Setri Monastery in Tibet was formerly known as Tagtshang Lhamo Monastery, which means “fairy maiden in the tiger’s den”. The full name of the monastery is Gaden She Dru Pe Kar Drol Wai Ling which translates to Gaden White Lotus Monastery, inspired by a stalactite which looks like a graceful human figure, found inside the cave where the monastery was first established.

Tagtshang Lhamo Setri Monastery was founded by the 53rd Gaden Setri Gyal Tshen Seng Ge of Gaden Monastery in the Thirteenth Wooden Dragon Year of the Tibetan Calendar (AD 1748). The monastery is located on the border of Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan provinces where the source of Bailong River is, and the strategic location offers the visitors and residents of the monastery a lush and scenic view.

Over the years, five different colleges were established in the monastery focusing in the areas of debate, tantra, Kalachakra Tantra, Tibetan medicine and sutra woodblock printing; eventually the Sangha population in the monastery grew to almost a thousand monks. Unfortunately, many of the monastery’s original structures that held great historical significance, such as the prayer hall, stupa and countless sacred sites along with the blessed items preserved within were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. Reconstruction of the monastery was later carried out in the Sixteenth Monkey Year of the Tibetan Calendar (AD 1980).

Lhamo Setri Monastery is one of the earliest monasteries that enshrined Dharmapala Dorje Shugden as a Dharma Protector. A massive statue of Dorje Shugden astride a black horse stands in the main prayer hall of Lhamo Setri Monastery. Commissioned by the 2nd reincarnation of Gyalthang Rinpoche, Setri Monastery’s traditional throneholder, the statue represents over 200 years of rich historical significance on the establishment of Dorje Shugden’s practice in great monasteries such as Setri Monastery.

Statue of Dorje Shugden Tanag (Dorje Shugden on a Black Horse) in Lhamo Setri Gompa (Lhamo Setri Monastery)

We at DorjeShugden.com make an auspicious prayer for the essential teachings of Lama Tsongkapa and the precious lineage of Dharmapala Dorje Shugden to spread from Tagtshang Lhamo Setri Monastery in the ten direction. May the Sangha of Setri Monastery continue to turn the wheel of Dharma, bringing Buddha’s teaching to all corners of the earth, reaching new heights of peace and harmony amongst all nations.

More photos of Lhamo Setri Monastery

Golden roofs – a unique feature of Setri Monastery

The main prayer hall

Performing religious rituals in the prayer hall

White stupa right in front of you when entering Setri Monastery

Turning prayer wheels in the White Stupa

Monks of Lhamo Setri Monastery

Preserving the purity of Tsongkapa’s teachings

With a rich history, Setri Monastery is also a major tourist attraction

An aerial view

Lhamo Setri Monastery by night

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  1. Great stuff from the website so this is one of the places that Dorje Shugden kind of crossed over coming from the Sakya tradition.

    May this great monastery once regain its glory days and spread Je Tsongkhapa’s doctrine far and wide.

  2. Dorje Shugden on the Black Horse was historically worshipped by the Sayka Tradition as early as the 17th century before it was crossed over to the Gelug tradition. It began with the Sakya Kangsol written by Morchen Kunga Lhundrub (1654–1728) who was Sakya’s most precious Tantric and Lamdre Lineage holder. He wrote praises to Dorje Shugden as an enlightened being. Later Dorje Shugden was inducted in the pantheon of 3 Sakya Protectors collectively known as the “Gyalpo Sum”

  3. Another beautiful monastery that houses the statue of Dorje Shugden. In this case, Dorje Shugden is astride a horse. From what little I know, this reminds me of the Dorje Shugden from the Sakya tradition. So presumably this Tagtshang Lhamo Setri Monastery is of the Sakya tradition.

    And, to see a 200 year old monastery that has gone through hard times and yet be able to reconstruct to its current glory is testament of the protection and guidance of an enlightened Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden.

    May Tagtshang Lhamo Setri Monastery continue to flourish and bring more Dharma to the people of Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan provinces of China.

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